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~ Render unto Caesar & God ~

by Terence – the spirit of truth

Item - 1 - Defining Caesar's 'coin' v/s that which is God's - 6 pages
In respect of the Taxation issue and the Freedom of Religion guarantee by the Constitution

Item - 2 - Tax via GST
The extortionist Military Junta of God on earth

Item - 3 - Letter to the Taxation Commissioner - 15 pages
The expose of how to halt your suffering dues accruing daily.

~ Introduction ~

Since the beginning of time on earth there have been cruel, merciless, unforgiving and unconscionable men who became 'Rulers of men.' These people use force of arms to subjugate and dictate their own policy and they destroy all 'opposition' to their demands. Further to this, they also send forth their armed forces to invade the lands of others, whom they then also enslave and impose upon them 'endless' taxes.

This 'nature' of living way has been the 'corruption' that has 'dogged' mankind, and even today it continues on because of deception contained within the purported to be 'Holy Bible scriptures' that are supposed to be the basis of the Christian religion.

This error of doctrine and falsity is now exposed by my pen as being 'unholy' texts within said book. Being texts that have enabled the entire Christian community to be deceived and enslaved to anti-God ways which have kept everyone on the road to the Abyss of eternal suffering and damnation.

The fact that not ONE minister of religion has had the insight or strength of character to 'query' this error and expose it for what it is, being 'disloyalty to God, ' shows that not ONE of them is true to their 'calling' and that treason exists at the highest levels.

The facts are that men of religion (priests) who 'promote' this falsity have also 'presented' state governments (Caesar) as being THE AUTHORITY to be obeyed ahead of their God and His Salvation plan and Command unto mankind. In fact, preachers openly walk 'hand in hand' with warriors who wage war instead of teaching man to turn their backs to warmongers and go their way in Peace.

It is my pen to now reveal the falsity of doctrine that is in absolute contravention of, and a contradiction of God's Holy Command unto man. It is my pen to now set FREE any person who can see my truth and who thus believes that I am He the Spirit of Truth, God's Plenipotentiary.


I have raised UP this document to assist every 'believer in God' seeking to "Do the right thing by GOD" and doing the RIGHT thing for the benefit of their own soul and coming ETERNAL destiny. It must BE clearly understood from the 'outset' that one cannot serve TWO 'Masters' having opposing doctrines.

Caesar represented by 'State' governments commands obedience to ITS rules and grants PROTECTION using armed forces. (WAR)

God Commands obedience to His RULING Command: "Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy" and promises HIS protection to the FAITHFUL who obey HIM. (PEACE)

It is your 'choice' as to 'which' ideology you adhere to. It is my 'job' for God to expose that IF you 'vote' for man to LEAD you and protect you then you must 'Render unto Caesar' taxes to PAY for his armed forces. Try and understand that as you so do, all that Caesar's forces DO UNTO OTHERS is done in your name and on your behalf and you are complicit. (An accomplice as they are your servants)

It follows that all the control, subjugation, interference, extortion, fine, punishment, injury or killing of OTHERS becomes your DUE to GOD within the immutable Law of God. No 'mandate of man' nor 'official' position nor mandate nullifies nor voids the implementation of God's LAW.


It follows that a TRUE believer of 'Christian or Islam' or other must NOT fund INIQUITY or the imposition thereof upon OTHERS because, that activity is in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF GOD'S Command and brings 'grief' eternally upon the ignorant or arrogant.

It is too 'simplistic' to say: "We must pay taxes for the benefit of society." Certainly we MUST pay for all benign community effort or services we PERSONALLY seek to support or use. Pay the 'roads department directly. Pay the hospital authority or schools directly. Pay the builder or plumber or gardener directly etc. Do NOT fund the coffers of any institution which uses 'force of arms' against others. Education is the way, not punishment.

Simply put: Do nice things to others and God via kind others does nice things to YOU (kind, loving, merciful)
Simply put: Do nasty things to others and God via cruel others does nasty things to YOU (cruel, hateful, merciless)

God's Law of return for the use of HIS creative or destructive ENERGY is 'absolute Justice in action.'

NEVER take a wage to uphold RULES in a book which force you to defy God.
NEVER pay a wage to others to uphold RULES in a book which force both them and you to defy God.

If you fill out a 'tax return' and pay income tax to Caesar (State) it proves to God that you are an unfaithful person defying Him and funding iniquity, being the subjugation, enslavement, punishment and killing of His other children as YOU contravene His Ruling Command.

The words “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” have for many a long year been used as the ‘tool’ whereby man has ‘salved’ his conscience, as he ‘Caesar’ of 'old' and the today State Institution via magistrates use force of arms to ‘tax’ the populace, and to punish them for any ‘defiance’ or non payment of demanded ‘taxes, licence fees, levies, stamp duties, royalties’ etc., - - -

The words “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” are also used as the justification for punishing people for any non-conformity to the dictated rules or decrees of ‘Caesar,’ (The State Institution of today) that keep men on their knees in bondage, (Slavery) - - - as all were ‘conned’ into believing that the dictates of  Caesar were the ‘law of the land.’

They are not, for God’s “As you sow so shall ye reap” Command is the decreed Ruling of God that is the ‘Law of the land,’ and the misunderstood texts in ‘biblical books’ purported to be the truth have also been 'corrupted' and misinterpreted by vain men into believing that ‘some’ men had the right to rule others and, that 'some' men had the right to ‘compulsively’ force others into obedience to their own false ideological beliefs. What a ‘sorry’ state of affairs.

As many magistrates of today openly quote the ‘Bible or Koran’ or other texts as they mete out their punitive ‘judgement’ upon community members, it appears that this biblical text is the ‘ruling of the Court’ that gives 'Imperial' magistrates the ‘conscience mandate' to demand that their ‘victims’ in Court obey the 'call' of their Institution to: “Pay your taxes, and obey our rules, or suffer the consequence.”

All forms of control, regulation of living ways, dress codes, seizure of assets, enforced taxation, deportation, transportation and the holding of men as ‘hostages’ in prisons is factual abuse and imposition of suffering that contravenes the: “Go your way in peace and love one another” code of conduct commanded by the Creator. It follows that all dictators and their enforcement ‘agencies’ need to now 'focus on' and look deeper at the implications and true meaning of the words; “Render unto Caesar” that I reveal in this document.

Party members of the institution of 'Caesar' (State) rely on its forces for PROTECTION rather than their God, and that is the ISSUE here at stake, for in the 'protection' aspect government forces cause great harm & suffering to other children of God and Absolute Pacifists cannot condone, support nor fund this anti-god activity.

The 'government' of every land is a 'Caesar' style organisation being a Dark Establishment placed by God to 'head' His earthly regimes and to control all for being errant non-believers and, - - -

As they all 'bow' to His ruling dictates enshrined as 'edicts' in text books, they all accrue a daily painful spiritual due. Why? Because said rules FORCE all to walk in the DARK aspect of His Law, and He keeps them all on the road to perdition for either personally being SWINE or for condoning, supporting and funding other SWINE.

Let it BE clearly understood, there are but a 'handful' presently on earth with a heavenly destination, all the others happily singing and clapping their hands and praising 'Jesus' or any other ARE ALL ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL.

Man sees not that THE DARK ENERGY is God's energy, thus IT is above the Law, but those using IT in their interfering, controlling, taxing, subjugation or punitive interaction with others are NOT above THE LAW of the ENERGY.

This Law is immutable and it is absolute Justice in operation when IT via YOU or others imposes ITS 'Return' upon a person's head and fills them with FEAR & DREAD.

As every voter or taxpayer is supporting and funding this DARK 'way,' it follows that they daily accrue a spiritual DUE of suffering until or unless they amend their ways.

This daily DUE being accrued is a 'Debt unto Caesar' (the dark establishment of God on earth) and thus must be 'rendered unto Caesar' so to speak. What is the 'literal' meaning of said 'debt to Caesar' or OBLIGATION to the State government one is forced to meet?

It literally MEANS that: As ones paid servants (state forces) have extorted money from others and interfered in their lives and caused them loss and mental and emotional stress and physical harm, it follows that the 'debt' owed to Caesar (God's earthly commander – or Rudd or Abbott etc.) is a return of suffering, loss or injury upon the head's of THE PEOPLE for their complicity to the suffering and loss etc., which was imposed by their forces upon others.

This RETURN 'due' is simply God's Law in action through the hands of the ignorant.

It follows that until the DEBT IS PAID, that the 'hounds of Hell' being State enforcers will persecute a person until the 'records' in God's 'Scales of Justice' ARE balanced. (e.g. one has amended ones ways in no longer supporting Caesar and has suffered their return 'eye for an eye' dues in non-retaliation)

How then does one actually 'extract' oneself from the dues owed to Caesar? (God) Does one 'cough up' moneys demanded? NO. Why? Because in so doing you are STILL funding the dark system. This applies to 'fines' also. One must never pay fines but simply 'suffer' any alternative imposed.

If you pay ANY monetary dues or 'taxes' demanded or give your support to the DARK system in any way you CONTINUE to accrue a DUE.

If you factually have any remaining dues to God (Caesar or state) then his forces will pursue their 'claims' by evicting you or selling you up or worse.

That then is their 'choice' and your 'dues,' and you the individual seeking 'spiritual freedom' must simply remain peaceful and non-retaliatory as you show God that you remain within the precepts of His Command in the understanding that ONLY by so doing do you show God your fidelity to HIM and, - - - you understand that NO person will be coming to sell you up unless HE sends them.

It follows that the 'render unto Caesar' requirement is NOT the giving in to the never-ending monetary demands of Caesar, but is simply the 'suffering' you must endure to PAY your accrued karmic dues to God as you withdraw your support of the DARK Sovereign Power and ITS 'warring' UNGODLY ways as you become a TRUE believer. (Peace & love & mercy & compassion and forgiveness."

The Dark establishment 'cloaks' itself in the guise of a BENIGN services provider and protector of THE PEOPLE, but in FACT, it is the merciless 'Reaping force' ARM of God which imposes ITS 'Martial Law' (Rules) upon all ITS serfs and keeps them bound eternally in servitude and ongoing suffering for their infidelity to God's Command.

All state 'enforcers' and tax collectors and THE PEOPLE who fund and support them are the BLIND being led by the MIND of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) and He keeps them all 'believing' in their RIGHT to FIGHT and to use His 'forbidden to use' DARK ENERGY so that He can then 'legally' within His 'eye for an eye' LAW crush their souls into 'oblivion' and eternal AGONY for defiance of His Command to:

"Love one another"

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~ Render unto Caesar ~

The WORDS "Render unto Caesar" reported to have been spoken by Jesus are the principle 'control' clause that have held simple man in bondage to the Devil (Dark Sovereign Power of God) for a long time. It follows that they were either not spoken by Jesus the 'Saviour' or if they were, then their true meaning has been misinterpreted by ruling class men and used to their own advantage.

It is now I the simple messenger of God to now 'clarify' the meaning of this statement as I write It the clarification with my own 'pen' and my own 'mind' and my own hand.

For centuries men have 'banded' together and used weapons and force to either attack or defend, and all these 'groups' later turned into institutions that had strong men as their 'head' of State. This continues on today in a 'pecuniary' way wherein the 'King' or Chief causes grief to any that do not 'cough up' his demanded 'penny' for protecting them and himself.

For centuries men have 'banded' together and raised up code of conduct  'rules,' and this continues on today in a 'punitive' way wherein the 'King' or Chief or 'Priest' causes grief to any that do not 'conform'  to his demanded 'ways.'

What does the word 'Caesar' represent today? It is representative of an authoritarian, autocratic, and dictatorial institution that 'survives' due to its 'ability' to raise funds by TAXATION using force of arms. It is these 'arms' and the 'will' to use them destructively that enable political and other forces to accomplish "something" in the name of God, the nation, the people, the 'flag,' the religion etc.

That 'something' that needs to be seen for what it is by every seeker of Salvation is: That the code of conduct ACTIVITY of 'Caesar' (The establishment) and its officers is warlike and in contravention of God's "Go in peace & love one another" command and their (Its) primary activities are:

1 - To use force of arms to protect IT and its forces.
2 - To use force of arms to maintain ITS sovereign control and power. (The authority of its ruling Decrees-Acts-Statutes)
3 - To use force of arms to enforce ITS never ending 'ruling' decrees that bring all to their knees.
4 - To use force of arms to protect those of you that are 'true' to IT and ITS 'rules' code of conduct.
5 - To use force of arms to control all persons living within the 'boundaries' that ITS 'serving' men seized using force of arms.
6 - To use force of arms to control all 'land, mineral wealth, ocean products, timber resources,' etc., that ITS men seized using force of arms.
7 - To use force of arms to interfere in the lives of others within and beyond this border and, to wage  destructive war against any within or beyond this border that do not 'perform' as commanded or that are perceived as an 'enemy of the state' rules. (ITS)

SO - - -

If you require 'Caesar' or the 'latter day' governing institution to be your personal Service Provider and thus: A - protect you or,  B - Fight against you if you are perceived as a 'thief' or in contravention of its decrees or, C - To wage war on your behalf against any that its 'officers' decide to so do, - -

THEN - - -

Yes, you must 'Render unto Caesar' (The State institution) an annual 'coin' tax to fund, uphold, and supply his (Its) punitive, judicial, and other armed forces.

BUT - - -

What you do need to see as do they (State officers and officials) is, that all are DARK operatives for the BEAST, the Devil, the Dark Sovereign Power.

AND - - -

What all need to see is that these 'warlike' attributes are contrary to the Command of God who says: "Do NOT rely on 'force of arms' to protect you. Go your way in Peace for that ensures that you are safe from MY Wrath within MY LAW."

SO - - -

If you are a TRUE believer in God and you thus submit to His Command, then you must not be 'seen' by Him to be giving financial or other support to 'Caesar' (Any punitive controlling institution of man.)

Thus you do not pay 'taxes' to any institution of man that uses said funds to 'punish, interfere, entrap, seize goods, wage war, kidnap, control, enslave, tax others, impose sanction, control borders, invade, or destroy or kill.' By all means you can fund and support any community well-fare program or other benign community services provided.

As all have been funding and thus supporting the BEASTLY 'system' of the Devil you have all lost your divine * protection and, - - - you thus have accrued a painful 'due' within the Law of God, and all will be 'crucified' by God in order for God's "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law to be fulfilled, for only then are you free to go your way.

For as 'each' relied on the dark punitive force of the Dark Sovereign Power they placed their own soul within HIS punitive 'eye for an eye' Law. The Dark Sovereign Power (God) forbids the use of His destructive energy that is the 'fruit' of the tree of evil.

Man sees NOT that when one 'votes' or condones or supports and thus funds ANY activity which is in CONTRAVENTION OF or outside the precepts of the Command of the RULING POWER: (God the energy essence)

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy"

The individual places THEMSELVES within the 'eye for an eye' Law of THE DARK, and all the suffering imposed upon others by ones paid servants makes one COMPLICIT, and a part of their suffering imposed becomes a spiritual due to be met.

So in reference to NOT personally paying any TAX, when you purchase petrol or any other article YOU ARE NOT PAYING TAX, the seller of the goods is the ONE paying tax, not you - you are simply being OVERCHARGED.

When you fill out a tax return and PAY the TAX directly or if you pay any 'fine' or license fee, then that money is a payment by you to 'Caesar' in order to stay FREE from 'suffering' a punishment, and this is what you and everyone needs to see.

WHY? Because in paying the aforesaid monies you are funding the impoverishment of others as well as their suffering at the hands of State forces and, when GOD the 'Reaper' comes to your door to balance His 'scales of justice' you will retaliate or defend yourself etc., and cause pain and accrue MORE painful karma and, - - - - more to the point, during that NEGATIVE response you are drawing in MORE DARK ENERGY into your soul and coarsening ITS vibration, and lower becomes the next realm in the afterlife, and MORE the strife and control and agony.

Man on this level needs to UNDERSTAND 'how & why' he suffers, and thus he also needs to know how to HALT that suffering and HALT the accruing of negative karma, and LEARN to STOP funding the false ideology of control, regulation, punishment and WAR.

Note: divine * - Issuing forth from God.

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~ Render unto God  ~

As for the words “Render unto God that which is God’s,” it is now simply revealed by my pen as having two meanings, and both have a consequence to do with your personal Salvation and your possible ongoing eternal suffering and banishment from Heaven.

For as God has a ‘dual’ energy nature of light and dark, the Light that is creative and loving ‘warns’ mankind to ‘avoid’ the use of the Dark energy, and in fact forbids the use of that ‘punitive, forceful, invasive, deceptive, controlling, and destructive’ energy. This is because the Law of God is absolute, and there is a ‘return’ for the use of either energy through ones personal ‘active’ interaction with others. Thus to “Render unto God that which is God’s” means that we must conform to the first command of the Light:

The first Command

“Go your way in peace and love one another and extend goodwill unto all mankind.”

The words “Render unto God that which is God’s” also means that if we have defied God and trespassed into the dark side of the ‘river’ through our control or abuse of others that, - - - in order to ‘satisfy’ the Law of God it follows that, - - -  to fulfill the punitive aspect of the “As you did sow darkness and suffering so shall ye reap darkness and suffering” Law of God, - - - we also have to ‘render unto the God of 'Dark’ His ‘dues’ without retaliating. This is done and the ‘debt’ repaid to God not man as we conform to God’s ‘second’ command:

The second Command

“When faced by adversity you must be brave and turn the other cheek and not retaliate and, - - - you must be merciful, compassionate and forgiving of your enemy who is but what you were in your past, an ignorant ‘non-believer’ that had defied My ‘Go in peace and love one another’ Command and, - - - even though your belly is now filled with dread you must keep out the thoughts of the serpent and not fight back.”

If you conform to this second command of God, then you will have shown God your ‘faith’ in His Word, and in your ‘suffering’ (crucifixion) you will have paid some of your spiritual ‘dues’ and, once all dues have been 'met' and paid, then you will be set free spiritually at some stage ahead. For once you have been enlightened by God via my pen you will never again use force to control others or wield a ‘sword’ above another’s head and cause them any suffering or dread.

In the 'completion' of your suffering in your own personal 'crucifixion' through your non-retaliation against the 'words' or 'swords' of your attacker, you have then “Rendered unto God that which is God’s” as you fulfilled the requirement * of the punitive aspect of God's Law.

Note: the requirement * - Suffered your fate without retaliating. (Crucified by some other that did to you what you or your servants had done to others before and, as you suffered you 'turned the other cheek' and sought not to defend yourself nor to take revenge later as you 'forgave' their iniquity against you))

God commands forgiveness by man, but all men defy this command and demand 'Justice' or 'accountability,' and what you need to realise is that the punitive aspect of God's Law that is immutable ‘Just justice’ is mercilessly carried out against those that ‘sinned.’

This 'eye for an eye' punishment is meted out through the violent or 'punitive' actions of any person that is ignorant of God's Law, and one that is ignorant of and thus defiant of God's Holy Command. Your 'future' and ongoing suffering only ceases when you lay down your sword. Be it verbal through criticism or condemnation or by the use of force.

Religion has deceived man into believing that there is ‘forgiveness’ within God's Law. It is I to state that there is NO 'voiding' or avoiding the Law of God. Thus the word ‘forgiveness’ is not written within the text of the Law of God. You are ‘forgiven’ by God and set free from your past 'errant' and offensive ways when His Law has been fulfilled and IT is thus ‘satisfied.’

In the 'light' of this revelation, if you punish a past offender or, if you fight any 'attacker' or, if you abuse others as you try and defend yourself or, if you invade others as pre-emptive defence, then not only have you defied God's Holy Word but you also have accrued a further spiritual due of suffering. This also applies to you if you have supported or funded any punitive 'effort' or war machine in its operations against anybody.

The Truth at the 'core' of every religion should be the same:

The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.'
 This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command.

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~ Who is Caesar ~

Now that I have ‘clarified’ what you must ‘Render unto God,’ I will return to speak about Caesar and the words “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,” for we ‘each’ need to ask ourselves this question: “Who is Caesar”?

Caesar was a man of flesh. He was also a great ‘sinner,’ a man as many men before him and many men of today that were deceived by Satan into believing that they could defy the first command of God and survive spiritually and, - - - not be subjected to the Law of God and thus not suffer mentally, emotionally, or physically. This is a grave error of belief.

Thus he and they of today assumed falsely that the use of force to ‘govern’ others and control and tax them, and punish them was ‘permitted’ by God to the extent, that they as God were above the Law of God, and as their sin grew within they strayed further from reality and assumed the ‘role of God' as their right. This is a grave error of assumption.

Caesar was, as every present day State ‘official’ is, unknowingly an operative working for the Dark Sovereign Power as His regulating, controlling, taxing, punitive and destructive ‘arm.’

The ‘avenging’ retributive aspect of the Source is named THE Dark Sovereign Power and, as man uses HIS forceful energy to control, tax, punish, invade, etc., HE via the mind of ignorant man invokes greater control, taxation, punishment, destruction etc., within HIS Ruling 'books of statutes' that ignorant man so 'dutifully' uphold using forbidden force, and thus all DIE in their sin.

Thus we need to separate the ‘man’ Caesar and his ‘position’ of Authority. You owe Caesar the man naught unless you have a personal ‘debt’ to him. As the man Caesar is the earthly representative of God the Dark superpower on earth, then the term “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” means that:

If you do have a ‘pain and suffering’ spiritual debt to God, then it is Caesar’s enforcers to collect it from you by crucifying you as they foolishly use the penalty ‘attachments’ that they placed into being through their own arrogance and defiance of God.

All that has to be done by you as you suffer at the hands of the ignorant is for you to fulfill the second Command of God at that time, and you peacefully accept your ‘punishment’ at the hands of the ‘infidels’ that know not what they do. (They place themself within the dark aspect of the Law of God, and take your past ‘burden’ upon their own self to be suffered by them at a later date when other ‘servants of the ‘dark’ are inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power to haul them in.)

Even though the INTENT of a magistrate is to simply 'rectify' the non-conformity to a rule in a book of Caesar, and to teach 'offenders' through punishment that such action or non-action will not be tolerated by the RULES of Caesar, the magistrate needs to see that - - -

God cannot forgive him for his defiance of God's 'The first Command' RULING, and God cannot tolerate any disobedience to HIS dictates. God sees any punishment of His children as abuse of His children and, God sees it as an action that followed on from an INTENT to cause suffering. (Premeditated criminal activity)

The magistrate needs to try and see the reality that, - - - a mandate from Caesar's text books does not exonerate him nor protect him from the 'application' of God's superior immutable, inviolate, and eternal Law in respect of all the trauma and loss and suffering and deprivation suffered by the one 'convicted' by him and, - - - 

The magistrate needs to try and see the reality that, - - - all the co-lateral suffering endured by the family members of the prisoner also become his spiritual 'debt to God' within the Law of God, a debt that will be 'rectified' by God and, - - - an honourable, just and equitable 'equal' punishment will be administered by God upon the magistrate and all complicit to his 'action,' at the time and place * that God so decides to bring all to account. ( time and place * - more so in the hereafter)

Ignorance of the Law of God is not bliss, those that 'judge' shall so judged be. God's 'Justice' is also absolute.

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The term “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” does not mean that you have to ‘bow’ to him the man nor It the ‘State’ Institution in conformity to any of ‘his’ or its ‘rules,’ for the ‘rules’ are simply decrees designed to keep you enslaved and controlled and on the wide road to hell for your support of it the dark ideology with its ‘taxing’ and punitive and destructive anti-God ways

You simply need to live your life in accordance with the first Command, and you do need to contribute to every ‘aspect’ of living that is providing you a ‘service’ that you use or that you wish to contribute to. But you must not fund any Institution that has any punitive ‘attachment’ to any conduct codes, because that is supporting and condoning the false ideology.

 Remember, the ‘sanctity’ of God’s Law is such that you can never be imposed upon or made to suffer unless you have caused others to suffer in some way. You are thus only safe when from this moment on you conform to God’s first and second Commands. For in so doing you sow no more ‘evil,’ and as you suffer at the hands of others you pay your dues and ‘little by little’ you become free. (Set your own release date from hellish ongoing suffering.)

Whether you are a simpleton or a magistrate, once you understand that, - - - the monetary or other support of any person or Institution that is in the ‘business’ of extortion, invasion, theft, coercion, fine, punishment or destruction of property or life is wrong, as it is supporting darkness, negativity, and EVIL in action. Set yourself free from any complicity.

This you do not do by fighting the person or the ‘System’ in trying to force it to change, you simply go your way in PEACE and conform to the first and second Command of God and you halt your fiscal and other support of it.

I see that aggressive men, terrorists, and state legislators and their enforcement officers are prepared to 'die' spiritually for a 'wage,' and to hold all non-conformant to their 'taxing' demands as 'hostage' in punishment and, - - - they use 'coercion' to try and force them to 'consider' paying up or conforming to the dictates of a dictator that they do not wish to 'bow down' to, and it is due to this fact that I have written this 'expose' of truth.

I formerly ask all of you to consider whether you are in error backing a punitive, controlling, and unforgiving and merciless institution, and are thus defiant of our God's code of conduct command to: "Only be loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving and to live in peaceful co-existence with others." I believe and know that the Command of God and the Law of God are both above the 'man made' rules of any State Organisation.

This 'factor' and fact needs to be examined closely by all members of our community as well as those taking a wage to be enforcers for the Dark Sovereign Power, for your complicity to imposing 'suffering' upon people and their family places you into His 'fatal' arms, for He and His immutable Law and Might will ensure that you suffer the same suffering or loss or deprivation at a later time and place chosen by Him in this or the 'after' life.

It is truly the time for all men to make a commitment to only conform to God's Commanded "peaceful and loving" ideology, for in so doing one receives a positive 'bountiful' return of love and kindness, and one avoids ongoing suffering. You need to be able to say unto yourself: "As my daily 'action' is from now forth only positive, I remain in conformity to God's Command and as I suffer any 'abuse' in non-retaliation and without revenge I clear my past spiritual debts and become a free man spiritually."

Try and see that to serve God means that you do not ‘bow’ to the demands of Caesar or the ‘State,’ even though it perceives itself as your ‘service provider’ and 'father figure.' You may fund and support any ‘provision of services’ that do not include dictates and levies and punishment or enforced conformity to any ideological beliefs that contravene the Holy Word of God contained within the 'text' of the first Command.

Try and see that when you permit 'Caesar' (the System of government) to coerce you into bowing to his 'dictates' and thus pay his demanded  'rates and taxes,' you are acknowledging that you require the use of his 'punitive' and warring protection services

All mankind need to see that the decrees of Caesar are what enable Caesar to steal endless sums of money from the community. Try and see that the primary use of taxes is for the funding of Caesar's  'belly' and to fund payment of his armed services men and their equipment that is used to force you to obey his decrees, as well as to defend the lands that he controls using force of arms.

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~ Government Control ~

Let it be clearly understood that any organisation naming itself 'The government' is simply an institution raised up by men using BRUTE FORCE as their 'weapon' of CONTROL over other children of God.

Long before any of you readers were 'born' in the flesh there were some very arrogant and vain men on earth who were insane enough to believe that they were 'as' God with the power and authority to enslave and control and use other men to enrich themselves, and they used BRUTE FORCE to attain their position or superiority.

All 'governing' Institutions of today are 'run' by equally arrogant and vain people who are also as deluded as their forebears. For they also believe that the never-ending Decrees issuing forth from their 'pens' are the law of the land to be adhered to by others.

These foolish men also use BRUTE FORCE, or 'as much force' as they need to CONTROL all living within the borders 'ruled' by the punitive 'doctrine' of the Institution they serve, and they and the armed forces that support it also 'die' for it for a wage.

It is up to you to see the error and iniquity perpetrated upon you and others in the community in the name of Caesar or 'the government' or 'the nation' or 'the emperor' etc., for via rules and precedents set before your birth all now believe that they should rely on the 'Brute strength' of Caesar (state government) for their protection and 'supply' rather than on their God.

None of the state police and other enforcement workers are able to see that in the eyes of their God that it is they who are the offenders, for their 'prisoners' have been seized by BRUTE FORCE and kidnapped and transported and kept as hostages in 'cells' against their will and against God's will. (The light of God)

All enforcers are brutes that are ignorant of what they do and they see not that they too will be subjugated and abused when they are surely subjected to God's divine law at a later time. No wise person would defy God and incarcerate others if they knew of the unavoidable consequence of their actions.

As you do is done unto you, and that Law of God is THE LAW of this and every land. So if you do not 'wish' to one day be a prisoner crying out for release and desperately wishing to reunited with your loved ones, then you had 'better' heed your Creator and go your way in PEACE.

page 7

~ Free man or bonded slave ~
Enslaved by belief and precedent

There is a requirement of man that is imposed upon all in every country, and that requirement is the ‘Caesar’ style Decree that is ‘posted’ on a tree or in a book of ‘rules’ to misguide * those that are blinded by vanity. For the decree states:

“All the people of the land must bow down upon their knee to me the ‘authority’ and conform to this and every ‘following’ decree placed upon their plate by me ‘Caesar’ (State government) their Lord and Master and, - - -

Any person that fails to so do will be fined, banished, kidnapped, transported, imprisoned, or put to death for as said, I am the authority and my forces will hunt down anybody that fails to conform to my dictates and, - - -

I will force you to give me all the money I require to look after you and myself in the manner that I see fit because I have a need to protect my own interests and, - - - because only I know what is best for you and, - - - if you try to deny me my 'taxing' demands that I impose from time to time by decree I will persecute you until 'death' does us part.“

 Note: ‘rules’ to misguide * - Any ‘rule or ‘ruling’ legislated by any institution or any ‘command’ imposed as a decree by anybody that requires others to ‘bow’ and ‘bend’ to the Dictator of the rule or be punished for non-conformity, is a ‘ruling’ that misguides those that uphold or enforce its ‘rulings.’

For by the factual determination of such interaction the legislator and enforcer has presumed that they have the divine right to control God’s children and to coerce them or force them into compliance using force of arms.

 All such interaction is a Military dictatorship, for the ‘dictator’ being the King, Queen, Mandarin, Chief or legislator uses policing forces as their ‘occupying’ force that enforce the decrees and they ‘quell’ any opposition.

 Neither the Dictator nor the enforcers realise that they keep the flocks enslaved to conformity to the ‘wishes or whims’ of others. (The decrees of the Dictator)

 Thus there is no freedom in the land, neither is there any democracy in the land for no person is able to do anything of their own choosing until it has been ‘licensed’ by the dictator and in conformity to the ‘rulings’ of his ‘scriptures’ and subjected to his ‘amendments’ and ‘permit’ fees etc.

 As every person has been ‘born’ into this land where even their ‘elders’ were subjected to the same control, it follows that this precedent of negative interaction has become the ‘belief’ of every land, and none today understand that they do not have to conform to the dictates of anyone other than their God.

 All have also been led into the false belief that the decrees of ‘Caesar’ the King, Queen, Mandarin, Chief or any other are ‘the law of the land.’ They are not, they are simply the demands imposed upon all by the vain and ignorant and arrogant that rule this world using force. (The forbidden fruit)

 All these people that are ‘pretend’ God’s are extremely ‘offensive’ in the eyes of the REAL God, and HE is now to bring them all to ‘account’ for their foul deeds that they do not even see as being such due to their false belief that is now ingrained in their psyche.

page 8

~ The Dictatorship ~

 Every government is simply an Institution that has given itself the sole right of ownership of you the individual and everything visible and invisible within the land or sea mass that it via its own ‘legislation’ controls using force of arms.

 Every person ‘bowing’ to the decrees of Caesar have ‘sold’ their freedom by abrogating their ‘person’ with its God given rights to the ‘Beast’ that operates silently, invisibly and cunningly through the systems of man.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because your life and every activity is subject to the ‘scrutiny’ and approval of some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

This is not Democracy – the rules are the Dictator.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because you cannot do anything without first having to prove your right to live in the country to some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because you cannot do anything without first having registered your name to some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because you cannot do anything without first having to ask ‘permission’ from some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because you cannot do anything without first having to pay a ‘permit’ fee to some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because you cannot do anything without first having to register a tax number with some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because you cannot do anything without first having to obtain a ‘business’ registration number with some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

 You are all living under a DICTATORSHIP because you cannot do anything without first having to pay stamp duty or excise or license fee or tax levy to some other ‘body’ be it a Council official or a ‘rule’ in a book raised up by somebody else.

 The ‘end’ result of being the Dictator or being the enforcer or being the ‘enslaved’ one that is bowing to the Dictator is, that you are all a party to the use of force of arms to extort money from others and, - - - you are all a party to the enslavement and impoverishment and control and punishment of others and, - - -

All this negative interaction brings a return of the same upon yourselves within the absolutely JUST Law of God, be it in this or the ‘after’ life. This return is imposed upon you by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power operating through the minds of sinners, (vain-arrogant-ignorant persons) that are kept spell bound in their delusional fantasy of self-importance by His dark power and control and, - - -

Greater becomes the control over your movement and interaction.
Greater becomes the taxation and other levies imposed on you.
Greater becomes the use of force to quell your unrest.
Greater becomes the punishment meted out to you.
Greater becomes the longevity of incarceration time as your due.
Greater becomes the impoverishment as living costs rise affecting you.
Greater becomes the suffering as warring forces invade your ‘space.’
Greater becomes the invisible burden of sin energy within your soul.

Dictatorship arose a very long time ago when ‘a’ man thought * that he was better than you and thus you had to ‘slave’ for him so that he could sit under a tree and drink beer and, he also used you to fight his wars so that he would gain more and, he also used you to then protect his ‘gain’ as you funded his enforcers by his ‘taxing’ theft of your annually grown grain.

 Note: man thought * - Man listened to the ‘whisperings’ of the Serpent and as man used his ‘brother’ as his slave he unknowingly supped on the forceful dark energy from the forbidden tree of evil, and his ‘sin’ of vanity, pride, jealousy, hatred and anger grew within him as it stained his soul and drew him away from the Light of God.

page 9

 ~ The 'coin' of God spiritual payment ~

I am here today to warn you all that there is now much suffering for you all to PAY before you are released by your God to roam free in the Heaven of Love where I have lived for eternity. You 'pay' as you suffer without retaliating. For if you fight and cause others pain as you endeavour to ward off suffering then you accrue another due.

The 'coin' of God is the use of God's invisible positive or negative spiritual energy in ones activity 'exchange' between people. The 'coin' of Caesar (man) is the use of money as an activity exchange between people however, - - - during man's 'exchange' interaction there is also the movement (use) of God's energy.

Express kindness, share and care with or without the use of the 'coin' of Caesar (State) you are giving of God's LIGHT energy, and you receive an EQUAL 'payback' within the Law of His Light.

If you 'support' Caesar whose 'forces' use God's DARK merciless, punitive, and destructive energy, then you receive an EQUAL 'payback' within the Law of His Dark.

Caesar's 'coin' is money taken forcefully to fund the 'use' of God's negative, punitive energy (DARK 'coin') that flows through his men in the flesh that receive a 'mercenary' wage of 'coins' to be dutiful to the decrees of the Dark Power. Being decrees that 'appear' benign but that are a punitive imposition.

Woe unto all. Only the 'few' will do as I tell them to and HALT the use of weapons and force of arms in their interaction with others and, - - - few will be the courageous who 'happily' pay their dues to God as they face the 'lions' and suffer their accrued fate without retaliating, as the vain, arrogant and ignorant invade, rape, pillage, destroy and kill those of them that so deserve.

Put down your ‘arms’ and treat others with respect, for not one of you has the ‘right’ to dictate the way that any other should live, and not one of you has the ‘right’ to tax any other. If you control, regulate, abuse or punish others for any reason, you infuse your own soul with dark sinful energy and you also place yourself within the punitive aspect of the “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law of God.

 Go your way in PEACE for the attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

As a civil society we need no control nor regulators, and no taxation or punishment. There needs only be guidelines that educate people in the various sectors of daily living. Example: Raise up building practice guidelines to assist builders. Raise-up a road code of conduct to educate drivers as to the need to drive on the correct side of the road, to wear seat belts, to drive safely, vehicle maintenance etc., no punitive measures.

Educate the youth as to the need to conform to God’s Command and to thus not disturb the peace of the land. Non-conformity is to be met with educative means as per the Feeling Easier Seminar.’

Leave ongoing recalcitrant offenders for God to punish. There will be no more armed persons in the community, and all will be free to move in and out of any country without ‘passport’ or permits. There will be no more taxes and all will give freely from their earned income to assist in community endeavours that they wish to, and all will pay ‘someone’ to provide their needed services.

page 10

~ Absolute Control ~

This page is raised up to reveal the power of the Dark aspect of God the Creator, being the 'Control, bondage, slavery' aspect that is the opposite to the 'freedom of movement' aspect of the Light energy of God.

The essence of the Dark aspect of the Source God has many 'facets,' but the authoritative one that RULES anyone that has any dark energy within their soul is the energy 'Essence of Control.' This 'facet' uses you:

1 - To control others or,
2 - It uses others to
control you or,
3 - It operates 'clandestinely' within you to control you from within, and in this 'case' it is the pure dark energy of God operating directly within your soul causing you direct trauma or, direct
emotional imbalance * that leads you to suffer dread or, it leads you to cause another to suffer.

Whereas in (1) above, it is the pure dark energy of God operating through your mind and emotions to 'justifiably' control, bind, or enslave another and, - - - Whereas in (2) above, it is the pure dark energy of God operating through another's mind and emotions to 'justifiably' control, bind, or enslave you.

Note: emotional imbalance * - Emotions felt by you that cause you to feel fear, depression, frustration, loss of control and suffer or, to feel anger, hatred, criticism, jealousy, vindictiveness that forces you to cause others to suffer deprivation or pain etc.

I now give the example of 'Claustrophobia,' that is a fearful affliction experienced and suffered by many in varying degrees of intensity. It is the 'terrifying' emotion felt by a person as they 'succumb' to feelings which are felt by a person that is no longer 'In control of their life' or, their 'way' or, their freedom * and, - - - they are enslaved by the power of the force of darkness within them that they know and feel is ABSOLUTE and, - - -

They are ITS bonded SLAVE for as long as IT (the dark energy) is strumming within and in control of them, for IT is their 'captor' like a GIANT 'Raptor' with 'talons' of stainless steel and invincible Might from which there is NO release until IT decides to 'drop' them and set them free of feeling ITS dark energy.

Note: freedom * - The freedom to 'reason' - the freedom to be at peace within, the freedom to be free from IT and ITS slavery.

This emotional energy can be felt by a 'prisoner' as they are manacled and led away. It can be felt as their cell door is clanged shut, and at that moment they truly need to know that God's pure dark energy ( 2 ) above is operating through others in some way and, - - -

They also need to know that IT the dark aspect of the Source is in control, and IT knows what is needed to be felt by you so that you learn what you made others feel way back in the past. So with this in mind, IT the Authority operating through the minds of ITS ignorant mercenary forces is simply doing to you what you need to 'suffer' in order to PAY your past dues and to become free of IT if, - - - you listen to ITS Light or me.

If you feel that 'claustrophobic' feeling in an elevator or in an aeroplane or at any time, then try and see that the SOURCE is 'calling' out to thee to be 'steady' as you 'remember' what unto others you did do, - - - so that you can become a kinder person.

page 11

If you are a Light worker as I that came to earth to help humanity, then our God 'imbued' you with that 'nature' of sin within so that you could help others and, if so be advised that when you 'suffer' from feeling its dark 'energy' that you are simply being used by the 'vibration' of that energy to link emotionally and mentally to 'lost souls' way down in the dark night who 'fell' from grace due to their control of others and, - - -

What you need to do is to keep as steady as you can and in your mind say to them either mentally or speak it out loud:

"All of you 'logged on' to my mind due to my dark 'humming' emotions need to make a HUGE effort to ensure that YOU understand the message ref. how you are paying your dues and, how the light is drawing out your 'sin' and, to also remember to say the star prayer with me so that, - - -

ON THE DAY I am 'separated' from you as God purges me of my fear energy you already know that you have not been forgotten by me or God but, - - - that you have been given the means to help yourselves become stronger mentally as God's energy of Light flowing through you sets your souls free."

And I also now say to you:

"Let me join you all below for a moment as I shut myself into a 'mentally' constructed 'cage,' and I also say: 'It is now armed and locked' so that you know I am making the effort to be closer to you and, - - -

let us join hands together as jointly we think of the Star of love that we 'imagine' in our minds, and we see its light shining down upon our upturned faces, and as I now say the star prayer you must say it with me, and then we will relax in Mother's arms for a while before I 'awaken' from my meditation and open the 'locked - armed' door and go my way."

If you can practice this then ON THE DAY you feel the dark 'claustrophobic' power coming your way 'uninvited' you can simply focus on the light above and say "I welcome this connection,"  and you  simply go on and say or do the above as you await God's purging love to bring you through the valley of travail without having needed to lose control.
Let it be clearly UNDERSTOOD, every 'enforcer' that uses 'rules' from a book to in any way cause another any 'duress,' be it 'justified' by the rules or themselves, is a person that is defiant of God and one to be severely dealt with by the BEAST and ITS "I do what I wilt Law, for NONE are above ME or MY Law" in a severe, cold, cruel, callous, and merciless way in this or the after life.
Let it be clearly UNDERSTOOD, every person that uses 'force or verbal orders' to in any way cause another any 'duress' be it 'justified' by society or themselves is a person that is defiant of God and one to be severely dealt with by the BEAST and ITS "I do what I wilt Law for NONE are above ME or MY Law" in a severe, cold, cruel, callous, and merciless way in this or the after life.
Let it be clearly UNDERSTOOD, every person that 'crosses' your path each day must be treated with respect, kindness, and care, for if you take it upon yourself to 'forcefully' impose your 'beliefs' or decrees upon them and their way of living by word or deed, then you are a person perceived by your Creator as an arrogant 'infidel' (non-believer) in goodness and mercy and, - - - you are a 'bad' and 'rotten' seed and, - - - one to be destroyed by God if you do not amend your ways QUICKLY.
Let the importance of never again controlling others be clearly UNDERSTOOD, be it your friends, husbands, wives, lovers, mistresses, business associates or any community member, - - - for any form of control leads to their suffering, - - - for when we control others in any way they feel 'closed in' and want to 'break out' and, - - -
We will by God be forced to suffer the same 'claustrophobic' feelings as HE controls us. God can send your spirit soul deep into the Abyss, and 'constrict' it tighter than the coils of a giant python, into a very small 'cell' in Hell.
My 'call' unto you all is to prepare you for the 'fall,' so that as you see the 'reason' of my Light as you suffer your own inspired plight, and you can then begin to change your way before the LAST DAY, when it will be too late if you approach the 'eternal fires' grate.

The ‘mercy’ of God is the fresh Wisdom I bring. 

page 12

~ The Authority of God granted unto man ~

Reference scripture ref Rom.13:1-7 – and - Render unto Caesar: Matthew 22.21

The above two scriptural references both refer to the error of belief of man that 'some' have the 'Powers of God' bestowed upon them to the point that they are 'the law,' and thus their 'legislated' rules or decrees are above THE LAW OF GOD. No person is above the 'Law of equal return' of God.

I trust that IF you the reader have the time to examine the below texts that you will 'find' THE TRUTH, and you will learn that God NEVER granted any mortal the right to rule others. Man only attains 'rule over others' in using God's forceful destructive power. This being a criminal and illegal ACTIVITY that is forbidden by God as it results in the spiritual 'death' * of the user.

Note: spiritual 'death' * - Eternal confinement in the underworld with ongoing torture, deprivation, sorrow and agony.

I Refer firstly to the texts < Render unto Caesar: Matthew 22.21 > because it refers to that which is 'Caesar's' and that which is God's, and it is fairly simple to answer IT. Government officials all believe that the meaning is that: "Everyone must pay taxes to Caesar," (State) and everyone today is coerced into so doing or punished because the words of Jesus were not 'clarified' by Jesus 'then' but are so now by my pen. 

page 13

If you rely on the protection of man by armed men, (Caesar's forces) then naturally you must pay the wages of the army personnel as well as the costs of weapons etc. In this event you 'owe' Caesar (government forces) a 'tax' due to be met by you for the provision of said 'protection services.'

If you are a true 'believer' and BELIEVE that God will protect you if you obey God's COMMAND, and you thus do not require the services of armed forces men, then you do NOT 'owe' Caesar any 'taxes.'

I refer now to the scriptural texts Rom.13:1-7 that are absolute deception:

BIBLE : Rom 13.1-7 - Reference obedience to Authority. 13.1: Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God. 13.2: Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed. - - - 13.4: - - - for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, an avenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

The above texts refer to the 'King or Emperor or political system' as having the 'Authority from God' to rule man.

There is however a 'contradiction' = contra 'diction' = variance of meaning in the above scripture to THE Command of God.

Firstly: Indeed our God is THE AUTHORITY to be obeyed by man but, - - - God is both LIGHT and DARK, and the Light is TRUTH absolute and the Dark is DECEPTION absolute.

Secondly: God (The Light) FORBADE man to use the Dark forceful power of 'armed forces' because the 'use' thereof was truthfully told to be the spiritual 'demise' of the user because, - - - IT the < Dark forceful power > is the 'fruit' from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil being the 'Sin,' (negative dark energy) that would drag the spirit soul of the user down and into the hellish realms below.

Thirdly: Since God forbade man to use said destructive energetic power in his interaction with others, 'why' would a God of 'Light and Love' CONTRADICT itself and AUTHORISE 'earthly' persons (Kings) to 'bear an 'avengers sword' and use the DARK interfering, controlling, subjugating, injurious, punitive and destructive force to RULE others and in so doing, become the one doing 'evil' deeds?

As far as I am concerned, whomsoever wrote the above texts (Romans 13.1-4) was a person 'coerced' to so do by the governing authority of the land.  The instigator wished to use 'religion' as the means to intimidate, extort endless wealth and to attain a status of absolute 'grandeur' befitting of a 'God.' No doubt the keepers of the 'book of faith' were told that if they failed to oblige and give the earthly ruler absolute power and authority, that they would be cast into the lion's den.

The Light of God NEVER condones the use of forceful destructive power because the 'nature' of Light is creative, loving, merciful, peaceful and forgiving. Governing kings name themselves 'defenders of the faith,' but in fact and by deed they are faithless individuals who know NO God.

page 14

Since I AM the pure soul with NO 'sin' (dark energy) within, I can see the truth of the matter being, that our GOD did NOT 'appoint' ANY earthly rulers to go forth and put the 'noses' of other mortals 'out of joint' forcefully.

It was the ARROGANCE of 'some' who defied God and using force of arms 'stole' said RIGHT to BE 'as' God, - - - ABSOLUTE RULERS of others and, - - - backed by 'force of arms' and weapons they CONTROLLED and enslaved everyone within the 'borders' they 'held' by force. A forbidden activity in contradiction of God’s COMMAND. True believers rely solely on obedience to God's Word for their protection.

THE DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE (Known by some as the Devil) being absolute deception, 'tempted' and enticed man to 'drink' of ITS POWER (God the Father's Power) so as to 'see' if their souls were worthy of eternal life or NOT.

Whoever 'wrote' or transcribed or updated scriptural texts, (This has been ongoing for centuries) have ALL been 'sinners,' having dark energy within their souls and have ALL been subjected to THOUGHTS emanating from THE DARK as IT telepathically interpolated ITS requirements within said texts for a REASON. The reason being:

1 - That every REALM (including earth plane) is a level of consciousness outside of the pure Light controlled by IT. (The DARK)

2 - As soon as anyone decided or yet decides to DEFY the "Only love" Command of the Light and USE forceful energy in their interaction with others, the DARK then makes USE of said 'infidel' to impose ITS 'eye for an eye' Law of equal return JUSTICE or 'karma' upon others. These 'others' being anyone who supports or funds any person or system or organisation that uses ITS force to control or punish or subjugate others.

3 - Why does IT so do? IT does so in order to 'drag' said NON-believers in 'love' further away from the Light, and into more suffering unto their eventual DOOM in the horrendous and agonising realms below. All are complicit to the harming and control of others, and every government official and their 'king' defy their God every day as they impose strictures in contravention of God's Command.

It is 'simpleton' MAN who FREELY continues to 'bow' to the RULES and decrees and taxes and licence fees that confine him TO the darkness. Only those who now are 'brave' enough to turn their backs TO the decrees of mortal man who by THEIR OWN EFFORTS will set themselves FREE to follow ME home to the Light. You need to state the below and never stray from IT:

To the world and our God I make this affirmation:

I (name) solemnly 'swear' that I believe in the existence of our invisible God (The Creator) as being my 'head of house' and my Sovereign Monarch and absolute Ruler of man having all Power and Authority.

I pledge my 'fealty' and absolute loyalty to His: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your enemies" Command, and 'forever' will I 'bow' in total submission to IT at all times and in all situations.

I 'denounce' all earthly Kings, Queens, Emperors and politicians as being 'pretenders' to God's throne and I will never 'bow' in submission to the dictates or decrees or demands of any mortal men or women whose 'requirements' of me are in conflict with my conscience or God's Command.

I will never 'give-in' to any threat or coercion imposed or backed by 'force of arms' and I will retain my sanity and respect towards others even if they persecute or crucify me because my ideological doctrine is that of 'absolute pacifism' as taught and given by God's messenger (plenipotentiary) of The One True Faith organisation.

So help me God

The implications of the above affirmation means that you never 'ask' for permission from any person or 'official' before you carry out your daily business ventures, nor do you pay anyone a 'permit fee' before 'going fishing' or doing anything. Neither do you pay any 'royalties' to any 'King or others' because you cannot fund their dark punitive or controlling ways. You only use or fund benign community services.

Try and comprehend that it is not 'man' ruling you via RULES, it is the Sovereign POWER of the DARK (Father) keeping YOU enslaved and suffering because YOU deserve IT. Why?  Because YOU are choosing to continue to fund or support His Dark 'system' that is enslaving OTHERS on your behalf.

Please try and understand that these END DAYS times are all about PAIN & SUFFERING & LOSS and mental and emotional TRAUMA that is to be imposed upon everyone because they are ones spiritual 'dues' accrued through greed, pride, vanity or ignorance when 'we' sent forth our 'servants of darkness' to control and cause harm to OTHERS.

To become FREE one must IMMEDIATELY halt all support of GOD'S DARK system. All are to suffer 'liquid' terror and, - - - IF you retaliate then your terror and agony will continue on FOREVER in the after-life.

Persons purporting to be religious preachers are all in error because they all support the governing authority of man and all promote said 'governance' of man by man because of their ignorance of THE TRUTH and of the 'variance' in meaning in respect of God's Command unto man.

page 15

I Terence State: "Whoever rebelled against the authority of God's 'Peace, love, mercy and forgiveness'  COMMAND unto man has rebelled against what God instituted, and those who so did have now placed God's judgment upon themselves."

The ONLY way forwards is to 'suffer in silence and TURN THE OTHER CHEEK as you PAY your dues.

The 'devil' THE DARK is total deception, it follows that the coercive tactics of rules is to FORCE you to support their contra 'love' doctrine, and thus you place yourself within the negative aspect of the LAW OF GOD and you suffer within God's immutable Law. To ‘DO WHAT IS GOOD’ is to ONLY obey THE LIGHT at all times. 

Because arrogant 'Chiefs' and other 'heads' of society believe that they are RULING with God's Authority, they also ASSUME that their controlling, interfering, extortionist, punitive and destructive actions are NOT 'subject to' God's LAW. This is a VERY 'grave' ERROR of belief.

Why is it a 'grave' error of belief? Man sees not that his 'spirit soul' is comprised of God's energy essence, and that ones actions are motivated or 'moved' by one or the other energies that exist. One being the benign creative positive energy (Light) and the other being the malignant destructive energy. (Dark)

It is this mental and emotional 'God' energy flowing through the soul of man that is a LAW UNTO ITSELF. It is GOD IN ACTION because IT (God) is THE ENERGY mass useable by mankind. You 'choose' to use one or the other aspects of IT but, - - -

ITS 'Return unto user' (Law of equal return) cannot be 'controlled' by the one who used IT in the past because, the flow returns via the mind and emotions of some other person. IT the energy, being a Law unto itself, and being of infinite intelligence, can fulfil ITS 'Scales of justice' return either instantly or later or even hundreds of years ahead in the after-life.

The 'best' or only thing one can do to set oneself free from the influence of Its DARK aspect is to always remain using the LIGHT aspect even when confronted. "Why"? Because when confronted by the dark destructive aspect, one is simply being exposed to IT fulfilling ITS 'eye for an eye law of equal return' so as to 'balance its books' and set you FREE from your past debts to IT.

Arrogant or ignorant man will now LEARN that no mandate of man 'legalises' defiance of God's Command unto man. Every activity of man that is in conflict with the precepts of God's Command is now to return unto user and all are to now pay a very heavy ‘sorrowful’  price.

God has NEVER authorised any man to rule other men. Only God can rule or punish without being subjected to the 'Law of energy in motion' because GOD IS THE ENERGY. (The inviolate law of energy: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”)

 The DARK energy NEVER ‘harms’ anyone who has NOT used IT in their interaction with others. No person will ever carry out an ‘idea’ in their MIND to harm YOU unless you need to BE harmed by IT the Dark so as to ‘clear’ your past debts to IT.

There is ONLY ONE GOD who has many names because there are many 'tribes' on earth, so both the < Heavenly Father or the Hebraic God of Religion of duality of darkness and light, > are ONE and the same. However, proceeding forth FROM the heavenly Father's FIRE or 'power' is THE LIGHT energy, being of an opposite emotional nature. (Love and joy all its happy and merciful attributes)

THE heavenly Father is THE DARK energy essence that invisibly pervades all known and unknown 'space' outside of the Light of heaven (She the Mother.) The space of 'darkness' has no beginning nor ending and is incomprehensible in size. IT is all the negative emotional energy comprised of liquid hatred, vengeance, arrogance, jealousy, vanity, pride, anger and fear etc.

He THE ENERGY has ALL Power and AUTHORITY and does not 'share' this power with ANYONE, and any person using IT becomes ITS 'enemy,' and IT/HE sets out to destroy them for their arrogant defiance to His "ONLY love" Command (1) and His Command (2) below:

"I your Creator FORBID you to sup of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil." Implying: "Never use MY destructive energy in your interaction with others because IT (dark energy) will contaminate your soul (Sin, negative emotions) and drag IT (Your soul) down into MY underworld to suffer forever."

Regrettably for 'some' spirit souls created, they defy God's Command (2 above) because they 'listen' to the words of the deceitful Serpent as IT 'temps them and they succumb to ITS temptation:

"You will NOT 'die in your sin' if you sup on my forceful power, you will however learn that evil exists and you will learn of the difference between good and evil."

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As soon as man uses said Dark forceful energy it grows within man's soul and IT is what gives man the JUSTIFICATION to JUDGE others and to thus BE 'as' God and punish those perceived as offensive instead of FORGIVING THEM and mercifully educating them of their error as COMMANDED by God. (1)

There certainly is a limitless reality forever unfolding in the LIGHT and ITS 'delight' is ONLY for those who OBEY God and find their way 'back' to THE LIGHT.

All continuing to obey 'man's' decrees and the causing of harm to others will fall to agonising depths having an equally unfolding terror and agony 'designed' by THE DARK as IT tortures them forever for their arrogance. Once you HAVE ‘sin within’ its deceptive power is that of a giant python and is what drags one DOWN into the lair of the serpent as IT is what justifies your continued use of ITS forceful energy to protect yourself from ‘suffering.’

Regrettably for the ‘Hebrews,' they all follow their leaders to their spiritual demise because they also rely on weapons for their protection rather than on God’s HOLY WORD Command.(1)

Our 'likeness' to God is simply that our inner energy is that of God's energy essence. The rules/decrees of mortal man are NOT 'The law,' they are simply the dictates of criminals who use 'force of arms' to enforce their personal demands.

The LAW OF GOD is THE LAW that is 'irrevocable,' because IT is simply the 'Law of equal Return' of ENERGY. Be it the benign creative Light energy or the malignant destructive Dark energy used in ones interaction with others.

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained by said energy."

Since one 'half' of God's energy is total control and forceful destruction that RETURNS to the user, our God FORBADE 'us' His children to use IT because, said use thereof causes others harm and misery which becomes the return due 'factor' upon the 'heads' of those who imposed IT upon the other. (This Law of Energy is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE)

The return factor is not always immediate and this is why those who 'strut around' imperiously feel SECURE. They are NOT, and I can assure all of you that all past kings or emperors or other dictators are imprisoned in the hellish lands that exist 'below' for their total disregard of God's children whom they enslaved and used for their own 'ends.'

I need to make it very CLEAR to all 'enforcers' and armed services personnel that their MANDATE comes from mortal men and NOT from God nor His sacred 'pen.'

The use of God's forceful destructive power is TOTALLY FORBIDDEN and all persons using IT or invoking its use or supporting its use are doing so illegally, and they are ON the wide road to eternal suffering and damnation.

You need to now try and understand that you can 'incarcerate' a person or injure or 'kill' their 'flesh' due to perceiving their actions as 'bad,' but you did NOT 'touch' the DARK energy that they used which flowed through their mind or hand. But, as you 'now' caused them terror or injury or killed them, you were also using or being used by the SAME Dark energy flowing through YOU. (God's energy is indestructible)

When YOU 'Judge' another as needing punitive 'correction' and you USE God's Dark energy to punish them, you simply place yourself within ITS "Law of equal return." When you use God's Dark energy you 'Receive the Mark of the Beast' on your soul, and you set a 'pre-date' with the ultimate PREDATOR who for SURE will give YOU your 'just deserts.' You cannot avoid this 'date' with pain because IT returns via the mind and hand of some other person.

I am a resident of Australia and if you are a voter or taxpayer of 'this' land then you are 'funding' and are complicit to all the 'War and other crimes' being committed DAILY by Australian troops, and the Police services and the offshore detention facility staff who 'operate' on your behalf and in your name. You are also complicit to the 'bombing' and dismembering of people living in other lands as your aircraft cause untold misery, trauma and destruction. - - - 'WAKE UP.'

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The whole CORRUPT 'system' of the 'self-empowered' who RULE backed by vain magistrates and armed forces is SOON to BE a 'thing of the past' because as soon, as the DARK underhand of GOD has 'finalised' using said self-empowered to mete out His 'eye for an eye' punishment factor as HE 'balances' His 'Scales of justice,' then He our God will 'banish' them ALL from the face of this earth and never again will man be ruled by ignorance or arrogance because everyone remaining will be kind, loving, peaceful, merciful and compassionate as commanded by GOD.

There will be NO 'one' standing 'over or above' any other.

If there is any 'one' emperor or politician on earth who has ANY 'Light' left within their soul I 'suggest' that they bless their soul quickly with the Wisdom from my pen before they FALL into Satan's den so that they can 'begin' to be kind to themselves and never again cause harm to others for any reason. If this they can 'do' then far ahead one day their God might release them from eternal suffering.

STOP funding the wages of political SWINE because they are all ''WARMONGERS." Soon, very soon, not one person on earth will find the time to laugh because all will be in 'Survival mode' with little or no water, food or shelter, and everyone will be suffering terror and physical TRAUMA.

You have been WARNED

OBEY your God and be PEACEFUL, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving, and ONLY fund benign community effort.

Education is the way forwards. No more threat and coercion backed by punishment. Fear and the old 'scriptures' have held man in bondage to the DARK for centuries. It is my pen to release truth and release TRUE believers. The police and other armed forces are the 'lackeys' being used for 'thirty pieces of silver' as they sell their souls to THE DEVIL. Please now 'disarm' and elevate your own souls.

The Bible is man made and contains both truth and untruth, and it is ONLY God's HOLY Word that is our 'Constitution' or REAL governing factor to BE obeyed because IT and only IT gives mankind clear direction. (Love one another)

It is I the one to bring forth the PURE Salvation truth and to reveal the errors of scripture as well as the errors of the ways of mortal man, and my 'pen' is wielded by the mind of God who inspires me either directly or via the minds of pure souls living in the Light.

It is the power of the DARK aspect of God the Source to now turn the mind of errant man against errant man to mete out HIS divine retribution, (Absolute Justice) and everyone continuing to BE the DARK aspect of 'God in action' will destroy each other. All who remain obedient to God's Command who fortify their minds as given by my pen will 'suffer their dues' in non-retaliation and then become free of 'sin' within, and peace will then flow IN to this realm.

From then ON, only pure spirit souls will incarnate to this realm that will become a 'Haven of Light' and 'of' the Light.


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~ The 'forgotten' LAW ~

The 'forgotten' Law is simply the absolute Justice of the law of energy in motion being: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This is simply the inviolate law that exists in this 'material' realm but, - - - it also exists 'invisibly' as the inviolate Law of the spiritual energy essence of THE Source, God, for our God simply is the super-intelligent invisible spiritual energy, He (Father God) being the Dark forceful malignant Power of 'destruction' and death, and She (Mother God) being the creative benign energy of 'life.'

Both energies exist and both have the same 'law,' and mankind is eternally 'bound' to their law of equal return albeit all see it not. I am here to 'resurrect' the Law of the Energy of God because until or unless man sees IT, they will continue to slide downwards into eternal suffering and an agonising ending within which they will 'revolve' FOREVER.

God 'forbade' man to use His forceful destructive energy. (The fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) Man does not comprehend that when they so do in defiance of HE the Almighty, that HE becomes their 'enemy' and HE sets out to destroy their arrogant souls. It is HE who 'justifies' their continued use of His energy for the sole purpose of their destruction.

As man impose their rule and control over others, everyone 'concerned' continues to draw IN more of His dark energy and accrue more 'karmic' suffering within His Law. Little by little their inner energy becomes more dark and 'falls' further from the Light and eventually disappears forever from His sight. All mankind is presently sliding downwards towards the Abyss and I am here, sent by God's Light, to 'save' any who truly seek Salvation.

The 'law' or laws of man are the decrees raised up as 'rules, statutes, acts' and simply put are the "Law of the Beast" (Darkness) being:

"Do what thou wilt" meaning:

You can simply do whatever you 'wish to' or 'want to' using the forceful destructive energy of God. (Backed by force of arms and weapons) but, - - - arrogant and ignorant man sees NOT that they are always 'subject to' the REAL Law of God's energy that will 'return' unto them when IT so decides, either instantly or later, even in the 'after-life.' None can avoid IT and when IT returns via the 'hands' of other ignorant persons everyone 'cries out' in surprise saying:

"I am innocent."

What is the 'error of man's thinking' in reference to man's 'laws or rules of engagement' with others?

1 - Man assumes that when his 'Chief' or King or Emperor dictates a rule or decree, that the result of its controlling or punitive imposition is 'above' the 'Law of Return' of God. It is NOT.

2 - Politicians assume that because they were elected by a majority 'vote' that they are as 'god' with the RIGHT to impose strictures (laws and rules) that enable extortion of money or the causing of harm (punishment or warfare) and not be subjected to God's Law of Equal Return. This is also error of doctrinal belief.

3 - Members of the community do not even 'consider' that their 'vote' for man to rule rather than God as 'head of house' is what is keeping everyone enslaved to the DARK and suffering through their complicity to all the harm caused to others in their name and on their behalf. This is simply ignorance.

The Constitutional 'invocation' is what 'permits' or allows arrogant 'armed men' to RULE others in what to their minds is thus 'legal.' It is not. It was their minds being DECEIVED by the Dark to be ITS earthly 'instruments' for the enslavement of all. Every 'head of state' is doomed to agony in the underworld for their personal defiance of God's Command.

The Constitution was invoked as a part of the 'investiture' of the King or Emperor and then used in their dominions as their apparent 'legal' RIGHT to RULE (enslave & tax & punish) man within the 'scope' of the Constitutional Acts

The 'scope' being that any person 'bowing' to man as head of house rather than God and thus voting for man and supporting the control and taxes imposed upon others via their demands for protection by armed men, (Caesar) were in fact all to be subjected to the State rules and punishment for any non-conformity to said rules.

The other 'scope' being that any person living in accordance with God's Command and living peaceful and morally as Commanded by God, was 'granted' their freedom from being subjected to State RULE via its 'acts or laws,' as long as they did not disturb the peace or carry out immoral activities. This was granted to the faithful to God pacifists within the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts.

Regrettably, all the 'King's' men (magistrates, officials and armed forces) have revoked their allegiance to the 'earthly' King or Queen as they chose to ignore the Sovereign Constitution and thus placed themselves in 'double jeopardy' in operating outside of The Law of man.

Regrettably, the King (in the first instance) saw NOT that in enslaving his 'subjects' using the Constitution as being his 'licence' to so do, and through taxing their every endeavour and punishing them and waging war against them or others, that he was also in opposition to and in defiance of THE Command of GOD, and placed himself and all his 'followers' (controlled subjects) within the punitive aspect of God's immutable 'Law of equal return' to be suffered in this world or the next.

The 'Rule of Law' of man with all its 'strictures' and loss is simply the dictatorship of God (The Dark) imposing His 'Law of punitive Return' upon everyone via the arrogant, and keeping everyone locked into defiance of THE "Only love" COMMAND and ON the 'wide road to hell.'

Those who 'stride around' on their 'high horses' voicing their demands have far further to fall than those whom they 'tread' upon. I can but you 'warn' that vanity and pride GUARANTEES that you will more than mourn.

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~ God's Command ~

God says that we must not rely on the use of force to protect us, nor the use of force to raise money to fund community endeavours. All creative and sustaining community 'works' must be funded through free giving donations. The provision of services to the community is funded by the community directly as they pay as they go. You only need to fund the 'works' or services that you wish to.

A civil society is one in which ‘educated’ persons are free to offer codes of conduct practices in the variety of community works, but there must be no enforcement to the beliefs of any one nor any majority, all are free to simply ‘different’ be. If you wish to work for society then do not work for any Organisation that has a contra ideological belief to that of Peace.

Caesar as a ‘leader of men’ states that all men within his ‘jurisdiction’ are his ‘subjects,’ and that they must ‘render unto him’ that which he commands by his decrees. I now state that all dictators and their enforcement ‘agencies’ need to now 'focus on' and look deeper at the implications and meaning of the words “Render unto God that which is God’s.” God via my pen states that to avoid eternal suffering, all His children must now turn over a new leaf and ‘render unto Him’ that which He commands in his:

The first Command 

“Go your way in peace and love one another and extend goodwill unto all mankind.”

And, God via my pen states that to avoid eternal suffering, all His children must now turn over a new leaf and ‘render unto Him’ that which He commands in his:

The second Command

“When faced by adversity you must be brave and turn the other cheek and not retaliate and, - - - you must be merciful, compassionate and forgiving of your enemy who is but what you were in your past, an ignorant ‘non-believer’ that had defied My ‘Go in peace and love one another’ Command and, - - - even though your belly is now filled with dread you must keep out the thoughts of the serpent and not fight back.”

This document has been written through my concern for all the people of planet earth, for in one way or another they have been led by false precedent, and by force imposed now believe that the use of punitive force is acceptable to God and it is not.

They have also been led to believe that funding its use and condoning its 'action' is also acceptable to God and it is not, and thus every person within the 'myriad' of earthly religions that fall back on 'protection' by force of arms or, the 'punishment' for those that offend 'someone' or, some 'rule' of Caesar or 'Priest,' are daily accruing a very painful spiritual debt. 

This spiritual debt is a 'due' of suffering that is now to be met as the Wrath of God unfolds upon this realm and every realm outside of heaven as revealed by me in my 'Brief Summary' of my message to humanity.

This article is written to expose to all that one does NOT 'automatically' owe 'Caesar' (State) a debt, but the moment you 'vote' for a 'head' of government or you pay any income tax money to a government organisation, you DO then 'accrue' and 'owe' a debt of suffering until that debt is paid for within the punitive aspect of the 'eye for an eye' Law of God.

This 'debt of suffering' which becomes your due is the result of 'complicity' to the punitive actions needed and carried out by state officials and enforcers to 'protect' you and 'the' Nation, and this is clearly revealed in the Item - 1. (Letter to the Taxation Commissioner) For even as you 'sleep,' as a voter and tax payer your 'servants' are interfering in the lives of others and causing them HARM.

Rely ONLY on God for your protection and ONLY fund benign community effort. Suffer any painful impositions in non-retaliation.

Try and see that the punitive aspect of the enacted rules of men are what enables the BEAST to operate through the mind and 'hands' of the ignorant State 'officials,' being persons that receive a wage and a 'uniform' to be His avenging force. For without the punitive 'attachment' to every dictated 'decree,' no man would 'bow' to these foolish controlling dictates and they would become free.

Every person seeking Salvation * must not 'bow' to any man or 'punitive and warring' Institution of man, they must bow and 'bend' their knee in conformity to God's first and second Command.

You now have the freedom of choice to win or lose.
You must Educate and 'give' and peacefully live. You must not ‘Regulate and control and punish' and forcefully take.

Terence - the spirit of truth

Note: Salvation *  - Is the attainment of a 'sin free' state of being. This means that one's inner soul has been 'purged' of all Dark energy by God's Light energy after man has learnt to conform to the first and second Command of their Creator.

Once you have learnt to conform to God's first and second Command then by your own volition you halt the imposition of suffering upon others and, you also suffer your 'crucifixion' suffering at the hands of the ignorant and, by this act you become free of past spiritual debts. No person is released by God to enter His pure State of Heaven until they have paid their dues to Him

The purging removes all 'traces' of known and unknown negative emotions. Once this has been completed and the spirit soul of man is purified, then and only then is the spirit soul able to enter into the Promised Land (heaven) as no 'darkness' is permitted to enter therein.

Once purified, the spirit soul is a being of pure Light energy and is at peace within and without, and is then safe from the 'temptations' of the dark and thus can never be used by it to abuse others and accrue a debt of suffering. The only safe place to live eternally is in the pure Light of heaven where love and joy and eternal bliss exist.