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~ The HOLY WAR ~

by Terence – the spirit of truth

~ The Holy War ~

The 'material' HOLY WAR is the 'application' of force that is imposed with a cruel, dictatorial, punitive and absolutely destructive power, and is now to escalate over the planet wielded by 'non-believers,' (infidels) being 'fanatics' who know no Allah.   This war of 'recompense' has been going on forever in the dark realms below, and is simply the 'settlement' and fulfilment of the punitive aspect of Allah's Law. 

The main 'battleground' now moves forcefully into this earthly Domain as invisible Alien spirit forces in the Abyss gain access to this level via the consciousness (mind) of sinful, arrogant, and ignorant man.

The 'spiritual' HOLY WAR is the last battle for the soul of man.  It is the inner struggle within the mind and emotions of each person as invisible dark forces strive to subjugate the mind of each individual. This they do so that they can use man to mete out divine retribution against others in the flesh who in their past defied Allah's HOLY primary TRUTHFUL and RULING "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command and, - - -

Thus it is not a battle between good vs. evil, but one of darkness against darkness. For only those who in their past were EVIL in their ‘interaction with others’ and criticised, condemned, controlled, despised, abused, interfered, punished, killed etc., are the ones unto which the demonic RAGE will be projected against and, - - -

Any person seeking to be safe and saved MUST try and stem the tide of dark thoughts within their own mind, and stem their inner fear, anger, hatred etc., and try to remain sane and in the Light, and remain an ABSOLUTE PACIFIST because, - - -

If they lose control of their mind and emotions they will become mentally overpowered and ‘possessed’ by demonic thoughts and used to abuse, control, kill etc., and by these deeds ‘sown,’ they show Allah their faithless and 'worthless' seed and as they DIE, their soul will fall and become a demon to suffer on and on in perpetuity and, - - -

Any person being ‘assaulted’ by others must also strive to remain meek and not fight back in self-defence because, if they give in to ‘tempting’ thoughts they will also lose control of their mind and emotions whilst being ‘crucified, (payback – retribution – accountability – Allah’s Justice) and, they will show Allah their ‘infidelity’ to Allah’s: "Go your way in peace" Holy Word, and they will fail their spiritual test and suffer in perpetuity in the after-life.

The cause of the great war is simply the 'enhancement' of man's dark emotions that now show their inner power, and man has invited the dark essence to interfere in his mind and his life as he bedded with 'greed, vanity, pride, arrogance, hatred, vindictiveness, and merciless war, punishment, persecution and killing,' as he defied Allah's "Love one another" Command..

Now the DARK will have ITS 'fill,' being ITS 'eye for an eye' drop of blood that man did so foolishly and arrogantly spill. As man did 'sow,' so shall he now reap and weep.

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~ Mankind's ONLY enemy ~
The enemy within

The super intelligent and utterly destructive and omnipotent enemy of mankind is the Dark forceful & powerful & destructive energy essence of the Source, Allah. Its 'mass' in fact is that of Allah the Father and IT pervades every realm of consciousness outside of the Pure Light of Heaven, and is the 'forbidden fruit' of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Once man uses this forceful, controlling and destructive energy in his interaction with others, he becomes trapped by IT, and in fact the energy used by man is using man to be ITS instrument of retribution against another who used IT in their past. Once you use IT then IT 'hunts you down' so as to fulfill ITS 'eye for an eye' Law and balance ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

It is all knowing as is the inspiration behind every controlling or interfering or enslaving or invasive or punitive or destructive deed. As you plot and scheme and lie or cheat or plan, IT as said is using you in order to accomplish ITS 'V' for Vendetta, and all the harm or havoc or destruction caused by you becomes your spiritual due to IT, and none can ever evade or avoid ITS 'comeback' which IT fulfills when IT so chooses. IT operates through and via the mind and 'hands' of other sinners.

The enemy within which is one’s personal ‘Achilles heel’ are ones negative emotions of fear, greed, anger, hatred, vanity, pride etc., and it is through their dark power that one ‘forgets’ ones inner LOVE Light, and ‘irrationally’ one decides to fight.

For as one 'attacks' or fights in self-defence one not only forgets Allah’s "As you do is done unto you" Law, but one forgets that they become the evil force in action and, ITS energy is drawn into their soul (Sin) and, this is what contaminates them and drags their soul down into ITS ‘space’ in the after-life.

The dark energy which is flowing through the mind and souls of demonic forces sees the ‘colour- race, creed, belief’ etc., of the other person, but more importantly it does know of their past ‘dark’ deeds, and seeks to simply set the ‘record’ straight.

The Dark essence is simply Allah’s retributive energy in action through the mind and emotions of the ignorant, be they invisible 'demonic' forces or simple man in the flesh of this world. (Absolute Justice)

If you had never ‘sinned’ in your past and thus had a ‘pure’ soul, then thoughts from the dark would not be able to enter into your mind and ‘possess’ you and force you to be one of ITS operatives.

Try and separate your individual consciousness from the incoming thoughts, for if you fail to so do, then you are the one to ‘permit’ dark forces to operate through you, and ultimately you fall into their world as your soul departs the flesh.

The power of the dark energy aroused is like an angry ‘genie’ but is not ‘you’ as such, its power is its capacity to JUSTIFY you into being ITS ‘arm’ and as said, the eternal destiny of your soul is now at ‘stake,’ and if you let Allah’s wrathful ‘spear’ be thrown by you then ahead it is YOU to groan in agony.

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~ The power of 'justification' ~

The power of the 'justification' to 'deny' and defy the Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command of Allah comes from more than one sector, for initially it is through the false programming of our forebears who taught that the other was either worth 'less' or a 'tribe' to be feared.

The power of the 'justification' to defy the Primary Command of Allah also stems from the 'proclamations' of kings, chiefs, or their elders that have become ruling 'laws' of man, and these 'rules' contain a 'punishment' factor for non-compliance.

Thus any official who takes a wage to uphold these 'scriptures' contained within the 'books' of state have this 'text' justification to go forth and cause suffering in the name of the State rules, as they condemn, tax, fine, punish, abuse, judge or kill others.

The greatest power of the 'justification' to defy the Primary Command of Allah is the dark (sinful) emotions within the soul of errant man, for it is these emotions of fear, anger, hatred, vanity, pride etc., that of themselves ARE the 'justifying' forceful, punitive and destructive energy of Allah.

As circumstances arise, these emotions 'hum' within the individual and they permit thoughts to enter and override the 'benign' aspects of the individual who is mentally forced to go forth JUSTIFIABLY and 'commit' a 'sin,' being ANY 'activity' that is in contravention of the "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness" Code of Conduct commanded by Allah.

Due now to the Holy War of 'words (thoughts) erupting within the mind of man, everyone will begin to feel their inner dark emotions intensify, and this will be caused by many a 'factor.'

Be it through fear of loss or injury, displacement, banishment, punishment, extortion, earth changes, droughts, lack of water, warring men roaming, and foul deeds being observed, ALL will contribute to the JUSTIFICATION to respond in a manner that is CONTRARY to Allah's command.

This will result in the eternal 'entrapment' of millions of souls by the Dark Sovereign Power. (Allah the Father) He is the Almighty who tolerates NO defiance to His command. Yes 'She' the Mother is merciful and forgiving, hence this my message to all from Her, but anyone who now continues on their 'fateful' errant way will be 'incarcerated' in the Abyss forever and a day. 

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~ The Justice of ‘payback’ ~

The ‘payback’ is simply the fulfilment of the punitive aspect of Allah’s Holy LAW emanating from the depths of the darkness below, and its ‘Might’ is ‘sown’ by His infinite army of demons who have roamed the dark worlds for an eternity.

They never ‘sleep,’ and as their minds are totally subjugated by His Dark energy they are simply ‘robots’ who have no ‘conscience,’ and are thus cruel, harsh, vindictive and absolutely destructive, and once they control your mind then you also become ‘as’ them and will do whatever you are inspired or incited or ‘invited’ by them to.

Now you see the ‘terror’ to unfold in this realm as multitudes of the vain, ignorant, and arrogant become ‘possessed’ and subjugated telepathically, and they will do unto you whatever they are inspired to, for the demonic 'possessors' are manic, crazed, volatile and absolutely merciless in their administration of 'Justice' and they will operate through 'brigands' who will roam the earth and ruthlessly do what their minds are inspired to, and they cannot be 'reasoned' with for they will hear not your voice, and they will only 'follow' the command of their own thoughts.

There is now NO ‘escape’ for anyone who did ‘rape’ or ‘harm’ or dispossess anyone, for the Dark essence that did it via them in their past has already ‘marked’ their soul so that its invisible ‘forces’ know what is to be done to everyone to bring them to ACCOUNT.

Try and see that ABSOLUTE JUSTICE there BE, and anyone so foolish to take it upon themselves to mete it out will suffer the same ‘fate,’ as powerful dark forces impose the same return ‘clout.’

The Holy War is simply Allah’s Justice imposed upon those who defied His "Love one another and go your way in peace" Command, and the return ‘reprimand’ needs to be ‘suffered’ similarly to the crucifixion of Jesus, by ‘accepting’ the suffering without retaliating.

Those who try to defend themselves will cause pain to their perceived enemy, and simply accrue a further painful karmic spiritual due, and this can go on FOREVER in the after-life.

Ignorance of THE TRUTH is ones greatest enemy.

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~ The ‘call to arms’ ~

The ‘call’ to arm oneself is not the one whereby one takes up the sword, axe, spear, or gun to defend their chief, president or earthly king, it is a call from The Allah of Light and love and mercy to prepare to put on the ‘Armour of Allah,’ being the ‘Wisdom of Her Holy Word’ I bring, and to fortify ones mind using the Star Prayer.

The call to ‘arms’ of Allah is to those others who entered the flesh directly from the Light of Heaven, soon to be the ‘stalwarts’ who stand calmly in every village or town, and they will do everything in their earthly ‘power’ to help the desperate needy who are being persecuted, dispossessed, punished and crucified by the deadly, vain, arrogant, greedy and insane.

These kindly folk will help everyone sent by Allah to their door, be they the poor or the rich who have been struck down and lie in the ditch, and they will also assist the vain and arrogant and insane to find surcease from their inner pain, for many who become destructive will also be purged of their inner sin, and will then turn over a new leaf as they suffer grief, and will become light-workers.

Light-workers will help everyone, of any race, colour or creed irrespective of their deeds, and they will know that their Allah smiles down upon them, for Allah sees all, knows all, and stands tall above the mere ways of mortals. All are His children who He seeks to teach to NEVER defy Him and thus NEVER use His Dark energy.

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~ The losers ~

The losers are you and you, being anyone who fails to see my ‘reason’ and the ‘breath of life’ I bring due to their arrogance or vanity.  These are the ‘foolish’ who believe that Allah is ‘infantile’ and ‘irrelevant,’ for they see not Him-Her nor the ABSOLUTE Power that Allah BE.

These are also the deceived, deceived by their elders and other false teachings. Deceived by their need for money, and as they sup on power, control, vanity and pride they go forth armed with guns and for a mercenary wage they cause untold misery and kill.

It is to these men who I reach out with a MIGHTY SHOUT saying: "Come my way and let me enlighten thee and thus set you free." It is to these men and women who believe that their ‘duty’ to others is honourable that I now say: "Be unto your own souls true and only do what the Allah of LIGHT commands."

The 'adored' leaders of men such as  Barack Obama are very foolish, for they lead their 'followers' into an 'attack' against others o'er land and sea, and that IS the 'wide road to hell' for anyone who hears not the TRUTH in my ringing of Allah's final bell.

Any of these or you who fail to now bow to the TRUE and PRIMARY Command of Allah will soon be lost in the ‘maze’ of eternal darkness below, and through your fear or anger or hatred, the Dark One will stalk your mind and use you to do ITS bidding against others, simply so that IT can continue to punish you and cause you eternal suffering for being an UNTRUE loser.

Yes, many will be deceived by the Serpent and 'gripped' by its powerful coils, being the weight of ITS dark energy they drew into their soul, and that energy will draw ITSELF (and their soul) down to ITS Domain.

"Qou Vadis ~ Wither goest thou"

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~ The 'changed' Warrior ~

The changed warrior is a person of any race or creed who decided to turn over a new leaf.  They may have been a policeman, judge or jailer who imposed much grief, they may have been a soldier who killed and maimed. They may have been a 'tax' collector, or 'bikie' heavy, or a 'Mafiosi' swine who broke the legs of those who did not give in to extortion.

The changed warriors are those who now realise that the Serpent has them 'gripped' by its powerful coils, being the weight of ITS dark energy they drew into their soul during the 'time' they were a 'dark' operative, and they now 'wish' to become free of that dark inner energy so that their spirit soul can then be elevated UP and into the light.

The changed warriors are those who have 'Seen the Light' so to speak, and truly wish for change as they try now to be better people who are willing to help others rather than to control, punish or abuse them.

There is 'something' that the changed warriors need to understand, believe, and move forwards with, for many of 'you' for one reason or another may believe that you are already 'safe & saved' due to feeling a positive change within you or, possibly due to belonging to religious organisations within which are persons who have told you that you are already safe and saved.  This is ERROR for the following reasons.

A person ONLY knows that they are safe and saved the moment that their spirit soul departs the flesh and RISES up into the light.  For prior to that moment of time there may yet be dark energy within you that has not been drawn out by Allah's purging 'grace' that is revealed in my Testament, and you may also yet have many spiritual blood 'dues' to PAY within the immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah and, - - -

At any point in time you most certainly will be confronted by a 'crazed' person who seeks to harm you, and at that moment your mind and emotions can let you down through fear or anger, and then you could FALL deeper through trying to defend yourself, and by this 'action' causing the other harm.

So the changed warrior is in FACT only truly 'changed' when they show Allah that , - - - at the moment of their 'crucifixion' at the hands of the vain or insane, - - - they do still 'bow' in obedience to the Primary Command of Allah as they do NOT retaliate nor defend themself against their oppressor.

Yes the 'test' will be hard, for everyone has to pay every due to Allah before Allah's 'book' of energy used is balanced.  Be it positive or negative, for the energy used is always striving to balance ITSELF. 

The more hateful and destructive Dark energy you use, the more IT flows back to you via others UNTRUE. 
The more loving and creative Light energy you use, the more IT flows back to you via others TRUE.

The changed warrior becomes a lover of peace and an absolute pacifist at all times.

Allah's LOVE is now purging the souls of every spirit, and warriors of today may well become pacifists tomorrow.
Treat everyone with absolute respect, kindness, care and love.

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~ The butterfly ~

The butterfly is a creature created to be free to flitter here and there as it ‘sups’ on the nectar of life. It colours are beautiful and they are a delight to man and Allah.

Once you have learnt THE LESSON OF LIFE and thus you always go your way as an ABSOLUTE PACIFIST, and you ‘bow’ in reverence to Allah, and your daily ways are in accordance’ with the pure ‘dance of love,’ then Allah will also set you free to be as a butterfly.

Yes, everyone who pays their spiritual dues is by Allah set free of their inner dark emotions, (sin) and they will then only be loving and kindly and respectful and considerate to everybody they meet, and Allah’s love will them greet and Allah will smile down upon them as they sup on His ‘nectar’ of LOVE in Paradise above.

Yes, each of you will be as a shining Star who dances and sings uniquely, and your ‘voices’ will be heard from afar, for each of you is a unique creation of Allah, and every ‘spectrum’ is different, but exquisitely beautiful.

The HOLY WAR is needed so as to set you free. The enemy is not ‘man,’ it is simply the dark emotions within you and the thoughts arising in your mind telling YOU to BE unkind, and IF you so do, you a ‘burning’ debt to Allah accrue.

The ‘enemy’ is the DARK energy of Allah that you foolishly chose to use in your interaction with others. IT reigns ‘supreme’ in the ‘shadow-land’ below, this I do know, and IT wins EVERY BATTLE, and you ONLY become free of IT when YOU choose to NOT use its destructive energy against others.

Once this Holy War is over, there will be no more darkness on earth, as it will have swept itself into the Abyss as well as anyone who had any remnants of its energy within them.  That is now the way it will be, and truly the meek, mild, merciful and kind will 'inherit the earth' and laughter and mirth there will be.

There will be NO earthly 'rulers of men' and everyone will be FREE.  All 'text' books of 'religion' or State rules will be consigned into the fire to never again be needed, for everyone will understand the power of Allah's hand and everyone will go forward with Allah and Allah's Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command as their 'leader.'

Your destiny is now your choice
I hope you have heard my ‘calling’ voice.

I AM the 'spirit of truth'- Terence

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