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NOTE: Non comprehension of this document means that you will definitely consign your OWN soul to the Abyss of eternal suffering (excruciating pain and eternal damnation) due to your continued arrogance or ignorance of the INCOMPREHENSIBLE Power and 'nature' of the energy essence of the SOURCE, (Allah) a source of which your soul is comprised and thus only a 'miniscule' part thereof.

~ The INNER 'energy essence’ of Allah the Source ~

By Terence

This is an educational document

Page 1 - To believe in the existence of Allah
Page 3 - The energy essence of Allah the Source
Page 6 - The 'destiny' of your soul
Page 9 - The AXIS of Evil & the Golden ROSE
Page 12 - The 'living' Allah
Page 13 - Allah 'calling'
Page 15 - The 'reality' of THE FATHER - Allah
Page 17 - The REAL & ONLY enemy of man
Page 18 - The Inner Energy 'Account'
Page 19 - The 'heart throb' of Allah
Page 20 - Important Notice
Page 21 - The nature of Allah's energy

~ To both believers and non-believers in the existence of Allah or Allah's LAW ~

I now speak of the invisible THE SOURCE named 'Allah or God' etc.

I need to speak of the Source because its ENERGY has an invisible IMPACT upon man as man 'moves' and interacts. It is this energy emanating from the Source which is the 'driving' force that activates man's mind and consequently man's ACTIONS.

Man needs to try and comprehend that the Source by man named as 'Allah - God - Odin - Mungu' or any other does not 'mind' what IT is named. What man must try and realise is that IT the Source has an inviolable REQUIREMENT within ITS immutable and unchangeable LAW of Equal Return. 

So much misunderstanding has taken place for so long that it is going to be very difficult for man to reprogram their 'pea' brains who have been programmed with much error around the issue of 'man's law' (rules) and THE LAW OF THE ENERGY. (Allah's Law)

The important thing to understand is that there is no little 'man' somewhere in or out of the flesh who is a Allah or God. The REAL Allah is the invisible mass of intelligent ENERGY which exists like an invisible mist which has NO 'bounds.' This world and our whole material universe known and unknown is but a 'speck' or grain of sand in zillions of grains of sand so to speak and this is akin to stating that the mass of Allah's 'energy' frame is limitless and therefore incomprehensible.

This energy is EMOTIONAL having infinite intelligence, all knowing, omnipresent and omnipotent. This energy of Allah is unchangeable by man since it is totally unaffected by mans activities. It is simply what it IS and exists forever.

The DARK destructive aspect contains within ITS frame all know and unknown negative emotional energy. (Fear, hatred, criticism, vanity, pride, jealousy and anger' etc.) Indeed IT has a 'face' which is very hard, cruel and formidable, a face that fills half the 'sky' of the realms of spirit. It is the face of HE who many call The Father.   

The LIGHT creative aspect of Allah (the energy) contains within ITS frame all known and unknown positive emotional energy. (Love & joy & happiness, peace and fulfillment) Indeed IT has a 'face' which is very kindly, beautiful and soft, a face that fills half the 'sky' of the realms of spirit. It is the face of SHE who many call The Mother.

Both energies of THE SOURCE have an indelible memory bank which has always and will always exist forever. Given the understanding of both of the energies of THE SOURCE it follows that the 'return' aspect of any person's interaction with others can be a rewarded gift or imposed pain received instantly or ten or a thousand years ahead when IT so decides.

When a person says "I do not believe in Allah or a God" then what in fact do they mean by the word ‘Allah’?  In my mind and in the definition set out in the ‘dictionary’ the word means a ‘superpower’ which is greater than we are. It also means that Allah as the superpower is the one to be obeyed and adored, for IF we fail in doing what IT Commands or ‘orders’ there is a consequence to us, a consequence that is beyond our capacity to control. IT (Allah) is an ‘overriding’ factor that can and does bring us to ‘account.’

"As you DO is DONE unto you ~ benign or malignant ~ unavoidable Justice"

Some people say: "I do not believe in Allah," and I 'wonder' what they ‘think’ the word ‘Allah’ means or implies, for when they say "I do not believe in Allah" they must be referring to ‘something’ are they not?

Surely these ‘non-believers’ know or understand that ‘energy’ exists within them? Surely they know that within them is both a positive and a negative energy, the one that of its own 'volition' can elevate them instantly in feelings of joy and excitement, the other that can depress them into a fearful state of depression and ‘blackness’ from which they cannot of themselves ‘rise’ out of.

Could this energy itself then be ‘considered’ to be ‘as’ Allah or a 'part' of Allah's ENERGY within us? Is Allah not simply a superpower or force beyond our capacity to control, a force that itself can control us emotionally?

Surely people have experienced that when we are feeling ‘angry’ the negative force within us surges beyond our control as we feel its ‘invisible’ power flowing through, a feeling so powerful IT can make us do or say things that we did not intend to say or do?

Consider this; do we ‘mind’ being exposed to a positive, loving, caring, and compassionate emotional feeling of wellbeing that makes us feel 'good'? NO we do not mind because this feeling creates within us only happiness.

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Consider this; do we ‘mind’ being ‘disturbed’ by a negative fearful or self-critical emotion that makes us feel unhappy or sad or puts us in a deep depression? YES because none of us like feeling unhappy.  So in FACT these emotions are ‘as’ Allah because through their 'light' or 'heavy' energy ‘vibration’ we are controlled by one or the other energy.

One could also say that if we are being controlled by others who are imposing their ‘darkness’ upon us forcefully and berating us, abusing us or injuring us then they also are acting ‘as’ Allah or as a god in that they are 'being' or being used by THE DARK POWER beyond our capacity to control.

I then say: ‘What IF’ there is an invisible universal energy essence of twin but opposite polarities of Light or Dark that exists and permeates the ether? What ‘if’ this energy has the capacity to influence us to such an extent that we could name IT ‘Allah the superpower’ because it controls our every activity whether it be benign or malignant, positive or negative?

What IF this ‘Allah’ energy allows us to use either aspect of it because whichever energy we choose to use is our 'divine' Right?

What IF this ‘Allah’ energy has it own immutable ‘Law,’ being that whatever the resultant cause of our use of its energy in our interaction with others be it ‘good or bad, happy or sad,’ IT justifiably returns via others to us and this ‘results’ in our ‘feeling’ what others felt from our interaction with them?

What IF when we draw on one or the other energy some of it ‘sticks’ within us and thus grows within us so to speak. The result is that when using positive energy it enlarges our inner energy essence of Light which provides us with positive emotions of joy and happiness but conversely, the negative energy we use enlarges the fearful or angry or destructive emotions within us whenever we use the Dark inner energy essence. (Sin)

What IF the use of Dark negative energy ‘shrouds’ our inner Light, causing us to become more ‘negative’ and critical and judgemental in our interaction with others over time and eternal time? It does say I. Ones 'belief' is one thing, but knowing THE TRUTH is another.

What IF this invisible superpower or Allah ‘force’ also has infinite intelligence? What IF either aspect of its energy can inspire us to use IT in the foreknowledge that whichever aspect of IT we use, we eventually over eternal time become? Will we be beings of Darkness or beings of the Light?

What IF this intelligence shows itself by 'presenting' positive thoughts into our mind, thoughts that we name creative 'inspiration' and which elevate us because they are thoughts emanating from the benign 'Light' and high frequency energy.

What IF this intelligence shows itself by 'presenting' negative thoughts into our mind, thoughts that we name destructive 'control,' thoughts that subjugate us because they are thoughts emanating from the malignant 'Dark' and low frequency energy.

What IF everyone having negative emotions within them are the ones who over eternal time have been using the dark energy that has drawn them further and further away from the Light?

What IF the 'thoughts' emanating from the one energy are truthful and the thoughts emanating from the other energy are deceptive?

What IF the Light energy says: "Only use my energy as IT is kind, loving, respectful, peaceful, non-intrusive because in using IT you will receive a similar return from others"? Is it not ‘worth’ ones while to 'consider' only using IT in ones interaction with others? YES.

What IF the Dark energy says: "Use my forcefulness to control, steal, take, seize, extort, subjugate, judge and bring others to account justifiably as there is no 'comeback' to you." Do you believe it? NO.

What IF the Light energy says: "Only use my energy as IT has the capacity to purge the dark energy out of you and thus elevate your spirit by raising its vibration"? Is it not ‘worth’ ones while to help oneself be ‘rid’ of the dark energy within because that energy causes us to suffer and ‘injure’ others and ultimately ourselves? YES.

What IF the Dark energy says: "Use my forcefulness to gain or attain everything that you need, want, or desire, for my dark energy will not contaminate your soul and it will not coarsen your spiritual vibration and it will not draw your soul away from the light of heaven." Do you believe it? NO.

I for one know that the invisible energy essence of which we are a tiny ‘part’ also exists outside of our ‘frame,’ and that we unknowingly draw upon it each day. This 'energetic' superpower does affect us and impact upon us whether we recognize it or not.  I name it ‘Allah’ for IT influences me if I was foolish and ignorant enough to permit it, whereas I have no ‘influence’ over IT.

But what I do have is the freedom to choose 'which' aspect of ITS energy I use in my interaction with others, and I choose and only use the Light energy. What of you? Are you so 'bound' by its Dark aspect that when confronted by its darkness expressed through others who you have lost the capacity to be THE Light in action? I hope not because if you retaliate in the face of adversity then you are in a 'hopeless' situation, a situation whereby you will continue to draw in more darkness and you suffer within ITS immutable 'eye for an eye' Law.

There is no "What IF" in my mind, for I know with absolute 'surety' of the existence of an 'external' all powerful and therefore 'Sovereign' Monarch who has the two polarities of energy consisting of absolute intelligence. It is the 'Source' that is identified by man using a 'name' that in the English language is 'God,' in Arabic it is 'Allah,' in Kiswahili it is 'Mungu' etc.

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~ The inner 'energy essence’ of Allah the Source ~

I speak now on the inner energy of man because the inner energy of man is the likeness of Allah within us. That likeness being the energy within our spirit soul that was created by the Source a very long time ago. Understand that this energy drives us emotionally and comprises of all known emotional ‘feelings’ within. I reiterate a little of what was stated on page 1:

We are all born of the Source. You exist because the benign creative energy of the Source gives you life and enables you to live and have your being. This inner Love Light is at the core of your soul and it is perfect harmony.

The energy of the Source has a duality of 'nature' as is revealed herein, being that within the frame of the Creator the 'other' Dark forceful and destructive energy aspect also exists and man is forbidden to use IT in their interaction with others. There is nothing 'outside' of the energy Source named 'Allah.'

As man defies Allah and uses the dark energy, IT then grows within their soul and clouds their inner Light and disharmony, dissatisfaction and all other negative emotions are released within man who then becomes 'as' the nature of the Dark, being hateful, evil, merciless, unforgiving and destructive.

The dark energy in man is named 'the sin within.' When we are using the dark energy we are being critical, vindictive, judgemental, controlling, punitive, injurious to others. This nature of interaction is called 'sinning.'

Within the 'frame' of the Source known as ‘Allah’ exists all known and unknown emotional energy that is both positive and negative, benign and malignant, creative and destructive, loving and hateful etc., and this duality of energy is both peaceful and warlike but they are also energies that are separate and can never intermingle as such because they are energies of different polarities that stand unique and apart even though they can be adjacent to each other. A perfect example of this can be observed from the energy 'field' within a magnet. 

The one seeks to uplift us and the other seeks to destroy us. The Light is warm and pure beauty and the Dark is cold and ugly.  These 'twin' polarities of energy contain the sum total of all energy.

This energy has emotions of ‘feeling’ that are within us. Those energies are 'us' so to speak and we are them and this energy within us has inherent intelligence in that it is linked to the pure and all-knowing essence of Allah the Source which of itself is all knowing and all-feeling.

This energy essence of the Source is the ultimate invisible and ever living and feeling and thinking spiritual magnetic essence which has dual polarities. It exists and simply IS. Its magnitude is unknowable and immeasurable and it is the 'I AM.'

The words 'Good and Evil' or 'positive-creative and negative-destructive' are simply names placed by man upon these two energies to describe their differences. In reality these energies are neither good nor bad because they are simply a reality by their very existence.

This is also true of their capacity to impact upon each of us with a difference of expression by us or when a different expression is impressed onto us. Let it here be known that both 'energies' are indestructible and consequently IT (the energy) and 'we' exist forever. 

I will now speak on the power of these twin energies sine they both consist of pure essences, one being the pure Light of creation and the other is the pure Dark of destruction. You all need to understand that ultimately, you become like IT is in ‘totality’ and what you become is totally dependent upon which energy you use in your interaction with others. One energy is pure agony because it is constrictive while the other energy is pure bliss because it is freedom.

I speak of these energies because one breeds ‘ill will’ and the other breeds ‘good will,’ and as all can now see there is an escalation of ‘ill will’ as man fights man and control, suffering, destruction and impoverishment becomes the order of the day. It is truly the time for enlightenment and a change to the better within the psyche of man as man begins to ONLY use the benign energy.

I speak of these energies because your own personal eternal destiny of happiness and freedom or subjugation and suffering are at hand. All now stand as a unique individual before Allah the Light, (She the Creator) and Allah the Dark, (He the destroyer) so try and understand their power and majesty, and that the ultimate decisive choice is yours as to which aspect you will become.

We are all 'born' from the same spiritual mother in the Light above which means that at the core of our soul we have pure 'white' Light energy that is 'liquid' LOVE. This love has all the attributes of the benign positive, creative, sane, reasonable, trustworthy, delight, well-being. Also understand that any person who uses this energy remains joyful, compassionate, merciful, forgiving happy and content as they receive a benign Tribute within the 'Law' of the benign energy they use.

The other energy has the opposite attributes of the malignant negative which is destructive, deceptive, insane, unreasonable, angry, forceful, intrusive, punitive and controlling. Any person who uses this energy 'clouds' their inner light with this energy and they then display its cruel, arrogant, proud, jealous, vindictive, merciless and unforgiving attributes in their interaction with others.

These people eventually become dissatisfied, unhappy, mentally disturbed, irrational, destructive and they suffer within the malignant 'Law' of the energy they use. So irrespective of race, gender, belief or colour, any mental or emotional problem lies within the 'sum total' of the inner energy essence belonging to the individual.

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I speak of these energies because a very long time ago mankind defied Allah and supped on the fruit of the tree of evil and this dark emotional energy stained their souls and at the same time these 'sinners' were cast out of paradise. It is only now, being an appointed time in eternity when the intensifying outpouring of Light energy can purge the soul of mankind and set them free but only if they now listen carefully to Allah's words through me.

For to become free of the evil dark energy within, one has to stop drawing more of that dark energy into their soul. It will be very hard to become peaceful as a lamb particularly when your inner dark emotions are strumming and inciting you to fight in these difficult times because of the depraved actions of others.

The trait of this dark energy is deceptive as it does everything in its power to keep you on its 'string' so as to destroy you. It is so 'dark' that it blinds you to the fact that you are even using it, for it justifies your actions to the point that you believe that it is 'right' to bring others to account.

Remember that when this dark and punitive 'avenging' energy flows through you it is using you and unbeknown by you, its energy is growing bigger in your soul causing your energy vibration to be lowered. It is coercive, and it tempts you to 'justifiably' deny the light and fight, and to support its earthly armed forces.

The Dark energy of Allah has infinite intelligence. IT is the invisible 'mastermind' who inspires every earthly armed forces commander, scheming forces advisor or politician. It is through these people that IT operates clandestinely to mete out retribution, and to entrap everyone into being ITS instrument of control and destruction. This it does so that it can 'justifiably' lead everyone into ITS 'lair' in the Abyss for their infidelity to the Allah of Light who created them to be a delight in His sight.

You only break free from ITS clutches when you follow me and my 'absolute pacifist' way, and in doing this you will have to suffer at the hands of the vain, arrogant, and ignorant, who will abuse you until the day you have paid every spiritual due to IT the Dark. This is the personal 'crucifixion' all aspirants to eternal freedom have to suffer before reaching (returning to) the Promised Land.

I speak of these energies because the dark energy is coming to the fore and mankind is becoming more negative, controlling, forceful, selfish, demanding, cruel, disrespectful, merciless, punitive and warlike.

A 'hardness' is appearing in and on the face of mankind irrespective of 'gender' as un-forgiveness and retribution becomes the new 'order' of the day for a time and a time, and for an eternity for those who do not make amends with Allah. Sadly their souls will fall into the abyss of eternal torment. I speak of the Dark energy because few are aware of ITS cunning strategy or of ITS merciless intent, or of ITS absolute power and capacity to destroy YOU the individual who so ignorantly or arrogantly use ITS energy in your interaction with others.

I am talking today because of the extraordinary times at hand, being times of turmoil and trouble in every land as the mind of man becomes overshadowed and possessed by the subjugating power of alien spirit forces in hell below where they telepathically invade the mind of ignorant man to turn their voice and hand against others or their sister and brother, father and mother.

I speak of these energies because the true meaning of the word 'religion' has become lost within the plethora of faiths, doctrines, sects, institutions and false beliefs. Regrettably all hide behind the facade of 'religion,' using these dogmas containing multiple rites and rituals that have nothing to do with the spiritual truth of the matter that is revealed by me.

You all now need to understand that the word 'religion' simply means 'the ideal,' being the code of conduct policy to which you bow down to, for you believe that it is so commanded by the superpower you adore and give your allegiance to.

This is the 'Creator' who has many names dependent upon your spoken language, and in 'English' it is 'God' the Almighty. In Arabic it is 'Allah' the Almighty. One and the same universal energy essence.

There are only two religions because there are only two 'ideals' from which to choose. The one IDEAL is the Religion of Peace, having the 'activity' and the expression of compassion, mercy, free giving and forgiveness which is backed by creativity and LOVE.

The other is the Religion of War, having the 'activity' expression of control, extortion and merciless persecution which is backed by force, destruction and HATRED.

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Understand that all the 'religions' are man-made and misleading because they all promote code of conduct policy 'rituals' that have nothing to do with the basic spiritual truth of the 'END' result of the use of Allah's energy. Remember, ones salvation and elevation or ones 'fall' into dark realms is simply the result of ones ACTIONS, being ones interaction with others. That is dependent upon the peaceful or warring ideal we espouse.

We the ‘children’ of the Source are a unique individual speck of Allah’s energy that exists forever, and our spirit soul is forever linked to the massive body of the Source due to the ‘vibration’ of our unique individualistic mass of energy within us that ‘resonates’ with and links to different levels of Allah’s energy essence.

Similarly as you can ‘tune’ a radio band width from high to low frequency, so our own unique inner energy can link a person to high or low energy levels also referred to as ‘realms’ of consciousness dependent upon the inner energy content of your soul.

The core of pure light within you links you to the highest ‘Allah-head’ point of the Source that is brilliant light and you feel wondrous feelings of joy and happiness and your mind is full of positive and creative thoughts and your interaction with others is positive, respectful, compassionate and peaceful.

If you have negative emotions of fear or anger or jealousy within you, and if these emotions are ‘strumming,’ then your inner energy frequency is lowered because you feel these ‘base’ emotions that link you to the lower realms of the Source. When this happens your mind is filled with dark and devious and destructive thoughts while your interaction with others is deceptive, negative, controlling and warlike.

Allah forbids us to use His dark forceful, punitive and destructive energy because he knows that if we use that energy our spirit soul will become contaminated by it over time while the weight of this dark energy draws us away from the Light until ultimately, it crushes us into oblivion.

Understand that Allah knows that when we use dark energy and cause others harm that we will have to suffer the same fate at a later date because that is the law of energy, be it light or dark, positive or negative. When we use dark energy against others and cause them loss, injury or anguish we become very unhappy with our circumstance at a future date when dark ‘forces’ are used against us by others.

That is why we are commanded to only use the light energy because in so doing we draw IT into our soul and our inner light gets brighter. Remember that within the Law of Allah's energy we always get an equal positive return when we extend positivity and we are happy.

When a person is expressing kindness or cruelty they are in fact 'Allah in action,' for it is the energetic energy essence of Allah flowing through their soul that is impacting upon the other in a benign or malignant manner. Thus they are as 'Allah' and they are Allah's 'energy in action' but they are not Allah, for Allah is the sum 'total' of all energy.

At the core of every soul is pure light energy but, outside of that light and around it grow the dark emotions. When one uses dark energy in their interaction with others one sups on the 'fruit' of the tree of evil, being the forceful and destructive energy of the Source. Thus when you cause pain to others and you infuse your own soul with that dark energy, and you accrue a debt to IT the dark, and you will then reap what you sowed as the Dark balances ITS Scales of Justice.

Both Light and Dark energies give of themselves freely and as you use them they impact positively or negatively upon others, and at a later stage they return via others and impact upon you. The simple but immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law is absolutely Just since the equitable balancing of the energy is an 'inviolable' Law unto itself.

Use Light positive and creative energy in your interaction with others and IT brightens your soul because your inner light grows. Use Dark negative and destructive energy in your interaction and IT stains your soul as your negative emotions grow bigger and bigger, like a 'cancer' within you. Once you have used the negative energy then IT sets out to deceive you and IT ultimately destroys your 'faithless' seed.

Those around you are receiving Allah's outpouring energy flowing through your actions whether that is benign or malignant, friendly or unfriendly. Equally you are the recipient of their outpouring energy. You are not Allah but you are Allah's 'instrument' eternally and therefore every single action of yours comes back to you either on that same day or far ahead when least expected. Only Allah and His 'energy' decide this.

The more forgiving, compassionate, merciful and loving Light you give out, the happier ahead you become.
The more merciless, punitive and destructive Dark 'flack' you give out, the greater your suffering ahead as others will you attack.

The more 'flack' you give out - the more dark energy grows within your soul.
The more kind, respectful and giving you become - the brighter becomes your inner Light.

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~ The 'destiny' of your soul ~

A soul of pure light has no negative emotions within it and consequently it feels no hatred, anger, fear, jealousy etc. Such a person is always friendly, compassionate, merciful, forgiving and peaceful and their mind is at ‘ease’ (peace) and free of intruding thoughts. As a result of their peaceful ways the vibration of their inner energy is of the highest frequency.

This actually means that when their spirit soul exits their biological flesh it will, in an instant, be 'drawn' to the mass of Allah's energy that is vibrating at the same refined frequency. This is the realm known as 'Heaven' or 'The promised land.'

A soul who has any negative emotions within can be either positive or negative dependent upon which emotions are ‘strumming,’ but if that person uses negativity (dark energy) in their interaction with others the dark energy grows like a cancer within their soul. As a consequence they become more unfriendly and their minds become troubled and ‘possessed’ by dark thoughts and they find no inner peace.

This actually means that when their spirit soul exits their biological flesh it will be 'drawn' in an instant to the mass of Allah's energy is vibrating at the same dark or lower frequency. A soul in this negative state will not enter that realm known as 'heaven' or the promised land. The realm of consciousness this soul enters will be 'filled' with other spirit beings of the same emotional state. (The same 'mix' of Light & Dark energy mass vibration)

The greater mass of dark energy you draw into your soul the 'darker' it 'looks' and the 'uglier' and more distorted it becomes. Equally the vibration of the energy also becomes lower or 'coarser' so to speak and it is drawn further away from the Light. All this is dependent upon you and your interaction with others because the further away from the Light it is drawn the colder it gets and the more you 'fret,' suffer and abuse others and others then abuse you for your use of Allah's Dark energy. (Pain for pain as your mind has become controlled by the Dark Serpent) 

Man of today now lives in a perpetual state of 'yesterday' meaning he cannot forgive nor forget the past misdeeds of others as he keeps his memories of 'war' and atrocities to the fore. In so doing he mercilessly goes forth with the intent to bring all to 'justice' all the while being unaware of the 'sorry' state of his own soul and of the coming 'fall' into the Abyss that is the end result of his own godless actions and interaction. As a consequence, man is hell-bent on punishing himself and placing himself in eternal suffering being his self-inflicted due for being to his own soul untrue.

The destiny of your spirit soul is at stake since it is within the power of your mind to either uplift you or destroy you. The outcome is solely dependant upon your daily actions, being your interaction with others.

This ‘activity’ of your daily actions has nothing to do with your ‘works’ as such because you can be a good carpenter or a careless one but, it has everything to do with your positive or negative interaction with other children of Allah. Understand that you are only spiritually ‘safe’ when your actions remain within the precepts of Allah’s Primary ruling command: "Go your way in peace, love one another by being merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Why is this so? Because in conforming to the aforesaid command you will always receive a similar return due within the law of energy, and you will keep your soul shining brighter because you choose to only draw on and use Light energy. (Positive)

When your interaction with others is less than respectful, and you disturb the peace of others by causing them harm, then you are drawing in and using Dark energy (Negative) and ‘bleak’ becomes your destiny.

How then are you going to stay mentally sane and rational when you are confronted by aggressive persons and when your own inner darkness screams out for ‘justice’ and these 'feelings' and accompanying thoughts are driving you to fight and retaliate?

First you need to understand that the negative energy which we name ’evil’ is simply a negative force that is true unto itself and that IT is indestructible. Once you have used it and it has contaminated your soul, (the sin within) then that dark within you recognizes the dark energy in others and knows what they did in their past when using IT, so it tries to use you to set the record straight.

The problem for you if you do this (retributive act) is that now you become incensed with the idea (thoughts) of bringing them to ‘account’ for IT. (the dark) In truth, it is ‘justice’ and the Dark energy is simply fulfilling its own Law. (Divine Justice)

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But if you do let its energy flow through you and use you to spew ITS venom onto others as you criticise or strike, then your own dark emotions grow bigger within you and your own dues to IT the 'Serpent' mount and at that moment or further ahead, others are by IT now incited to bring you to account. It is in this way that everyone remains revolving on the 'karmic' wheel of retribution and suffering. Sadly all then remain locked into darkness in their interaction with others. Forgiveness and mercy is the only way to spiritual freedom.

You need to understand that change for the better begins within you because ultimately we are all unique individuals interacting with the energy of the Source. We must try and see that change 'to' the better begins within you the individual. As you become purified in the manner revealed by me your enlightenment and ‘goodness’ will help others to also change their own ways.

How then do you strengthen your mind and begin to suppress your own dark critical and angry emotions which would mislead you? By reading the Star prayer document and implementing the star prayer meditation, for only this way will you have a ‘chance’ to remain within the peaceful command of Allah and not cause harm to others and ultimately to yourself.

Try and remember that beneath the evil darkness displayed by some, 'sits' the beautiful divine rose of light and love. This rose needs your help to water itself and shine so that the aggressive and 'disturbed' person can become free of the dark they drew in so ignorantly or arrogantly.

Give them your love and good counsel for if you seek to 'crush' the evil energy within them, then it simply means that it is you who is the channel for dark energy to spew its venom through.

The next time you are 'criticised, condemned, despised or abused' it is an opportunity to show the other the way by your good example in simply smiling, or giving a wave as a greeting. IF you have the opportunity you then say: "Brother or sister, come and visit me and we'll discuss spiritual truth over a cup of tea."

Ask yourself: "If there is a realm of consciousness of pure Light then why am I not living there, and why do I have negative emotional energy in my soul"?

I reveal that there are two 'types' of people on earth, those trapped by darkness and those who have come down from the light to help them become free. In order to help those trapped by darkness the light workers have themselves taken on some of the 'sin of this world' (dark emotions) so as to understand it consciously but, they will be set free of it so that they will return to the light and they have Allah's 'guarantee' given now by me.

The truth is revealed by me, being that the other 'type' of person are those who supped on the forbidden fruit aeons of time ago and drew in dark emotional energy, energy that shows itself as anger, vanity, pride, criticism, jealousy, vindictiveness, greed or hatred etc. This is the energetic weight and course vibration that drew them away from paradise.

These are the people needing to seed their minds with my wisdom so that they have the opportunity to become free of the darkness within because if they fail they for an eternity will wail in excruciating agony.

People in this realm assume that their negative emotions are 'normal.' They are not, for having only pure light within ones soul is the 'norm.' Any dark energy drawn in causes 'friction, frustration and suffering' but this is an 'abnormal' spiritual state, believe you me.

The purpose of my 'mission' to earth is to reveal unto mankind the one and only possible way to free your soul of this dark energy since you cannot remove it with a butchers knife. If you do not make an effort then the result is that you will draw in more dark energy on and on in perpetuity due to ITS power. Ultimately your spirit soul will become crushed by the weight of the energy in the 'black hole' into which it is dragged.

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The Dark energy is a 'law' unto itself, meaning that it is 'unregulated' by anyone other than itself. It only causes you to suffer when you use it in your own interaction with others. It is Allah's Justice and it is absolutely Just. It is indestructible and any person being abused, cast out, or disadvantaged by this energy flowing through others is deserving of that 'fate.'

Just try and remember that at every moment in eternal time you defy the Command of the Creator and sup on the dark and negative energy, you infuse some of ITS destructive energy into your soul. Is is this infusion which 'coarsens' the vibration of your soul causing you to become more 'like IT is,' - - - insanely critical, vindictive, merciless, cruel, punitive and destructive.

Not only this, but the day does come when the 'balance' of energy within you 'tips' in that you become more negative than positive. Sadly from that moment on your 'race' is lost and your 'destiny' in the land of frost and suffering and agony and fire is assured. How and why? Because you have lost the capacity and the facility to be 'conscionable.' It follows that in every interaction with others you are forceful, controlling, aggressive and punitive because you have allowed your mind to be controlled by the Dark. 

The consequence of becoming 'possessed' by His Dark thoughts is that you have become His 'possession' and every 'return' due to you arising from your dark interaction with others is pain and suffering, loss and deprivation, agony and inner turmoil, anger and fear.

Please therefore try and 'bow' in obedience and conformity to Allah's wisdom given by me. Set your soul free and follow me as you THE INDIVIDUAL heed the call of Allah for YOU to:

 "Extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind."

Look only to TODAY and TRY and be kind, merciful and forgiving and thereby become happy. Accountability and 'Justice' is Allah's prerogative ONLY because only Allah and His energy can 'punish' without suffering because only Allah is 'above' His supreme Law. He is The Law, He is THE energy, and He not you, is Allah.

The present error of man's belief and 'thinking' ways is that man tries to destroy people perceived as evil. Man sees not that their inner dark energy is indestructible. Man sees not that as they try to punish or destroy the individual, at that moment they are using the very same evil force. As such they become the evil energy in action.

Let us now as 'individuals' bow in subservience to Allah and halt the use of negative energetic force and instead begin to show others the correct way forward by our peaceful example. Treat everyone with respect and give them your love and care in sharing this fresh wisdom. Thus you educate others and remain within the bounds of the Command of Allah and your suffering will cease.

The present error of man's belief and 'thinking' ways is that by 'belonging' to one or the other religious 'orders' or 'sects' which have been elevated by men and, by praising the names of 'mortals' and carrying out their 'rituals,' that this will elevate their soul.  It is ONLY the pure of heart and those with NO dark emotions within who have attained 'Salvation' and consequently have a 'passport' to the Promised Land. (Heaven)

Soon the Dark energy of Allah is to bring down every religion of man as well as every government system or institution of man, and bleakness and pain will be everywhere as the DARK evil energy balances ITS scales of Justice.  This it will do via the mind of the vain, arrogant, and ignorant. It is up to you to prepare your mind and heart for that time so that IT does not use YOU. You need to become a little self-sufficient so that you can assist any person sent by Allah to your door.

Remember the 'word' COMPREHENSION, for IF you can comprehend the reason for ONLY using positive, benign Light energy in your interaction at all times and in all situations then you will 'succeed.' Why? because you will only permit light energy to flow through your soul, and as it outpours upon others they too will FEEL 'Joy and happiness' and this feeling will via others return to YOU.

If you 'permit' Dark forceful malignant energy to flow through you and you cause 'terror and harm' to others for ANY reason, then that 'terrifying and agonising' future awaits you at a later date at the hands of the merciless.

IF you can comprehend that Allah's energy is intelligent and absolutely 'Just' in balancing its flow then Truth you do know.

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~ The Axis of EVIL & the Golden ROSE ~

The Axis of Evil is a liquid Dark and powerful Force that can easily 'discredit' a man and divorce him from his sanity. It is the universal Source of destructive, cruel, hateful, restless, merciless, unforgiving and malignant energy and is the opposite of the other aspect of the energy Source which is creative, kind, loving, harmonious, merciful, forgiving and benign.

Man ignorantly assumes that the essence of the spiritual realms predominantly referred to as Allah or God or Mungu is solely a ONE-sided affair that is only loving and benign. It is I the 'most high' to dismiss that BELIEF as ignorance and absolute error which leads all so believing into the AXIS OF EVIL which is comprised of pure AGONY and pure liquid TERROR.

How or why is this so? Because IT the Dark exists and by now one should this KNOW as so many speak and ACT for IT, the dark, in their interaction with others as they ITS devilish face and power unleash by imposing IT upon others causing havoc and suffering that follows.

Our Allah did say that HE forbade man to sup on IT His destructive power which has been named as "The fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of 'good and evil.'"

How or why is IT so named? Because before man defied Allah he was living in a heavenly 'space' known as a lovely, joyful, happy, exquisite paradise and because there was nothing else to compare IT to, it was not considered as being 'good v/s some other.' It was simply a NORMAL exquisite STATE of living.

It was ONLY when one was tempted to use dark energy in ones interaction with others that man was subjected to the return of suffering upon his own being. As a result of man being tempted to use dark energy man was then able to have the knowledge of both aspects of the Source, Good & Evil.

So I can but ADVISE that since you JUSTIFY continued defiance of Allah and JUSTIFY using His punitive, forceful and destructive DARK energy and you CRUSH or destroy OTHERS, - - - you draw IN this EVIL (Sin) into your own soul and as a consequence, you shroud your Allah-given core of love being your inner 'Rose' and you crush IT yourself. The result of that being that you are drawn down into the liquid PIT of EVIL in absolute despair.

Please follow and OBEY my FINAL message from Allah and only find the JUSTIFICATION to OBEY His "Peace & love & mercy & forgive" Command. Turn your backs to the warring vocal 'wolves' who lead their followers to the grave.

As you begin to ONLY use Allah's LIGHT and merciful and loving ENERGY in your interaction with others, your inner ROSE grows and eventually has a 'gold' tinge, and this liquid inner LOVE draws your soul UP into ITS eternal loving space.

Try and comprehend that the Axis of Evil Dark ENERGY is Allah's energy. Try and comprehend that IT, the dark energy, when used by you against another, * has to 'balance its books' within the LAW of Return of ENERGY and IT returns upon your head or that of any arrogant 'infidel' user who used IT.* It always returns at the 'hands' of some equally vain, arrogant or ignorant individual.

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Note:  used by you against another, * - OR - user who used IT.* - There is a very deep truth exposed here being, - - - it is not actually true that one is using this destructive force but more so, that when we are 'weak minded' or 'open minded' the Dark force intrudes forcefully and telepathically and therefore factually USES THE PERSON to carry out ITS requirement of fulfilling ITS Law of return.

This is why many people exceed their intended activity since IT the force takes complete control of their MIND. Woe indeed because when this occurs one then has to suffer all it did VIA THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS. The dark energy is forceful and intrusive and possessive. 

When the leaders of two armies 'dwell' on their next move against their perceived enemy they see NOT that He the invisible Dark Sovereign Power is in control of them ALL telepathically. He is the ONE leading their minds 'possessively' into a position whereby He can fulfil and maximise the imposition of suffering and destruction upon all needing that 'correction.' So, in order to balance His 'Scales of Justice' of presently outstanding debts the combatants are used but, all the while the combatants are imposing it they accrue a further spiritual due within His 'eye for an eye' LAW.

Note: Deeper insight: The Light or Dark energy of THE SOURCE is ITSELF bound by the 'law of energy.' The Light or Dark energy of the Source is a static force until such time as it is USED by the ACTIONS of man since man's actions cause IT to FLOW. Once it has been used then IT the benign or malignant energy USED must balance itself some time ahead and return upon the 'head' of the one who used IT.

As this page is mainly referring to the 'lost' race who have been 'spell-bound' by THE DARK energy I will now refer to IT and ITS use by man who presently continue to use ITS punitive power against others in an attempt to NOT suffer at the hands of others being used by IT.

Since this destructive punitive DARK energy is bound by its own Law, it can ONLY do unto YOU what you DESERVE to have done unto you because of your own past negative or punitive actions up to that point in time. (Debts accrued to IT as you used IT in your interaction with another)

In the true sense of perfect Justice, the Dark is in FACT to be seen as a friend to be 'welcomed' because it will ONLY do unto you EXACTLY what you did to others and THUS in fact IT sets you FREE as long as you do not retaliate and accrue a further due to IT.

What 'simpleton' man needs to see is that the Light energy is truthful but the Dark energy is a 'twisted mirror' with the capacity to distort and deceive the reality. Once deceived, the user of the dark energy becomes 'blinded' by ITS power because they believe that they are justified in defying Allah as they RETALIATE to set the 'other' right doing so punitively and mercilessly.

It is thus that man is exposed to great suffering and NEVER becomes spiritually free because, each time he is abused he is IMMEDIATELY given the JUSTIFICATION in his mind  by the DARK to 'consider' retributive interaction.

I can but add: Never confront people for the purpose of punishment but extend your love and forgiveness. Your 'grace' must have NO 'end nor bounds.' Remember, those dealing out Justice are being used by IT and IT has them in ITS merciless 'grip' and your task for Allah is to educate them and set them free from ITS influence.

You must NEVER 'draw a line in the sand' no matter who upsets you, because if you do, then it simply means that IT the Dark again has YOU in ITS merciless grip for the intent of using you to BE IT IN ACTION. (A mercenary of the Dark)

If anyone invades your property, steals your goods, evicts or dispossesses you forcefully, then IT the Dark is simply setting you free and the 'poor' souls being used accrue your now 'paid' debts of loss or suffering upon their own heads. Go your way in PEACE and strengthen your mind so that never again will you be 'enticed' to go forth and burn down their homes in a V - for vendetta retaliation.

Remember, any DEMAND you impose as restitution is THE DARK IN ACTION via you.

At the time appointed by Allah, His 'singing sabre' or double-edged sword of retribution will come your way. I can but ADVISE you to stand with 'bowed head' in shame at your past and be unarmed with open palms as you await your FATE in the foreknowledge that your Allah is finally setting you FREE for eternity. Be courageous in the foreknowledge that HE our Creator IS ABSOLUTELY JUST and thus He will ONLY spill the exact amount of 'blood or suffering' that you or your servants imposed upon others.

Errant man must try and understand that LIBERTY is ONLY attained through PEACE and NON-retaliation in the face of confrontation or adversity. The 'warriors' of BOTH sides of any CONFLICT are all being used by and controlled by the SAME DARK 'devilish' FORCE.

Every 'warrior' is a TERRORIST irrespective of their 'mandate' or ilk. They all accrue a painful 'due' to IT the Dark for all the suffering they impose and all 'darken' their OWN inner spiritual 'Rose' with more SIN and their spirit soul falls further into darkness in the after-life.

I can but AGAIN state that those causing harm for IT or permitting IT (The Dark energy essence) to use their psyche through their ignorance or arrogance are simply stupidly permitting IT to use them to balance ITS 'Scales of justice' and as said before, - - - NONE can avoid the RETURN imposition of ITS 'Law in action' upon their own heads as IT later returns via the minds or hands of other ignorant mortals.

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The explanation of the 'eye for an eye' or EQUAL Return unto the user of the benign or destructive energy of the Source named Allah is very simple, for it is exactly the same as the scientific Law of energy movement - "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

This is why Allah's Law is spoken of as being absolute justice because it actually means that we can never be forced to suffer more than what we deserve to suffer. It is NOT 'man' in control of the imposition of suffering or destruction, it is THE ENERGY ESSENCE OF THE SOURCE that operates clandestinely through the mind and hand of mankind.

There is never any problem when people are loving and kind and giving to us, for we are happy to so receive and we do not retaliate in a negative manner. The problem for mankind is when others are interfering, controlling, aggressive, punitive or warlike against us, for at that moment we are unhappy, angry or fearful and we FIGHT to defend so that we do not suffer or LOSE something.

It actually means that we are UNHAPPY TO RECEIVE our DUES that we imposed upon others personally or via our servants at some prior time. It is thus that when we retaliate and cause harm in attack or self-defence that we actually accrue a further penalty DUE within the ABSOLUTELY JUST LAW OF Allah.

Regrettably, man believes FALSELY that if he has a 'legal' or official mandate to fight or defend himself that he is ABOVE THE LAW of both man and Allah. This is so because, we are all forbidden by man's RULES to be aggressive terrorists causing harm, and we are also so forbidden within Allah's COMMAND of: "Love one another."

It is my task to awaken everyone to THE FACT  that when we defy Allah and cause harm, that the RESULT is very simple indeed. We ARE then subjected to the SAME RETURN OF SUFFERING at a later time within the LAW of Return of THE DARK ENERGY OF Allah.

When you or your servants USE force against others and cause harm, loss, suffering etc., then ahead, others will use force against YOU and you will and MUST SUFFER THE SAME in order for the ENERGY to 'satisfy' ITSELF within ITS immutable AND absolutely JUST Law.

Thus it is 'fruitless' to go to war and kill the enemy, for the enemy IS NOT THE PROBLEM, the problem is the INVISIBLE DARK ENERGY that is in TELEPATHIC and 'possessive' control of the opposing people and flowing through their minds and hands to balance ITS books through ALL COMBATANTS.

The ENERGY causing the problem is UNTOUCHABLE and suffers NAUGHT. In fact IT feels 'glee' as IT flows through YOU and also when IT flows back to YOU via others later. Please now awaken to my TRUTH, for why would you spill the blood of others and traumatise their families in the foreknowledge that you and 'yours' WILL BE FORCED TO FEEL THE EXACT SAME ON ANOTHER DAY OR TIME IN THIS WORLD OR THE NEXT.

If you are not personally involved in terrorising others or destroying them or their property, then you are indeed foolish if you support, condone or FUND 'warriors' or police to go forth IN YOUR NAME and inflict agony or death or any sort of punishment upon others.

Peace and love and mercy and EDUCATION is the way forwards.

Those who now continue to let IT (the Dark) use them and contaminate their souls are by IT to be BURNT in ITS eternal FIRE.

My message to all is Allah's grace extended to you to TRY and SAVE you. Remember, the 'trip' or journey to the Light of Heaven OR to the Dark Axis of Evil below is an entirely and uniquely PERSONAL one. Do NOT follow the masses of illiterate people by being one of the defiant of Allah people. Do NOT support or fund warmongers.

All warmongers and their 'Chiefs of Staff' personnel* are controlled by and from the AXIS OF EVIL telepathically.

Aggression begets aggression - Mercy begets mercy


Note: personnel* - Government officials make use of hundreds of advisors to formulate their decisions. Since these decisions are in respect of control, regulation, subjugation, interference, punishment, injury, invasion or killing, (The domain of dark energy) it follows that the minds of all advisors are open to the Dark force and IT mesmerises, hypnotises and spell-binds them possessively as stated, by telepathy.

It follows that all their decisions are in contravention of the Command of Allah; peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.  

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~ The 'living' Allah ~

As you begin to live with an 'enlightened consciousness' you also comprehend the 'living' Allah because you do then see our Allah's ENERGY in action at all times and in all 'places,' as IT, Allah's energy, flows freely through the soul of man in every aspect of their lives and in their interaction with others.

Yes, our Allah our 'creator or destroyer' is ALIVE and Her or His 'intelligence' flows through us as 'thoughts' that have their origin from 'whichever' level of consciousness ones MIND is linked to. This is dependent upon our emotions being 'felt' at that particular moment in time.

Since we do 'feel and think' and USE either aspect of the Light or Dark energy, we ARE 'as' Allah in our interaction with others because we ARE either GIVING with LOVE using the Light energy or we ARE 'taking' or forcefully imposing the Dark energy. Both of these energies are the eternally available ENERGY of Allah that we can and do give to another.

Both energies are a LAW unto themselves - both energies return unto the USER via other users.

So now you see the REASON to be ONLY THE LIGHT OF Allah in action eternally for then we ONLY receive back the benign Light flowing to us via others in their interaction with us, as IT the Light of Allah balances ITS 'Scales of justice' so to speak. Only thus are we happy and contented because only Light energy flows back to us.

I have now lived for 74 years of which much time was in 'darkest' Africa where trouble and turmoil was evident and I do know that the 'destructive' ENERGY of Allah also exists. IT THE dark is 'torture, travail, utter agony, anguish, liquid terror, hatred' and more. So 'why' do we allow ourselves to be tempted by IT or tempted by the 'rules in a book' that allows us to use this forceful, destructive and controlling energy in our interaction with others?

When will man 'learn' that forceful, destructive and controlling energy DOES COME BACK with a fiery BURN?

You are responsible for the flow of either energy flowing through you. You are also partially responsible for any negative energy flowing from your servants to others who are thus harmed. The one thing you cannot 'control' is Allah's 'balancing' return flow 'to or upon' YOU via others.

The Creator exists. The Creator has mental intelligence which is 'supreme' having no 'end.' The Creator contains the all powerful invisible spiritual energies within His~Her frame, everywhere present, all wisdom, all knowledge, all emotional feelings.

The Creator created YOU and bestows all ITS attributes upon you and gives you the 'freedom' to 'live or die' but understand, - - - your spirit soul never 'dies.' Spiritual death simply means one is existing for an eternity in the dark below where suffering is ongoing and felt eternally in THAT 'space.' So 'why' choose eternal GRIEF?

The two 'energies' of the Creator are a Law unto themselves and these energies are 'all knowing, all seeing' and absolutely 'Just' in their equitable flow 'back and forth' as YOU use THEM. As said above, the return cannot be nullified nor avoided irrespective of YOUR belief around the issue of 'mandates' or legitimacy etc. What you express comes back; good for good - pain for pain. (Absolute justice)

The new revelations of this time REVEALS how and 'why' we have slipped 'down' the gullet of the Snake to find ourselves experiencing unpleasant mental, emotional and physical trauma due to the impositions of others living in this realm of consciousness.

To climb UP the 'ladder' and OUT of your situation you need to USE your Allah given mental energy (The director) to ASK Allah via the 'Star Prayer' to remove the confusion from your mind which has accumulated. This will enable you to:

See the light and REASON - comprehend what is given - see the error of the ways of man - withstand the mental and emotional onslaught and survive it - conform to Allah's 'peace & love' command - go your way in peace and begin to halt your use of dark energy as you MERCIFULLY FORGIVE OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY DO TO YOU and - - - stop supporting and funding the persecution of others via governing institutions.

Believe you me, within your 'sweet loving soul' there does exist and all knowing intelligence which responds to your call. Ask, seek, and you will find. If you are searching for 'peace, order, and inner harmony' you will find IT.

If you are searching for 'all power, control and domination' over other children of Allah then you will 'find' it as you slither your way DOWN TO THE PLACE where our Allah 'crushes' all 'pretenders' to His Throne. Yes He crushes them into 'oblivion.'

The dark energy (sin) within you is eternally restless and discontented and if you have IT within you (negative emotions) then you can never find inner peace. Please take this once in an eternity opportunity to free yourself of ITS influence.

I can but reiterate: Allah is Allah, not you nor the rules you use against others.
Allah can 'enforce,' there is NO need for you to so do.

Become an educator and set others and yourself FREE.

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~ Allah calling ~

Unless or until you fully comprehend the dual divine nature of Allah's ENERGY, (Allah, for Allah is the sum total of all energy) you will continue to be deceived by the DARK aspect of Allah's energy into 'Justifying' your continued use of IT. You must ONLY be the LIGHT energy in action with ITS mercy, compassion, love and forgiveness.


Non comprehension of this document means that you will definitely consign your OWN soul to the Abyss of eternal suffering (excruciating pain) and eternal damnation due to your continued arrogance or ignorance of the INCOMPREHENSIBLE Power of the energy essence of the SOURCE, a source of which your soul is comprised and thus only a 'miniscule' part thereof.

Allah is pure energy having 'twin' (2) unique opposing polarities.
Both have their OWN individual and thus unique NATURE.

The ONE energy is PURE Dark containing all known and unknown negative emotions. (liquid hatred, anger, jealousy, criticism, vanity, pride etc.) Its nature is absolutely DESTRUCTIVE but it is not 'evil,' it simply IS what it IS - Pure Dark. Its nature is absolutely deceptive, cruel, hateful, callous, dishonest, cold, hard, discontented and totally merciless, dispassionate, vengeful, malignant and unforgiving.  (IT is Allah the Father.)

This DARK energetic FORCE cannot 'bear' to have any 'opposition' and IT 'wins' all 'battles.' It follows that any person using some of ITS energy not only contaminate their own soul with said energy, but they then become ITS 'sworn' enemy which IT sets out to DESTROY.

This it achieves over eternal time by enticing YOU to keep using IT, the dark energy, in your merciless and unforgiving interaction with others. Sadly, you eventually draw in so much of this DARK energy that your soul falls into the Dark's depths through YOUR OWN STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE.

This Dark energy is so 'dark and convincing' that when using IT the individual believes that they are doing good, even being righteous as they interfere, control, regulate, punish or destroy others because these 'others' are perceived by ITS energy within them to be bad and needing to be 'corrected' or destroyed.

The DARK aspect is totally malignant, deceptive and DESTRUCTIVE.


The ONE energy is PURE Light with all known and unknown positive emotions. (Liquid love, joy, happiness etc.) Its nature is absolutely CREATIVE and it is not 'good' per se because it simply IS what it IS. Its nature is warm, loving, soft, kind, respectful, honest, caring, sharing, compassion, merciful, benign and forgiving.

This LIGHT energetic POWER has NO 'opposition' and has NO enemies as IT welcomes all into ITS fold. It follows that any person using some of ITS energy becomes filled with Light. When they have NO Dark energy within their soul the DARK energy aspect 'loves' them as they ARE a delight in ITS sight.

The LIGHT aspect is totally benevolent, truthful and CREATIVE.

Both energies of Allah (The Source) have infinite intelligence and, - - - they are 'bound' by THE LAW of their unique NATURE. The Law for both is the SAME: "Whichever energy you USE in your interaction with others returns to you VIA others. This return can be either benign or malignant, creative or destructive  ~ on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis."

Both 'permit' you to use their energy in your interaction with others but, - - - due to IT fulfilling ITS energy return at the time and in the place IT so ordains, when you use the ONE you suffer and when you use the other ONE you are happy.

What you put OUT you get BACK - you receive what you DESERVE


good for good given
pain for pain given

As 'each' of you now suffers, let ALL KNOW that YOU imposed IT upon others before. Be it in this or a prior life time.

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The 'energy' of Allah is more refined than any 'indelible' tape or ink, and it records all activity carried out by you as IT the benign positive or forceful negative energy of Allah flows though you in your interaction with others. Yes, it flows through you and onwards, out into the spiritual ether from where it came, but as said, it recorded every moment of 'shame' or 'glory' in your use of it depending upon the moment by moment story of your eternal life.

It knows the 'impact' that it had upon the other, and it knows the full 'consequence' of every activity whether loving or cruel. At some stage it returns to 'call' at your 'door' in order to set its own 'balance' so to speak.  Since all energy is 'of' Allah it follows that when IT returns it is 'Allah calling' and presenting either the 'energy essence' of HIM the merciless Father or HER the benign Mother as 'payback' to you.

The Benign Tribute for deeds done by you in this or a prior 'life' time in spirit is;

A smile, a loving touch, sweet words whispered in your ear, a kindness, the giving of a gift, a welcome visit that makes you feel happy, joyful and at peace within.

The Vengeful Retribution for deeds done by you in this or a prior 'life' time in spirit is;

A bully at school using you as a 'punch bag' - a 'lout' breaking into your home stealing and smashing your things - an armed man kidnapping you from your home and incarcerating you for a time whether that intruder is a terrorist or some other 'swine' wearing a police uniform - a soldier kicking in your door and shooting you - a terrorist bomb attack that leaves you 'broken' and bloodied and incapacitated or dead.

Let it be CLEARLY understood that the benign or malignant energy of Allah is the 'instigator' backing every 'activity' of every person.

Let it be CLEARLY understood that when you cause harm to another 'justifiably' then you are not 'hurting' the dark energy within them which caused them to be swine but, you are hurting the person and as a consequence, when the same 'energy' is used by another person to harm you, the energy within you is not 'harmed' it is only your flesh that is harmed. You may also feel emotionally distressed.

Let it be CLEARLY understood that when an 'aggressor' abuses you it is Allah the Father the Dark Sovereign Power 'calling in' His spiritual dues which were accrued by you or by your servants who abused others in your name and on your behalf. (Government officials or gang members on behalf of their 'boss.')

When 'darkness' comes your way - there is something 'unpleasant' which you must 'suffer & pay' before you are set free.
When 'light' comes your way - something 'lovely' is coming your way for being kind and loving in the past to a sister or brother.

Let it be CLEARLY understood that users of Allah's Dark energy need education, not punishment. Can you now see the 'reason' why?

Every person using benign energy receives an 'equal' return of IT within ITS immutable Law.
Every person using malignant energy receives an 'equal' return of IT within ITS immutable Law.

The road to Salvation is a personal journey.

Allah the LIGHT is calling you 'home' through my pen.

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~ The Reality of THE FATHER ~

Everyone has the ASSUMPTION that 'all's well' - - - because they 'think': "Our Allah is a loving, merciful, kind and forgiving Allah so we can 'shit' on everyone and persecute them and we can cause them harm via our servants or directly and still be forgiven or saved by someone else." Or, maybe they do not believe that there IS such a 'thing' as a 'Allah' or a superior being or energetic essence with the POWER to uplift or destroy them.

Let me the 'all-seeing' BE perfectly 'frank,' for if I am not, then YOU are truly LOST.

Allah the Father is comprised of ALL known and unknown DARK, negative and absolutely destructive energy. This 'mass' is totally inconceivable by you in ITS 'size' or 'mass' because IT is literally ENDLESS. IF the known and unknown material universe around 'us' was as big as a single grain of sand on the beach, then His 'frame' would be bigger than all the grains of sand on every beach on earth. Try and comprehend this please.

This Dark ENERGY has a 'face' and is all knowing, all seeing and indestructible. IT is also absolutely and much colder than ICE, it is more than 'rock' hard and is in fact harder than any known substance and IT has a LAW and ITS totality is that IT is a "Law unto ITSELF."




IT is ALL POWERFUL & destructive by NATURE

IT is comprised of anger, hatred, jealousy, criticism, vanity, pride, fear, greed, lust, vindictiveness etc.


It is totally terrifying and very FOREBODING indeed. It is so DARK and invisible in its 'blackness' that IT is incomprehensible to behold. YOU see IT not and neither do you see ITS eternal intent being; to destroy all competitors and to mete out ITS 'eye for an eye' retributive JUSTICE but more fearful than all the above IS, the truth that as you use IT in your interaction with others by causing them pain, loss, suffering and deprivation as you bring them to 'account,' you actually feel GOOD or happy and JUSTIFIED in so doing.

Why is this so? Because as THE ENERGY 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice' IT feels good and happy and this is the REASON why Allah said: "If you sup on the fruit of this tree of the knowledge of good and evil you will die in your sin" because, the 'eating' or 'using' of His ALL-POWERFUL energy feels good, tastes good and keeps YOU drawing IT into your soul. Sadly you eventually become of the same 'nature' as HE, - - - vindictive, merciless, controlling, interfering, PUNITIVE, seizing all, unforgiving and TOTALLY destructive and as said - HE then destroys you for your defiance of HIM in your 'stealing' of His energy as you TRIED to 'emulate' HIM.

He is Allah not you - ONLY His energy is above ITS own Law, NOT YOU - IT (His energy) is THE LAW.

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The dark energy of the Father is totally 'restless' and discontented and there is ONLY ONE THING which HE is satisfied with and which gives Him eternal PLEASURE.

IT is the She the PURE LIGHT, His 'bride,' positive LOVE energy which shines forth from His FIRE, being His DESIRE.

IT and only IT 'warms' His ice cold HEART and He ONLY shares IT with those PURE OF HEART who have NO dark energy within (sin) because HE would NOT be 'happy' if there was even a single 'speck' of His dark energy in His SIGHT because it would be a 'blot' upon His eternally moving 'canvas' of Creation.

Try and understand that He 'brooks' NO 'contenders' to His throne, and anybody so foolish or ignorant or arrogant as to defy HIM is by HIM 'one' to BE destroyed by HIM. Yes, the moment you defy His Command and 'steal' some of His dark energy (Sin, negative emotions) you have become a worthless seed not worthy to exist in His Light and ONE to BE destroyed by HIS DARK ENERGY.

Anybody having any negative energy within is of NO 'interest' to Him because He is only interested with observing what is happening in His LIGHT of Paradise (heaven) and He 'delights' with all taking place therein BUT, - - - anyone having even one speck of dark energy within is a person who has become a person of 'interest' to THE SERPENT, being His eternal 'slave' with ITS own uncountable demonic forces to being about True 'eye for an eye' Justice.

Yes, those who defy His 'peace, mercy, forgive and only love' Command, become ONE to BE 'examined' and consequently 'deceived, coerced, misled, punished, injured, tortured, and destroyed.' These will be coerced and thus FORCED to continue using His dark energy so that they continue TO DRAW MORE IN, resulting in them being drawn down and down and DOWN over an eternity or two until ultimately after an 'awful' lot of suffering along the way, they fall into the ETERNAL fire.

So if YOU are a person defiant of His Command in any way as everyone today appears to BE, then you cannot help but KNOW 'who' your enemy really is, that being HE and His dark energy and I can assure you that HE wins every battle. All you are actually doing as you use FORCE to control, manipulate, steal, punish or kill is that you ARE drawing IN more and more of His dark energy into your soul through your negative interaction with others. This truly does mean that you are ON the road to hell.

His invisible power is so great that YOU do NOT see that His earthly forces inspired by THE Serpent and ITS forces use RULES backed by threat and coercion to keep YOU absolutely JUSTIFIED in continuing to fund and support and condone HIS interfering, controlling, extortionist, punitive, merciless and unforgiving ways (Justifiably) so as to ensure YOUR downfall.

Man sees NOT the absolute POWER of the DARK energy within which exists eternally and which brings with it the emotions of liquid VENGEANCE and liquid HATRED and liquid merciless and unforgiving RETRIBUTION.

This means that when you or any have used the DARK POWER in your interaction with any other in defiance of THE  'love one another' COMMAND, the DARK essence does ITS 'utmost' FOREVER to keep you using ITS energy so that it can FOREVER (Justifiably & legally) 'berate' and punish you within ITS 'eye for an eye ~ equal return' Law and, - - - worse still, - - -

As you continue to use ITS Dark energy in your interaction with others, ITS energy 'sticks' or continues to grow within you and contaminate your soul FOREVER until your spirit soul IS 'inky black and liquid evil inside.' When this happens to a soul over eternal time, it is drawn further away from the Light until it falls into the depths of utter darkness, savagery, insane turmoil, agony and destruction.

You have been 'warned,' and IF you are so arrogant as to defy His 'bride's' FINAL message through me then, - - - that IS your personal choice to suffer for an eternity and to then FRY for another eternity - - -

He the Father 'The DARK energy essence' of the Source feels 'joyous' as IT/He balances HIS malignant 'Scales of Justice' using hatred.

She the 'The LIGHT energy essence' of the Source feels 'joyous' as IT/She balances HER beneficent 'Scales of Justice' using love.

Both aspects of Allah's ENERGY are absolute and 'utter' PERFECTION.

A hot 'fire' is neither 'good nor evil' as IT simply is what it IS.

Cool water is neither 'good nor evil' as IT simply is what it IS.

Neither energies of Allah are 'good nor evil' they simply are what they ARE.

Living in the Light of Heaven one knows not the difference between these energies for only the 'nice' one is active in that 'space' and we are happy. When we defy Allah and 'sup' of His DARK energy (the forceful powerful & destructive forbidden fruit) then as ITS 'comeback return' within ITS Law is PAINFUL, we then KNOW and have THE KNOWLEDGE of the difference between 'good & evil' so to speak.

Page 17

~ The REAL & ONLY enemy of man ~

Pure liquid EVIL energy

Outside of the pure Light of heaven there exists an invisible 'mist' of Dark energy which pervades every 'realm' of consciousness below the Light. This Dark essence has such an 'attractive power,' that IT draws everything to itself. Thus at ITS 'base' (The pit of the Abyss) it is a solid mass of such 'weight and pressure' that it 'self ignited' aeons of time ago. This is the eternal flame that transforms the negative Dark energy into positive Light energy, and IT (the fire) burns forever and ever and ever.

This energy (Dark) has its own unique characteristics of absolute power, destructive intent and super intelligence, and IT is comprised of all known and unknown negative emotions. IT the pure EVIL is absolutely cruel, malignant and destructive and is opposite in nature in every way to the pure LOVE emanating from the Light with ITS harmony and benign, happy and joyful emotions.

The Dark essence seeks to INTERFERE and cause disharmony, pain, loss etc., to man, and is what man uses or is used by in his interaction with others. When man 'gives in' to the 'tempting' thoughts arising in his MIND, man then JUSTIFIABLY goes forth disturbing the peace of others.

In FACT, it is the dark energy which is USING man and flowing through their soul and mind and hand as IT metes out retributive vengeance so as to 'balance' ITS 'Scales of Justice' against some other who had caused another to suffer in the past.

Man only uses this 'evil' energy because some of IT (negative emotions) is within mans soul. Thus as man is used by or uses this destructive force, he FEELS 'happy & justified' when he is punishing the other because, IT (Dark energy) is happy when meting out JUSTICE.

Man being used BY the Dark sees NOT his error simply because man is not the DARK but ITS 'instrument.' IT the Dark is above ITS Law of return however, mankind is not. Mankind being USED by IT is NOT above 'The Law' of the Dark energy. (Allah)

In fact, this Dark energy is NOT 'evil' per se, for IT is simply what it IS. IT has a specific 'nature,' and if man is so vain or arrogant or ignorant as to use IT, then man places himself INTO eternal suffering because Allah is superior in intelligence to man. Once man uses IT then the dark energy will keep man bound to using IT or being used BY it so that IT can cause man to suffer FOREVER. Man's arrogance in believing they are as mighty as IT is what traps everyone.

In FACT as stated, the invisible energy essence of THE SOURCE, Allah, is the REAL & ONLY enemy of man because IT 'convinces' man to be ITS 'instrument' of:


IT then keeps man 'locked into' being ITS 'eye for an eye' Law of punitive RETURN enforcer and ongoing suffering and loss takes place.

When a 'violent' man being used by IT bashes his wife or kills a member of the public, he is telepathically 'possessed' by IT and mentally 'disturbed' by IT and justified by IT to do what IT is doing VIA his mind and hand.

IT (The dark) metes out ITS 'Justice' when IT so decides, and the person being injured may in FACT be paying their dues from a long distant past, (pre-birth possibly) as their spirit soul has existed for eternal time.

It is also the SAME 'process' when a magistrate metes out a fine or issues an eviction notice or a jail term. Indeed the same Dark energy is in operation JUSTIFYING these punitive measures. IT uses the 'supposedly' legal or mandated decrees of ITS 'servants' the politicians and judiciary. All punishment is meted out by the DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE, Allah VIA the mind and hand of THE IGNORANT who see NOT their own dues to Allah mounting.

All persons causing 'harm or loss' or those who are punishing others 'legitimately' ARE abusers who ARE disturbing the peace of others. All such persons ARE using Allah's liquid EVIL force and all place their own fate into ITS 'hands and Law.' All suffer the SAME 'fate' in this life or the next realm as that which they imposed on others.

As YOU 'permit' the DARK to use you to cause harm, some of ITS energy grows within your soul. Thus you become more 'as it' and you become more callous, unconscionable and self-righteous because you become more determined to use 'force and punishment' to 'Right the wrongs' of others.

Terrible indeed is your FATE as you become a 'faithful' servant of THE DARK aspect of the Source. (Father) Eventually, your soul becomes an 'inky' black DEMON abiding forever in the dark below and suffering on in perpetuity.

Violence begets violence. The more you support and use rules to impose punishment, the more rules and added punishments are IMPOSED by THE DARK via the minds of ITS servants, the politicians and their enforcers.

The DARK energy essence never 'sleeps,' - - - IT is an eternally active force that can be active in the minds of some both day and night FOREVER if they give IT access for too long. Many a warmonger 'planner' schemes and plots endlessly as IT (The dark) keeps their minds 'awake' 24/7 as IT via them makes ITS 'plan' to invade some other land so as to mete out RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE or to TAKE from its inhabitants what they took from others before.

Man is extremely IGNORANT and has absolutely NO comprehension of the infinite intelligence and capacity of Allah's ENERGY. Be IT the 'love' Light or IT the hateful destructive force that consumes all and destroys all IT pervades.

Only those of you who now 'listen to me' the messenger of the Most High SHE the Light will become free from HE the dark avenger who IS THE ENEMY of everyone who 'steals' or uses His 'forbidden to use' energy.

Page 18

~ The inner energy 'Account' ~

'balancing the 'books'

The universal spiritual 'inner and outer' ENERGY mass is a 'LAW UNTO ITSELF' for SURE. It is similar to the 'Reserve Bank' being a 'currency' that of its 'energy' GIVES freely out to any whom of IT would USE as they upon others ITS power 'diffuse' through their ACTIVITY during their interaction whether that be IT the 'benign or malignant.'


The 'law' of ENERGY stipulates that there must be and is an EQUAL return for the LOVE energy (benign) or the BURN energy (malignant) USED.

Yes, when you use DARK forceful destructive energy and you others control, injure, dispossess, frighten, punish, condemn or BURN, - - - all the 'suffering or loss' and emotional anguish you imposed MUST upon your own 'head' and soul RETURN. (Absolute Justice)

Yes, when you use LIGHT loving creative energy and you are GIVING of your kindness, love, compassion, merciful forgiveness and CARE to them uplift, - - - all so lovingly given MUST upon your own 'head' and soul RETURN. (Absolute Justice)

This FACT all must now LEARN and, - - - the 'Master Accountant' is the Sovereign Power Allah who IS the ENERGY mass, and thus SHE ~ HE are the 'ones' to RETURN unto thee of their 'aspects' of the ENERGY used, at the time and in the place so ordained by THEIR consciousness, NOT YOURS.

So here we all 'stand' at TODAY so please 'listen' carefully to 'WHAT' I have to say:

"For an eternity, most of- you have been very controlling, unkind, disrespectful and 'rude' to every other 'dude,' (person) and being VAIN and arrogant you have caused a lot of PAIN knowingly or unknowingly personally or via servants."

This 'activity' has been 'permitted' by HE the Father for all the suffering imposed by you was the 'due' accrued by the OTHER in their past for their own vanity and arrogant insanity as they were also RUDE. But NOW, - - - each and every ONE of you will BE imposed upon by HE operating clandestinely from far away, and ALL have accrued DUES to PAY.

Prepare to 'suffer or cry or die' in NON retaliation as 'great powers and forces' knock down your 'gate' and insanely 'pay back' your dues to YOU. If you do retaliate, then you accrue a further due AND for Heaven you will BE "too late."

I ADD, - - - for those of you who lovingly did share your heart and 'care' - - - IT too will return and you will be 'protected' from the WRATH of HE for His Dark demonic forces below already KNOW 'who' you BE, and they will NOT 'harass nor injure' THEE.

Try and comprehend that every day you are observing the energy of Allah flowing through the mind and hands of others. Be IT the benign loving energy aspect of the Source or the malignant hateful energy aspect of the Source flowing through others. In every 'case' the recipient of either aspect is RECEIVING something they put OUT at a prior time in eternity as THE ENERGY balances ITS 'books.'

Try and UNDERSTAND that whatever you DO unto others reference 'kindness or punitively' you are doing IT unto YOURSELF because, the energy expressed 'positive or negative' comes BACK TO YOU 'lovingly or cruelly' at the time and in the place CHOSEN by the ENERGY, and IT is divine intelligence which is infinitely superior to yours.

The LIGHT does it utmost to UPLIFT you - IT is 'sanity & rational & reasonable'

The DARK does its UTMOST to put you DOWN - IT is 'insanity & irrational & unreasonable'

Sinners are those who have defied their Allah and thus drawn IN the 'sin' being negative emotional ENERGY and ITS 'attributes' are of merciless un-forgiveness and more as given on page 12 above. So 'what' do we do 'to' and 'with' said persons who disturb the peace of others in one way or another and impose their demands forcefully?

Do we punish or dispossess them and cast them into the desert or kill them and thus BE as they are and thus also USE dark energy in our interaction and suffer the consequences? - - - OR - - - Do we use the LIGHT merciful and compassionate and forgiving energy and remain FREE from the DARK contaminating us as we EDUCATE lovingly and receive a benign return within Allah's LAW?

The answer is OBVIOUS to the SANE

Page 19

~ The 'heart throb' of Allah ~

Every 'trillion trillion' years or so Allah's heart does throb and this I do know. It's 'beat' is similar to your own heart 'beat' but it does not pump out any 'blood,' it simply outpours the energy essence of spiritual life that flows mightily as it energises all Light life, being the essence of creation emanating from 'She' His wife.

This great outpouring fuelled by His burning desire flows in perpetuity and is your spiritual 'gratuity,' being the sustenance that feeds your spirit soul as it permeates everything that He did create, and the outpouring rolls forth as a huge 'breath' that slows momentarily prior to the next moment in eternal time when His heart does again throb.

Why is this important to know at this point in eternal time? Because it is ONLY at this 'beat' of His heart that lasts a 'few' years is there enough Light energy flowing forth with the 'accelerated' power to 'expel, draw out, purge, cleanse' Dark energy out of your soul and thus to purify it. Yes it does remove much of the Dark energy that you foolishly drew in over countless millions of years, and thus set you free.

But, if you cannot try and help yourself by halting the ingress of dark energy due to ongoing ignorance, arrogance, or a 'mercenary wage,' then you will still be 'contaminated' by IT the Dark at the time soon at hand when the purging Light 'slows' so to speak, and due to the nature and power of the dark energy still within you, it will slowly entice you to continue to use IT in your interaction with others, and you then slide backwards and downwards all over again.

Try and 'imagine' how long eternity is, and try to understand that there may be as many as a 'zillion' realms of energy between the pure Light of heaven and the pit of the abyss, and thus if you now fail to become free spiritually there is an eternity of deprivation, frustration, loss, suffering, emotional turmoil and physical 'torture' etc., awaiting you in far distant lands at the hands of the truly merciless, and they are very strong and over time you will become as one with them due to their 'cruelty' and coercive power.

Remember, anger and fear and hatred ARE the dark energy within you, and the dark energy Justifies more and more rules and regulations to convince you that the use of IT and ITS 'energy' and ITS 'control' and ITS 'force' is the only way to have 'orderliness' and safety and peace. This is error.

The Dark has always been in existence, and it has successfully deceived everyone into believing the need for 'protection' and warriors to wage war on the enemy, and soldiers and other bearers of weapons are seen as 'honourable' and 'fallen' warriors are glorified. All to NO 'end,' for they were the deceived that now either sit and suffer or slave and fight on in 'blood & mud' in dark realms below.

My 'task' on earth is to write enough to assist you to see the reason and necessity for conforming to Allah's "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness" Command, and to also give you the 'expertise' to help you to see the difference of right action from wrong action so that you can help Allah's Light energy to set you free.

Try and understand that as Allah's energy is both Light & Dark, Benign and Creative & Malignant and destructive, that whatever energy you use in your interaction with others infuses your soul with ITS vibration and mass and, - - - similarly as to this material level of consciousness wherein exist 'black holes' of great magnitude that 'attract' and 'swallow up' and destroy everything approaching ITS frequency force, there exist in spirit realms equally attractive forces of even greater magnitude that draw your spirit soul into ITS 'fold' IF your soul has the same vibration frequency. Like for like. The more Dark energy you infuse into your soul in your interaction with others the deeper into the DARK your soul falls.

Let Allah's outpouring Light energy purge you of the darkness you drew in. (The Sin)

How can you begin to stem the dark thoughts so that you can remain rational and within the constraints of Allah's "Only love" Command especially when faced by adversity? This you do by seeding your mind with my wisdom, and you say the Star prayer three times a day and read the related pages of my 'Star prayer' document on line at my web site The Testament of Truth.

The last 'battle' for the soul of man has begun.

So actually, my 'job' is very easy, I simply show others their error of way in which they 'play' with the forceful POWER OF Allah by failing to see that when they against other children of Allah 'plot,' their own soul they seal with a dark painful  FUTURE in that upon their own 'backs' they place more than one 'weal.'

It has been my task for Allah to reveal that all who use the dark energy essence of Allah THE SOURCE subject themselves to the agony of ITS 'Return unto user' POLICY. (The sorrow, harm and agony you impose becomes your due)

In fact, all whom use IT become 'as it,' cruel, forceful, merciless inconsiderate beasts who are 'savage' because their souls become DARK and they all 'fall' into the depths for IT 'claims' ITS 'servants' back into ITS underworld.

Please now try and understand that the DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE is totally deceptive. It ENTICES 'officious' man to use ITS destructive energy to entrap others perceived as offensive FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of entrapping these officials.

Why? Because presently, officials entrap others for the sole purpose of their punishment, seeing NOT that if the officials were TRUE to Allah they would only 'entrap' or haul in offenders for THE SOLE PURPOSE of educating them and uplifting their spirits.

Once ignorant man begins to ONLY uplift others with love, compassion, mercy and education, then they are ONLY using the LIGHT energy essence of THE SOURCE in their interaction, and then the 'return unto user' POLICY within the LAW of the benign energy would ONLY give happiness and JOY back to the user.

Any person who as 'yet' has the capacity to see their own iniquity has but a very limited time frame to show their Allah their 'light' and inner GRACE.

The 'place' named HEAVEN is where the giving of LOVE flows eternally.

The 'place' named HELL is where the giving of PAIN flows endlessly.

Your eternal destiny is YOUR choice.

Page 20

Important notice;

It is imperative for vain man to understand that Allah the Father is the Dark ENERGY and He is the Dark Sovereign Power who is absolutely merciless, rock hard, immoveable, cruel, unforgiving and destructive etc., and when man defies HIM then HE becomes their 'eternal' enemy with the SOLE purpose of destroying their arrogant seed.

The ONLY reason for my return is because HIS 'Light' Mother, that is His 'delight,' has the 'wish' that for HER He 'permits' Her wisdom to enter into the darkness so as to give even ONE lost and errant soul the opportunity of 'redemption' before it is too late and they suffer eternal torment dancing in His eternal FIRE.

He THE Father 'brooks' NO 'contenders' to HIS throne, and His 'power' IS absolute, and every person existing in any realm outside the PURE Light is presently ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL today and eternally, whether they can see it or otherwise - so - we had all better begin to 'behave' and move upwards before it is too late as we 'bow' in submission to His Command;

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah that stipulates:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Have I said enough to UPLIFT your soul? I add a little more so as to satisfy MYSELF that NO 'stone' has been left 'unturned' by my pen for I do KNOW the absolute Truth that all are ON the wider road to HELL FOREVER unless my pen enlightens them, so please endure a few more words from IT:

You become trapped by the Dark and IN 'deadly danger' when the 'level' of dark energy within your soul is so 'great' that you are no longer able to see that you are being 'negative' and, - - - you actually believe that you are JUSTIFIED in defying Allah and being aggressive and destructive as you bring the 'other' to account for their apparent misdeeds. You see NOT your own misdeeds nor your own suffering accrued within Allah's energetic energy 'LAW of Return.'

Man sees NOT that THE FATHER (Allah) holds within His 'frame' all the dark foreboding and destructible energy and ITS mass and power is incomprehensible to YOU. It 'holds' within ITS LIMITLESS frame all known and unknown negative emotional energy.

He 'tells' His creation YOU that IF you 'sup' on IT (his dark forceful energy) you will 'die in your sin' because HE (IT the energy) 'brooks' NO 'contenders' to His THRONE of absolute power, and He (IT and ITS nature) sets out TO, and thus ultimately destroys all He sees having some of His dark energy in their soul. (sin)

ONLY the Wisdom of She His Light VIA my pen (Hers ~ His) can save you IF you accept and obey IT (unquestionably)

Proceeding from His darkness is the eternal fire which creates She THE LIGHT who is creative & loving & kind & merciful & compassionate & forgiving and all positive emotions, and She the Light is His eternal DELIGHT.

You cannot enter into Her realm and stroll around in His sight if you have even ONE 'speck' of His darkness within you because, IT would 'blot' and spoil His 'canvas' and as said, He does not only NOT 'permit' you into His sight, but He also has BECOME YOUR ENEMY and He sets out to crush you underfoot for ASSUMING your RIGHT to 'be as HE' and Fight and impose His punitive JUSTICE.

So 'indeed,' every realm such as 'earth' or any other of the many which exist invisibly to 'us' here are ruled by HIM via men in power who using His 'force of arms' backup go forth and interfere, control, subjugate, berate, threaten, coerce, punish, dispossess, injure, kill etc. BUT, - - - what simple man does not see is that all this imposition and suffering is 'our' due within His 'eye for an eye' LAW and, - - -

His intent is to keep everyone defiant of His Command to: "Only love" so that everyone continues drawing IN more and more Dark (sin) energy, and they thus not only suffer more and more control and deprivation and suffering, but they FALL further and further from His LIGHT and His sight and, - - -

It is the time for all to see that His 'powerbrokers' are merciless as they administer His decrees upon all sinners, and ONLY those who have the courage to STOP 'voting' and STOP supporting and funding interference and punishment of OTHERS, will be set free as they 'follow' the message issuing forth from ME.

All the MESSAGE can DO for you is to ENLIGHTEN you and you and YOU and it is entirely then up to YOU to amend your ways or DIE.

If you wish to set yourself 'clear' with Allah on the issue of no longer funding the wages of those who go forth in your name causing harm to others then you need to halt the payment of monetary support or taxes to any punitive organisation. If your wages are being 'docked' automatically before you receive them then send the below letter to your employer.

~ To whom it may concern ~

Dear Sir/Madam, I write in respect of the tax monies you deduct from my pay and wish to advise you that as I am an absolute pacifist I can no longer support nor fund warfare and its imposition of suffering upon others here or overseas.

From now on I will only support and fund benign community effort directly, and naturally I will pay for any services I personally need directly, rather than through your auspices.

Please therefore do not automatically deduct taxes from my pay packet as it is my constitutional and divine right to handle my own affairs. As said, I can no longer fund the government coffers as I do believe that I would be complicit to all the injury imposed upon others in my name and on my behalf.

In the event that you cannot do this or you ignore my 'ask' then that is your 'choice' and is between you, your conscience and Allah. In any case our Allah will have set me free from any further complicity to the causing of harm to His ~ Her other children, and your 'take' from my wages will by Allah be seen as theft.

In all sincerity - (Signed)

page 21

~ The 'nature and naturalness of energy - Allah's energy ~

The benign and malignant energies of Allah are both similar in that they have NO 'mood swings.' They simply are what they are and "their 'naturalness' is something man needs to comprehend," I hear from afar.

These energies of Allah are absolutely 'just' and neither of them interfere in your 'life' unless or until upon one or the other you place your 'trust' and use IT. Once this you DO, then the result of their use simply comes back to you via some other.

Neither energy is actually 'good or bad,' but their 'return unto user' makes the user (you) either happy or sad. Try and see the REALITY. The Light is loving and giving and truthful to you. The Dark is deceptive and ONLY seeks to destroy you. So the 'nature' of EACH you need to SEE because IF you cannot, then the result of your 'choice' could BE eternal loss, suffering and agonising misery.

ONLY use the Light in all you DO and never listen to the Dark that seeks to JUSTIFY Its use by you.

Because of the 'naturalness' of the energy of Allah within you, those using or being used by the DARK aspect who are unkind, cruel or insanely disrespectful see NOT that they are 'so' (the dark in action) because, - - - they are NOT being 'untrue' * because, - - - all they 'criminally' DO unto others or you is exactly what you DESERVE to RECEIVE as IT the Dark balances ITS energy. This 'return' unto the user of IT is a NATURAL activity of ENERGY IN MOTION.

Note: 'untrue' * - They are only being untrue to themselves as they take ON the debts you owed to Allah. (The energy essence)

Try and see that when you 'fight' against what you perceive as 'injustice' when being abused by some other 'idiot,' that they are simply being USED by THE Dark to set you FREE from your past errant ways. Be it in this or a pre-birth time or what was done 'criminally' to others by your servants. IF you OBEY Allah and 'turn the other cheek' and do NOT retaliate then you become FREE. Never demand 'justice' because in so doing you are very stupid indeed and totally ignorant of the spiritual FACTS OF LIFE.

Please try and understand that the spiritual energy which exists and named by me as 'Allah' is simply what it is. It is unaffected by your activities (actions) but your actions have a response from IT which you cannot control. It has the power to create and to destroy.

IT is the Light positive energy - IT is the Dark destructive energy. We the  'offspring' evolve from IT, we then eternally revolve within IT. Both aspects of IT are 'delighted' when we use either aspect of IT and as we lovingly give to others, IT the Light we used is happy and we are happy when this 'love' returns to us via others.

When we hatefully cause harm or destroy, then IT the dark we used is happy that we so do as IT balances ITS 'books' through our punitive activity and the recipient suffers, as do we ahead when ITS dark punitive energy RETURNS upon our own head.

When we use the dark energy essence of the Source we are then in grave danger indeed because ITS 'mass' cannot permit any opposition to exist, and as we use IT some of IT is infused within as IT flows through our soul. At that moment we become 'sinners' and IT then seeks to destroy us and IT never forgives anything and IT is all-seeing and all-knowing.

It follows that all sinners (those with negative emotions, the Sin within) become hunted by IT and ITS agents of darkness and IT tempts man to retaliate in the face of adversity and in so doing, man draws in more of ITS darkness into their soul - - - thus ones FATE becomes 'darker' and one suffers more and lower into ITS dark fold one falls in the after-life.

Mortal man needs to try and understand that:

A - It is forbidden by Allah for men to run around using 'force of arms' to control others, punish others, impose strictures, invade territory, cause harm, terror and destruction. Why? Because it is the USE of Allah's Dark forceful destructive POWER that is the forbidden by Allah to use 'fruit' from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and when man defies Allah and uses IT, (Dark energy) man places himself within ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW of equal return and man's suffering is then ongoing and ETERNAL.

B - The immortal Sovereign Power Allah is 'judging' man and 'balancing' the 'return' factor of the benign creative or malignant destructive energy used by man 24/7, (every moment of time) and due to the FACT that all 'sinners' have drawn IN to their souls some of Allah's DARK energy, (sin) that IT is what activates their V - for Vendetta retributive (demand for Justice) actions, and as man 'struts around' importantly using 'force of arms' to subjugate others and "Does whatever he is inspired to or wishes to," - - - all these punitive and destructive ACTIONS causing terror or harm or loss to OTHERS, - - - IS the DARK 'arm' of Allah in ACTION via their minds and hands.

C - All persons SUFFERING at the hands of the destructive forces of 'State' or at the hands of civilians who disturb the peace are simply receiving their 'karmic dues' as Allah's Dark ENERGY balances ITS 'Law of equal return.'

D - All persons meting out this V - for Vendetta retributive JUSTICE (legally or illegally) on behalf of the Dark energy of Allah place themselves within ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW, - - - as do all those members of the public who condone, support or FUND by taxes the imposition of terror or harm.

E - All persons living outside of the Light of Heaven are presently COMPLICIT to the causing of harm to others and are thus all presently ON the wide road to Hell.

F - Only those who NOW 'bow' in total obedience to the 'refreshed' message from Allah via my 'pen,' and who thus HALT their support and funding of the 'warrior' clans will, - - - after paying their accrued dues of suffering, - - - through their personal crucifixion in non-retaliation, - - - be released and find their WAY to 'Valhalla - Paradise - Heaven' etc.

All continuing to fight or retaliate continue to draw-IN Dark energy into their souls, and IT will drag them DOWN into the Abyss where they will fight ON forever and suffer eternally because the V - for Vendetta IS THE LAW OF THAT LAND.

Allah via me reinstates THE PURE TRUTH and YOU the individual SAVE yourself IF you CONFORM to IT.

I have said it before but say it one more time:

NO rule or law or dictate of man legalises the use of Allah's DARK forceful destructive ENERGY.
NO rule or law or dictate of man voids, avoids or nullifies the 'Law of equal return' aspect of Allah's ENERGY.

The moral of the story is that if you wish to extricate yourself from your present fate then obey the LIGHT and forgive the other and never cause harm as you only use the Light energy essence of Allah and, - - - as you love the other and mercifully uplift them - - - your own soul becomes free to be eternally elevated by Wisdom. (Allah's).


How Allah's JUST Law 'equated to in scripture? It is spoken of as being the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE of Allah's IMMUTABLE Law and is referred to in different ways:

"As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis - what you do unto others will by others be done unto you equally."

How does this equate to your Salvation? It is in respect to the DUAL energies which comprise of Allah's spiritual energy.

A - One being ones inner creative Light comprising all positive emotions such as 'Love - joy - happiness - mercy - compassion - respect - forgiveness' etc.

B - The other being the destructive Dark comprised of all negative emotions such as 'Hate - vengeance - anger - cruel - unkind - disrespectful and utterly unforgiving.'

Again I ask: "How does the USE of either energy affect your Salvation"?

It is obvious to me that when you are using (A) Allah's creative benign LIGHT energy in your interaction with others, that as IT flows through your soul and 'hand,' some of IT grows within and your inner Light within your soul gets 'brighter.' Also, within the 'return' aspect of THE LAW, others will be inspired to BE benign and loving to you as IT fulfills ITS Law. (We are happy when the Light fulfills ITS Law)

It is obvious to me that when you are using (B) Allah's destructive malignant DARK energy in your interaction with others, that as IT flows through your soul and 'hand,' some of IT grows within (Sin) and your inner Light within your soul gets 'dimmer.' (negative emotions grow within) Also, within the 'return' aspect of THE punitive LAW, others will be incited to BE malignant and unkind to you as IT fulfills ITS Law and you SUFFER.

Furthermore, due to the deceptive 'nature' of (B) it also follows that when the return 'factor' of PUNISHMENT confronts you, instead of 'suffering' in NON-retaliation and becoming FREE from ones 'karmic' debt to THE DARK, one is incited (from within ones mind by intrusive thoughts) to RETALIATE, and in so doing, one causes more harm, draws IN more darkness, and accrues a further DEBT to THE DARK. (We are unhappy when the Dark fulfills ITS Law)

In ONLY using Light benign energy we are happy and ON the road to Salvation. When we use Dark malignant energy we FIGHT to stave OFF suffering, and the dark energy growing within is what coarsens the vibration of ones soul and drags IT further down and away from THE LIGHT.

Since MAN cannot control the return aspect of this spiritual energy, it follows that said spiritual ENERGY is superior to man, and IT is thus 'Allah,' not you nor state officials.

So 'what' I am actually saying to you is that you need to put DOWN the old scriptures which can and do give YOU too many 'choices' and simply acknowledge that IF you remain within THE LAW of THE LIGHT and never retaliate or fight, that you will halt the ingress of darkness into your soul, and eventually IT will be purged by the outpouring Light now taking place and you thus guarantee your own Salvation.

Remember, if you continue to support and fund the war machine of Caesar, (State) you are COMPLICIT to all harm done on your behalf, and when the infinitely intelligent LAW swings back your way, you will suffer because NO mortal nor mandate nor 'crown' can void, avoid, nullify nor overrule the LAW of equal return of Allah's energy.

When you understand THE LAW, then you know that Allah's Command to "Only love one another and be forgiving" is TRUE.

Obedience to the Command in ONLY using the Light in your interaction is the INFALLIBLE guarantee of your Salvation.

I am Terence, I wish you well

This document needs be read in conjunction with THE 'Facts of life' document & 'Jekyl & Hyde' document;

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