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~ Hilali & Howard v/s Allah ~

Al-Imam Al-Mahdi 

Before Allah and man this man Sheikh al - Hilali did prove that he is an ignorant man of equal 'low' standing as John Howard. He also proved to the Muslim community of Australia and to Allah that he is not worthy to hold the high 'office' of a teacher of Allah's truth.

Australia's most senior Muslim cleric has been condemned for blaming immodestly dressed women who don't wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and 'raped,' and likening them to abandoned "meat" that attracts voracious animals.

How did he prove his ignorance? He did this by saying words such as given below as stated by news agencies:

 "Women sway suggestively and wore make-up and immodest dress " and, - - -
"The uncovered meat is the problem"
and, - - - 
"Women were 'weapons' used by 'Satan' to control men"
he said and, - - -
Sheik Hilali said he only meant to refer to prostitutes as "meat," and was not referring to any scantily dressed woman with no hijab.

Many Australians including the prime minister John Howard also 'pointed the bone' at Hilali in condemnation, and Howard by this very act showed Allah and enlightened man of his own ignorance and arrogance, for Hilali spoke mere 'words,' whereas Howard by deed is seen by Allah as an ignorant infidel (non-believer) who defies the Command of Allah to "Go in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving to those yet sinfully living," and, - - -

Is it not Howard that sends troops forth to invade others lands? Is it not Howard that sends forth armed men to destroy the livelihoods and lives of others in other lands? Is it not Howard that imposes sanctions upon others that causes multitudes to suffer and die? Is this not 'more' of a crime in Allah's eyes?

Further to this, what of the Australian Muslim that by taxes and 'vote' are complicit to these attacks upon their Muslim sisters and brothers in far distant lands? Do none see their own complicity? Do none see that by their 'vote' and taxes they support, condone and fund all these iniquities? They are equally as 'guilty' in the eyes of Allah as is Howard for being cruel and merciless by DEED, even as they 'seed' their own condemnation of Sheikh Hilali's words.

I now 'return' to my exposure of the false teachings of Hilali, for he does mislead many for a false 'shekel' (piece of silver) as he actively assists Satan to turn man against women and race against race. For his religious beliefs are a 'sham' and he does damn his own soul as he a 'man' tells the world that Allah's most precious creation 'woman' are weapons used by Satan to 'tempt' man.

As for Peter Costello saying that the leaders of the Catholic and Anglican churches in Australia would never make such a comment, he too is ignorant of the false teachings of the Christian churches, for their own teachings begin with the words 'Eve tempted Adam,' and it is I to now tell the world of this 'shame' promoted as truth in unholy texts by men of the other false religion.

Surely Allah created women as beautiful to behold so that man had the opportunity to feel joy and loving desire when he beheld the beauty of Allah's daughters? Surely Allah created handsome men of honour so that His daughters could behold them with loving desire so that as they did lovingly entwine with mutual consent that their emotional feelings would rise up into Heaven so that Allah would be pleased?

So why did man 'blame' women and treat them with disrespect? Is it so that arrogant man could his pride and vanity protect? Was it man who thought that his spiritual 'purity' could be 'bought' by stating that women were the 'temptress' and thus to be clothed and hidden behind cloth?

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Was it not foolish man that speaks out against women stating that they are the 'prostitute,' when in fact it is mans 'base' and uncontrolled desires that lead him to tempt Allah's daughters with money so that he man can 'assuage' his own needs and desires? It is man the 'prostitute' not the woman. She is the 'giver' of life not he.

And when his 'deed' is done he is ungrateful and shamefully casts his 'mate' of the day into the ditch, and he walks away trying to hide his own shame and laying the blame at her feet. Does he foolish man not see that Allah is Allah not he? Does man not see that Allah abhors swine? Does man not see that swine are cast into the PIT where there are no women to be found in the 'space' where Allah locks up vain fools underground?

What would you do if you found a man 'sullying' the rose of your daughter or tempting her with money? Would you be kind to them or would you lead them to a place of slaughter? Allah said to man "You must be merciful and forgiving." But Allah did not say "I am merciful to the merciless or vain that hold MY words in disdain." For Allah can only abide within the 'bounds' of His own single Law and IT says: "As you did sow so shall ye reap, thus you foolish, merciless and disrespectful man you will weep."

Does Hilali not see the ROOT cause of all misery? No, for he as all is yet blind as he says to his 'flocks' that they must kneel at his feet, and 'bow' down to him before they can Allah greet. It is I to reveal the 'Tempter' that leads man to 'vainly' use 'force' to take what he can and to be a living swine so that he can 'dine' on what is not his.

No, it is not 'reasonable' to state that a woman is 'meat' to be supped on by a hungry cat, for a cat is simply satisfying his hunger, whereas a man insulting a woman and taking her by force is simply: - - - A person controlled mentally by Satan's thoughts due to the power of the Dark stain of 'sin' within him, being the sinful emotions of greed or lust or arrogance etc. and, - - -

It was the power of these emotions that permitted his mind to become 'possessed' by tempting thoughts that mislead him. Being thoughts that led him to be untrue to himself and to the women also, and thoughts that led him to perpetrate a disrespectful and evil deed that had far reaching consequences for himself.

It is not women the 'temptress,' it is the emotions within sinful man accompanied by powerful thoughts that are unkind to both 'parties.' Thus it is that man 'falls' into fellowshipping with EVIL as he vain man consorts with the Devil.

Yes, the rapist is living in a delusion of power. Yes those as Howard that defy Allah are men living in a delusion of power. For in all 'cases' where men use 'force of arms' to control, subjugate, interfere, enslave, rape or destroy are men of 'war' who fellowship with the Devil and lead their own spirit souls and the souls of their 'followers' into oblivion.

True men or women of 'Islam' do not need to 'bow' to men of religion nor to attend 'mosques,' all they need to do is to stand upright as they face Allah and they 'acquiesce' to the "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command of Allah, and they go their way in PEACE, and they cease funding iniquity as they halt payments to 'taxing' Mafiosi posing as legitimate governments. Support your community welfare projects directly.

Allah says: "Do not use force to show me your allegiance, you show your FAITH in Me by conforming to My command of 'Peace' through your non-retaliation against those that use force against you. Be kind and merciful unto them, and forgive them their iniquities even if they 'rape' or crucify you, for only thus are you true unto Me, and only thus do I set your spirit free."

I AM the awaited Imam to lead all true believers back to Paradise.

Seed your minds with my fresh and uncontaminated wisdom

Terence Al-Meshi 

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Note: Why does the 'prime' minister of Australia interfere in the affairs of citizens? Is Howard himself not proven a 'liar' and a thief? Is it not a recorded fact that he stated that he would never invoke a general services tax upon the community? Is it not a proven fact that he became a 'turncoat' that forsook his 'Christian' principles of being 'truthful' and did impose a GST tax upon all that raises billions of dollars in revenue and, - - - does this not prove that he is a liar and also a thief?

Why I ask do the community continue to pay the wages of their 'servant' Howard? Is it because he 'hides' his face behind an armed force of men that themselves are 'backed' by the military might of some other nation that he would use against his own people? Is he so arrogant or ignorant to believe that he is mightier than Allah his own Creator? He must be, for otherwise he would be able to see that Allah sees all, and it was Allah that said: "All liars and thieves will be cast into the pit of swine by ME."

Howard and all men need to learn and understand that all the armed 'forces' in the world and all their 'robed' bishops cannot void the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah, nor defend anyone against the Wrath of Allah . For He Allah is the ONLY force of invincibility, and HE 'brooks' no 'pretenders' to HIS throne.

So be you Howard or Bush or Saddam or Mugabe or bin Laden any other of the 'warrior' tribe that impose terror upon any of Allah's creation, all fall into the Abyss for a time and a time to be dined upon by Demons for their defiance of the "Go your way in peace" code of conduct commanded by this the pen of Allah.

Note: No man of flesh is the 'head' of 'the Muslims of Australia, for it is Allah that is the ONE who is the leader of His children of all races and creeds, and He commands all the 'faithful' of any 'belief' system or 'race' to go their way in peace. 

Do these proven 'terrorists' and their armed men have the pure light of Allah within their souls? - - - Yes, so why do they desert their families by following the 'call' to arms and war and destruction? - - - Because they have been deceived by the precedents set by ancestors that were all deceived by Satan.

Why do these people sully their souls with more dark satanic energy that is the 'force' that divorces them from the light and drags their spirit soul into the dark night? - - - Because they 'love' the feelings of power and 'glory' they feel, and because they believe they are 'heroes' to be worshipped by other men for their 'courageous' deeds.

Do these people not see that when they 'die' they will be separated from their wives and children and other loved ones for up to an eternity if they fall below? - - - No, for the false clerics and priests and others of 'robed' cloth have deceived them into believing that for a penny or two they will be forgiven by said 'ministers' and Allah. This FALSITY is now exposed by me the pen of  Allah.

Note: Why does the 'prime' minister of Australia and his politicians take 'umbrage' at brother Hilaly's words that there will be no peace until the 'White house' falls? Why does Howard perceive these words as an 'attack' upon the Western world? Are we all here not a part of the Australian land mass? Is the land mass not populated by people from every 'aspect' of race, colour, and creed?

So why does Howard's 'lot' consider using 'anti terrorist' legislation to punish Hilaly? Surely if he is so foolish to so do, then it is he that is 'guilty' by deed of inciting discontent amongst the people of his own land and those of the Islamic faith overseas, and himself needs be subjected to his own 'terrorist' legislation?

If Hilaly has the same belief as do I, being that the White house is a misnomer for it is a house of spiritual death and darkness, * then so be it, for within the principle 'act' of the Australian Constitution* every person that is a 'member' of the Institution is 'permitted' to live in accordance with their own belief and speak it as well.

Quote- Constitution* - It clearly states within the Constitution that 'within' the framework of said Constitution that if one is of an 'opposing' ideology, that one is free to walk 'outside' and apart from another opposing one.

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

It follows that any politician or 'enforcer' of today that states: "If you wish to live in Australia then you must forgo your personal beliefs and live in accordance with 'our' laws," Then they are persons that are ignorant of the Constitution of their own Institution that 'mandates' their code of conduct, so if they impose any punitive 'restrictions' upon you for having contra beliefs to yours or, - - - if arrogant politicians have raised up 'latter day' decrees of rulings that they 'think' can overturn the above 'act,' then they are in contempt of their own Constitution and that is a treasonable offence.

But further to the above and standing above all the 'acts' of mere mortals, our Allah states that every person is free to do as they wish to, as all are His subjects to be subjected to His Law, and any that defy Him and His "Go your way in peace" command are by Him crushed in the afterlife.

Note: spiritual death and darkness, * - It is not a matter of 'East v/s West' or of 'religion,' it is simply a matter of TRUTH that the 'White house' and every 'house' of governance by men that invokes the power of the sword to wage war upon other children of Allah of any race or colour or creed is by Allah seen as a dark 'abode' and one to be extinguished by Him in the manner foretold by ME.

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~ Religious 'belief or belonging' ~

If you 'profess' to belong to any 'religious order' on earth, or if you simply 'profess' your belief in a God - Allah of Love, then you need to ask yourself something, being:

"Am I aware that if I believe:

That I must obey Allah and, - - -
that Allah is all powerful and, - - -
that I must not abuse others and, - - -
that I must respect all others and, - - -
that I must not steal from others and, - - -
that I must not kill or maim others and, - - -
that I must be merciful and forgiving and, - - -
that I must not retaliate if I am abused and, - - -
that Allah is omnipotent and omnipresent and, - - -
that Allah has one Law: "As you do is done unto you" and, - - -
that Allah 'commands' obedience to His Word of 'Peace' and, - - -
that Allah commands me to never disturb the peace of others, - - -

Ask yourself, if I believe the above then why do I deny Allah my belief and His command, and defy Allah by conforming to the contradictory beliefs and policies of others who have raised up Institutions within which are Ruled by rules that enable them to tax, seize, fine, punish, wage war, and kill"?

You also need to ask yourself:

"Am I aware that if I conform to their 'rules,' by paying them their demanded licence fees or royalty duties or taxing monies, that I am in fact supporting their anti-Allah activities and I am not 'living' my own 'religious' belief"?

Can you see that you are being forced by precedent and ignorance, and being coerced by threat of fine & punishment for non-compliance into disobeying your God - Allah, and you are thus 'following' a false Allah (The Devil)?

Can you see that by following this false Allah and supporting its 'terrorist' and anti-Allah activities, that under its one Law of "As you do is done unto you" that you daily 'accrue' more suffering & loss dues?

To become free from slavery, and safe from falling into the Abyss for eternity, you must withdraw from 'belonging to' any Institution of man that has controlling or punitive rules and, - -- withdraw from 'belonging to' any religious Institutional body, for all exert 'control,' and every religious 'club' or 'order' separates you from others and causes friction.

You need to simply be, - - - be a person true to the Allah of Love who shows Allah  by their daily 'living' deed that they are peaceful & compassionate & merciful & forgiving to those yet 'sinning.' thus you need no rituals of man to conform to.


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