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~ The 'Suicide' document ~
Telepathic Subjugation of the MIND

As written by Terence

This document has three 'phases.'

Pages 1 - 19 give an initial understanding of the spiritual and material causes of suicide and related processes.  Pages 20 - 31 are the actual International Suicide Implementation Strategy.  Lastly I have included 7 items that will also assist readers.

page 1 Philosophy page 2 Restoration manual
page 3 Mental illness defined page 4 The personality disorder
page 5 Suicide the Fate page 6 The 'Phobia'
page 7 The 'scattered' mind page 8 'Mediums' or schizophrenics ?
page 9 Repressed memory syndrome page 10 False memory syndrome
page 11 False 'hearing' syndrome page 12 The ‘Stalker’
page 13 Sex, Counsellors & Clients page 14 Police & Medical attendants
page 15 Acute emotional Trauma page 16 Physical symptoms
page 18 The 'Ghost' story page 19 Astral travel & multiple personalities
page 20 The International -  I.S.I.S. Plan page 21 Strategy & application
page 22 Open Forum page 25 Children's minds & emotions
page 26 Speaking to 'your' thoughts page 27 The Star of Bethlehem prayer
page 28 Summary page 29 Daily practice
page 30 Treatment for disorders page 31 Last Rites for departed Souls
Item - 1 Jekyll & Hyde - personality disorder Item - 2 Life Crisis - 3 p.
Item - 3 Taming the problem child - 6 p. Item - 4 The Demons document - 16 p.
Item - 5 Thoughts sane or insane - 5 p. Item - 6 The 'Inner Energy' paper
Item - 7 Ghosts and the Harmoniser - 3 p. Item - 8 The 'Green fields' story - 4 p.
Item - 9 The 'conflict in family' doc Item - 10 The 'facts of LIFE' paper

Note: 'Feeling Easier Seminars' to help control the mind and emotions.  Click here for Seminar details

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~ Philosophy ~
Spiritual insight in antithesis to current understanding.

"There is a negative universal Force that has the power to totally override the rational thought processes of any individual for a moment, an hour, a day or for weeks.

When "that" force is in control, negative action in the form of abuse to self or others is carried out despite any "Cognitive or Religious belief." The moment of suicide is only one manifestation of this reality.

This force is unstoppable by any means other than through the protection of the mind. This is only achieved by building the ARK of the mind.

It does not matter how strong we think we are, or may be, or how rational or intelligent or how firmly our belief that we could withstand any inner onslaught, provocation, or self deprecatory action, if we do not wake up to the absolute power of this force, we will be controlled by it.

We play with the power of this force each time we allow negative thoughts to enter our minds when a negative emotion is active within us. This force has over time "entered" and "grown" within the souls of those who supped on it/used it.

Thus it has gained the capacity to "flow through" these emotions, and not only cause us to feel "it," but to also be subjected to its intrusive thought processes. It is our negative emotions that are a part of it.

If we do not take the reality of the "Dark" essence seriously, IT shows us its absolute power through ITS total control of our minds, a moment when any rationality deserts us.

Each time we perform a negative deed of expression we feed this force within, giving it greater power over us, and we also accrue a negative spiritual debt.

Mental instability in all its various forms needs to now be seen in its true light, in that it pertains to the spiritual nature of man, being the result of the incursion of dark energy over time and more time that has clouded and "shrouded" their inner light to a greater or lesser degree.

The mind of man is but the "receptacle" that observes/manages the flow through of thoughts. These thoughts and life's experiences are also stored therein.

What man does not fully realise is that through their spiritual "energy" nature that is a part of the invisible Source, that thoughts can and do enter from outside their own consciousness.

This occurs both from the realm of Light (being Divine inspiration), thoughts flowing in through the vibrational frequency of their positive light core within, to aid the individual on their path.

Thoughts also enter forcefully/intrusively from the realm of Darkness (being Dark control) through the vibrational frequency of any negative emotions, to use the recipient in a negative, destructive/retributive mode.

The fullness and true spiritual "spirit" aspect of the soul of man that is hidden within the biological flesh has been lost-forgotten-forgone over time due principally to "error" that has crept into past teachings as religion with its dogma and rituals joined hands with political forces to gain power over simple man.

I as the messenger of God have "found" the needle in the haystack. The hundreds of volumes of books written on mental health are of no use to any. If you have the wish to aid yourself and others then I can but pray that my truth you will read fully. For only this way are you able to reprogram your subconscious mind, and only then can you accept the truth of my pen as you re-seed your personal "belief" with the aid of the Light and the Star prayer.

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 page 2

Restoration Manual

The crisis of the day is that nobody seems to be able to HALT the escalation of insanity coming our way. This is because none do understand the power of negative thoughts that are invading this land via the mind of mankind.

Thus this NOTICE of my intent to give you all a deeper insight into minds “bent,” that results in either suicide or destructive expression that does more on earth stride.

This web site contains documents that have been “selected” in order to assist sufferers and offenders as well as counsellors, to understand the reasons why all “earthlings” do and will “suffer” or “offend” at some stage or other in the difficult times at hand, and why despair and violence is escalating, as well as giving the spiritual cause and resolution.

Thus this 'collection' of documents is a teaching aid to any whom it read, and Counsellors of truth needs themselves be counselled and educated to the new way to help the community today, by studying these documents, especially the 'Mental Health Carer's Manual' and the 'Suicide document,' and the 'Suburban terror' document, and if possible the entire web site.

In the coming enlightened 'age,' there will be no regulating or punitive policing forces, only a 'peace' department that will assist in the peaceful and educative rehabilitation of offenders.

It is recommended that all “Justice” department personnel read and implement the latest 'Feeling Easier' Seminar Strategy, as contained within the 'Offender document,' that is needed to overcome the invisible dark essence that is the real enemy of all mankind.

Let those who presently "judge," and lawyers who "solicit" the favour of the magistrates now become "friendly" adjudicators of the truth as to what the offender needs to know, that will help her/him to go their way in a more enlightened and happier manner, as they all hear what God did say.

Remember: Understanding and education, forgiveness, compassion and mercy, is the new way to be followed by “enlightened” man today.

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~ Mental illness ~

Mental illness is a state of being wherein a person's mind is no longer capable of being at "peace." This is a state whereby the mind is constantly subjected to intrusive thoughts that are flowing into their mind from lower levels of consciousness.

The definition - Mental illness is a state of being wherein the mind of the individual is no longer capable of volitional thought, that is, thought that is under the control of the individual who find themselves driven by alien thoughts. The nature of driven thought is intrusive and controlling, manifesting as obsessive, possessive, self deprecatory, confusing, critical, cruel, vindictive, self destructive, retributive.

Mental ill-health is evident when the individual finds his or her mind assailed by intrusive, cyclical thought processes which create scenarios as if they were external ‘realities’ causing the individual to either live in the scenario or act it out externally, forcing them to behave in ways that are outside the norm or ‘abnormal.’

The spiritual cause - When the individual is subjected to intrusive thoughts they are experiencing an influx of negative energy from lower levels of consciousness. Intrusive thoughts enter every human with negative emotions, but when they do not lead to extreme negative expression, the individual appears to live what man sees as a "normal" life.

This is however not the spiritual way since man’s ‘normal life’ of criticism, judgement and unkindness is also part of the negativity which is ‘insane’ providing the opening for intensifying thought intrusion to take place.

This causal factor of mental illness lies in the realm of the inner soul of spirit man and is the result of the "growth" of negative emotions within. As these emotions become enlarged, the thought intrusion from lower levels increases and may result in a "total loss" of individual mind space causing the setting aside of the individuals own unique consciousness as they become an "open channel" for the dark.

Mental illness is when the Dark Sovereign Power fills the individual’s mind totally with Its thought projections.

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~ The 'personality' disorder ~

The 'seed' of darkness being the negative emotions within a person is the 'Sin' within, being the 'sinful' essence of negative energy.  All persons living outside of 'heaven' are persons that do have this 'sin' within.  For those living in heaven are sin 'free' as no dark energy exists in heaven, where only the positive 'Light' energy can 'enter' or exist therein.

It follows that all 'sinners' * have a psyche that is to a greater or lesser extent a 'subject' of and thus 'subject' to being mentally 'invaded' or 'possessed' by negative intrusive - - - uncontrollable - - - thoughts.  Being thoughts that are beyond one's capacity to 'stem,' and thus the person 'thinks' these thoughts that if 'unchecked' do have a negative causal result to others or themselves.

Note: all 'sinners' * - Sinners are persons that are unable to control their negative emotions, nor can they see that their programmed ways are in error, thus they 'think' that they are 'entitled' to defy their God and be less than kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving and, - - - they disturb the peace of the land as they 'tax' and control and manipulate and criticise and condemn and judge and abuse others and thus themselves. 

Every 'irrational' and uncontrollable person is simply a person that has fed their negative emotions with more dark energy, and thus 'grown' their 'cancerous' inner sin over many life 'times' or over eternal time either incarnate or whilst in spirit realms due to their 'arrogance' and defiance of their Creator as they verbally or physically expressed dark energy.

People are only 'classified' as having a mental disorder such as schizophrenia when their mental state or 'actions' exceed the 'boundaries' perceived as 'normal' in present day society.  The fact of the matter is, that every known or 'classified' mental disorder that results in irrational - suicidal - confrontational - aggressive or non-peaceful behaviour is all the result of the telepathic invasion of the mind from the Source of Darkness or His 'demonic' forces and, - - -

Let it here be known that every person living within every realm of consciousness outside of heaven is 'intruded' upon by the 'thoughts' of this dark force to a greater or lesser degree at different times.  The 'power' or 'capacity' of this intrusion depends upon the 'activeness' of their negative emotions.  Emotions that become 'disturbed' due to a variety of situations through their lifetime existence over eternal time.

Only when a person becomes free within of their inner 'sin,' and thus has no negative emotions within are they spiritually free, and eternally happy and able to also remain peaceful and not retaliate when faced by adversity and, only when free of sin is their spirit soul able to enter the Promised Land of pure love.

To attain this 'heavenly' state you will need to conform to God's Command via me.

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~ Suicide the Fate ~

Desperation is the 'force' that drives one into suicide, and most certainly then the 'fate' becomes desperate. For what none see at the 'time' and moment of the choice to 'commit' the suicidal act is, that they are blinded by thoughts that are deceptive lies. For the thoughts say:

"Kill yourself NOW and thus you take yourself away from the 'present' unhappy and 'desperate' situation, for in 'death' it is peaceful and you are out of reach of the 'oppressive' situation."

But what the thoughts do not let you 'see' is that there is no 'death' spiritually, as our spirit soul lives on eternally. Thus the moment when we 'decease' and from our biological flesh the soul finds release, the thoughts that then enter in to the living spirit do say:

"You fool, now you have left the flesh and you know that it was wrong to do what you did so 'selfishly' do and, now you do see that it was not a 'peaceful' way because, the desperation in the thoughts in your mind now is yet 'alive' and, the thoughts will continue to 'kill you' with their 'turmoil' as you cannot them 'away' drive."

For any intending to suicide need to see that the thoughts revolving in their mind are not their own, they are entering in from the Dark 'pit' below from whence all 'suffering' does eternally GROW.

Yes they 'access' and enter in via fear or anger or other 'desperate' emotions that permit the control over their mind. So it is always better to 'face' this dark stranger in the mind and say to it mentally or by word loudly:

"I now believe in your dark power for you have shown it to me, but I will now draw on God's eternal Light energy and use it to 'oppose' your onslaught as you attempt to destroy me or others that are daily in front of me."

You then seek the Star of love thrice daily as you gaze at it in the night or bring it into your mind in the day as you say:

Creator of the heavens - Mother of love
I see your star - shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of Peace from above

You also need to be wise as you realise that those living close to you are the ones that are used by it the dark force through you to 'justify' your negative expression, and it also projects darkness at you via their minds too.

So if you find that your mental or emotional 'situation' is becoming more desperate day by day and, that your mind or theirs is telling 'each' to either abuse, or kill, or commit suicide in some way that - - -

You 'consider' the option of either moving away for a month or a year or a day until the dirty emotion of slime in you has been drawn out by the grace of our God true. If for one or another reason you are unable to move, then it should prove to you that your God has placed you in this position for you and the other to learn and 'grow' from, and thus - - -

You 'bow' to God and 'bend' in obedience to HIS Command that you never make any negative demand upon the other. You do your very best to pass this most difficult test by 'treating' them with respect and care, and share what you have as you protect your mind in every way until your God sets you free in one or another way.

Just remember that the choice to live or die or go to Hell or be lifted up on High is your own personal decision and, that 'each' can decide to 'breach' the "Only love" Command from up high but, that God's singular Law "As you sow so shall ye reap" is immutable forever and a day and, what unto others you do, shall by others be done unto you.

Any person mentally 'troubled' needs to daily read the TRUTH that my pen did seed, as they also 'listen' to the tapes recorded so that they not only uplift their own souls up and out of 'spell binding' negative depressive thoughts, but they also reach and teach those other spirits below that have been 'injecting' the fleshly one with their thoughts as for the Dark force they do 'suffering' bestow.

If you live with another sister or brother then it is wise to never them despise, just tell them of the new truth you have found, so that together you can help each other become more strong, as you both then heed God's "Go in peace" love song.

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~ The Phobia ~

The 'phobia' is the name given to the 'force' of fear that encompasses souls that in their past were unwise. For they made others 'fearful' when on earth during past lives or in realms of 'spirit' they did persecute others and them despise and, - - -

What they did not 'see' as this they did do, was that God's dark energy flowed into them too, and this energy was on the vibrational wavelength of FEAR that filled their soul with its 'power.' - - - Why? - - - Because they failed to adhere to God's call to "Only love."

So if you are 'phobic' and have 'obsessive' and compulsory thoughts that go round and around, then believe you me, - - - by the dark side of God's energy has your soul been bound and, - - -

This applies also to any of you that have other dark emotions within of 'anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, criticism' etc., showing 'through' via the deeds expressed by you. For these emotions are all 'obsessive' and 'phobic' too, for via their 'vibration' are you also controlled mentally by the Dark Sovereign Power.

If you would enter Heaven and God's face therein see, then for sure you had all better now heed me. For if you do not, then the Dark face of God you will see as your soul FALLS into the depths of utter misery.

For the 'obsessive' energy of the dark within you can 'force' you, and compulsorily compel you to 'defy' God and be abusive in what you do, and as this you do due to your anger or fear or 'other' SIN within, you will draw-in more darkness that will eventually overpower you. (Total control of your mind and actions - - - 'robot' like possession).

Note: As one 'casts a stone' to destroy the devil (evil) or we 'fearfully or angrily' abuse or rebuke another, - - - we at that moment defy God's "Only walk in peace" command and have awakened the 'sleeping lion' or 'giant' or 'dark genie' that wrathfully invades our lives and 'enters' our spirit soul with ITS dark energy as IT 'entices' us to become 'as it' and thus live with IT eternally in ITS dark abode.

So to now become free of the 'sinful' energy within you, heed my message fully, and read all contained within this web site. For only God's love can now set your soul free but, - - - in order to so do, you must choose to abide in God's uncontaminated wise 'teaching' through me.

Any person failing to now conform to God's wisdom I now give will become more 'obsessive' and abusive and controlling, and they will become bound by dark energy within, and by IT become 'bound over' to Hell for eternity.

In that 'place' where all 'obsessively' abuse others and 'compulsorily' wield a mace, there is no 'escape' from pain and suffering. For those therein deserve to suffer for their disgrace, and this 'arose' from their unforgiving and merciless 'nature.'

Please give your soul a chance and give my message more than a 'cursory' glance.

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~ The "scattered" mind ~

The "scattered" mind is a mind "deluged" by a continuity of different thought "patterns" that scatter and diversify the "clear thought path" to the extent that the mind is in a liquid "bath" of confusion. This may not be "observed" by the mind's "owner."

There is no "way" that the person can "gather" their thoughts into any conclusive decision on "What to do today" - or - "What do I need to do today," - or - "Where do I begin today."

Thus the person ends up with nothing completed in any way and their material home becomes a 'mess' of "unfinished business." Their mind that is totally "Under Siege" from many spirits on different levels finds no surcease from the "barrage" of conflicting ideas and possibilities, and due to the emotional "nature" of the person being a multiplicity of emotional possibilities, the "outcomes" can vary in quality and "capacity" in different people.

The "victim" of the intrusive thoughts may be loving and kind and well intentioned but as said, instead of completing even a simple project of "washing up the dishes" etc, they may decide to replace a sheet of tin on the roof before the principle task is completed.

All this is done by the mild scattered mind. But when a person is emotionally angry or jealous etc., then the invisible "intruders" into their psyche are of a different nature and are less than kind, and they "entice" the recipient into "fantasies" of justifiable retribution against "someone" to whom their thoughts are directed by the intruders.

In this "case" the negative non-reasoning insanity ends up as "punishment" being meted out to an "apparent" innocent being the one seen by "us" as the "victim."

In this "end" time all minds will become more "open" to infiltration from other realms of spirit, be they confused, kindly or obscenely horrid who themselves are being intruded upon by the essence of darkness that is "self-empowered" to be rude and intrude upon all whom in their past used IT in any way.

Please now prepare your minds before it is bound so "cunningly" that you see not their intent. To use you and then abuse you. Their "power" being the power of the dark essence is its "capacity" to override your "morality" and justify in your mind a reason to be a punitive Retributioner in some way, as per a "policeman" earning "apparent" honest pay but who "carries you away" to be punished in some way.

Be you but one who is "deluded" or of a confused state or irrational to a lesser or greater degree or any controlling others, you are all being "infiltrated" telepathically and may lose your spiritual freedom, for if you continue on in this way you will become "paralysed" by this force that will scatter your mind to the point that non-reason prevails.

All need aid today to see the right way. For many more now begin to lose their "self-centering" facility and need clear direction and help to refocus by good counsel and the use of the Star prayer.

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~ 'Mediums' or Schizophrenics ~
Reference overpowering thoughts
Open letter to Max Coltheart - Macquarie Uni.

Max, what you 'psychos' need to see is that you are trained incorrectly due to 'reading' text written by blind men who could neither see the 'other side' nor 'abide' with the truth of the existence of the spirit soul of man.

The 'schizophrenic' probably 'ranks' with the best of the Mediums that thrive today that 'appear' in many a guise, some as worldly wise with 'natural' inspirational intelligence, and others as simply the 'charismatic' fortune teller, or 'tea cup' reader, or 'inspirational' writer or 'inventor.'

For what you need to see, is that they all 'hear voices' or can 'recognise' incoming thoughts that some know are not theirs. Many of these people daily carry out telepathic communication with others in 'spirit' realms. Many of all races speak daily with their ancestral spirits.

Did 'Sean' not say that the 'people' in his mind seemed years ahead with their intelligence? The 'problem' for Sean is that he assumes due to 'doctoral' clinic input that he has a problem with his brain etc. He does not.

He just needs to know the truth of the matter so that he can take the appropriate action to 'slow down' or 'shut off' the incoming thoughts that drive him to 'unhappiness.'

Not only this, but the spirit beings 'behind' the thoughts also need to learn that intrusion is 'invasion' of another's space that itself incurs a spiritual penalty, for we are not supposed to be 'robots' controlled from other realms by vain people.

For 'due' to these 'attaching' spirits being invisible, it is very easy for them to deceive or misguide or even overpower the psyche of the fleshly one, and in a 'flash' use their 'flesh' to perpetrate an evil act such as Martin Bryant. (Spirit possession).

Regrettably the fleshly one who may not 'recollect' what he was reported as doing has to 'pay the price.' In many cases as his 'consciousness' was overridden he was in fact not the 'one' per se perpetrating the deed. (Unknown by the spirit that 'delivered' the blow, is that he too takes on 'bulk' of the blame, and under God's one law 'As you do is done unto you,' he too will suffer in lower spiritual realms.

Thus the 'act' of punishment meted out by man via the 'system' is itself a criminal act, and I seek to redress this with the implementation of 'Feeling Easier' Seminars for the rehabilitation of those that do 'disturb the peace.'

My work entails counselling the 'departed ones' so that they can move away and stop interfering in the lives of those in the biological flesh of this realm.

I am trying also to awaken sleeping humanity to the sorry FACT that every mind on earth is being 'attacked' cunningly and being used to a lesser or greater degree to mete out 'darkness' as criticism, condemnation, retribution etc.

This 'attack' by a very Dark Alien nation is escalating and soon all with 'open' minds will become embroiled in confrontation in every town and nation and great suffering will take place.

There is one me, who can 'recognise' direct communication from the Creator, and thus I write pure truth to elevate the consciousness of humanity. My wisdom explains 'how & why' dark spirit forces are able to access one's mind, and what to do to be kind to them and oneself. Please pass this note ON, so that others journey is quicker won.

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Repressed memory syndrome ~

If you have read this "Suicide" document you will have seen that there is a force of intelligence that can divorce a soul from their sanity. This force is one of negative might that "houses" limitless volumes of dark thoughts that persistently intrude both day and night into the consciousness of man who in their past heeded not God’s greater plan that all should only love.

This understanding of "the intruder" is given "today" by God’s dove, the messenger being an earthly man whose wisdom does earth now "span" on God’s golden web page.

All who in the "past" did sin, being to cause pain to others, or take by force of arms what was not theirs to take, or did others deceive, will now "mentally and emotionally" grieve.

For what none did know as they did darkness sow, was that "it" the dark essence within their own souls did grow. Yes, as we "it" onto others diffuse, it enlarges the negative emotions within us that are a part of it.

This negative "emotional" energy, being hatred, fear, greed etc., is the "channel" for dark thoughts to intrude into the mind of man, and causes man to "think" the thoughts that do his mind span.

Dark thoughts can be "seen" as a nightmare, or certainly they can also "remind" one of a true past event of "horror" that the person did share, or they can also "appear" from nowhere in the guise of "repressed memory syndrome" and gnaw at one like a dog with a bone.

Any negative "remembrance" is an intrusion into the mind that needs be forgotten and kept out. For the dark intruder seeks to keep one on the "unforgiving" road, and if for any reason we cry out about another: "He is guilty," then we have denied the Light and ourselves deeper cry.

So at this "End Time," believe you me, all shall by the "oppressor" be sought mentally as it seeks to our consciousness override so that we abuse self or others who on earth stride, and if we its "thoughts" into action deploy, we deny the Light of God and it the dark one will us destroy.

Read now THE TRUTH of what it is all about before you personally succumb to the Devil’s insidious "telepathic" shout.

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~ False memory syndrome ~

The purpose for the "spreading" of False memories that people more and more now "think," is that the darkness is using this "method" to spread its darkness like squirting ink.

So any person it can "mentally" access with thoughts FALSE & UNKIND, it will, thus leading the "projector" into deeper spiritual bind, and also, as the "innocent" recipient one does retaliate, they too sow darkness and thus "join" the negative spate.

So let us now try and see the harsh stark reality, being, that God does say that we must be forgiving in every way. Thus if we "bad" thoughts think, thoughts that intend to make us "another" sink, let us not be "aided" in that false projection.

Let us but be taught how to give our minds protection against the evil "thought" flow, and then, only be forgiving, whether or not it was TRUTH or FALSITY that the darkness did upon our minds bestow.

And as for the ‘recipient’ of those who accuse, let them their own souls not abuse, just say: "Yea" or "Nay." Just say "It is Truth" or "It is untruth," whatever your decided way, and leave it up to other fools who may "wish" to against you plot.

Take no retaliatory action if you are "put on the spot," stay silent, stay still, even if you are to be crucified on a hill. Thus you show God and me that a true "believer" you be.

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~ False 'hearing' syndrome ~

The power of the deceiver to make people grieve is a power so great you'll just needs me believe. For as a person "at you" does speak, even at this moment does the "evil one" his power wreak at times, and he can "distort" the words emanating from the "speaker" as he controls your "thoughts."

Yes, you can "think" other than what was spoken, this is pure truth I speak as my pen does sway, and then, you can reply in a negative way because you "heard wrong" I do say.

So "its" thoughts can interpolate telepathically in a mind and distort the words being put on your "plate," and all this the darkness can and does do via the negative emotions deep in you. All for the intent of keeping one in an unforgiving mode and thus making the other for their "folly" repent.

What all the above "syndromes" mean to me and you is that the darkness accesses any mind it can in order to "punish" those around whom in their past were untrue. Not necessarily untrue in the "present" victim role "fact," but for a "situation" way, way in the past when in some other "way" they lacked and showed a "negative" face which in some way was in God's eyes a disgrace.

Thus the dark one uses me and you to "get back" at the person it needs to. So if we "permit" it to access our minds with its thoughts that use us in an accusatory way to others bind, then truly foolish we be, for we "pay" when it uses you or me to retribution wreak. Please seek the truth of what I say for it can "suicidally" also "do" what it can if we through arrogance or ignorance permit it to.

The only way you can stay personally free from accruing a negative "karmic debt" by not "sowing" darkness is to ensure that irrespective of what you are thinking, that you never say an unkind word, and also, that you never respond in a retaliatory "verbal or other" way to any who at you speak an unkind or accusatory word.

When will the "inhuman" human race see that we are only free of "horror" when we have not only paid our karmic dues, but when we have learnt to never another "justifiably" abuse ? God says:

"To become spiritually free
you must now fortify your mind by heeding ME."

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~ The ‘Stalker’ ~

"Your Light to me you did "show"
thus your life to me you now owe"

This is the non reasoning ‘insanity’ of the essence of darkness that is consumed by jealousy and vanity, and it shining through man shows up as "a man of disgrace who against a prior ‘lover’ wields a mace." For it cannot bear to its with any other share.

This is the "unseen" reason why "on earth" there is NO peace any season, for all the incarnate spirits who here abide are still "with sin," and these emotions do in them abide, being greed and fear and hatred too, as well as others known by you, and these all contain a demand and a very strong reprimand for any who would "walk away" or even "smile" at others on any day.

Yes, this "force" can naught forget, especially when another made it fret. So what all now needs see is that we must all take personal responsibility, not only for what we do, but in our understanding towards others we "think" owe us a due, being our society, namely the Systems "forces," one of which is the Police force whom we falsely believe that to us they must be "nice" and us protect.

On this we needs reflect, for if any does us abuse or stalk, it was only because in our "past" we did the wrong way walk. So a "stalker" just a "Reaper" be, stalking us to make us pay for a past we cannot see, and they feel justified because of their hurt pride, and they are "inspired" by the dark one whose ‘thoughts’ telepathically through their mind stride.

Try and understand what I say and then just personally take responsibility for your own mind and actions and walk the Right way in God’s eyes from today. No "spirit" needs protection from man when they walk in the right direction. No spirit "receives" dark thoughts when they are free of sin within.

Its just as "well" that our past we cannot see as we "enter" this realm from a level of spirituality. A realm to which we did go when ending a past life that we now neither remember nor know.

Its just as "well" we cannot see the "fate" that awaits thee and me, for surely any karmic debt due will be mercilessly "executed" by another being ignorant or arrogant too.

Yes, and "in cold blood" they will do what their minds inspire them to as it is seduced by the devil far below who justifies a reason in their mind to be "devilishly" unkind.

Try and see that whatever comes to your door is God sent, be it good or bad. If you 'handle' the bad in a positive non-retaliatory manner then you are set free of your past errant way.

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~ Sex, Counsellors & Clients ~

If a "potential" suicide says "I am lonely and if I cannot get a woman then I will kill myself as my life is not worth living." What do you as a female counsellor do?

Do you give them "sex" out of compassion? Should you? - NO. You give them only the wisdom of the Word and by their own "hand" they will need to satiate their "craving" fantasy.

If you are "on the road" as a person or as a counsellor and you meet a "client" with whom you "jointly" desire to have a sexual encounter with, then that is in order, as long as it in NO way is to the exclusion of passing on the message true. AND, it must not be done if "sex" is the issue for their "insanity."

AND, also "beware" that once any sexual "togetherness" has been done, then via their other negative emotions, be it jealousy or greed etc, they then may try to entrap you and by threat of "exposure" keep you thus bound to again continue on in that way.

If for any reason you are already "complicit" to any past sexual "connection" then you must not give in to any threat, but just be quiet and "repel" any forthcoming threat or "action" against you by non-retaliation and silence, as you by your deed continue to seed truth to all. For naught "wrong" was done in God's eyes through a positive act even though it was done in a circumstance unwise.

It is the time for all to their dues pay, and the "dark force" will use all in its power to entrap the mentally "unstable" in order to enable them to be its reaper in action. Try and avoid any sexual interaction when "on the road" so to speak as you help the "needy" who carry a heavy "sexual craving" lode.

My response to a phone call in which a man does say to a lady counsellor over the phone: "You sound like a nice person, will you come and visit me for I am lonely and desperate and do not think I can live any longer because I cannot find a woman to walk with me" would be:

"If you are sincere in that you would like my help then it is up to you to understand that it is an "underhand" approach to try and "obtain" the "friendship" of a "stranger" over the phone by saying that you need a woman, and then asking them to visit you on your "remote" property."

"I am a counsellor and thus state further that you need to make & take the effort to go quietly forth into town or a place where ladies can be met and spoken to face to face and thus not be a disgrace to yourself or them, for you can then show yourself and say to their face "You are a nice person and I would like to see more of you," or, "Can we have a cup of tea today," rather than hoping that I will feel pity for you and thus visit you."

"If you truly need my good counsel then you will need to make the effort to come and visit me at my office. For if you can make that effort then it will show you that you do have the capacity to go forward and are truly making the effort to help yourself."

"In the meantime I enclose some material for you that will enable you to see how our minds can be telepathically broached by controlling thoughts that enter via our emotions of fear or other. You will learn how to suppress negative thoughts and thus you will be better able to cope with your daily routine and will be more capable of attaining what you seek."

That is the "proper" manner to aid a "disturbed" mind that cannot see that its subconscious "hidden agenda" believes that "sex" can be enticed his way.

The initial "ask" may seem innocent enough, but once alone with the "helper" then powerful emotions can erupt, and if they proceed in a sexual way even with your consent, once the 'deed' is done, they may be totally mentally overpowered from within through their overpowering fear and guilt and fall into a deep dark state which may lead them to then "destructively" abuse you or themselves.

Any interaction between the "sexes" where one or both parties are subjected to intrusive devious or "dark" thoughts, can become a "fatal attraction" as the physically stronger has the disadvantage in that they can be mentally "seduced" by dark thoughts in their mind that will incite them to take advantage of a physically weaker person who is in their control by virtue of a "remote" location.

Thus if the "roles" were reversed in the above "case," and you are a male counsellor visiting a "lone" female, then to be true to the one needing help you must not proceed alone to a meeting if your mind is full of "kelp," or you could become untrue, and if you take advantage of a lady who in reality is needing good counsel from you, then for sure ahead you will pay for your folly too.

We are at a point in eternal time when powerful emotions and thoughts do with all entwine, and it will be difficult to see the difference between being caring and being foolish and thus to both untrue.

Try and keep yourself in a "position" where you do not find yourself having to give-in to an "imposition" that leads to a justification in the others mind for them to control you or "own" you.

Pleasure from a sexual act of union is the most powerful "weapon" of control or ownership that the darkness can use in an irrational mind. Please be caring and kind but do not "permit" others to bind you due to your compassion.

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~ Police & Medical attendants ~

Police and medical attendants are recommended to not try and "order around" or "interview" emotionally "traumatised" persons. Rather leave them in peace until they have calmed down. Demands could lead to irrational acts inspired by either party through anger or fear, none of us are immune from this process, and we also are thus subject to irrationality when confronted. "Understanding" is the way.

When attending to an emotionally unstable person, you need to try and understand What they feel and hear, Why they feel and hear. You can really help them when you understand the process fully. Pass on this understanding to the patient. Know the capacity of your own mind and emotions.

So the reality now be that you will only a true "Carer" be when you do personally understand fully the "power and way" of the dark underhand. Truly, it is the time for deep inner reflection, and for sure a change of direction.

Be constantly mindful and aware, IDENTIFY your own thoughts and feelings. If negative, ACT Immediately. Fortify your mind, say the STAR prayer and say to yourself: "In saying the Star prayer I make a choice to be kind to myself by increasing the Light that is already within me. By doing this, I show by deed, that I choose Light and Love."

TO LIMIT THE NEGATIVE force, try and be aware of when it is controlling you, if you allow it to continue ‘playing’ within your mind through careless mindlessness, you are giving the dark power over you, it will use you, then bind you, and then destroy you.

Do not let it ‘play’ unchecked in your minds through listening to "dark" destructively worded music, and do not express it verbally or physically, for thus does its power grow within you.

ASK yourself - "Would Love think the negative things about me that I think endlessly," the answer would be NO. Be alert to the subtlety of invading deception, being negative thoughts entering your own mind from within that will try and convince you not to say the Star prayer.

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Acute Emotional Trauma
Physical symptoms and signs — Spiritual cause

Emotional trauma shows itself in the physical body with symptoms that are similar to "shock" that results from serious injury such as in burns and bleeding, vomiting or diarrhoea, poisoning etc, and may result in the collapse of the circulatory system resulting in death.

Emotions are triggered not only by the physical senses we know (sound, sight, smell etc), but also from unseen forces that through us flow daily as we walk our road, at times carrying an unseen burdensome load.

And the invisible pressures of this load mount, and their additions one day bring us to account, meaning, that they suddenly unreel, and their power within we do feel. The feeling is one of uncertainty. The feeling is one of impending calamity. The feeling is one of dread and we collapse onto our bed.

And there is naught that we can do in the moments of suffering flowing through, other than trying to be kind to ourselves as feelings unwind, by staying in the light in thinking of the star shining bright, calling on our Mother’s love dear as her memory we bring to us near.

And this we can only do if we remember the story true about the prayer of the star of love that shines eternally way up above. For in the time of our suffering, others feelings and thoughts in us ring, compounding what we feel as invisible spirits upon us place their seal.

Being their feelings of woe that they are forced to upon us bestow, for their minds too are bound until their freedom is found. So before you find yourself in a traumatic state, try to with this message relate, and try all you can to be true to the message from God flowing through.

The human race is not aware of the "hidden" capacity of invisible spirits to exacerbate, by ‘energy transfer,’ the emotions we can feel, emotions that at times have devastating consequences.

These consequences arise as the result of fear based emotions that we may or may not have been consciously aware of being "triggered" when we have been mentally and emotionally pressured for some time.

The trigger can be activated either through pain, or from a conscious realisation that an inevitable course of action will take place. This brings about a "change" in our emotional state that does impact upon beings in other realms who are linked in to us. It is their emotional response that takes us to the brink so to speak.

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Physical symptoms:

Feeling sick, feeling faint, restlessness, thirst. This leads to loss of strength and the person collapsing into a state of shock, with the following signs:

Shallow rapid breathing, weak rapid pulse, pale face and skin, faintness and loss of use of limbs, pins and needles in hands and feet, nausea, cold clammy skin. The person may become confused and unconscious.


The sufferer needs to try and accept that during the trauma they are in God’s hands so to speak, the process will run to its completion. They needs endeavour to remain calm and breathe normally, steady fairly deep breaths to stop hypoventilation. Think of the Star of Bethlehem and say the Star prayer.


The helper needs to understand that this trauma is the result of extreme anxiety and fear that has been compounded by spirits experiencing the same trauma.

Shock is caused by the trauma experienced, be it from physical or spiritual conditions. The result of this shock causes an immediate failing of the normal respiratory action of the lung movement, shallow small fast breaths commence that affects the oxygen supply to heart and tissues.

This shallow fast breathing which accompanies shock leads to hypoventilation that reduces oxygen intake. Reduced oxygen intake has the effect of a subsequent reduction of carbon dioxide manufactured and expelled, this leads the body to falsely assume that it has enough oxygen and breathing may stop. (See 'note' end of page 23).

When the circulatory system is not carrying sufficient oxygenated blood to the body tissues, coma and death will follow. The correct oxygen intake is vitally necessary. Correct breathing is imperative.

Lay the person on their back with their feet elevated by being supported by two pillows, the feet of the person may be placed on the chest of a helper to keep them warm. The elevated feet helps the blood supply to the heart.

Loosen any tight clothing. If the person complains of thirst then moisten their lips only, do not give them anything to drink. If the person is unconscious or having trouble breathing, check their airway is clear and place them on their side. In the event that oxygen is available, then ensure that it is given until such time as the breathing has stabilised and the heart rate and pulse is normal.

Another helper may lie alongside the person and hold them gently for comforting reassurance. It is important to speak calmly to the person, telling them that they must just breathe normally and that the feelings will clear.

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Say to them: I am going to say a few words to you, please say them mentally after me if it is too difficult to speak: I am looking up into the sky above and I see a beautiful star, it is the star of Bethlehem that is filled with God’s love.

I see a white light shining down from this star, filling my body with its power from afar. Wonderful Mother, please be with me, fill me with light and set my soul free, feel the light and love from God flowing through you and others who are spiritually with you, it is calming you deep inside and you are feeling a little stronger now.

Note: Ventilate. (The lungs with air) This steady breathing absorbs oxygen and expels carbon dioxide and sustains life. The 'rate' of ventilation may increase considerably when exercising.

Note: hyper-ventilate. This deep breathing increases the oxygen intake and 'permits' the body to then function for a time without further breathing. It may also result in drowning if used in deep diving, for the person may run out of oxygen prior to surfacing and become unconscious. This leads to them breathing in water.

Note: hypo-ventilate. This shallow and quick breathing reduces the oxygen intake and leads to death. (Hypoventilation may be caused through a powerful emotion of fear, * and to assist the body to readjust itself to the need to breath deeply and steadily, it can be assisted by having the 'patient' take a few deep and thus 'oxygenated' breaths, and then to breathe 'in and out' of a paper bag for a number of breaths to increase the carbon dioxide in the system, - - - this will tell the body of the need to then breathe normally, as it then 'recognises' the need for taking in oxygen.)

Note: emotion of fear, * This emotion that may 'surface' in certain circumstances has the capacity to 'paralyse' the 'chest' area and bring breathing into the 'hypo' ventilation mode. This is 'how' or 'why' certain tribes 'die' when they have had a 'spell' placed upon them. The 'spell' is but the 'trigger' for the emotion of fear to 'erupt,' and the subsequent lack of oxygen and 'lack' of the 'CO2' inducement to breathe halts the breathing process and death ensues.

When 'fearful,' concentrate on the Star, and concentrate on deep and steady breaths until the emotion subsides.

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~ The 'Ghost' story ~

The Ghost story was told to me and is about Gladys and Rory, two 'ghosts' from long ago. They lived in a mansion on a hill and at times the land was covered in snow.

Sometimes when the moon was bright you could see their "ghostly" forms walking around in the moonlight. But if ever you came near they would quickly disappear.

They caused no trouble to anyone, but they themselves were troubled as their minds were "on the run" from thoughts that went round and round, and it is thus they became "earthbound."

For their spirits could not let "go" of the earthly place they did on earth know. So when their earthly bodies were put in the ground their spirits became free of the flesh but as said, earthbound.

So when I heard of this sorry tale I sent a note to the man at the pub by mail, thanking him for writing to me about Gladys and Rory.

Then I sat down by my nice warm fire and called Gladys and Rory to my side, for I planned to lift their spirits up higher, and when they came to me by saying this to them I set their spirits free.

"Lovely sister and brother too, I see your sorrow and that you are stuck in this world too. It is now the time for you to leave this realm and move forwards and upwards. For if you do not, then you may be an 'unseen' influence over those yet in the flesh, and any telepathic 'control' of their minds will be wrong and error. So please now look up with me to the Star that shines for all from afar, and as we at the Star look, together we'll say the Star prayer from the book:

Creator of the heavens - Mother of love
I see your star - shining above
Please cleanse my mind with all your love
so that I may heed your call of peace from above

And as this we do, our Mother God sends Her love through to you, and as this love you now feel, the Light from the Star does have more appeal than the place that you be. Feel free to now rise up, up and away and in a happier place you can love and play."

So at this moment I saw Gladys and Rory rise up on a beam of light into God's lovely star of love. So this too you can do if ever you hear of a "ghost" near you. Fear not to this story them tell, for they will thank you one day for the wisdom you gave them to set them free.

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~ Astral travel & multiple personalities ~

I refer to this 'state' of travel, wherein one consciously fully exits one's fleshly body. I feel that I should speak on it. I would however stress the point that it is a totally different process to that spoken of in the 'breathing therapy' technique that is used in emotional release therapy.

For the daily routine 'technique' of simply lying down and falling asleep each night, and 'unconsciously' attaining the 'sleep' or 'dream' state is similar to the 'connected breath' therapy, and neither of them are of the same category as 'Astral' travel however, - - -

Every 'therapist' that would be of true 'service' to others should learn fully about the mental and physical capacity of spirit beings to overpower or enter those in the flesh. For there may be a time when a 'client' appears to have a 'strange' or 'lost' look on their face, or is obviously 'presenting' themselves to their loved ones as a different personality for an hour, day, week, or longer.

In the case of any 'doubt' as to their identity, then one would calmly say to them. "I ask that you 'focus' on the Star of love and repeat after me the words of the prayer I now say." - - Speak the Star prayer out aloud:

- - - Then say: "If you are a 'visitor' inhabiting this body mentally or otherwise then please now go your way in peace and release the mind of - - (Tom or Mary) - - so that both you and they become free."

I now continue on Astral travel as there are many books written on the subject, thus this note is to 'alert' those seeking to so travel as to a potential danger.

For in the same way I alert all of you to the hidden dangers of telepathic subjugation of the mind (possession) that can also force a person to be less than kind unto others or self, and thus they suffer the 'karmic' (Law of God) consequence.

For that process is ongoing in every realm outside heaven, and it is the main subject matter of my whole web site. Thus I feel the need to add these few paragraphs that will 'educate' many in relation to any contemplating consciously Astral travelling.

The 'danger' associated with astral travel is that in so doing, one is fully 'exiting' their fleshly body and, - - - as it is then 'unoccupied,' there is the possibility of it being taken over and fully 'possessed' by an 'intruding' spirit, to the point that the 'traveller' returning from their voyage is unable to re-enter, but is still 'bound' to the fleshly body for as long as it lives and, - - -

The 'possessor' that has 'claimed' the body presents themselves to those around as a different personality, one that may appear to have 'lost' its memory, as it in fact may have no connection to the prior life experiences of the previous inhabitant. On the other hand, it may have accrued the knowledge of the family ways.

In most cases of full 'body' take-over, the intruder will exit it after a short time. An example is where through 'dance' and 'mesmeric' rhythm such as is performed in the West Indies, the performers invite departed spirits to enter their body as they 'exit it' and the entering spirits give a 'convoluted' dance performance using their body.

In cases such as in what some call 'Multiple personality disorder,' the 'possession' may be only a 'mental' one, wherein the mind is controlled by a spirit. But it may also be a 'full' body one, and the 'face' of the fleshly person and their body movements appear different.

Some 'spirit mediums' also permit full body possession by inviting a spirit to speak through them, this enables the supposedly 'wiser' spirit to use their vocal 'chords' and speak directly from their flesh, rather than telepathically from 'outside' their flesh which is the most frequently used manner.

The inhabitants of this world are soon to become fully aware that they 'share' its surrounding 'invisible' space with multitudes of discarnate spirit beings. These spirit beings are ALL lost souls. Many of them are extremely 'intelligent' with very 'bent' egos and they are also bound mentally by powerful forces beyond their 'vision.'

They and you all require the fresh wisdom of God to enable you to change your personal projections and become kinder to others and to thus aid in your own salvation.

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