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~ Downer v/s Habib & Allah ~

As written by Terence

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This Paper was written as my response to a Television program seen in Australia wherein the Australian government foreign minister Alexander Downer stated 'something' that showed his total lack of respect for Mamdouh Habib being another human, a child of Allah, and one that is a 'citizen' of the land that Downer was paid to serve, but instead Downer being a 'lackey' to the government of a foreign nation (USA) he spoke out against one of his 'own.' 

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~ Alexander Downer v/s Habib & Allah ~

Before Allah and man this man Downer did prove that he is not fit to serve the Australian community, and neither is he 'fit' to enter Paradise.  For he chose to back the 'wolf' Bush and wage war against children of Allah and his Allah does this act deplore.  For Allah said:

"Any that wage war against MY children wage war against ME the Almighty."

Downer 'judges' Habib as being a 'terrorist' and siding with 'outsiders,' even though he has not been so proven but, - - - by Downer's own 'act' and words spoken on national television, Downer proves his own Treason and 'guilt' as he joins forces with another nation (USA) and wages a 'civil' war against a citizen of his own land, being one he took an 'oath' to protect and serve.

And further to this, Downer is a proven LIAR, for he took an 'oath' of office to serve his community members as a 'friendly' person that is considerate of their well-being, but instead he states that he will ensure that Mr.  Habib is never a 'threat' to the Australian Community as though Mr.  Habib is but a 'stranger' to this Land.

Does Downer not understand that 'Habibi' is our brother who is a resident of the Land Australia? And Downer should not treat him as 'offal' meat but, as a 'worthy' servant of the people Alexander Downer should have met him at the airport saying:

"Mr.  Habib it is pleasing to know that you have been released from your 'trial' by those ignorant 'swine' that held you 'incommunicado' for such a 'tortuous' and long time.  As your servant please let me know if I can bestow any 'homecoming' gifts upon you and your family to assist you.  Welcome home Sir."

Alexander Downer shows all mankind and Allah that he has no respect for others, neither does he have any respect for his own family name that he 'sullies' more and more, as his 'name' grows tall in the eyes of his 'chosen' allies the USA armed forces.

So as all can now see, Downer is but an American lackey that bows to the 'orders' of that race, as he Downer bears a mace against Mr.  Habib and his family, and all 'wise' can see that the only 'threat' is the one 'born' by Downer and his 'men' against Mr.  Habib.

Downer shows criminal intent towards another and, Allah did say that all 'liars, cheats, thieves, murderers,' and all those abusing others by punishment will be cast into the PIT for a time and a time for being callous swine.

For Allah did say that if you 'think' that the other is offensive and a danger, then forgive them and give them good counsel divine.  Downer and his Institutional ideology of WAR is itself a 'terrorist' activity, and this factor is what 'poses' the greatest danger to the Australian community because, - - -

Allah's LAW says: "What you do will be done unto you." Thus all the pain and suffering inflicted upon the Iraq nation through years of Sanctions imposed (this is war itself) and, all the suffering inflicted in the ongoing war wherein thousands are being wounded and killed for and on behalf of the people of Australia by or with the help of their 'servants' the Howard governing Institution, will return to 'haunt' the Australian taxpayer that fund, condone, and support it.

You cannot have your 'servants' waging war over the sea or internally by 'civil' war against the community, and yourself then 'bask' in peaceful luxury.  For Allah's LAW is the Law of this and every Land and IT is immutable, Just, Equitable, and TRUE.

Pain for pain or pleasure for pleasure in an EXACT and equal return measure.

I suggest that the Australians and people of other 'warlike' nations now reflect on the word 'protect,' as they take more personal responsibility for the well-being of their souls.  For presently all are 'committed' to ongoing suffering because their servants so busily 'sting' so many for a false penny.

For too long have people been enforcers of Rules, and taking their Conduct direction from the 'directives' of Rules raised up by warlike and punitive men.  Please now heed your Allah and HIS "Peace" Conduct Command, for any 'order,' or 'rule,' or 'writ' or other 'directive' that sends you on any punitive 'errand' brings upon your own head the Sword of Allah wielded by the ignorant, arrogant, and merciless.

Mr.  Habib, please now do not concern yourself with anything other than taking good care of your loving family, and do not concern yourself with the threat from Downer or anyone.  Just remember to rely on Allah for your protection, and daily reflection on HIS Command for you to "Walk in peace and never disturb the peace of others." Only thus will you stay free from the coming insanity and, - - -

Do not seek any compensation for your tribulations, for they were all imposed by Allah via the ignorant for your past misdeeds when either in this or a prior life time your spirit soul held others 'accountable' and you detained them.  You have paid a spiritual due, so be forgiving and just keep any thoughts of 'revenge' out of your mind, and thus stay true to Allah and Allah's promise of Salvation to the merciful, compassionate, and forgiving.

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~ Is Downer a Traitor, and has he committed an 'act' of Treason ~

Yes Alexander Downer is a Traitor, for he has found the 'justification' to join forces with another 'external' national army and wage war against others over the sea and, he has forgone his duty to the welfare * of those he was elected to serve, as he now turns his 'policing' forces against Mamdouh Habib a 'citizen' of Australia.

Note: welfare * - Every 'governing' system of man on this planet have forgone their duty to serve the public.  They have instead used the words 'For your own protection' as a means whereby they can use force to control, punish, invade, and destroy their 'own' members of the public and other people - - - all in your name.

Members of the public do not need the protection of man, they only need the protection of Allah, for when the people individually learn to heed Allah's Command of "Peace unto all," they will then and only then be safe from abuse, invasion, terrorism, and being enslaved to the dictates of others.

Mr.  Downer has also committed an act of Treason against the 'State of Heaven.' He is not 'alone' in this matter, for in fact any person that takes it upon themselves to defy Allah and actively 'engage' in any form of control, abuse, punishment, invasion, war, etc.  is, - - -

A person that has committed an act of Treason, for it is treasonable to inflict any pain or suffering upon any person as 'each' has the Light of Allah within their soul.

Maybe it is the time for all to see that their suffering will never end until they learn to 'befriend' Allah and abide in His Command to "Only love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgiving."

For there is now to be an intensifying of the insanity of control, restriction, taxation, punishment, and war that is the DUE awaiting mankind for their defiance of Allah as they 'worship' rules that give them justification to abuse.  Man is literally 'Hell-bent' because as man 'joins' hands with other warring factions and use force to abuse any people, they see not that they did in fact divorce their own soul from the Light of Allah.  (The Light Sovereign Power)

For the moment you use force, you have in fact 'joined' the Dark Sovereign Power's punitive forces, (Devil) and you have then placed your own soul within ITS jurisdiction and IT metes out ITS 'eye for an eye' Justice upon you for every 'needle' of anguish you bestow, and every drop of 'blood' you spill in the name of 'accountability' or 'Justice.'

I am here today to 'elevate' the minds and souls of the 'lost souls' that are those as Alexander and you and you and every person on earth.  For you all defy Allah and you all now need a TRUE 'rebirth' of consciousness and change of attitude.

For Allah sees you all as aggressive, vengeful, rude, disrespectful, callous, cruel, merciless and un-forgiving, none deserving of His 'redemption' and elevation into His Paradise.

Australia must 'break away' from its 'allegiance of death' with the United States of America, and make a fresh allegiance with Allah, as it then becomes a 'Beacon of Light' for the world to see as Australia then leads the world into true PEACE as it conforms to the 'ideals' of Allah as now give by me.

The 'people' within the USA must 'break away' from their support of the 'war machine' that is leading them all into the Abyss, and they must then follow the 'lead' of Australia and begin to redeem their souls.  Religion is not the way, the only way to redemption is by conformance to the Ideology of PEACE.  That 'state' is not attained by force of arms.  It is only attained through conforming to Allah's 'Peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness' Code of Conduct.

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~ Is Alexander Downer a bad man?  ~

It depends upon the person that the question is asked.  For if you ask his family, they will say that he is a very good man.  Being kind, thoughtful, caring, and protective of them and that he does love them dearly, and he looks forward to meeting them at the end of the day.

If you ask his peers, being those within his 'establishment,' or those that helped him into his position of power, they will tell you that he is efficient, straight forward, honest in his dealings, and with the interests of the Australian community close to his heart.

If you ask a wise man such as myself, you will be told that Alexander is certainly sincere, intelligent, persevering, and with great integrity.  But, you will also be told that he as all in 'power' is leading a 'double' life, for he is leading the life of goodness, but is also walking hand in hand with the life of 'strife.'

This is due to him having been deceived by his ancestors, for they set 'precedents' that 'permitted' him and his men to walk outside the Command of Allah and, to interfere in the affairs of others and to impose restrictions, and to even prosecute or persecute them, all this he believes is for the good of the nation.

I wonder what he perceives the nation as actually being? Is it the land mass? Is it the buildings thereon? Is it the people that abide within its borders? Is it the 'policy' dictated to all by the Constitution of his 'Institution' as well as Its rules that he 'bows' to?

If you ask Allah, then you will get the real truth of the matter.  Being that Alexander is a very bad man.  He is offensive, invasive, controlling, vindictive, punitive, and he is also a liar, and a thief, for he unknowingly steals peoples souls and, he is also a murderer for being complicit to the suffering and death resulting from the Sanctions imposed by his 'men' as well as the war machine that kills.

His Institution also is responsible for the manufacture of weapons of terror and destruction, and these weapons are also sold to others for a profit.  He and his 'peers'' also keep the people of the land in enslavement to escalating taxation, and they also punish any person that does not vote for a 'leader' for his Institution.

Yes, Alexander is in very big trouble with Allah, for he openly defies Allah's Command each day in many a way, and what 'Alex' does not see is, that when his 'spirit' departs the flesh, there will be no 'waiting' period before his own 'incarceration,' for he will be taken down in the 'twinkling of an eye' and be confined in the Abyss for a very long time.

Alexander is thus not a nice man, he is in fact a bad man due to his total spiritual ignorance, arrogance, and the vanity that comes with his position.  For he 'busily' interferes into the affairs of many due to his 'pact' with the Devil, that is any 'force' or nation that sows evil in its interaction with others.

Alexander and every person needs to look into the 'mirror' each day and say: "How do I look in the eyes of my Creator.  Am I compassionate, merciful, and forgiving, or do I go forth each day causing problems to others that are on earth eking out a living"?

Then ask yourself: "If heaven exists, then what am I doing wandering about in this realm for"? For as the 'pen' of the Islamic 'Allah' and the 'pen' of the Christian God, and the 'pen' for every spirit incarnate and discarnate of any race, tribe, religion, or colour, I can state quite categorically that any 'level' or 'realm' outside the Light of Heaven is a level that leads down to the Abyss.

So you should be able to see your direction, be it up or down.  For if you in any way make others 'frown' or you control them or tax them or punish them or threaten them or abuse or kill them, then for sure you are committing spiritual suicide.

You are only on the way UP to the Light if your daily moment by moment code of conduct conforms to that Commanded by Allah.  Being the Doctrine of 'Peace unto all,' and the Doctrine of 'live and let live,' and the Doctrine of 'mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

It is the time for Alexander Downer and all mankind to now 'bow' to Allah, for we need no 'men' as head of State, we only need men as 'head' of the welfare and community endeavours.  We must have Allah as our head of house, and as we all peacefully go about our daily business, we will find 'surcease' from being persecuted, taxed, invaded, interfered with, and we will halt the suffering.

You all have but a 'moment' of time to decide on your eternal fate.
Inshallah, Allah is now to separate the 'wheat from the chaff.'

page 5

~ The vain Destroyers ~
The 'vain' destroy what their Creator created, as though it is 'they' that are HIM.

When 'each' that did 'breach' the Command to "Only Love, and only be loving and kind, and only go your way in peace" do come 'face to face' with HIM in the Dark wastelands below where all the vain and arrogant do go, then and only then will their 'bones' turn to mud and with a 'thud' will their consciousness REALISE the 'folly' of having been so unwise.

Turn over and become a new 'Leaf' today as 'Peace' becomes your way.

In the name of Allah and 'Democracy' the USA and its 'allies' go forth to 'find' Osama Bin Laden and in the process they lay waste to an entire 'nation' and reduce it to rubble and, - - -

They maim and kill multitudes of Allah's children that try to stem the invasion of their homeland and, at the same time the 'allied' forces say: "Oops, sorry, that so many of your 'civilians' were maimed or died as 'collateral' damage that is part and parcel of warfare."

In the name of Allah and 'Democracy' the USA and its 'allies' go forth to 'find' Saddam Hussein and in the process they lay waste to an entire 'nation' and reduce it to rubble and, - - -

They maim and kill multitudes of Allah's children that try to stem the invasion of their homeland and, at the same time the 'allied' forces say: "Oops, sorry, that so many of your 'civilians' were maimed or died as 'collateral' damage that is part and parcel of warfare."

Millions of people are being destroyed in the name of Democracy and in the name of the people of the USA, Britain, and Australia.  Are you the people of these lands able to understand that you are condoning, funding, and supporting this iniquity?

Are you the people of any 'race, colour, or creed' living in these lands able to see that you also are no 'better' than Attila the Hun, or Hitler, or Bush or any other destroyers due to your complicity in funding their insane invasion?

Allah the Creator says: "I create and you destroy"? - - - MY LAW is Just and honourable and IT says: 'As you do is done unto you,' thus it follows that if you or your servants destroy or debase or 'dismember' life or limb created by ME - - - - then that 'horror' returns to thee."

I the Messiah say: "Allah the Creator knows and sees the seeds HE Created and, Allah the Creator also sees that some are good and others have become bad and, - - - Allah is now to destroy the bad seeds, for HE is not a 'toy boy' for HE is the Almighty."

If you have been complicit to any 'crime' or criminal conduct in Allah's eyes, then you will PAY the full 'blood price' due but, - - - if you now put down your 'Sword' or you stop funding 'warmongers,' being any person or 'department' that uses force to 'detain, seize goods, impose sanctions, restrict free movement, tax, control, regulate, abuse, punish, or kill,' etc., then, - - -

You show Allah your INTENT to become "Green and clean and peaceful," and you will be 'spared' from absolute 'extinction,' and after you have paid all accrued 'painful' dues you will be by Allah set free.

Yes, it is your CREATOR that is greater than mere men, and HE becomes your DESTROYER if you show HIM that you 'think' you are 'equal to' or 'greater than' HE, that you do in your defiance of HIM and HIS Commanded 'Peaceful' Code of Conduct..

This is the last call to all, and all will 'fall' below for a time to pay for being swine knowingly or unknowingly, ignorantly or arrogantly and, for being a Traitor to LOVE and for committing Treason against the State of Heaven.

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~ The 'Hell bent' ~

If Downer 'thinks' or has reason to believe that Mamdouh may be or become a terrorist, with the intent of supporting such activities or actually engaging in such activities, then Allah says to Alexander His son:

"Go and tell My son Mamdouh that he must remember to never defy ME, or My 'angry' face he will see.  Tell him to walk in peace and leave vengeance to ME for I AM his God that he named Allah."

That 'same' Allah named 'God' by Alexander that is the 'Source of all' says to Alexander:

"Why do you harass Mamdouh and show total disrespect to him and his family that I your Creator cherish when it is you that is a proven terrorist? Did you and your 'henchmen' not already invade and terrorise and destroy?

Do you not show your intent to 'terrorise' Mamdouh if in your 'eyes' he becomes or is proven to be as you? Foolish men that play at being ME the 'Allah/God' they cannot see."

Everyone 'appears to be Hell bent on - 'terrorising' someone else.
Everyone 'appears to be Hell bent on - bringing others to account.
Everyone 'appears to be Hell bent on - making rules to control others.
Everyone 'appears to be Hell bent on - demanding retribution or 'justice.'
Everyone 'appears to be Hell bent on - interfering into the affairs of others.
Everyone 'appears to be Hell bent on - regulating the free movement of others.

And every 'Chieftain' mandated with the power to 'Legislate' says: "OBEY ME or I will use force and make you submit to MY ideology even if I have to KILL you."

Allah says: "Obey ME or I will destroy * your soul."

Soon the whole world will become a 'mill race' and total insanity will encompass the minds of the 'blind' and unkind and, they being of every race and creed will 'frenziedly' poke out the 'eyes' of the other inspired by Satan because they made HIS 'forceful negative energy' their lover.

Yes they loved using IT, as they commanded others to 'sit' and 'listen' and 'conform' and submit and obey them.  All defied Allah and HIS Sacred Leaven.  So if you are 'one' that relies on 'rules' and mandates of men to 'justify' invasion, then you made a BAD mistake.

As your spirit soul does live forever in one or another 'space', the sooner you change your way the sooner you 'set' your own release day from the confines of the Abyss.  Better to make change today, for only thus will you be released.  For if you wait until you fall therein, your race is lost and you will be overpowered by your own inner sin.

For those that live down there are infinitely more merciless, and callous than you, and they will 'threaten' and 'coerce' you to 'sin' more and your mind will 'give in' unless you have made the effort to listen to ME.

PEACE unto all must be your way from today.

Even 'Jiminy cricket' said:
"Let your conscience be your guide, not other mortals."

Note : destroy * your soul - The spiritual energy within it is 'God's' energy and thus indestructible, but its 'formation can become so 'infused' with darkness in the realms below, that it becomes distorted and unrecognisable as a human 'being,' and its mental and emotional 'faculties' become totally fragmented and 'dissolved' into mental turmoil and desolation and absolute emotional anguish that is indescribable, as its 'essence' revolves and dissolves into a non person until it has again passed through the Fire of Creation and purged, and this next eternity of time is more than excruciating.

Terence Al-Meshi 



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