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~ The Knowledge ~
Good and Evil

Within the 'frame' of the Source God, there exist two energies containing 'opposites' pertaining to their 'feelings' that impact upon and within the soul of man that was created by the Source, these 'twin' polarities of energies are the sum total of all energy.

The words 'Good and Evil' or 'positive-creative and negative-destructive' are simply names placed by man upon these two energies to describe their differences. For in reality they are neither good nor bad, for they are simply a reality by their very existence, as is their capacity to impact upon each of us with a difference of expression by us or onto us. Let it here be known that both 'energies' are indestructible, thus IT (the energy) and 'us' exist forever.

At the time of our creation our 'essence' is 99.99 % * comprising of the energy of the Source known as good or positive. At that moment in time and for all time * those that live in the pure benign Light of 'good' energy know neither of the good nor of the evil energy, for as they are 'of' the one they simply exist within that consciousness, and are simply living in a state of its emotions of love and joy and happiness and peace.

Note: 99.99 % * comprising of the energy of the Source - The 00.01% (or less) is the opposite energy of the Source. The energetic vibration of this minuscule 'sin' energy is the means whereby the 'tempting' thoughts enter ones mind telepathically from the dark aspect of the Source, God.

Note: time * - This 'time frame' of 'innocence' and pure bliss ends when one defies the Command of the Creator and they 'sup' on the forbidden fruit of dark energy. This takes place if they permit the Serpent to seduce their mind by tempting them to use its forceful evil energy in their interaction with another and they steal, deceive or cause the other to suffer in some way. (Thus they sin and at the very same moment draw into their soul a little of this dark 'opposite' natured energy.)

The invisible Serpent (the deceiver) poses as being a benign benefactor as it telepathically says: "Sup on this forbidden 'fruitful' energy so that you will then know the difference between good and evil and, you then will be 'as' God." From that moment onwards the soul of the person that 'drinks' of this 'poison' has the knowledge of both the good and evil energy, they become 'heady' and 'drunk' on the new emotions of power and control and forcefulness, and they can compare it to the other.

For the 'traits' of the Dark energy differ in that they are emotions that are opposite to the natural benign ones of love, truth, respect, kindness, compassion, joy, happy and creative that are of the Light energy. The energy of the forbidden 'fruit' is primarily deceptive, forceful, demanding, unkind, disrespectful, cruel, merciless, intrusive, invasive, aggressive, warlike, vain, proud, jealous, critical, judgmental, fearful, angry, hateful, coercive, extortionist, punitive and destructive.

What is the reason for the Dark aspect of the Source in tempting us to use its energy in our interaction with others? Multiple reasons, firstly its nature is destructive, hence it seeks to destroy any person that uses its energy. Secondly it 'tests' man to see if they are 'worthy' to live and are true and able to conform to the Command of their Creator to ONLY "Go in peace and love one another."

Thirdly, but of most importance is the fact that the Dark aspect of the Source is the energy of God the Father, and He and only He has the authority to use His dark energy. Any person that takes it upon themself to use His dark energy are not only contravening His command, but they are also 'guilty' in His eyes of stealing. Thus at the very moment they 'sin' in using His 'energetic' force to fulfill the demands of the emotional traits of the Dark, or to control any of His children, they have made God the Father their enemy, and He sets out to destroy their bad seed. *

Note: destroy their bad seed. * - How does God separate the 'just' from the 'wicked' and destroy them? He tempts them by justifying their use of more Dark energy in their interaction with others and as they so do, they draw in more of His dark energy that 'clouds' their inner Light and, - - - as they become 'darker' within and more controlling, vindictive, unforgiving, punitive, and destructive, their soul is drawn further away from the Light and out of His sight when it falls into the Abyss in the after life.

The nature of the dark is deception and destruction, and it also is the self-empowered retributive 'arm' of the Source that metes out divine retribution to set the 'record' straight within its own 'eye for an eye' and absolutely Just Law. It knows all and sees all, thus no person can avoid their 'suffering' fate when they use Its forceful or punitive energy, and all receive an 'equal' return upon themselves for all control or abuse they personally perpetrated or that is done on their behalf by others that serve them.

Why does the Light of God (Mother) not wish us to know It the evil (dark energy) and to know the difference between good and evil? Why does She forbid us to sup on 'dark' energy? Because we cannot 'learn' about It without using It in our 'active' expression, thus It is not something that can be examined or observed as such, one has to literally use It to experience Its 'feelings' within us and, - - -

In using It you are Its 'channel' in action as Its energy is flowing through you, and you are thus justified in 'judging' others and in some way 'disadvantaging' another or abusing them and causing them to suffer because that is the 'nature' of the dark energy and, as the immutable Law of God comes into operation through ones ACTIONS, it follows that when we "Reap what we did sow" we will also suffer similarly.

Not only this, but as soon as we have drawn some dark energy into our soul and we know the difference between good and evil, we then are able to see the evil perpetrated by others, and via our inner sin our minds become locked into thoughts of retribution, - - - we then feel 'justified' in defying God more and being unforgiving and, in using more dark energy in bringing others to 'account' forcefully and punishing them. This 'action' results in one drawing in more dark 'evil' energy and drawing our souls even further away from the Light.

Man now lives in a perpetual state of 'yesterday,' and he cannot forgive nor forget the past misdeeds of others as he keeps his memories of 'war' and atrocities to the fore, and he mercilessly goes forth with the intent of bringing all to 'justice' and, he is unaware of the 'sorry' state of his own soul and of the coming 'fall' into the Abyss that is the end result of his own godless interaction. Thus man is hell-bent on punishing himself and placing himself in eternal suffering, being his self-inflicted due for being to his own soul untrue.

Set your soul free and follow me as you heed the call of God : "Peace unto all."

Look only to TODAY and be kind, merciful, and forgiving and become happy. Accountability and justice is ONLY God's prerogative, for only God can punish without suffering, for only God is 'above' His supreme Law. He is The Law and He not you is God.

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~ The Tree of Evil ~
The forbidden fruit


by Terence – the spirit of truth

A very long time ago there were spirit souls being you and I that lived in Paradise above. Within this State there exists a Tree * that contains the Dark energy of the Source, God the Father. The Creator forbids all His children from supping on the fruit of this single tree. The reason being, that if they so do, they will be 'seduced' by the dark forceful power that through IT'S fruit flows freely.

The moment they defy the Command of the Creator and sup on the 'fruit' of the forbidden Tree they infuse some of its destructive energy into their soul that 'coarsens' their energy vibration and instantly casts them out from that highest level of spirituality down a 'grade' or two or three and never again do they God's face see until they 'bow' in obedience and conformity to His wisdom given by me.

Note: Tree * - Symbolic of the 'tap,' being the link to the Dark negative essence through which flows the energy that energise all the powerful negative emotions. This Dark essence is the forceful, deceptive, controlling, and destructive energy of the Source.

Prior to being 'tempted,' God's children were all loving and kind and respectful, and none would ever consider being cruel or unkind and mercilessly using force to control or steal or abuse any other, for the 'energy' that flows through dark negative emotions did not flow into them nor through them.

But, within them at the time of their individual creation was a tiny 'seed' of darkness. * For God contains all within His 'frame,' both the positive and negative energy essence, and thus a 'tiny' seed of this dark essence is found within every person at the time of their creation.

Note: 'seed' of darkness. * - This seed 'capsule' contained a 'miniscule' amount of all known and unknown negative emotions.

As Light is outpouring within every soul eternally, if one did heed God and thus did not 'feed' the inner dark 'seed' by 'watering' it with dark energy, the 'seed' of the dark emotions is eventually purged out of the soul and one can no longer be tempted by dark thoughts.

It is via the vibration of the energy within the tiny seed that the thoughts of the 'Serpent' the deceiver enter into the mind of man. Thus God said that all must resist these thoughts that would tempt man to sup on the fruit from The tree of the knowledge of EVIL.

The temptation emanating from this tree is the temptation to use force in ones interaction with others, and as vain children of God did so, they drew its powerful energy into their souls, and the seed of darkness within 'blossomed' and became the full range of all known and unknown negative emotions named 'SIN.' (Fear, greed, jealousy, vanity, pride, revenge, criticism, anger, hatred, etc.)

The dark essence has a number of characteristics that are 'fatal' for those that ate the forbidden fruit. You, you, and you.

1 - The dark essence has the capacity to recognise the deeds done by others as bad, negative, evil, etc., and needing rectification or 'adjustment' using the emotion of revenge, and the 'sinner' seeks this 'accountability' using more force to punish the other so as to 'set' the 'record' straight.

2 - The dark essence has the capacity to justify the use of forceful means in order to bring other 'defaulters' to account.

3 - The dark essence has the inner negative emotional capacity to 'tempt' man to use more of its energy so as to accomplish a negative 'sinful' action such as 'theft - invasion - abuse - rape - punishment - abduction - incarceration,' etc.

4 - The dark essence has the capacity to 'blind' a 'sinful' person so that they do not see how evil they are in their interaction with others. For bringing an offender to account for their perceived misdeeds is perceived as a good deed, even though the merciless persecution and punishment is a 'bad' deed that contravenes the Command of God.

5 - The dark essence blinds its users to the fact that as they use force or, as they defy the Command of their Creator to "Only Love, and do not disturb the peace of the Land," that the dark essence * grows as a cancer within them, and it becomes 'unmanageable' after a lengthy time so they lose their choice to be kind and loving and merciful.

Note: dark essence * - This energy is invisible, and flows quickly and silently, and it is known as 'the mist of death.'

6 - The dark essence has the capacity to also blind the person to the reality that as they use it to abuse, that they will in fact be faced similarly by it at a later date as it fulfils its own 'eye for an eye' judgement upon them and they then suffer more at a later date.

7 - The dark essence has the capacity and inner power to force them to retaliate when they are later confronted, and through their inner fear or anger that has grown over time, the thoughts entering into their mind force them to retaliate and cause more bad karma and draw in more dark energy.

8 - The dark essence has the capacity to 'weigh' down the spirit literally and figuratively. For the greater the amount of dark energy within the soul, the 'courser' their vibration and the further away from the Light it is drawn, and over time it sinks downwards and can sink into the great depth of oblivion.

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9 - The dark essence has the capacity to blind you to the fact that as you criticise, condemn, judge, and punish, that you have in fact become a criminal in the eyes of God and punishable by God within His superior Divine and 'Just' Law.

10 - The dark essence does not permit you to see the reason why you should only be kind and respectful. It only lets you see the reason why you need to arrest and punish offenders. For it seeks to use you unto its own 'ends' and to thus destroy your soul in the process.

11 - The dark essence does not let you see that the more of its energy that grows within you, the harder it is for you to resist its 'tempting' thoughts. It does not let you see that the 'end' result of drawing in its darkness is that you become a foul mouthed destructive 'screaming demon' whose mind is totally possessed by its thoughts.

12 - The dark essence convinces those in authoritative power that they have the responsibility to force you into compliance to their beliefs, as they by it are convinced that you need them/it to run your life for you, and to protect you using force of arms in the manner it sees as 'fatherly' kindness.

13 - The dark essence does in fact force all mankind to defy the Command of their Creator as they all condone the use of dark powerful force in their interaction, as they see not the 'eye for an eye' dark punitive return that they impose upon everyone and themselves within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God.

14 - The dark essence does force man to wage WAR and to INVADE and to Control Borders and to KILL.

15 - The dark essence is at all times aware that a person is using its energy, for when using darkness in ones interaction (control, regulation, imposition, force, extortion, deception, criticism, judging, invasion, abuse, punishment, stealing, seizing goods, killing, etc., ) one is literally within the Domain of ITS energy and IT sees all as IT is 'inciting' and inspiring all into using ITS energy and, - - -

None use ITS energy with any IMPUNITY as IT is the absolute Authority of ITS Domain, and ITS 'eye for an eye' Law is also Just & Honourable but, - - - IT does not let you either see nor realise the FACT that in using ITS energy, that you become ITS subject and, you are also subject to ITS "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law that is the most basic Spiritual Truth.

Dark energy is in fact the negative essence of the Source, and none are above the Law of God. For God gives NO 'dispensation' and NO 'diplomatic or Judicial or mandated' immunity to anyone that is so foolish as to defy HIM, and use HIS Dark powerful energy that is HIS prerogative to use ONLY.

All that use force of arms or rules to 'arrest, detain, fine, incarcerate, or kill' as a means of control, punishment, coercion, or for any reason are 'criminals'  in the eyes of God and are very 'offensive' persons deemed 'liable' in the eyes of God to be 'subjected' to a similar fate at a later date to be set by God in this life or the hereafter.

16 - The dark essence is only interested in the investigation of 'criminal' activities that contravene or defy its own RULES for the sole purpose of bringing others to account through their punishment. It is not interested in them learning how or why their minds or emotions may have 'crippled' their judgement.

17 - The dark essence does force man to bow to its 'silent' dictates via the RULES that it raised up in its 'Rule by Law' books of legislation, that force all men to become ungodly beasts and to abuse their sister, brother, mother, father, and every near or distant spiritual relation.

This is openly seen today, as man over time became 'able' to read and write, the essence of darkness the Dark Sovereign Power seduced the mind of man further. For through the mind of sinful vain man, it 'suggested' that man raise up powerful institutions using force, so that they could impose rules upon others and use them as their slaves with apparent 'legitimacy.'

The more man 'upholds' the RULES using the forceful judiciary, the more man is able to steal via taxation and punish by further fine or incarceration and, the greater becomes the burden within his soul and upon his 'debtors sheet' to be met as God weights HIS 'Scales of Justice.' 

God says: "BURN the unholy forceful books and become free to then heed ME and conform to MY Command to Love one another."

If you are a person that has become a person liable to be 'punished' by God due to using force personally against another or, - - - due to your servants using force against another or, - - - you are a person that is funding or condoning or supporting an Institution that uses force to control or punish or destroy others, then you had better quickly listen to me and my message of HOPE and change your personal way very quickly.

As Light is outpouring within every soul eternally, if a 'sinner' stops using darkness and no longer 'feeds' the inner negative 'emotions' within with dark energy, the emotion is eventually purged out of the soul, and the spirit is then able to rise up into the absolutely pure level of purity and brilliance where only those that are 'sin free' can enter for eternity. (Christ soul, free of any speck of darkness)

God says:

"Be kind and compassionate and merciful and TEACH
Do not be foolish and put a 'bullet' in your gun's breech."

God says: "It is now the time to detain those that disturb the peace of the land for the sole purpose of their rehabilitation."


Terence - The Spirit of Truth