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~ Spiritual 'conflict' resolution ~

by Terence

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Page - 4 The 'cruelty of the DARK

There are many ways to resolve ‘conflict,’ and there are many ‘conflicts’ that are never resolved* due to a number of ‘emotional’ factors.

Note: never resolved* - the only 'final' and true resolution is one that has no 'force' or coercion backing it, and it is also only reached when the individual concedes to Allah's command, and is thus 'reasonable & respectful' to the other party. If any person is unable to resolve their own 'problem' being their capacity to subdue the demands of their own feelings, then they will 'carry' their 'unforgiving' thoughts to the grave and beyond in perpetuity, and never find peace of mind.

It needs be seen that the two ‘factions’ are ‘sinful’ spiritual beings, and thus having negative emotions within which ‘cloud’ their judgement, and they also have ‘self-interest’ as a primary factor and, these vain, proud, jealous or other Dark emotions are demanding and forceful in their projection and, the person feels ‘injured’ and thus they are also unforgiving.

In many cases one person may be ‘meeker’ and humble and fearful, and the other may be aggressive, overbearing and forceful, and due to all forgetting Allah and Allah’s Command, all have looked to ‘Caesar’ (State courts) to pass judgement, and these judgements are backed by judicial force.

The seemingly ‘weaker’ party may seek a lawyer to speak for them so that they do not need to ‘face’ the aggressive one, and the aggressive one may also seek legal ‘counsel’ for other reasons. Either way, each is playing with ‘force’ to back their case, and that ‘policy’ is error.

For a true spiritual ‘resolution’ to take place both parties must be ‘guided’ into laying down their ‘mace’ and realising their own ‘disgrace’ in failing to conform to Allah’s peace & respect & mercy & compassion and forgiveness “Standard.” For this to take place, the ‘spiritual’ counsellor* needs to fully understand the ‘mentality’ of the conflicting parties.

Note: ‘spiritual’ counsellor* - The spiritual counsellor is a 'civil' person who does NOT use the 'back up' of forceful systems of man. They are caring community members with a 'penchant' for aiding humanity, and they know and understand the "Allah's law & Allah's Command" facts, as well as the negative emotional factors (sin) that influence the actions of mankind.

Note: the ‘mentality’ - The spiritual counsellor needs to perceive 'which' primary negative emotion is 'driving' each party as this assists the resolution process.

Once the ‘grievances’ have been put on the plate of the spiritual counsellor and he/she has had the opportunity to decide on the best manner of resolution, and after agreement is reached with the individual parties, only then are the parties called to attend an informal* ‘sitting’ over a cup of tea or a ‘beer’ with the spiritual counsellor, and they can 'shake hands' and in a godly manner wish the other well on their road.

Note: attend an informal* - in difficult cases with 'high' emotions the parties do not meet even when an agreement is reached, due to the probability of their losing control of their emotions and again becoming 'combatants.'

Primarily those in disagreement need to understand that – if either one is going to remain ‘seated’ on their high horse due to their immoveable emotional state, then there will be no resolution and whatever they decide to do ‘forcefully’ or irrationally or despicably will become their ‘later’ spiritual dues to Allah and, - - -

If the other party is more ‘amicable’ they need to understand that in order to remain ‘free’ and not defy their Creator, that they will need to not ‘respond negatively, and be prepared to ‘lose all’ in order to satisfy their Creator, for the reality is, that if any person using ‘force’ or ‘courts’ to attain, seize control, impoverish the other, or financially gain, then the apparent ‘loser’ is simply reaping what they sowed, and the apparent ‘winner’ will lose all they gained within Allah’s Law at a later time and place.

The spiritual counsellor will endeavour to ‘educate’ both parties to the spiritual aspect and reality of Allah’s Law, and to the fact that if either of the conflicting ‘party’ has any ‘debt’ to Allah, that the Dark retributive ‘arm’ of the Source will try and keep them ‘warring’ so as to destroy them both.

The spiritual counsellor will try and find the ‘reason’ where and what and how the conflict arose, and then guide both parties to a friendly resolution that must not be ‘backed’ by supposedly ‘legal’ and formal ‘stamped’ documentation. It must be a voluntary and honourable resolution with Allah as the invisible ‘witness’ to whom both parties ‘bow’ in submission and go forth peacefully.

The spiritual counsellor is simply a ‘facilitator’ using their wisdom and compassion to assist others, for those ‘in’ conflict are both walking outside the Command of Allah and both are already in the punitive jurisdiction of the Dark Sovereign Power, so the counsellor simply seeks to bring both back into the Light of Allah.

The spiritual counsellor does not take ‘sides,’ but seeks to address the issues in a manner that directs the ‘combatants’ to ask themselves: “What is ‘right action in Allah’s eyes’ in respect of ‘how’ I should proceed in this ‘case’ from this moment on," and the counsellor can at this or a later meeting pass on his recommendations having possibly had a further personal but separate discussion with each party, and once a resolution is agreed, all meet and shake hands in agreement and move forwards positively.

The counsellor understands that there may be no resolution due to the ‘hard’ and immoveable dark emotions with either or both of the parties, and in that ‘case’ he will simply advise them of the facts around the Command and law of Allah, and give them the link to my web site and leave them to Allah and their own conscience.

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 ~ The 'resolution' Program ~
Conciliation & Peace

The program is instigated by 'someone' who advises the spiritual counsellor of a dispute that they may be able to resolve, and the counsellor then visits each party to enquire of the problem and ask if they would like her/his assistance in reconciling the issues. If "Yes," then a time is set for the first discussion. If "No" then a copy of this document is given to them for them to read later.

To initiate the conciliation program the spiritual counsellor will visit the parties concerned one by one with a 'copy' of this page 2 form as well as a separate copy of this entire document. Party (A) will be asked if they wish the counsellor to be their 'facilitator' in bringing about a peaceful resolution to the disagreement. (party 'B' later)

If they say "Yes," then the facilitator needs to discuss with the 'client' the required 'one off' cost payment by the client to them in the event of a 'resolution' being reached.

The parties do not meet together in a joint sitting to discuss the problems because their emotions will become disturbed and lead them into more conflict, and it is best for the 'conciliator' to be alone with each so that there is no need for either of the parties to become aroused negatively and 'argue.'

Prior to them receiving the wisdom of these pages and receiving their own inner decision to resolve the matter, any 'joint' discussion with the other party could lead to disarray of emotions and thoughts.

The 'client' needs to be advised that in order to 'reconcile' fully, that there must be no 'lawyers' or litigation using the court of man with its forceful impositions, and that the facilitator will only proceed if the party agrees to 'drop' any present 'legal' litigation using said punitive and controlling systems of men by advising their 'lawyer' that their services are no longer needed.

For only if the client agrees to this does it show their intent to be 'agreeable' to the "Go your way in peace and be merciful and forgiving" wishes and Command of their Creator. If they cannot agree to this 'principle' then they may be 'left' to continue on 'fighting' using 'Caesar's' mercenary forces and suffer the consequence of their choice.

Note: - As long as one 'party' agrees to this provision, the spiritual counsellor may proceed, for it shows that there is the possibility of mutual settlement.

Note: - If either or both parties do not agree to this provision the spiritual counsellor will leave them with a copy of this document so that after they have had time to read its full text and visit the web site listed at the end, that they may change their mind and contact the facilitator on a later day.

Once one of the parties agrees, then they are asked to answer these questions that are written down by the counsellor:

1 - What in your opinion are the major causes for the disagreement with the other? - List them all with details.

2 - What in your opinion would you require from the other to settle the 'conflict' and reconcile? - List them all with details.

Once this has been done, and with discretion the spiritual counsellor may begin their 'address' of the issues, and at the same time bring an understanding to the person of the importance of remembering the importance of their keeping within the 'bounds' of Allah's command in their 'requirements,' for any demands would place them within the punitive aspect of Allah's 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' Law.

The client needs to see that to maintain a positive and benign standing in Allah's eyes, that they should only 'ask' that the other 'consider' options and not try and force them to concede.

Once the initial communication has been made then the spiritual counsellor visits the other party and repeats the process. The spiritual counsellor then retires to examine all factors and decide as to the best way to resolve the situation. The spiritual counsellor will rely on their intuition and 'inspiration' to guide them towards an equitable solution.

Once this has been done, then a second visit to each is made and more, until a resolution is agreed upon. Once this has been finalised then it is time for both parties to meet at the premises of the 'facilitator' and drink to 'life' and friendship and move forwards peacefully.

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~ Added Notes ~

Note: Both parties need to understand that all 'litigation' leads to loss and not only this but, - - - any court of man 'settlement' always leave one or both dissatisfied, and this is an ongoing process and 'cruel' unforgiving thoughts of 'punitive' retribution may revolve in their minds forever. It is better to FIRST resolve ones 'differences with Allah's command' for only then can one resolve ones differences with other people. *

Note: resolve ones differences - Each needs to understand that they and the 'other' person are all 'driven' by powerful dark emotions and thoughts, thus we are 'different,' and as our negative 'driver' seeks to bring us into conflict and suffering is a merciless and 'resolute' one, and unless each can subdue His 'thoughts' * from entering our minds then there is no hope of resolution or happiness.

Note: His 'thoughts' * - The thoughts of the 'Serpent,' the deceiver and destroyer of mankind, the 'servant' of the Dark Sovereign Power. (Allah)

Note: All will 'reap what they sowed,' so the more you 'concede and give' in non-retaliation, - - - ahead, - - - the happier and freer you will 'live.' The more one 'plots and schemes' to maintain control or take or disadvantage or  impoverish or ‘cheat,’ - - - ahead, - - - their Allah will them confine and 'break.'

Note: This 'conflict resolution' paper applies equally to cases of 'rape, domestic violence, business disputes, personal, tribal, land, or national conflicts.' In 'fighting' for ones 'rights' or restorative 'punitive justice' or monetary 'restitution' is the wrong way. Conceding to ones 'differences' and that the other or oneself has done the wrong thing and then bowing to Allah's commanded code of conduct is the ONLY way to eternal peace, freedom and happiness.

Note: Any person (or group) using 'force of arms' or the 'court of man' to try and resolve any conflict are in error, and place themselves into the punitive aspect of Allah's Law.

Note: In all situations in any interaction with others, the spiritual counsellor and the 'client' must always remind themselves: "What is 'right action' in Allah's eyes."

Note: There will now be more conflicts* in every 'household, business partnerships, and other factors,' and for those who fail to 'resolve' in a godly manner* or fail to make use of the 'wisdom' from my pen found on my web site below will fall into darkness in the after life and suffer on in mental turmoil and physical agony.

Note: more conflicts* - To understand the hidden 'factors' and cause of this read the Brief Summary

Note: godly manner* - The actual 'resolution' is the personal one, whereby the individual finds and maintains the "Standard" as commanded by Allah, and thus they 'resolve' their own inner conflict and maintain a positive and benign attitude towards the other.

In this 'stance' they may not resolve anything with the other if the other continues to be 'unreasonable' but, - - -  the one maintaining a forgiving and merciful and considerate stance remains within the BENIGN aspect of Allah's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, - - - if in so doing they 'lose all' materially, then that was their material karmic due to Allah within Allah's Law, and they become more free spiritually.

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~ The 'cruelty' of the DARK  ~

The 'cruelty' of the deceptive Dark aspect of the Source is its capacity of DENIAL 'of' and separation 'from' all that is positive and creative:

Denial of - light & love
Denial of - giving
Denial of - mercy

Denial of - compassion
Denial of - forgiveness
Denial of - freedom

Denial of - happiness
Denial of - expression
Denial of - inner peace

It follows that those who defy the command of Allah and thus 'cloud' or 'diminish' their inner Light place themselves into the 'cruel' hands of the Dark, and they  suffer mentally, emotionally and physically and, - - - its power is so great that it keeps them 'justified' in their denial and thus they draw in more darkness and suffer more as the consequence.

Note: Darkness does not want to 'resolve' as ITS 'nature' is CONFLICT, EXTORTION, PAYBACK, INJURY, PUNISHMENT, UNFORGIVENESS, DESTRUCTION.

Note: Remember, as long as IT (darkness) keeps one person (A) in 'unforgiveness' of the other, (B) - - - the one (A) either persecutes the other mercilessly or, they deny them of 'something' as punishment, and either way (A) continues along the 'suffering' road due to the 'burdening' of their own soul with 'smut.'

Note: Remember, as long as IT (darkness) keeps one person (A) in 'pursuit' of the other, (B) - - - and thus the one (A) is actively in 'conflict,' the darkness is winning the 'battle' for their ignorant and arrogant soul and, - - - for as long as (B) uses force to fight back, they too are trapped by IT (the dark) and, the only way free (spiritually) is for one or both to "Go their way in peace" and suffer the consequence of being harassed by the ignorant one.

Note: In 'cases' where one party has disturbed the peace of the land, they may have already attended an Offender Seminar  and in this case they are better 'informed' and an equitable and peaceful resolution is more quickly reached.

Note: Other documents for the 'parties' to use to assist themselves to move forwards are The Star Prayer - Suburban Terror

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