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The Amrozi Imron 'Appeal'

As written by Terence

This 'Appeal' paper is written by the Messenger of Allah (Mahdi) who again walks this earth at the time of no 'mirth,' so as to enlighten 'fallen' man who are all deceived by 'Shetani' the Devil, and all mankind has succumbed to merciless unforgiving 'terrorist' ways.

The Reality

The reality was that a bomb exploded in accordance with what had been hoped for by some.
The attack killed 202 people and 'wounded' many.

The Prosecution Case

Prosecutors have accused Amrozi of involvement in the planning of the attacks and of helping to buy the explosives. Prosecutors have said the explosions were part of a strategy to wage war on the United States.

He could face the death penalty if convicted on charges of helping to plot, organise, and carry out crimes of terror in relation to the blasts that killed people. If convicted, those currently on trial face a maximum penalty of death.

The 'response' of the People

Thousands of people and many 'government' leaders on this planet say:
"Bali bomber Amrozi is guilty, and thus deserves to die for his crime."

The facts - 1

Every 'governing' organisation on earth is similarly guilty of helping to plot, organise, and carry out crimes of terror in their daily operations as they deploy 'armies' to fight their perceived enemies.

The facts - 2

Every 'governing' organisation on earth is similarly guilty of involvement in the planning of attacks upon others and of either buying or manufacturing the explosives.

The facts - 3

All 'attacks' upon others are a part of a strategy to wage war on the 'other' States, either in an attempt to 'greedily' take another's 'assets,' or to 'overthrow' a perceived dictator, or to destroy others perceived as a national threat.

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The 'Terrible Truth' Fact

All the 'activities' recorded in the above 'facts 1- 3' carried out by any person or 'mandated' state 'officials' are acts that contravene Allah's Code of Conduct Command to: "Walk in peace and love one another."

Thus in the 'eye' of Allah, every Nation is 'guilty' of terrorist activities, and every 'taxpayer' or 'voter' that funds or condones or supports their government is also guilty of being 'complicit' to terrorist activities.

Thus any 'judicial' trial is but an Inquisition 'farce' carried out by the ignorant against the ignorant. For any punitive governance by State or Religious 'authorities' is a dark Anti-Allah ideology that defies Allah's "Only love, and be merciful, and be compassionate, and be forgiving, and walk in peace" Command.

The 'dead' and injured are those that had accrued a dark negative spiritual 'debt' to God/Allah in their past, be it in this life or another prior time and place, and many a pain 'due' was accrued as the result of supporting and condoning and funding the terrorist activities of their government.

For the 'government' raised up by the people is in fact 'operating' on their behalf, and we are all responsible for the actions of our 'servants,' and we 'jointly' accrue a spiritual 'pain' debt for their actions untrue.

All 'earth's' inhabitants have unknowingly accrued 'painful' debts due to the actions of 'funding' their 'Chiefs' or State 'Warlords,' and as all will soon see, there is to be an escalation of suffering due to all 'supporting' terrorists that 'appeared' to be legal. (Governments & their judiciary & armed policing forces)

For every 'warring' government on earth is a 'terrorising' force in action with its interaction against its perceived enemies. Be they the 'known' overseas enemy, or their own civilian 'offenders' that are punished and jailed to 'satiate' the rules raised up by the 'support' of thee and thee.

Every 'nation' is guilty in Allah's eyes of 'harbouring' terrorists, for all 'armed services' personnel are terrorists in the disguise of 'legitimate' defence forces, and all impose 'terror & pain & suffering' upon their enemy. This they do in exchange for a 'silver' penny. (A mercenary wage that defies the Commandment of God/Allah).

The 'civilian' terrorist such as 'Amrozi' or any 'gunman' or 'wife abuser' is but a 'similar' deluded person. Being either one led 'astray' by false religious teachings of the day, or by the 'State' governing authority, or but 'possessed' by devilish thoughts that led them astray.

Let it here be known that whether you believe that it is 'right' to kill in self-defence, or whether you believe that if you fight a perceived 'holy war,' and thus will attain Heaven with a few 'virgins' awaiting you, you are all wrong.

For all 'fighters or abusers or punishers' are those heeding the Devil's 'contra' the Light of Allah 'forgiveness' song, and all were deceived by Satan's cunning web HE 'weaved,' and all fall into the Abyss below to suffer and fight on in ice cold snow for an eternity or two, for being to Allah and their own souls UNTRUE.

No man 'terrorising' or 'disturbing the peace' of another has any 'immunity' against Allah's immutable Law. All 'Reap what they Sow' at the place and in the time allocated by Allah.

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The 'Appeal'
by the Al-Mahdi (Christ soul - Allah's Plenipotentiary)

Let it here be known that any punitive 'sentence' imposed by any 'judge' or jury is an imposition of the Dark Sovereign Power operating through powers thought the 'norm,' and all 'complicit' place their own soul in jeopardy and within the jurisdiction of Allah's one singular Law: "As you do is done unto you - an eye for an eye."

Thus as you all 'breach' the Command of Allah to "Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - turn the other cheek if abused and, - - - forgive thine perceived enemy," you all accrue a similar negative 'karmic' due for your dark and punitive acts that defy Allah, and ahead you will suffer the same 'death' or other fate imposed by judges paid for by YOU.

My 'appeal' is for you, that you all ask the 'judges' to repeal the sentence and thus 'seal' your pact with Allah, as you show Allah that you are Compassionate & Merciful and thus TRUE to Allah's Command.

It is for Allah not you, to 'judge' and 'try' HIS children. Listen now to Allah's sacred pen, for every 'person' on earth is soon to be 'tried' and tested by Allah via the 'minds' of insane men, and any that defy the 'ask' of this pen will all 'fall' in the afterlife, and become Shetani's 'wife' in the land of eternal suffering and strife.

Those that 'mercifully' forgive - will in Heaven live.
Those that mercilessly prosecute - will face the Devil who will them persecute.

Those 'as' Amrozi that 'disturb the peace of the land' must be 'placed' in the custody of peace workers, and be 'educated' and assisted in their rehabilitation as per the Decrees of Allah raised up by me, and they will 'attend' the 'feeling easier' Seminars as given within my 'Offender' document, and after a time set free.

It is only for Allah to 'impose' or 'dispose' of HIS children as their spirit returns to the 'other' worlds in the afterlife, drawn to a 'place' designated by Allah, not thee.

Let the 'wise' now see that all 'punishment' is insanity and vanity, for it 'shows' that the 'judge' believes that HE is mightier than Allah or, - - - that HE is equal to Allah.

Only the 'foolish' and ignorant are so 'stupid' to 'test' the power of their Creator. Certainly not me, for I know that none stand 'above' Allah or Allah's singular Law and, - - - if Allah says: "Be merciful and Compassionate," then who am I to defy Allah? If you wish to then so be it, for I did in this 'paper' the Truth of Allah upon your mind 'sit.' 

I AM Imam al-Mahdi, the Messiah



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