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~ The personal 'Inquisition' paper ~

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For any person to 'want' to set themselves free from slavery and 'bondage' to the invisible darkness, they needs understand why it is imperative to stop 'supporting or funding or belonging to' any organisation claiming to be a governing 'State' institution of man or a governing 'Religious' institution of man.

Governing Institutions were imposed upon 'us' by our forefathers. It was their inner 'sin' (negative emotions) that enabled the Serpent to lay the 'ground rules' that enslave all today.

Slavery to darkness has been accomplished and continues on 'unopposed,' for all men are 'blind & asleep' and see not the cold 'mist of death' that creeps silently into their souls each day as they work or play. When you or your servants defy the light and 'legally' extort funds, or punish, or fight, you make Almighty God your enemy. You cannot win.

When you can clearly see that by supporting it (these institutions), that you are 'following' its false control and punitive belief, all will then realise that governing Institutions are in fact false demigod religions.  The 'religion' being your 'belief' that its 'Commandments,' being its rules within its 'controlling & punitive' Rule book is as or is a 'God' to be heeded and followed.

Try and see that as you fund and support it and give your allegiance to it, you defy the "Only love and go in peace" Commandment of the True God of Light because, you become complicit to all the 'control, invasion, interference, extortion, punishment or killing' of others that is done in your name and on your behalf by its political enforcement arm as it 'rules you' and protects you using force of arms.

You also need to read other documents on this web site so that your mind becomes 'able' to accept and understand the deep truths revealed by God via my sacred pen.


You may be called to stand 'Trial' for many different reasons. Possibly because you refuse to 'bear arms' for some 'State' governing Institution in the land you live. Or as me you may be walking apart from the Institution and you do not pay an annual 'fee' levy to revalidate your drivers Certificate of Competency as in your eyes it is always valid.

You may be 'stopped' for wearing no 'seat belt' or for many other reasons. In reality there is no valid reason for any 'man' to bring you to a 'halt' and make demands off you if you are not in any way 'disturbing the peace' of the land. If you are disturbing the peace then others are entitled to 'haul you in' to assist you with good counsel and then let you go.


There will be a time in the life of every person including those seeking freedom when they are 'taken' by force of arms to a place where they are 'accused' and 'tried' in a Court of man.

This may be due to your past 'way' when for pay you were untrue to yourself and you abused or killed your neighbours. This being due to your dark emotions, or vengeful thoughts, or because your 'arm' was purchased by state forces to work for them.

Or you may be tried due to your conscious objection to doing something that contravenes their 'immoral' Code, and that in their opinion is also a contravention of the Code of Conduct of the God of Light.

None can avoid their personal 'Inquisition' or their coming punishment that is due. I merely 'record' all this so that you see that God will punish you via the hands of others, and I hope that they see that what they do to you will return to them and STING them too.

Their 'Inquisition' will be at the hands of others that believe that they or their 'Institution' has the right to 'Try' any person that 'resists' or 'desists,' or that contravenes their personal beliefs or rules or legislation of their Institution.

You may also one day find yourself in the hands of other 'terrorists' who will simply punish you or execute you. In this case there is naught you can do but stay steady of mind, and do not give in to any demands made upon you to aid their 'ways' or support their ways. Certainly if they are hungry then feed them with food and wisdom.

These pages will give you all the necessary information needed to assist in your defence, and I would remind you that you need to 'front up' alone without any 'solicitor' or legal counsel to assist you. You need to speak for yourself with the knowledge that God is omnipresent, and that God expects you to 'simply' state the truth as you see it, or to remain silent if you so wish, and await the 'judgement' of the day.

Whatever punitive 'results' you receive at the hands of the 'ignorant' non-believers' that are 'judging or condemning,' needs to be met calmly without any retaliation, in the knowledge that any punishment meted out to you is your spiritual 'due' for past transgressions against God, and possibly have no 'connection' to the present 'charges.'


The information and 'questions' given at the 'end' are in relation to 'charges' laid at my feet that may be entirely different to your circumstance, but within it you will find some assistance to guide you in your personal stance in this troubled time at hand.

To assist your 'way' and 'defence' on a later day I have prepared these pages.
Let us all begin to be
kind and loving and true to ourselves as well as others too - Good luck.

page 2

~ The compulsive 'disorder' ~

The 'error' of man's way is his compulsive 'disorder' in first 'thinking' and then believing that others must comply with his directives, and be punished for any non-compliance with his 'orders.'

This 'compulsion' is the 'sign' of a mentally disturbed person who is controlled by demons and the Dark Sovereign Power. I say: Do not comply with his edicts or you become insane, and you will also suffer for eternity for being as vain as 'he is' in believing that you are God. For only God can so 'command' and receive no 'return' reprimand.

All that become 'elevated' by power do stand under the 'shower' of arrogant thoughts telepathically imposed within their minds by the 'devil' who does 'revel' at their blindness and, - - - in the knowledge that they will 'dance' on flames as they HIM ahead meet.

The 'deepest' Truth is that the Dark Sovereign Power being the retributive 'arm' of the JUST God, raised up 'rules' via the minds of vain man so that HE the Dark Sovereign Power could mete out HIS 'executive' execution at any time, even in this world and cut off a man's hand even though on earth he only stole an egg.

This 'payback' being their past 'accrued' due at another time and even when in a prior realm of consciousness. This 'payback' being the one and only 'injustice' that exists.

For in meting out God's 'justice,' those so doing are 'unjust' to themselves. For in 'playing' God, they then 'accrue' the same 'equitable' return pain due at a later date to be 'set' by God on an 'eye for an eye' basis.

Foolish are those 'tempted' by darkness to compulsively 'act' the godly role. As men continue to defy the God of Light that commands peace & mercy & forgiveness, he man becomes more 'sorrowful & controlled' and he also becomes 'stuck' on the endless 'wheel' of suffering.

The Dark Sovereign Power is the Godly Authority that 'cruelly & mercilessly' fulfils the DARK aspect of God's one punitive Law against all defying the Commandment to "Only love and walk in peace."

All that abuse others subject themselves to this JUST return due placed upon them by almighty God. As they abuse, so are they 'equally' abused. It is the 'devilish' deceptive 'nature' of the dark that seduces man into believing that he man 'should' be the punisher for IT.

For as man so 'does,' he man becomes enslaved and trapped, and then subjects himself to ongoing pain and horror that is his due for being untrue to his Creator the God of Light and ITS Command of 'Peace and Mercy.'

The institutionalised religion of man says: "None are above the law of the land." Implying: "None can avoid the punishment for non-conformity to our 'established' rules, even if compliance to our rules means that you are forced to defy your God and your belief, for 'we' carry a gun."

All have assumed that because some men were 'democratically' elected into power in their organisation by a 'majority,' that the rules they 'raise' are 'just & good' for the community. Some as 'codes of conduct' may so be, but any that makes people into criminals are not; neither is the 'punishment' rule 'valid' in God's Code of Conduct Command to us.

The more man punishes, the more man is punished by God. That is the Law of God, so if the 'code of conduct' rules of man force man to condone and support punishment of others, or seizure of others goods etc, then all 'living' that 'code' are subjecting themselves to punishment by God in a never ending cycle.

By all means raise up ADVISORY 'codes of conduct' as guidelines, e.g. Hygiene code: "Bury your excrement and then wash your hands." But do not impose a 'secondary' rule called THE 'law' that stipulates: "If you fail in either of the above you will be punished and 'lashed' under the law."

Man has the God given 'choice' to be clean or filthy. If you do not wish to live next door to 'pigs,' then you move away, but do not apply 'force' to send them away.

The law of man has made all men into thugs. Your support of the punitive 'rules' of man leads you into the darkness. Let the sane now get away from Hell's Gate before it is too late. For once there, eternal suffering and excruciating pain will you snare.

Policing officers of the State 'religion' and the judiciary need to ask themselves something:

"Is the 'commandment' text written within our 'rule book' bible so sacred, that we will sell our souls to the Devil in our endeavours to uphold its 'sacraments,' (legislated punitive rules) as we defy God and abuse others by punishing them, when God commands us all to "Be loving and kind and merciful and forgiving"?

All 'men' are but 'commoners,' for all are ignorant of God's Wisdom, and the 'justification' to enforce what is perceived by many as 'fair' code of conduct rules, overrides God's Command.

This is 'simply' because man sees no God, and is 'filled' with negative energy that is the justification to steal, to control, and to punish all that do not comply with man's 'commandments.' None seeing that before or 'after' they 'die,' that God most definitely fulfils HIS Just 'eye for an eye' Law.

The more man 'seeks out the other' to punish or destroy,
the more he becomes 'Satan's' toy.

Mercy & forgiveness is the way.

page 3

~ Sedition & Treason ~

In man's eyes

Sedition - Is an act that is threatening the authority of the State.
Treason - Is disloyalty to the rules of the Constitution and thus holding the Sovereignty of the State Institution in contempt.

In man's eyes & God's eyes

ANARCHY - Is a 'state' of civil unrest due to all 'participants' defying God's Code of Conduct demand of "Respect all and do not disturb the peace." This results in ongoing suffering to all participants.

In God's eyes

SEDITION - Is an 'act' of rebellion against the Authority of God and leads to punishment by God.

TREASON - An 'act' against the State of Heaven in causing pain & suffering to other children of God. Thus defying God's Command to "Be loving & merciful & compassionate & forgiving." This 'act' of defiance leads to eternal suffering and eventual spiritual death.

TREASON - An 'act' against the State of Heaven in causing pain & suffering to other children of God in attempting to force them to change their allegiance from their Sovereign God of Light into allegiance with the Dark Sovereign Power

MERCENARY - A Mercenary is any person be they 'priest or pauper or politician' who receives 'pieces of silver' as a wage that forces them willingly or unwillingly to defy the God of Light & Love and in 'some' way control or abuse or punish or kill another, or seize or destroy their property or business or home or livelihood.

A 'mercenary' is a man a 'Judge or Cleric' passing punitive sentence according to man's 'law or rules or statutes,' and needs to see that he is also 'subject to' God's immutable Law. "As you do is done unto you."

A 'mercenary' person is anyone who defies the Code of Conduct of 'peace & mercy & forgiveness' of God and raises their hand against sister or brother as they fight or demand their perceived right. They can be a soldier, a terrorist, a magistrate, or a man in the street, all are 'judges & executioners' in action.

A 'mercenary' person is anyone who 'pays' another to 'wield a cudgel' on his behalf or, to 'extort' funds on his behalf or, to 'punish' another on his behalf or, to 'raise up' rules on his behalf that cause any suffering to others.

Mercenaries 'unknowingly' sell their soul into bondage to the dark super power, and they also 'accrue' an unseen 'painful' debt to this 'Source' that always 'extracts' full payment under ITS one Law at the time and place appointed by IT.

Note: As stated by my hand there is no 'one' permitted into the ultimate land who has any 'debts' outstanding for any 'offences' contravening God's Command, thus was I 'crucified' before to show all seekers of Salvation by example that before they could 'upwards travel,' they would need to 'bite the gravel' and 'suffer' their return due at the hands of others ignorant and untrue.

And to this do in a manner 'compliant' with God's Command of 'Go in peace and never raise your hand or sword,' it follows that one must be unarmed and be prepared to be crucified if needs be, and to this do one needs a mind steady and true so that one can 'turn the other cheek' and remain meek, as one meets the fate as apportioned by their God who does them 'berate' via the mind and hands of the vain and insane. - That is the pure truth from the mouth of God's 'proof.'


Note: Religion - If you have a religious 'belief,' then that belief is your ideology, being your philosophy, doctrine, opinion and tenets, being your 'creed, faith, and dogma.'

Thus if I am adhering to my peaceful 'belief' and I neither 'vote' for nor 'support' the Institution, and also state quite categorically that I am not a 'member' of it, then I am 'above' and beyond the jurisdiction of the Institution as I am 'proven' to not belong to it. I am however still a member of my local community and I do reach out to members of the Institution with my good counsel each day.

page 4

~ The 'Plea' ~

The 'Judge's' ask of whether I plead 'guilty or not guilty' to any charges placed before me is answered as follows:

"I make no plea, as this court has no authority to judge me.
Only God has such authority, and you are not God."

The Judge will then make an entry 'Not Guilty until so proven' in his book and then your 'trial' will begin, and as you have the 'right' to defend yourself with 'words' you will be able to ask the 'persecutors' prosecution witness some questions, and I also give here following on page 12 some of the ones I will ask the police officer who will be giving his evidence against me.

page 5

~ Introductory Statement by Submission ~
Launceston Court - August 8
th 2003

Magistrate Wilson, What can I say when I am brought to stand before proven scoundrels? Men of no conscience, no God, no belief in kindness, mercy or forgiveness. Men who believe that they are above their own law and the one law of God.

I can but say that they have no authority to 'judge' any man, especially not God's messenger of light and love, who brings to them the wisdom to set themselves free from their iniquity.

For you 'sir' and your less than 'merry men' are proven to be men of no conscience, for you did already thrust me into a cell as you defied my 'right' to be 'heard' due to your arrogance.

So it is now I to judge you sir, and that I have already done as God spoke through my pen, and as for your many 'helper' men, they too soon stand in a far 'greater' Court than this one and then, - - - 'Well I be damned' - - - they will say as they then see the extent of their iniquity.

As for today, I have again brought a statement from God your way, and if you again thrust it back at me because you are too vain to it see, then so be it.

And if you again punish me, then for a second time you 'sit' a judgement of "Treason" against your own soul, for your actions are proven to be treasonable against your own State 'rules' as well as Treason against your Creator.

For by the persecutive actions of the prosecution and the subsequent previous sentencing, it is apparent that the police and you have not only 'challenged' the authority of the Australian Constitution, but have also usurped its stated mandate and your own and, - - - you have shown God and man your intolerance of the religious belief of others (myself) and, - - - have committed an 'act' of religious persecution against me and, - - - they have committed sedition and treason against said Commonwealth Institution Authority (Constitution).

Why do your 'policing' officers and this court persecute and punish me a man of peace, who is not only complying with the Command of his God, but who is also living in the manner 'approved' by your Constitution, and this 'approval' contains no 'punishment' addendum or clause?

If you were 'honest' then you would protect me against the 'advances' of Inquisitors, by upholding my right within your Constitution to 'exercise' my religious belief.

If you punish me for abiding within the 'primary' rule of your Constitution, then a 'grave' error of judgement has been made that is false and treasonable.

As a 'judge' being paid to uphold the rule of the Constitution of your institutional organisation, it is seditious and treasonable to hold the sovereignty of 'said' Constitution in contempt. This you do by flaunting your disregard to its sovereign authority in your 'religious' persecution of me and your complicity to an act of slavery.

This treasonable act has been proven to have been carried out by you with the aid of 'some' police officers and Corrective services personnel when you 'sentenced' me to imprisonment last year without 'hearing' my defence.

If you punish me, then it is you who is again guilty of contravening the Commonwealth of Australia Act 9 (July 1900) section 116, for in using punishment as a coercive means to either extract money from me, or to force me to adhere to the 'rules' of your organisation, - - - then you are in fact attempting to force me to change my religious belief and become a 'follower' of your religion that has a contra belief.

For my religious 'observance' has the belief in 'peace & love & mercy & forgiveness,' and by your very deeds as well as the 'dictates' of the rules within your organisation that force you to defy God, it proves that your 'religion' is a dark fundamentalist one that is 'extortionist & punitive & controlling & mercenary & destructive.'

Thus proven as being a religious organisation or 'order' that has a contra belief to mine and, - - - in punishing me you are guilty of attempting to impose a religious observance upon me namely yours, thus you are in contravention of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth."

I fear for your soul Peter, for you know not what you do unto yourself. There is one 'injustice' in this world, and that is the pain & suffering we place upon our own soul as we defy our Creator and abuse another.

page 6

I have come to this Court of man to answer the charges laid against me by employees of the Institution that has named itself: "The State Government of Tasmania." The 'charges' being:

That my car was uninsured, and -
that I was a 'disqualified' driver, and -
that my automobile had no number plates, and -
that the automobile had not been transferred into my name and,
I failed to pay a licence and registration tax to the said Institution.

The reason why I do not pay any of the 'expected' annual monetary 'dues' that are not only demanded of me by your 'State' Institution, but that are also issued with a 'coercive' punishment 'factor' for any default is because:

1 - I believe that the Code of Conduct as Commanded of me by my God is that I must only walk in peace and be forgiving and merciful and non abusive.

2 - It follows that if I give any financial 'support' to any organisation that has 'contra' policies it means that I am defying my God. Thus I cannot either condone your 'State' Institution activities nor fund it in any way as it is abusive.

For it is a proven fact that your 'god' to whom you give your allegiance is the 'gun,' and your 'god' is also the 'books of rules' that legitimise your use of 'force of arms' to maintain your position of impropriety. For your 'beliefs' defy the Commandment of my God. For you and your 'god' believe in control, extortion, fine & punishment and killing.

3 - The reason why I choose to walk in peace and not comply with 'directives' from your policing officers is because; I believe that they have no jurisdiction over me, this due to the fact that they belong to a different 'religion' or 'belief system' or 'organisation' to mine.

I believe that I as are all men, am not "above" the law of the land, for God's one law "As you do is done unto you" is the supreme 'Law of the land,' and is applicable to all men.

It is but that as my "religion" and its creed is one of "peace & forgiveness," I cannot concede to either supporting or "belonging to" any organisation such as "yours," that has any contra ideology of "control and punishment," and one that makes demands of compliance to its rules.

I can therefore only comply with God's Command to abide in God's Code of Conduct, as I walk apart from your State Institution as is my divine right, thus its rules are not applicable to me.

The learned Judge has asked me what of the Biblical statement: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s" and my reply is, that it is God not "Caesar" that has the "upper hand," and any "judge" in applying Caesar’s punitive laws, immediately places himself and all complicit within the jurisdiction of God’s "An eye for an eye" Law.

For "Caesar’s" men have always thought that they held the "upper hand," merely because in this land they carried axes or guns, and were and are thus able to force their decision. None seeing that ahead they too would be "forced" by others to "suffer" an equal fate, be it in this 'land' or in a lower spiritual realm in the 'after-life.' I believe all must now heed God or be late for Heaven, and this I do.

page 7

In regards to this State’s "ruling," some are a positive code of conduct, and it is my freedom of choice that some of my daily deeds do "parallel" those of your rules that do not conflict with my ideology, e.g, I do not disturb the peace, I drive on the 'correct' side of the road, I drive in a safe manner and do not drink and drive, for I know it is dangerous to others and myself to so do etc.

My personal Covenant with my God is that I will walk in peace, and never wield a "sword" against any other even if they wish to crucify me. I shall love them, respect them, be merciful & compassionate unto them, and forgive them their trespasses against man and God. I will give any fiscal support possible to those of my local community, and share my wisdom with all.

It is because of this Covenant that I cannot either 'belong to' nor support the deeds of your Organisation, for in doing so, I would be complicit to the 'negative' and punitive deeds carried out by the State 'armed' forces and judiciary, for they 'operate' on behalf of their 'supporters.'

And it would then 'follow' that as they are being punitive and 'anti-god' in their 'treatment' of other community members on my behalf, or abusing others over the seas 'on my behalf,' that I would be complicit to their actions that defy God, and God would then punish me under God's one law for being less than merciful and forgiving.

In relation to the charge that my vehicle was uninsured, it is my religious belief that in God’s eyes I am free to choose to either insure or not to insure my vehicle.

I also believe that my insurance policy 'surety' is a steady mind, and if any other was to 'strike' my vehicle, then I would permit them to go free with no claim from me, as any 'claim' would be contra my belief of 'forgive any that abuse you.' If I 'struck' another then it is a matter between God and them and me, and nothing to do with the Institution you serve.

Most importantly in regards to this matter, I understand that under God’s one law "As you sow so shall you reap," any pain I cause physically or fiscally to another at any time including whilst I drive a car, will be suffered ahead by me as an 'imposition by God.'

No insurance monetary cover protects me from this reality. Only by adhering to God’s Code of Conduct Command and by being steady of mind, and thus steady of hand, am I best able to insure myself against causing an accident.

I remind this Court that it is my 'prerogative' under God that I am free to either belong to your 'Club' or to walk apart from it if I believe that its 'ideology' is contrary to my religious belief which it is.

As your 'Institution' has the ideology of 'merciless persecution, regulation, punishment, and is intrusive, abusive, and unforgiving, all 'acts' contrary to my religious belief, it is thus that I walk apart from it. For it is my belief that I must be 'merciful, peaceful, kind and forgiving,' as must any employed by me in the course of their duty on my behalf.

page 8

I remind this Court of the primary 'act' or rule of the Constitution that you are paid to uphold that also states that I am free to follow my conscience, being my religious belief:

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

The above principle 'act' within the Constitution stands above and precludes any subsequent 'contra' legislation.

Note: If you have a religious 'belief,' then that belief is your ideology, being your philosophy, doctrine, opinion, and tenets, being your 'creed, faith, and dogma.'

As I am guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion by God as well as within your Constitution, and as my 'religious belief' is that I must only 'worship' God through obedience to the command of God, I so do as I cannot serve two masters having 'conflicting' ideals, and I choose to serve the one I love and adore, as is my God given right and your 'The Constitution' right.

My religious belief is that there is a supernatural power called 'God, and that God’s Code of Conduct Command is supreme and is to be obeyed at all times, and adhered to above all contrary edicts of man and his institutions.

I believe that:

In 'Contempt of God' - are those defying God's Command.

The 'Covenant with God' - is "Walk in peace and do not abuse any other either directly or indirectly by employing others to so do," - thus God sets you free to enter the Promised Land.

God is 'entitled to obedience' - thus any 'civilian' who abuses another, or persons mandated by man to 'punish' another, is disobeying God, and will be punished under God's one law "As you do is done unto you."

I believe that God’s CODE of Conduct Command is:

That I must obey my God whom is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.
That I must not abuse others but that I must respect all others.
That I must not steal from nor kill or maim others.
That I must be merciful and forgiving and I must not retaliate if I am abused.
That my God 'commands' me to never disturb the peace of others.
That my God 'commands' obedience to His Word.
That my God has one immutable and inviolate Law: "As you do is done unto you."

If I am to follow my religious belief and adhere to God’s Code of Conduct Command, then I believe that I cannot deny and defy my God by 'belonging to' any Institution that has any contradictory beliefs and policies.

It is a proven fact that Local, State and Federal government Institutions have raised up rules that contradict the belief I hold sacred, for their 'rules' contain the contradictory belief enabling them to defy my God and to tax, seize, fine, punish, wage war, and kill.

I know and believe that should I conform to your institutional demands for funding via payment of licence and registration taxes or fines, or any other form of tax, then I am supporting anti-God activities, and I am then not living in accordance with my religious beliefs, as I am denying my God’s call to ONLY "Be loving, compassionate merciful, forgiving, and to be peaceful at all times."

Also should I through 'fear of reprisal' conform to the Institutional demands, I then invoke the negative aspect of God’s one law being "As you sow so shall you reap" and ahead I will suffer further pain because of my part in the funding of the Institution’s infliction of punitive pain & suffering upon others.

I believe that God owns all and this includes the roads, and that in God’s eyes we are free to use these roads, the construction and maintenance of which having been paid for from community funds to which I contribute in any way I wish to. I also freely contribute funds to my community and to the needy as inspired by God.

page 9

It is the institution called the State Government of Tasmania that has commandeered ownership of the roads in order to extract a toll payment via licence and registration fees to fund itself and its punitive un-loving and controlling ways.

I also ask: "When did our God sell my 'body, mind, and soul' unto servitude to your Organisation"? If God did sell me to 'it' as a slave, then show me the 'papers' signed by God or any 'other.' If God did not so do, then I am not a slave legally 'owned' by you or your Institution.

I am not a 'member' of your Institution, but you abused me as though I was your 'slave,' and you are guilty of slavery in God's eyes as well as within the rules of your own 'institutional or religious' establishment.

I also state that 'within' the rules of your 'own' Institutional Constitution it states that Quote; 'slavery' - or - 'right of ownership over another' - or 'the capture, transport or disposal of a person with the intention of reducing the person to slavery;' - is unlawful with heavy penalties.

Criminal Code Amendment No. 104,1999.
(Slavery & sexual Servitude)

Schedule 1Criminal Code Act 1995
Chapter 8Offences against humanity

Division 270—Slavery, sexual servitude and deceptive recruiting.

270.1 Definition of slavery

For the purposes of this Division, slavery is the condition of a person over whom - any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised, - including where such a condition results from a debt or contract made by the person.

270.2 Slavery is unlawful

Slavery remains unlawful and its abolition is maintained, despite the repeal by the Criminal Code Amendment (Slavery and Sexual Servitude) Act 1999 of Imperial Acts relating to slavery.

270.3 Slavery offences

(1) A person who, whether within or outside Australia, intentionally:
possesses a slave or exercises over a slave any of the other powers attaching to the right of ownership; or
(b) engages in slave trading; or
(c) enters into any
commercial transaction involving a slave; or exercises control or direction over, or provides finance for:

(i) any act of slave trading; or
(ii) any
commercial transaction involving a slave; is guilty of an offence.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 25 years.

slave trading includes:

(a) the capture, transport or disposal of a person with the intention of reducing the person to slavery; or
(b) the purchase or sale of a slave.

I give you this information because of your 'already' complicity to such a 'dastardly' act, when last year you 'colluded' with five 'officers' of your religious order namely "The State Government Institution," and had me a man of peace, a man that had not disturbed the peace, - - - abducted forcibly from my home and transported to a Prison 'farm,' where I was held hostage in forced slave labour at $ 5 per day for two months, thus the 'transaction' was a commercial one whereby your 'Institution' gained a financial benefit.

As I see it, you are complicit to 5 punishable 'counts' within your own 'rules' and punitive laws. I ask: "Irrespective of the violation of your Constitution, what do you think will be the repercussion upon yourself under the ONE supreme Law of God"?

Simple reply; As you did do will be done unto you, "An eye for an eye," for that is God's 'just & honourable & equitable' JUSTICE.

If you judged me by the authority of your Constitution, then my rights within said Constitution have been violated by you. For the previous time you judged me, you imprisoned me a peaceful man known to never disturb the peace, because you said: "he had no right to be heard."

Thus I today again say that I am entitled by your Constitution and by MY God to walk apart from your or any organisation that has a 'contra' belief to my 'peaceful' one.

page 10

The 'mere' fact that you 'convene' this Court 'sitting' that is an 'Inquisition,' shows God your contempt of God and God's command. For God said: "Judge not, for I AM the Judge of man, and, - - - as you judge shall ye be so judged."

I also state, that if you 'repeat' any punitive sentence merely because you 'hold the gun' and thus the 'upper hand,' then you are 'saying' that murder is 'legitimate' because the murderer had a 'gun' and thus the upper hand.

I would have it known by you and all that I am the Messiah returned to elevate the minds and souls of man higher, and I would have you also know that God can see 'into' this room of 'conspiracy,' and God sees that you all are conspirators against me and, - - - you are all complicit to "bastardy." (Illegitimate acts).

I am here namely to now submit my defence submission so as to assist you all to see your past error, and in the hope that you will not again be vain and commit a second act of Treason.

All charges are false as they do not 'apply' to me, and this Court is illegal, and it is a 'mercenary' court operating outside the mandate given to it by the Constitution to which it owes its allegiance.

Thus within its own 'Constitutional' mandate it has no jurisdiction over me, and I am only here as I am 'ensnared' by armed men who all defy their God who said "Peace & mercy is the way."

I am proven to be a man of peace, and under your own Constitution it is 'forbidden' to force me to comply with any religious belief that is contra to mine.

In my belief I cannot condone or support force, aggression, or punishment, and as you are 'self-proven' to have 'such' an opposite belief, I do not have to support your Institution fiscally or otherwise.

I also add that it is wrong for a magistrate to use any of his institutional organisation's clauses as the reason to not only negate another's 'freedom of religion' living ways choice, but to then also use his 'armed forces' to impose his contra 'belief' by punishing the other.

For by this 'punitive' controlling action it of itself an act contra the 'subject to public order & morality' clause of his own Constitution in the practise of his religious belief. It is also an 'act' contra God's "Do not disturb the peace of the land" Command.

Any magistrate that defies the 'rules' of his own Constitution in an attempt to 'attain' or maintain control over the life or 'morals' of another, is guilty of iniquity and Treason. Any person that disturbs the peace of others for any reason has committed Treason against the State of Heaven.

Further to this, the Magistrate’s denial of his institutions own enacted regulations reference freedom of religion that he is paid to uphold, is a seditious act, and his penalising of myself, an act of Treason.

Both these acts being crimes against the community and against public order (Criminal Code Act 1924), being his own denial of the "subject to public order…" qualification within the Tasmanian Constitution Act of 1934 46 (1), as he disturbs my peace due to his religious intolerance.

page 11

Further still, the Magistrate’s denial of my freedom of profession and practice of my religion and his punishment of me for so doing, is an act of religious persecution.

For to dismiss that provision’s "guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion," when: "No contrary evidence was provided of myself being other than sober, orderly, peaceful and of civil behaviour," was wrong.

Further, no evidence was given or proved of any breach of peace offence by myself including any act of disturbing the peace, of public nuisance, affray, riotous, offensive, provocative or violent behaviour, nor of causing harm, actual or prospective against any person or property, as per the definition of "Public Order" provided in Osbornes Concise Law Dictionary.

Further, no offence was committed by me against public order as per the definition of "Public Order" given in Butterworths Australian LEGAL Dictionary, as I was of an orderly and peaceful behaviour at all times.

The words "Public Order" have been and are used by the dark and controlling "governing systems" of man to disguise their demand to conformity to their ideology. (The ideology of IT the rule book).

Their ideology being the conformity of all men to the "ruling" requirement of the ever-changing rules (unholy scriptures) contained within their "books of rules." (The Universal Fundamentalist Bible governing all Nations)

And what you and the community needs see, is that it is the actions of your judicial 'pen' that is the destroyer of families and destroyer of livelihoods of God's children and, - - - these dark 'acts' are the primary causal factor for the punitive return due upon the society that supports you in your defiance of God. All the 'pain' meted out' is again imposed upon all complicit.

It is the time for the community to 'awaken' and see their complicity to anti-God activities, and then 'sack' all enforcers from their employ, and set themselves and the enforcers free from control by the Devil that 'sired' the unholy iniquity, being IT the anti-God rules.

I submit these pages to the Court and the entire 'The Judgement Papers' document as my 'written submission' defence to assist the Court in its 'findings,' for in my opinion there are no charges to answer as I am simply a man of peace, going about his God given duty which is to enlighten all those yet walking in darkness and in defiance of the one true God of Love & Light.

I also 'recommend' that all 'outstanding' fines be removed and any driving restrictions imposed be 'lifted,' for their continued imposition places you and your 'men' in an Anti-God and self-punitive state.

Note: Only by reading my 'statement by submission' inspired by God, will the 'judge' be able to make an 'informed' and enlightened decision.

Note: As I am a visiting Plenipotentiary from the State of Heaven, I am also beyond the jurisdiction of Caesar's court. However, I am not beyond the jurisdiction of the vain or the insane, for they hold no 'reason' and will do whatever they are inspired to by the dark forces below.

page 12

~ Questions to prosecuting police officer ~

I ask - Sergeant Christopher Parr - is it a fact that you are employed by an Institution that calls itself 'The State government of Tasmania"? And is it a fact that you believe that your Institution has ownership of the road system of Tasmania?

I ask - When you 'arrested' my automobile was I travelling in a safe and steady manner, and was I polite in my conversation with you?

I ask - Did I tell you that I was not a part of your Institution and did you not see the web site URL on the rear of the automobile that I said was my registration, being my web site?

I ask - What is your 'sworn' duty, is it to uphold the peace of the land or to uphold the laws of your Institution?

I ask - Was it in fact an 'Oath' to use all force necessary to 'haul in' any person who was contravening an Edict or 'rule' of your 'establishment'?

I ask - "Why have you reported me to your Institution and 'jointly' conspired with the prosecutors to have me tried by the magistrate"?

I ask - Is it a fact that you have brought me here today under 'force of arms' in order for me to be punished by this Court for perceived default on my part?

I ask - Are you aware that punishment in any form is abuse of a person?

I ask - Are you aware that as punishment is abuse, and that taking a person away from their home is 'kidnap' and both these 'criminal' acts are in contravention with God's Commandment as well as the rules of your own Institution?

I ask - Why then do you on behalf of your Institution not only do these very things, but you also assist the employees of this court to so do by your instigation, for it is your 'principle' actions and your 'reporting me' that forces the magistrate to do something?

I ask - Do you believe that just because you wear a uniform and are on supposed 'duty' for your employer, that you stand above the 'rules and law' of that Institution and that you can defy God's Command to be peaceful, kind, loving, and merciful?

I ask - Are you aware that your employer is 'supposed' to be working 'for and on behalf of the people,' even you, thus I ask you: "Did I ever tell you by word or in writing that I give you or your Institution any 'tenure' over me to have and to hold at your 'whim"? If you believe I so did then show this court your proof of ownership papers.

I ask - Are you not aware that there is a Law of God that stands supreme above any 'rule' or law of man, and that this Law of God also applies to those such as you even though you are 'on duty' and that every action done by you has a 'return due' under God's law that says: As you do shall be done unto you"?

I ask - Are you aware that both you and I belong to God our Creator, and that to the best of my knowledge God did not 'sell' my body, mind, or soul to your Institution, and neither did I, thus neither your Institution nor you have any 'legal' tenure over me or my daily actions?

I ask - Are you aware that I may not be one of 'Caesar's subjects' (the Institution)?

page 13

I ask - Do you believe that I am not a free man and thus I am a slave to the 'whims' of your Institution merely because I live on the same land and breathe the same air?

I ask - If you believe so then I ask 'How and when' did I so become, when did your Institution obtain right of 'possession' of me so that I became its slave?

I ask - Are you able to see the difference between a real criminal, being a person who is disturbing the peace, and a peaceful person who is not disturbing the peace but is being made into a 'legislated' criminal simply because they defy an 'edict' of another man?

I ask - Are you aware that by bringing me to court that you are 'complicit' to an attempt of coercive monetary extortion from me that is 'couched' in the disguise of a legal road tax demand, but in fact is a legislators extortionist threat by coercion due to the fact that there is a punishment clause for non-compliance to the demand?

I ask - Are you not aware that an Institution only has jurisdiction over its members, even if it calls itself 'The State Government Institution, for a 'name' does not give any 'body' of man automatic right and ownership of others outside their Institution?

I ask - Are you aware that any form of 'arrest' of another and any form of 'punishment' meted out to another is itself 'injury' and abuse of another?

I ask - Can you please tell me from 'where' does your Institution get the authority to give you the authority to interfere in my life and to try and force me to get off the road for non-compliance to their rules?

I ask - Do you 'think' that you have jurisdiction over me? - - - Why?

I ask - Are you aware that within the Constitution of the Institution you serve, that there is an 'act' permitting the freedom to practice ones own religious belief and to follow ones conscience?

Hand him a copy of 'Act' within the Constitution (There needs be one attached to back of papers given to prosecutor & magistrate)

I tell you now that I neither condone, nor support, nor fund, nor am a 'party member of,' nor do I 'belong to' your Institution, therefore neither you nor any other has any jurisdiction over me, thus I ask if you would at this moment be good enough to withdraw all the false charges that you have brought against me?

I ask - Finally, your 'summons' sheet gives the offences as 'committed' by a person driving a vehicle with the registered plates B10118, I had no 'such' identification on my vehicle as it has only my web site URL < > showing my 'registration' is with God. Was that not the case?

I ask - Don't you think it 'odd' that in order for you and the judiciary to do your duty, that your Institution expects you and tells you to operate outside and contra to its 'rules & law' and God's Commandment, and to use whatever force you need to and, - - - that you can abuse, kidnap, hold hostage and kill in the course of your duty?

I ask - Are you aware of the meaning of 'Sedition & Treason'? For any 'punitive' act against a child of God implies both, and if you 'believe' that you stand above God's law then you are a foolish man for sure.

page 14

~ The proof ~

1 - I Prove that the Institution that calls itself 'The State government' is abusive & punitive & merciless & unforgiving and thus it is anti-God and, - -

2 - I Prove the Institution is anti my ideology as my religious belief is that my God says that at all times I must 'live' in the opposite manner by being:

Peaceful & loving & compassionate & merciful & forgiving of others dark ways and, - -

3 - I Prove that I am within my rights before God and their Constitution to walk apart from them if it is my belief to so do, and thus not support their punitive, warring ideology and, - -

4 - Showing them that they not only operate 'above' their own rules and above the punitive aspect of their own laws attached to 'contravening rules,' but that by prosecuting and punishing me they will have committed a Seditious act and committed Treason against their own Institution and the State of Heaven.

5 - That I am a man of peace I did prove, for I was imprisoned without trial for a time by the same magistrate who could see no 'reason' to hear my defence, and he did commit an 'act' of Treason as well as an 'attack' upon my person and freedom, but I did not seek to have him 'punished' or 'disbarred.'

6 - Under the Constitution it states - "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for- - - or for imposing any religious observance, - - - thus any 'edict' or rule legislated that has any punitive laws attached for non-compliance to the 'seen' contra religious belief-doctrine-dogma of the Institution has no 'jurisdiction' over me, as my religious observance is my right and permitted by the Constitution and God.

For the 'State' institution of man is itself a religion, as it has a 'creed' and 'commandments,' and it is 'as' a 'god' as all 'bow' to its power. Thus I walk apart from it as its 'way' and belief is contra mine. I shall 'do' as my God commands me to. "Walk in peace, and do not 'grease' the palms of extortionists who 'come' disguised as wise men but who do wield a sword."

The 'employees' of the Institution that is named 'The government' believe that the Institution exists in ITS own right, a 'right' given literally by the rules within ITS 'rule books,' and they also believe that all men on the land are governed by IT. What is IT?

It is in fact nothing more nor less than an 'ever expanding' unholy book of 'rules.' A book of rules that empower ITS 'serving policing' employees to act in a way that is "conduct unbecoming" in God's eyes. For God demands and commands a conduct of peace, mercy, civility, kindness and forgiveness.

The 'words' State or National' government are but words that disguise the hidden agenda contained within the 'rule books' of this planetary religion. For in normal organisations workers would be required to be civil, kind, polite, caring and helpful, and failing in these 'expectations' they would be 'sacked.'

Whereas the Code of Conduct demanded by the 'rule book' of the serving policing and judicial 'forces' is the opposite to any showing non-conformity to IT the rule book. For to receive their 'wages,' they are required to be uncivil, unkind, merciless, retributionary, unforgiving, punitive, controlling, and destructive to life & limb & family & business.

You and every 'reader' must now decide whether to continue to 'belong' to the dark religion of death, or to follow 'me' and become a member of the religion of life, by showing God that you daily walk in peace and that you 'love' your perceived enemy by not punishing them, but by being as God demands, - - - merciful and forgiving.

Note, irrespective of any man made 'mandates' or raised 'Constitutions,' God permits the freedom of choice as to 'with whom' one fellowships, and 'whom' one seeks to support or fund, etc.

Thus any 'person' who seeks to punish another for not 'supporting' a community or 'organisation' in any particular way is arrogant and foolhardy, as they not only impose their 'belief' upon the other, but they also 'accrue' an equal punitive 'due' from God for their ignorance of God and God's Command that NONE are to demand anything.

page 15

~ On Criminal conviction ~
Response to the 'finding' of the magistrate

It is a sad fact that due to your religion being backed by force of arms, that you take it upon yourself to defy God and to control me and punish me. The 'axiom' of 'an eye for an eye' being God's 'judgement' upon all that others 'Try' has eluded you, and thus to your own soul you are untrue as you 'Try' me and condemn me, for your 'punishment' of me becomes your ahead 'due.'

I accept your judgement placed upon me and I am 'defenseless' and do not wear a 'gun' as do those that support thee. However I do say that our God will have the last say to your soul on Judgement day. For God did say: "As you do is done unto you and, - - - to the merciful will I BE merciful and, - - - to the merciless will I BE merciless."

I do reserve the 'right' of 'appeal' to a 'higher' Court on a later day.

~ For Non Conviction ~
Response to the 'finding' of the magistrate

It was a wise decision to show God and man that reason does prevail in the mind of the few that can see that the 'other' follows a belief that is true. Thus I the 'summonsed' one can but say to you the magistrate of the day that our God will set you free, once you do fully see the wisdom of the Light placed by me before you. I bid you 'adieu.'

Item ends

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