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~ Peter Costello v/s Allah ~
Letter to 7.30 Report ABC - TV

Al-Imam Al-Mahdi 

Peter Costello is the 'Treasurer' of the Australian Institution that names itself 'The government of Australia.' This 4 page Paper was written as my response to a Television program seen in Australia wherein Peter Costello publicly on ABC TV stated 'something' that showed his total lack of respect for the members of the Muslim community.

This 'paper' is written to show the error of vain and arrogant men such as Costello that believe that they and their 'army' is greater than the armies of others and Allah, they also believe that their 'secular' rule is above Theocracy. *

I have named my public response as 'The constellation of Terror' due to the fact that all 'governing' bodies of the day in every land are EVIL, and 'run' by men that are operatives for the DEVIL and, - - -

The result of this will be utter confrontation, terror and destruction, as political men invoke their Rule of and by the 'Law of the BEAST,' and turn man against man, race against race, and religion against religion, unto the spiritual demise of themselves and their 'warriors' and followers.

I have written this response in the 'hope' that some may see its validity, especially those men and women presently employed in the Police and other forces. For they are all being used by arrogant politicians to interfere in, abuse, and destroy the lives, livelihood and property of their own public fellows as well as the lives of others, and this is great error that will bring a return of terror upon their own households, as well as sending them below into the Abyss for a time and a time.

Note: Theocracy. * - A way of 'living' in which Allah the Creator is seen as the supreme civil ruler, not men. Thus the true Theocratic 'way' is where each person simply lives their life in accordance and in conformity to Allah's Command to “Go your way in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind.”

Conversely, man's 'Rule by Law' forces all that conform to its dictates to become complicit to extortion, theft, punishment, abuse, invasion, incarceration, war and destruction, as they defy the Theocratic and true democratic way. For in the 'bowing' to Decrees of men, all are subjecting themselves to a Dictatorship. (The rule book)

For political dictators such as Saddam, Mugabe, Bush, Costello and all others rely on military might to enforce compliance, whereas in Theocracy, each person uses their conscience and their God as their guide, as they go their way ignoring the false ways of others.

PEACE, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness is the Code of Conduct commanded by God.


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~ The 'constellation' of Terror ~

The man Peter Costello is vain and arrogant, and living in an insane delusional fantasy. He now shows Allah and all his true nature, being that of a 'shallow' wolf of great 'dark' stature.  For many years all we saw as he walked in public was a 'smirk' and a 'wolfish' grin, but now he bares his 'fangs' as his 'story' he does 'sadly' begin. For he throws down the 'gauntlet' before the 'minority' Australian Islamic Race as to their 'elders' and the world he disgracefully says by implication:

If any person 'thinks' that their 'Shariah' law is above or greater than my Australian government 'secular' law then they are misguided fools and they will be forced to conform to my law.

If any person 'thinks' that 'Theocracy' is above or greater than my Australian government 'secular' law then they are misguided fools and they will be forced to conform to my law.”

Not only this, but there is the implication that no person can remain a resident of the land mass named 'Australia' unless they conform to the dictates of the 'ruler' of Australia, - - - Costello and his henchmen and his 'unholy' book of rules invoked by him and his forces.

The 'day' is surely here when the 'idiots' that control every land by force see not the existence of any God. For they only see their own 'self' as being 'god' and reigning supreme. None aware that the very Devil inspiring their 'dreams' is coveting their souls and biding ITS time, when IT will awaken them in the 'afterlife' with an eternal scream of anguish for being so full of ITS black 'filth.'

It is men like Costello that bring the world to its knees and pre-empt the coming TERROR as they incite other men in the community of 'white' origin to FIGHT. It is men 'like' Costello that are the hard line extremists demanding adherence to their own dictates.

Yes, and the 'problem' for me is to get all 'common' men to see that IF they choose to defy their Allah and follow men like 'Bush' or Costello or Mugabe or any other 'abuser' of power, then they all fall into the ABYSS.

Costello as 'Treasurer' does personally control the pay-packet of the Australian Army and all other armed 'forces' men. Thus he personally is to be held accountable to Allah within Allah's SUPERIOR 'Shariah' LAW that unequivocally states: “As you do will by ME be done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' basis.”

Regrettably also, is that 'threatening' Islam means, that Costello is also personally responsible for inciting violence and, he is also inviting terrorist retaliation from the 'hotheads' that by him are known to exist within every race, colour, and creed on earth because, they are as he is, 'infidels' that have not heard of Allah's “Peace” Command.

Costello sees not that as he does have a 'belief' in control, regulation, fine, punishment, invasion, and war, that his 'Institution' is in fact also a 'religion' with a very dark foreboding and warring ideology.

As I AM the 'pen of Allah' I seek not to incite anybody to 'violence,' nor do I demand that any 'kneel' to my command but, - - - I INVITE those that would follow a 'wolf' (Costello) to heed my LOVE & Peace call, and thus become free.

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I hope that every 'supposed' Christian - - -
I hope that every 'supposed' Muslim - - -

I hope that every 'supposed' believer in Allah and goodness see through the 'controlling' and forceful threats of impropriety issued by Costello, and simply go about their daily business conforming to Allah's Command: “Love one another.”

Costello is in 'grave' ERROR if he continues to promote 'disbelief in Allah' as he is doing. For he is misguiding the youth, and for sure he knows not the spiritual consequence of 'deceiving' Allah's precious creation.

Peter Costello is 'blind' and thus sees no God, nor is he able to 'concede' to the FACT that Allah is more powerful than he.  For Costello only sees his own temporary power that he has due to the 'mercenary' forces that he commands as he 'holds' the 'pieces of silver' that they rely on to feed themselves and their families.  It is better to starve than take a wage that forces you to abuse or kill another.

Costello sees not that every 'Western' government 'Constitution' was built on “Theocracy,” being the Judeo-Christian belief in the 'purported' and reported 10 Commandments of Allah, and Islam is based on the 'purported' and reported teachings of Muhammad.

It is I the Spirit of Truth to reveal that all spiritual 'teachings' have been corrupted, and I thus reinstate the TRUE way to be adhered to by man is through conformity to the Command of Allah and, - - -

That it is not man's prerogative to invoke the 'eye for an eye' Law of Allah, neither is it man's prerogative to invoke any punitive measures against others. For that places man within the punitive aspect of Allah's 'eye for an eye' Law.

All world leaders are all arrogant simply through false programming and deception that has existed in this world for a very long time, and their arrogance is such that they believe that they have the right to use of force to either coerce, or impose their own personal demands upon all others.

Costello seems to think that he can bring Australia to the 'brink' by forcing others into conformity with his dark ideological beliefs. Is he not aware that every person has a God given right to choose their own spiritual destiny and follow their own ideological beliefs?

Is Costello not aware that the PRIMARY clause of the Australian Constitution that 'empowers' his deeds states quite categorically that all 'men and women' are free to follow their own ideological dreams as he obviously does - - - Quote;

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - -

For Costello to say what he says is Treason against the Australian State Institution Constitution as well as Treason against the State of Heaven. What I need to say unto all humanity is that all encoded 'laws' of men/man recorded a text, be it Islamic 'Shariah' or Christian 'Commandments' or Secular 'demonic' it matters not, - - -

For they are ALL mere 'Decrees' raised up by men that defy Allah's sacred Command to simply: “Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving” and, - - - Allah's SINGLE LAW of “As you do is done unto you” reigns SUPREME above the 'silly' indoctrinated doctrine of Religions and Institutions of mere mortals.

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Let it here be known that all mankind are 'sister & brother' and all have the FINAL choice to rise or fall depending upon 'which' VOICE they 'hear' and follow. Be it that of:

Allah the Creator saying “Love” or
Allah the Destroyer saying “Fight.”

It is the 'height' of disrespect for Costello to imply that those of Islam or any other Australian minority 'clan' must conform to his ideological beliefs and dictates.  I 'fear' for those employed by him, for they will as 'he' be buried in a shallow grave for being as he is, a 'knave.'

All political forces in every land that invoke war have invited a return of terror due to their impropriety and, - - - all are now invoking more 'decrees' that will force the local Police into attacking the very people of the land that pay their wages. This is insane action brought about by maniacal politicians.

Police and other 'enforcers' need to know that they are all being led 'astray' and they need to now hold my 'hand' as I guide them into being TRUE unto others and themselves. So I now call out to all men of Love and Honour to come to me via my message to humanity, so that they can 'ignore' the 'call to arms' of ANY wolves in ANY 'religion' or 'State' for all 'State' leaders today are FALSE.

For Allah commands conformity to His call of “Peace & Mercy,” and any 'politician' who feels invincible simply because they 'command' billions of dollars and 'manpower' will soon get to know a very 'stark' reality as their 'mortal' dreams are shattered and, - - -

I do not wish for any more people to be led astray through the deception and lies of any Institutional 'head,' be they of religion or otherwise. Men that use 'legislation' or 'text' in any 'book' that compels others to defy their Creator and fight are very unwise, and their Allah will cast their 'rotten' seed into the underworld out of HIS sight.

I need to simply state that: “Religions give man's interpretation of Allah's Law and Allah's Command unto man and, - - - men of religion use their interpretation or 'invocation' to control, enslave, regulate, and berate others, and to raise funds. None seeing that Allah is REAL and that Allah's Might seals the single and immutable LAW OF Allah. *

People of today are illiterate, for they do not understand the spiritual truth of Allah's Law or Command. Thus all have erred and been led astray and all are to now suffer the consequence. Be wise, if you are a 'minority' and thus abused, then conform to Allah and do not retaliate. Simply 'turn the other cheek' and suffer whatever is imposed, in the foreknowledge that you are paying your dues to Allah at the hands of the ignorant.

Note: LAW OF Allah. * - “As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal and equitable 'eye for an eye' recompense. Be it good for good given, or suffering for suffering imposed.”  Man is commanded to ONLY give out the good.  Man is forbidden to give out punitive suffering, as this is the use of Allah's DARK power that results in spiritual 'death' to its user.

Terence - the 'pen' of Allah


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