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~ Iranians v/s Allah ~
The falsity of 'infidels'

Al-Imam Al-Mahdi - the 'right guided' one

Why do Iranians show Allah that they are untrue? This is because the openly defy Allah's infinitely PURE, clear and simple directive;

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another, and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

It follows that the Supreme Authority Allah set the 'rule' above whereby He 'judges' ones ethical or moral ways, and any 'activity' that at any time for any reason is not in conformity to the above Command is by Him deemed as an 'unfaithful, unethical, immoral and offensive' activity needing His stern 'correction.'

Why would Allah issue a Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command if there was no 'consequence' for being other than 'peaceful, merciful, loving and forgiving'? I add, there are many 'named' religions of man, but there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in Peace, kindness, respect, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for War, cruelty, disrespect, control & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

I now answer the original questions:

1 – Is there a consequence when choosing an 'action' that is not 'Right'?
2 – Who 'judges' whether the action was right or wrong?
3 – Who is the Absolute Authority?
4 – What is the consequence of right or wrong action?
5 – Is there a consequence when choosing an 'action' that is 'Right'?

Yes there is a consequence for any action that is in contravention of the PRIMARY ruling Command of Allah, and Allah's energy 'judges' us during every moment by moment passage in time as we use one or the other 'aspect' of His benign or malignant energy in our interaction with others.

Allah is the supreme ruler and absolute authority, not mortal men.

Right action is any activity that is in accordance with Allah's PRIMARY ruling Command. Any contravention to that Command is Wrong action and simply places one within the punitive aspect of Allah's "As you did so arrogantly sow and cause suffering unto others so shall ye reap" Law.

Why do the 'enlightened' Iranian people still 'bow' in subservience to the FALSE teachings and promotion of control over their lives by men purporting to be 'The religious authority' that impose rules, rituals, and punitive strictures over every aspect of daily life?

Why not stop kneeling on the ground in front of arrogant and vociferous men that interfere in every aspect of living ways and 'simply' look UP and turn your face to Allah, for ONLY he is honourable and Just in His command to everyone on earth.  why do you all permit FALSE leaders to impose their own interpretation of Allah's command upon you when Allah clearly states that you can do ANYTHING you wish to as long as it is within the precepts of HIS Ruling Command?

Can you not see that the 'earthly' religious authority is an imposed one, and it is also a false one because every 'Ayatollah' is a person that has already been deceived by Shetani the Serpent, for all Ayatollahs promote the use of punitive and destructive force, and Allah forbids the use of force.  It follows that all the present day 'religious' leaders of mankind are FALSE and deceptive and teaching 'error' as they lead Allah's children into 'bondage' with the Devil.

It is I the 'arisen' Imam Al-Mahdi who is the right guided one inspired by Allah directly.  It is I the TRUE Imam to deliver mankind from its bondage to darkness and slavery and suffering, and to restore the TRUE religious ideology of "Peace unto all mankind."

Only those that now follow my message from Allah will find a surcease from suffering and ultimate freedom. For as you can now all see, there is a very deep insanity in Iran whereby people purporting to love and adore Allah turn their vindictive nature against their own sisters and brothers as they also destroy their society in an 'frenzy' of retaliation against others. Why? Simply because some other 'head' man was appointed and anointed as 'head of house' of the government of Iran to lead them.

Utterly lost are the programmed minds of the common people, for they now believe that men, be they Mousavi or Ahmadinejad or an 'Ayatollah' replace Allah as head of house.  They also believe that they need a supreme 'man' to govern them. When will everyone understand that the present 'ruler' in every land is not these 'men' but is the dark 'scriptural' TEXT of the ungodly 'rules/decrees/laws' that these men invoke and impose with a stroke of their pen?

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Yes, the rules dictated by legislators and Ayatollah's are the absolute DICTATOR that binds them all in poverty, suffering, antagonism and frustration, and is what leads them into spiritual death. For as they 'bow' to these proclaimed 'rules' named by men as 'the law' and, as they support and fund their 'masters' they are funding and supporting the control, punishment, and suffering imposed upon others. This is the 'grave' error, for within Allah's ONE supreme; "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you" Law, all suffer the consequence.

So every 'voting' Iranian is in 'opposition' to Allah, and unless you can see the reality of that which I speak you will be lost forever. For all earthly leaders are 'warmongers' that defy Allah. thus they and you are defiant of Allah and thus all are infidels that are no different than 'Atheists.'

Why is there so much suffering, intolerance, lack, displacement, control, punishment and war in this world? Because everyone is funding the imposition of that upon others using political 'god's' and they simply place themselves (unknowingly & ignorantly) into the absolutely 'Just & equitable' Law of the DARK energy of Allah that is being used by the State legislators and their enforcers and the false and 'irresponsible' religious leaders who are self-proven to immoral, unethical in their promotion of control, subjugation, destruction and killing.

It is I to state quite categorically that as EVERY named religion on earth and EVERY government on earth has a code of conduct policy that teaches killing in the name of 'self-defence' and the policy of forcing its 'followers' to conform to its dictates or be 'banished' or 'excommunicated' or 'barred' or 'dispossessed' or 'cast out' or 'ostracised' or 'punished' or even killed, it follows that all are FALSE dark religions flying the same 'devilish' banner of control, extortion, subjugation and enslavement.

Any person funding or supporting any such 'religion' or 'ideology' are condoning its forceful anti-Allah policies that are deceptive and are 'ensnaring' others into the web of deceit of the 'spider of death,' and it will 'sting' everyone that treads on its web.

Forget man made religions needing you to bow to the dictates of their elders, be they Ayatollah's, clerics, bishops, priests or politicians and other heads of state. The one and only TRUE way is revealed as simply being an absolute pacifist as commanded by the Source as you bow to Him as your 'leader' and head of house, and you carry out your daily affairs in a conduct 'becoming,' and you treat everyone with respect, care, kindness and compassion.

If you 'belong' to any institution of man that uses your 'funding' to pay the wages of enforcers that force others to comply to its rules or be 'punished,' then you are complicit to that imposition that is carried out in your name and on your behalf, and you place yourself within the punitive and controlling and overbearing aspect of the Dark energy essence of the Source, and IT will do the same unto you that is done unto others by the organisation.

Everyone 'mercilessly and unforgivingly 'screams out' for accountability and "Justice," and that is exactly what they get and what they will soon even 'more so' get. So IF your ideological 'belief' is the ONE whereby you use and fund the 'protection' aspect of, and fund the 'enforcement' aspect of political 'proclamations, orders, edicts, rules, laws' etc., that affects the life and living ways of others, then you deserve the 'consequential' outcome that IS unavoidable, being, not only subjected to the same 'fate,' but it will be the subjugation of your own MIND by invisible demonic forces revealed by me.

Every person in Iran * goes to their 'holy' Mosque or 'ground' and kneels before their religious elders to be castigated or inspired, and all praise 'Allah,' but as soon as they leave that place they show their disgrace as they defy Allah's "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness" command in their 'business' ventures, 'cultural' activities, and their vindictive and disrespectful attitude to their neighbours by the 'destructive' manner they display as they disturb the peace of their own land. truly, all involved are infidels.

Note:  'infidel,'* - An infidel is a person of any 'race' that does not espouse the religious ideal and 'belief' in absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations, and they are persons that justify the use of force  (the sword-spear-axe-gun)  in defiance of Allah's Command:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Infidels are people that have been deceived by the false beliefs of their forefathers that had succumbed to the 'temptation' of the Dark-Devil that 'spoke' within their thoughts, and convinced them that they could or should rely on it and its forceful 'power' rather that simply having Allah as their Monarch and leaning on the wisdom of His holy word.

Note: The ONE LAW of Allah. - “As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal and equitable 'eye for an eye' recompense. Be it good for good given, or suffering for suffering imposed.”  Man is commanded to ONLY give out the good.  Man is forbidden to give out punitive suffering, as this is the use of Allah's DARK power that results in spiritual 'death' to its user.

Note: Every person in Iran. - This includes citizens of all other nations on earth, for all have a conduct policy that is 'unbecoming' for all are warmongers and disrespectful to others and to Allah. Iran is simply the 'focus' of the day as everyone can see the end result of dark power play.

Note: A TRUE believer. - Is a person that bows in submission and obedience to Allah, and Allah ALONE. Thus they do not 'condone, support, or fund any 'warring, punitive, regulating, destructive, vengeful, intrusive or forceful activity' or other forms of control that are in contravention of Allah's ruling Command. Neither can they conscionably support any teachers of religion that impose ANY strictures upon Allah's children. Nor can they conscionably support the controlling or punitive or regulatory or warring activities of any government institution, for this would show Allah their allegiance to MEN of Darkness.

A TRUE believer walks ALONE with Allah as his/her head of house, and they only support and fund benign and educational community services or endeavours. For their code of conduct POLICY is always within the precepts of Allah's RULING Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another, and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those yet sinfully living."

Terence - the 'pen' of Allah


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