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~ The Corby 'Case' Treatise~


It is submitted to all humanity to show the error of the 'judgement' by man with its implications for every Indonesian taxpayer.
It is submitted in the 'hope' that all that read it will seek to change their way and become compassionate, merciful and kind  unto all.

page 1 - Schapelle Corby v/s 'the people's Court' in Bali page 2 - International Airport Protocol
page 3 - The Judge of Judges page 4 - The proof of Power
page 5 - The Crucifixion of Schapelle Corby page 6 - The Deceived
page 7 - Guilty or not guilty page 8 - The Plea for Clemency
page 9 - The Prisoner Exchange page 10 - The eternal War
page 11 - Allah's Judgment page 12 Case against the Prosecutor
page 13 - The Truth on Treason page 14 Dark energy v/s Light energy
page 15 - The fatal Judicial Precedent page 16 - Punishable Intent
page 18 - The Plebiscite page 20 - Political Murder
page 22 The Executive Summary page 23 - Intent of man v/s Allah
page 24 - The Absolute Truth page 25 - Law enforcement Circular
page 26  - Divine Order & Harmony page 27 - The Unity of Faith
page 28 - The Conclusion page 29 - The Sacred Duty

Item 1 - Letters - 5 letters

Hotman Hutapea - Judge Sirait the 'Holy Cow' -
 Alexander Downer - Chris Ellison

 Hikmahanto Juwana - Case clarification


Item 2 - The Tree of EVIL

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~ Illegal detention of an international visitor ~
International airport protocol – entry lounge - Schapelle Leigh Corby 

I refer to the 'monstrous' attack upon the personage of a young lady visitor to the supposed 'peaceful' land of Bali. Yes she is being confined and interrogated by merciless men and women who 'strut' around with minds unsound.

For she is purported to have been 'carrying' a bag full of flowers, (high quality marijuana heads) and surely the 'Balinese' are quite 'happy' to walk around with flowers in their 'hands' are they not? So why do 'some' people in positions of power seek to destroy the life of another simply because they are 'found' owning a 'bag' within which 'someone' has placed flowers?

For even if the Balinese people did not 'wish' for this 'nature' of flowers to be 'imported' into their homes, then they could simply say to the 'importer': "Dear visitor, we regret that we do not like the goods you seek to import, thus you have a choice, either take them back from whence you came, or we will destroy them for you."

As in all facets of daily living 'rogues & scoundrels' have overthrown the honourable code of conduct policy of the precincts of the international airport arrivals lounge, the area named as 'sacred' ground similarly as any foreign consulate.

Yes, 'laws' applying to the international arrivals and departure sections of international airports have slowly been 'eroded' to the point whereby no 'visitor' is safe from being 'fined or 'robbed,' intimidated, coerced, threatened, bullied, and punished,' etc.

Not only this, but if they have in their possession any flora and fauna that is deemed as an undeclared 'illegal import,' they are either issued with an 'on the spot' fine or, they are 'kidnapped' and dragged over the 'border' into the country by armed guards for the sole purpose of being punished and, - - -

Not only this, but the produce is seized and illegally taken into said country by over zealous customs officials for the sole purpose of vindictive punishment even though any items found in their possession cannot or should not be 'legally' deemed as having been imported due to the fact that the person has not yet 'officially' exited the international area.

So as things stand today, no person it seems is safe from the greed and avarice that has arisen in every land set by precedents so far back that everyone assumes that this foul and despicable activity is normal.  It is not, and every magistrate or judge enforcing edicts using the 'rules' of office seem to have neglected the reality, and thus their incarceration of people is grave error of judgement.

As I see it, the enforcers of the day or the legislators and the magistrates of the land have become over 'zealous' and have exceeded their mandate in respect of the 'morals' or laws surrounding the jurisdiction of the international airport 'boundaries' of an incoming flight/ship etc.  Local 'courts' in any country have no 'jurisdiction' over the lives of international passengers that have not been 'cleared' and thereafter 'exited' the immigration area and entered the country unless they are citizens of their own land or, any person may be 'corrected' if they create a disturbance within the international precinct.

People are being punished by 'fine' prior to having entered the country, and this is a felony. For it is a 'piracy' to enter the 'space' known as 'international waters' and cause harm, injury or loss to others, and it is also a 'crime' to forcibly 'transport' a person into a 'land' from an international 'space' for the sole purpose of causing them harm. This is holding a person 'hostage' against their will.

I thus 'address' this epistle to every airport 'authority' for they are 'permitting' daylight robbery to take place under their very noses, they are also permitting international travellers to be kidnapped from the international section of the airport and they are thus aiding and abetting the 'terrifying' punitive process to take place seeing not their complicity to others disgracefully wielding a 'mace' against others.

Customs officials know full well that if an incoming passenger is 'found' to be carrying prohibited items then it is their duty to ask the passenger to place these items in a bin for destruction.

I was and yet am of the 'belief' that until such time as the passenger had 'passed' through customs and had been 'stamped' for entry by immigration and was thus an 'approved' visitor, and had then exited the international section 'entry' point area, that they were in fact still within international boundaries as such, and could not be deemed as having 'smuggled' prohibited goods into the country.

It is my intent to try and halt the erosion of freedom and the intensifying punitive vendetta being waged by false precedents that are wielded by aggressive persons that seem to believe that there is no 'higher' authority to 'question' their conduct.

I believe that any customs official that seizes 'forbidden to import' items and then produces them in a court of law as 'evidence' are in fact themselves 'guilty' of the illegal importation of the 'goods' into the country.

Who is 'responsible' for the code of conduct policy of customs & immigration persons working in the 'sacred' controlled area within which every 'arrival' should be treated with respect and dignity? Is it the airport management authority?  Why have the airport authority whose 'job' is to ensure the smooth running and safety of passengers not done anything to stem the tide of darkness that now pervades and permits daily acts of 'atrocity' to take place in public areas and go on unchecked?

For too long now have incoming passengers be treated as 'fair game' for 'uniformed' thieves and robbers that force them by 'coercion' to pay 'on the spot' fines (or be sent home) before they have even entered into the jurisdiction of the 'soil' of the land.

This very bad 'foreign policy' has crept in unnoticed as 'customs' officials enabled themselves to 'thwart' international protocol by using forms issued to flight staff that are filled out and signed by passengers and upon which is stated; "It is an offence to not declare prohibited items listed" etc.

It is a 'robbers' den of iniquity now in every land whereby 'customs' pre-empt their authority solely for monetary theft and vindictiveness, for any invocation of a rule that says you are 'guilty' of the intent to smuggle due to failing to declare an item cannot be used, this due to it being an illegal activity within the laws of man to 'take up arms' against a person from another country that has not yet entered officially or otherwise. It is also forbidden by God to so do at any time.

The principle reason for this letter was/is to assist Schapelle Corby, but there are many others also being 'assaulted' by 'fine' and jail sentences that were imposed ILLEGALLY according to international and 'local' law.

I add: It is obvious from seeing the TV program 'Border patrol' that the Australian 'custom' is also one of utter disrespect to foreign visitors from other countries. For the 'intent' of the 'front line' ambassadors (customs officials) is their obvious INTENT to harass, impose, disadvantage, wage war, cause deprivation of liberty, cause financial loss, invoke frustration, and embarrass and inconvenience visitors.

This appalling conduct needs to be 'revised' before 'all hell breaks loose' as the result of pure arrogance and lack of respect for one's neighbours that are perceived by many 'as' - - - ?

I Imam Al-Mahdi the 'invoker' of ISLAM also state that I expect and in fact demand that the Balinese people and their 'servants' the prosecuting forces release Schapelle Leigh Corby to my 'care' immediately.

For if they fail in this 'merciful' deed they will also accrue an increasing 'evil' karmic due upon their own spirit souls for every moment of time she is held by living swine. For their 'karmic' spell will only be 'broken' by me when her 'face' stands before me at my 'sacred' place Lalapanzi, for only I have the power to break the spell and demonic 'attachment' to them.

Please pass this 'note' on to the Bali Narcotics squad and the Polda police headquarters. For their 'power' as bequeathed unto them by rules is the 'drug' that keeps them bound to their employ by Shiva who ahead by His own 'eye for an eye' Law will destroy them.

page 2

~ International Airport Protocol ~
The Intent to smuggle

Did Schapelle Corby  intend to smuggle or actually smuggle, and either way did she commit any offence on Indonesian 'soil'? I say that she did not, and thus I now expose the 'plot' by arrogant men that use 'words' to destroy their own souls, for they have knowingly forsaken their God Allah.

If Schapelle Corby did knowingly 'travel' from Australia to Bali with a 'bag' containing a substance prohibited in Bali or Australia, then she was travelling within the 'jurisdiction' of International 'waters' until such time as she 'cleared' customs & immigration and entered into Indonesia. Schapelle was thus not 'liable' to be prosecuted by any Indonesian Authority.

Any 'major' entry point (Port or Airport) in any country is seen as simply that. A place where a person may become a person that is 'free' to pass through the point of entry after they have 'cleared' Customs and Immigration.

If any person is seen to not 'conform' to the requirements of the Constitution of the Institution that is controlling the 'border' checkpoint, then that person is denied entry, and is usually sent back to their place of origin.

For until they have passed through the 'exit' gates with their luggage, they are in fact still within International boundaries and the jurisdiction of their Country of departure.

Had Schapelle Corby actually passed through both Customs and Immigration without having been 'caught' in possession, and thus entered the 'State' Of Bali and later 'found' in possession of drugs, then 'Yes' she could have been found 'guilty' of smuggling such into Indonesia by those that uphold such an ideological stance as their Code of Conduct requirements.

As it stands, the 'flowers' were imported by Customs agents, and she was illegally detained by said agency and illegally 'kidnapped' from international 'waters' and is as yet in 'illegal' detention in Indonesia.

Corby had in fact committed no 'crime' against the State of Indonesia as she had not yet officially entered it.* (see note) Neither was she then a person that had been formerly 'cleared' to enter. * (see note)  Neither had she become a person liable to prosecution by the Indonesian authorities.

Note : not yet officially entered it.*- If Schapelle had walked through the Customs area and through the exit gates of the International section of the 'Border Control' area of the airport without being 'checked,' and then out into the Bali public area or beyond, and was then found to have an illegal substance in her 'Boogy board' case, then Allah states that:

Schapelle would in fact have become a person that did either :

1 - Intend to 'smuggle' a substance known to be prohibited by some members of Bali factually into Indonesia and, by proven fact did 'smuggle' said substance out of the airport and into the country or, - - -

2 - She was a person that did not intend to smuggle nor attempted to so do, and was unaware that her 'Boogy board' case had been tampered with.

In either of the above 'cases, as she had caused no harm to anyone, thus she had committed NO offence in the eyes of Allah her Creator.

Note: formerly 'cleared' to enter, *  - If a visitor to your home is seen to be wearing shoes covered with cow manure, you do not formerly permit them entry into your home until they have removed their dirty shoes. Once they have so done, you permit them entry. It would be an absolute sign of disrespect and insanity  to imprison them or kill them prior to formal entry into your 'space' simply because you see it as 'sinful' for them to arrive at your home in such a 'dirty' condition. In any case, any person that even considered causing 'pain' to a visitor and a lady and daughter of Allah is by me considered to be an insane person needing counselling.

Due to the 'vindictive' nature of man, a precedent has been 'set' whereby a person that is perceived as a person that has the intent to smuggle goods, is actually seen and treated as though they had smuggled in goods.

The person is then 'kidnapped' and actually permitted to enter the Land, solely for the purpose of being able to bring charges against them and to then punish them. When in fact, according to the ruling Constitution, they should not have been permitted entry together with the 'goods,' and neither should they be treated as though they had smuggled the goods through Customs when they had not.

Any person found having in their possession any 'substance' that is not acceptable in the land of their intended entry should be given the option to throw it away at the 'check point' and enter, or return to their point of departure with the goods.

In this 'Case,' all persons complicit to the 'seizure' of Schapelle and the holding her hostage for 20 years, and for any abuse and suffering she endures, are persons that have committed a Treasonable 'act' against their own Constitution as well as placing themselves within the Dark side of Allah's Law.

The reason why people are 'forced' to enter controlled places, is so that their 'baggage' can be examined. No person visiting any Country should be punished for the content of their 'bags.' Especially when they in fact have not yet been allowed to enter with said 'content' of their bags.

It follows, that at all times prior to her being 'seized' by airport security, that she was in the jurisdiction of the Australian 'authority,' and should thus be freed and permitted to return to Australia or, be permitted to remain in Bali without the prohibited substance.

The importation of 'fruit' into Tasmania is forbidden, thus every person entering the airport terminal is 'screened' and 'smelt' by a 'dog' to see if they have any fruit on them or within their baggage. Any such found is taken from them and put into the 'destroy' bin and they are then free to enter.

The Corby persecution, judgement, and conviction is thus a 'conspiracy' against all travellers as well as a 'fraudulent' use of the Indonesian Constitution. Thus the prosecutor himself needs be 'jailed' for his own misconduct and fraudulent use of the 'rules' that he upholds and adores.

Any person 'found' at any 'Check-in' Border Post to have in their possession any goods that are despised by any 'RULE' or person in the visited Country, should not be 'dragged' into said Country as they have not offended any person. They may be advised by the 'guards' that they are not able to bring such items into the land and then be given the reasons so that they become educated.

Any person that assumes that they can drag them into the Country 'officially' so that they can then officially abuse them is a 'village idiot' that needs the 'admonishment' of and good Counsel of the Creator.

page 3

~ The 'high' Judge of Judges ~
Letter to the Editor 'Herald Sun'

Dear Ed, I refer to your article 16 May "I'll listen" quoted as having been stated by 'Judge' Linton Sirait as he sits in solitary 'splendour' sipping coffee as his 'victim' Schapelle Corby still 'writhes' in emotional agony, due to being held 'captive' by the Dark forces in Bali.

I would ask you to 'publicly' ask 'Linton' why he waits for a letter from Australia when his Creator 'Goddess Lakshmi' or 'Allah' or 'God' or 'Vishnu' has already Commanded all mankind to: "Be compassionate & merciful & forgiving, and to never 'judge' another" - - - because - - - the Creator says: "As you judge so shall you be judged" and, - - -

Linton the man is as all men - - - subjects of God and to be 'subjected to' the Supreme LAW of God not man and, - - - the man Linton has already been judged by God via God's returned messenger, (me) and this Judgment is on line for all to see (and this note) is on my web site.

Linton the man is 'drugged' by the feelings of power that flow through him from 'Shiva' the 'God of destruction,' and he needs to see that any added 'burden' of punishment that he Linton considers or 'stamps' with the 'approval' of his hand against Schapelle will be added to his own already accrued penalty.

Man assumes falsely that the 'rules' contained within statutes of man as being 'The Law.' This is error, for all defiant of God's command are subjected to the REAL Law of Allah/God "As you do is done unto you" and, THIS ruling is IMMUTABLE, INVIOLATE, ETERNAL.

Any person that 'judges' another for the purpose of punishment or, to satisfy the dictatorial Decrees of politicians or 'Caesar' style governing bodies are walking outside the boundaries of the LIGHT side of the Command of God, and punishable by God on an 'eye for an eye' basis.

The ONLY time one can 'safely' judge another is where we judgmentally 'consider' whether they need to be detained for the purpose of their education and rehabilitation as contained within the Testament of Truth 'Feeling Easier' Seminar program as given to humanity by God through ME. < seminar.htm >

It is now the time for all men to 'listen' to the Command of Allah or even Goddess Lakshmi the merciful benefactor or DIE as their souls wither in HELL below. All persecutors, mercenaries, prosecutors, magistrates and judges ARE very offensive offenders and ALL needing to be detained and 'forced' to attend a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar for their Own rehabilitation into the TRUE loving fold of Allah/God.

Foolish is ignorant man that punishes others solely through their possible 'intent' to do wrong, for intent is not a 'crime' in God's eyes as it is simply a 'possibility' that may or may not turn into 'fruition.'  It is the completed ACT that causes another harm that is the 'crime' in the eyes of God, and for sure all those 'complicit' to Schapelle's ongoing suffering will receive an equal 'return' of suffering within the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God.

Terence (Imam al-Mahdi)

page 4

~ Proof of power ~

By the ‘passing’ of his 20 year jail term sentence verdict, the Bali Judge ‘Linton’ Sirait proved to man and God that he, - - - supported by a ‘gang’ of armed men (State Institution enforcers) could with impunity continue to detain and hold hostage a daughter of Allah/God (Schapelle Corby) against her wishes and thus continue to subject her to ongoing mental and emotional trauma to be accompanied by physical discomfort and, - - -

The ‘Bali’ people and people of all races and countries need to try and see that: The use of any force that is punitive is the use of the Devil’s energy and it contravenes the Command of God/Allah to "Love one another."

The ‘Bali’ people and people of all races and countries need to try and see that: Under or ‘within’ the singular Law of Allah/God that there is a spiritual return for every action of man. Be it an ‘act’ kind or unkind as contained within the ONE ‘eye for an eye’ Law of Allah/God: "As you sow so shall ye reap" and, - - -

The ‘Bali’ people and people of all races and countries need to try and see that: All suffering imposed or caused to any ‘person or prisoner’ by any State ‘officer’ or official becomes a spiritual ‘due,’ to be met and suffered by said persons as well as the whole community that condoned and funded the punitive anti-Allah (God) conduct of the Judge.

It is the time to see that all ‘swinish’ acts perpetrated by officials under the ‘guise’ of legitimate ‘rules’ are actions that do have a similar return upon every ‘taxpaying’ member of the public because, - - -

The punitive and thus ‘sorrowful’ acts are being imposed upon other people by ‘Judges’ and other ‘military’ style enforcers that are ‘acting’ for and on behalf of the people in the community that pay their wages.

The ‘Bali’ people and people of all races must now halt the payment of all taxation and other license fees to the 'ruling' governing bodies. For they are all involved in regulation and fine and punishment. The community members must now only fund true positive local welfare community groups that maintain the necessary basic community services such as water, power, roads, schools, hospitals etc and welfare and rehabilitation.

Corruption and 'bad' practises are only halted when you the individual stop paying the wages of 'sin,' - - - stop funding corrupt criminals wearing 'white' collars, who 'dine' on the pockets of the poor as they protect themselves by WAGING WAR upon you in order to extort money that they state is your dutiful contribution to the community. It is NOT, it is extorted off you with impunity so as to feed their private army of enforcers and to purchase weaponry to protect their interests and, to keep you as their private slaves.

Woe and more woe upon all that continue to follow the 'way' of the BEAST.

Added note: The 'Judge' was 'observant of' and 'subservient to' the RULES. Believing falsely that the rule BOOK had the power to protect him from the Wrath of God/Allah/Shiva as God later invokes HIS own rightful and Just and equitable 'eye for an eye' LAW upon the Judge and his followers.

NO 'book' or mandate of man has any 'power' of protection against the eternal, immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of ALLAH.

There is NO 'immunity' from Allah's Law for any of those ignorant enough to defy the "Only love" Command of Allah. If any person 'thinks' that, the Decrees of politicians or kings or chiefs that are named by man as 'the law,' are above THE LAW of Allah, they are deluded.

"As you Sow so shall ye Reap" is the ONLY Law of this and every land.

Judge Linton the man has 'callously' used the text in a 'book' as his 'justification & license & mandate' to defy Allah his Creator and YES, as he says:

"God will be my Judge"

and I say: "So shall it surely BE."

page 5

~ The crucifixion of Saint Schapelle ~
Ron Bakir

The man Ron Bakir tried to 'halt' the Crucifixion of 'Saint Schapelle' but he was and yet is a 'deluded' White Knight, who thinks that with 'money' he can win a fight, but he sees not the Devil's Dark Might that is the 'context' of the Rule book and the 'hold' HE Shetani has over the mind of ignorant men.

He also needs to understand that the Power of Allah is within every grain of sand, and that 'Schapelle' is being 'held' as by Allah was planned. For she is His 'tool' to be so 'crucified' to show mankind how the Dark lives within each of them and sits by every 'bedside.'

She 'Schapelle' is an 'Angel of Light' who as 'Jesus' came to earth to help set man's 'path' right. She is a 'living' Saint, and all that have, or do, or will subject her to suffering will for an eternity long 'spell' faint. For she is one of Allah's chosen 'roses' that HE sent to earth, and HE sees that callous men do her 'dispose' as if she is but 'offal' meat. When in fact mankind sees not that a true angel walked in a Bali street.

So 'Ron,' it is now the time for you to come to me to discuss how we jointly educate the people of Bali and Indonesia and Australia so that they seek to set Schapelle free peacefully. For only this way will they and you be true to Allah and yourselves. You cannot 'win' any 'battle' in a Court, for that 'nature' of fight is worth naught.

For you are 'battling' with TEXT in a book that has NO conscience, NO morals, and NO compassion, and NO mercy, and NO forgiveness and, as all that look therein can see, there is NO way out believe you me.

So to set Schapelle and the Bali community free, (and the whole world) we must get them to see that the 'rules' books must be BURNT, so all are set free from their continuing misery, as all now look to Allah for protection and true direction rather than to the 'mis-guidance' of unholy RULES that lead all its 'office bearers' into the Abyss.

For the 'venom' contained within all rule books is the Command of the Beast that via all rule books says: "Do what thy wilt for you have the upper hand as you hold the gun and, as you see no God, then the commands in the rule book are your God to be adored and heeded and used against others." This 'Law of the Beast' is in total opposition to the Command of Allah.

Schapelle is being used by Allah to show mankind how all support the bestiality of the System of man. Her Light will show this and help to awaken the 'sleeping' inner consciousness of all humanity. For as mankind 'sleeps' or walks the street in supposed freedom, he sees not the silent 'accruing' of painful karma.

All will suddenly realise that, if they continue to turn a 'blind eye' towards the foul dark and punitive deeds perpetrated upon others by the System they fund and support, they will themselves become eternally bound by Shiva or the Devil or the Dark Sovereign Power that are but the names of the Dark energy of the Source.

Schapelle does not need to be 'baptised' by man into any religion of man, for her soul is already of the true FAITH of Allah, for by her kindness and compassion she shows Allah that she is faithful to HIM and to 'SHE' * the Mother of all Creation.  

For when any person shows Allah their compassion and mercy and kindness it is the proof of conformation to the ideological Wisdom of Allah, as well as being Allah's guarantee of a place in HIS/HER eternal above (Paradise) in the after life.

Schapelle must not be 'misled' by her supporters that would wish to make her their 'Martyr,' so that via her 'suffering' they can 'air' their own grievances. She must seek no 'followers' that show their support by flying 'banners' of one form or another, she must simply be their 'guide' as she shows the world by her example that she follows Allah, as she conforms to Allah's Command of: 'Peace & mercy & love & forgiveness.'

For thus and only thus is she true to Allah her Creator, and only thus is she true to her personal Quest, as she shows all her positive deeded 'actions' that her 'followers' must also conform to if they would be true unto themselves and Allah

Note:  'SHE' * the Mother of all Creation.  - 'Goddess Lakshmi' - The Light - the Holy Spirit - God the Mother - the Creative essence.

page 6

~ The deceived ~

Why does 'Judge' Sirait smile so 'happily' like a cat that has just dined on a 'liquorish pigeon' as he speaks of his 'Just' judgment upon another that has been forced to endure his vociferous ranting?

He says and believes that he has handed down a 'good' judgment according to the 'text' contained within the 'rules of engagement' book of regulations that he believes apply to all that 'walk' upon the Land that he and his 'administrators' control with the gun.

He even goes as 'far' as to say that he is only answerable to his God ! - This implies that he believes that he is above the rules that he 'follows' and that he states are 'The law of the land' as well as believing that he stands 'above' THE divine LAW of his own GOD.

Does he really believe that 'simply' because some deluded 'politicians' raised up contra God's Command decrees and stated that they were 'The Law,' that those such as he the 'Linton' man could or would be 'immune' from the administration of Allah/God's Law by Allah?

I believe that every 'administrator' of 'Justice' or 'accountability' as demanded by the TEXT in an unholy book of rules & regulations believe that they are 'above' the singular Law of God that states: "As you sow so shall ye reap" and, - - -

Why do they so believe? - - - Because they appear to be 'immune' from God's Law through being 'protected' by their own forces of evil that are 'armed' and thus 'capable' of keeping the 'reaper' at bay but, - - -

What none of these infidels can see is, that every person (child of God) does at some stage meet their 'Maker' on or before their 'Judgment' day, and HE is either the Light or the Dark depending on whether they were 'lovers' or the Shark.

So even though 'judge' Linton Sirait appears to be a 'free' man and a 'Saint' in the eyes of man and Allah, he is in fact a condemned man waiting to be 'arrested' and 'Jailed' and 'flayed' by Allah at the time and in the place as so ordained by Allah.

He will not be 'tried' for he has already 'Judged' himself to be a merciless, cruel, vindictive and punitive man, with NO remorse or feelings of pity, and thus he has confined his own soul to the ABYSS for an eternal 'indeterminate' time.

We have all seen the 'Corby' suffering exposed by the media as a public 'hanging.' But what of the suffering of multitudes of unseen that daily go to 'Court' to be 'judged' as criminals by criminals, and then hidden away to suffer in a similar way?

And what of the police and prison officials who 'hustle' Schapelle around as they 'grab' her bodily and 'drag' her along as if she is an 'escapee'? What about you the 'citizen' of Bali or Jakarta or Australia or the 'happy' Judge, do none of you have a wife or sister or daughter?

Would you place your beloved 'ladies' into the 'limelight' in the care of imbeciles, wolves, or hyenas and subject them to such humiliation and emotional torture as is seen to be done by your 'Judge' Linton who lives in a fantasy daydream?

Yes you all do it, you are all 'fearful' for you do fund their ongoing insanity, as you also live in a daydream soon to be 'awoken' with a scream, for NONE are above the immutable law of Allah, and 'ignorance' of Allah's Law is NOT 'bliss.'

Why do men uphold and condone and follow and permit RULES in a book to make them believe that they can and should be living swine?

Because you are all deceived and thus non-believing infidels, who do NOT believe in Allah or God or Vishnu or any other (Creator) for if you did, you would 'bid' for love and honour and forgiveness and peace and you most certainly would not hire any 'Judge' to cause any distress to a daughter or son of ALLAH.

page 7

~ Guilty or not guilty ~

Is that the real 'Corby' question needing to be answered "Yes or No"? The answer to that is "Yes" and "No."

Is Schapelle Guilty? - "NO" because she 'Schapelle' is not 'guilty' in the eyes of her God/Allah, because in this 'case' she did not disturb the peace of the 'Bali' land, nor did she abuse or cause any other 'harm' to any person on the day in question.

Whether she did knowingly or otherwise carry a 'loaded' boogie board case up to the exit 'gates' at Bali airport is irrelevant. For she did in fact not 'carry or smuggle' anything into the country, for the 'board and contents' were confiscated prior to official 'entry.'

Man is so ignorant and arrogant today, that his 'rules' book uses the 'intent to smuggle' terminology as proof that the 'attempt' or 'crime' was in fact accomplished. This is error of thinking and is a false basis for destroying one's own soul in thinking that it is sane justification for abusing another.

Other than this I will not here speak on the depth of the 'matter' of karma, for none of you yet understand the reality of Allah and the fullness of his divine plan that is only revealed in its fullness in my Testament to humanity.

Are the people of Indonesia Guilty? - "YES" because the citizens of the 'whole' Indonesian archipelago are 'guilty' of a crime in the eyes of Allah as is the 'Judge' Linton Sirait because Schapelle has been ‘caged’ as a bird by his ''pen" and, - - -

They are all 'complicit' to having disturbed 'Schapelle's' peace and mental emotional state, due to all defying Allah as they 'vindictively' relied on TEXT in a book rather than relying on Allah's HOLY WORD.

The 'Judges of Denpasar' have not 'long' to go before they learn the consequence of UNACCEPTABLE behaviour in the eyes of ALLAH. Linton Sirait the man is in fact an infidel deserving of all the pain and suffering accrued as his personal spiritual due for 'fornicating' with the Devil's RULE Book that he 'adores' above Allah and, all 'complicit' to Schapelle's demise are criminals in the eyes of Allah and very unwise.

Thus any other 'verdict' than "NOT GUILTY of needing rehabilitation" is FALSE, and needing 'correction' by the PEOPLE of Indonesia to bring them back into the dutiful 'fold' of ALLAH.

Try and see that when 'you' the civilian appoint another to be your 'strong arm' and persecute or prosecute or judge another as "Guilty" for the purpose of punishment, that in the eyes of Allah, you have also judged yourself as GUILTY, * and one that is to be punished equally within the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap - eye for an eye" Law of Allah.

Note: GUILTY, *  - Guilty of non conformity to the Command of Allah to: "Go your way in peace and be loving, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving." - Thus all mental & emotional and physical distress suffered by the one that YOU punished via others will become your spiritual karmic DUE.

Can none of you see that the 'Judge' that listened intently throughout the 'trial' was a man that in fact was simply 'ritualising' a procedure set out by the Text in his unholy 'bible' the Rule book. For in fact 'she' Schapelle had already been pre-judged as 'Guilty' by said TEXT, by the fact of claiming ownership of the 'Boogie board' bag, and all the 'judge' was doing was 'pretending' to have the capacity to override the RULES if it could be proven that the RULES did NOT apply to Schapelle. 

As seen, the RULES as written in a book have no leniency, and 'Linton' is a stupid man that is bound to 'abuse' others simply because he places the text in a book above the Command of his Creator.

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 ~ Plea for Clemency ~

Neither Schapelle nor her 'admirers' must make any Plea for Clemency from the 'President,' for she is not guilty of any offence and does thus not require 'pardon' from any man.

Neither Schapelle nor her 'family' or 'backers' must take any action to take the matter to any higher Court in Indonesia for 'retrial,' as this would simply be a waste of time and money and would be a 'logistical' battle of minds with no positive outcome.

Schapelle needs to simply place her trust in Allah and look to HIM for succour and await for Allah to 'set' her free, for her 'actual' date of release is already known by Allah but by NO man. "Be still child and be 'as one' with Allah" I hear from above.

Schapelle must look to the Bright Morning Star and its "Only love" Wisdom from afar as she 'contentedly' awaits for her Father in Heaven to set her free and, - - -

If exposed to the ranting of 'Amrozi' then simply look him in the 'eye' and say: "My brother, why don’t you try and see that 'flesh' is not sin, for the sin is the 'darkness' that you express, and I would bless you with my light and love and insight."

But for now HE the Almighty Allah awaits to see into the hearts of Schapelle's 'captors' and 'guards' to see if they show any remorse or compassion or mercy, and thus begin to treat her with the respect and love that they would or should extend to their own mother or sister or daughter if they were 'captives' in their 'jail' and in their 'care' and, - - -

Allah awaits to see who will serve her 'rotten' food or, steal food from off her 'plate' or, treat her HIS 'treasured' daughter with contempt and disrespect, or try and 'coerce' her family members to pay money to them before they begin to behave a 'little' humanely. Too many live off the stolen 'pickings' from prisoners and their families, and in the all-seeing eye of Allah they are worse than the vultures that 'bleach' the bones of the dead.

I can only state unto you and all humanity and especially the 'villagers' or 'citizens' of Bali that the mere fact that this 'nature' of jail exists is an absolute disgrace in the eyes of the Creator and it needs be torn down with NO delay. As you or your 'servants' do unto others will be done unto you, for THAT is TRUE justice and it is the Law of Allah.

I AM the Imam Al-Mahdi and I do see the WRATH of Allah mount, as HE 'counts' how many of HIS children are 'thieves and liars and murderers' and totally 'contemptuous' of HIM and HIS Command of Love & Peace & Mercy & Compassion. For soon these 'men' of every race and creed will be swept aside by a 'Titanic' force of anger, that is far greater and more forceful than any Tsunami flood and, - - - 

All these 'infidels' will be consumed in a 'bath' of blood and mud as the 'common' people realise that they have been forced to defy the Command of the God of love and forced to fund and support criminals wielding guns who 'pose' as a 'legitimate' authority.

There must be NO 'boycott' of Bali or Qantas by Australians, for this negative action is exactly what the Devil 'incites' as IT invites retribution via the mind of man so that IT can drag down to Its 'lair' all that succumb to this insane temptation. For if any person takes vengeful retributive action against another with the intent of or for the purpose of causing them to 'suffer' in some way, it is War being waged, even if it is a 'Sanction' by apparent non-action or by 'blockade.'

Why make the 'little' people suffer simply because those 'Chiefs' that control them are swine? Just because 'Saddam' was a swine, why did the Australians join in the 'Sanction War' and cause untold suffering to millions of the poor in Iraq, as they lost their lives, wives, children and livelihoods simply because of ignorant people 'siding' with the Devil. (Vengeance)

If you wish to 'win' the battle against the darkness that controls all mankind as it 'rules' by rules backed by the gun, then help the 'little' people to live, and help them to see that it is they to stop funding the punitive and warmongering System of man that itself is forced to wage war upon its own and others via the RULES that force all to become BEASTS and living swine.

Schapelle does not seek retribution so why do you? Help her and me to set you all free from being USED by the Dark energy, for IT has the 'capacity' and voracity to 'consume' all humanity that give IT 'power' through the negative emotions of hatred, anger, pride, ego, greed, jealousy, and vanity. The 'danger' lies within.

It is now the time to Educate the people of every land so that:

The people themselves seek change
The police themselves seek change
The judiciary themselves seek change
The prison guards themselves seek change

For all mankind must now see that the REAL enemy of every race is the invisible force of darkness that controls all and enslaves all and punishes all that look to IT for direction, for it deceives all into believing in Rules. For ITS 'rules' force simple men to turn away from Allah and to become criminals,  as they for and on behalf of Rules "invade, control, hold hostage, incarcerate, punish, abuse, and even kill" children of Allah.

Only when THE PEOPLE of Indonesia suddenly see their own personal spiritual danger or, when 'Sirait' the man suddenly realises that he has been unwise, will Allah inspire 'someone' or everybody to open the gate and set Schapelle free. Man must try and 'somehow' realise that Allah never sleeps, and HE sees all - ALL - ALL, and HE abhors the iniquity and ongoing misery imposed upon HIS Creation by 'smarmy' terrorists that think that they are the 'elite' of the land.

I the Imam Al- Mahdi AM the Prophet of Allah

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~ Prisoner exchange ~
The Australia - Indonesia Connection

The 'connection' between these two 'Lands' is BAD, and their spiritual 'relationship' is very SAD. For both in some way do others abuse, and much darkness into the souls of the people do they 'infuse' as a result of this 'swinish' interaction.

Man has been falsely taught by Elders who believed falsely that they could and should abuse 'visitors' to the lands that they by force of arms took and then controlled and regulated.

Australia has a very 'black & bleak' history book that is contaminated by blood and tears and even today is a land of 'fears.' For even a poor Indonesian fisherman visiting 'reefs' off the Australian land mass beaches will find that 'pirates' posing as 'officials of the state' steal their 'fleshly body' and hold them hostage in prison camps for many a long month or year and, - - -

None of their family members even see them nor 'hear' of their fate, nor do they see the 'tears' of suffering they 'shed' behind locked gates as does 'Schapelle' so publicly and, - - -

Not only this, but the 'demonic' forces of men operating like Pirates are so full of pride, vanity, and insanity and 'superior' status 'bliss,' that they even burn these fishing boats or 'blast' them out of the water with their machine gun weaponry, that is paid for by the 'sleeping' Australian taxpayer who sees not their own complicity to this ongoing iniquity and, - - -

These 'forces' infidels even laugh as they destroy the livelihood of others from over the sea who should be welcomed as we would welcome our own family.

All this insanity is 'due' to the nonsense recorded in text (Rule books) that was raised up by infidels posing as wise Elders. (Politicians) This is not the 'way' that Allah expects HIS children to be treated.

Man of the 'West' has depleted his positive 'karma' bank, and soon his Creator Allah/God will show HIS hard retributive 'hand,' as HIS men 'spank' all unfortunate infidels who are equally swine as are those that 'dine' upon Schapelle's misfortune.

Every Land today is controlled by the GUN wielded by men that know not the LAW of Allah, (God) and neither did they 'hear' the message from Allah brought to earth by this one. (me)

I see that soon the world will fall into insanity due to man's arrogance, greed, and vanity. Soon the people of every land will show their 'power' as they see MY Light and they decide to not 'fund' warlords that seek to use 'legitimacy' to invade, or extort taxes, or punish or fight.

It is the time to NOT have any "Prisoner Exchange." For that way is wrong and is only seen as 'right' by those with minds that did already 'derange' or were deceived by false precedent.

It is the time to set every prisoner free, after they have been counselled by ME. Those 'officials' that continue to be foolishly 'bold' and continue to defy Allah will suffer for eternity the 'hellish' fate foretold.

I seek to impress THE TRUTH upon all, be they the good or the bad, the Indonesian or the Australian, for I would 'save' all the ignorant from an eternity of feeling SAD and terrified.

Soon 'Australia' will be invaded by others from over the sea. Maybe it will 'come' via Indonesia as other 'invaders' seek milk and honey for free. I say it is time for all men and women to follow the guidance of this pen. Foolish are those such as John Howard and the Media or any other that link the name 'Corby' with any act of perceived terrorism against the people of Indonesia, for that 'belief' is but 'speculation' and the promotion of terrorism, and it is deceitful.

Heed the call of 'Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness,' for only thus are you safe for eternity as you place your own soul within the positive 'aspect' of Allah's 'eye for an eye' LAW.

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~ The eternal WAR ~

Whether men or ‘man’ invades the lands of others and fights or, - - - whether men or ‘man’ uses ‘terror’ tactics to subjugate others for any reason or, - - - whether men or ‘man’ uses force to kidnap citizens from the ‘street’ or airport terminals for any reason and subjects them to punishment, - - - it is all one and the same thing in the eyes of the Creator named Allah or God - - -

It is someone waging WAR upon another child of Allah/God and, - - - the ‘warrior’ Warlord that may be a ‘governing’ authority is defiant of Allah/God and is using Dark Power to maintain a ‘superior’ position and a cruel, merciless and vindictive stance against another child of Allah/God and, - - -

They see not that as they plot and scheme (apparently legitimate in their eyes) to ‘swat’ and punish or destroy, that they have in fact become HELL’S Angels being used and controlled by Satan the Dark Sovereign Power and, - - -

They also see not that whatever suffering or other punishment they impose comes back to them, to be suffered by them on another day and time and place when the same ‘Devil’ does an equal and similar punishment and suffering impose upon them via the hands of some other ‘superior’ force of vain and arrogant individuals.

The ‘Bali’ people and people of all races and countries need to now see the ‘shame’ and suffering they place upon themselves for empowering and employing a ‘Judicial Army’ that shows their Creator their disgrace, and that they all deserve to go into the same ‘hellish’ Cell in the after-life for having ‘bedded’ and ‘wedded’ the DEVIL.

Let every person that has a conscience and that does believe in the existence of a Creator now STOP funding by tax or license fee any system of man that uses force to punish or destroy. It is now the time to only ‘employ’ good people that only use education as a means to rehabilitation as per my ‘Offender Seminar.’

The FACT of the ‘Corby’ case is that SHE caused no ‘harm’ to anybody, but everybody in Bali is complicit to all her suffering and ongoing ‘restriction of free movement’ and thus Allah says: "They all deserve a similar FATE."

All ‘Bali’ taxpayers that funded this iniquity (and all other iniquity that contravenes Allah’s ‘Only love’ Command) will by Allah/God be forced to enter through ‘Hell’s’ Gate for a time and a time, for showing Allah/God that they are all ‘equally’ vain swine as Judge Linton that they did ‘anoint’ and appoint.

The above TRUTH applies to every person on earth, for every government ‘ministry’ is also complicit to similar foul interaction with Allah’s children. You will only ‘set’ your own release date when you heed the "Walk in peace" Command of Allah that flows through MY pen.

It is 'sheer' LUNACY to take up employment as a 'terrorising, persecuting prosecutor or judge,' or an enforcer or soldier that has been mandated by men or their 'rules' to 'interfere, invade, control, seize goods, abuse, punish, incarcerate or kill' others, when we should by now KNOW that THE LAW of the Supreme Being God/Allah states quite categorically that within the Power of HIS Law we receive an 'eye for an eye' similar return for every good or bad action or interaction with others.

Why be so stupid to 'judge' another and have them abused, punished or killed when we know that in this or the 'after life' it will be done unto us? Did none 'hear' Allah say "As you do is done unto you for that is MY Justice." I ask you "Why would you also leave your wife and children to suffer distress and 'travail' when they have been 'deserted' by you due to your 'fate' descending upon the whole family plate when least expected"? 

Why leave your family destitute just because RULES force you to be a BRUTE. I would personally never work for such a false mercenary 'pay' that ensured and insured that I would suffer in a similar way.

Help me to 'wage War' against IGNORANCE of the Truth of the REAL Law of Allah.

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~ Allah's Judgment ~

It is now more than six months since Schapelle Corby was dragged off the street in Bali, and held to 'ransom' for her life in a 'cell' by dark forces that heard not the 'bell' of Allah  that rings loudly calling all TRUE believers.

For these forces of darkness demand proof of 'innocence' within a 'certain' time frame as their requirement to free her and to thus let her live. None seeing that Allah was the one to give her and them the choice to live or die, for Allah  is the only one that can create life.

The ongoing public display and continuing 'harassment' of this young lady by these arrogant judicial men and their armed forces show Allah  that they believe that they are above Allah, as they treat Allah's creation as 'offal' meat, and dress themselves in robes of 'red' and black as though they are the sacred 'cow' meat, and she is their sacrifice.

Their 'statement' to the world that she had 'better not be acting' as she stumbles through terrifying fear, show Allah  that they the vain 'judges' are not 'acting' and that their 'intent' is deadly.

This merciless and cruel and dispassionate public persecution of Schapelle shows Allah  that HIS Word is held in total disdain, as these 'judges' appointed by men believe that they are above their creator. Allah  has now again 'raised' my pen that 'speaks' for HIM as HE does say:

"All complicit to this prosecution 'case' have shown their defiance of ME and, - - - I now state that it is they to soon kneel at the feet of the Devil for being callous swine and, - - - they will 'fail' to enter the land divine as their 'up-commance' due is to kneel and grovel at the feet of Satan as HE forces them to 'dance' on the coals of Hell's FIRE."

Foolish is any man that 'thinks' that they are above the Command and Law of Allah

Note: The ongoing 'display' within the 'precincts' of the Bali Court show all the extent of the psychological torture imposed upon a young lady. Ask yourselves, - - - if your daughter was kidnapped from off the street and held 'hostage' in a cell, and was being emotionally 'tortured' by 'threat' of death due to her obvious terror and fear of her 'captors' and, the persecuting prosecutors and their judges, and the possible judgment, - - - what would you do to 'said' terrorist torturers? - - - Skin them alive or worse?

Ask yourself: "As this lass is in fact the daughter of Allah, and created by Allah, what will HE most definitely do to said torturers for their utter defiance and blatant contempt of HIS Command to 'Love one another, and extend mercy and compassion to those that you 'think' are straying, and be forgiving of their actions." Foolish men, hiding behind 'robes' of red and texts named 'rules' that force them to be offensive 'criminals' in the eyes of Allah .

None see that when they defy Allah  they place their own souls into the hands of the devilish Dark Sovereign Power, and HE most definitely has NO mercy - NO compassion - NO forgiveness - NO conscience, for HE destroys the souls of all that defy the Command of the Light of Allah.

Try and see that even a 'majority' Vote Consensus of the people does not make a punitive 'Government' Ideology 'right' in the eyes of Allah. Nor does it exempt the 'followers' of its Policy from the Superior and Divine Law of Allah.

I the Imam Al-Mahdi have spoken.

Terence Al-Meshi 

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~ The 'case' against the Prosecutor ~
As seen by Allah and me

It is a fact that 'someone' in a position of 'power' and authority at Bali airport took it upon themselves to arrest, detain, and then kidnap an international traveller from the airport precinct for the 'express' purpose of causing them grievous bodily harm.

These persons then colluded with the State Prosecutor and laid 'charges' against her, Schapelle Corby, with the intent of having her put to death by using the State rules enforced by 'another' person being Judge Sirait and other men.

As Corby has been in 'detention' for many months, this fact proves the GUILTY verdict of Allah via my pen against the prosecutor and his 'men' for 'abducting' an international traveller for the sole purpose of using 'Schapelle' and her 'suffering' to satiate their own vindictive emotions.

Not only this, but their intent turned into a deed by the fact that she was later 'charged' and that the prosecutor asked for the death penalty to be imposed. Thus he and all in 'cahoots' are complicit, and in the eyes of Allah they are proven GUILTY of the INTENT to kill another person, a daughter of ALLAH.

This 'vicious' vendetta against a daughter of Allah is conduct unbecoming and it is a TREASONABLE attack against the STATE of HEAVEN and itself thus punishable by DEATH in the eyes of ALLAH.

Not only this, but in order to strengthen their case, they did themselves 'import' into Bali the consignment of prohibited substance found within her Boogy board case, so as to be able to use it as their evidence 'witness.'

Thus these persons are also GUILTY of the importation into Bali - Indonesia of a certain amount of 'flowers' of a prohibited nature, and thus should themselves be 'punished' within the very rules of engagement that they uphold and support and condone. For they took it upon themselves to remove said 'flowers' from the International Airport precincts and into Bali.

Not only this, but the entire 'fracas' and misuse of the Bali Judiciary as the 'means' to carry out the persecution contravenes the Constitutional Authority of both Indonesia and Australia, and is thus also an act of Treason against the TEXT within the Constitution of Indonesia and Australia and thus punishable by death by 'Edict' of their own Constitution.

Not only this, but their actions to date shows that they are GUILTY of having used Bali community funds in an inappropriate manner that has burdened the taxpayer unnecessarily and, - - "All these misused funds should be paid for by them personally." So says Allah.

It is obvious to Allah and me that the 'prosecutors' of Bali are merciless 'extremists' that seek to appease SHIVA because of the Bali bombing, and they are using the simple 'judiciary' as the means to so do, as well as causing the entire Indonesia community to accrue a bad karmic debt at the same time.

The prosecutor and his 'forces' state via the 'rules' that all they do is for and on behalf of THE PEOPLE of Bali or Indonesia. Do THE PEOPLE of Indonesia really believe that it is kind, merciful, just, and respectful to drag a 'visitor' to their land out of the Airport, and treat them as 'offal' and confine them to a cell, and do they truly condone such 'horrible' and distasteful actions to be carried out for them?

Did THE PEOPLE of Bali or Indonesia truly 'wish' for a death 'sentence' to be imposed? Or was it simply the fact that the mind of the prosecutor or 'someone' in a position of POWER decided to try and invoke the ritualistic killing of another human being simply to appease SHIVA the destroyer because SHIVA controls their mind possessively due to their vanity and thus obvious insanity?

I believe so, because no sane person would defy Allah and be the 'instrument' of the Satanic force SHIVA, in the foreknowledge that they immediately invoke a response from Allah and Shiva within the Superior and Divine 'eye for an eye' Law of Allah.

Are THE PEOPLE of Bali or Indonesia blind or arrogant or ignorant as to defy Allah? If they 'support' and thus condone the actions of the prosecutor and judges and jailers, then they are and they also place themselves in 'disfavour' with ALLAH.

Do THE PEOPLE of Australia really condone the actions of their Immigration department 'overlords' that keep 'visiting'  Indonesian fishermen incarcerated behind barbed wire for years on end? Obviously not, for THE PEOPLE of the Land always stand outside the 'wire' perimeter demanding their release and freedom. 

Maybe they and the Balinese (Indonesians) should realise that in the eyes of Allah, every taxpayer is 'complicit' to the iniquity of their servants. Don't simply 'complain' at their actions, simply stop funding them and thus and only thus are you personally 'safe' in Allah's eyes for no longer being a 'party' to their ongoing atrocities against humanity.

There is a deeper Truth as yet unseen by man but seen by me, and that is that: "NO Institution, be it one calling itself 'The government' or any other Institution has any 'jurisdiction' over any person that is not a 'Party member' of said institution and, - - -

A person is only a 'subject of' or 'subject to' the rules of any such institution when they have become a 'Party member' by virtue of the fact that they have become a 'paid up' member by either 'signing' a form to that affect or by another agreed way.

Thus on entering another Country one is not 'automatically' a member of any Institution in that Land, and thus not subject to its 'rule of law' dictates. Certainly those 'infidels' that control that Land will not see or believe what I say, and they will use 'force of arms' through false past precedent and false teachings and, they will 'subjugate' you and subject you to their 'law of the jungle' as they defy their invisible Creator.

I do not 'belong to' or 'fellowship with' any Secular Institution or Religion of the day. For I do already have Allah/God as my 'head of house,' and I conform to HIS Command as I walk in peace and, I never seek to abuse or punish any person irrespective of their 'crime' in the eyes of man or Allah. I am 'geared' to forgiveness, mercy, compassion, education, and rehabilitation of all."

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