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~ Terrorists ~

What do terrorists do for a living? They fill others with fear and misgiving. They also cause suffering and pain, because they are callous, cruel, merciless, arrogant and vain.

Who are they? They are the 'terrorists, armed forces men, policemen, insurgents, judiciary, legislators, enforcers, controllers, slavers, regulators, politicians, chiefs, kings, dictators, 'rule' makers, wife bashers, street gangs, guerillas, and rebels.' Because they are the ones who terrorise others in some way due to their actions.

"Thus" God says: "You are all 'terrorists' of the same 'ilk,' and you will all receive a 'Just' due under My supreme Law, and yourselves be filled with fear and misgiving for each and every time you defied My call of 'Love & Mercy & Forgiveness' and, - - -

The Decree

You shall all 'fall' into the Abyss for a time and a time and be dealt with by other merciless and unforgiving swine, until you do heed My 'call' from the Land Divine to 'Be peaceful."

All 'enforcers' in any guise are the Devil's 'workers,' and their abuse of God's children darkens their own soul and, under God's immutable Law, * these 'offenders' receive a 'just & equitable' return payment of suffering.

This return suffering accrues invisibly and silently, and the 'offender' sees not the 'stalker' who sets HIS 'trap' that snares all the unwary. God is GOD, and God sees ALL that be, and God's 'Justice' is unavoidable as all will now see.

No 'mandate' from man 'exonerates' enforcers from God's Justice. No mandate from man 'voids' God's immutable Law. You may 'believe' that your actions are 'honourable,' but any suffering imposed upon another is a 'criminal' offence in Father God's eye, and as you should all know - -

'Do the crime - - - suffer the time'

Set yourself free from accruing more painful 'debts to God' and now heed me.

Note: Law * - "As you sow - so shall ye reap - As you do - is done unto you."

~ The 'collaborators' ~

The collaborators to 'terrorism' are you, you, and you. For your 'ignorant' complicity to terrorist 'acts' is what supports terrorism, and the 'depth' of your complicity is unseen by you, and it is also accepted as 'normal.'

For it is by payment of taxes and your 'vote' and demands for 'protection' that you are contributing to the 'counter' terrorist activities. These activities carried out 'in your name' and 'on your behalf' impose great suffering upon others perceived as terrorists or 'offenders' by your 'servants,' being the 'State' department employees funded by you.

You all did and yet 'do' daily accrue a 'pain & loss' debt that will be imposed upon you at some time by God and, unless this you begin to see, your 'race' to reach 'Heaven' will be lost too.

So please now change your 'way' and give up your support of any 'punitive' system of man or 'armed force' from today. For all 'collaborators' to the 'unforgiving & merciless' aspect of the Source are eventually ensnared by IT the DARK.

The use of any 'force' that abuses or 'punishes' any other child of God in any 'way' for any reason, or in any way deprives them of their livelihood or destroys their property, is an 'ACT' that contravenes God's Command to "Walk in peace & love one another."

It is God to impose the 'penance' upon your 'household' that is an 'equal & opposite' return of loss and suffering within the 'bounds' of God's supreme 'eye for an eye' law - - - 'As you sow so shall ye reap' and, - - -

Not only do you 'accrue' the return pain 'due' upon yourself, but as you or your servants abuse others, you all draw in the dark 'mist' * of death into your soul that eventually 'weighs' you down and enables the 'Devil' to imprison you below. Those of you who would become free must now heed me and stop supporting iniquity.

Note: 'mist' * - Is the negative energy of the Source. This 'energy' draws your soul away from the Light (positive energy of the Source).

Refer: "God is God" page 94 of "The Testament of Truth"