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This is the name given to  the religion that is mainly 'followed' and 'fellowshipped' by the 'Arab' Islamic race as well as by others of other races. 

The word 'Islam - Aslama' implies that one will attain inner peace and external peace through obedience to the peaceful & compassionate & merciful & forgiving doctrine of Allah/God, through the right 'submission' to, and by 'embracing,'  the Command of Allah that says:

"Go your way in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land for any reason and, - - - if you are abused by any other then you must not retaliate, you must turn the other cheek and remain humble and meek and, - - - you must forgive your perceived enemies and, - - - you must be merciful and compassionate towards them as you forgive them of their errant sinning ways and, - - - if you are put to the sword by them then you must 'die' without defending yourself, as you 'go' as a 'lamb' to the slaughter."

The word 'Peace' that is used by Allah to describe the code of conduct that must be adhered to by all aspirants to Salvation, is the doctrine that results in their spirit soul becoming freed from inner sin and, - - - then being able to enter into Paradise (Heaven) and, - - - this word 'peace' has many 'connotations,' for it also encompasses the many negative expressions that cause man to 'stumble' along his path, and that lead him astray from the true way.

Man is so busy 'shouting out' his rights, needs, wants, desires, and his 'professed' religion,* (See note 1 below) that he sees not that Allah sees that he man is in fact 'fellowshipping' with the Devil (Satan).  For you are not adhering to the "Peace" command of Allah if you are in any way contravening this command through contra deeds, for it is by your deeds* (actions) you are known by Allah as a 'conformant' or defiant to HIS Command.  (See note 2 below)

Contra deeds 
(actions that contravene the word 'peace')

Criticism of others ways, and intruding into the affairs of others.
Controlling others by regulations, or sanctions, or taxation, or their freedom of movement.
Deceiving others, lying to others, stealing from others, abusing others, punishing others, invading others, warring against others.

In fact any negative expression towards another perceived as being 'offensive' in any way is an unforgiving act that contravenes the: 'Be forgiving & merciful & compassionate' Command of the Creator and, this act of spiritual 'infidelity' places the 'expressor' into the dark punitive aspect of Allah's one Supreme Law and, - - - they are then subjected to an equal return of 'criticism, abuse, and terror' inflicted upon them by other infidels and, - - - 

There is no peace to be found as all 'users' of darkness are kept 'spellbound' in retribution by the invisible Serpent* (The deceiver) living 'underground.  (See note 4 below)


Note 1: his 'professed' religion,*- By 'voicing' ones 'alignment' with a particular religion, one places the name of the religion on a 'pedestal' and the name and its material organisation and daily rituals become of more importance than the WORD and Command of Allah. 

Do not align yourself to any religion, simply become obedient to the command of Allah and show Allah your 'worthiness' as you by deed express only Light and love and merciful forgiveness as you walk peacefully and 'open handed' carrying no 'stones or weapons.' 


Note 2: By your deeds* you are known: - It is man that 'labels' himself as associating with a particular religion, as though participation with IT shows his 'worth' or spiritual stature.  This is a false assumption, for there are those both merciful and those merciless within every race or creed on earth. 

On the one hand (the merciful & forgiving) are the true believers that follow the true doctrine of peace & love etc.  On the other are the 'infidels'* (See note 3 below) being the non-believers that follow the false doctrine of merciless persecution and abuse of their fellow mankind, and they are abrasive, vociferous, arrogant, intrusive, punitive, and destructive.

Thus it is by your daily actions (deeds) that show Allah and yourself as to your true 'identity' and, - - - it is thus not necessary to tell others of your religion or belief, nor do you need to 'declare' your belief by following the daily 'rituals' imposed by the 'decrees' or edicts of man or 'corrupted' scripts.

For you are already known by your actions as to whether you follow the Command of Allah or not.  For sure Allah knows the core of your heart and soul, and for sure HE knows of your daily intent and deeds (actions) as you daily 'stroll' on this realm and, - - - 

It is imperative for you to see that whatever moment by moment 'choice' you make, that you still 'fall' within the one Law of Allah and, - - - HE will give you a 'Just' return due of 'pain and suffering' for abuse imposed upon others by you or - a 'Just' return tribute of happiness and freedom for kindness & forgiveness extended by you upon all others and, - - - 

As your actions reveal your true identity,  you don't need to tell others or me what you 'think' you believe in.  For Allah already knows and, - - - what you daily do is between you and Allah for sure.  For it is HE to grant you the 'freedom' of the road and 'entry' into Paradise and, - - - it is HE to 'bar' the way and thrust your spirit soul down to be 'confined' below if along the 'wrong' path you now continue to go.

By reading this web site you will soon see that every person of every race & colour & creed is presently walking the wide road into HELL.  For the mere fact that you support by vote or taxation any punitive system of man, shows Allah and me that you are contravening the 'Peaceful' command of Allah and that your spirit soul is in great danger. 

Man is 'hell-bent' on bringing others to 'account' for their misdeeds.  Seeing not that by forgiving the other and thus not punishing them is not 'condoning' their bad ways, but it is simply a matter of using the Wisdom of God's Word and, - - - by educating them and helping them to become peaceful, you are helping yourself.  You cannot wash away blood with blood.


Note 3: other infidels* - Are those that are yet deceived and thus they heed the 'call' of the deceiver to mete out retribution for IT, and these 'deceived' must be seen as such and, - - - it is your sacred duty to 'treat' them with respect and teach them the true path by showing them the right way by your forgiving and kind and compassionate and merciful way

If you abuse them then you are 'as' them and, - - - with them you will entwine in the hellish lands below in the 'after life' and for an eternity you will fight and suffer on in perpetuity.  Allah requires you to teach them to strengthen their minds against the thoughts of the Serpent that enters their minds via the dark 'sin' energy within.


Note 4: invisible Serpent* - By defying the Command of Allah, you place yourself into the 'hands' of the Serpent and, - - - not only is IT empowered by Allah to mete out divine retribution against you within the 'eye for an eye' Law of Allah but, - - - for your arrogance and defiance of your Creator, - - - 

IT is also empowered by Allah to deceive you into continuing along your wrong 'path' so that you can be spiritually destroyed by IT.  For it is the intent of Allah to destroy any person that HE created to love if they seek to punish or abuse or fight and deny HIS command to "Only love."


Please now read my letters written through me by your Creator Allah, as the Light of Allah would set you free from your present folly and iniquity.  For mankind of every known religion all support and condone the false doctrine of 'judgement, retribution, fine, and punishment' that is the 'way' of the evil one.

If you 'support' or belong to any force, be it political, military, or terrorist, be now advised by Allah through me that they are all controlling and punitive and thus are all ANTI-Allah, and the eventual outcome for the 'participants' of these organisations is the destruction of their own soul.  As you become now enlightened by the Wisdom of Allah through me, set yourself free by standing alone with Allah by me, and becoming a lamb,* for all lions* will now destroy each other spiritually.

Turn your face now towards the Light and Truth emanating from my pen and elevate your consciousness.

I AM the Imam al-Mahdi sent by Allah to set all humanity free.

lamb,* - A man of peace
lions* - Men of aggression

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Response to Akbarally Meherally

Greetings Akbarally, I am Terence from Tanzania now living in Tasmania, and I have just found your document on the internet ref "Mazhar" and the "Imam's" and the Ismaili "divinity."

Your article is very good and thus I write to you for I see that all "Imams" as well as "Ministers" of Christian churches have misunderstood the HOLY Word of Allah - who said;

"YOU be Merciful & Compassionate and I will be merciful unto you. 
You will ALL Reap what you Sow before to heaven you can go."

And "man" somehow disbelieves this, and falsely "preaches" that we can fight and destroy like Saddam & Blair & the Clinton "boy" and still get to the Promised Land. 

This false "belief" is satanic from the devilish lower land, and is perpetuated by "men of religion" who promote discontent as they all say "Ours is the only way," and this turns man against man as you see in every "creed" that does the world span, and "Imams & priests" bless young men and their weapons of war and incite man to fight for his right.  All are working for Shetani.

My brother Akbarally, I say this to you for I, as "Muhammad" am a Prophet for our Allah true.  Yes, within my flesh walks the same spirit of the man Jesus who walked at Galilee, and I have returned to correct the "lost" truth on earth so that "fallen" man can again see.  In my sacred book "The Testament of Truth" that I have raised up into the air is a message from Allah to all as well as a message from Muhammad the Prophet.

Akbarally, please tell all your friends that the "Christ" soul is again risen in the flesh and tell all where to find the fresh message I bring so that we all can together in heaven happily sing.  I now write to you a message I "telepathically" received direct from ALLAH the Allah of Abraham who asks of you:

"My son, can you be the "Islamic pen" for me and awaken all the followers of Muhammad so that they can prepare quickly for the coming UNHOLY "Jihad" soon to be, where brother will fight his sister and mother, and Shetani (Devil) will gather many souls and drag them below, and only my messenger Terence whose spirit is again on earth does the full truth know.  Do this task for me ALLAH and your face in heaven I will see. 

For too long in all religions have men used the name of my prophets to feed themselves as they "claimed" to be my divine messengers by virtue of "inheritance" or "line of succession" by the blessing of man.

In fact, none of them are divine for they all are swine as they say to my children: 'You can fight and get to the Light, and if you fight for Allah then you will live in heaven and dance forever with ladies of beauty whom you will behold in your sight.'  

This is the greatest falsity perpetuated on earth by "Imams" and Christian ministers who all will feel my eternal wrath as I consign them below to a land where eternal suffering they will know."

So my brother, now you do see the coming "catastrophe" where all have been deceived by false programming so all will fight as none can now heed the LIGHT of Allah that does say; "BE Compassionate & Merciful & forgiving if you would come my way."

Akbarally, I speak now on the divinity of some spirits who walked in the flesh, namely Muhammad and Jesus.  Man is neither a "copy of Allah" nor a "manifestation of Allah." Allah is Allah, Allah is ALLAH, both are one and the same, and man is a "creation" created by Allah, and his "likeness to Allah" is in his spiritual "flesh" being of the same "essence" of Allah. 

Thus man is NOT Allah.  Allah's Prophets are but "messengers of Allah" as were Muhammad & Jesus and others who entered the flesh at different times in different lands.  Allah does not manifest.  Allah's wisdom being Allah's "WORD" manifests itself through the mouths of true Prophets who are "telepathically" inspired by thoughts direct from Allah. 

Thus comes the phrase "The living Word of Allah" on earth. 

The "carrier" or "bearer" of this Word is not Allah.  It is man who has elevated the "various" messengers into "godship," and the "disciples" of the Prophets by their "apparent" hereditary succession by "association" to the prophet or his "blest" falsely believe that they now "have or hold" a divine right of control over the destiny of Allah's children.  

Thus in their pride and vanity they say; "Kneel at our feet if Allah you would meet, for only we know the way and only we can absolve you of the due that Allah says you must pay, for the LAW of Allah we can "set aside," the one that says "You will reap what you sow," We can ensure you avoid this karma and straight to heaven you will go, if as said you are enslaved to us and do our bidding with no fuss."

This too is falsity I see and I AM HE the Spirit of Truth returned to awaken a response from the souls of all humanity.  "Who" is it who says that "Imams or Popes" or other teachers in "religions" are the servants of the Allah of Light? It is not Allah, and by whom was it so written in the "old" holy books?

It was and is "claimed" to be so by the controllers who themselves "added to" or "amended" or "revised" the original text as they "annually" gained control of Allah's children and their greed swamped their sanity. 

I say that religion and TRUTH are far apart.  In the parable the "Slave and the master," only the wise can see that the "Master" by the very "act" of enslaving another stands very low in the eyes of his Creator, and thus the "slave" stands taller as "she or he" in non retaliation pay their karmic due and thus to their own soul are true.

We now stand here today, and man is so programmed the wrong way that there is no point in "trying" to reason with the Imams or other 'Elders,' for their minds are now bound, so the only way is to reach the flocks of Allah's children direct via the "medium" of the Press so that they can individually read the truth and seed their minds and decide for themselves from their own consciousness whether to FIGHT or to heed the Allah of LIGHT and be true followers of Allah and His Word not man.  I give below some of the 1000 pages of my Testament from Allah to all humanity.

Salaams to your family - Terence

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Which faith is the TRUE FAITH, O Allah of the sky.
Please of this wisdom do not me deny

"The True Faith is ONE," that of MY WORD, those that it hear not, think it absurd.  Religious faith is a word of mankind, and through its follies man is in a bind, twisting and turning saying "Which way to go, which side is true, the lesson we don't know." So I say to you: see it clear, 'tis direct to me your Allah must you now steer. 

HEED MY WORD every day.
HEED MY WORD and daily pray.
ABIDE BY MY WORD is what I ask.
ABIDE BY MY WORD 'tis your only task.

'Tis by your deeds I do you know, 'tis by My grace I'll your sin overthrow.  First, you must HEAR and MY wish DO, before I'll cleanse your sin and elevate you too.  Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and others too, heard my words of compassion and mercy coming through. 

Forgiveness and understanding of others' needs, in doing these, you will fulfil MY NEEDS.  In fulfilling MY needs your race is won, yes children, you will join the One.  Your Christed brother Jesus high up above says:

"By your deeds you're known, do all with love.
"Walk in PEACE" - that is the Holy Word

Those that wield a 'sword' have not yet understood Allah's Holy Word."


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A message to the followers of Muhammad
and all my brothers and sisters

In the name of ALLAH the compassionate and merciful. 
His wisdom is
"Love, forgiveness and truthful"
To you O LORD we bow in hope that you will uplift our souls on your golden rope. 
'Tis to your mercy that we must be, for as we DO, so shall we BE.

For you will judge us from the deeds we DO, for 'tis only by our DEEDS you know who is WHO. 
'Tis not what we believe or say we are that makes us see and follow your star.
It is solely by our DEEDS that we are SEEN,
whether HEARING YOUR WORD or following Satan's mean.

OPEN our eyes to your wonderful truth,
that from needy brothers we must not stand aloof,
and that if WE cannot compassionate BE,
then there is NO place in heaven for we.

'Tis only Satan who blinds men's eyes,
makes us other religions or races despise,
for there is ONLY ONE Allah for all mankind,
'tis Satan who'd blind us so to others we be unkind.

So dear ALLAH the ONE Allah,
be merciful to us here on the sod.
Let us see what the simple truth BE,
that 'tis WE who needs compassionate and merciful BE.

WHO is the believer of godly men, and WHO is the deceiver from Satan's den?
'Tis the truth of this that each soul must find, so that the truth of good and evil he can unwind. 

Is it the forked tongue that is so smooth, is it the clever wit that you cannot disprove,
or is it the sane man who does no good? Is it the fool who seems always misunderstood?

"Strike NOT with the sword," I hear from the dove,
"Keep calm within and SHOW you are filled with my love."

Those who RETALIATE and others KILL, HEARD NOT MY WORD and will Satan's house FILL.  I SAID "Compassionate and Merciful BE", I said NOT; "kill those who cannot me see."

Satan is cunning and moves in many ways, so friends I say: "Prepare now for his days." We are known by WHAT WE DO, not by the truth we SAY we adhere to.  For 'tis NOT what we believe that makes us men, but what we DO to help those of Satan's den, for they are sick and needy too, who NEED TO BE HELPED by me and you.

So 'tis by our deeds that we are known, also by the seeds that we have sown, so, man of Allah, be strong within, reach out and help even those that sin, THEN, ALLAH SEES you compassionate be, for you're helping brothers to become free.  Free from the evil that's in them in.  Free from the evil that makes them sin.

Merciful too, He will see you be.  Yes brothers, then by Grace He will set you free, for all are sinners this I know, and this truth we must believe if we'd upward go.  Believe me brothers I speak HIS truth, from YOUR brothers stand not aloof. 

ONLY cowards faint in fear when demonic powers to them draw near. 
Show them the way with love in your heart, yes children, give every soul daily a fresh start

In the name of ALLAH, BE MERCIFUL. 
In the remembrance of MUHAMMAD, see the truth. 


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~ The Lily of the valley & the Rose ~

The lily of the valley and the rose would I on your minds impose.  The lily being the light from above and the rose the cup of love, light and compassion being the two united as one in any soul true.  So my brothers and sisters dear, help me help those yet filled with fear. 

Overcome your conscious mind through which societies' programming is so unkind.  Reach out with love and share and care, with Allah's love you can anything dare! The silent touch, the tear in the eye, the quiet support saying: I'll help you try.  Bequeath to all Allah's love through you, show by deed you are true.


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Tariq Aziz
Deputy Prime Minister IRAQ

Tariq, I write to you in respect of the memorandum compiled by you, JUSTIFYING the cause that be the path taken by Iraq, with aggression flowing free.  And my message, sent with ALLAH'S LOVE, is INSPIRED by Allah's angels high up above SAYING:

"Tariq TRY and be TRUE to the memory that Muhammad left you, for his message was REAL, deny it and your soul you SEAL.  Seal it in darkness where forevermore you will cry out to Allah and implore that Allah would FORGIVE your transgressions when you did live on this planet in the flesh, and through ERROR, your thoughts did enmesh with dark forces way below who forever devious untruth sow."

So now, "Remember ME" IS Allah's message, now to thee.

There is NEVER a reason to retaliate, if you do then you seek a mate, the dark satanic force down below, who WILL destroy you if you allow anger to flow.  Why is mankind so blind; why to others are they so unkind.  When others US ABUSE, it is THEY who their spiritual freedom LOSE and we must NOT retaliate and others kill, for that way WE fall and fill Satan's till.

THE message, being the WORD OF Allah, applies to ALL here on the sod.  Yes Britain, and now America, for sure are BOTH spiritually poor, having deceived every race and having subdued all with a large MACE, and now THEY will fall, confronted as others, with and by forces tall.  So please HEED my message from Allah for it IS THE LAST message to those of the sod.

Compassionate and merciful we MUST BE, any that is, who WOULD become free, so I say now to you: "Help your countrymen to remain true by helping them SEE Allah's TRUTH of forgiveness and mercy." Christ was the proof and I again now RETURN to help my Iraqi sisters and brothers their freedom earn.  Freedom for the soul forevermore for those remaining peaceful for sure." Tariq, read and understand my prophecy about forces underhand.

There is a blessing of purest light for those seeing Allah's Word as right. 
There is a blessing of Allah's Might for those seeing Allah's light.


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King Hussein - JORDAN

King Hussein I do see is the ONLY ONE trying to stay free, free from control in the mind from distant forces so unkind.  Seeking Peace unto all by keeping calm and clear of panic within, and inner fear, for by keeping an OPEN TRADE I can see his PACT WITH Allah/God is made. 

For sanctions as sanctions are useless I see, for all they do is cause misery to Allah's children the needy and poor, who don't control any Government that's for sure.  So sir I hope you this read for I know that you are of Allah's breed, strive firmly in this last race not to allow yours to wield any mace.

Let compassion and mercy flow through you, SHOWING that to Allah you are true, and HELP any who may DEMAND by showing only kindness from your COMMAND. 

To you too I some papers send, so you can see I am a friend, for all your people need to see how to keep sane with minds of negativity free.  For our last battle has now begun, many to die now under this sun and ONLY those who Muhammad HEED, SHOWING MERCY, will join ALLAH'S seed, and thus all Christed be with souls filled with love and pure divinity. 

So my message please understand for it REVEALS the forces underhand, Allah's forces, in realms of dark spirituality who work through any of the flesh not yet free of inner sin, and who now become unkind and thus, they will now fall into deeper bind. 

Invisible men from long ago in realms of spirit will Allah's truth now show.  For they the reaping tool will BE to any who heard NOT Allah's Word given free.  That of "FORGIVENESS AND PEACE UNTO ALL," and what's now to come will make many PALL, so please tell your subjects to now heed ME with the inner Wisdom to keep their souls FREE. 

I write to thee to tell you that ALL can Father Allah see.  All that you DO to try and keep the peace, all that you DO helping brothers find release from their pain, and from their fear, and I now thank you for drawing many near into your homeland as they come your way. 

For your further indulgence I do now pray that to your people you may quietly speak, calling out to all who are kind and meek, asking them to open up their hearts and more, and welcome in some strangers to their open door. 

For all but all are sisters and brothers true and dear, and any one of you would draw a brother near so friend, what I ask, I ask, for I do SPEAK for our ALLAH in heaven, merciful and meek. 

My silent letters circle around the world seen and read by many who are still nobbled and knurled, verily the ones who as yet cannot see the Truth of Mercy and Compassion that from Allah flows free. 

Your soul is TRULY BLESSED on this very day as our Father Allah sends His blessings your way, so I will quietly walk, and hope one day to see your mighty loving soul standing before me.  The Might of Allah's angels surrounds you. 

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Saddam Hussein
via Embassy of Iraq Canberra. 

President Saddam Hussein I write to you to show the world that I am true, for I fear not one to face even though he wields a mighty MACE.  And he does his Allah DENY, verily ALLAH who reigns up high, and in vain does he CALL on ALLAH'S name the Mightiest of all.  "A religious war" you do cry "is needed for the one up high," but I for sure KNOW that these thoughts from BELOW GROW. 

Verily up from the DARK they rise UP to find their mark, deceit and destruction is their theme and many a soul with pain will they ream.  So Saddam do your best, I see you will fail YOUR TEST, for Mercy and Compassion too IS Allah's request to all souls who are TRUE. 

And YOU come as a THIEF, showing your insight is brief, for any who do as you do are MARKED as untrue as the CUSTOM does DEMAND that a man lose a hand.  That friend is YOUR BELIEF, so why ACT like a thief.  For if you are above your law then you are poorly for sure, and all who follow you will FALL to the dark one too.

So I call out to all your men, those who MAY HEAR the shout of Allah's pen, saying; "Please try to be TRUE to the memory of Muhammad in you.  For HE was of Allah verily, he was one with Allah as he did plod, and his message to those true was BE MERCIFUL and COMPASSIONATE too."

So now set your minds to task IF you would in heaven bask.  Kill NOT those you meet, let your bullets fly untargeted in the street, that is if you are afraid to say: "I will no longer fight for you today" to the officers who control you, those themselves controlled by others untrue.

And Saddam, now is YOUR TEST, do you THINK that you are better blest than your brothers so you must take and a planetary mess at the same time make? Hearken to the cry of the dove who says; "Do all with love, there is yet time to stay free if you believe ALLAH GUIDES ME."

In the name of Allah be MERCIFUL
In the name of Allah be COMPASSIONATE


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~ IRAN ~

To the people of IRAN I quietly speak calling now to the gentle, humble and meek.  Insanity can all see now flowing day by day, so ALLAH now says: "COME MY WAY.  Forgiveness and Mercy to all that you see daily more and more filled with negativity.  Do not follow those who say, "Let us now kill" for if this thing you do, you Satan's house soon fill.  "There is but ONE WAY friends" Muhammad said to you that you must DO to show ME you are true

MERCY and COMPASSION show every day. 
MERCY and COMPASSION when evil comes your way."

So hearken to this call of mine for MY mind is controlled from ALLAH'S land divine, and His heavenly angels call you now through me saying, "PLEASE HEED ALLAH and you will be free." So my lovely brothers and my sisters too, please don't believe ALL that MEN say to you for IF a "Holy war" you join and begin, it is ONLY SATAN who will FOREVER YOUR SOUL WIN. 

"PEACE UNTO ALL," Muhammad and Jesus said.  These are the words from heaven that I spread for I am also true and guided from above by our Father ALLAH, from His land of love.  So hearken please and read all I send to thee for our Father ALLAH would set ALL MEN FREE. 

Blessings now I send out to all souls TRUE
and the love of ALLAH also now flows through

In the name of Allah, Holiness is from Allah, purity sought by those that plod, but purity is but LOVE UNCONTAMINATED I hear from above, uncontaminated by the dark, thus within only the brightest spark. 

So a holy war I do see is but untruth that rife be in the minds of some men,
controlled from the satanic den, and these men say:
"We religious be" for they seek to entrap thee. 


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To; My Beloved Brother HISHAM

You compassionate and merciful BE
and I shall be merciful and compassionate to THEE. 

These are the words from ALLAH the One and only,
to any lost soul on earth yet feeling lost and lonely.

Hisham, I have received a copy of your letter written to my publisher and note your response, being that I am "A poor soul in a delusion or possessed by a Jinn," Because, as you put it: "All Muslims know that the Quran is the last Covenant before judgement and that Mohammed asa is the "seal" or last Prophet."

You also say that "A prophet or messenger of Allah has a specific function," again your words "He re-establishes the response of the soul, by either bringing the Almighty's Word into practice again, or being given a new Covenant."

Again you state: "The TRUE Islamic path is known as the "Al Islam," but there are however 72 mis-practiced divisions of Islam being practiced, which all nourish the brain and mind but starve the soul to death."

This is truly a powerful statement Hisham, and I now ask of you: "How does any Islamic believer know which path is the correct one"? It seems that as in Christianity, there are many different teachings that have somehow sprung up from Allah's basic truth being Love, all professing to be THE ONE true teaching. 

So, the PEOPLE of any religious faith are usually all BOUND by THE group that they are BORN into, as this teaching becomes the major factor of their FAITH, and from reading your letter, and observing that you and your dear wife "Fatin" have spent a full year in translating scriptural verse, I realise how SACRED to you both is our beloved Creator ALLAH. 

And this my as yet unmet friend is why Allah's most sacred "pen" writes to you, being ME.  Presumably, there is some truth left in the numerous different translations and interpretations of Allah's Words laid at our feet, by the many men who have chosen to bring their own understanding to us of the original WORD of Allah as given to the prophets ages ago.

I say "some," for as all can see, there are many differing versions of the Holy books available today, probably because the originals of the originals from which they are translated are no longer in existence, and thus they are using documents that have themselves already been altered by many a hand and many a time. 

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Hisham, the Christian Bible states, "The Christ will return and teach the world the truth about SIN, JUSTICE, JUDGEMENT, and will speak more on whatever Allah says," and on the other hand, you say that there is no mention in the Quran of this "return" of the Christ soul. 

Because you say there is no mention of Christ's return, it does not mean that the Quran is wrong or lacking in any way, for IT contains Allah's message through Muhammad the faithful prophet of Allah, but also, the mere fact that the return of Christ is not mentioned therein does not mean that Allah would not send Christ back, for the world is full of darkness. 

I say darkness because all teachings have been distorted to such an extent that Allah's ONLY COMMANDMENT of "LOVE ONE ANOTHER" has long gone been forgotten and altered.  People think they can destroy rather than love. 

And I also ask: "Why do you not first read my book before automatically assuming that I am not only a false prophet but also that I must be a "Jinn," and anyhow, Jinns are very close to my heart.  They are "Lost souls."

Yes, my friend Hisham, our sisters and brothers, Allah's children, they are confused and lonely and also deceitful, and sometimes vengefully destructive, and I am none of these, but it is I who seeks to also bring light, love and truth into their souls so they too in time can return to the fold of Allah. 

I hope that your depth of LOVE for your Islamic sisters and brothers is as much as your love for our Creator, and thus you will seek deeper into my message from ALLAH to YOU.  I say you, for it IS as much for you as for any soul on the earth or under the earth, because Hisham, many devious Jinns are now at work, invisibly manipulating many people in the flesh and I expose HOW they work in men minds, and also, what IS to happen on earth.

The covenant, the TRUE COVENANT as was originally given is revealed in my book for ALL races and creeds to observe and adhere to IF they would see their Creator's face. 

I attach for you the fulfilment of prophecy in the Christian teachings, by sending you the full understanding on SIN, JUSTICE, and JUDGEMENT.  This is to help you for, IF you can see my light, then truly I believe that ALLAH, the most compassionate and merciful, may ask you to translate it into Arabic so as to help Allah's most precious children of the Arabic race. 

ALLAH created both you and me. 
ALLAH relies on you and me. 
ALLAH awaits to see if YOU can help humanity

~ Terence ~ Allah's most sacred pen.

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~ The Infidels ~

"Who are the "Infidels" I ask of thee? They are the Devil's "workers" on earth I see, and if you try to them destroy; you too are an infidel in Satan's employ.  And, those like Khomeni who "A Holy War" shout, are those who wield the Devil's "clout." They are the deceivers deceiving thee, this my brothers you must see, for our Mother way up above Commands that we "Only Love" and if this call you do deny, then our Father makes you cry. 

He says: "Heed your Mother dear or to MY wrath you'll draw near." So heed now this Allah's pen, then you'll fall not into Shetani's den.  If in heaven you'd abide with me, seek the Morning Star and set your souls free.  Follow not arrogant men who with guns defy Allah's pen.  They I see lead you "astray" and for your deeds you will "pay," not with silver, not with gold, with PAIN, and you'll needs be bold. 

Who has the "courage" to heed me? Put down your guns and become free, and if others strike you down, only for a moment do you frown as you suddenly "pay," for your past, feeling hatred from others with its icy blast.  Then your soul will be uplifted quick and you'll be glad you did not "slip" into the past ways of old, of retaliation, that to you was told as being the manly way to protect your flesh every day.  So sweet brothers lets go home up above. 

Muhammad does "groan," for he said; "Only compassion and love, and forgiveness and mercy to return above." I ask will you Muhammad deny? If you do, you eternally cry.  So heed Allah now through me.  Only Allah's WORD sets you free. 


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His children from every land across every sea.

Those that heed and abide by His Word

This Prophecy inspired by Allah is for ALL HIS CHILDREN of the sod, of every colour and every creed; even those still filled with hatred and greed.  For it will help ALL OF YOU reach heaven if you TRY TO BE TRUE, true to the wisdom now flashing through from Allah IN HEAVEN, through me TO YOU. 

His Angelic Hosts reach to the Sun, they will ensure that all is DONE, so prepare now for the heavy load for now we must reap as we walk the road.  Heed the Prophets from long ago.  I now the simple truth sow.  Christ the King lives again and His truth, Allah's, was not in vain. 

The WORD OF Allah is the name of this scribe who is not in vain.  The TRUTH OF HIS LORD echoing from above must be heeded by those who'd see the dove.  Those who heed NOT this call of mine will NEVER REACH my land divine. 

My light and truth reveals me returned as a "thief in the night" to set MINE FREE, NOT those who to a religious club belong, NOT those who say "I hear Jesus' song," NOT those who say "I see the light," ONLY those who SHOW MERCY guides them in the night.  For, 'tis only by DEED you are known, NOT by the truths you say you have shown.  So my friends, I write this to thee for now it's time to SHOW IF you hear me.

"HEED THE WORD" is the cry from above, "GIVE TO ALL with all your love.  Forgiveness and mercy to the fore, turn the other cheek to reach my shore.  Now the time and now the place, time for testing the earthly race.  Believe it children, follow me, 'tis the way to be forever free, and now, as in every kingdom under the Sun, on Planet earth will My will now be done.  Any that heed this call flowing free will for all eternity become fully free.

O sweet Mercy, Compassion too,
I your Allah love you true."

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The bright morning star is arisen
Response to Junaid Hashmi

Greetings Junaid, thank you for your letter to me.  Blessed are the few who try and be true by guiding the ignorant to the Light in a manner TRUE so that they can stand in Allah's sight. 

The immutable LAW of Allah that you seek to "view" is "Just," and is written by my hand and is recorded in every land.  The "where" you can find it in others teachings you will needs seek for yourself, for I read not what others "bind," but you can it read and seed your soul on page 34 of "The Testament of Truth."

Junaid, you speak of the Devil and his works, what do you think "his works" means, and I wonder if you can see the falsity that has crept into every religious teaching on earth? For the Prophets did say: "Only be loving, merciful and compassionate AND forgiving, be peaceful and wield no sword."

It is the later "scholars" who wrote the texts that somehow decided to change these truthful words as Satan "crossed swords" in their minds as HIS thoughts interfered and gave them a reason to say that we can break the LAW and abuse others "if justified" and get to heaven and see the face of Allah and avoid our karma.  THAT is a falsity of religion I SAY, for none can break the Law.  All fall under its authority and thus all PAY their due

The Devil's "works" are his deceiving ways, in that he "deceives" man into believing that he can disobey Allah's Commandment to "Only Love" and still get to heaven.  The LAW of Allah is Allah's Statement of FACT that I give below extracted from the sacred Testament of Truth.  Allah states what BE, being that what we daily "do" be it positive or negative does "return" to us, either positive, or to us "burn."

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~ The LAW of ALLAH ~

You will "Reap" what you "Sow"
What you do to others will be done unto you

It follows on

If your expressed deeds are negative you will become Satanic
If your expressed deeds are positive you will become Christed

It follows on

Those who deny my "Only Love" Commandment will be destroyed by ME - Allah.


( The perfect Justice of Allah's Law as now revealed)

1 - We reap what we sow at the time and place
Ordained by Allah that we are so to do.
2 - Whosoever is abused and suffereth any pain,
be it mental, emotional, physical, loss or more,
Let all mankind know that this soul did it to others before. 


And as for one day when you stand afore the Lord,
that's mankind's belief, not the true word
for 'tis we who judge ourselves see
and our judgement is our destiny.  (spiritual destination)

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Junaid, there is also another "happening" of great importance that takes place invisibly when we do anything, energy flows through us.  Being the energy of Allah, for we are the "expression" of Allah.  This could not be revealed to man before now, for man in the past did not understand energy flow as we do today. 

Our "spirit" is a "being of energy" housed temporarily in the flesh of this world.  As "man" acts by deed, the invisible essence flows into his spirit soul and "grows" there as it waters his emotions within. 

If his deed is loving then his "Light" brightens.  If his deed is deceitful or abusive then his "Sin" within being the dark emotions of fear & hatred & jealousy grow bigger and stronger. 

It is the "weight" of this sin that drags the soul into the underworld when we leave the flesh.  The "vibration" of the soul designates its "level" of consciousness, and its "destination" in the after life (destiny).

The soul becomes either Refined and thus "clear" and "Free of inner sin" (Christ like), or "Defiled" and weighed down by darkness within.  Let the "wise" now this see.

I say again, man does not "see" the invisible "energy" essence of Allah who IS ALL that does flow and grow within our souls.  IF we draw in "negative" energy because of our "dark" deeds, then IT the Sin (negative emotions) does grow within us and we cannot enter the Promised Land of Happiness & Light & Love

For none "with sin within" are permitted entry.  We have to first become "As Muhammad & Jesus," both Christed souls, meaning, "free of inner sin" before we can enter heaven, purified, "As ONE with the Light of Allah."

I say that "justified or mandated or not," when WE abuse another by word or deed, WE draw in more darkness that clouds our souls, this is the invisible "mist of death." To become free of darkness we must first stop expressing it.  Secondly, we then await for Allah to purge darkness out of us that WE in our arrogance and ignorance drew in!

Souls need to now learn HOW to fortify their minds so that they CAN be merciful and compassionate AND courageous in the face of adversity and AS Jesus, "go as a lamb to the slaughter" if faced by "earthly" death.  All who fight & kill go to Shetani, believe you me, I know.

Junaid, I AM HE the Christ soul who last walked at Galilee who has arisen in the flesh to again bless ALL earthlings with the TRUTH that Allah & Muhammad & Jesus did say was the ONLY way

Any "man" who teaches Allah's children falsely which is what is being done are themselves in danger, as they will fall below.  I say that all "teachers" must now heed my fresh uncontaminated wisdom from Allah OR below they will go.

All retribution "justified or not" IS the work of Shetani.  All who fight back NEVER get free as then someone else is also justified in attacking them.  Can you see this? At this point in time the Grace of Allah is outpouring to cleanse us spiritually.  If we can heed the Word and walk our road peacefully we will be spiritually cleansed.  If we continue to fight, as is our "free choice," to so do, then we have not heard Allah's voice and will fall.

Children of Allah, try and see that whether you are a Prince or a Pauper, or an Imam or a Fisherman you ALL have a "common" ENEMY who is invisible and you cannot him see.  HE is the Devil now exposed by me, and HE works through "Powers thought to be normal." Thus he controls all through their ignorance and past programmed ways that are "handed down" by your forefathers.

I AM the soul TRUE

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Extract from the Testament of Truth page 77

~ Shepherd's Staff ~

"THE TRUTH" - is the Crux of the Core, being the message of
  the cross for sure, in that on your 'day,'* you
  must not retaliate in any way.
"THE LIGHT" - is the Wisdom from afar, symbolized by
  Christ's Morning Star, visible in an earthly sense
  to any who would recompense.
"THE WAY" - is ALLAH'S WORD of Peace, not the sword, of
  Mercy and Compassion too, and ONLY let
  love through.

So the "Staff" of the shepherd is Allah's strength, that is revealed to you at great length, and IF on the strength of Allah's Word you lean, then all inner darkness will Allah from you wean.  Yes, all darkness will be drawn out and free of inner sin you will then shout in JOY, and never again will you pain feel, for in heaven, but love does unreel. 

Thank you Junaid for your correspondence to me, for within it I could more easily see how the Imams themselves went astray as they too were 'educated' on the already 'distorted' texts they 'found' when they came to earth.  Have they ever "seen" the "obvious" reality and asked themselves "Why would some get to heaven and some not if we could all abuse and others kill"?

It does not make sense to me, and it seems that only I AM the ONE who can see that the "Killers & abusers & deceivers" go below because the reality of Allah's Word they do not know

Man has distorted Allah's Holy Word because of his pride and vanity through which Shetani spoke his deceitful word.  Shetani and man says: "Allah is merciful and compassionate and forgiving, thus you can personally be untrue and "justifiably" abuse and destroy Allah's children, be they your family, your friend, or your enemy over the sea." I say this is falsity because:

Allah Says:

You be forgiving and I will forgive you
You abuse my children and I will destroy you
You be merciful and I will be merciful unto you
You be compassionate and I will be compassionate unto you
You will 'reap'* all that you did sow before to heaven you can go.

So for Imams to now themselves become free they will need to listen now to me, and tell all their "flocks" whom they control that they must all look only direct to Allah now and Obey this final call from Allah to "BE peaceful, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" towards their enemies.

All must "pray" to Allah in the manner stated today in the "Brief Summary" and The Testament of Truth; this will assist them to suppress the unforgiving thoughts from Shetani from overpowering their minds. 

That is the TRUTH I have "heard" spoken directly to me by Allah and Muhammad who said: "All will die spiritually who wield a sword."

Note: 'day,'*- The day you are confronted by 'punitive' forces who seek to either abuse you or destroy your flesh, for they are ignorant 'unbelievers' sent by Allah to set you free from your past iniquity, or the iniquity of your servants (Armed forces in your employ). 

A person only becomes free from being 'terrorised' when they lay down their weapons, and forgivingly stop terrorising their perceived enemy.  Those who continue to 'fight' fall into the Abyss, and forever are terrorised and never live in peace.

Note: 'reap'* - Whatever pain or suffering or control or loss or abuse any person has imposed upon another for any reason will be suffered by them, either in this world or the 'afterlife' before they can rise up into the Light of Heaven and walk in Allah's sight.

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Let all Muslims and "others" all now place their trust in Allah, not man.  Men can be servants of Allah by virtue of being "Carers" who give aid to their community members and others, but only the WORD of Allah as given by the "Christed" souls such as Muhammad & Jesus who were messengers is to be followed. 

Allah's children do not need Imams or priests or holy men to control them any more.  Let all now walk their road "upright" as they heed the Word of Allah, rather than kneeling to the Imams who are false shepherds.

I speak now on Allah & purity and man & his divinity.  The "Source" being Allah is pure, thus any man emanating out from heaven also has a pure "spirit soul" divine, meaning: Of inner sin free.

Thus we say Muhammad & Jesus and others are divine souls, for their souls "proceeded" out from the Source, heaven, and incarnated into the flesh of this world.  It was thus that Allah could speak the unfettered, uncontaminated TRUE WORD through his pure divine messengers who have "clean" souls.

Every mans soul is like his "food store" in his house.  The food can become contaminated and spoiled if he allows rats to roam freely inside it.  All earthly men are blind, and thus see not the rats spoiling their "larder," for they permit this "falsity" to eat freely of their "bread." It is the time now to "crush" this evil within before you are totally poisoned. 

The "bread" in mans larder is the programmed untruth that they have been fed by other blind men who all say they are servants of Allah, but they are not.  Clean out your inner "cupboard" and fill it with the fresh food that Allah does bring you today.  For all "think" they can abuse any other and still reach heaven, all walk the wrong wayTrue servants of Allah are the angels of pure light who walk in Allah's sight.  Yes, they serve Allah lovingly.

Blessed are the few who will be true to ALLAH up to the END.
I AM HE the sacred "pen" of Allah


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The "Divinity" of Muhammad the Prophet

Muhammad had the "appearance" of but a simple man as on earth he did stroll, and his "burden" was great as forces of "darkness" tried to his "earthly consciousness" control.  But his simplicity was his strength and I say this to great length.  For it is not "knowledge" that leads us to heaven, it is only in heeding the "leaven" of Allah which is the wisdom of "Peace and non retaliation" in the face of adversity.

So the mighty spirit that was within the flesh of Muhammad was invisible to the human eye and also its super consciousness that could "blind" the eye of any outside heaven was also "hidden" as he walked with his earthly mind's consciousness and spoke of Allah's leaven.  His spirit "soul" was also free of sin and thus Allah's "unfettered and uncontaminated" wisdom he brought in to this lowly realm.

Muhammad was a spirit divine sent by Allah to entwine with the peoples of that time in that place who as all others on this earth walked in "disgrace." So his message from Allah I now do repeat for Muhammad too "sits" at Allah's feet.  Meaning, that his soul walks in the highest realm above where all are happy and all make love, and he via my divine soul can also speak to you as he now does saying:

"My beloved sisters and brothers look only now to Allah, for only he is true.  Kneel not at the feet of any man or Imam for they do you control.  Look only direct to Allah and heed his Commandment if in heaven with me you would stroll.  Yes, his Commandment is that we must "Only Love" as is reiterated to you now by the "incarnated" Christ dove, and he now for me does say; "Be merciful and compassionate even to your enemy today."

Terence the dove of Allah

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~ The Jihad true ~

Man misunderstood the words of "Only be good" that from the Light of Allah did flow.  Man misunderstood the meaning of ~ Jihad - Holy War ~ because his soul was "with sin" and on dark devious thoughts he did brood.

As man was full of fear the darkness drew near and gave him simple man a reason to deny the call of Allah the most high.  As man became angry because of what his neighbour did do his mind became filled with thoughts untrue and his emotions did boil and "stew."

Men of "religion" used the power of the dark to ignite a "spark" of hatred in simple man in order to "span" an army to destroy other men of other religions.  This too can be seen as political forces "dream" of accessing the wealth of other nations over the sea.  None heeding Allah or me.

For only I can see the true meaning of Jihad.  Yes, a holy war is a never ending battle in the life of women and men who yet can be dragged down into Satan's den.

A Jihad "Holy war" is fought eternally in the mind of any person who has not yet reached heavens shore, for only when in the Promised Land are we beyond the telepathic reach of thoughts from the lower land.  The Promised Land is not "on earth," it is that spiritual place "heaven."

So my sisters and brothers too.  Please listen to what I tell you.  For if a "holy war" against other children of Allah/God you "proclaim," then you are vain and it is your soul the Devil will gain.

A True "Jihad" is the battle in the mind, within your mind each day.  It is a battle of thoughts good v/s thoughts unkind.  For the Devil's thoughts DO tempt you to defy Allah and to become untrue, and they try and "justify" a reason for you to so do.

Fortify your mind as now given by Allah via me, and then your inner battle you will win and become spiritually free.  "If you let "destructive" thoughts in via your angry 'sin,' then you will 'die' in your sin" - Says Allah from afar.  "Be only merciful & compassionate & forgiving too, this way you show ME that you are true."

You do not need any "religions" per se; you only need to be peaceful as you walk your way.  That is what Muhammad was sent to tell you.  Do it and to your own soul you are true.

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~ The Sword of Allah ~

The sword of Allah is Allah's TRUE WORD that says: "Wield no 'earthly' material sword.  For if your 'hand' you 'raise up' against another then my sacred words written here you have not heard."

So it is man who sees naught but materiality.  Man forgets his spirituality.  Being his true "nature" within, being one of pure light or one of light clouded by inner sin that is the "dark" jealous, hateful and vengeful emotions within.

I am "neither" Christian nor Islamic nor Buddhist nor of any other religion.  I am but a simple man true to Allah as I am the ONE to elevate Allah's TRUE WORD that cuts deeper than any sword of man.

For no "sword of man" can raise up your consciousness.  It is only Allah's "sword of truth" that so can, and is Allah's plan that does now "span" the heavens day and night.

I say that before 'religion against religion' does fight, you must try and see the 'errant' plight of man who has been deceived by satanic thoughts that weaved a "spell" into all teachings and thus man now falls into hell because he does believe he can "abuse" others and not spiritually grieve.

My wisdom is Allah's pen writing to you to guide you true.  Be now brave and save your own soul by not heeding the "cry" from the wolves den that says: "Defy Allah's pen and fight the infidel."

If you fight, then you are the infidel defying Allah's call of Peace - Islam.

Allah's prophets did not form religions.  No, they just said: "Go your way in peace and you be merciful & compassionate." It was their 'disciples or followers' who raised up the names of the prophets above the name "Allah" and they formed religions.

They would have "better" just heeded the message from Allah for it is the "stave" upon which we must lean.  Trust now in Allah and follow Allah, not religion.  Set yourself free from any religion and as me just show Allah you are a man of PEACE.

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~ 'Bow' only to Allah ~

Allah says: "Why bow down to man 'physically' on bended knee? This is not what is asked by ME.  I ask that you 'BEND your MIND' in Obedience to MY Command to "Only Love" as is again asked by my dove."

Man says: "Bow down on your knees so your obedience to me I can see, and thus I do know that I can you control and you will heed my demand to fight if ever I am in a difficult plight."

Allah says: "I am now going to destroy ANY who continue to "deploy' these falsities and ANY who continue to deceive my children.  Tell all my children whom you control that they must stand upright in MY sight and IF a destroyer seeks to "cut them in two" then say to them that they must be TRUE and full of courage.  It is not the time to have bellies full of "porridge."

They must calmly face their enemy who IS sent by ME to set them free of their past way.  They must say to the non-believer: 'I can see that you my 'brother' are not a 'lover' and cannot heed Allah for the Devil is in your mind and has blinded you through your hatred and fear, and thus I see it is you who is about to be untrue to your own soul.

For if you 'take' my life, it is you to also take my 'debt' upon yourself and ahead another non-believer will cut off your head and place it on his shelf.  So please try hard to NOT be the satanic worker, for I stand unarmed before you and am trying to be true to you."

This is what all "teachers of truth" must say today to Allah's children and also they must prepare for the soon coming day when for their iniquitous falsity & control & greed they MUST pay before being set free by Allah or me.

Written by my hand with Allah's love from the summer land - Terence


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~ The 'Fatwah' ~
And the Imam

Don't put any Fatwah on me, for I am not like Salmond Rushdie.  I do not "hide away" for I already was "crucified" and for my sins I did pay.

Thus any sword wielding "non-believing" Muslim you may send to me in your "Imamic" hypocrisy will "fail," for he will become full of fear as he does draw near to me the Holy Word of Allah, for Allah will bind his mind and also in it will say; "If you ever raise your hand to my dove I will confine you below forever and a day."

So this "note" is but to warn any Imam who is "born" to man, for they see not Allah's "plan," and if they even a Fatwah "spell" place in the "notification" space, then they already do Allah show that Muhammad's call to "Mercy" they do not know, and as Khomeni they will be cast aside and with the Devil for an eternity abide.

The 'Shar-ia' of Allah is; "All pay in 'blood' if MY call of Mercy they misunderstood." Foolish Imam's say; "It is bad if you do not kneel at our feet and pray, but good if you deny the 'call' of Allah and Muhammad and thus abuse others on our say."

So now you do see the problems of today when every "non believer" will have his day.  Yes, Allah will him abuse and if any retaliate when confronted then their eternal freedom they will lose.  All have been deceived by religion that is in fact a 'stool pigeon,' for the real dove did say; "Walk in PEACE, every day."

I say reflect, for all men do their religion protect, none protect their SOUL, thus Satan will them overroll.  For Allah says;

"Look to ME, religions are all man made and full of hypocrisy.  It is not needed to any 'variation' of belief protect, only daily on my call of Peace & Mercy reflect.

And by the way, it IS by your DEED that I see what you are doing each day.  Any who are less than true to my Words of "Only Love" flowing through will now fall to the sword, for you have shown by your deed that you have not heard my holy word."

You pay homage by showing Allah that you have understood His message, and He sees by your loving deed that you pay homage to Him, not to any man in the flesh or in spirit.

Heed me - I AM HE - The Imam of ALLAH

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~ The Truth of Allah/God given today ~
Reference all religious teachings

Let it here be known that much falsity has been sown into the teachings of Allah and is being promoted as truth by religions and their 'servants' as they "follow" corrupted wisdom. 

Let it here be known that there are many false penned scripts purported by the "administrators" of the known various creeds to be "of" Allah or sanctioned words "from" the mouths of Allah's prophets.

It is Allah who says: "Only walk in Peace, and be forgiving, compassionate and merciful towards other offensive ignorants."

Let it here be known that any condoning or teaching the following points are teaching and preaching falsity that is contra to the call of the Light to "Only love thine enemy, be merciful and compassionate and forgiving towards them."

1 - Any person teaching that a person can or should use physical force of any kind in order to defend ones flesh against an aggressor.  Falsity

(NB - This has been and is the greatest hold by Satan over ignorant fearful man who has been falsely taught and thus defies Allah/God and fights and also, - - - during retribution commits many other heinous deeds against other children of Allah/God.  Those who cannot lay down their weapons and become "celibate" in their "abstinence" from using darkness will suffer a terrifying fate).

2 - Teaching that a nation should defend itself by using armed forces to so do.  Falsity

3 - Teaching that an offender should be brought to account for the purpose of punishment.  Falsity

4 - Teaching that man can rule other men and demand that the other comply with their directives.  Falsity

5 - Teaching that religions are sanctioned by or ordained by Allah/God.  Falsity

6 - Teaching that their religion is in any way superior to any other.  Falsity

7 - Teaching that their religion has the authority to make and enforce edicts of any kind.  Falsity

8 - Teaching that salvation is only attainable through joining a religion.  Falsity

9 - Teaching that salvation is only attainable by bowing to the decrees of temple elders.  Falsity

10 - Teaching that religious priests or elders have the authority to give absolution in any way.  Falsity

11 - Teaching that the penance of paying ones karmic debts can be 'voided' by Allah/God.  Falsity

12 - Teaching that Allah/God forgives transgressors so they suffer not the consequence of their acts.  Falsity

13 - Teaching that payment of any monetary 'due' is a Salvation requirement.  Falsity

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14 - Teaching that baptism by water is a Salvation requirement.  Falsity

15 - Teaching that the joining of man and woman in a loving act of "union" requires the "consecration" of priesthood in a marriage ceremony before it is blessed as "good" by Allah/God.  Falsity

16 - Teaching that earnest prayer will "entice" Allah/God to forgive ones transgressions.  Falsity

17 - Teaching that taxation of the populace in any form is desirable and mandatory.  Falsity

18 - Telling the simple minded that by immersion in a river or visiting an earthly "site" is a salvationary requirement and/or voids sin.  Falsity

19 - Condoning the blessing of soldiers and their weapons in the name of Allah/God.  Falsity

20 - Using the term "We bless you in the name of Jesus or Muhammad or Allah/God." Falsity

21 - Using the term "We/I come to you in the name of Jesus or Muhammad or Allah/God.  Falsity

22 - Calling for war as a solution to any persecution by others or to repel land invaders.  Falsity

23 - Using the Holy Word of Allah/God to set up any religion "run" by men to guide men.  Falsity

24 - Teaching Allah's children that they are required to "reach" Allah/God through the intermediary of priests or religions or rituals and/or adhere to rituals enacted by priestly men as being a necessary part of salvation.   Falsity

Let it here be also known that due to the "inherent" sinful nature of man that the Serpent/Deceiver/Devil did broach every "bastion" of man and thus as all men have followed false teachings and used the strength of his right arm to defend his flesh, or paid the wages of others to fight for him and thus protect him, that he man has drawn in much darkness that has enlarged his inner sin and thus he man is now incapable of heeding the call of Allah/God to NOT retaliate in the face of adversity. 

Thus the mercy of Allah/God brings forth via my mind and spirit and pen a "solution" that will aid any who believe in my invincibility, by enabling them to strengthen their minds against the inner forces of darkness soon to "prise open" fully the minds of sinners via their negative sin. 

Only those who heed now my fresh wisdom will survive spiritually this last battle of Evil v/s Good.  If any of you continue to believe that you can use force to destroy evil then you are lost, for the use of any force is evil in action through the minds of the ignorant.

Any person who continues to "preach" as true any of the above points is a false prophet, a "wolf" in sheep's clothing who will be crushed to oblivion by the reaping forces of Allah/God.  I the Imam al-Mahdi the true prophet of Allah/God prophesy this and its fulfilment will be seen by you all.

The requirement of Allah/God to any aspirant seeking salvation today is given on this web site.

I AM HE the Spirit of Truth

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~ Unholy Scriptures ~

"All 'past' scripture is unholy," Allah says to me, for; "Neither Jesus nor Muhammad wrote them," says Allah.  That is why they unholy be.  "For they were written by men, men with less than pure souls," says Allah who wields this pen.

"Yes," Allah says: "In those days I gave man my WORD, 'Be loving and wield no sword,' and man was asked to the Word share with all men so all would better fare.

But man decided to write many a "tale" and thus my WORD became lost and it became "pale" and insignificant, for you now see that all men rave and rant and fight each other because over books written by man they "slobber & slather."

NONE look up to me, they all bow to men and fight saying; 'Our book is what HOLY be.'   (Be it the Quran or the Christian Bible).  Thus all do me deny, be they of any race and all are now to CRY. 

For in "those" old days my messengers did speak my truth and I said; Seek out souls true and tell them to verbally pass on my message true: "Be loving & be kind & never in un-forgiveness any 'enemy' bind."

It is only today that my dove writes the truth for all that does carry MY TRUE SAY.  For his soul is not that of "man," it is as clear as mine the LORD of the heavens who is pure and divine. 

He has been sent by ME - ALLAH, whom you cannot see, sent to write the ONLY sacred book, so "men" of all races must in it look.  IT will be "sealed" by ME and unchangeable for an eternity, so at this time of mass communication please tell all strangers as well as every "relation."

I have spoken today and do FINALLY say: If you 'wave' your unholy book in MY face and hold a sword in the other then it proves that they are unholy and a disgrace, and I said I shall every sect of religion destroy for they all are evil and all do satanic works deploy.

I ALLAH have spoken.

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Muhammad says to: Yaser Arafat
Palestine - Israel

"You must not FIGHT terrorists
You must just fear NOT terrorists
Thus you lay down your arms
Thus you abide in Allah's charms
Why follow Israelites 'untrue' who all show Allah they are false like you"?

From Muhammad the Prophet through me to you.

Melt down your guns and use the metal to make the 'bucket and shovel and hoe' 
Peace & forgiveness is the only way.
Treat your enemy harmoniously and Allah does it see and will then set you personally free.

Terence - Imam al-Mahdi & Prophet of Allah. 


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