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~ Sharia ~

The 'singular' divine LAW of Allah
Sharia of Allah

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The fulfillment of Allah's Law - Karma
The 'activator' and the 'recipient.' 

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~ Introduction ~

As you now read on you will begin to see, understand and realise the depth of the satanic iniquity.  For the Serpent did deceive the entire human race as IT 'authorised' man via legislated 'mandates' to defy Allah and wield the Law of Allah against their sister & brother & father & mother.

The TRUE meaning of the word SHARIA is;

"The divine spiritual rule, principle, or criterion by which every ACTION of Allah's children is judged by Allah but not by mortal man."

It is the 'revealed' singular LAW of Allah which IS immutable and thus inviolable.
It is the 'return' imposed by Allah and thus ITS implementation is 'uncontrollable' by man.
It is simply the 'eye for an eye' return of benign or malignant, Light or Dark, Creative or Destructive ENERGY of Allah used. 

The TRUTH of Allah's divine law (Sharia) has been distorted over time by imams and bishops, clerics and priests and other less than merciful 'holy men' who all defy THE COMMAND of Allah to go their way in peace and love one another and they are all exposed now by my pen as 'infidels' who have in the past and to this day still DO mislead Allah's children and thereby cause havoc, great suffering and destruction in the process.

Hundreds of 'rules, laws, decrees' and rituals have been invoked by vain, arrogant, ignorant and greedily corrupt men to control and subjugate and punish Allah's children over the ages. My pen exposes them all because it is I who have been sent to reveal that the SHARIA of Allah is a SINGULAR "As you do is done unto you" Law of 'return' ONLY.

This Law is absolute Justice imposed by Allah but is NOT to be imposed by man. All mankind, of whatever religious persuasion now need to fully grasp that ONLY Allah stands above the implementation of His 'Sharia' divine law.

Mankind must now understand that ALL rites and rules or decrees and edicts carrying any punitive attachments because they have been ‘enshrined’ as 'texts' in the books named by MAN as 'Sharia' are NOT Sharia nor are they either equitable or 'Just Justice.' What these ‘man’ enshrined ‘rites and rules’ are is quite simple, they are solely the means whereby mortal man controlled other men for the purpose of gaining control over Allah’s children.

The vain 'enforcers' seeking this control over Allah’s children were thus enabled to teach their flock to openly to defy Allah's Command to go their 'way' in 'PEACE and BE merciful, compassionate and forgiving.'

The 'error' of thinking in mortal man is that he supposes that ‘he’ must enforce & impose the Sharia 'Law of Allah' when in Truth, the Law of Allah (Sharia) takes 'care' of ITSELF in that IT implements itself with NO 'aid' needed from mortal man because IT is the EQUAL and therefore the 'eye for an eye' RETURN.

This return is either for the benign or malignant ENERGY of Allah used in man’s interaction with man and NO 'mandate nor official position' nullifies nor voids Allahs Sharia (divine law) nor Allah’s implementation of HIS Law. IT, Allah’s divine Law, 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice' Itself and Allah brooks no interference from man or man’s puny laws when it concerns His Just eye for an eye process.

Man must BOW in submission to the Command of Allah at all times and in all circumstances:

" Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy."

The SHARIA is THE spiritual LAW of every realm of Allah's consciousness however, Allah's Sharia has nothing to do with the punitive attachments which mortal man imposes upon others via his books of 'rules, laws, decrees, statutes, acts' etc., which bring everyone to their knees.

Man is totally UNJUST and merciless, dispassionate and vindictive and is totally 'stupid' when he presumes to impose so much suffering upon others in the name of Allah, seeing NOT that all he imposes, will BE imposed upon his own HEAD by Allah at some stage ahead in this world or the next. Only Allah is infinitely Just therefore ONLY Allah has the mandate to JUDGE:

You steal an egg ~ you lose an egg
You give mercy ~ you receive mercy

You cause injury ~ you receive a similar injury
You kindly give unto others ~ you are kindly given to by others

You kill ~ you will be killed
You 'spare' life ~ your life will be spared

You cut off a hand ~ your hand will be cut off
You forgive your enemy ~ your enemy will forgive you.

That is the 'Sharia of Allah' - the Divine Law in operation (Allah's absolute Justice)

The divine law is simply the CONSEQUENCE of ones ACTIONS and is NOT Allah's 'Command.' Allah's COMMAND is:

" Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy."

Why does Allah command man to always 'Bow in submission' to HIS Command? (Islam) Because IF we so do then we remain within the 'benign' return aspect of THE Sharia (Law of Allah) and we are happy because no other causes us any HARM. We have the protection of Allah.

So in order to REMAIN within the precepts of THE COMMAND we must NEVER interfere in the lives of others and never punish or fight or reprimand others, for IF we DO, then we ARE 'infidels' defying Allah and we place ourselves within the punitive aspect of 'Sharia of Allah' (the divine law of Allah) and we suffer exactly what we IMPOSED through our arrogance or ignorance.

It clearly follows that every 'RULE' of punishment 'listed' by mortal man is a FALSITY and of itself defiance of THE COMMAND and invoked by an 'infidel' defiant of Allah. It also follows that any person or 'Judge' imposing a punitive sentence MUST suffer the same because that IS the 'Sharia of Allah.' (Divine Law of Allah) THE LAW of Allah (Sharia) is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE.

It also follows that any person 'voting' or funding or supporting a 'System' of government which IMPOSES punishments is also GUILTY through complicity of defying THE COMMAND of Allah because their 'servants' are injuring others in their name and on their behalf and all suffer proportionately as Allah so decides.

Please now BOW in submission to THE COMMAND of Allah and NEVER cause harm and thus you will be happy and joyous as you only receive a 'bountiful' RETURN within the Sharia of Allah. (The law of Allah)

This is the TRUE and ONLY WAY to eternal bliss and happiness and spiritual freedom

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~ Allah as head of house ~

For countless centuries man has been ruled by and misled by arrogant men. These men of religion or chiefs of power have held everyone in bondage to their DARK and destructive 'principles' of control, punishment, extortion, invasion and war.

In fact, it is these 'leaders' who were controlled by Allah's Dark energy and now it is THE TIME for us all to simply have the LIGHT of Allah as our guide rather than any mortal man or woman.

We must now simply go our way in PEACE as we truly DO 'bow in submission' to Allah's Command. We must now simply get ON with our daily 'life' and go about our business with Allah as our 'head of house' rather than mortal men and their controlling rules.

Only then will we be truly blessed by joy, peace, harmony and happiness as there will be NO taxes imposed and we will simply pay our way as we pay for any services we need directly to service providers rather than to 'princes' and other controllers.

From the income profit we make we will GIVE funds as we donate towards the upkeep of the lost, lonely or elderly who may need our HELP. We will now UNDERSTAND that Allah has only ONE Law: "As you do is done unto you." (Good for good given, pain for pain imposed)

So let our youth now lead the way as they 'teach & preach' the new loving way and they no longer 'obey' political 'heads.' They simply go their way peacefully as they turn their 'backs' upon the OLD WAY.

As said, all must simply get ON with their lives and never raise their 'voice' or hand or gun against any other sister or brother of any 'race' or belief. They also turn their backs to supposed 'holy men' who ritualistically impose rules and rituals which are now abolished by Allah's pen, MINE.

No more 'licence fees' are to be paid before carrying out a business as that way of extortion is also abolished as is taxation. As stated, Allah is now head of each house and 'officialdom' is abolished as all become enlightened and peaceful, kind, merciful and compassionate and 'free giving' rather than 'taking.'

Remember the Command of Allah as you awaken each day:

" Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy."

Any person of ANY 'faith' be they king or president or imam or other who DEFY the Command of Allah for ANY reason and punish any person is a 'whore' who takes a 'shekel' from the DEVIL and does the 'works of the devil,' for NO true Muslim or man of THE Light ever shows disrespect to the Command of Allah, for Allah is the giver of all life.

Any person of any standing who uses TEXT 'rules' in a book of law or other as the MEANS to 'turn their hand' against another is an ignorant INFIDEL who deserves to BURN and does so.

You have been WARNED - Allah is Allah, not you. OBEY Allah's Command.
Remember, if YOU
'disturb the peace of others,' then Allah will do the same to YOU.

Treat all others with THE GREATEST RESPECT even if they are mentally disturbed and vain or insane. Only help them and educate them if you can. If they 'resist' and laugh in your face then leave them to Allah to 'correct,' not you.

If you are one of the idiots who treats women as 'offal' and continue to mistreat them IN ANY WAY or show ANY disrespect to Allah's daughters, (your or another's) sister, wife, mother or lover,' you will find your way DOWN to a very dark space place where you are not only 'crushed' into submission by very dark forces but will be eternally 'segregated' from the laughing eyes, smiles, and the loving touch, softness and warm embrace of the female gender. Revere Allah's daughters for they are more precious to HIM than you can 'imagine.' 

All men who continue to try and force others to uphold rituals or decrees or other rules of men which have been enshrined as 'laws' of Allah will by Allah be sent into the underworld of eternal suffering for failing to BOW IN SUBMISSION to His Command. Leave the implementation of the 'Sharia of Allah' to Allah. Foolish indeed is any mortal who defies Allah's COMMAND.

Ignorance of the Sharia of Allah is NOT 'bliss' and NO excuse and will NOT save you.

Educate yourself.

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~ True Sharia ~

The TRUE 'Sharia' (divine justice) is all one and the same, being: An honourable and equitable and 'Just' energy return unto you personally for every positive or negative deed done by your hands on a 'person to person' basis with other children of Allah.

It is the positive return or 'Tribute' for deeds kind, or for deeds fair.  This return unto you is on an 'eye for an eye' basis.  As you gave are you given by Allah.

It is the negative return or 'retribution' for deeds unkind, or for deeds foul.  This return unto you is on an 'eye for an eye' basis.  As you gave are you given by Allah.

If you make others cry - you will weep.
If you are
unkind - the Devil will you bind.
If you are
compassionate & merciful & forgiving - you enter Paradise above.

For Allah has only ONE Law, it is eternal and immutable for sure and it says:

"As you Sow - so shall ye Reap - - - As you do is done unto you"

The 'jurisprudence' of Allah's ONE Law is simply that you receive back what you gave out, in an exact 'measure' of pain or pleasure.  For Allah is ALL, and Allah ensures that whenever you use any of HIS 'energy' that is both the positive or negative, that you receive an equal return.

This Law of Allah applies to all - both the rich and the poor, the priests and scribes and supposed holy men and, - - - also to those 'Judges' that judge and condemn Allah's children.  They too suffer the same fate that they 'decreed' by their unholy 'pen.'   

The 'decrees' or 'dictates' or 'rules' of any man written as 'texts' called 'holy books' or 'bibles' or, the legislated rules of politicians that 'govern' and control and punish Allah's children, as contained within the supposed 'laws of the land,' are all 'Satanic.'   

For all are extortionist and punitive, and all 'tax' the sanity of Allah's children, and all cause suffering, and all defy Allah's Command to "Be loving & kind & forgiving, & never 'bind' others to your beliefs."

The vain 'robed' men that 'apply' these rules believe falsely that they are as 'mighty' as Allah, and soon all will pay their 'dues' to Allah for going astray from the TRUE path of forgiveness and mercy. 

Be they the scribes or the legislators, or the soldiers or the 'law enforcers,' or the 'simple' public that support this dark and punitive ideology by funding it, or condoning it, will all 'bleat' when they fall on their knees at Allah's feet in the afterlife.  For the WRATH of Allah they will meet.  For Allah Commanded:

"Go your way in PEACE" - Submit to this Command - - - (ISLAM)

Because - - - this Command of Allah is:

'The path to the water well'

And - - - any who in defiance fail to obey Allah will be sent below.

Allah 'dictates' HIS 'Will,' - not man.

Man must only 'return' good unto others.  Yes, even unto their perceived enemy or those that 'offend' in some way because, - - - under Allah's ONE Supreme Law, (Sharia) any person that punishes another is in fact punishing himself. 

For as he 'does'* (punish & cause pain & suffering to be imposed,) so will Allah pay him back and, - - - no 'mandate' of man or role of Authority protects any man from Allah's 'eye for an eye' Law. 

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For none are 'above' the Sharia (Divine Law)  of Allah.  Foolish man raises up 'rules' in a 'book' in the name of Allah, as he 'man' says: 'These are Allah's commandments.'   They are not, they are but control & punishment meted out by the ignorant 'impostors' posing as 'holy' or 'enlightened.' 

Mankind should only raise up Codes of Conduct for guiding their youth, not for control or punishment or taxation extortion.  Mankind can raise up other Codes of Conduct for example: 'Builders Guild of excellence code,' or 'Drivers road code.'   These 'Certificates' or 'proof' of excellence belong to their holder, not to any 'governing' body.

The most important 'Code' to be taught is the 'personal relationships' daily living Code of Conduct as Commanded by Allah.  Being that all are taught to:

"Respect others - - never intrude into the affairs of others - - never disturb the peace of the land, or the peace of others - - be compassionate & merciful towards the sick or less fortunate and those that yet do offend due to their callous offensive ways - - be kind and considerate - - never regulate or tax or control others - - never steal from others - - never criticise or abuse or punish others - - only educate and counsel the offensive ones, and forgive them for their ignorant ways."

For only in this 'way' do we receive a positive return from Allah within the Sharia of Allah (As we do is done unto us) - For any negative abusive or controlling or punitive living 'Way' shows Allah that we walk the false way, and under Allah's Sharia (Divine Law) we then suffer the same for sure.

Any that walk 'outside' this conduct code through disturbing the peace of others must be 'detained,' and made to attend a three hour 'Feeling Easier' Seminar as is given in the 'Offender' document, as this will assist in their mental rehabilitation.

Other than these, the community can give out general advice notification to assist all.  Example: 'General hygiene information,' or 'immunisation information,' etc.

Each person is free to choose their own way of life, with Allah's Command as their guide, and each is 'responsible' to Allah, not man.  It is Allah the 'Judge & executioner,' the 'Giver of all, or the 'Taker of all.' 

Your deed is your ideology, for 'religion' is but a word that denotes many things.  For many a woman or man praises the name of Allah, but they by deed defy Allah's Command.  So Allah says:

"Beware these last days, for any found 'lacking' by ME their Creator will be cast out with the swine and wolves for eternity.  You have all been given the choice.  The choice to heed ME or to heed the voice of the Deceiver.  You now by your deed show me whether you:

Work for the Deceiver and - - - Make others bleed - Interfere in the lives of others - Control others - Manipulate others - Punish others - Abuse others - Make rules to control or restrict others - Steal from others - Seize others goods - Tax others income - Control the borders of MY lands - Invade others lands and kill them, and are Merciless and unforgiving.


You walk in PEACE as Commanded by ME and on a 'person to person' basis to others you are Merciful - Compassionate - Kind - Caring - Giving, and Forgiving.

For by your daily deed I know you as belonging to ME your Creator the LIGHT or belonging to Shetani the DARK.  Truly, the time is near when those of you that continue on 'abusing' MY children will feel fear and also MY spear."

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So sisters and brothers of mine, it is obvious for all mankind to now see that all have 'strayed' away from the TRUE 'peaceful & loving' path.  Thus all will now suffer for a time and none will 'laugh.' 

Let us now all 'turn' to the LIGHT of the Star shining bright and become respectful unto all, and do what Allah Commands all of you and become merciful & compassionate and forgiving.

For it is your deed that 'changes' the colour of your seed.  Yes, as you do 'good' it becomes clearer and brighter.  As you do 'wrong' it becomes dark and less bright. 

Remember, every 'enforcer' working for any State or Religion that is punishing others because of a 'mandate' or rules, is heading 'Hell's' way and for their defiance of Allah they will in HELL pay.

Man has arrogantly raised up 'rules' in the name of Allah, or in the name of 'Muhammad,' or in the name of the 'State,' and all such rules are to now be destroyed by Allah, as HIS 'wise' children delete all such, as this fresh wisdom is laid at the feet of humanity. 

By my 'pen' Allah now sets you free from the 'sin' of your ancestors, who were deceived by the Devil through their pride, greed, and vanity and ignorance.  Heed now Allah and set yourselves free, for the 'books' of RULES* are the false demiAllah that control everyone.

Note: RULES* - Are 'Kufr' (rebellion against Allah) - being anti-Allah's Command of peace and love.  For the rules of man justify control, extortion, abuse, and punishment.  Be they the rules in the 'books' of religion, or secular enactments, all are rules of men that defy Allah's sacred pen.

Any 'Fatwa'* (legal ruling) that contravenes the 'peace' love, mercy, & compassion' Command of Allah is Kufr, and - - - the 'Deen' (The Way) is not by 'following' any named religion, it is by living your daily life in accordance with Allah's Command.

Thus it follows that any person or any ideology that inflicts any pain and suffering upon others is 'kafir'* (One who denies the truth) and 'Kufr,' and it is the false 'Deen.'   You personally only attain 'Jannah'* (Paradise) when you are at all times 'peaceful & merciful & compassionate & forgiving.' 

To attain this 'gift' from Allah, your personal 'Jihad'* (Striving for peace) must be an inner striving* (Battle within the mind) to maintain your peaceful & merciful & forgiving expression when faced by 'adversity' at the hands of 'Infidels' of any 'race or colour or creed.'  

Allah sees no 'class' or skin colour or 'belief,' Allah sees only the colour of your inner spirit soul that becomes 'light or dark' depending on your daily deeds.

Note: Allah* (Allah) says that it is 'Haram'* (forbidden) for any man to 'judge' another for the purpose of punishment Allah says that man may only 'judge' another perceived as an offensive one for the purpose of deciding whether they are in need of assistance or good counsel.

Thus any 'religious' Court inquisition or Secular Court proceedings are in contempt of Allah, for their 'clerics' or judicial 'officers' believe that they are 'as' mighty as Allah.  For only Allah is 'self-authorised' to use force and abuse HIS errant children within the 'bounds' of HIS one supreme Law.

Note: Men of 'religion' treat scriptural RULES as if the RULES are Allah Himself.  They are not, they are but the 'meanderings' of lost minds that were used by the Devil to bind man into false ways, for Allah has but ONE Rule: "As you do is done unto you," and Allah Commands that man walks in Peace, and all 'punishers' are intruders and disturbers of the peace.

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There are no 'true' Muslims, and no 'true' Christians, for all defy Allah's Command to "Walk in peace & only love each other," for all men 'bow' to the dictates of the 'punishment' factor in the RULE book named 'The Koran' or the RULE book named "The Holy Bible" or the Political RULE books named the Secular 'laws of the land.' 

Thus it follows that NONE today worship Allah.  All worship the rules that were raised up by men who 'claimed' that they were inspired by Allah.  In fact every 'punitive' or controlling' or 'extortionist' Rule defies Allah's Command, and every person enforcing said rules are themselves 'subject' to Allah's ONE Law. 

Truly they will weep as 'pain' seeps into their very 'marrow' when they fall into the Abyss filled with sorrow.  For that 'judgement' is the 'Sharia of Allah'* (Divine Law) that all 'abusers' of Allah's children will be abused on an 'eye for an eye' basis at the 'hand' of Allah. 

For that is the 'singular' Law of Allah: "As you do is done unto you."

Note: 'Apostate' - One is perceived as a heretic or a renegade if one does not belong to any 'named' religion or, if one 'fellowships' with any 'other' religion that is perceived as a false one. 

What every person needs to see, is that one does not need to 'belong' to any named religion.  One merely needs to be 'strong' in the ideology Commanded by Allah, the ideology of 'Salaam - Islam'* (Peaceful), and thus one is a true 'believer.' 

Note: Those that perceive all written by 'man'* (men of the past) as being 'Divine Law' from Allah are the 'blind & lost' sheep, for they see these 'punitive rules' as un-challengeable, and they use them to enforce edicts, and to punish others out of vindictiveness. 

None seeing that it is these very 'scriptures' that 'permit' them and others to defy Allah.  These 'edicts' were raised up by men purporting to be 'wise,' and to have been 'sent' from the skies as they 'quote' Allah or Muhammad as the Source of their inspiration. 

None of them nor you seeing that any 'inspiration' that contains any 'contra' ideology to that of 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness' is the 'hiss' of the devilish Serpent that has held mankind in bondage since time immemorial.

Note: The use of any 'force' is contra the 'Will' of Allah and the Command of Allah.  No, 'punitive' rules are not 'divine,' they are the edicts of swine purporting to be 'holy men.' 

Man's mind is changeable.
Man's belief is changeable.
Man's interpretation is changeable.
Man's understanding is changeable.

But - - - Allah's 'Sharia'* (Divine Law) is eternally immutable, inviolate, unchangeable and, - - - is applicable to the wise, the ignorant, the poor, and the rich and, - - - all those that applied the 'switch' to others backs will be 'flayed' by Allah for their 'infidelity' to Allah's Command.

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Ask yourself - -

"Is it the 'name' of a religion that is the Truth or the Way"?
"Is it the 'punitive rules' content of the 'books' that is the
Truth or the Way"?

Neither, for Allah's Command to us HIS children is :"Be merciful & compassionate & forgiving and walk in PEACE," and is the religious ideology to be adhered to and followed, for it is the ONLY way to attain 'Jannah'* (Paradise) and, - - -

Allah's 'Sharia'* (Law) of 'an eye for an eye' in all you do is also applicable today, and, - - - Allah is to now restore peace in this land by casting out all that defy HIM as they continue to disturb the peace of the land as they 'abuse' others being HIS children and, - - - they shall be cast out and swept into the underworld by HIS power.

For in the 'eye' of Allah, any person that 'raises up' any rule or 'edict' that punishes another is a criminal, one to be dealt with by Allah at a time and in a place ordained by Allah.

All anti-terrorist 'abuse' imposed forcefully is itself a terrorist activity, and the perpetrators also defy Allah's Command of "Peace and goodwill unto all," and they too will feel the full force of Allah's Wrath in the underworld.

Those that 'shed' blood will be 'bled,' - - - those that kill others will soon themselves be dead, - - - not only 'dead' in the flesh, but their spirit with cold darkness will enmesh.  Choose now quickly, for - - -

Your eternal destiny is at 'stake.' 

One of the 'greatest' difficulties for man of today is to see the other's point of view in a 'correct' perspective.  This is due to many factors, the least of which is the programmed mind that 'grows' in understanding from its daily input.  Much of which is 'biased' towards the teachings of the past days, as well as the parental input of the particular 'race' ones 'spirit' is born into.

Fortunately for me I was 'born' in East Africa and was thus 'blessed' with the mixture of colours of 'cream & red & brown & black & white, as well as the 'beliefs' of the many ideologies and the 'texts' of their 'scriptures' that many a man did write.

Yes, all 'races' have the belief that their 'holy book' contains the 'Way.'   None seeing that the TRUTH is so simple and is the same but, - - - it has been misplaced amongst the 'addled' writings of many a 'hand' that tried to 'interpret' the original and, thus this my prayer of the day is:

"Oh Pillar of Light, please help me to open the eyes of the ignorant, so that they can stand in your sight.  Please help them to see that they must no longer wield a verbal or physical 'Sword' for, - - - they must now lay down their 'arms' and 'succumb' to your loving 'charms' and, - - - they must now only educate offenders, and no longer punish or fight any other for, - - - all must now see that all are your precious children and their divine sister or brother."

Imam al-Mahdi

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~ Adversity ~

When faced by 'adversity'

The Faithful stay Peaceful

The unfaithful 'infidels' commit spiritual 'infidelity' and, - - -
They defy
Allah and raise up a 'Sword'* against others and they Fight and, - - -

These 'swine' are sent below into the Abyss by Allah and there, - - - they get to know 'why' Allah said:

"Walk your road in PEACE and make no other cry."

Those 'teachers' that preach 'regulation or punishment' or raise up 'edicts' in the 'name of Allah' or in the 'name of Mohammad' and deceive Allah's children with false teachings are also infidels that defile their own souls and, - - -

These 'whores'* are sent below into the Abyss by Allah and there, - - - they get to know 'why' Allah said:

"Do not regulate or berate. Only 'educate,' and tell MY children to walk in PEACE and make no other cry."

You have all now been told and are now warned that having read this 'notice' from Allah, that all will now pay their past dues and, - - - further to this, any that now continue on in their unforgiving & merciless 'sinning' ways will continue to suffer and more dues 'accrue' and pay. 

Please do your best to now stand UP as on this FINAL message from Allah you 'sup' and, - - - change your ways to the positive mercy & forgiveness before that last of these END days.

Note: 'Sword'* - 'Sword, axe, gun, stone, stick, or even a 'foul' word or, - - -
being any expression of darkness through you, be it the
control or punishment of others.

Note:* 'whores' - Persons that take or receive a 'shekel' or a 'mercenary' wage as a payment for which they defy Allah's Holy Command to be 'Peaceful & merciful & forgiving,' and their 'duty' is then for the Devil to whom they owe their allegiance as for IT they 'interfere, , regulate, control, seize, steal, tax, punish, deceive, or even kill, others, and through their dark deeds, the Devil has ITS 'fill' and, - - - these 'ignorant' infidels unknowingly sell their souls to the Devil that ahead, then dines on their spiritual carcasses.

Will these 'ignorant' ones ever stop supping 'blood' from Satan's cup? I hope so, for the day draws near when every 'abuser' or 'enforcer' feels fear when they find themselves 'unarmed' in the depths below.  Only if they now heed me and turn to face the Light of Allah will they one day be set free.

Note:* 'rituals' - People have been taught falsely that the 'performing' of rituals purges their souls of sin.  This is gross error, as is the ritualistic 'practise' of the 'stoning of Satan' in the 'Haj' pilgrimage.  For you do not get 'rid' of Satan or your inner sin by throwing stones at anyone, - - - including Shetani, for HE is 'authorised' by Allah to steal the souls of non-believers, and it is only the non-believers that do throw stones and, - - - when you try and 'kill' Satan, you at that moment have strayed from the true path of PEACE.

Terence - the messenger of Allah

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~ The 'face' & 'Will' of Allah ~

The Will of Allah is 'plural' as all will 'see' once the face of Allah they can see.  Until then, they will just have to believe me, being the spirit of truth who can Allah's face see.

For Allah is Father and Mother too, and thus Allah's 'Will' is two.  For Allah is the Light the Mother, as well as the Dark the Father, and thus each has 'something' within their mind that they 'individually' seek to impress upon the loving 'living' and the 'dead' unkind.

So the 'Will' of our Mother of life is different to that of the Father of 'strife,' for He is the one to intrude and impose His Will upon any that abuse their inner rose.  This they do when the Command to 'Only love' they abuse by infusing darkness upon others that then to them does return.

Her 'Will' is but the loving and merciful one, wherein She returns light and love to everyone that heeds Her call of compassion and mercy and forgiveness too.  So all that heed Her are caring and kind and Father's Wrath does not them bind.

So what you all need to try and see is that, whenever you are controlling or punitive or abusive in any way, then Father is the one to make you pay.  For His Will is always done either by Him direct or through 'someone' that is blind and cannot see that they are not as powerful as HE.

For only the 'blind' and vain and arrogant impose His retribution upon others or steal their pay, for they see not that His Law is immutable and all their folly will return to them on another day.

Those that can 'see' are kind and caring as they heed their Mother the Light and never steal or deceive or fight.  So their 'return' that they 'earn' within Allah's singular law is 'happiness & joy' for sure.

So please now prepare your mind.  For if you do not, then the dark will it bind as it intrudes and uses you to be His enforcer, and for Him you will much 'imposition' of retribution do to the untrue.

For what you must see, is that He uses the 'blind' to be His 'enforcer' due to their arrogance and intent to be unkind.  For in this way He infuses their soul with His dark energy so that He can drag it down below.

For when their 'spirit' soul is dragged below, then He can bestow His full wrath upon it as His Might he does upon them 'sit' and this way they learn the 'folly' of 'burning' His children.

If you would rise up into Mother's Light the Promised Land then heed me, for only I see the Will of Allah in action in everyone's daily interaction.  For we are the 'energy' of Allah in action at all times.

Thus we individually 'choose' to win or lose, and this we do depending upon whether our actions are true or untrue.  So it is now up to you.  For whatever you do, you will 'invoke' the Will of Allah too.  Be it Allah's 'joy' or Allah's 'hate' to which none can relate.

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~ Daily prayers ~

Men of Religion say: "Kneel at our feet for only through us you will Allah greet."

Allah says: "Kneel at no man's feet, stand tall and face the Sun that is 'as' Me, pure brilliance and radiance."

Allah says: "True 'pillars' of Light being men of spiritual strength and deep insight are those who do walk unarmed peacefully, and they fear not for their flesh for they trust ME their Allah they cannot see and thus they uphold my decree." 

- 'Peace - Salaam - Islam' -

Allah says: "My sacred 'Word' is the ONE pillar that will uphold itself, for any who walk in Peace walk in My 'shelter,' and those who fight send their own souls plummeting into the dark night aided by My Dark energy which is invisibly drawn into their souls as they use it against others."

Allah says: "As you walk your way just think of my wisdom I again now send your way.  It is symbolised by the bright Morning Star that shines truthfully bright and clear both night and day.  As this you do three times a day, then say the "star" prayer I now send your way, as it will strengthen your mind so that you can "pay" for past folly without retaliating on your day."

Allah says: "Heed now Terence, for his pen is MY sacred pen and all of you of any race must walk in PEACE - Salaam ISLAM - InshAllah, or you will be confined by ME below and eternally be "lost" in desert storms or snow and for eternity your suffering will grow, and all "religions" are ANTI - Islam, for all men of religion FIGHT and that is an abomination in My sight."

Allah says: "The religion called 'Islam' is not the way.  The way is when you heed My call of 'Islam' and thus you extend PEACE and goodwill unto all.

I Allah have spoken

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The Conclusion

This 'Correction of the Truth' should enable a positive response from your soul. 

The Sharia (Sacred Law) of Allah is: - - -The 'eye for an eye' return Due given to man for every deed (action) bestowed by man upon others, be it kindness for kindness bestowed or suffering for suffering imposed, - - - this 'Tribute' imposition of happiness or sorrow is bestowed or imposed by Allah.  This is Divine Justice. 

The Tariqah (Sacred Path) as revealed in the Word of Allah is: - - - That to attain inner peace and salvation and to gain entry into Paradise, - - - man must walk in Peace in every situation and at all times, and always be kind & respectful & merciful & compassionate & forgiving. 

The Haqiqah (Sacred Truth) is the Wisdom from Allah that states that: - - - When confronted by aggression, man must not retaliate in any way.  For only in non retaliation is one conforming to the sacred path and 'way' of PEACE not the Sword.  Thus any 'aspirant' must have an outwardly peaceful expression in order to accomplish the journey inwardly to the inner destination of Heaven.   

True Islam is the adherence to the Holy Word of Allah and only thus does the individual attain divine order and harmony within and without, and beatitude of their soul is attained.   

All Allah's children are 'called' to follow this divine revelation and to live according to its Doctrine of 'Peace unto all.'   For religious 'doctrines' differ and are at 'variance' to the above absolute Divine Will of Allah. 

Any 'variance' to the commanded divine order and harmony wherein ones daily deed is solely peaceful means, - - - that the person 'disturbing the peace' of others is defiant of Allah and suffers accordingly.   

No true 'believer' is less than merciful, compassionate, and forgiving towards those others yet 'sinfully' living.  For true believers never find any 'justification' to be punitive, taxing, or warring. 

It is Kings, Queens, Dictators, and government departments that raise up rules, regulations, and rituals.  All such are an 'invasion' upon the pure doctrine of Allah's divine Revelation and Command of 'PEACE unto all.'   

It is religions that raise up rules, regulations, and rituals.  All such are an 'invasion' upon the pure doctrine of Allah's divine Revelation and Command.  Purity of faith is simply the daily actions (deeds) of the individual of 'PEACE unto all.'   

No amount of 'prayers' or supplications offered to Allah can void the One Supreme Law of Allah.   

"As you do is done unto you."

You only complete the Sacred path once you have paid all 'pain & suffering' dues to Allah in the fulfilment of Allah's 'eye for an eye' Shariah (Law) that is immutable and applies to all.  The more you abuse or punish or 'fight' your perceived enemy, the further away your soul walks from the Light of Paradise and, the more 'debt' of suffering you accrue as a future spiritual due in this or the 'after' life. 

The major rites or pillars (arkan) of Islam, namely the daily prayers (salat), fasting (sawm), the pilgrimage (hajj), the religious tax (zakat) and holy war (jihad), are NOT the means of sanctifying man's terrestrial life, enabling him to live and to die as a 'civil' being destined for beatitude. 

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The fundamental 'right' of Islam is to surrender your mind and soul to the Wisdom of Allah and follow the Sacred 'WAY' of 'PEACE unto all - and -  be MERCIFUL & COMPASSIONATE unto all - and - be FORGIVING unto all - and thus and only thus do you become free spiritually. 

Spiritual servitude is 'bowing' to the WILL of Allah

The STAR prayer is an 'invocation' to the Light of Allah to keep you focussed on the true path of Peace, so that you control the 'contra' devious thoughts and negative emotions within you as you stay 'alert' to the dangers within you. 

The Star prayer assists you to TRUE fasting, being your abstinence from using darkness by negative expressions by your words or by your deeds.  Spiritual purity is attained through the abstinence of using darkness. 

If you 'fast' daily by abstaining from using negativity * in your deeds, you 'open' the gates of Heaven within your own soul.  For 'fasting' means that you draw no dark (sin) energy into your soul.  Darkness (mist of death) only enters into your soul when you use it in your expression upon others by word or deed.   

Note: using negativity * - An act of: stealing, abusing, unkindness, extortion, punishing, killing etc,.  (Even when lying or deceiving)

You do not need to follow 'rules' or 'rituals' of man to show Allah your 'belief' in Islam, you simply conform to the Wisdom of Allah and go your individual way in PEACE, each and every day.  Thus Allah sees that you are true to Allah and HIS Command, and that your 'seed' is worthy to enter HIS land of PEACE & LOVE & eternal happiness. 

Material 'rituals' such as fasting from material 'food' has naught to do with the inner spiritual journey.  Men of 'religion' became confused by their own negative feelings of power, and needed 'rituals' to advance their own feelings of vanity, as they placed 'rituals' above the Sacred Word of Allah so that you served them and their material needs, - - - 'bowed' down to them and, - - - satiated their feelings of 'control & greed.'   

The journey within to Allah's realm is not accomplished by any outward 'material' pilgrimage.  It is accomplished by conforming to the Command of Allah and, - - - through 'bending' as you 'bow' to HIS Will and walk in PEACE.  (InshAllah)

The TRUE 'Jihad' is the inner battle of thoughts good versus thoughts bad.  For the bad thoughts emanate from within, being the telepathic thoughts from demons that arise in your mind via your inner sin (negative emotions of anger, jealousy, hatred etc)

If you 'externalise' this battle and fight against material enemies,* then you are defying the Command of Allah and you are NOT peaceful and by 'warring,' you FALL into the Abyss for you are an infidel.  (non-believer)

Note: material enemies,* - Other people perceived as unjust, unlawful or, simply your 'enemies.'   

The 'challenge' for any believer is to remain PEACEFUL, especially when faced by the 'Lion' of adversity.  Being the imposition of suffering imposed upon you by Allah through the minds of other infidels, - - - in payment for when in your past* you too were an infidel that 'warred' - - - and did not conform to the Command of 'Peace unto all.'   

Note: past* - Either during this life or, in a prior 'realm, or time, or space' of consciousness. 

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~ The pure Virgin ~

The pure 'unsullied' VIRGIN is any person who remains TRUE to the 'call' of 'PEACE unto all' at all times and in all situations.   

Any person in any walk of life who now continues to be cruel, or that administers punishment for and on behalf of themselves or the System of government, or Allah, - - - will by Allah be confined to the Abyss to serve an eternity of cruelty and suffering at the hands of other demonic 'infidels' who abide there due to their disbelief in the Power of Allah as well as their nonconformity to the Command of Allah to: "Go your way in peace and love one another."

Belonging to a 'religion' is not 'The Way.' 
Conforming to the Wisdom of and Command of Allah - 'PEACE' - is 'The Way.' 

No 'Banners, headdress, uniforms or badges,' nor attending supposedly holy shrines signifying ones allegiance to any religion, nor any other outward symbols are required by Allah.  Your Creator Allah simply requires you to show HIM of your inner spirituality by your peaceful deeds, as YOU daily conform to HIS Command 'dictate' and thus you are loving, humble, respectful, kind, merciful, compassionate, forgiving and peaceful.

Align yourselves now to the TRUTH of this sacred pen of Allah and put down your weapons.  Just set aside your rituals and 'rules' and treat your fellow mankind with respect as you forgivingly and lovingly extend mercy as you educate them to your new way by giving them the 'peaceful' example.   

True Islam is therefore the uncontaminated true Word of Allah I now reinstate to assist all of you to reach the Land Divine. 

Every 'system' of man that 'rules' other men via Decrees or Edicts 'raised up' and thrust upon Allah's children as 'The Law' is a satanic imposition.  All those men perceived as operating 'Justly' as legislators, interferers, controllers and law enforcers who impose the 'punishment' factors attached to the rules of men will now see that they have all taken the Law of Allah into their own 'hands' and thus, - - - they 'fell' from grace and it is now Allah to impose HIS wrathful face upon them and, - - - 

For every 'tear' and every 'terrorising' fear and every 'hurt' they inflicted for and on behalf of legislated rules will by Allah now be thrust upon them on an EQUAL and thus 'eye for an eye' RETURN basis, as they all for a time and a time entwine with demons in the Abyss below where all 'fornicators' go, being the arrogant and vain and ignorant who 'enjoy' meting out abuse by punishment under the 'cover' of rules.

None have 'immunity' from Allah or Allah's one Divine Law (Sharia) - You all 'Reap what you Sow' - This truth upon all mankind I now bestow.  Prepare now your final 'bed,' for all will soon feel the dread which they imposed upon others under the 'guise' of legitimacy and Justice.  All now will learn the REALITY of Allah's Justice.

It is NOT for man to 'bestow' punishment or 'justice,' for at that moment the 'administrator' of such as well as their supporters all place themselves within the PUNITIVE aspect of Allah's SHARIA. (Divine Justice: As you did unto others is to BE done unto you.)

It is ONLY for man to kindly, lovingly, mercifully and compassionately EDUCATE those others 'trapped' by Allah's dark energy essence and to set them free.

It is ONLY for man to 'turn the other cheek' when 'struck' a blow by an infidel or to 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' if oppressed.

It is ONLY for man to walk in the Light of Allah and never fight nor injure nor punish nor invade nor control others.

It is ONLY for man to 'bow in submission' to the Command of Allah at all times and in all circumstances:

" Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy."

Become now free spiritually by listening to Allah's 'voice' through me:

"Love, forgiveness, and merciful compassion is the way to eternal paradise. Those who continue to disturb the peace of MY land will be confined for eternity as is spoken by ME through my dove."

page 14

Reflections on the 'protection' of ones soul by Allah/Allah


How does Allah protect mortal man from loss or suffering or spiritual death?


It is simply by man accepting and thus 'bowing' in obedience to the Wisdom given unto mankind by Allah.


Man professes by mouth of his allegiance to his saviour (Allah) but in fact man by deed does the opposite as he fights others. (His oppressors) Man also believes that Allah is so merciful and compassionate that He will thus save man. This is the deception of the Dark devilish force.


Allah states to man:


1 - "I Allah COMMAND you to go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and if you are abused then you must turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and forgive your perceived enemy because, ONLY in this way do you pay outstanding spiritual dues to Me as you suffer. ONLY in this way do you not accrue any further dues to Me your God because you are no longer causing harm to others."

2 - "I Allah FORBID you to use My DARK forceful and controlling and destructive energy essence in your interaction with others because the USE thereof results in the CAUSING OF HARM and destruction and it is My prerogative to so do but not yours."

There is only ONE ‘Law’ – “As you do is done unto you – As you ‘sow’ so shall ye REAP.”
Political mortal man needs to now learn that their 'vote' into POWER does not legalise their defiance of Allah's COMMANDS above, neither does it void or nullify or overrule the implementation of Allah's singular LAW of EQUAL RETURN given above.
Allah's 'anchor' is total obedience to HIS Holy Word “Love one another” - Allah's counsel is: ONLY use my LIGHT creative energy in your interaction with others as you OBEY my Command (1) above and THUS the return aspect via others will BE loving, kindly, compassionate, merciful and forgiving.


It is all very simple because Allah has 'twin' energies, the benign creative LIGHT and the malignant destructive DARK.  Both of these energies are a Law unto themselves and the Law being:


"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" - "As you do is done unto you."


It follows that Allah cannot 'protect' man from using His energies because it is ones freedom of choice to so do. But Allah commands man to ONLY use His benign Light ENERGY in the knowledge that when one does so, one revolves within ITS aspect of THE LAW and ONLY receives a return of 'love' flowing back through others.


Conversely, when man defies the WISDOM of Allah and uses the DARK, forceful, destructive energy essence of Allah causing harm, loss and destruction, then man receives a return of agony and suffering as man is forced to 'endure' EQUALLY all he so arrogantly IMPOSED upon his sisters and brothers. This punitive return is via the mind and hands of others equally ignorant of THE IMMUTABLE LAW OF ENERGY.


Man sees NOT that when he uses the Light energy of Allah it grows within and brightens his SOUL and its rarefied vibration is what uplifts man up into Heaven.


Man sees NOT that when using the Dark energy of Allah it grows within and darkens his SOUL and its coarse vibration is what drags man down into the depths of the Dark.

The principles laid out in this document are those of TRUE spirituality and the salvation 'way' and the CORRECT teaching. Any 'activity' which conflicts with the principles laid out in this document is ERROR and is forbidden by Allah.

All 'canonical' laws, rules, acts, dictates, rituals or statutes of EVERY 'religion' are now abolished by this pen. There is only ONE 'Law of Allah' as revealed above and any person teaching or preaching other than the 'said' above are the 'works of men' emanating from Satan's den.

Every supposedly 'sacred' or other book of 'texts' of man having ANY punitive 'rules or laws or decrees' must be placed in a FIRE.  

As decreed by MY sacred pen, the pen of Allah

I Imam al-Mahdi the Spirit of Truth have spoken - Terence

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