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~ Guns ~
Allah's Law and you

"As you do will be done unto you"

As written by Terence

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Gun Safety, Spiritual security, and the “Humane kill”

The “key” to gun safety is the mind, that can be kind or unkind, it is the thoughts that flow in, that permit a gun carrier to “sin.” Meaning, to cause an “act” to take place that puts his soul in a jeopardised space.

 For truly, it is the power of the mind that makes us ‘accident prone’ and blind for a brief moment of time when we soil our hands with blood and thus soil our souls with grime.

If you would be a man “safe,” and never to others a “disgrace,” then you needs realise that a ‘bullet’ is a very powerful mace, that does “fly” at a terrifying speed and much destruction can it seed.

And Allah says:

 “You all will pay for any suffering caused by you on any day.”

So lets all now not just “assume” and thus foolishly presume that we are somehow “men” as we stride around with a gun and not a “pen.”

A gun is a “tool” to kill in a manner humane, so only this way must you your daily food gain. Learn by target practise to “shoot” straight, not with a swerve like a kick with a boot.

 And once this you can do, then you have begun to be a hunter true. Then you must “learn” about your game, the creatures you would kill humanely, not foolishly painfully because you are vain.

 Find out about the position of its brain, so a quick painless death it will gain, this way, no karmic debt do you accrue, as all “torturers” unknowingly do.

Once you are ready to go out and hunt then you needs be more than a weedy runt, you must be prepared to walk a little, and learn how to the quarry stalk. Only this way will you get into “range” and thus not waste ammo and “derange.”

 If your target shooting shows you can “place” a shot at 100 metres into a 40 mm slot, then this is the limit of daylight range to a head shot, and at night, you must shorten the range “plot” and ensure that you can a clean kill make, or for sure one day you personally suffer for every “bone” you do arrogantly break as the wounded slip quietly away and suffer for a night and a day. 

 Guns are to kill cleanly, not to your emotions just satiate and fill, as is done by so many who just shoot all in sight, not caring for the “games” plight. If you are a “real” man then you will make a certain plan, and never ever fire a shot until you know it will hit a fatal spot.

 Remember, stalking is a part of good hunting practise. Know the limits of your “load” and your own limits as you walk the road.


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~ Man’s justification ~
to kill or maim in war or self defence

Never take the “Word” of another
that there is ever justification to shoot a sister or brother
because if you so do
to your own soul you are untrue.

One can be “goaded”
to use a firearm that is loaded
and this
“inspiration” is from within
the mind of the one who will sin

If their mind is “unkind”
because of true morality they are blind
believing they have
“justification” to sin
because of feelings and thoughts flowing in.

And “man” does somehow believe that in the guise of societies “welfare” he can make another grieve and be absolved of the consequences too, this is falsity I say now to you.

 Allah says:

“All will pay for their follies I say, so if you would not shoot your own toes through your own boot, then don’t ever think that you can ‘another’ shoot, all who ‘fall’ into the ‘self justification’ to kill for sure spend time in Satan’s ‘till.”

So I now tell you all that soon all will fear as other gunmen to your premises draw near, and your minds will let you down unless you heed me. So if you’d not spiritually drown, then keep your guns “locked up” away in a safe place night and day.

If others would you kill, then let them satiate their fill. You stand calm and be to them no threat, await Allah’s judgement, only it is a safe bet.

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Notes for the safe handling of guns

Until personally checked, assume every gun is loaded.
Never allow the muzzle of your gun to point at any person.
Ensure that it is always pointing in a safe direction.
Never “pretend” and thus “threaten” another with your gun.

to others or receive only open and unloaded guns.
Ensure guns are unloaded at all times except when “ready to fire.”
Ensure you are emotionally & mentally stable and alert at all times.
Do not handle guns if you have imbibed alcohol or drugs.

Ensure you have the correct ammunition before loading.
Ensure the weapon is in a safe working order.
Ensure the bore is free of obstruction before firing.
Check your gun sights before use, and “sight” if deemed necessary.

Examine the target location for safety before attempting to take aim.
Be aware of what is beyond your target before firing.
Never shoot at a target situated on a ridge or the skyline.
Be aware that water and hard surfaces cause bullets to ricochet.

Do not attempt to climb over fences or obstacles whilst holding a gun.
Always lie the gun down, do not lean it against anything.
Clear your breach and magazine prior to returning to base camp.
Never use your gun as a “club.”

Do not rely on safety catches.
Wear safety glasses and ear plugs.
Clean your gun before putting it away.
Ensure your gun is unloaded before putting it away.

Store ammunition and guns separately under lock and key.
Educate your companions to be aware of gun safety.
Be aware of the “Law” of Allah, being
You Reap what you Sow.”

In times of fear and anarchy, never give in to thoughts that say:
 “You can point your gun to scare the other away,”

If you so do, you will be “deceived” into pulling the trigger,
and your own “self” you destroy as Allah does his ONE Law deploy:

“What you do to others will be done to you”

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Guns Australia Magazine
I refer to your article "Armed & Legal, carrying a gun for a living."

Foolish is any "boy" who with a lethal weapon does "toy," for you cannot avoid Allah's Law of "You Reap what you Sow," just because a man did a "Mandate to kill" upon you bestow.

At present, all soldiers and policemen are "blind," for they have been deceived by a society that is less than kind. For society through "Acts" of impropriety does "killers" hire in the guise of 'protection,' and all go deeper into dark spiritual mire.

"Why" does any need protection ?  I know that no one will abuse me unless in the past was a "giver of pain." Maybe you all need a little deep reflection, for Allah says:

"Just heed my pen and 'its' message via the messenger chosen."

"All "abusers" are Reapers at work, who "gave in" to dark thoughts that in their minds did lurk. All the "victims" they do abuse are "souls" who at some past "time" did others abuse. So you are only "protected" by ME your Allah, when telepathically I send others not to hound thee."

This invisible force of light or dark is Allah in action, the giver of light and love, or the cruising shark, working "through" the minds of man who as yet see not Allah's greater plan.

So any "Police" needs see that in mortal spiritual danger they be, for if a "man" they confront, they see not his "past" want, what he did before the act that brings them today to his door.

For as the police draw a gun through arrogance or fear, their "mind" becomes an invisible spear that is used by the dark force as "payback" for the others past. But at the same time, the perpetrator being the policeman, did their own soul from the light divorce.

So young "men" die spiritually for society, and no choice in the matter do they have I see. For none were "told" of the Reaping story old. All just believe that they are "OK" because man's society does give them from "IT" Allah's Law, a reprieve.

Put your guns away, be brave as you go unarmed to work each day. Just "talk" to the aggressor and thus be true to your light as you your daily "counselling" to offenders do.

Heroes are not those who are "armed" as they their sisters and brothers stalk
heroes are the ones who unarmed can with the mentally disturbed talk.

If an emotionally "traumatised" person is on the "roam" then believe you me, they own the loam upon which they stand. If you confront them then you will die, for if they shoot you, you cry. If you shoot them then Allah's Word you did deny and in hell you will fry.

Try and it see, for I be who I be. Please advise your readers of my "Blood document" & "Guns, Allah and you" on my internet web page.

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~ Hunters ~

I believe that to be true to our neighbours, me and you, that we must not “carry a gun” if in an accidental firing its ‘shot’ could hit anyone.

Thus if in a city we live, our gun to the “gun club” we needs give. They can for it care until the day we’d the gun club facility share.

If we live in the country on a farm with a 1 km radius to the nearest house, then and only then can we carry a firearm.

This I do see is the only way for safety and uniformity.

If we live in the city and wish to sand grouse out of the bush “flush,” then we can “retrieve” our gun for the week or the day that we’d trek in the scrub and cover our boots with mush.

It is THE time to now educate our children and the adults that firearms a danger be, whether or not we mentally unstable be.

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True 'believers' today

We now “stand” at the End time where many will soil their hands with grime, and the guns we should humanely use to shoot 'game' for food will be used to destroy others and much pain diffuse.

Thus all must now heed me, that is, any who a “follower” of Allah would be, and thus their guns “hand in” or give them away, either this, or destroy them today. For if you are angry or full of fear, you will shoot any “offender” who draws near, thus you become the offender and your soul will fall “undone.”

And believe me, the pain below is more than that a million trillion guns could bestow, for daily others will abuse you, as you abuse them via thoughts untrue, and time there is forevermore, thus I you implore “Give your guns away today.”

People "talk" of the forgiveness of Allah as they "foolishly" on earth do plod, not seeing that Allah does naught forgive ref; "Those who make others unhappily live." No, all must PAY for their arrogance of a past day. This is the LAW that is immutable for sure;

"As you sow so shall ye reap."

Thus Allah does not forgive. It is Allah who makes you pay for when you "transgress" the Command to "Only be loving forever and a day," and for "us" to in this commandment abide, it is we who must be forgiving of any "defaulters" who cannot in the commandment abide.

This each must see before they personally are set free. For the more you retaliate or others berate, the more "pain" you place on your own plate and you never from pain become free until this truth you do see. So "pause" before you "shoot," for your act will come back and "blow away" more than just your "boot."

Terence - 18.12.001

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