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~ Spiritual Healing ~
The 'healing' of the soul of man

All suffering is 'caused by' and 'results from' mankind's disobedience to Allah 's "Love one another" Command.

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- Healing the soul & clement spiritual guidance
page 2 - The Light and Dark energy of Allah 
page 3 - The Truth of Salvation
page 4 - Channelling Light to the soul of man
page 7 - The Devil's doctrine
page 8 - The Wrath and power of Allah

 ~ Healing the soul & clement spiritual guidance ~

Every 'healer' is aware that via them there is a flow of light energy that does flow through into the recipient. What all 'counsellors' true needs see is that together with this Essence of Allah  flowing freely there needs be counsel true to fortify the 'love' flowing through.

For what none do see or know is the fresh truth that from the heavens did flow via the spirit from eternity who again in the flesh be. Yes he is the one to 'expose' the depth of the dark black rose that did impose its negative energy within the soul of mankind who of its 'presence' and nature were blind.

What none see is that this dark essence is the 'forces' of sin within, being the negative emotions of fear & hatred & greed and vanity etc through which the dark 'impostor' takes all for a deadly ride.

What none yet see is that their healing 'light' energy flowing through that 'dispels' or 'suppresses' the misery of irrational thought and anxious feelings for a time, does not make the 'seed' of the dark emotion go away, and it stays within forever and a day unless each person listens now to 'me' the risen Messiah who knows all that be.

If you would care to 'share' the truth with those that come unto you so that they learn how & what to do to halt the ingress of dark energy within, and to 'permit' their spirit to be purified by Mothers essence so they 'win,' then read my web site content and within it you will see what is to be and what your Creator expects of each of thee.

True spiritual counsel gives the pathway to inner peace, and inner peace is only attained when the dark within is cleared so that only the core of light remains. Thus if free of sin 'as me' you would become and a Christ soul of pure light be, then please now heed me.

The 'answer' lies within my Testament of Truth for I am Allah 's 'proof,' and I have now my message 'raised' for all to view, and for all to comply with its requirement as its content is Allah 's pure Salvation wisdom flowing through.

For what none of you 'earthlings' yet see is that no 'spirit' having dark energy within can enter the realm of pure light above and experience eternal bliss and true never-ending love. No, none 'with sin' can enter therein, and the vibration of your soul is what keeps you 'lower' as through the universe you stroll. Any 'dark' energy within you keeps you outside the Promised Land.

Try and understand that none enter therein until and unless they learn from ME 'how' to purify the dark energy that over time you drew in to your own spirit soul. You can talk of love & peace & truth, but the PROOF is that only the PURE of spirit enter Allah 's Light. (No negative emotions within your soul).

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~ The Light and Dark energy of Allah  ~

Light and Dark energy exist eternally, both being the Source and both are indestructible.

Never attempt to destroy darkness or anyone you observe that is bound by darkness because, if you try this you are personally being "used by" IT, the Dark, and then you become the Dark in action.

Through our inner seeds of negativity, (Dark sinful emotions) the Dark Source intrudes constantly in our minds telepathically and leaves us no peace. It has an insatiable need to fulfill its purpose which is to condemn, judge and punish any who have presumed to ‘usurp’ Its forceful and destructive energy as they condemned and judged and punished others.

In Its purpose to ‘judge and punish’ the Dark is indefatigable and unremitting in its demand to ensure 'Just' retribution. It does this through dissension, disunity, isolation, forcefulness and destruction.

If you have used the Dark at any time in your interaction with others, the darkness will eternally attempt to overpower your inner consciousness in order to gain strength within you, to ultimately draw you away from the Light into its domain, a domain filled with abject despair because, - - - you defied the "Love one another" Command of Allah , and you do not deserve to ‘live in peace' nor to enter 'Paradise.’

There is no past memory, hurt, injustice, abuse or situation in your life with which the darkness is not familiar. It creates situations through which your feelings of vulnerability, despair, hopelessness, futility, disgust or rage tempt you into denying the Command to stay true to love, peace and forgiveness.

If you are foolish enough to permit the dark to "play" in your mind with Its thoughts, it will twist your heart in an instant. All that is beautiful and joyful will become distorted into a grotesque parody of all, that only a moment before, you found joyful.

The dark will toy with you, and gloat at your despair and confusion, belittling you in your attempts to stay calm and loving. Even in these moments of inner struggle, it can taunt you with its knowledge of you that can make you use the Dark to retaliate or be vindictive and aggressive. This temptation halts when your spirit is purified and made up of only "pure love."

The sole aim of your journey of existence is to become pure love, and when that is achieved, an achievement reached through a determination to obey Allah ’s Command, then and only then will you receive the ultimate joy of life in the Light as pure love, being the 'energy' of pure Light.

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~ The Truth of Salvation ~

Only the Holy Word of Allah  'enlightens' people with the 'way' being THE TRUTH of Salvation, and ONLY Allah 's pure Light RAISES the vibration of the soul as the Light draws out dark energy (Negative emotions) at the time and place that Allah  so ordains.
 Note : THE TRUTH of Salvation,  - People only become spiritually FREE once they;
 1 - 'Bow' to Allah  and conform to His "Go your way in peace" Command, and they never make ANY demands from/of others, nor do they deceive them, control them, steal from them, nor do they punish nor abuse nor destroy others, and they forgive those they perceive as walking in error, and they are compassionate and merciful and, they turn the other cheek when confronted by and abused by an aggressor.
 2 – They 'pay' their 'suffering' dues to Allah  without retaliating when they are abused.
 3 – Once the above is being fully conformed to then Allah 's pure Light withdraws their dark inner energy (Sinful emotions) out of them, and only when this has been done over time and time is the spirit soul again PURE and of the highest vibration.

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~ Channelling Light to the soul of man ~

There are many different names given to the 'channelling' of pure Light energy: E.g. The 'laying on of hands,' spiritual healing, healing, natural healing, faith healing etc, as well as the many more recent ones that are 'categorised' by the names of the people that call themselves Holy Masters at 'giving light.'

Many of these 'latter day' light bearers have assumed the role of 'Allah -ship' in that they believe that they have the power to elevate others into this divine service and, - - - many of them draw people to them that are 'well-wishers' seeking to serve humanity.

Unfortunately, neither they nor their 'disciples' are aware that the light that flows freely can flow through any person to a greater or lesser degree depending upon their own unique inner divinity and, - - - the 'power' to transmit Light for the Creator is not something that can be taught, neither can it be 'bought' for money.

Neither does it require 'rituals' or 'talisman's' or other material 'objects' to assist it to flow from one unto another. It merely requires the 'benefactor' to ask within their mind for Light to flow forth to the other. The other may be present or at a distance in another country or realm of consciousness.

So I now 'bless' you all with this truth so that you can stand 'aloof' from the many 'charlatans' that breach Allah 's "Give with love" Command as they take your 'pockets' to task asking for funds before advising you of the truth that they do not yet see nor know.

As you 'progress' in your outreach and learn from me the reality as to how and why people become 'stressed' mentally and emotionally and, - - - as your soul becomes more purified, your inner light will become more bright, and greater will be the light flowing through you upon the other but, - - -

Be not deceived into believing falsely that this light is flowing in such a manner as to be 'directed' by you. For it and only it knows what it is doing as it 'eases' the inner soul of the other. It is not 'healing the flesh' that is of biological matter, but it can and may assist the flesh to heal itself quicker as energy flows are unblocked.

One thing it most certainly does is to 'suppress' the power of negative thoughts and suppress the power of dark emotions for a moment in time, so that the recipient may more happily entwine with the truth that you impart to give them a happier truthful start to their day, as from you they learn that what they do returns as a 'tribute' of love or a painful karmic due.

All the true light-bearers are ambassadors of Allah  the Creator sent to earth to assist in the elevation of souls at the end time. They must all now 'align' themselves to Allah  and turn away from 'belonging to' religions and from engaging in rituals of man with their accompanying pendants or talismans or idols.

True Light has no 'hierarchy' or 'lines of succession,' for it is itself but pure Light and, it expresses itself through its 'bearers' that are not known as 'light bearers,' nor have they any named 'religion' or sect or denomination or 'man' as their 'head,' for the Source and its Wisdom is their guide and inspiration.

Those that 'express' the True Light of the Creator are seen as simple humane people that go about their daily business mercifully, compassionately, lovingly, and forgivingly.

They need no earthly 'shrines' or temples, for they know that the sacred 'Holy Grail' is the pure light* within. That is only attained by knowing the one Law of Allah * and by heeding the Command of Allah  to "Only walk in peace and be loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

They extend 'care' unto all, being the wisdom they share with all Allah 's children of all races as they 'point' them to the Testament of Truth. This they do as they work quietly shining the Inner Light and, as the others gain deeper insight and enlightenment as they seed their minds with the Wisdom of Allah , they assist in their own Salvation.

There are some 'channellers' of light that use this 'gift' from Allah  to raise monetary 'riches,' for they are fools that have been blinded by the ways of man, and if they give false 'hope' to the physically disabled and cause sorrow, then they will suffer similarly. For the flowing of light energy is but to assist the natural inner energy of the 'patient,' it does not heal 'flesh' nor raise any from the material 'dead' per se, but it 'realigns' the inner energy and enlightens those that obey Allah  and is beneficial in many a way.

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Note: pure light* - Is the pure light energy of the Source that flows at different intensities through many, even those as yet 'with sin' within. It is also the pure light energy within a Christ soul, being a free spirit that is uncontaminated by inner darkness, being the negative emotions, the sin.

Note: Law of Allah * - As you do is done by Allah  unto you, be it bad or good on an 'eye for an eye' basis. None can 'void' or avoid this immutable supreme law.

Note: The 'principle' transmitter of Light in any family is the mother as she comforts her child, for through her love flows forth light energy that calms and eases the soul of the recipient.

Note: Through any 'caress' or 'massage' there is a flow of 'healing' light energy. Man seeks the healing of physical disabilities because 'healers' are themselves misled to believe that they can flesh heal by the 'laying on' of hands. This is an erroneous belief backed by trickery.

If you seek to serve others and become a 'healer' then try and understand that you cannot. For the Light is the 'healer' as IT is the energy of the Source. You can merely be its 'humble' channel as you serve it by giving others good counsel (My Holy Word) that itself is Allah 's sent via me.

As this you do, you may 'touch' the other by placing your hand upon them or around them to 'steady' them and comfort them if they so wish, as Allah 's energy flows forth for an hour or more or less.

Do not make any promise other than the one wherein you promise to help them on their way with your good counsel and, if they feel 'better' as they walk their road, then it is for them to say so unto you and, - - - to possibly offer you a loaf of bread to help you feel 'satiated' as you rest on your bed.

Certainly there are things to 'learn' if you wish to aid the physical body in one of the many ways of the day from 'massaging' it to using 'pressure' points to ease it. But you cannot learn to channel Light, for it is the divine right of every soul to so do and requires only that you wish to.

Certainly you need to learn that Light flows through all and thus your 'patient' does not need to be 'touched' or 'stroked' or 'stripped' of their clothing whilst receiving Light energy. By all means you may sit by their side and place your hand upon their shoulder, but do not become 'bolder.'

Certainly there are things to learn about the invisible world and the forces that therein exist that can invade you inner 'space' and distort and twist your soul. But of these you will only learn as your mind mingles with the teachings on this web site, and you 'meet' with others on your road that have experienced things as they helped others.

As for the 'intensity' of the light energy to flow fast and freely through you, well that is between you and the Source that created you and, - - - as the negative emotions of fear or anger etc are removed from your soul by Allah 's grace then greater becomes the 'unrestricted' pace of this flow through your soul.

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Note: Your 'capacity' to channel Light energy depends upon the clarity* of your soul, its purity or otherwise, as well as the 'brilliance' and thus intensity* of your Inner Light (spirit soul).

Note: clarity* - Any negative emotion is a dark energy force that 'clouds' and shrouds your inner light to a certain degree depending upon its 'mass.'

Note: intensity* - The 'older' your spirit soul coupled with the amount of positive Light energy drawn in over eternity through good and positive deeds intensifies your inner Light.

Thus in an example, a young spirit soul may 'shine' with a 'brilliance' of only 1000 candlepower, and a 'older' in time frame pure 'Christ' spirit having no negative emotions within (dark sinful energy) would shine with the brilliance of more than a 'trillion candlepower., and a spirit 'consumed' by darkness would be 'dull' and not shine at all.

Note: Spiritual purification and Salvation - The eternal outpouring of Light from the Source directly into all spirit beings on every level of consciousness is the eternal purification of the soul that draws out darkness that the ignorant draw in.

Those 'channelling' Light add to this outpouring through their 'grace,' and it is thus that those 'of good' assist others to lay down their mace and to become free of darkness within.

You may channel Light to any person, be they incarnate or discarnate. Be they with you or away from you. Simply say their name in your mind and ask for light to flow their way and at the same time say:

"My beloved one, let me help your journey of return to the land of the inner Sun. Please remember the truth, * and why we must never make any other cry. For if we do then unto ourselves we are untrue, for we receive a 'Just' and equal return due.

As I say the Star prayer please say it with me and remember it too. So that when we are not linked by light and love, you will be able to say it and tell others of it also. For as you so do it say, Mothers* pure light flows your way."

Note: truth, * - Walk in peace, never abuse others. Be merciful and forgiving unto all.

Note: Mothers* - Mother Allah  - the Source of all Creation.

Note : You may be a person that is 'aware' that you are 'channelling' Light. Please try and understand that 'that' fact has no bearing as to the inner state of your soul, nor is it a 'reason' to believe that your spirit will 'attain' the ultimate realm (Heaven) when it departs the flesh. For as said, even the vain can be 'channels' for the Light, and their spirit soul certainly cannot enter the pure Light with any 'sin' of vanity within.

Note: - I say: The key to all spiritual healing is to abide in Allah 's Word and never wield a verbal or material sword. For it is when we 'sin' and thus express dark energy as we abuse or fight or criticise or deceive that we draw more dark energy in to our spirit and this is the cause of our sorrows and deprivation.

It is also the 'cause' for the 'return' karmic debt that is painful when it 'arrives' on our doorstep. It can be like a 'rocket' from the Taliban, or an American flame-thrower that 'tortures' the recipient. (All sufferers are past offenders, - - - all the 'perpetrators' of suffering are the 'victims' of the darkness that used them to 'justifiably' abuse another child of Allah )

All the 'woes' of the world and every 'realm' outside Heaven are caused by dark energy that has been drawn into the souls of Allah 's children as they used it. These 'emotions' of darkness make one 'feel' depressed or 'warlike,' and via them come the telepathic thoughts of the 'Serpent' that entice us to be its 'striking' force and 'punish' the other (justifiably).

Healing of the soul has no 'point' to it if the person being 'healed' by Allah 's grace again wields a mace, and become spiritually 'sick' * inside due to their arrogance or pride or ignorance of the TRUTH. The Salvation 'key' is the Wisdom again given by Allah  through me, so that you all learn to never others 'burn.'

Note: 'sick' * - Contaminated with dark energy that 'distorts' their reason, and their spirit, and their expression becomes 'ugly.'

Note: Let it be understood, that as we 'act' out our deeds each day we are drawing on and expressing either light or dark energy. A smile imparted can make the other feel good and happy. A 'grimace' from an angry face and harsh words can make the other feel unhappy.

In both cases Allah 's energy is being expressed. As you either 'side' express you impress some of it upon yourself, as what you do not only comes back to you (karmic return due) but you also 'add' some of it to your own inner energy centre. If you wish to feel 'good' ahead, then do not fill others with dread. If you do not wish to feel pain, then stop being arrogant and vain.

Do right and fill your soul with Light
Do 'bad' and you become sad and live below in a very 'sorry' plight.

"As you do comes back to 'haunt' or 'elevate' you."

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~ The ‘Devil’s’ Doctrine ~

There is a controlling, extortionist, punitive, destructive and warlike ‘doctrine’ that pervades the lives and livelihoods of every person on every land, and it is a ‘Religion’ that hides itself in a ‘cloak’ of fatherhood and secularism and, - - -

It is a religion because it is a ‘system’ of ideological belief, being the belief that its text ‘rulings’ contained in a ‘book’ must be funded, supported, condoned by, and followed by every person on the land and, - - -

Its 'followers' are also of the 'religious ideological belief' that any person that fails to ‘bow’ in subservience to its latter day ‘rules or decrees’ and that fail to fund its ‘extortionist’ fines or taxes are to be mercilessly hounded, persecuted and punished.

Yes, this religion is the governing 'State' religion, and its controlling, invasive, punitive and warring doctrine is ‘that’ of the malignant ‘Devil,’ the Dark force that leads ITS followers into great travail, bondage and Hell. The doctrine of this State religion is 'heresy,' and those espousing it are heretics.

Yes, this religion is in total and absolute opposition to the benign Command of the Light of Allah  that leads ITS followers to freedom, salvation and Heaven.

This State 'Religion' is the 'government' of many a land, and it has a benign 'principle' clause in its 'Constitution' that states that all persons on the land are 'free' to follow their own religious beliefs or doctrine as long as they go their way in peace, and it also states in its 'texts' that no person will be disadvantaged in any way for living by their 'different' belief, however, - - -

The police forces men paid to serve the dictates of this religion are ignorant of these facts, and they are also ignorant of the Law of Allah , His existence, and His Command, for He states that everyone on every land must "Go their way in peace, and be loving, kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving" and, - - -

Due to the ignorance of these policemen and that of their 'magistrate' enforcers, all continue to take a false wage because, they defy their Allah  and they defy the given 'mandate' of their own Constitution, as they harass the 'innocent' and peaceful that are going about their daily business IN CONFORMITY to Allah 's Command and, instead of giving those peaceful a 'wave' and a smile they harass and persecute them.

These ignorant men need to see that any doctrine that forbids anyone else to live in accordance with their own ideological belief is a doctrine of the Devil, for why should any person be forced to live in an 'unconscionable manner? Why should any person be forced to fund by tax or fine any other 'doctrine' that they believe is ERROR or FALSE?

These ignorant police and their enforcement department 'heads' and servers need to see that they are not above or beyond the 'reach' of Allah , and they too are by Allah  expected to: "Go their way in peace, and be loving, kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving" and, - - - that as He, Allah , is 'almighty,' that He will 'subject' them to the 'authority' of His ONE immutable "As you do is done unto you" Law in this realm or in the after life.

What else? Those of the general public that 'subscribe' to this doctrine through their demands to be 'protected' or other, are no different to the enforcers that operate on their behalf and in their name.  Allah  states that 'we' must only condone, support and fund positive and benign community effort and never fund any controlling, invasive or punitive measures.

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~ The Wrath and power of Allah  ~

The 'wrath' of Allah  is Allah 's Dark energy expressed through his eternal 'army' of satanic spirit men and women that abide in Hell, and they are eternally 'Just, truthful and honourable' to HIS 'call' of vengeance, retribution, accountability and Justice within His absolutely JUST and inviolate "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of Retribution.

These satanic forces exist in the Dark underworld realms of 'spirit' below, and their 'numbers' are 'uncountable' zillions upon zillions, and their POWER is the limitless forceful Dark energy of Allah  that 'consumes' them as it flows through their emotions of hatred and vengeance and, - - - the thoughts of the 'Serpent' flows through their minds into the minds of man. (Yours if you 'permit' it)

When 'man' defies the Command of Allah  and goes forth using this dark controlling, taxing, invasive and punitive energy of Allah , then this 'errant' man places himself within the Dark aspect of the 'Law of Allah ,' and will ahead be 'tortured' by others that themselves are 'mentally enslaved' by and 'inspired' by the demonic spirit forces below. It is they that 'override' your consciousness and 'justify' you doing what you do.

IF you do not suppress the dark emotional energy within you, or if you do not fortify your mind against the incoming punitive or destructive thoughts, or if you for a 'wage' go forth and use 'rules' or 'orders' from men as your justification to defy Allah  and interfere in the lives of others, and in any way 'disadvantage' them, or control them, or abuse them, then YOU will go below and join the dark 'army' of Allah  and, - - - moment by moment in perpetuity you will be forced to suffer' all that you are forced by your mind to 'mercilessly and cruelly' do unto others.

When you defy Allah , then Allah  becomes your enemy.

Amend your ways today and let me heal your soul.

Terence - The Pen of Allah/Allah

Note: The returned Christ soul is not here to 'heal' the flesh of man, but to heal them of their ignorance and thus set them free.