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~ Hell's book - War and Peace and you ~

page 1 - Introduction page 2 - War & the devil's force
page 3 - Peace & submission to Allah page 4 - The control of man by Allah
page 6 - Hell's unholy book page 8 - Mister - X
page 10 - The 'dogs of war' page 11 - Political governance
page 13 - The Falsity page 14 - Rules & man's law v/s Allah
page 16 - The Lord of the manor page 18 - Enough Rope
page 19 - The dismissal of government page 20  - The dismissal note
page 21 - This is your life page 22 - The Truth
page 24 - The Extremist page 25 - Divine retribution
page 26 - The madness of materiality    

This Testament is the correction of the truth on earth and it requires all to ‘break’ the ‘mould’ of their present belief system as all presently walk the false and wrong way.

Let it be clearly understood that man has abrogated his material and spiritual freedom by handing his life over to a hellish BOOK OF RULES that rule him with an autocratic iron fist. Not only this, but as this book (statutes of man) is upheld by force of arms, it means that all who condone and fund and thus support it and its Decrees are by this very act, defiant of the "Go in peace" Command of Allah, and place themselves 'squarely' within the punitive  aspect of the 'eye for an eye' Law of the Dark Sovereign Power Allah.

As the rules force all into a regulated and taxing and punitive code of conduct regime, it follows that the 'texts' themselves are DOCTRINE and, it follows that the institution naming itself "The government" is thus in fact a religion posing as a secular institution.

All 'names' given to the religions of the day are simply names given to the institutions of man that have ‘advertised’ themselves as governing administrators or teachers of Allah’s truth, and are but the 'smoke screen' that blinds mankind to the truth of the real ‘negative way’ of the ‘members’ of the institution and, - - -

The naming of the institution as 'the government' or as ‘the religion’ is what 'permits' all its followers to exert power play in the name of their people, their religion and Allah. None seeing that Allah the Almighty sits way above the silly daydreams of man and, why do you place the destiny of your soul into the hands of others who believe that they have the right to dictate the way that you must live, when your Creator already told you that unless you give your life to Him then you will 'die in your sin'?

The RULES are the 'Slave master' - - - their texts are the 'directives' of the 'Slave master' - - - the politicians and public servants are the workers for the 'Slave master' - - -  the police are the enforcers for the 'Slave master' - - - the entire populace are the slave citizens of the 'Slave master' - - - and, the Devil (Dark Sovereign power) is the Slave Master and, everyone in the community is controlled by the Edicts of the invisible satanic 'voice' that telepathically inspired the text through the minds of politicians.

There are in fact only two religions on earth, for if the word religion implies a ‘way of living and moral and spiritual code of conduct,’ then:

There is the BELIEF in the use of force for ‘extortion, control, defence, punishment or WAR,'  
and this 'way' is the abusive doctrine and religion of War inspired from Hell.

There is the BELIEF in the use of love for ‘free giving, freedom, forgiveness, mercy  or PEACE,'  
and this 'way' is the loving doctrine and religion of Peace inspired from Heaven.

Each 'doctrine' has its own 'peculiar' ways that show all quite clearly 'who' is 'fellowshipping' with 'which' particular religious belief. Irrespective of what people ‘say’ as being their named religion or belief, it is by their deeds they are known, being the daily actions sown by them or their servants.

Let it be stated here quite clearly that, - - -

Those whom fellowship with the religion of War do fund, condone, and support its way and find this in the after life:
Deception, ugliness, punishment, suffering, hatred & eternal bondage.

Those whom fellowship with the religion of Peace do fund, condone and support its way and find this in the after life:
Truth, beauty, forgiveness, happiness, love & eternal freedom.

It is absolute defiance of Allah to invoke the use of force or the threat of force or the 'back up' of force to control, regulate, dictate, enslave, coerce, tax, arrest, detain, punish, abuse, deceive, entrap, terrorise or destroy any other person for any reason. In using any force personally or via the hands of others (servants) one places oneself within the punitive 'eye for an eye' Law of Allah and, you are dealt with as and when Allah sees fit to haul you in during this life or in the hereafter.

Every supposed 'secular' institution of government is in fact an antichrist and punitive and warring religion hiding its true nature under a 'cloak' of nationalism or 'democracy' or 'fatherland' or 'legitimacy.' No election of leaders by the masses legitimises any 'decree' or rules of man that contain text that invokes punishment, control, extortion, or destruction, for that 'Act' defies the "Forgive and only love" Command of the Creator.

What you need to try and understand is, that any 'rule' or 'act' that quote: "Provides for penalties for non-conformity" is in fact the threat backed by the 'gun' held to a persons head by state 'officers,' and a community member who is true to the Command of the Light of Allah to "Go in peace" should not do anything * in contravention to that Command when a gun is held to their head, for if you permit others to enslave you to endless taxes, fees, licenses, levies,  royalties, excise etc., through fear or ignorance then, - - -

You are in fact not only condoning and supporting the deception and extortion or punishment of others by the state institution officers, but as you are paying their wages they are working on your behalf, (servants) and you become complicit to the extortion and suffering imposed, and you place yourself within the 'eye for an eye' jurisdiction of the punitive aspect of Allah's immutable "As you do sow so shall ye reap" Law.

It follows that every society of the day has been infiltrated by the controlling, enslaving, taxing, extortionist and punitive "Law of the Beast" that via the mind of vain and greedy and sinful man has cunningly justified the raising up of rules that demand conformity. It follows that every book of statutes that was invoked using a Constitution raised up by men is an unholy text Book of Hell, a 'book' upheld by wages paid and held sacred by many that enables 'some' to extort endless sums of money from the masses under the guise of 'legitimacy.'

Note: do anything * - You do not fight or lie or falsify to resist, nor do you pay any monies to anyone who seeks to take it from you by coercion. You only fund others or services provided that are good and positive and within the constraints of Allah's Command and, only by your own free volition.

The ‘proof’ to Allah and man of ones  religion or religious belief of peace and mercy as commanded by the Creator, is ones ability to remain faithful* to the ‘dogma’* or ideological ‘way’ of the Command of Allah at all times, and especially when one is being ‘terrorised’ and under ‘duress.’

 Note: faithful* - A true believer in the commanded code of conduct doctrine of Allah* that is required by the individual to attain purification of ones soul and thus be ‘saved.’ (Salvation)

 Note: doctrine of Allah* - Being the ONLY way to Salvation: Peace and good will extended unto all at all times in all situations.
 This is only accomplished when the person is strong enough to never use the forceful energy of darkness in their interaction with others, thus they are always compassionate, merciful, peaceful, and forgiving, even if they are to be punished or crucified by the vain and arrogant non-believers.

Note: doctrine of Allah* - Being that it is forbidden for man to use forceful dark energy that is the 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil, for when you control or punish or cause pain to  others, in so doing you are making use of that energy and, as the use of the forbidden dark, punitive, destructive energy of Allah places you within ITS 'As you did sow so shall ye reap' LAW, why would you deign to use IT in the foreknowledge that all you did do unto others will by others be done unto you?

Note: ‘dogma’* - the principles of the teaching, the belief or tenets, the true opinion.

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War and the Devil’s force

The 'religion' of and thus belief in War - means that a person has not understood the singular "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah nor heard the command of their Creator to "Go your way in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind," nor heard the voice of Allah commanding all to never sup on the fruit* of the tree of evil.

 Note: the fruit* - dark forceful, controlling, punitive energy. (Allah’s prerogative only)

 Thus the person assumes the right to be 'as' Allah and use the forbidden forceful fruit of the tree of evil, and they justify the use of force of arms to force others to bow to their demands and, they interfere, control, coerce, enslave, regulate, tax, invade, abuse, extort, persecute, judge, punish, and destroy and, - - -

 These ‘warmongers’ are disrespectful, arrogant, pompous and often cruel, callous, critical, vindictive, violent, merciless and unforgiving and, as these 'souls' go about their daily unloving business * that causes 'suffering' to others, - - - they accrue a painful and sorrowful spiritual 'due' to the Dark punitive 'arm' of Allah within Allah's superior Law that returns to them in this or the next level when their spirit departs the flesh.

 Note: daily unloving business * - Many of these people are also 'kindly' in their dealings with others, but all who work for the 'system' are forced by its 'rules' into being 'unconscious' and negative and punitive and thus they are seen by Allah as ‘offensive’ offenders to be brought to account by Allah within His supreme Law.

If you either use dark energy personally in your interaction with others or, if you condone or fund or support * any secular or religious institution that uses dark energy in its interaction with others, then you are defiant of your Creator and walking the wide road to Hell and, you are ‘supping’ on darkness and, you are staining your soul and, you are accruing a ‘sorrowful’ karmic debt.

You are waging ‘war’ and on the ‘wide road to ‘Hell’ if you or your ‘mercenaries’ or your servants of any secular or religious institution:  inflict injury to others – control the freedom of movement of others – tax others – enslave others – interfere into the affairs of others – impose sanctions upon others – invade the premises of others – steal from others – deceive others – cause damage to property of others – criticise, persecute, condemn and judge others for the purpose of punishment, and kill others for any reason.

As you are all well aware of, all the above activities are carried out in times of war or “peace” by state authorities acting on their own behalf and on yours. This ‘way’ of living is ERROR and is the false ideological way of War that brings a return of ‘terror’ upon your own household another day when Allah makes you pay for your folly.

As you are all well aware of, in times of “war” you are all ‘conscripted’ or expected to take up arms to defend your ‘nation,’ religion, or yourself and family and have been taught to so do. This ‘way’ of living is ERROR and is the false ideological way of War that brings a return of ‘terror’ upon your own household another day when Allah makes you pay for your folly.

The only reason why governing institutions are able to control and manipulate the populace is because they have deceived their 'mercenary' armed forces into believing that they are legitimate due to their mandate of authority * being recorded as text within the 'laws' of their institution. This is a false and deceptive belief.

Note: condone or fund or support * - Every person who directly invests their savings with any institution or business that is involved in any non peaceful or 'harmful' to others activity are knowingly or unknowingly complicit to the abuse of others, and they are accruing a painful spiritual debt simply through their personal greed need to earn an extra 'free' penny.

This also applies to a person who invests their savings with a 'lending institution'  who then lend the funds to any business that is involved in any non peaceful or 'harmful' to others activity, for they are knowingly or unknowingly complicit to the abuse of others, and they are accruing a painful spiritual debt simply through their personal greed need to earn an extra 'free' penny.

This also applies to the 'lending institution'  person who then 'lends' the funds to any business that is involved in any non peaceful or 'harmful' to others activity through their need to earn a wage, for they are knowingly or unknowingly complicit to the abuse of others, and they are accruing a painful spiritual debt.

Note: Any owner or employee of any business who adds a purchase 'surcharge' to goods or services as a 'tax' for and on behalf of another is complicit to stealing, and in Allah's eyes will lose an equal amount as that taken by them from others and, any pain or misfortune suffered by others through the taking or using of such monies has a direct return to the 'thief' at the time and in the place so ordained by the Creator.

 Note: mandate of authority * - Is one where the police or customs enforcer or other armed forces personnel are 'permitted' by the State government to defy Allah's Command and to openly go forth with the intent and deed of interference, seizure of goods and monies, detainment, abduction, incarceration, abuse, destruction of life and limb and business affairs of others.

No mandate of man or 'rule' of an institution exonerates any person from being subjected to Allah's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and those who use any mandate or other reason to be an 'aggressor' by false belief precedent or enacted 'rules' is being very unkind to themselves, as their spiritual dues cannot be 'forgiven' or voided, and as the 'old' saying goes: "Do the crime and pay the time." Allah's 'eye for an eye' Justice is absolute.

Note : A statutory 'Rule' is simply a DEMAND that you 'bow and obey' its COMMAND and, - - - every 'punishment' you suffer for any non-conformity is the 'price' you pay for having funded and condoned its merciless and forceful dark way or, for having been less than 'kind and nice' to others on a long past day and, - - -

Those who 'write' these decrees that force others to their knees and, - - - all who enforce these 'rulings' are enforcing the 'Will' of the Dark Sovereign Power that is cruel, merciless, unforgiving and punitive and, - - - all the aforementioned send their own souls into the 'underworld' of the living dead for a very long time for their defiance of the Command of their Creator to: "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, kind, loving and forgiving."

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Peace and submission to Allah

 The 'religion' of and thus belief in Peace - means that a person has understood the singular "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah and heard the command of their Creator to "Go your way in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind."

 Thus the person is kind, loving, caring, respectful, considerate, compassionate, merciful and forgiving. They never intrude into the affairs of others and neither do they fund, condone or support the 'way' of the 'non-believers' who 'fellowship' with the contra punitive doctrine of the Religion of War because, - - -

 If they did 'fellowship' with the 'other way' they would be complicit to the use of force and dark energy, and they would also accrue a negative and painful spiritual due. So those of the belief or religion of PEACE are ‘peacemakers’ who only 'sow' goodness, and within the singular Law of the Creator they receive a 'bounty' of joyful goodness that returns to them in this or the next level when their spirit departs the flesh.

On this TRUTH please reflect:

Express kindness, sincerity, and respect to the good, the bad and the ugly, and your soul you do protect.

Your own politicians are your worst enemy, (and their own) for it is their 'rule books' that force you to fund their 'war games' and punitive effort of 'attrition' against others, and it is thus that you defy Allah and suffer the same FATE that your 'protectors' and their forces imposed upon others.

Yes, politicians who are fearful or aggressive can only do one thing in the face of adversity, and that is to follow their own ignorant 'ideals' and devilish thoughts that lead them and you into destructive ways, and the painful consequences of that DARK interaction with others later befalls your own household.

It is not the powerful forces of destruction who win any 'battle,' for all they in fact accomplish is a very temporary earthly reprieve from suffering. The greater 'picture' is that they lose the war, for a later time or place they similarly grieve.

There are never any winners in War, not ONE. The Devil's 'hook' is the false indoctrinated belief that you can defy Allah to defend your flesh to avoid pain and survive physically, but in so doing you cause pain to others and you die spiritually.

Man has yet to LEARN the basic message of Allah's divine LAW: "Those who destroy the livelihood or lives of others set the 'snare' for the day that other non-believers in Allah's Command of Peace will return and do the same terrifying and painful things to them."

If you interfere in the lives of others be they good, bad, or insanely ugly, you DIE spiritually. It is best to conform to Allah's Command, and as you "Let others in peace live, you one day in peace Live."

Woe unto all who cause any pain or suffering or 'dread' upon any of Allah's children.
Let your flesh be destroyed rather than 'killing' another to 'live' and dishonour your soul.

Death before dishonour

If others are "Allah sent" to wage war upon you then suffer it in the knowledge that you deserve it.
Those who do not suffer their own crucifixion without retaliating will now join the living in HELL dead.

Peace and submission to Allah is the only way for YOU to survive spiritually and aspire to Paradise,
For when you allow your enemy to be a part of your close family then Allah accepts you as ONE of His family.

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~ The control of man by Allah the Dark Sovereign Power ~

There is a basic truth that has not yet been 'found' by mortal man and is only exposed by this pen. Unless you the individual can understand and 'accept' this reality given here, your daily living way will continue on in its DARK 'fateful' way that is presently leading all humanity into deeper 'bondage' to the darkness and into the Abyss of eternal suffering, this is due to their continuing support of institutions or religions that use control or negative or punitive interaction.

The Truth exposed by this pen is the duality of Allah * and the dual nature of Allah * the Source. Clarification of this is referred to within this web site, but for the purpose of this 'Hell's book' Paper I refer to the dual nature of Allah as being:

The totality of the energy essence of all that exists within the 'body' or 'frame' of Allah, and this energy essence is both Light and Dark and positive and negative, and joy and pain, and happiness or sorrow, for these emotional energies all exist within the Source, for IT is the ALL.

It is the flow of energy that courses through man during his interaction with others that is THE LAW of the Source within itself, and as it is absolutely 'all knowing' and as it is 'bound' unto its own self and the Law of 'movement,' it is absolutely Just within the boundaries of the named "The Divine law of Allah the Source" that operates on the basis of:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained by the Source, Allah.

This law has been written in many a way so as to find its way into your psyche to assist you to remember it, to understand it, and to be aware that it applies to you personally in your daily activities. You all 'scream out' for 'JUSTICE,' and that is exactly what you get as the Source imposes His 'judgements' upon you during your eternal existence, be it here in this realm or in the after life.

This Law of Allah is absolutely Just and equitable and it operates within both aspects of the Source, the LIGHT and the DARK that both fulfil their unique aspect of it, and as you 'draw upon' or use either energy flow through your interaction with others, you attract to yourself the fulfilment of its Law, namely you receive an EQUAL RETURN:

You reap what you sow - what goes round comes around - an eye for an eye - impose suffering and you suffer - as you give you receive.

The purpose of this document is to try and get you to understand that not only does Allah's Law apply to the individual, but that the 'aspect' of Allah being used actually means literally that "Allah is backing you, Allah is your inspiration, Allah is with you" and, - - -

You need to understand that either aspect or both aspects can be 'using' you or being used by you, and this 'factor' is entirely the result of your knowing or unknowing instigation, request, demand, needs etc., and, - - - as you use either side of it or, if you promote, fund, support or condone the use of either aspect of it by others, then their expression benign or malignant has a direct repercussion upon your life within the Law of either aspect, and both aspects of Allah's dual energies follow the same singular inviolate RULE:

"As you or your servants did sow so shall ye reap and, as they did sow so shall they reap."

As Allah the Light wishes us to be happy, Its command to us is to only use its positive creative "Love" energy, and thus we receive an equal bounty back via the hands of other lovers.

As Allah the Dark forbids us to use His forceful, hateful and destructive energy, when we defy Him we receive an equal return of His malignant energy used, and this 'painful' energy seeks to forcefully destroy us via the hands of other destroyers.

It follows that for you to live in happiness, that you need to be able to see "which aspect" of the Source is the inspiration within the minds of those 'leaders of men' that you follow, for that 'aspect' of Allah the Source is the mastermind of the Code of conduct and POLICY of their institution or 'way.'

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 It may be 'both' aspects of the Source or it may be one or the other, and you need to discern it clearly before you 'join up' or fellowship with it and, - - - those directly working for the institution need to examine its policies and decide whether they need to amend the policy, for if it is Dark * and they cannot, then they need to decide whether to withdraw or continue on their road to eternal damnation.

Note: Dark * - Punitive, controlling, interfering, dictatorial, coercive, vengeful or destructive.

The Truth exposed by this pen is that the more 'we' as a community use the forceful and controlling energy of the Dark to tax, regulate and interfere in the lives of others, the more the Dark via others regulates, controls, interferes and impoverishes us using ITS punitive system of governance.

It is not in your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual well-being interest  to fund, condone, support, or 'belong' to any institution or group that engages in control, regulation, taxation, abuse, punitive or warring interaction with others because, - - -

Any institution engaged in such 'activity' is an institution that is being controlled by and inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power, Allah. This forceful energy is in direct opposition to the benign energy of the Light Sovereign Power, Allah and, - - -

It follows that all those 'belonging' to and supporting said punitive 'Order' have placed themselves within the jurisdiction of the painful and sorrowful and punitive aspect of THE 'As you sow so shall ye reap' LAW of the DARK and, - - - it follows that these people receive an ongoing 'Just' overbearing and painful return upon their own household for all the pain and suffering and interference and inconvenience and loss imposed upon others through the daily 'activity' of the workers of the institution. 

This is why seekers of peace and salvation need to withdraw their support of all 'governing' institutions, and only fund and support non aggressive and non punitive and non taxing organisations that are true welfare organisations that give care and educative advice and deliver positive community needs because, - - -

All persons supporting any such creative 'Order' have placed themselves within the jurisdiction of the happy and joyful aspect of THE 'As you sow so shall ye reap' LAW of the LIGHT and, - - - it follows that these people receive an ongoing 'Just' beneficent return upon their own household for all the care and share and assistance given to others through the daily 'activity' of the workers of the institution. 

You must decide now whether you wish to continue to be an aggressor demanding your supposed 'Rights,' or whether you wish to now conform to the Command of Allah to "Go in peace and educate the lost and help the needy."

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~ Hell's Book ~
The books of rules and regulations of man.

There is a 'book' inspired from Hell and it stands at the core of the story I tell. It is the unholy 'rule books' of State that govern every person within every land outside heaven.

It is a book held sacred by many that uphold its dictates for the sake of a 'penny.' Yes they take a wage to be a mercenary as they 'gaze' at every page in 'awe' and within each page they look, their own soul they forsake, for they it and its meaning mistook.

For it is a mistake to uphold the 'darkness,' and every person who so does will needs be 'bold.' For each 'penny' the darkness does them pay to uphold its controlling and punitive way, - - - it steals their soul further away from the Light.

For every line within the book does say: - - - "Any who do not conform must be punished in some way," and this false ideological belief does bring its followers to pain and grief because, this book was and yet is inspired from Hell via the minds of men who could not tell the difference between black and white, and neither could they see the reason 'why' they should go their way in peace and love and not control others, and wage war against others and them punish or fight or 'enslave them' to rules so as to steal their hard earned money.

This unholy book that was inspired from Hell uses 'control & power' to hold all under its spell, for all who take a 'mercenary' wage to uphold it feel righteous and strong, but their 'future' from them is hidden and only I the true story tell.

For every 'ACT' that is written within that book forces someone * to defy the command of their Allah as is exposed in this my sacred book, and every one of them will PAY in blood for their ignorance of the true and ONLY 'Just' way. That is to forgive, and to compassionate be, and to merciful be.

The power of the Dark Sovereign Power is very great because it is His mind that inspired and instigated the 'Rule book' religion, being the false belief in the righteous rule of man using rules. This arose 'cunningly' as man defiant of the "Go in peace" command of the Light began to seek ways of legitimately punishing others who strayed from the true path, and their psyche was invaded by the Dark force that was able to 'instil and instigate' regulatory control over the arrogant and vain that did not "Go in peace."

This rule by 'law of man' has become so ingrained that few can even 'imagine' life without rules, for they assume that chaos would result, and the 'hold' over the mind of these 'believers in rules' by the Dark Sovereign Power is such, that via them he is easily able to force all to conform to the rules, for not only do the enforcers believe in the righteousness of rules, but they are also paid a wage to enforce them.

Thus if you the individual seek to simply go your way in Peace being 'ruled' by Allah directly, the vain and arrogant 'minions of the 'dark' that are mentally controlled by IT the Dark would not wish to let you go, and they will persecute you for not funding and supporting their way and their wages.

Note: someone * - All who condone or fund the use of 'rules' to control and punish others, and all who use rules to control and punish others.

But as said, they are blind, cruel and unkind unto themselves and their 'soon to be' suffering family who will be 'lost' to their sight for a time and a time. For all who defy their Allah get 'dragged' away because with the forbidden 'Fires of Hell'* they did play, and as they so did they 'crucified' me and you.

There is NO forgiveness in that book and there is NO forgiveness in the Fires of Hell they took. So what all 'controllers and regulators and enforcers' and other abusers now need to see is what is now to be, and what all will have to do, so as to become free and satisfy the LAW of their Allah too.

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There is a cruel and dominating 'monster' that operates through the 'books of rules' of government and community 'councils' on earth and He is the controlling, extortionist and destructive satanic force. All who adore His unholy book and uphold and fund and condone His merciless and unforgiving and punitive and controlling ways are 'minions' in His service who defy their Creator and suffer the consequence.

Yes all pay the price for foolishly placing their 'foot' in Satan's * VICE. He will not let any go until they learn to heed the Truth I do bestow. Heed me now or suffer eternally. Foolish are those who think that the 'rule book' of an institution gives them immunity from Allah's Law.

Rules with punitive attachments - NO
Advisory Codes of Conduct - YES

Note: 'Fires of Hell'* - Let it be clearly understood, that the use of force that always causes 'someone' anguish is the use of the 'fire of hell,' and any person using that forbidden force will by that same force be 'burnt' on another day. Any person who uses force to control or punish another becomes a 'Mister x' being any person who defies the Command of Allah to:

"Go your way in peace and only be loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving to my other children."

And the dark force that inspired their negative interaction factually marks their spiritual forehead with a black X. And as any person defies the “Peace and love” Command for any reason and they interfere, regulate, control, tax, fine, punish, abuse or kill others, the size and power of the sword of Damocles that they raise above their own head grows and, - - - the sword sends out a signal into the depths of the darkness that says:

This one is to be punished.  - This one is to be deceived. - This one is to suffer pain for being vain. - This one is to be 'cut' and is to be 'bled' until every drop of blood they spilt is accounted for, and all the suffering they so 'justifiably' imposed will be justifiably imposed upon them within Allah's holy law. This also applies to those who condone or support and thus fund the ongoing iniquity.

Certainly we must teach our youths how to be in conformity to Allah's "Peace & love" command as they learn to respect others, and this we do with positive code of conduct guidelines that are reasonable, example: "Drive on the correct side of the road at a safe speed so as to avoid colliding with other road users because, - - - it is being kind and respectful to others and yourself to be considerate and, - - - if you do cause pain to others you will be made to suffer it within Allah's law at a later date, for no amount of insurance 'cover' nullifies the Law of Allah."

Rules contain punitive attachments and are not guidelines, they are Decrees given by a Dictator, and these rules enslave and subjugate the whole community, and they force all into defying the Command of Allah as they and their supposed 'servants' enslave and subjugate and punish and wage war upon other community members using said rules and,  - - -

This subjugation and punishment is a deserved due to their continuing support of the false belief ideology, and no person can become free of its imposition (the dark) until they personally cease funding, condoning, and supporting it and, - - - until that day it the dark force via its inspired rules and its ruling enforcers will tighten their grip and control over you and, - - - It the Dark Sovereign Power via them will continue to impoverish and punish you and you will find no peace.

Note: Satan's * - Satan is in fact the Dark Sovereign Power (Allah) being the mastermind within the essence of darkness that is revealed by my pen as the negative energy of the Source Allah that man is forbidden to use and, - - - as man uses this forceful destructive energy in his interaction with others he places himself within the bounds of the Dark Sovereign Power. (Allah)  It is Allah the Father (Dark Sovereign Power) who uses His satanic army of men to telepathically invade the psyche of 'sinful' vain and arrogant men, and forces them to abuse other offenders and, - - - within the absolutely Just "Law of Allah" man then receives an equitable return of suffering inspired by the Source of darkness (Satan/Allah) who is the absolute authority of the dark worlds.

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~ Mister - X ~
the ‘Levy’ form

Note: This page is a letter written for Mr. K. A. Being a person who believed that he was being charged excessive 'rates' by his local Council, thus he annually paid them what he felt was an adequate but lesser amount to meet the costs of the services he was being rendered. This letter is simply an example to show the reader the extent taken by every 'official' government department if their demands are not met, for they all simply revert to the use of their satanic 'books of rules' and wage war upon the community member who funds their services.

K says: A man "Mister – X" arrived at my door saying: "I am the ‘bailiff’ and I have come with a ‘writ’ to advise you that my ‘boss’ Caesar has ‘commandeered’ both your vehicles that you now will forfeit to him to be sold so that your $2,500 owing to him is repaid."

This man named "Mister – X" was advised by K that:

1 – In the first instance I did not owe the Council (Caesar) anything as they had neither lent me any money nor had they provided any other service to me that rendered me liable to pay them any more than I annually did and, - -

2 – That in the eyes of Allah that he "Mister – X" was in error and that he was in fact taking a mercenary wage that was forcing him to be a thief and, that his actions would ahead bring him grief within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah for his complicity to applying ‘force’ in the form of a ‘Levy’ notice being his intent to intrude upon my property and seize my two vehicles.

This man named "Mister – X" advised K that he did not believe in the existence of ‘life after death’ nor in the existence of a Allah, - - - so what does this man "Mister – X" factually believe in? I Terence the ‘pen’ of Allah state:

He believes that he must conform to the ‘common’ law of the land and thus be a decent person and never invade the premises of others to steal what is not his to take nor abuse nor kill others.

He believes that when ‘on duty’ that he is in fact fighting for his Right, being 'his right' to use force and darkness because, in the 'eyes' of the rule book that he is paid a wage to 'uphold' and thus in his eyes, - - - his 'victim' (K) has been deemed to be an 'offender' and one to be despised and punished in some way.

He believes that he can take a mercenary wage and by this ‘factor’ then defy the ‘common’ law of the land and become an ‘underhand’ operative who openly goes forth on behalf of his ‘boss’ who is funded by the greater community and, - - - that under verbal or written ‘orders’ he can then invade, steal, detain, kidnap, fine, punish, transport a ‘slave,’ incarcerate or, - - -

He believes that he or the ‘force’ backing him can in fact do anything that they by their superiors are told to do. Yes, for his ‘wage’ he (they) can even shoot to kill his perceived ‘enemy’ if they become emotionally aroused through fear or anger and he feels threatened in any way, or the other tries to run away.

He believes that every member of the community has to contribute to the welfare of others in the ‘manner’ and amount prescribed by an ‘overbearing’ institution even if they do not agree to such an imposition or any false demand.

He believes that every member of the community loses their ‘immunity’ from loss, deprivation, and happiness if they do not conform to the dictates of ‘others,’ and he also believes that he can be the instrument of ‘bad’ tidings and be complicit to inflicting such deprivation without himself suffering the consequence of such action.

He believes that, - - - even though he is complicit to invasion and 'theft' of property and guilty to causing emotional trauma to others and their children, - - - that he is beyond the 'reach' of the Law of Allah due to his 'wage' and uniform. This is error of belief due to false teaching.

Why is he "Mister – X" so blind as to not see that if he enters K. A's property and forcibly takes (steals) from him and thus impoverishes his family ‘collaterally’ and causes them great inconvenience by having no means of transport for the children to go to school, nor to take produce to market that, - - - within ‘common’ Justice that he will be deserving of punishment and ‘punished’ the same way by others on another day?

Does he really believe that ‘some’ people have the ‘rightful’ authority to force others into compliance and to force others into paying up endless sums of money simply because they are backed’ by mercenary armed men? Regrettably he and many do believe such falsity, due to having been deceived by precedence in which past elders invoked an unholy book denoting their ‘religion’ of war.

What he does not see is that it is not ‘right’ simply because he or his ‘force’ is given a uniform, gun, and wage by ‘somebody,’ be they working for a man or for a ‘community.’

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What he and all men need to see is that ‘Justice’ there be, and that it was prophesied many a long year ago that every ‘thief and murderer’ was going to be ‘shot’ or cut down by an ‘axe’ by other ‘commoners’ because, - - - the time would come when everyone was being ‘invaded and disadvantaged’ by supposed ‘legitimate’ thieves and, - - -

Everyone was having their money stolen by forcefully imposed taxes and, - - - everyone would then rise up under earth’s sun and strike down the ‘abominable’ swine that invaded them and stole their property and abused them and starved their families by slow financial strangulation.

Why is K. A. being 'hounded' by wolves? Because in his past he accrued a ‘painful’ karmic debt within the superior Law of Allah when in his past he funded the 'wages of sin,' whereby he accrued a spiritual debt because 'men' funded by his taxes strode forth and interfered in the lives of others and impoverished them.

So what is my message to Mr. K. A. the new ‘believer’?

"Keep calm and steady and be ready to lose whatever Allah chooses to take from you via the mind and hands of the vain, arrogant and ignorant. Treat them with respect for they know not what they do unto you or themselves. Pity them and do your best to help them see their error and their own coming terror.

Tell them that all who continue to raise their hand against their sister or brother will by Allah be confined in the eternal dark night where their misery will be eternal. Tell them about me and my message that is their only 'hope' that will help them to see, so that they can have the opportunity of rising up into the light."

So what is my message to Mr. - X the ‘infidel’ (non-believer)?

"Prepare for the day that greater swine than you come your way and for every ‘folly’ you will pay, and you will see how ‘cruel’ they will be and they will not hear your ‘plea’ for mercy."

What is my message to any community member who funds his wage?

"Foolish are those who pay the ‘wages of sin’ and who fearfully support iniquity, for their complicity will bring them great travail and they will ‘quail’ when in this or the after life they find their ‘abode’ with demons who will eternally give them strife and, - - -

I can only suggest that they all now become true and only fund the positive and creative aspect of community living, as each becomes a ‘Carer’ who only gives financial and other aid to the true welfare of their community."

Why do I involve myself in this issue?

Because my spirit soul has returned to earth from the Source of pure light and I do know our Allah, and I do know the absolute authority of our Allah, and I do know and believe in the absolute Justice within the supreme Law of our Allah and, - - - 

It is my intent and earnest desire to uplift the soul of man so that they not only halt accruing a very painful debt to Allah through their negative interaction with others as they continue to defy the Command of their Allah to: "Go in peace and love one another," but they can also become happy and free and one day ahead return to the Light of heaven and join me.

Let it be clearly understood, that the use of force that always causes 'someone' anguish is the use of the 'fire of hell,' and any person using that forbidden force will by that same force be 'burnt' on another day.

 Note: Mister – X – Is any person who defies the Command of Allah to:

"Go your way in peace and only be loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving to my other children."

And the dark force that inspired their negative interaction factually marks their spiritual forehead with a black X. And as any person defies the “Peace and love” Command for any reason and they interfere, regulate, control, tax, fine, punish, abuse or kill others, the size and power of the sword of Damocles that they raise above their own head grows and, - - - the sword sends out a signal into the depths of the darkness that says:

This one is to be punished.
one is to be deceived.
one is to suffer pain for being vain.

This one is to be 'cut' and is to be 'bled' until every drop of blood they spilt is accounted for and, this one is to be deceived within their mind so that, - - - (Continues on at end.htm )

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~ The Dogs of War ~
The 'response' Destiny

Are you personally responsible for the destiny of your soul, or is Allah or is some other person? Do you actually 'care' for your future happiness or future suffering or do the possible repercussions of your deeds or the deeds of your 'servants' of today in some way elude your psyche?

Is it a 'Just' judgement by Allah that we "Reap what we Sow" or is there a more 'reasonable' way that I have yet to get to know? Why do I say that a responsible and wise and spiritually educated person must not 'Vote in' a political 'leader' to govern them and replace Allah as their head of their 'house'?

Because if you so do, you are being untrue to yourself and them because you are elevating them into 'Allah-ship' and, - - - their arrogance and vanity become your downfall (and theirs) as they then assume the right to defy Allah and use you to be their slave and, - - - they then assume the right to use you and your funds to wage war and - - - it is then that you become a 'pawn' of the Devil that inspires them and ahead, you 'mourn' and suffer great travail in this and the next world.

When you vote for a political leader you abrogate your 'fate' into not only 'his' hands but also into the 'minds' of his 'senators,' and it is they to 'assess' your way of living that is in accordance to their false belief and, if you do not conform to it they will 'sit' on you with great power for their eyes 'glower' red and you will feel dread because, - - -

Not only will they force you to conform to their dictates that they invoke as 'statutes' or decrees that they name 'the law' but, whatever their forces do over land and sea comes back to haunt you not me, for THE TRUTH I see.

When you 'fund' their wages through paying their taxes it is you who has condoned their 'atrocities' perpetrated in many another's cities and, as they destroy life and limb of mother and child and other men arrogant or mild it is you who ahead do suffer the same fate within the 'Just' LAW of Allah.

Is your destiny to be one where Allah sends your spirit through Hell's Gate? Maybe or definitely if you now continue to fund and condone unforgiving and merciless retribution through supporting the political 'dogs of war' who see you as their 'slaves' for SURE.

Take personal control of your life, for if others coerce you into funding their 'warring' ways then you pave the way for your own terror ahead for sure.

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~ Political governance ~

Political governance is neither benign nor democratic, nor does it conform to the 'Standard' of living way commanded by the Creator.

Try and see that all men of today are political prisoners and thus slaves controlled by force of arms. All are 'bound' by the books of rules and all are forced to fund the never-ending demands of their political 'masters' that use 'rules' to coerce all into supporting them and their warriors.

When one votes for a representative to be ones 'spokesman' that is quite in order, but when that spokesman takes it upon himself to raise up regulatory and controlling 'rulings' that are simply autocratic dictates that have punitive attachments to them, then your political representative has become a malignant and cruel slave master who uses his own set of rules raised up by himself to justify his use of force to force conformity and to tax you endlessly and, - - -

Worse is yet to come, for the principle use of these monies is to elevate his own wealth and to protect himself and to 'arm' his own forces personnel that he then uses to control and punish you and, to wage war upon others in other lands and, - - - as you fund this war you will ahead suffer in the same way that others suffered at the hands of your/his forces men.

Regrettably these 'minions' see not that their 'base' is one of sand, for their mandate is backed by 'orders' or the written text of men, and this 'authority' by no means supersedes the absolute authority of Allah and Allah's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law. Thus as they 'war' against their own community in the course of their punitive duty they see not the 'damnation' of their own soul, and the repercussions to be when they leave their flesh in the dust of this land.

Via Rules, the forceful and punitive 'system' commands you to support your community effort through upholding the system by vote and endless taxation funding. This is in fact autocratic Rule by Allah the Dark Sovereign Power (the destroyer) and it is HE who via rules and political 'minds' states that any person not supporting His punitive, taxing, and regulating way is to be deemed as a 'defaulter' and one to be punished and banished from society.

Try and see through this 'deception,' for in fact if you do fund and condone and thus support His dark controlling and punitive way, then you are in fact defiant of Allah the Light Sovereign Power and you banish yourself from Heaven, and you remain within the punitive and 'suffering' jurisdiction of the Dark Sovereign Power for continuing to support His punitive way.

Allah is Allah, Allah is ALL, Allah is both energies of positive and negative. Allah is creative and destructive.

Allah commands you to only be the creative positive in action. If you use His forcefulness to control tax, punish and wage war upon others, then within His Law He uses force via other non-believers such as you to control tax, punish and wage war upon you and to destroy you physically and spiritually.

As an individual paying taxes, you are funding anti-Allah iniquity and are thus also personally guilty of enslaving and interfering and causing pain to others. This applies to politicians and those working for enforcement agencies.

What of the 'good' works carried out by the government? The good works carried out by the government departments is through the giving of the inhabitants of the land and is not a 'present' given by any politician or department. Demands made upon governments to protect or save or assist people are in fact demands made upon other community members as it is they who have funded the system.

Politicians say to the public: "You have an obligation to us because you voted us to be your 'keeper,' (Allah) therefore you must support us and 'pay up' what we demand or suffer the consequential loss. For if you do not play the game according to our rules then we will use our power to destroy you."

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Political 'expediency' is the cause of all major suffering on earth, and as they pulverise their enemies, this imposition upon others causes great suffering to return upon their 'slave' citizens within the 'greater' Law of Allah.

As all see, the control, regulation and interference by governments into the daily business affairs of the community is being done so as to maximise their tax dollar take from the produce created, and this impoverishes all and raises the costs to all.

When you as an individual cease voting for and funding the (any) punitive system of man, you are showing Allah and other men your personal DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE as you only follow the commanded peaceful 'way' of Allah, and this democratic right should be acknowledged by the SANE. The arrogant, greedy and vain will look upon you with disdain and they will continue to try and force you to fund their ongoing iniquity. It is up to you to stand fast unto the command of the creative Allah of LOVE.

By ceasing the payment of all demanded taxes, the individual has not the intent of bringing down the government. To the contrary, one has the intent of showing those working in government departments that their taking it upon themselves to 'honour' rules and to be rulers and 'protectors' is no longer your needed 'provision of service' because, - - -

You have no confidence in the 'legitimacy' of the Constitution of their institution, and you believe that its content and subsequent rules and regulations are in contravention of Allah's code of conduct Command and, it follows that they are of a treasonable nature and thus not for your spiritual wellbeing.

By this 'withdrawal' of your funds to their punitive and controlling and taxing efforts, you show them that you now will rely on the protection granted to all 'peaceful' by their Allah and, - - - as you continue to fund the peaceful and creative and welfare activities of the community through your free giving they will see that you are true and, - - - they will realise that they also need to so do if they wish to conform to their Creator and receive His blessing too.

It is now up to the 'enforcers' and politicians to come to a personally informed decision as to whether to continue to be administrators of 'edicts and decrees' that bring others and ultimately themselves to their knees, or whether they will also seek the better and peaceful way that will eventually bring them spiritual freedom once they have paid their 'suffering' dues to Allah.

There is never any peace to be 'made' or found using a political solution, for it is only as each individual becomes enlightened to the point whereby they realise that they will only ever find surcease from suffering and eternal peace when they lay down their arms and they stop funding other 'warriors' and they conform to the command of Allah and they then 'suffer' any imposition by others in non-retaliation as they pay their dues to Allah before they are set free.

The Allah of LOVE is now to be our head of house, guide and counsellor true, and any person of flesh voted in by you to 'organise' any community activity is to be a wise one who seeks no elevation into Allah-ship nor any control over you and, - - - they are a person who is kind and caring and respectful of you their master, for they see their 'place' of service as being one of servitude to humanity and their Creator Allah.

Note: All politicians who vote for the 'invocation' of rules are themselves guilty of human rights violations because their statutes force others into conformity to punitive and warring ventures, and none are free to follow their own conscience nor to conform to the command of Allah to simply live peacefully.

Presently, the political system of man operates on the basis of: "How much can we tax the community using 'rules,' coercion and FORCE." In the new loving age to be, there will be no politicians and no taxes and no rules, and as people will not use any force they will not accrue any painful dues and they will no longer be 'abused' by the satanic band, and they will all have become people who will lovingly GIVE as much as they can to uplift their community.

If you have been a taxpayer and thus complicit to the extortion and punitive effort imposed upon others, then be forewarned that others will come o'er land or sea and take from you by force and they will abuse you with force, and this will not stop until your Allah is satisfied that you have paid every due to HIM. Non-retaliation is the ONLY way to become spiritually free.

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~ The Falsity ~

The falsity is that all are ‘promised’ the freedom to exercise their religious belief within the principle ‘acts’ of the Constitution of their governing bodies, but the reality is that subsequent ‘decrees’ and 'precedents' have overturned this ‘common’ belief, and all mankind is controlled and forced by legislation to wage war upon others * via their governing systems, and thus are all accruing a greater debt each day and sullying their souls more every day.

Note: wage war upon others * - All investigations, inquisitions and punishments imposed upon yourself or others by the customs or police or other departments of state governing institutions are 'systems' funded by you personally, and they are waging war upon other children of Allah on your behalf. This also applies to armed services personnel who use 'firepower' to kill and destroy.

Let it be clearly understood that the 'policing' and investigative and other armed forces activities of every government on earth that are invasive, inquisitive, coercive, controlling, demanding, taxing, punitive, forceful, warring and destructive are all seen by Allah as active terrorist cells operating in the guise of peaceful mandated activities that in their eyes are legitimate. All are forced to be merciless, cruel, and unforgiving as they uphold the dictates of 'orders' or rules.

Let it be clearly understood that there are no 'innocents' * outside heaven, and every civilian who suffers at the hands of 'legitimate' or illegitimate terrorist activity is simply suffering their 'Just' deserts within the 'eye for an eye' law of Allah through their complicity to inflicting terror and pain upon others, - - - through their own condoning and funding of government agencies that used punitive 'attrition' that eroded the peaceful living of others, - - - and subjugated them and forced them to suffer in some way, be it by sanctions imposed or through waging war upon others. This 'way' is false and anti-Allah.

The majority of politicians are liars, cheats, and thieves, and it is thus that their minds are blind to the doctrine of peace as commanded by the true Allah, and they cannot see that their controls, decrees, regulations, invasion of privacy and destructive ways are the result of their vanity and pride and greed through which the Devil (The Dark Sovereign Power) does seed His thoughts that force all to defy the true Allah of Love.

Those who invoke and raise up rules say that they do it for your benefit and thus it is done for you, the nation, and for Allah but, - - - in using these rules it is they and their forces men that wage war upon their own community members and others over the sea and, - - -

What you the individual needs to see is that those that 'invoke' decrees that authorise them to tax, coerce, punish and wage war is what brings all Allah's children to their knees and, - - - this iniquity is funded by the taxes of the people in every land and, in Allah's eyes all are untrue and all did and yet do accrue a painful spiritual karmic due.

If you wish to attain Salvation and reprieve from sadness and suffering then you must HALT your funding of 'sin' and iniquity, and you must HALT your support of 'sin' and iniquity and put down your verbal or material mace, for all now will face the Devil 'shining through' the mind and arms of the arrogant, vain and insane non-believers and, - - - to HIM the 'invisible' one you will need to show your light and grace before HE sets you free from eternal misery in His hellish lands below, where all that defy the Command of the LIGHT do go.

The falsity is that men of religion have promised salvation to you through the 'forgiveness of Allah' if you 'bow' to their rites and rituals and join their 'club' and, they say that you can wage war upon others and avoid the Law of Allah through their blessing as they bless your warriors and their ships of war.

The reality is that they have deceived you, for no use of force that imposes any suffering is forgiven within the law of Allah, and every person getting 'clobbered' and destroyed deserves it and is being exposed to the punitive arm of Allah's "As you did sow so shall ye reap" law and, - - -

Every arrogant 'fool' misguided by rules or religion that is working for the Dark Sovereign Power Allah and meted out the retribution or 'justice' and imposed pain and suffering upon the other will deserve what they will receive within the bounds of Allah's: "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, at a later time and place via the hands of others equally vain or insane.

Try and see that the negative aspect of THE LAW OF Allah is being 'administered' and meted out by the unjust upon the unjust, both parties are 'infidels' (non-believers) in every land on earth. This punishment will increase until the flesh of all 'unbelieving' man is destroyed by Allah the Dark Sovereign Power and, those remaining are the loving and true who do conform to the command of Allah and go their way in PEACE.

All aggressors are administering Allah's punitive justice and all by Allah are seen as terrorists deserving of their 'coming' fate. All police and other civilians or civil administrators of abuse or 'justice' or 'accountability' are also meting out Allah's punitive justice, and they are very cruel unto themselves as all will suffer an equal 'eye for an eye' punishment at a later date, and all are deserving of such an abysmal fate.

All mankind has been deceived due to the false web of deceit weaved by Satan via your own minds or the minds of vain and greedy and manipulative elders of every ‘tribe’ and nation. If you cannot now ‘turn the other cheek’ and remain meek in the face of adversity as you lay down your ‘hands’ and weapons then you will ‘die’ spiritually and suffer eternally in the Abyss of HELL below.

Forgive and educate, do not regulate or berate.

Note: no 'innocents' * - This also refers to children, for what 'Western' man does not see is the truth and reality that within the flesh of their offspring reside the spirit souls of their ancestors who have reincarnated but, - - - more to the point is that these ancestral 'rebirths' are not their personal ancestors but are probably the ancestral spirits of others of other races, e.g. Your children may have spirit souls that were in 'other' coloured fleshly bodies in their past incarnation, and were at that time of a different creed or ideology and, - - -

In past incarnations they also 'warred' or supported warriors and this is why children cry and suffer or die as they pay their spiritual dues. Mankind needs to understand that the 'flesh' is but of this world and that all spirit persons are Allah's children and thus equal in His eyes. Foolish are those that see the 'other' as lesser and thus destroy their biological flesh and, - - -

What man now needs to try and see is that when he kills others directly or 'collaterally,' it is quite probable that he is causing great suffering to a spirit soul that was the soul of his own past ancestors who have incarnated into the 'race' he now with hatred does face. 

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~ Rules & the law of man v/s Allah ~

 Men who are dictatorial hide their enslavement of others behind a fašade of ‘propriety,’ and they justify their use of force and ‘weaponry’ to control the populace by stating that their ‘rule’ over others is simply ‘the law’ unto which all are bound democratically.

 Let it be clearly understood that there is no ‘law’ of man there is but THE LAW of Allah that is defined by me and recorded historically as being the ‘Just and equitable’ return unto all for any interaction with others. Be it mental or emotional or physical.

 Let it be clearly understood that the texts written or encoded in the books named by man as ‘the law’ or ‘the rules’ or the statutes’ are nothing more than statements made by people who elevate these ‘decrees’ onto the public notice board for ‘approval’ by their peers who then write them into unholy books and, - - -

 The people within the land mass who are controlled by ‘guns’ and arrogant enforcers are told that unless they comply with said decrees that they will be brought to their knees and punished or banished and their livelihoods destroyed, and in extreme cases they may be killed if they appear to be a ‘threat’ to ‘the establishment’ that rules all with an Autocratic iron fist via these unholy texts.

 Let it be clearly understood that those working for 'the establishment' are the deceived, for they have been indoctrinated into the false belief that they have a right to defy their Allah and be ‘as’ Allah and force you to live by their doctrinal ‘belief,’ which is the false belief that the ‘text’ commands within the rule books they invoke are ‘above’ the Command of Allah.

 Let it be clearly understood that those working for ‘the establishment' are the deceived, for they have been indoctrinated into the false belief that they have a right to defy their Allah and be ‘as’ Allah with the power of life or death over you the individual.

 Let it be clearly understood that those working for ‘the establishment' are the deceived, for they have been indoctrinated into the false belief that they have a right to defy their Allah and enslave all by forcing all to pay taxes, royalties, custom duty, excise, and licence fees for literally every transaction carried out by community members.

 Let it be clearly understood that those working for ‘the establishment' are the deceived, for they have been indoctrinated into the false belief that they have a right to defy their Allah and their own ‘Peace’ code of conduct as they invade, intrude, bully, intimidate, kidnap, punish and torture any ‘nonconformists’ who wish to live by their own belief that man can be free and not have to endlessly ‘fund’ this ongoing iniquity.

 Let it be clearly understood that those working for ‘the establishment are the deceived, for they have been indoctrinated into the false belief that they are above THE LAW of Allah whilst ‘on duty’ to the rules of their institution.

 Let it be clearly understood that the STATEMENT by officials that the ‘rules’ of their institution are ‘the law’ is FALSE, for as said, they are simply statements enshrined as Decrees.

 All have been led to believe that they are ‘honour’ bound to adhere or conform to the ‘rules’ of others simply due to ‘tradition’ or past FALSE beliefs, being ‘precedents’ from a past era where ‘some’ thought that they had ‘blue blood’ and thus a ‘divine right’ to be treated as Allah by you, and thus a ‘divine right’ to force you to support them and their ungodly control over you.

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 Let it be clearly understood that the STATEMENT that “The rules are the law” has trapped the police and other armed forces men into the FALSE belief that their dark and punitive interaction with other members of the community has immunity from Allah’s Law, and this probably due to a simple vain and arrogant person naming themselves as ‘king’ having made a STATEMENT to that effect or, - - -

 That because the ‘majority’ of ‘the people’ voted for the election of a representative (politician) to ‘govern’ them, that whatever this ‘genius’ STATED as ‘doctrine for all’ was somehow ‘right’ with Allah or, - - -

 That because the ‘majority’ of ‘the people’ voted for the election of a representative to ‘govern’ them, that whatever this ‘genius’ STATED was so ‘powerful’ and true that they believed that they the people must ‘bow’ to it even if it conflicted with the basic Command of Allah to “Go in peace and be merciful, compassionate, forgiving and live by the ‘code’ of FREE GIVING.”

 Man needs to see that they owe NAUGHT to any other person in the community, especially NAUGHT to any extortionist running a ‘tax racket’ in the guise of ‘legal government’ or ‘the nation’ or a benign father and, especially NAUGHT to any extortionist who use force of arms to control, regulate, punish or destroy any ‘opposition’ to their STATEMENTS couched as ‘the law’ or ‘the rules’ or 'the statutes’ etc.

Foolish are those who ‘bark’ out ‘orders’ and command others to ‘bow and bend’ to their will, for they are the arrogant and vain who hold Allah’s holy word in disdain as they intimidate Allah’s children using force of arms to back up their ‘policies’ of extortion and control and punishment.

Soon the whole planet will be ‘awash’ with blood and sweat and tears and great ‘fears’ will grip the mind of mortal man, and only those who follow me will find surcease and peace from their travails. 

The others who continue to defy me (Allah’s message via my pen) will fall far below as they depart the biological flesh of this realm, and they will continue to suffer torment and tears in perpetuity, and the meek will inherit this earth.

Let it be clearly understood that the STATEMENT given here now by me shall stand inviolate unto the end of eternity and IT states:

“Any person having a mandate or ‘order’ from any other person or ‘rule’ of any institution that tells them or authorises them to go forth and defy the command of Allah and they so do, - - - is a person who has placed their ‘bet’ on the FALSE ‘horse’ and it leads them into eternal suffering, darkness, and ultimate oblivion in the wastelands below.

 Any person having a mandate or ‘order’ from any other person or ‘rule’ of any institution that has already interfered in the lives or livelihoods of others or who has invaded the premises of others or, arrested them for the purpose of punishment or, - - -

 Transported them for the purpose of their incarceration or, judged them as ‘one’ needing correctional punishment, or inflicted physical or mental or emotional abuse to others or, held others in jail, or has ‘taxed’ others, or imposed sanctions upon others or, - - -

 Controlled the free movement of others in any way is a person who has become a person deemed by their Creator as one ‘unfit’ to enter the ‘Promised land’ until their Allah has ‘corrected’ their behaviour and, - - -

 This ‘correction’ by Allah is carried out either in this realm or in other realms ‘below’ in the afterlife, where every ‘drop of blood’ or ‘dark energy’ expressed upon or through others * is accounted for.”

 Let it be clearly understood that no man or institution of man has any ‘right’ to invoke any legislation enabling them to legally extort money from others, nor does any man or institution of man have any ‘right’ to punish others for non conformity to their ‘rules’ or ‘ideals’ or beliefs.

 Let it be clearly understood that every person has the Allah given right to live by their own personal and ‘peculiar’ beliefs, and if you do not like it or them then you must go your way in PEACE or, you will be subjugated and punished by the Allah that created us all.

 Note: ‘drop of blood’ or ‘dark energy’ expressed upon or through others * - Whatever is felt by your * ‘victim’ will be felt by you, be it physical discomfort or pain or injury or emotional anguish or frustration or despair, or be it loss of liberty or earnings, or be it financial loss or material loss, or be it the ‘collateral’ suffering endured by the relatives of your victims.

 Note: your * - You are the person who raises-up legislation that influences the lives of others forcefully or coercively or deceptively. You are the individual in the street who commits violence in their own home or in the homes of others.

 You are the person funding and supporting and condoning the extortionist and punitive and warring institutions of man. You are the person involved in extortion, control, enslavement, justice, punishment, accountability, revenge or war.

 You are the ‘warrior’ or policeman employed by the institutions of man to go forth and invade the privacy of others and cause them distress as you disturb the peace of the land.

I AM the ‘pen’ of Allah and IT has spoken.

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~ The LORD of the Manor ~

I suggest that you need to 'wake up your mind' as you ask yourself: "Who is the Lord of the Manor, is it 'the government institution' or is it the 'rules,' or is it Allah the Creator"? For there is 'an institution' governing every person in every land on earth, and I use the institution controlling the land mass known as Australia as my example because I presently reside there.

The words 'The government' are used and bandied about by many as their justification to tax, enslave, regulate, steal, intrude, punish and destroy lives, livelihoods, businesses, homes and cities. It is I to reveal the 'Seal of the Devil' as being the motivator behind 'the government' of every land on earth.

For it is HE (the devil) that via the institution that names itself 'the government' who telepathically controls and taxes and interferes and destroys and, - - - it is His 'right' to so do because, all His 'subjects' are untrue to their Allah of love and unto themselves for their defiance of Allah's Command to "Love one another" and, - - - the more the community support His taxing, controlling, and punitive system, the more they will be taxed, controlled, and punished through this institution, and destroyed physically and ultimately spiritually if they fail to heed my sacred pen.

All the people within the Australian land mass have been taught (led to believe) that they have a 'duty' to uphold the values and traditions of Australia. This is error, for the area of land mass named Australia is simply the land itself and all upon it, and the 'Rule book' with ITS 'traditions and values' is what is meant and, - - - IT is certainly NOT 'the law' and neither is its content benign nor of any spiritual value to any.

For the Rules book of man are merely text having no conscience, no mercy, and no forgiveness for any who transgress ITS dictates, and the real THE LAW of every land on earth is the "As you sow so shall ye reap" resultant return unto man for mans actions as stated by Allah. (His decree) 

So if you believe that the Book of rules are the values to be upheld then you need to wake up your mind, for the books of rules are 'unholy' and traditionally bad, for they permit and force people to defy Allah and, - - - the workers of the institution backed by the 'vote' of the people go forth and invade, control, tax, interfere, punish and destroy, and this they do for and on behalf of and in the name of 'the people.'

Try and see that no person nor institution owns the land mass named Australia for it is owned by Allah. Neither has any person or institution any genuine 'claim' of sovereignty or authority over any other person residing on the land, or arriving or departing from it.

It follows that the institution naming itself 'the government' via the mouths of its office 'staff' also has no legal mandate or authority in Allah's eyes to either control and patrol 'borders,' nor to hinder or tax or punish any person abiding on the land. Any so doing are defying the command of Allah.

Any person working in any department of the governing institution who believes that they have a duty to IT (the named institution) and ITS 'book of rules' and thus do tax, control, interfere, seize property, punish, incarcerate others, and invade or destroy are all persons living in a delusional state of mind.

For as they do their duty to rules, they defy the REAL 'The Lord of the manor' Allah, and they contravene His dictated Command to "Go your way in peace" and they place themselves into the DARK and punitive aspect of His supreme divine "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

The fact that an individual such as you or I abide (live on) the land mass named Australia does not mean that we are by Allah required to conform to any decrees of Caesar (rules of the institution) because if we so do, then we have acknowledged the institution and its rules as having replaced Allah as our head of house.

All have been taught that they must conform to the rules (dictates) of the institution * and, any who fail to bow to its commands are punished or banished from society.

Note: the institution * - The institution is nothing more nor less than the decrees, dictates, orders, commands and demands issuing forth from the texts of the book of rules that were 'voiced' by arrogant and vain men as said, inspired by Satan from his den.

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The fact of the matter is, that all that any person MUST do is to remain within the positive aspect of Allah's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and to do this they must simply 'bow' to His dictated command and "Go in peace and never disturb the peace of others and love one another and be merciful and forgiving."

So please set yourself free from condoning, supporting, or funding or working for any 'contra' system that controls, taxes, punishes, and wages war upon others and you. The sooner the masses stop upholding 'the institution' the better for all. The sooner people realise that it is NOT 'the law' and neither are ITS 'rules,' the better for all. The sooner ITS employees stop interfering in the lives of others the better it will be for themselves.

When you set forth each day with the INTENT to use the rules to make others feel unhappy, the 'sadder' you will be on another day as Allah's eternal Law swings into action. ITS 'arm' is longer that any million lifetimes, and thus IT 'permits' your dark deeds for as long as IT wishes to, so that IT can crush you into eternal silence within the 'eye for an eye' boundaries that IT must adhere to within ITS absolute Justice.

It is only the power of my pen that can halt your downwards slide into oblivion. It is only the power of my pen that can save you from eternal travail. The sooner you see that the Devil (Dark Sovereign power of Allah) is gaining greater control over everyone, the sooner can you follow me and set yourself free from funding, supporting, condoning or working for any institution that forces people to live by ITS controlling, extortionist and destructive rules that use 'some' to punish others for non conformity.

Yes society needs guidelines to assist in day to day living, and yes we need welfare and other community effort. But we must not extract funding using force or, we divorce ourselves from the light of Allah and send our own soul into the Dark space in Hell.

Do your best to conform to positive codes of conduct guidelines that are in conformity to Allah's "Go in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command, for only thus will you find surcease of suffering and spiritual salvation. Treat those 'infidels' (non believers) as I do by giving them the benefit of wisdom, and if they continue to defy their Allah then that is their prerogative and it is their Allah to correct their behaviour, not you.

All personages in positions of POWER such as kings, queens, chiefs, and presidents with their 'political men' and their prosecutors, judges, and enforcers are all PRETENDERS to the Throne of Allah and as such are in extreme danger, for Allah is a 'jealous' Allah and no man should assume HIS mantle of Sovereign Authority, and no man should elevate others or support them in their roles of 'Allah ship.'

Those who believe that the 'Constitution' of their institution and its rules have the Sovereign right to rule all and sundry are in ERROR, for no man or institution of man has Allah's authority to rule or control anyone, and politicians and their enforcement 'teams' that use its assumed mantle of power are all persons born into a land of ignorance, a place where through precedents set by their forebears these 'controllers of man' perceive themselves as 'super stars' to be adored and obeyed, this is also a grave ERROR in belief.

Man has by politicians been 'led' to believe that rules and force are necessary for maintaining 'law and order.' This is also ERROR, for Allah's LAW is always in action whether you are aware of it or not, and 'orderliness' is to be maintained through education, compassion, kindness and forgiveness rather than force of arms.

If you need people to 'head' community endeavours then do so, but they are there to serve the community and their Allah, they are not there to control you, tax or subjugate you, nor to punish you, nor to promise you immunity from others or Allah, and they are not there to treat you as their slaves. Look now to Allah for your protection rather than to greedy and power hungry men with insane ways.

For those of you who continue to be 'Lords of the rings' who wear the Devil's ring of power that enables you to defy Allah and be a mini Allah are as said, the vain and arrogant and 'kind,' - - - being persons who have been deceived by your forebears and the rules that are leading you and all into eternal suffering and ultimate spiritual oblivion.

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~ Enough Rope ~

Allah has given mankind ‘enough rope’ to prove to HIM (Allah) - - -‘who,’ has been an arrogant ‘dope.’ For Allah said:

“The use of My dark forceful and destructive energy I forbid,” and mankind has chosen to lift off the ‘lid’ of the ‘melting pot’ and now mankind will see just how ‘HOT’ their Allah can be. For it is the dark energy of Allah that evil be, and if you or any use it then from the ‘bottle’ you have released the evil ‘Genie’ who will for you anything ‘forcefully’ do but, - - -

Then He the Genie using his own dark energy returns to fulfil his own absolutely ‘Just and equitable’ eye for an eye – ‘as you or your servants did sow so shall ye reap’ Law of Allah and, - - - He will do the same things to you via the mind and ‘arm’ of others who are even more arrogant and untrue.

 So the evil and suffering that in the world you now see is but the ‘Works of Allah’ who is the Genie, and He and only He is above His own Law, so all mankind by Him will be ‘forced’ to PAY THEIR DUES for sure.*

Note: PAY THEIR DUES for sure.* - The dark side of Allah’s energy operates through its own dark energy (sin) within errant man, and telepathically justifies in their vain and arrogant minds a ‘reason’ to defy His “Only love and go in peace” command and, as men go forth using His forbidden energy as “payback,” these poor fools see not that they place their own souls into the punitive aspect of His Law and, - - -

Each and every one of them fall into His ‘lair’ in the Pit below in the afterlife to be subjugated by His dark forces and made to pay the ‘blood’ price of pain and suffering for their ‘sins.’ *

Note: ‘sins.’ * - The use of His forbidden dark punitive energy to steal, tax, enslave, deceive, punish, hold hostage, or destroy HIS other children.

Religions deceived all as their false preachers said: “Because Allah is only ‘love’ you cannot die, and because Allah ‘forgives’ you will be elevated on high” and I Allah’s Plenipotentiary does say: “It is a ‘living lie’ for all who use ‘force of arms’ do ahead suffer and cry, and any who now fail to heed me will for an eternity in the Dark bleed and die spiritually.”

Not only do warriors and enforcers place themselves within the punitive aspect of Allah's Just Law and at a later date suffer the same impositions of trauma they imposed in this or the after life, but they also are drawing some of this dark energy into their souls, and this 'invisible contamination' results in them becoming more forceful and aggressive and retributive because that is the 'trait' of the darkness and, - - -
The more people are 'empowered' by rules to control and intrude and abuse or punish the greater becomes their 'burden of sin' energy within them and, - - - the 'worse' they become and the 'easier' it is for their minds to be justified in their negative interaction by the darkness that leads them to believe that they are doing good. None seeing that they are the 'dark force' in action and destroying their own souls.
Unless we can begin to stem this tide of 'righteous accountability' that forces the police and other enforcement department officers to defy their Creator, - - - there is great trauma ahead for them and the community who condone and fund them and, - - - it is my wish that 'jointly' we now begin to conform to Allah and all must try and see WHY everybody is becoming more 'angry' and demanding and forceful etc., by reading my revelations.
As for 'police protection' or other armed forces protection what needs to be understood is, that no person can ever protect another that by Allah has been 'deemed' as 'guilty of an offence' in the eyes of Allah as they defied His "Go your way in peace" command and, - - - neither is any person who is 'innocent' in the eyes of Allah ever able to be abused by anyone.

In man's fear of 'attack,' all that is accomplished by a 'protector' using force or force of arms in their punitive or retributive efforts  is that they all accrue a further spiritual  'penalty' due from Allah as a result of their negative and destructive 'protection' policy, and all are 'later' subjected to a similar 'suffering' that via Allah returns upon their heads through the minds and arms of greater invading forces of equally arrogant and ignorant non-believers.

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~ The dismissal of Government ~

For there to be change on earth to the positive and peaceful way of living there must be change of government, a change in the psyche of man, a change in the manner that man perceives his Creator, and a change in the manner that man views his neighbour, and this is done on an individual basis as man becomes aware of the absolute power and authority of Allah and the Law of Allah and, - - - 

Enlightened man must now bravely face the 'rules and rulings and rulers' of past or present punitive systems raised up as precedents by vain and greedy men who sought to seize lands and minerals of others and to enslave them, and enlightened man needs to show his NO confidence in the present 'warlike' services provided by governing institutions by dismissing them.

As this you do, the Dark Sovereign Power operating through the systems seen as normal will seek to extract all His dues from you that you accrued when you funded His punitive forces on past days, and you need to keep steady and true as the 'wolves' pounce on you, and you must not retaliate in a negative way. (Go as a lamb to the slaughter as did Christ to show you the way)

If you truly believe in Allah and wish to conform to Allah and have Allah as your head of house and find your way to Paradise, then you show your personal NO confidence in the services provided by the institution that names itself "The government" and you dismiss it as being your service provider.

Naturally it is presently engaged in using community funds for the provision of benign welfare from the community coffers as well as using community funds for malignant negative control and punitive interaction.

So even though you no longer fund its coffers in any way you may still ask for financial assistance if needed, but you do not seek any 'armed' protection, nor do you rely on its  court' system to engage in disputes with others as you now heed Allah and you forgive any who trespass against you by causing you harm or stealing your goods.

This 'dismissal' also applies to every local community Council, for all have become dictatorial and overbearing and all interfere in the lives of the community members, and every Council body of the day needs to be dismissed by you personally if you are unsatisfied with their services.

Soon every 'local government overlord' Council on earth will be abolished and replaced by truly community minded elders who are godly and thus seek to serve without imposing restriction or punishment.

The new system of community endeavour will simply operate as a Community Welfare Organisation.

Rule by Allah requires NO "Constitution" of man, for rule by the Creator requires that all conform to the wording of the Constitution of Allah.

~ Allah’s Constitution ~
extracted from "The Testament of Truth" page 213

Every earthly Constitution is “unwise,” they all ‘deny’ our Allah of the skies who says :

“The only “safe” Constitution is MY WAY, that of :

Being loving each day.

It is up to no man to decide how any other will on earth stride.  It is for no man to say: ‘I am elected democratically, thus heed my say.’ Every politician or ‘blue blooded’ king is a megalomaniacal dictator who will ‘sting’ their enemies over the sea if they ‘think’ that they 'overpowered' may be.

Children, I your Allah do speak.  Your ‘personal’ freedom must you all seek, and you only attain it one way as said, by being ‘loving’* in every way.

In whatever country you live you must be respectful to all
and ‘GIVE’ of what you have to others each day.

IT is MY Constitutional way. Any of you who try to IT avoid for sure now all fall into the VOID, for in the ‘guise’ of ‘the majority’ you did one elect and his controlling 'rules' did say : “All must do it our way, or you’ll reflect upon what to you we’ll do if to our command you follow not through,” and that control over you is negative and enslaving.

Try and now see your way clear
and to My fresh WORDS draw personally near.

You ‘may’ people elect but not to you control or protect, only to assist the disbursement of funds you freely give so that others ‘elsewhere’ can happier live.

Other than this, each goes their OWN way, doing what they are inspired to by ME each day, and whatever any other does do, you personally just be - respectful, kind and true."

Note: ‘loving’* - Kind, caring, compassionate, merciful, respectful, and forgiving, and never 'disturb the peace' of others.

That is the Constitutional way of Allah your Creator to every earthly person.

"Any who heed not My call to be loving will die."

That is the message from your Creator up high.

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 ~ The dismissal note ~

If you are a person seeking to find Salvation through conforming to the Command of the Creator and you are also a person who believes in the code of conduct way of "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness & non-aggression" as commanded by the Creator and, if you believe that this  way' is the prerequisite to being 'Saved' and attaining spiritual freedom, then you need to write this to the taxation department and to any government department that requires you to respond to their tax demands or seeks to tax you by way of any 'fines' :

Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to advise you that the Plenipotentiary of Allah is now on earth, and it is revealed by Allah through his 'pen' that my 'way' of supporting your institution is error and I now advise you that:

I cannot pay your institution any money by way of tax or other because I now see that the conduct of your governing institution is 'unbecoming' and dishonourable to Allah, and it is operating in a manner that is contrary to my belief and Allah's "Peace" Command and, - - -

I can no longer support its punitive and warring ways and I no longer wish to be complicit to the terrible injuries inflicted upon those overseas, nor to any other trauma imposed upon the local community that was being done in my name and, - - -

Thus I can pay no 'monies' to your institution as this would prove my support and complicity to its punitive, regulating and controlling way that I now see is error in Allah's sight, and I also now see that in giving support to any punitive way brings a return of suffering upon me and my household and, - - -

I have advised my accountant that I no longer have need of his/her services in respect of taxation matters and, - - - I can no longer be a tax collector for you when I sell my goods to the public as I am not a Mafiosi overlord and, - - -

Whether I was an 'immigrant' who was made to swear an 'Oath' of allegiance to a Queen and her heirs and successors and abide by her 'rules' (laws) or, whether I am simply seen by a governing institution as one of their 'serfs' to be 'subjected' to their rules (laws) simply because I 'registered' as a voter, I now withdraw my allegiance to your institution and by this letter I state that I no longer need your 'protection,' for I will now rely on Allah as I conform to His Holy Word and go my way in peace and, - - -

I - - - (name) - - - state that from this day forth that I rescind my 'Oath' to man and withdraw my 'vote' for any politician or institution of man or 'Queen' and her heirs or successors and, - - from this day forth I withdraw my allegiance to any named religion that stands between me and my Creator Allah and, - - -
From this day forth I will faithfully 'bow' in subservience to our Creator Allah, and I will  bear true allegiance to our Creator Allah as I see Him/Her as my true protector, and I will obey His/Her command to go my way in peace as I now do understand that at all times I stand within the bounds of His/Her divine "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, - - -

I trust that you will also find THE TRUTH within the message of hope on this document so that you find your way to the Promised Land one day and, I shall continue to give my monetary support to any 'club' or institutional department of my choice that I see as 'benign' and operating within the 'bounds' of engagement set by our Creator.


In the event that you are an employee who is having their wages depleted because their employer is extracting taxation monies, then simply ask them to to give you your full pay and you give them a copy of this letter. If they continue to extort tax monies through their own fear of reprisal then they by this note will understand that;  any pain and suffering accrued by others resulting from the fiscal support of the monies taken from you will by Allah be allocated to their karmic debt and ahead they will more fret.

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~ This is your life ~

The spiritual reality that is unseen is your personal life. It is the invisible essence of Allah's energy within you that gives you 'joy or strife' and, - - - it is also the spiritual energy within others that impacts upon you in their interaction with you that gives you and them 'joy or strife.'

It is the spiritual essence of Allah within you that enables you to feel and thus 'exist' as you experience feelings good or bad, happy or sad, and what you need to see is the 'cause and effect' of this spiritual reality within you.

For only when you do 'stop and think' as you read my pen's drying ink will you get to know that the spiritual energy of Allah within you does 'justly' flow, and as we feel its power within us we can 'sit back' or, we can 'go in peace' or, we can go forth and 'mete out strife.'

Due to the FACT that this spiritual energy does know that it is flowing as it flows through us, we need to accept that IT is 'Just & honourable' unto ITSELF (Allah) and unto us the user (Allah's children) and, we need to accept that what we do unto others we do unto ourselves and, - - - what we or our servants make others FEEL will by the same spiritual energy flow cause us to feel the same at a later date via others or their servants.

The 'This is your life' words do apply to each of us on an individual basis. Thus the future events and eventualities in your personal  'This is your life' becomes happy or sad, pleasure or torture, depending upon 'which' aspect of the spiritual energy of Allah you 'allow' to flow through you in your daily interaction with others, be it forceful or kindly and peaceful.

It is a matter of personal choice and personal responsibility as to whether you 'permit' others to dictate your conduct with its flow of Light or Dark spiritual energy of Allah in your daily interaction with other children of Allah.

One thing is for SURE, - - - if you force others to bow to your orders, commands, or dictates or to the dictates of any 'text' in a book that you command them or coerce them to, then your  'This is your life' will ahead in this or the after life become one of terror, travail, unhappiness and strife.

Mind your own business and let others mind theirs, for only thus are you 'safe' from persecution by Allah's DARK forces. They go forth to fulfil the punitive 'eye for an eye' aspect against those who previously used His forbidden Dark spiritual energy and caused others to suffer and, - - - they so do because they are the deceived or, because their souls are full of darkness or, because they are becoming dark 'spirited' through their negative interaction with others.

If you wish to find a place in the pure Light of Heaven where you can say 'This is my delightful and joyful life,' then listen to me and never interfere in the lives of others for any reason other than to be kind or merciful and loving, as you try and help them find peace of mind and purity of spirit and in so doing, you must only use the positive and benign spiritual energy of Allah.

Allah forbids us to 'sup' on His dark controlling and forceful and punitive spiritual energy, but He also gives us the free choice to obey or disobey His command but, - - - at all times we are subjected to His eternal divine "As you sow so shall ye reap" spiritual LAW.

Yes you have the Allah-given right to use either spiritual energy of Allah but, - - - I the 'Christ' have exposed the spiritual reality that Allah and Allah's energy is both Positive & Negative - Light & Dark, and both aspects have ONE immutable LAW that says: "Use ME and I will return the same unto you." That is Allah's absolute Justice. I say that there is a consequence for every interaction with others, and I say:

Go your way in PEACE
Do not 'disrupt' the lives of others - - - OR!!? - - - The Dark POWER of Allah awaits you and, - - -
It operates via the mind and hands of the vain, arrogant, ignorant, fearful and deceived infidels (non-believers)

"Mercy" my pen has spoken.

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The Truth of the matter is that you must go your way in peace from today, for only thus are you 'saved' by the Grace of Allah. This means that you must cease funding any 'governing' system of man and thus cease your support of its punitive and controlling ways. Halt your 'fellowshipping' with any named religion as you look directly to Allah, lay down your weapons, and go your personal way in peace.

The Truth of the matter is that you need to strengthen your mind in the manner prescribed by me in this Testament of Truth web site, so that you can conform to Allah's command in your daily deeds and when faced by adversity. Lay down past books of religion and quickly now absorb the sacred text of this web site content, for only thus will you become wise enough to heed the command of Allah and be saved.

The Truth of the matter is that you must not 'submit' yourself to any 'inquisition' by others, but you do not 'resist' them if they carry you away to be punished by them. If they 'subject' you to their 'rules' and regulations and they impose any 'fines' you do not pay the fine as this is 'suppliance' to their coffers, you simply 'suffer' the consequence quietly.

The Truth of the matter is that you must continue to fund the welfare of your community directly and contribute to society and non-warring and non-punitive service providers as you see fit, guided by your conscience. You make no demands upon others for anything, and you do not interfere in the lives of others for any reason. Respect all and do your best to educate others to the errors of their ways if they offend you.

The Truth of the matter is that it is fraudulent for any institution to coerce its 'followers' into paying taxes which forces community members to be complicit to punitive or warring activities who contravene the "peace & forgiveness" Command of Allah, and in the now 'enlightened' foreknowledge that what we or our servants do unto others we bring upon ourselves, it would be foolish to continue being an 'ignorant' person walking the wide road to Hell.

The Truth of the matter is that every government institution or local council is simply a community 'effort' to which people can subscribe to and seek its provision of services or, they can 'unsubscribe' and not seek its services and go their own way or, they can seek some of its services and contribute to those of their choice.

The present 'system' whereby all are forced to be 'subscribers' and all are forced to pay whatever is demanded is to now cease as man is awakened from their 'sleep of ignorance' and are enlightened by their Allah. There will be no more land taxes as all land belongs to Allah not man.

The Truth of the matter is that if you are an employee of any controlling, imposing, taxing, invasive, or punitive institution and are in the 'position' of reporting defaulters for the purpose of bringing them to account or, you are engaged in the punitive effort or the defence effort or the 'war' effort, then you need to make a personally informed decision as to whether you will continue on your 'erroneous' fateful way or, whether you will be kind to your own soul and change your 'mode' of employment as you ' bow' to your Creator rather than the 'rule books' of men.

 The Truth of the matter is that your ‘religion’ or ‘ideological belief’ is your code of conduct living way, it has nothing to do with any ‘named’ religion of the day, nor does it have anything to do with the ‘prophets’ of old that you profess by mouth to be your inspiration or your devotion. By your deeds are you known to be ‘living a lie’ or true to the “Love one another” Command of your Creator.

It follows that it matters not the ‘Church’ you profess, it matters not your ‘dress,’ it matters not your ‘profession,‘ it only matters that you personally “peacefully” live and that you personally give your total allegiance to the Allah of LOVE as you conform to the message of the ‘dove’ and “love one another” for all of every race and creed are sister and brother and, - - -

The Truth of the matter is that you must halt your 'tax' funding of punitive and warring governing institutions, and you thereafter only fund local community or other endeavours that are peaceful and that you are directed to by your own conscience. You offer your services and sell your produce to the community at its actual price without adding any 'tax' surcharge, for you are not a 'tax collector' nor do you pay taxes to other charlatans who use coercion or 'decrees' to tax and intimidate the public as this is the false way of living.

The Truth of the matter is that the fact that one is a citizen of a land mass or simply a 'foreigner' who has taken up residence does not mean that any other person or institution has the 'right' to own you, nor enslave you, nor tax nor control you and, - - - neither do you as an individual or a member of an institution have the right to impose your beliefs upon others, nor to tax them nor enslave them nor punish them nor destroy them.

The Truth of the matter is that in the new age to be where people will pay no taxes to anybody, they will have a great 'bounty' from which to give freely to the community so as to uplift all as is asked by their Creator.

The Truth of the matter is that there is one absolute truth, being that the only thing in Allah's universe that is indestructible is the energy of Allah, be it positive or negative. It follows that your spirit soul is indestructible and it lives on forever and, if you fill it up with Light energy through expressing goodness and being kind and merciful your soul will rise up into the Light of Heaven.

It follows that  if you fill it up with Dark energy through expressing its vengeful, angry, retributive, and punitive 'way' upon others then you will become a forceful terrorising 'hot head' who will end up screaming in anguish in the fires of Hell below, and within its 'eye for an eye' Law your own suffering intensifies and goes on with no surcease for an eternity. 

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The Truth of the matter is that those of any race or creed that pulverise the homes of others and destroy life and limb are the infidels, and their actions are inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power who is using them to punish others and, at this very moment of destroying the other the Dark Sovereign Power has already planned the fulfilment of His divine 'eye for an eye' Law, and the offensive attackers have unknowingly 'set' the jaws of their own trap where ahead, it is their land and lives and livelihoods to be destroyed. There is no peace for the wicked who defy Allah's "Forgive if in Peace you would live" advice.

The Truth of the matter is that you may well be a person believing in your right to defend you flesh and fight your enemies and 'Yes,' it is your right to do whatever you wish to, and all I can do is to advise you that whenever you go forth with the intent to abuse or bring another to account for their misdeeds that Allah is with you, being the 'foreboding' and cruel Dark Sovereign Power who will 'entice' you to use His forbidden forceful punitive energy, so that once you have so done then He within His own 'eye for an eye' Law can justifiably bring you undone for your arrogance and defiance of His Command and, He will ensure that you will suffer as you 'Reap what you did Sow.'

Woe unto all infidels (non-believers) of any race or creed who promote, teach, and use the cry of ‘accountability’ and ‘justice’ to mercilessly avenge, punish and abuse others, for these are all actions which are in direct opposition to, and in contravention of, Allah’s command to: “Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, forgiving.”

The Truth of the matter is that Salvation is an individual process between you and Allah for He is the ultimate Judge and, - - - He is not concerned whether you did your misdeeds whilst mandated by any institution of man, for He simply judges the amount of His forbidden energy you did partake of and, - - -

This amount is placed by Him into your own soul to drag you down 'proportionately' into that particular level of darkness and, - - - He is also judging the amount of trauma and material damage you and your 'warriors' imposed upon others so that He can balance His scales of justice by equitably imposing a similar 'pain  and suffering' upon you and fulfil His divine, Just, and immutable Law.

The Truth of the matter is that the letter 'V' can stand for opposites, it can be V for Vendetta and slavery, or V for Victory and eternal freedom. If you have just had your home burned down and suffered agonising physical pain in the process, then you need to 'accept' that it was your spiritual 'Karmic' due, and if you now forgive your 'enemy' and conform to Allah's Command of "Peace" you have set your soul free victoriously but, - - -

If you go forth with Vengeance in your mind and you avenge yourself by inflicting punitive retribution upon the other, then you have again accrued a painful karmic process and have set the 'trap' for when you will again have to undergo a personal crucifixion process within the ABSOLUTELY JUST Law of Allah.

The Truth of the matter is that our children have been taught that it is 'honourable' to bring offenders to account for the purpose of punishing them. This is false 'religion' condoned by men of the 'cloth' and grave error of doctrine because all punishment is abuse, and it requires the use of Allah's dark energy that places the 'user' within the punitive aspect of the 'eye for an eye' as you did sow so shall ye reap Law of Allah.

Regrettably politicians have used their 'belief' in punishment as the means to steal from others, and the forced 'fine' extortion of money from the community under the guise of 'rehabilitation' not only impoverishes the victim of the extortion, but it causes suffering to them and their families, and all such is the 'works of evil' that by Allah are forbidden.

The Truth of the matter is that every person needs to realise that every 'victim' and every abuser is simply a person who in the eyes of Allah is GUILTY of having used Allah's dark energy in their interaction with others and, - - -

If you were the above punitive abuser or if you are the one who decides to punish the above abuser because the 'victim' needs 'justice,' then you become another 'one' who in Allah's eyes are also GUILTY of defying Allah's "Go your way in peace and be merciful and forgiving" Command and you join the others as becoming 'one' who has used Allah's forbidden dark energy and place yourself within the punitive aspect of His divine Law.

The Truth of the matter is that we have the absolute need to only rehabilitate others and oneself using the wisdom of Allah's pen rather than continuing to use the 'suppressive' and punitive force of the Dark Sovereign Power.

The Truth of the matter is that the only reason that I have returned to earth is to elevate the consciousness of all mankind, for all are yet blind and all are unkind to themselves as they pay ‘servants’ to control and punish others, seeing not the consequence to themselves through their own actions.

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~ The Extremist ~
The mad fanatic

 The Dark Sovereign Power of Allah has the ‘intelligence‘ power and absolute capacity to entangle the mind of ‘sinful’ man to such an extent that man cannot extricate himself from his personal 'fanatical' point of view in relation to the equal and opposite view of those of other races or creeds.

 Man only sees the ‘extremist’ views and ways of the ‘other’ tribe, religion, colour, race etc., but sees not that he has an equally extreme and thus ‘extremist’ point of view and daily deed.

 What then are the differences between an Islamic ‘Jihadist’ extremist and a Christian ‘Warrior’ extremist? There is none, for both have the same inherent sinful emotions of hatred and vengeance within, and both ‘succumb’ to the use of force to try and force the other to make amends with Allah and man. What then is an extremist?

 An extremist is a person that is unable to conform to the “Go in peace” command of their Creator under certain conditions of engagement with others.

 An extremist is a person that is an infidel (non-believer) that believes that their 'belief' places them above the "Go your way in peace" command of Allah their Creator.

 An extremist is a person who believes that they have a divine right to defy the Command of their Creator when faced by adversity.

 An extremist is a person who believes that Allah is on their side when they use the dark forbidden force of destruction and, they believe that it is in order to defy their Allah if they need to use this force when attempting to defend themselves or to wage a 'righteous' war.

 An extremist is a person who believes that it is in order to defy their Allah if they need to use this force when attempting to correct the behaviour of others.

 An extremist is a person who believes that they can be cruel and beastly and invasive and punitive when correcting the errors they perceive in the behaviour of others.

 An extremist is a person who forgets that peace and love and mercy and compassion and respect and forgiveness are the ‘key’ elements that shows whether a person is a human on the road to spiritual Salvation or a beast on the road to Hell and spiritual extinction.

 An extremist is a person who has been deceived by supposed wise elders who have raised themselves up as ‘the elite’ to be followed and obeyed, and it is thus that their ‘extremist’ views are imposed upon and used by their followers.

 An extremist is a person who has been deceived by others purporting to stand between them and their Allah because these supposed ‘holy men’ have raised themselves up as ‘the elite’ to be followed and obeyed, and it is thus that their ‘extremist’ views are imposed upon and used by their followers.

 An extremist is a person such as a king or politician or policeman or judge who gives out orders that they believe supersede the command of their Creator.

 An extremist is a person who foolishly believes that their actions are above the absolutely ‘Just’ Law of their Creator.

 An extremist is a person who knows not that their ‘misplaced’ and foul merciless deeds place themselves within the punitive ‘eye for an eye’ aspect of the Law of Allah.

 An extremist is a person who believes they are a true Christian or a true Muslim but they see not that their ‘reformist’ ways imposed upon the other using force is error in the eyes of Allah and brings about a return of terror upon their own household.

 An extremist is a person who believes that only they have the right to ‘police’ others and carry the gun or hold a nuclear arsenal.

 An extremist is a person who believes in punishment rather that education, for he sees not the darkness of his own deeds due to the ‘righteousness’ of his inner dark emotions.

 An extremist is a person who shows their Creator that they need His correction, because they are interfering in the lives of His other children.

 An extremist is a person who has a theory whereby he can contribute to bringing forward the coming of Christ or the coming of the Al-Mahdi, this is error and pure arrogance.

 Every nation and every religion is misguided by false theology and no leaders know how to exercise restraint, for all wage war and all impose punitive measures upon others and their own community members who transgress their decrees.

 Try and ‘reason’ and try and see that all the unimaginable horrors that take place on earth that affect you are the result of your own ‘horrible’ interaction with others that you felt were ‘justifiable’ due to your own sinful vindictiveness when you defied your Creator.

 It is I who is the awaited Islamic Al- Mahdi the ‘sinless’ spirit soul and, it is I the awaited Christian Messiah the ‘sinless’ spirit soul and, - - -

 It is I to come and prepare you all for the coming tribulation of ETERNAL SUFFERING in HELL that you ALL will be thrust into by your Creator unless you ‘bow’ to the might of MY ‘pen’ and begin to make amends to your Creator Allah who sends me again into this ‘extremist’ world.

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~ Divine Retribution ~
The 'Dark side' of Allah's Law

There is a pure and beautiful Light that burns so bright. It is the joy and happiness and love. It is the giving and mercy and compassion, and it forgives all for any error because its love is endless, infinite and eternal, and IT is true unto itself and to those who use its positive and benign energy.

Thus you "Reap what you Sow" and become happy as along your eternal journey you go as it smiles upon you.

The voice of the Light is soft but firm, and it tells all via this pen what they must do to be true unto IT and themselves, so that they always 'sit' within ITS Divine Law of joyful 'Tribute' and thus they never suffer loss or pain or sorrow.

There is a 'black hole' of Dark in the night and it draws in all and destroys all using its eternal Might, and it is pain and sorrow and destruction. It is hatred and vengeance. It is greed and vanity and pride and anger, and it has no mercy, no compassion, no love and no forgiveness, and IT is true unto itself and to those who use its negative and malignant energy.

Thus you "Reap what you Sow" and become unhappy as along your eternal journey you go as it grimaces at you.

The voice of the Dark is harsh and commanding and demanding, and IT is 'voiced' by dictators and politicians and enforcers and those who terrorise others, being hateful or angry or controlling men or women and, - - - IT tells you what 'under pain of death' you must do to be true unto IT and its decrees, thus you remain within ITS Divine Law of painful 'Retribution' and you thus also eventually destroy your own soul.

Try and now see that any 'accountability' or 'Justice' or 'corrective' or retributive act of war is in fact a merciless, unforgiving and vengeful punitive ACT that is the Dark Sovereign Power (Allah) operating through you or your servants and, - - - It is using you to mete out Divine retribution for IT and, - - -

As this you do, either 'personally' through vindictiveness or for and on behalf of RULES, you 'instantly' earn and accrue a spiritual "As you did sow so shall ye reap" due unto IT and, - - - you also contaminate your own soul with Its 'energy,' and greater becomes your 'burden of sin' within and ahead you will suffer the 'burn' because, the 'call' of Allah to "Go in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgiving" you did SPURN.

The only way to perfect peace and happiness is to ONLY remain in the 'bounds' set by my 'pen of light,' and IT says: "Never fight and, - - - only haul in those who offend Allah as they disturb the peace of the land and, - - - only do this 'act' for the purpose of peaceful rehabilitation and, - - - never take any forceful or punitive action against another."

If you wish to be 'as' Allah and be HIM in action, and you continue to interfere, seize, detain, interrogate, terrorise, abuse, torture, kill, maim, impose sanctions, wage war or carry out any punitive action, then the destiny of your soul is in the Black Hole of eternal sorrow for SURE.

The reason for all the 'terror' imposed by individuals of every 'race' is because the 'credentials' of their spiritual 'tutors' were all falsified, and not one of them had heard the Pure Holy Word and all 'joined hands' with warriors carrying Allah's punitive sword.

I can but 'suggest' that from this moment onwards that you become a Light 'bearer' ONLY, thus your interaction with others is ONLY caring, considerate, compassionate, kind, respectful, merciful and forgiving. For only thus do you show your Creator that you are living within His Command, and He will be happy that you receive a Just Tribute of love from His Light shining to you via others that to Him and Her the Light are TRUE.

Allah the Light the Mother of Love is calling you personally home to Her land above
"Peace & Mercy & forgiveness & non-retaliation and you will return to My land of Love."

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~ The 'madness' of materiality ~
Only nourish your soul using Allah's Light

The madness of man is their error of 'thinking' because they do not value maintaining the PURITY of their spirit soul as they on earth stroll.

They ignore or forget or have never 'found' the Command of their Sovereign Lord Allah that is required to be adhered to 24/7 if they are 'ever' to return to THE LIGHT.

Those of 'poor' circumstance struggle their whole life simply enslaved through the need of funding those in 'power' who extort money from their pockets and household endlessly.

Those supposedly 'enlightened' ones only 'think' of obtaining monetary and material 'wealth' and establishing a position of POWER, and as they annually more money or property accrue they see NOT what to their SOUL they DO. For to gain 'material' wealth they unknowingly give their 'allegiance' and thoughts over to the 'stealth' of the DARK force that JUSTIFIES their greed need for more and more and more.

The more materiality they acquire the deeper they become trapped in the 'quagmire' because they see NOT the GIANT plot of the Dark overlord to steal their soul as they defy the Sovereign Light.

How do they this DO? In ignoring or forgetting the Holy Word they they seek advantage over others and are thus untrue to said others in need as they ONLY 'seed' their requirements more and more and more as they fail to simply "GIVE of your wealth to the poor" as required by the Light as they FUND the coffers of the Dark overlord who 'patiently' waits until He can destroy them with His 'sabre sword' of PAIN and loss and mental, emotional anguish and the imposition of His dark 'inner energy' dross. (Sin)

How does He this DO? In keeping the greedy ignorant of the complicity factor to what His Dark force is doing unto others, (control, enslavement, impoverishment, punishment and suffering) using the monetary 'licence fees, gst, rates and taxes' supplied in an endless stream by the entrapped and 'ignorant' who FEAR to ignore His coercive demands via His 'imperial' earthly forces.

One-day, maybe even TODAY, His invisible 'hordes' in the Dark worlds will mete out their vengeance to fulfil THE LAW of THE DARK and for sure the 'factor' of COMPLICITY will be felt to the very 'marrow' and, - - - if the minds of their 'victims' are WEAK and thus 'open' to the thoughts of demonic forces erupting within, they will be used to retaliate and avenge and thus destroy their OWN soul.

Remember, any monetary 'fee or licence or tax' demands made upon YOU that are backed by forcefully imposed punishment for non-conformity must not be opposed forcefully but simply IGNORED.

If you are brought to your knees and impoverished then simply 'accept' the fact that Allah has imposed that 'karmic' fate to set you free from your past, and that your present circumstance may have nothing to do with the 'matter at hand' that is 'karmicly' punishing you.

Please now OBSERVE the need to begin to DEFEND your SOUL each day as you feed IT 'meticulously' with Allah's Holy Word and NEVER again supply or support the 'control or protection' Services of the Dark Power for His Word states:

"I AM merciless and cruel and IF you are 'foolish' enough to kneel at My 'foot-stool' through fear of material loss then you do and will deserve to DIE for I despise those who forget that I AM the Creator NOT they, and ALL were FORBIDDEN to sup on MY dark energy that is Mine and Mine alone to use."

To yourself say: "Today I will NOT 'nourish the Dark Powers and their earthly 'acolytes,' (supporters) - - - I will RESIST their coercion and temptation to follow them and their controlling ways, and I will simply ignore their threats of punishment as I now 'bow' in absolute obedience to THE Command of He my Father and my 'Mother of Creation,' SHE the Light."

Nourish ONLY your soul with Light and never again fund or support the Dark.

Please just 'remember' that to survive on earth all you need is a daily bowl of 'rice' or fish or greens and clean water and a pillow for your bed.

I AM ‘Terence’ the Spirit of Truth


~ The 'True Mission' Missionary of Allah~

~ The National Security Alert ~


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