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~ The TRUE Salvation gospels of 'Jesus & Terence' ~
the gospels of other men

I the 'Imam Al-Mahdi' having within me the man of flesh has the same spirit 'soul' that walked in the biological flesh of the man named Jesus and, I have returned to "Correct the truth on earth" with my personal "Testament of Truth gospels of Terence" books that are on line on the Internet. Its content is applicable to all mankind of every race, colour and creed.

I write this 'page' so that all mankind now begin to revere their Creator, and stop revering His messengers or 'priests' and religions or other men be they a 'Mandarin, Chief, King, President or ideology of punishment and war, so that they can begin to conform to Allah's commanded code of conduct of "Peace unto all" as they realise that they have been misinformed by false religious or secular teachings, for none realise the extent of Allah's Law and its 'application' to them personally.

Muhammad the prophet said what he said, and those men of flesh that followed on then wrote what they wrote but, - - - did not keep the 'truth' laying as 'straight' as they should have and, as it has now been 'written' within some of the Islamic texts that Muhammad was to be the last messenger of Allah to  'appear' on earth, I can only 'suggest' to you that to find out THE TRUTH on a variety of matters listed below that you go to my other web site that also stands in Allah's sight and read the below items listed thereon:

page - 1 Saved or NOT? - that is the question
page - 2 Barred from entry into Heaven
page - 3 The TRUTH of Jesus & Terence
page - 5 The ERROR reference Salvation
page - 6 The STEPS to Salvation
page - 7 The TRUE Gospels of Terence and Jesus
page - 8 The FALSE Gospels of 'priests' and religions
page - 9 The Sinners prayer
page - 10 The TRUE Jesus 'crucifixion' revelation
page - 12 The TRUE End times Mission for God
page - 14  The 'unsaved' - WHAT lies in store
page - 16 Additional Notes
page - 22 Internal Links

Item - 1 - The ABSOLUTE Truth - Gospels of Terence - 3 pages

Item - 2 - Letter to Peter McMaster - The man whose MIND 'contests' these Gospels - 5 pages

Item - 3 - Letter to Police officer Cook - The man whose ACTIONS 'oppose' these Gospels - 4 pages

Item - 4 -  The 'Justice of the Peace - The woman whose IGNORANCE 'contradicts' these Gospels - 4 p.
Item - 5 - The 'Prison' Comptroller - The man whose INTEGRITY 'concedes' to these Gospels - 3 p.
Item - 6 -  The ‘taxman’ and Timothy - The man who ‘WITNESSES’ to these Gospels - 3 p.
  Item - 7 - The 'juror' and the Jury - 2 p.
  Item - 8 - Duty and Morality -  4 p.
  Item - 9 - The Military Junta - 4 p.
  Item - 10 - Non- conformity - 2 p.
  Item - 11 - God’s supreme LAW & the Rules of man - 2 p.
  Item - 12 - The Holy Cow of God - 2 p.
  Item - 13 - The 'surrogate' God - 4 p.
  Item - 14 - The justification to Fight - 4 p.
  Item - 15 - Civilisation - 1 p.

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