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To Toppage 23

~ The 'Mercenary' ~

The mercenary is a man who defies Allah 's commandment that does the heavens span. This he does ignorantly do as he heeds the "cry" that from the dark via the minds of others flows through.

The mercenary is a "hired-gun" who is paid a monetary wage to fight a 'perceived' enemy. He is a "paid-up" worker who uses force to "seek-out, capture, control, punish or destroy" any person they are told to, and they also "brazenly" abuse or destroy any others who get in their way as they feel "powerful" and in control of the day.

The mercenary comes in many a disguise, that of a policeman or a soldier unwise. He can be a simple man like you or me who "takes up arms" to fight for a cause that others perceive as "terrorist action."

All mercenaries are terrorists. For they instill fear as they draw near to common man. For truly all "controlled" from Satan's den are to be feared for they cause much pain as they "stand-over" you or I to impose the decrees of other men vain.

A mercenary is a "lost soul" who arrogantly shows his might as he stalks others day or night. A mercenary is paid to do what he is told to, and thus as said is to himself untrue. For he sees not that Allah 's Law does to him apply and thus he later suffers all the pain he meted out when he made others cry.

The difference between an 'honest' wage and a 'mercenary' one is, one is receiving an honest wage when ones 'duties' are such that Allah  sees ones 'actions' as being in conformance to His commanded "Peace unto all" Code of Conduct, for it follows that the 'worker' receives a beneficent return for his labours (within Allah 's Law) as well as receiving a monetary reward.

Whereas a mercenary is a 'hired soldier,' being a person that for a 'wage' is prepared to defy his Creator and bear 'arms' against another. Thus all 'enforcers' are unknowingly a 'mercenary' person by virtue of the fact that, in the course of their duty to the 'rule book' of man, they are prepared to walk outside the Command of Allah  and they do 'intrude, invade and steal,' and not only this, but if ordered to so do by the 'rules' that guide their conduct, or by 'orders' of other men they would also kill a person.

All soldiers and other 'civilians' employed as enforcers do their own souls a grave injustice, for they place it within the punitive and negative side of Allah 's "As you Sow so shall ye Reap - eye for an eye" Law, and when others then 'ignorantly' invade their land or place there is every likelihood that they will retaliate with force and thus divorce their souls even further away from the Light.

You and others might 'believe' that you are not a 'mercenary,' but any person that bears 'arms' against any other and 'controls, intrudes, invades, robs, rapes, pillages, abuses, kidnaps, fines, steals, punishes, incarcerates, or kills' is a 'bad' offensive person in Allah 's eyes, and one to be severely dealt with by Allah  either 'here' or in the 'afterlife.' No 'uniform' or mandate of authority given by any Institution of man gives any person any immunity from Allah 's Law that is 'Absolute Justice.'

I call all mercenaries now to me and say: "Come now my way and put down your gun or axe and prepare for when other ignorants will your sanity tax. For only if you now heed me will you freed be by the dark overlord who controls your daily deed."

To Toppage 24

~ Surrender ~

 To Surrender means you are no longer a "pretender" saying you want to fight, and deny your mother and the Light. For all "pretenders" do "die" an earthly death and spiritually cry, so, will you continue to a pretender be, or surrender to Allah 's call and become free. ?

Cowards stand and fight. To surrender means you are strong in the Light, strong enough to say "NO I will not fight, for Allah 's call I know." The Light says "Surrender unto Me, "die as a Lamb" and become free."

 You only "retaliate" through fear. Through fear darkness draws near, and does you deceive, and makes you believe, and does your deeds justify.

Your soul weeps I do espy, for what you "consciously" do to others who confront you, also being sent to the 'front line' by politicians through their want, that of seeking "praise" as their "race" does them "raise." Allah  calls out:

"Surrender now unto Me your Allah , and you will see that you have the courage to say NO to those who say to war you must go. I will lift you high up and on true praise you will sup.

The praise of those you cannot see, the "wise ones" who abide with me, and never again will you go to war. You will dance in happiness on My shore." Will you "Surrender" or continue to be a "Pretender" ?

~ Blue blood ~

 Royal blood is real true blue. Regal blood is crimson too. Blue blood exists only above in its full brilliance in the land of love, for it has no "stain" of darkness that is "of" the vain. It is brilliant too, coursing through the "flesh" of souls true.

 And that "blood" you cannot "spill." It does a soul eternally "fill" with energy that ceaseless be, that courses through eternity by eternity, and to "that" level gain, as said, you must not be "vain" and filled with pride, as those who on earth stride.

Vain enough to "think" that they can go "plink," and fire at another a "missile," drawing blood as they hide behind a "style." Those that this "do" are the vain and foolish too, believing they do "defend," as in reality their souls to hell they send.

 Brothers wake up !!! on "pure blood" now sup. The water and the wine, the "wisdom" from the land divine.

To Toppage 25

  ~ The Force ~

 The Force is the power that BE. The Force is the power you cannot see. The Force is the controller "below." The Force all one day get to "know."

 If they it USE. If they it diffuse onto any other, be it sister or brother. The Force makes us despise. The Force makes us criticise. The Force makes us judge and condemn. The Force IS the Devil's play pen that does control all.

 For it is the power above all, that blinds simple man and does them then "inspan" just like oxen in a yoke. It "inspans" every arrogant bloke, little by little, and they cannot see what just over the hill be.

For oxen are "bound," they are driven around. Up and down dale, in the rain and in the hail. So you needs "divorce" yourselves from the "Force" before it does you "use" and then eternally YOU abuse.

~ Warriors True ~

 True Warriors are those that "love." True Warriors guide souls "above." True Warriors can see the reality of what "be."

 They do the "inner Force" overpower, so through them it does not "glower" and abuse any other, be it neighbour or mother. A true warrior does thus "control" darkness within as they stroll, thus they "true" warriors be, for the darkness can they "see."

And IT is the true enemy, the one within. Not those "without" see. It is the enemy inside that overpowers our reason through pride, as well as "fear" if an earthly enemy draws near.

 Then too, you must "overcome" the enemy within and your journey won. So as you now do see, the greatest battle one in your MIND be. Thoughts that through it do stride. Thoughts you must override

For if you a "weakling" be,
you are "used" and never become free.
Listen now, and heed my pen,
it is inspired by Allah  and warriors "above" by Allah  chosen.

To Toppage 26

~ Defenders of the True Faith ~

 Defenders of the True Faith, are those of the seed of the golden wraith.
Souls well tried and true.
Souls on earth, many not few, who defend the
True Word, being:

Wield no sword.
Love all who make you cry.

Love all who you deny.

And "how" do they this "faith" defend. The star of love on their breast they append, not the "breast" of their flesh, but their "souls" with light they enmesh. Thus their minds they "defend" against inner thoughts that would "bend" and distort their "resolve" and their faith "dissolve." So true faithful defenders of The Word are humble, heeding their Lord Allah  way up high.

Who says:

"Be as a lamb as you die in non-retaliation, if abused by any distant relation.
Only this way do I see that a defender of the faith you be.
Thus as the lion does you maul. Thus as in fear and pain you pall,
do I your Allah  you uplift into paradise, with a movement clear and swift."

To Toppage 27

~ The brave and the bold ~

 The brave and the bold are the young and the old who can the truth see,
and make amends speedily.

 Fearing all the while the "height" of the style over which they must reach,
as they "man's way" breach.

 For their Lords and Masters too will be angry at me and you, as they are left alone like a dog with no bone.

 So they too needs be brave and true, and also look "within"
at the power of their inner sin.

 Which drove them to say that to "fight" was as to "pray," being that it would you "elevate" as you destroyed the "dark" others whom you berate.

 All were blind, so you the brave needs now be kind and "your" enemy forgive,
the deceivers who amongst you still live.

Help them. Hold their hand, as you all hope to reach the promised land,
and I will it see, and I will assist thee.

 For I AM the Light that shines day and night, and all the lost
who "try" will I clear of inner frost.

 Be brave now. Be bold. The harsh truth you have been told. Men, stand tall
as the Lions do now you maul.

This I will see
and then I will set you free

Your loving Allah .

To Toppage 28

 ~ Remembrance Prayer ~
  for the departed

 Beloved, you have gone away
and there is much we did not say
during our earthly time
when in love and togetherness we did entwine

I know that you are near
so please now feel no fear
for you have passed through that open door
one day ahead we'll meet again for sure

Dearly beloved, we did entwine
dearly beloved, we did dine
on the truth that our Allah  above
gave us a reason to "Only Love"

Being the surety by which we are bound
being the surety that the Light is "found"
when we pass away
and our spirit wings heaven's way

Dearly beloved, do not me await
dearly beloved, pass through heaven's gate
and if at this moment it seems afar
look up and see the shining star

The Star of Bethlehem, pure love
to guide you and me above

seek this star for me
it will guide me to thee

On "the" day I too earth depart
and as you, make a fresh start
in that realm of pure light
dancing forever in Allah 's sight

So my beloved, I do say
tarry not on earth after today
look up at the starry night
and be uplifted into Allah 's sight

My love goes to you
my love is true
let your heart now sing
let the heavens hear it ring.


To Toppage 29

The search for Allah  consciousness,
the spirit soul within

The union of women and men "creates" a biological fleshly spacesuit that enables a spirit to enter this realm from one of many, its "soul" being invisible to those around.

Thus, do lost spirits from the twilight and dark worlds incarnate into this level to meet those entering from the light above to gain understanding, and be helped to return to the Light.

We are beings of thoughts and feelings. Our "energy" contains different combinations and intensities or volumes of energetic power. This power is of the positive and/or negative essence of the Source that we call Allah , thus are we a part of the Source.

 The Source is ALL, encompassing both the Light and the Dark.

 The "consciousness" of a free disincarnate spirit is vast, having all its wealth of input available from the time of its creation. On incarnating and entering the flesh, the spirit mind is "set aside" for the earthly duration, and one has a "fresh floppy disc" so to speak, to use. Thus our earthly life has a simple basic developing consciousness that is the result of all earthly input.

 Thoughts are not only inspired from within our own consciousness, but can "intrude" into our minds from many different levels.

 There is no lessening of consciousness as we "depart" this world and leave the flesh lying in the dust. Our thoughts and feelings become instantly more enhanced, both on the positive as well as the negative.

 Neither meditation or prayer nor good works alone can take us "To" the Light, the light being the ultimate level of consciousness (Allah  head), where spirits are only permitted to enter once free of darkness (sin) within.

 Religion also has nothing to do with it. The vibration of your soul ensures your destiny, and IT only alters for better or worse from your expressed deeds.

 Entry into the ultimate level is through the grace of our Creator, meaning that we are only fully cleansed of darkness within by Allah 's grace, and thus able to enter, when we heed the wisdom of the Word, and abide in that Word.

The "Word" being the call from the Light to be: Only loving, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, understanding of others misdeeds, and always non-retaliatory in the face of adversity.

To Toppage 30

 When we heed this Word, we stop "drawing in" darkness through any negative "expression," we are thus true searchers and aspirants on our last journey towards the inner sun, and are cleansed within of negative emotions.

 All have the core of "Inner Light" within, and all roaming outside heaven have also the dark emotions within, being the sin, that bars their entry to the ultimate light realm.

 Meditation per se does not in any way take one to the Light of Allah . "It," the "Star of Bethlehem prayer" meditation, builds the Ark of the mind if done as asked by the Light, and ensures that you do not travel any "further" away from "it" the Light.

This fresh wisdom is only found in
The Testament of Truth.

Understand, that by diligently heeding Allah 's wisdom, we ensure that we succumb not to the seduction of the Tempter's "thoughts" that seduce us into denying the call to be only loving.

For, it is when we succumb to its falsities, that we draw-in more of "it" the Dark, thus being bound by it, and thus are we "vibrationaly" a little further away from the Light.

 To put it really simply, the very essence of our souls is the essence of spiritual energy that is a "part" of Allah . Allah  being the all. Our spirit souls comprise of Light energy, being a part of that creative positive essence that freely gives of itself, and is Love in action.

 Adjacent to the core of Light are the "nuclei" of Dark energy forces, being the negative emotions which are all destructive in their demands of retribution and control of others. These emotions also cause us to "suffer" as we "feel" them.

 Thus is the "duality" of the evolving soul, being its capacity to "express" through either of the essences present within it, by "deed" being positive or negative, and "drawing in" light or dark energy.

 We are thus 'vessels' that draw-in and absorb energy, be it negative energy of the "Dark," or positive energy of the "Light."

 Both "Sources" of energy are available for our "use." The Light source is "expressive" and thus flows freely outwards and through all.

 We are being eternally "permeated" by this love and light that, as it passes through our souls, cleanses us little by little by drawing out darkness that we drew in through arrogance and ignorance.

To Toppage 31

Conversely, the darkness does not "give" freely of itself. We use it by "taking" or "partaking" of it, and "IT" demands retribution of us for our "negative take." It on ingress "sticks" like a gigantic "Leech" to our core of light, deadening our senses, contaminating our souls.

It then controls us emotionally and........

 IT is the avenue for "its thoughts" to gain a powerful hold within our minds. It is like an octopus, has multiple strands that strangle us slowly as we succumb more and more to its destructive way, as it gains "power" within.

The less darkness within our soul, the more 'free' we feel. The "key" to becoming a "free spirit" that contains no darkness within, is by abiding in the "Wisdom of the Word."

 It matters not that for an eternity the light is cleansing darkness out of us, we are never free of "it" the darkness within, until, we can somehow "STOP" drawing more in. Only when we halt its ingress, can we begin to be cleared within, and one day becoming fully "enlightened."

Literally enlightened, as darkness within becomes less and less, until the day our soul has no more dark within. It is then and only then that our energy "vibration" is "as one" with the source of Light, for the source of Light has no darkness within it. As one with Allah  is the terminology we use.

So try and understand that you personally must make and take the "effort" to heed the Word I bring today. It will fortify your mind with wisdom and light and thus protect you from the 'thoughts' of the dark knight.

The Ark of the mind is the only "shelter" we have against the enemy that erupts from within us with its "thoughts."

 Try and stop yourself from "supping" on the dark energy. If you continue to "drink" on the dark essence, something you do each time you "deny" the call to only love, and you continue to abuse, deceive, deny or control others, then you truly have cast your spiritual destiny to the icy winds of eternal suffering.

 Allowing negative thoughts to flow consistently within the mind is in itself not "supping" on darkness, it is only when these thoughts overpower your reason and you "act" verbally or physically, that you are "drinking-in" dark energy.

However, the mere fact that you continue to allow thoughts in, and try and reason with them, is dangerous.

To Toppage 32

 Reject strongly any negative thoughts as soon as you are consciously aware that you are in fact getting into that "negative thought mode."

 It is the wisdom of the Light that today brings you Hope. The knowing that it matters not how far you have walked into the darkness, the light will draw you home "IF" you make the effort to heed its eternal call through me today.

 Our "distance" away from the Light is what it is all about. In heeding Allah 's wisdom, we are ensuring that we travel no further away as we await Allah 's cleansing of our soul of its inner sin (negative emotions).

 The further away we are from the Light, the easier it is to succumb to the pull of the tempter's thoughts, and the more pain and suffering we experience, and the longer the time taken to be cleansed and be set free.

 Words come cheaply to the mouths of men. Words such as: "I am a Christian, I am a seeker of Allah , I am a disciple of Allah , I am a holy man, I am I am I am I am etc." Allah  says:

"You are all foolish and vain
MY darkness holds you all in disdain
for you all deny ME
your Creator who can all see

None yet fully heed the message out of my pen
the message that will uplift those by ME chosen
to be worthy of a mighty cause
all yet on "self" are stuck and thus "pause."

None yet "march ahead"
all are yet bound and feel dread
heed MY message is what I ASK
set your souls and minds to task.

Build the Ark of the Mind
daily, or become eternally blind
IF your mouth or hand does darkness seed
I will make you bleed."

Only the grace of the Light that cleanses us of the darkness we drew-in, is what "takes us home" to "It," the spiritual realm of Allah  consciousness.

To Toppage 33

~ Short story narration ~
Of Allah 's final message to you as contained in The Testament of Truth book.

Allah  says: "To reach the promised land after earthly death, you must keep bad thoughts out of your mind, so you can stay peaceful to others.

This is done by fortifying the mind with Light, released in you when thinking of the Morning Star, that is the Star of Bethlehem, and saying the following prayer three times a day. The one that says:

  • Jesus - I see your shining star
    Jesus - be with me
    Jesus - please help me and save me


    Creator of the heavens - Mother of love
    I see your star - shining above
    please cleanse my mind with all your love
    so I may heed your call of Peace from above"

  •  Allah  is cleansing the bad feelings of anger, fear and hatred out of you, feelings that grow stronger in you each time you abuse anyone, or manipulate others.

    You will become more bad and hurtful at times before you are free of this darkness within, and your thoughts will be very bad thoughts, thoughts that will try and make you abuse and hurt other people or yourself.

    Whatever bad things you have said or done to other people, or continue to do to others, will be done to you by others. I say, if any person abuses you with their mouth, or strikes you a blow, you must not strike back. Only cowards, and those who have not heard My Words of non-retaliation, strike back.

     Allah 's only Command is: 'Love each other,' and, you must show respect to everyone, especially the bad ones, even if they want to kill you, because, whatever happens to you, is 'payback' for what you did to others before, either in this life or in another.

     All must follow Jesus, and not retaliate if they are confronted in any way. Many will soon die as they are abused.

    Any who follow Jesus by being like a "Lamb" that does not fight back, will go up to the promised land that is called many different names, some call it heaven.

    Their fleshly body will remain on earth, it is their spirit within that will rise up into a happy place forever and ever.

    To Toppage 34

    Any who continue to abuse others because their thoughts are very strong in a bad way, and keep fighting, will, as they die, go to a cold dark miserable fearful place, some call it hell.

    You must try very hard to not cause any pain to anyone. All are sister and brother in Allah 's eyes. Bad people will become good as they are cleansed within of anger and fear.

     If you say the star prayer above, then it will be easier to keep bad thoughts out of your mind, so that when bad people want to abuse you, you can heed Allah  more easily, and not abuse others or retaliate when others abuse you.

    To get to the promised land, all you have to do is to HEED Allah 'S message through me, and show Allah  by your good deed that you are heeding.

    You must forget the bad things that were done to you or your family by others. These others did the bad things because their thoughts were also bad, and they did not know how to keep bad thoughts out of their minds.

    All bad thoughts come from the Devil. All of us have allowed bad thoughts into our minds at some time, and thus we all have done wrong things at some time.

    Let us forgive each other for our past ignorance. All now must try hard to be good and respectful to all.

     Help the bad ones also, by telling them of this prayer, so that their thoughts become good and they stop doing bad things.

    Help any people who are in trouble. Share this message and your food with them, even the bad ones who abuse you, THEN Allah  sees that you are merciful and forgiving..

     If you are told by any man to go and kill another person, you must tell them "NO," that you now are going to heed Allah , not man.

    Friends, the darkness does not wish us to see that destruction or retaliation "it" be. It would keep "us" in the dark so it can extinguish our inner spark. And this we only get to know when we fall way down below. Then truly you will in pain shriek, and in terror wish you had been meek.

     Allah  says "Only Love," only lovers find their way above. Any who this call deny, for an eternity will endlessly cry."

    To Toppage 35

    ~ The boy and the soldier on Parade ~

    Letter from the known soldier: "Bluey"

     There was a young boy marching along with the Diggers six abreast. The boy looked rather proud of the medals on his chest. When the service was over, a Digger saw the boy sitting all alone. The soldier went to the boy, and began talking in a soft, gentle tone.

     The soldier said "Whose medals are they son,"? as the lad looked rather shy. "They belonged to my dad," and he began to cry. "He fought in Vietnam, but he did not come back. He died out in the bush on a lonely jungle track," the boy said, and continued:

    "They say he was a hero, by the way he used his skill. But was my dad really a hero, for all the men he did kill."? Allah  said "All people are sister and brother, and no one should ever harm another."

     When my dad came home on leave one day, he looked very sad. But a man visited him, and had a long talk with my dad. He said to dad "Soldiers are ordered by generals, no matter what they believe. They are ordered to go to war and to make others grieve. When generals want their demands met, they care not if the soldiers in trenches fret."

     The Digger said: "Death before dishonour," the governments do say. But they didn't seem to listen to what our Allah  said on a long past day. Maybe if the generals sat together and talked, and really did try, to heed Allah , then perhaps Allah 's children wouldn't sit around and cry.

    Allah  says "Love one another, do not retaliate." If we abide by this, we may all one day meet at Allah 's gate. Maybe we should heed the call of "non-retaliation" from above, and follow Allah 's Command of "Only Love."

     The soldier looked at the boy and hung his head to rest, then said: "Son, "Never go to war, I only now see it's truly folly. Never harm another for I hear the prince of peace is near.

    From now on I'll let my own conscience be my guide, and never again will I heed the generals who are so full of pride, for they are only leaders we were ordered to follow, but, they are really wolves, with voices very hollow."

     The kid looked at the Digger, just for a little while, and with a changed expression said with a tiny smile: "I know my dad's up there helping me from afar, and one day I'll walk with him in heaven if I follow that shining star." He took the medals off his chest, laying the past finally to rest.

     To this day, the Digger and the boy pray together.

     "Bluey" Riley

    To Toppage 36

    ~ The ‘Treaty’ ~

    Any "Treaty" is a pact with the devil, and with any pact the devil in "glee" does revel, for what the "testators" do not see is that any treaty "made" can also "broken" be. The "fearful" entreat their "enemy" to them protect, on this reflect, as they say "Make with us a "peaceful" pact and we will you protect on another day."

    Neither "party" seeing that to protect others you have to kill "someone" who lives over the next hill, and "this way" your own soul you "kill." You needs only make a pact with your own mind and this pact says "I will be kind to all, and thus in Allah ’s eyes walk tall."

    So children of mine, daughters and sons divine, I entreat you to heed ME your Allah  above and only love your enemy. Welcome them to your door and say: "Please try and see that it is the devil who is using you for sure, and if you me kill, then for sure it is your soul to "die" on Satan’s hill."

    People only across the country run and wander "around" if by the devil’s thoughts they are bound, and through fear are they "led," and through fear are others "bled" by the fearful who can become angry aggressors too.

    If any of you would become true then heed this call of "Peace" now flowing through. You are the one who must peaceful be, whatever others are doing to you or to others around thee.

    Forget what politicians or village "elders" say to you, you now to the Allah  of LIGHT be personally true. If any other tells you to "take up arms" and fight for freedom, then you say "NO, for to heaven I have decided to go." Only in this "way" when you die can my angels uplift you on high.

    To Toppage 37

    ~ Conscription ~

    Conscription is the way that politicians recruit "cannon fodder" for the day that their position of power is in jeopardy, and this is what the young men of today needs see.

    Armies are the force of man that are also the "plan" of man who defies Allah 's "leaven" and thus denies his own soul the chance of going to heaven.

    Soldiers need to see that they were deceived into believing that their "work" was humanitarian when in fact, the moment they any other kill they have by deed consigned their own soul to Satan's "till."

    Our Allah  does us all "defend" by not sending anyone to kill us or abuse us if we in our past did not any other abuse. Is this fact too simple for you to see or is it but that your "belief" is but one of all that are "plagued" by falsity?

    Our Allah  did say that any who wield a sword are the ignorant who have not heard that as they Sow so shall they Reap, and as they sow darkness, they also fall to Satan's "keep."

    It is "Emperors" and "Kings" and "Dictators" and political advisors to the President who by word of mouth convince the populace that having an army is a sign of taxes well spent.

    What none do see is that all iniquity is "paid for" spiritually by the perpetrator as well as those who pay their wages. The "enemy" only comes near because they too are full of fear and thus comply to their superiors command that does demand that they do what they are told to, which is to kill you.

    Thus all foolish men become cannon fodder for political men who did in the minds of these "conscripts" sow false thoughts of pride and praise that was deceit if it said: "By your good deeds of protection of the people you raise up your soul by righteous deed and are sowing goodness as you protect the weak in need."

    Dear conscript, or soldier "man," I am the soul that does the heavens span. Please now go home and find no justification to far away roam. For if you receive "pay" to "blow away" the enemy, you have earned a false penny.

    To Toppage 38

    ~ Conscientious objectors ~

    A conscientious objector is one who objects to be a "projector" of darkness upon another child of Allah .

    They are a "person" who may fear to be near to cold hard steel. For by seeing it they already can feel its naked pain and thus they seek not to hold the Word of Allah  in vain, as deep down in their "gut" they feel the gate of heaven "shut" at the very thought of causing pain to another soul.

    A conscientious objector may also be one such as me who knows that it wrong be to join a force of arms, whatever or "however" appealing is its "charms" of enticement to "join up."

    I do sincerely pray that those of you who fear to say "Nay, I will not be a conscript even if you threaten me by "State action" that you have the power to bring against me." Try hard to be courageous and say NO to these political wolves who hungry be for others to see their supposed acts of "humanity."

    They see not their own folly or iniquity, for it has been century upon century sown, and thus the human race does "groan" with debts due to be paid, and all conscripts end up "dug in with a spade," either on this level or the next.

    This "lecture" is not a "pretext" written with any guise, it is but truth written by our Allah  wise via my pen, as all past conscripts "await" for release from Satan's den, and I would not have it that you too there go for it is full of pain and colder than snow.

    Please now "awaken" and see the reality of Allah 's word that says: "All who wield a sword to defeat their enemy are by ME swept off their feet and cast below and never again can their "love" sow until released by ME their Allah  of invincibility."

    Any "Priest" who does a "soldier" bless is a "wolf" whose mind the Devil did "address" by threat in the past as System's "men" to priests said: "Join forces with us or we will cut you up and the vultures will on your flesh sup," and thus "religion" became corrupt and untrue and ministers of religion by "precedent" bless you as you go on your way for pay and "unknowingly" end up in hell for a very long "stay."

    To Toppage 39

    ~ The King's men ~

    The King's men are the 'armed' soldiers that are 'killers on the run' deceived by the unholy one, as they 'rush' into war destroying all that stands before their eyes and, - - -

    Their enemy they do despise because their 'king' on a far distant shore sent them forth to kill or die. This to 'protect' his 'land' and, - - - that is a living lie, for his 'land' is but a place of disgrace. Being a place 'taken' and held by arrogance and a mace.

    Every 'king or queen' is but a 'simpleton' that does 'dream' in their Palace of riches, as their 'slaves' you die in far distant 'ditches,' - - - all to be 'forgotten' as your flesh is down trod and 'rots' in bloodied mud.

    Do you do this to be 'remembered' as heroes in glory? For the reality is ongoing pain and suffering, that is the TRUE story and, - - - what is 'glorious' or victorious in returning from a far distant land having 'shattered' the 'bones' and lives of women and children and other 'men'?

    Why do simple 'people' see other 'men' as 'Allah s'? - Why do people 'prostrate' themselves at the 'feet' of others? - Is it just that they have been 'led' to believe that the other is 'somehow' endowed with greater power? - Or is it just that they perceive the other as 'greater' than they are in some way?

    Children, try and see that any person 'holding' a position of power or control over your destiny are simply the unwise. For they use 'force of arms' to control you and they defy Allah 's Holy Star.

    The 'Star' being the truth of the Light that uplifts seekers of Salvation out of their present plight. For all 'leaders' today misguide Allah 's children as they teach and 'preach' the false 'forceful' way.

    This they do due to their 'need' to support their 'addiction,' being the 'drug' of vanity and pride and 'power,' and their belief that others must give them a 'free' feed. Thus they forcefully take out of every purse, and at the same time a 'mess' of every soul make.

    For all that support the 'ways' of the earthly 'king' via his 'rules' do pay the ultimate price for being to others less than nice and, - - - what none do see, is that all the suffering 'suffered' by you and me is the result of our 'dark' daily way and, - - -

    It is the 'rules' of the earthly 'king' that are imposed by our 'avenging' Allah  for trying to 'emulate' HIS 'kingly' way. For only HE has the divine right to impose HIS 'might' upon those that err.

    Thus all working for HIS 'underhand' do 'fall' into HIS 'land' below, where they suffer on and on in perpetuity for having used HIS power 'callously' and mercilessly.

    For those with 'eyes' that can deep truth see. Know ye that HE the Heavenly Father 'permits' HIS darkness to deceive the vain into being HIS 'armed force' and, - - - as they so 'foolishly' do, are they then 'subjected' to HIS one Law too and, - - - "As they do - - - is then done unto them too."

    Yes, it is HE the Father that 'licences' all the suffering that you see, and the only way free is to heed the call of the Light to:

    "Lay down your arms and forgive, and no longer fight or demand or steal or invade or impose or interfere or control, - - - for those that now continue to so do will eternally be invaded, and interfered with, and controlled, and abused in HIS 'prison' below."

    Are all soldiers spellbound? Yes, they see the 'raising' up of their king's banner and seeing it 'wave' as more important than saving their own soul from the Devil's clutches.

    In fact they see naught, because their deadly 'sport' has been 'taught' to them by liars, posing as Allah ly 'friars' and good 'politicians' who all said that for 'king or county' they should fight and could fight and avoid Hell's 'fires.' - FALSE.

    How wrong, how wrong, and how very sad is every 'soldier's' song when they do see their own misery to be. For Allah  is Allah , and Allah  the Father is the KING, and His QUEEN the Light is the one who says:

    "Never fight to uphold the name or lands of mere men, for they all send you into the 'valley of death' in defiance of MY sacred pen. Better to uphold the 'Word' of Peace, and be 'valorous' in your victory over Sin.

    For it is only the truly courageous and brave who do not 'follow' men that are but 'knaves,' that will win their final victory and come home to ME the Light shining eternally."

    It is the time to become the Heavenly Queen's men, and heed Her sacred pen, as you 'fight' the thoughts within and the 'voices' without that 'shout' as they 'try' to mislead you into being one that does defy Her and fight. Go your way in peace and find the 'golden fleece' as well as the 'golden apple' on the Tree of life.

    To Toppage 40

    ~ Death before dishonour ~

     "Death before dishonour," is what the angels say.
    "Death before dishonour," if you want to come our way
    for when you others kill, it's dishonourable you see,

    and when you others kill, Allah  and we it see.

    So it must be death, if you'd come our way.
    Yes it must be death, our loving Allah  does say
    You must be prepared to die, before you others kill,
    for if you kill to "live," you go to Satan's hill.

    Try and understand that the only way to "go."
    is the way our Allah  says, and later Christ did show.
    As a gentle lamb if confronted you be,
    is the only way to become spiritually free.

    So death before dishonour is the only way to "go."
    This little truth upon you all I bestow.
    For it is a great dishonour to make another cry,
    rather die first than live a living lie.

    For it is a lie you're told by others in the flesh.
    That you'll be honoured, and others will you bless.
    If you destroy the enemy, who with you wish to fight.
    So now it is time lads to seal your minds up tight.

    With this word I bring you, and sing a happy song.
    For in honour now, to Allah  you'll needs be strong,
    and tell all those around you, that you have found the way.
    Never again to destroy a living man or boy, any day.

    And if another comes and tries to knock you down.
    For their soul you'll pray, but for sure you will not frown.
    "For in your moments suffering, you will be set free
    from your past dark deeds,"
    is what Allah  now says to thee.

    Death before dishonour, is the cry from up above.
    Dishonour not your souls, and join us in the land of love.
    Death before dishonour,
    is the eternal cry.
    Death before dishonour, is the call now from the sky.

    To Toppage 41

    ~ The Ray of Hope ~

     There is a ray of hope that shines now down into this earthly land. It is the fresh uncontaminated wisdom of Allah . The wisdom of how you individually may ensure that you will find your way home to the promised land, in now obeying the call of the Light that I bring you.

     I suggest, and can only suggest, that you take a long hard look at your destiny and my message, for truly, the destiny of your sweet soul lies within your own hand, your own "mind." All men have been deceived by men. It is I to shepherd all home who would earnestly make the effort.

    I bring you all the Truth. It is the light that will lead the way. Truly, this true Word of Allah  is the only shepherd, and it is I today to bring this unfettered word to earth.

    All Elders being leaders of men, family or religious or political, must now also seek the salvation of their own souls by heeding this personal call to each spirit in the universe, be they "in or out" of the flesh.

    You too as an individual may help others in other lands of any race or creed by passing on to them this information, for all soldiers have been deceived, and all are brothers in the same plight, all told by "men" to go out and fight.

    Bury now your guns and stand unarmed before me
    bury now your guns and fears and become free
    go home and with your family talk
    teach them to prepare to face the reaper who will now all stalk.

    I in my "last" life had my blood "shed' to show you
    your turn now to be "blooded" and show Allah  you are true
    for non-retaliation is the only way
    to avoid the depths of darkness - That is my final say.

    May your conscience be your guide.

    To Toppage 42

    ~ Daily Spiritual Blessings ~

     Mother's Light flows down via the Star of Bethlehem so we don't frown, cleansing our soul and our mind so that we stay kind.

     Mother's Love flows through the tender touch of souls true. Those whom their love can "give" so others a little happier daily live, and as "lovers" entwine they are caressed by love divine. For this love courses through and blesses all souls true.

     And none in loneliness "stare" as others share their "ware," being their light within, that helps "deplete" the others "sin." For as "sinners" are by love blessed, the reason for "loving" is upon them impressed, and they then too learn to "share," and they too learn to for others "Care."

     So the spiritual blessing is the blessing true, the "I care and my love I share with you." So if you would a spiritual being "become," share your touch and light and your journey is won.

     My brothers what more can I say to you and for the girls in heaven, who say be true. For if you below go, never again will your seed you sow, and there are none to it receive, for below, even the girls do grieve.

    Never to another "touch," never a voice saying I love you much.
     Only pain and coldness too
    and horrific feelings and thoughts flowing through
    I have said enough now to you
    its your choice to believe and be true.

    Allah 's sacred pen "Mercy"

    To Top

     page 43

    ~ RSL President C. Munday ~

     Dear Christopher, I write this to you in your official capacity as President of the St. Helens RSL because I do believe that you have the spiritual might and insight to do ‘Right’ in respect of True Service to the ‘servicemen’ within your district.

     Returned soldiers have been taught to believe that their time of ‘duty’ to the governing institution of the day was an honourable one.

    They have also been taught to believe that their ‘life’ was ‘on the line’ for the benefit of the nation as well as on behalf of other citizens of the land.

    They have also been taught to believe that their warring and destructive ‘role’ for which they were paid was a brave one.

    They have also been taught to believe that the people of the land must now contribute freely to their ongoing needs in perpetuity and in a manner befitting their expectations due to having ‘dutifully’ served their ‘flag’ and nation.

    They have also been taught to believe that they deserve the ‘accolades’ of the people.

    It is my personal ‘task’ for Allah  to expose this ‘error of belief’ in man’s thinking, programming, and teaching. For all the ‘taught to believe’ instances above are FALSE, and all servicemen who caused any ‘harm’ * to other children of Allah  of any race, creed, or ‘standing’ have accrued a similar ‘due’ within the immutable Law of Allah . *

    Note: ‘harm’ * – The imposition of ‘terror,’ grief, loss, mental or emotional trauma, physical injury, torture, or death.
    Note: Law of Allah . * – Go to:

    What all servicemen and members of the public that fund their ‘way’ need to now see is, that the time always comes when the soldier becomes ‘old’ and their spirit soul passes on to the next realm of consciousness, and it is ‘generally’ at this point in eternal time that they become aware that there is a spiritual due * to be met, and they instantly become terrified and their mind and emotions ‘strum’ and revolve as their ‘arrogance’ does dissolve into tears and fears.

    Note: spiritual due * – Go to 'The consequence of Action'

    What I wish to ‘warn’ you about is that there is a time prior to their earthly demise soon at hand when all ‘fiscal’ and other support by governing institutions will cease due to unforeseen circumstance and not only this, but the spiritual due ‘accrued’ by servicemen will be faced by many in this realm at a soon coming point in time.

    Thus I ‘beckon’ you, asking that once you have ‘settled in’ to your office that you consider these implications, and that you also decide how you can ‘broach’ my teachings with your ‘flocks’ in such a manner, that they will become enlightened and made aware of not only their coming ‘fate,’ but how their Creator wishes then to ‘proceed’ so that they can ‘pay their dues’ to Allah  and humanity, and set themselves free from Satan’s grip.

    Soldiers perceive themselves as ‘honourable, brave, and true,’ but the reality is that many are simply hateful and vindictive who ‘love’ to invade, terrorise, and destroy, and all are non believers in Allah 's command who lost their 'right' to enter into the Promised Land, for they know NO mercy and show NO mercy or compassion, for when at 'war,' they ARE dispassionate, merciless, cruel and uncompromising.

    So their 'time' to BE in the Abyss will be eternally long unless they now heed me and begin to see their OWN error, as needs be done by EVERYONE, - - -

    For as people pay their taxes and fund these iniquitous politicians and their 'armies' they all accrue a similar painful spiritual due within the SUPERIOR and absolutely Just Law of Allah  that says: "As you or your servants do unto others will by ME be done unto you."

    I need to also advise every soldier that their ‘religious’ elders also deceived them as they blessed them and their weapons and told them that their ‘fight’ was backed by the Light of Allah . For these ‘priests’ all worked for the Devil as they joined hands with kings and politicians and invoked rituals and ‘rights’ to earn a ‘mercenary’ false penny.

    Every returned or ‘retired’ soldier needs to know “how” to handle their own mind and emotions as they are confronted by other mortals that are ‘cruel and merciless,’ having a similar destructive intent as did they a long time ago. How are they going to handle THAT?

    I know that both you and Janet your wife are truly compassionate souls with a great capacity to do ‘good’ and to help everyone in need. I know that you are doing your best to ensure that you aid the servicemen to obtain, receive, or gain their earthly ‘politically’ deserved financial and other support dues.

     I ask: “What can Christopher Munday do for Allah  and for Soldiers in respect of helping them to gain enlightenment so that they do NOT lose their LAST BATTLE of the mind and emotions and thus suffer in Hell for eternity”?

    It is very easy to fight the material fight when you have an axe, sword, knife or gun in your hand, but man must try and understand that the REAL Battle for Salvation is much, much harder, and the ‘Devil’ can only be overcome using the Light of Allah  and the Wisdom I bequeath everyone.

    Dissatisfaction, criticism, harsh words and insanity is soon the ‘order’ of the day, and it is imperative for you to understand this as you now lead the way for those within your ‘charge’ as Allah  via you soon has a say.

    You have the opportunity to teach many, and using your brilliant mind you can also many other RSL organisations or the Planet reach. This applies to your wife also as she is also a spirit soul from the land of the inner Sun.

    Please tell all that the “Blood” document must be read and understood, as every soldier must now ‘blood’ his own mind with the Star prayer,’ so as to fortify IT layer by layer as they prepare to face their fate, and this applies to myself and everyone under this earthy Sun. (Links below)

    For ‘men of war’ that may wish to have the benefit of attending a 3 hour Feeling Easier Seminar you could also hold these at the RSL ‘Club,’ and thus soldiers seeking to now serve their Creator in a positive light may become ‘Servicemen of the Light’ who haul in persons that disturb the peace of the land in the coming times and bring them to attend ‘Feeling Easier Seminars’ to re-educate them with Truth.

    Please help returned and active servicemen to now seek the Light

    Sincerely - Terence