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~ WAR & National 'Karma'~

As written by Terence 

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Item - The Final Word - 9 pages
The 'error' of judgement - the conflict of resolution - the dark energy in action - the murderer's pride -
the 'no conscience' kill - national invasion - the 'nod' of God


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~War ~
National accrued spiritual karmic “pain” debt. ~

If your “employees” cause pain on your account, then your personal accruing “Pain” debts do mount, this is what you personally needs to see so that of your “past” unknown accrued “pain” you can be set free.

Read all and seed your mind with the “painful” reality, for every governing “System” is funded by the people, thus they are your employees carrying out “your” agreed to directives.

What you the populace do neither see nor know, is that your taxes are in fact “protection money” payments that our ancestors did upon us “bestow” in the guise of “I the king will protect you my subjects true, for payment of an annual due.”

 The reality being that the king “took” by force of arms a “collection royalty” from you his “serfs” to use for his own greedy ways, and in the event of any threat to his little “Kingdom,” you the slaves are used to protect him and his interests, and expected to die for him.

 This “way” has “carried over” through time, and still today our “elected” expect not only ‘free’ pay, but also that you and your children must for them die, any who do not comply are “shot” for treason or jailed at their pleasure for more than a season.

So please now try and see that your “free giving taxes” are protection money paid, and thus you are spiritually responsible for all “ungodly” acts perpetrated by your System upon any supposed defaulter or enemy of the State.

 So “activists” like the American “Desert Thunder” are bigots committing their greatest blunder, for as they their “darkness” deploy, the “Evil One” already “plans” ahead as to how “HE” will them destroy, and HE is the invisible satanic force that does all fools from the Light divorce, and all who “funded” their pay and their “armaments” too, will pay for every agonising moment of “fire” that smashed the helpless into the desert mire.

 There is only one way out of the never ending mess, that is to your soul with my wisdom bless. Daily read my Truth and seed your conscious mind, then go your way in Peace, and prepare to be kind to your enemy whom you will meet one day in the forest or at home or in the street.

 You may “kneel” before them and say “I am sorry for what I did do, please try not to let the “Reaper” work through you, or ahead as me, it will be you to pay for the folly you will “commit” today.”

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~ Saddam, Clinton, & the People ~

Whether Iraq, America or any other place, we the people are in God’s eyes a disgrace, because the iniquitous way of our leaders we support, yes, unknowingly we fund their “rort” as well as their destructive ‘sport.’

So if Saddam does others abuse and onto them fire and gas diffuse, then for this all “his” people will pay, yes, as Clinton goes his way.

And then Americans too have “accrued” a huge national “pain” debt, and ahead they all personally will fret, for at the “hand” of another, be it sister or brother, they will suffer all their “forces” did mete out when in arrogance against Saddam they wielded the Devil’s shout.

When you pay your taxes, you are the “Wage payer,” and the “workers” of the governmental “systems” are the “employee,” so it is you the taxpayer who is responsible for what “they” daily “go out and dowhatever it is they daily do. But what they do to your sisters and brothers is very often in God’s eyes untrue, and as you expect them to do what they do, you are personally responsible too, and thus for your folly do pay on another day and in another way.

Are you “aware” of what the “System” does “darkly” each day for which you will and already do pay, be they “Customs, Immigration, Fisheries, Police, Armed forces, Tax dept, Social services etc.” ?

The Customs & Excise “prohibits” free Import/Export of goods unless a “royalty” is paid. This is control of the free movement of others goods as well as theft. They also burn fishing vessels that they say are fishing illegally. The Immigration department “Controls - Evicts - and Incarcerates people.”

Fisheries control vast areas of oceans around countries and enforce stiff penalties and imprisonment for offenders. All “armed” forces justify the destruction of property, the killing of people, and “sanctions unto death” in the guise of protecting YOU the citizen.

Social welfare departments are responsible for “enforced controlled adoption of,” or “theft of” others children in the belief that they are doing a “good” service. The taxation department forcibly steals money and sells property to “obtain” its demanded due.

All negative “thrust” in any guise that “promotes” pain and suffering upon our sisters and brothers incurs a negative “Sowing” karmic debt that is “Reaped” personally by the perpetrator, but also, by the “employer” you, who is also a “party” who does incur a part of the debt. Thus much suffering is “waiting” ahead for all who contribute “freely” tax monies to the “living dead” * who use a part of these monies to abuse, steal, and destroy.

So children, try now and see that only I can set you free in bringing you the sacred true word and saying: “Only now uphold Peace, not the sword. Pay now no more “wages” for ‘sin,’ only this way do you individually your journey win.”

* The “living dead” are spirits of wickedness who incarnated into the flesh from dark realms wherein abide the dead. They are in the flesh to learn the truth of “Only Love” as are most of you, and if you heed their “call” with its accompanying demand then you too will fall from grace permanently and ‘become’ one of the eternally spiritually dead.

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 ~ God’s LAW & the ‘Gulf’ ~

 Have the “people” of planet earth forgotten God’s Law ? that says:
“You Reap what you Sow, so don’t ever smash others with your paw.”

 Even “man” demands an “eye for an eye,” so I wonder why we even consider to “elect” politicians who “think” they must use “our” Tax take dollars to us protect ? For in sending out our children to us ? defend, we are sending our own souls “hells” end.

 Yes, for if we do the “fighters” employ, we are all spiritually liable for all pain and suffering carried out in their deploy. So we all have a mounting “pain” debt that rises each day, as we freely pay “others” to steal taxes each day, and if we now “back up” the iniquitous American “men,” we too are a “party” to Satan's “play pen.”

 For ONLY the Dark One does destroy, I say, we should not with the aggressive Americans ‘toy,’ if they would policemen be, then that is their personal choice and policy, and a truly foolish one it be, as they “openly” sanction the killing of innocents who in the ‘wrong’ place will be.

 So “children,” why do “we” let our ‘elected’ arrogant ones decide for us, whether or not we must pay for all the resulting “blood & pus,” just because they believe that they have the right because they are blinded by the Dark Knight?

 I for sure stand free of any aggressive delivery, for openly I write with my pen, saying: “I support not the role chosen by any man who for any reason believes he is justified to destroy any season. I will never support any such satanic “sport,” for my God I believe, thus I will never make another grieve."

 I am also free of any “Karmic” debt that others “accrue” for I fund them not” I say to you. No, I do not freely pay any “Tax,” it is “taken by theft” so I can spiritually relax, for I am not responsible I see for the result of $ use that was stolen off me, yes, all I buy, they did already “add” cost to by their enforced tax take off the vendor.

 So you all had better “pray,” that is any of you who the wages of the aggressors PAY, for every drop of blood they spill will be credited to your personal “pain” Till.

 Oh how “blind” humanity be, for MY LIGHT they can as yet not see.

 Terence - The Spirit of Truth

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~ ‘American Invasion’ ~

ABC TV - 7.30 Report

 Kerry, I refer to your interview of yesterday with the US naval man who so “ignorantly” can talk of the 100 % certainty that “his” and possibly “our” forces will be responsible for civilian trauma and death. This for sure shows me that this ‘fool’ speaks with Satan's breath.

 So in the “role” of self appointed planetary police, it is the Americans who would soil their souls with grease as they “justify” making Iraqi civilians cry and die.

 So “openly” do the arrogant ones talk as they openly others stalk, and I cannot see “how or why” our politicians could even consider “following” the American Command High.

 For soon enough we will despised be, and “surrounded” by our own iniquity, for Nationally we too have accrued a “spiritual debt” and upon this coming “pain” we should reflect.

 Yes, as we “joined” the American Sanction blockade, we our own “ahead bed” made. Soon to be “blockaded” by our own silly men, who will be so inspired from Satan's den.

 So “why” now go to war and by “virtue of presence” bring pain back to our shore ? Saddam’s “People” are not my enemy.

 Terence - The Messiah

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~ Dr. Paul Tabar ~
El Telegraph Newspaper

 Paul, your newspaper has the facility to assist many people, for as you see, the “wolves” in the guise of “The Free world & Christianity” are but warmongers who will be destroyed by God, as are all “whores” who fight and on earth do plod.

 Yes, all men have been deceived and all will soon grieve, for all ‘Ministers’ of all religions too deny Allah who says: “Be true to my ‘wife’ your mother who is the eternal Light, any who deny her and fight, I will destroy.”

 So Paul, I would like the “Arab” world to know that not all westerners agree with the silly “policy” of the government of Australia. I write day and night to men of all races, for all are sister and brother, Allah’s children.

 I enclose a few recent letters written by me, I am “inspired” and thus I also have a message from Muhammad the prophet on my web page.

 Seek it in my message to humanity from Allah the most merciful. As Muhammad was, I too am a messenger of Allah, and it was written that I the “Christ” soul would return to this sod at the END, for I am “man's” eternal friend.

 You may publish any of the content of my web site, the enclosed book is written in “verse” in the manner I received the messages. On the web site I have joined up the lines and edited it all for ease of reading and translation. There is also an “Arabic” brief summary of two pages to be found on the web site.

 Be courageous my brother, for soon the whole world will collapse into chaos as Shetani “reaches” every mind with satanic thoughts of unforgiveness and retribution.

 The bright morning star shines for all Allah’s children.


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~ Alex Allen ~
British High Commissioner

 Alex, For your personal reference I enclose a copy of my communiqué to Boris Yeltsin of today. Please for a “moment” ask yourself if whilst “employed” as “a” high commissioner of man, if you could spare a little time for GOD as well as God’s messenger who again walks on this earthly sod.

 I have been walking this earth for many a day and am very “tired” of man's way, all “claiming” Christianity, but all the Devil’s workers be. IF your “conscience” to my message draws near, then please yes, feel the fear of what is to be.

 “Our” British Prime Minister is a very “weak” and arrogant man who “needs” the “kow tow” with Clinton to show all he is a “man,” not seeing that he will “inspan” Britain into the “Religious” cyclonic storm soon to erupt planetarily.

 Whilst the “West” has freely roamed the planet with its “rorts” and financial “extorts,” the “East” has quietly fumed at its seemingly weak position.

 This “frustration” has permitted the “Dark One” to gain control, both mentally in the minds of the “East,” as it “openly” used the minds of the arrogant West.

 NOW it will “arise” in the minds of all who did each other despise, and as said, the FINAL chapter of “Revelations” is the throwing down of the old holy book.”

 ALL will fight
all will exude the Devil’s Might
for the Devil the “Reaper” be

and the Devil will stalk man on earth TOTALLY

 Do what you personally can to warn all humanity. Do this for GOD, and show God you care for me your brother walking on this sod.

 “Mercy” my pen

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~ John Howard ~
Prime Minister

 John, I have written to you before and for sure have had no reply, is it that you feel you “stand” up high, or is it that your “men” feel my pen as unworthy of response ?

 I continue my “epistles to man,” as you see, this is the 7556th written with God’s love, I enclose for you a couple of my recent writings, as well as God’s Constitution, and the Republic v/s Royalty letter. God, my brother will now soon have HIS say planetarily, and all will see what God’s pen does say to each, including you personally.

 It is time now for you to show your worth, for as said before, soon the time of NO mirth. None yet see the invisible capacity of the Dark One to wreak his mandated vengeance upon all who deny the sacred teachings of this one, me. And I will give you a little deeper expose' of “how” it does work.

 Firstly, It gives the “West” a reason to by sanctions blockade, and cause suffering and misery upon the simple folk of Iraq, then it will blockade “us” and others by accessing minds of the “Union,” and all Trade will cease as we pay for the time we did grease our souls with smut when we heeded the call of the American “Slut.”

 Before all in Australia does collapse as the planet goes into relapse, the “populace” needs to hear of my message and its content see. Thus a “wise” president will ensure the spiritual sanctity of his flock, rather than shilly shallying around the dance floor of R & R rubbish, for as you see, there are no two men on earth today who can on anything agree. All minds are now “Under Siege” by the dark liege who more and more holds sway.

 Please “call on me” by seeding your soul with my wisdom. IF you “take” Australia to join the “Clinton” war against any man, you personally will lose your soul to the Devil’s pleasure for an eternity span. It also applies to you and all your “merry men” if “they” jointly so decide. If arrogance and pride are to rule your way, then you have denied God’s say.

 Arise and see my face, it is the one of spiritual grace.


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 ~ Boris Yeltsin ~
President of Russia
c/o Russian Embassy, Canberra

 Boris, as you can see, the arrogant ones “USA & Britain” are exerting their demands as they mete out reprimands to Saddam. Yes, they speak of Saddam as “The evil one,” but at the same time it is they who “hoard” weapons of mass destruction, and it is also they who now for a long time by sanctions have been at war against the common people of Iraq.

 I write to you for two reasons, one to let you know that God is real, and that it is I God’s messenger once again on earth. I come with a message of what is soon to be as each soul “chooses” by deed their final resting place.

 Secondly, I do believe that you are a man who could see the truth of my pen, and thus you could alert all Russia to the availability of my “free on air” message to all on my Internet web page:

 I greet you my brother and hope you are a leader wise, for most leaders are fools who arrogantly lead God’s children into war with its accompanying hardship, pain and eternal misery.

 Please tell all your people to now seek the wisdom contained in my message from God, for it tells “how” insanity will erupt planetarily in the minds of man, and “how” we will be used by the darkness to destroy each other, and “how” we can stay mentally free from its “inner” telepathic onslaught, for any who are now used by it will fall into its “lair” as they leave the flesh here in the dust.

 It is truly the time for the human race to TRY and forget yesterday and ONLY look forwards with forgiveness & mercy, all who now cannot will be by “self choice” consigning their souls into eternal misery.

 Do your best for ME, and God’s face you will one day see.


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 ~ Kim Beazley ~
Australian Opposition Leader

 Kim - you “justify” America’s “cause” to make simple Iraq folk cry in saying: “Its Saddam’s fault because he keeps weapons of mass destruction in his vault.”

 My simple brother, when will you see that it is the West that the TODAY aggressor be. Yes, and it IS the West that has weapons of mass destruction overflowing out of ITS ears.

 Is it Saddam invading US or the USA ? No, it is the “force” that stands behind the Clinton “Yes man” boy who dictates our policy today.

 Son, you are a disappointment to me, you always denounce John Howard as a fraud, but today you ‘agree’ with his folly.  Have you become “Aunt Maud,” or is it that the “man” Beazley also believes the propaganda hype that fills the airwaves like rotten tripe ?

 Son, God’s eyes are on you, as well as every other son of a gun who IS untrue. Is there not one “MAN amongst men” in the political arena who IS OF GOD, and who “heard” the message of the Messiah who IS now again on earth’s sod ?

 Seek my “BLOOD document” on my golden web page, it is inspired by the Source, our heavenly sage, who says, “All whom my call to ‘ONLY LOVE’ deny, will by ME be destroyed and then spiritually eternally cry.”

 Terence - The “pen” of God

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~ Abdication of Personal responsibility ~

Arrogance and stupidity as well as ignorance walk hand in hand, and we "Australians" are a 'party' to it as our soldiers head for the other's land. All because old Clinton to J. H. did say:

"You'd better be with us buddy, or you'll be our enemy one day."

So we see a "play" unfold, with the actors in the 'wings,' the only difference with this play is that it is one in which no one sings, and the Devil does jig as each side the other stings.

Yes, and every foolish taxpayer is a 'sucker,' being you and me, for we are responsible for what is soon to be. For if we pay the wages of the silly men, the ones who like to fight in another's play pen, then they are our hired guns is what I say today, and thus the pain they cause will come to us one day.

So I say now: Please heed me the voice for God, the one of Light and Love, the voice to set you free that says "Pay not the tax man any money from today, for if you do, then pain will come your way."

Why pay "fools" wages and then go your way and just "permit" them to use it for their arrogant evil way? For if this you continue to do, your abdication of your personal responsibility to your own soul will become a reality painfully true.

Yes, and we have already accrued a national spiritual debt, for we made all Iraq fret as our politicians did wrong and thus we "joined" in the "Sanctions Blockade of disharmonic misery" of that aggressive American race and thus both they and us are to God a disgrace.

For in a seemingly virtuous disguise we were unwise, for all the "poor" Iraq folk die and cry from economic depression, that act itself falls under God's LAW & Judgement that we now "Reap what we did Sow."

So people like the Unionist John Coombs and his "men" inspired by the Devil through him, will soon do what it appears he must for the "Reaper" do, impose "suicidal" self sanctions upon Australian ports. Thus all Australia will economically slow down, yea, and you will more than frown.

You do not for long have a choice, for in "allowing" free loaders to heed Satan's voice, you too will retaliate and then drown if an aggressor comes your way as a "Reaper" to make you frown.

Please try and see what it is I say to you, stop paying taxes and to your own soul be responsible and true.

Terence, son of Irene & David

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~ Man and his ‘Gun’ ~

 Man has for a very long time been full of fear, that is why ‘he’ cannot to God’s Holy Word draw near, thus he relies on his gun, and heeds not God’s wisdom through this one.

 For I say: “Rely on God, not on guns as on earth you plod.” Guns are only a ‘temporary’ protection, and on these words you need more than a little reflection. For if you others destroy, it is you in Satan’s employ, and your soul will fall below, this deadly truth I know. God says:

 Rely on me,
for only the real danger I see
lean on the strength of my Word
be peaceful, wield not a sword.

 So I come now to today, where Australia sends a ‘token’ force to join America’s ‘play,’ yes, a very unfortunate “Act,” that by fear is backed. “For America is Australia’s Gun,” that is what God says to this one, and Australia cannot give its 'gun' away, so for “its” fear must we all pay.

 Yes, Australia does “fear” that one day an “aggressor” to IT will draw near, thus it needs the “Big Gun,” for it is afraid to stand “unarmed” under this sun. So now you do see how iniquitous ‘fear’ can be, for our politicians will throw our “peace” away as they for their “protection” do pay.

 Yes, they pay up in advance I see as they stupidly send people to abuse God’s greater family. Not seeing that for their folly, we will pay, for our Karma will be bad as we pay the wages of the soldiers, yes, a situation very bad.

 So as I do not need to carry a gun, I also do not need to pay the wages of soldiers who will abuse others under this sun. So I say “follow me,” as from today of the tax man’s demands set yourselves free. Pay no taxes from today, tell the arrogant “thieves” that for their destructive forces you cannot pay.

 Only heed God’s Command from today
Be peaceful, forgiving and caring each day.

 Terence 12.2.002

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~ The Deceived ~

The deceived are all three, being politicians, religious elders, and thee. All do “somehow” believe that they can in “self defence” others abuse and destroy and still be saved by that heavenly “boy,” the man Jesus, or even God, as on this lowly world all do plod, and I the “Spirit of Truth” say NO.

All politicians and religious elders shall below go, as will you IF you heed and follow their “promotions” untrue. For all are the “scum” of the earth. As you see, a place of no mirth where “Elders” bless your children and their “gun,” as they say: "Yes, off to war you go, get on now, run.”

And the politicians “smile” with pride as your children take their last “stride” as they step over the last “style,” the hurdle to the land beyond, but not the one with a waving palm frond, but the one where the ignorant die, yes, they spiritually “freeze” in fear and cry.

And you? You by $$$ them support, do you not realise that you will spiritually suffer and pay for their “sport,”? Yes, all the pain they mete out will come back to this land and will you clout.

Our God of Light and Love does the Devil KNOW, that is why God says:

“Heed not the deceivers, nor them follow,
only heed MY living Word, ONLY Love, wield not a sword.”

So “why” I ask “do you not heed me,” ? for I the “deliverer of the Holy Word be." Yes, it is I to “counteract” the dark knave, but you will needs be brave and turn away from the Devil’s “play pen,” heed now this sacred pen.

All aggression is the dark in action
your fiscal or physical participation shows your ‘devilish’ interaction

Children, before to heaven you can go, you must pay your personal dues, your karmic debts accrued through your personal negative actions or when your funds paid the “wages of sin,” and thus did others abuse “from a distance.” God says:

“The reaper will run and bring all the foolish and ignorant undone.”

So not “if” but when you face the Reaper, and are to be “mauled by man” similarly as did the Christians in the arena full of lions, non retaliation is the only way to go. Those who “cannot” will fall below and eternally face the agony of “lions,” this I know. There is no peace for the “continuing” wicked.

Terence - ‘Mercy’ my pen

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~ John Howard ~
Prime Minister of Australia

Dear John, I felt I should write again to you, for it is so “easy” to be sucked in to a situation untrue. Yes, man has “forever” found a justification to God’s Holy Word deny, thus forever does man personally cry. And you too have made a “provisional” mistake, as Satan put in his powerful rake.

“Yes many an Iraqi deserves to die”
I hear from our God up high.

“But if you join the lynch mob, I’ll lynch you”
is what via my pen says our God true.

So why not go home and “abdicate,” before you too are found at Hell’s gate, and, as you go home say: “I personally ask you lads to also all come home.”

ONLY THUS is your soul of a terrible fate clear.
"Do you son," the Christ yet HEAR ?

If not, then Satan will for sure you keep in his fold, and you will eternally weep.

Terence 20.02.002
The living WORD of God

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~ To: Church ‘Elders’ of all religions ~

 You all stand back as “Mother’s” children go to war. You even bless them as they depart for a distant shore, and by this very act you our God deny, as you bless those going to make their “brothers” cry, and all are God’s children on earth’s shore. You should tell them to go home and not fight, and God says:

 “You “ministers” are a ‘hellish’ eyesore as you strut around saying you are my grace, and yet you bless those wielding a mace, and these young men think that it OK be, because they are blessed by thee and thee.

 And thus what it is I say today is that every such deceiving minister I’ll send hell’s way. If any of you would be a simple man wise, then disrobe out of the “wolves” disguise, and once you’ve taken off your ‘smock,’ then never again my holy word mock.

 It is the last time I’ll send a communiqué to you, for its your choice to continue on and be untrue. IF any of you would now help me, your God, then tell all my sacred dove on earth does plod.” 

The ‘pen’ of God 7.02.002

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~ Geraldine Doogue ~
ABC TV - ‘Compass’

 Ref: Your program on Popes & their spiritual ‘clout.’

 Any man who “thinks” he is above God is “deluded,” and he is very foolish as on earth he does plod, and “Popes” all deluded be, none was a “vicar” of the Heavenly Sea, all were ‘self appointed’ by man a long time ago, this wisdom did God upon me bestow. No “Pope” or “Church Elder” knows the way, it is I to show all today.

 Jesus “was” God’s vicar, and now I be, and all I do is say:

 “Heed God’s Word I again bring thee”

 Man still looks to man to show them the way, and GOD is the only true shepherd I say, yes, God’s WORD being the wisdom I bring is the way to be heeded to avoid Satan's “sting.”

 Dear lady, ask your “producer” for me, to at my sacred book have a look and be set free. Then tell all to in its word abide, for soon every “robed” poppycock will be cast aside.

 They used our God to “steal,” they used our God’s name and told young men to “painfully” seal their enemies lips, as “they” the robed ones “blessed” their guns and ships.

 All these men are of the Devil’s fold, by our God of Light and by the Devil am I this told, for the Devil I can see, and by IT not blinded be, thus its “way” I do know and would its “falsity” to the planet now show.

 For IT has blinded everyone, and soon now IT will bring the planet “undone,” for all who did IT ever use, will IT now abuse.

So lets not to any Pope “kow tow,” as none of them know the truth or “how” “The End” will now be, that secret was by our God bestowed upon ME the Spirit of Truth.


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~ Jesus & Muhammad ~

 Allah sent Jesus to earth to say:

 Allah says: For your “doing” you will pay, and in order to pay, you must not retaliate in any way. “Die” as a lamb going to the slaughter, in being “crucified” for your past, you will become my heavenly son or daughter.”


 Allah sent Muhammad to earth to say:

 Allah says: “It is you my children who must be forgiving and merciful each day, for I do unto you what you to others do. To the merciful am I merciful, to the destroyer am I destructive, and all deceivers become lost in my dark weave. True believers know that I do not deceive the ones who are peaceful and make no other grieve.”

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~ The Beggars ‘Cup’ ~

Ministers of religions are a “begging” Sect, and on this fact they all needs reflect, and to their “activities” justify, they evoked rituals for you to abide by. And these rituals they say are to your soul protect, and on this too they needs reflect, for God says:

“Lean on Me, My Word flowing free.”

So the beggars who are in the guise of “shepherds” will soon be washed away for they have controlled multitudes of souls for many a long day, and thus I say to each of thee: “What will you do when of them you are set free.”?

For so long did you fill their “cup” that you believed their truth as on it each day you did sup, and they said: “Kneel at our feet, only this way will you the Creator meet,” and they sent you on your way, saying: “It matters not what you do as long as you us pay, for we have the power to your sins forgive, so you will in heaven one day live.”

So all now are to cry,
the beggars as well as the “small fry,”
unless you now listen to me,
for I AM the soul from eternity.

You will all pay your dues, for the time when upon others you did darkness diffuse, you cannot with God’s Holy Word “play” and be forgiven just because you a man pay.

You will Reap what you did Sow,” this is God’s only Law, and I for sure it know, so please now become wise, send out no “soldiers of fortune” because you others despise, for, for their deeds too you will pay, so stop paying their wages today.

I have already to the “ministers” said enough, and if they heed me not, ‘tis the Devil to them “out snuff,” so again I reach out to “my” flock, saying: “Follow no man, especially any wearing a smock.”

Seed your mind with my truth, it should be enough proof, then stand alone before God, forget now all prior rituals as you daily plod. Seek only the bright morning star, let it guide you from afar, daily say the stay prayer given to you, and God and God alone will see you through.

The messenger of the Light.


page 18

~ America today ~
"Preparation for retribution & the crucifixion of man"

What man does not see is his own iniquity. Where in his past he placed an "inferno" type blast upon God's children who suffered a terrible "blow." Yes, Hiroshima & Nagasaki and at this/that very moment USA political men and forces men imposed a dark painful spiritual debt upon the entire USA population direct from Satan's den.

And there is more to come. For God did and does yet say that we do Reap what we Sowed on a past day. "When"? I ask will you see that any "future" reprisal by thee is but the "purchase" of more painful "futures" on the dark spiritual "market place."

God via me says: "You only "end" your suffering days when you heed ME. I will never set you free to be happy and content until you "repent" from your unforgiving and retributive ways."

I am the Messiah who now says that it is up to "common man" to decide whether he individually wishes to "partake" on vengeful ways. For if he does it is God to him "ahead" swat.

If man decides to become free then heed me and give no financial or other support/aid to the 'warmongers.' Put down your axe or gun and pick up a shovel or spade and prepare your "ground" for the millions soon to be "homeless" found as arrogant vain man defies Allah/God and destroys every building on earth's sod.

As I "live" in Australia all I can say to the politicians of the day is: If you wish to "show solidarity" as you call it and join forces with avenging angels in the United States to smite any other children of God of any race then be assured that your lack of grace will return upon the "heads" of every taxpayer here.

Yes, Pine Gap and the Australian "Capitol Hill" is also part of the American "mace" and maybe just maybe it/they will be demolished in a similar way with a Qantas airliner on another coming day. If this you can not conceive then for sure you will grieve, for all who "party with the devil" and in retribution revel do consign themselves to a very painful fate as "ahead" they make a "date" with the serpent below.

So whether you are 'Bush' or Bin Laden, or Saddam or Blair or Mugabe you all will go the same way - down, and your spirit soul like drops of rain absorbed into the dry desert sands of time will never be seen again, and the "silly" vain Priests or Imams who also condone the 'fight" are to go the same way. - - -

UNLESS - - - they seed their "cluttered" minds with my fresh wisdom and learn what is Right action in God's eyes and quickly make amends with God by changing their way.

page 19

NO, they will not avoid their karma. YES, for all the suffering they instigated or meted out they will have to pay. But any who "changes" the colour of their "smock" before the "last" day and no longer defy God can look to the Light and be aided to return to its source.

IF - up to the "last day" they or you or any continue on making others for their folly pay, you will be consigned below to grovel like pigs at the feet of the satanic master who "gleefully" sups on your "essence" by "chewing you up" and spitting you out in perpetuity.

The coming planetary "catastrophe" is one of either spiritual release or eternal bondage, and it is your choice to heed the Dark satanic voice or the Light of Allah/God. It is also for an eternal time to entwine with the Devil & hatred or with Allah/God and love divine.

All who "justifiably" die by fighting for a "cause" do fall below, so I suggest you all "pause" and think for a moment or two about the Truth from my pen's ink. For the real "culprit" our unseen enemy who "hides" in the dark is none less than the "dark" vengeful side of Allah/God whom we "empower" to abuse us when we use Him or His dark forces to inspire our acts of retribution against others.

All "fighters" believe that they are working for righteousness. But none see that their acts are Anti-Christ and in fact they and their "followers" or "sponsors" or "backers" work unknowingly for the Devil.

For all "acts" of retribution are the works of darkness. All "going to war" are a "party" to pre-meditated killing of others and this "fact" needs be seen. Any who justify the killing of others are the Devil's workers, the "Axe-men of God." All deeds "done" are for God, be they loving goodness for the Light or "foul" for the Dark.

Allah/God sees not our race, colour, creed, religion, or beliefs No, Allah/God only sees our daily deed that "delineates" the colour of our spirit soul hidden within the biological flesh. Light & loving & kind & pure or dark from the sin of hatred & greed & jealousy etc.

And as we "scheme" and plot to swat others because our minds are "open" to His demonic forces below, what we see not is that Allah/God and these demonic forces do all know, and it is they to "us" snare on another day for being so arrogant and ignorant in defying Allah's call of Mercy & FORGIVENESS.

Political decisions do affect the voting taxpayer spiritually. Political men and religious 'elders' all "claim" to be "of God," but in fact none heed God and both "parties" condone warfare and both parties lead God's children you into the Abyss.

God will now at this "End time" condemn all "warmongers" and their "supporters" and consign them all into the pit. Yes, they shall be gathered up like grains of sand in a whirlwind, being caught up in a vortex of hatred and then dashed low into the pit of Hell.

Yes, being the arrogant and ignorant who fight because they defy God and heed not the call of "Peace & forgiveness," and they will destroy each other "justifiably," and they will pall as their spirits do below fall.

So all needs to see that "belief" does lead to grief. Good deeds are the way, and making others pay for their folly is not the way. Politicians & religious elders and the general public all fail to see that God's Command to "Be only loving & merciful & forgiving" applies to each of them personally.

page 20

Each can and will see "who" they be, a loving Carer or a Demon. Goodness & mercy only "follow" the true. All whom "justify" the sword or axe or gun are to be hounded by other demons and eternally "on the run" in dark realms below.

All "war or retribution" is the Dark destructive energy/side of Allah/God in negative interaction through the ignorant.

All "loving or forgiveness" is the Light creative forgiving energy/side of Allah/God in positive interaction through the wise.

Any whom are "contemplating" retribution are "listening to" the thoughts of the Devil. There are levels of consciousness where war and turmoil and pain and impoverishment go on in eternal perpetuity. All will there go who heeds not me. Please now go your personal way peacefully.

Children, try and see that at the moment when you try and destroy darkness that at that moment you are the darkness in action.

If you "permit" your mind to entwine with the thoughts from dark "swine" below then I know you will be "justified" by them to abuse or destroy others who were equally "stupid" on a past day and for your folly you will suffer eternally and a day. All who carry a sword or a gun are "terrorists" in the eyes of Allah/God.

None "deserve" to in heaven live for none heed the leaven that God does give via me the messenger of the Heavenly Sea. Any true believer in Allah/God needs to personally look to the fresh uncontaminated message from Allah/God that does now "span" the heavens on my web site.

It matters not to me "how & where & when" I go, for my spirit is free and pure and home to heaven my soul will flow. It is for you that I again am here. Please draw near to my message to all mankind of all races.

If you wish to "withdraw" from incurring more "wrath" from Allah/God through incurring more bad "karma" then stop supporting political forces and their "war" machines. If your salary is taxed prior to receiving it then write to the taxation office and say:

" I do not agree to your "take" off me, and I hereby advise you that any funds taken that are used for any retributionary or punitive measures against others are done so against my will. I am asking that any funds taken off me or donated by me are to be used solely as community welfare support payments as I am "happy" to support my local community."

This way you incur** no more dark spiritual debts through unseen error** on your way, and will only needs "fret" when faced by past bad karma already accrued, for all by now should have "heard" that at the END that Allah/God would mete out divine retribution and at "that" moment separate the "wheat from the chaff."

page 21

The wheat being those who do not retaliate in the face of adversity for they have heard the call of "Turn the other cheek" and be forgiving and merciful to the lost sheep."

The chaff being those who continue on in their retributive way as the Devil via their mind justifies their admonishment of other errants, and these "lost" will be swept into the darkness for an eternity and a day.

But also you must be prepared to now walk your road unarmed and unprotected by man. Do not try and "defer or evade or avoid" pain and suffering by "calling-in" the police or expect military protection.

All now needs deep reflection on God's Word. For only those who have heard the call of the Light "Walk in peace and do not fight" will one day be able to walk free and not be "hounded" by criminals.

"Mercy" the 'pen' of Allah/God

Note: incur** - You also need to register "No Vote," for when you vote for any Systems "leaders" you are "joining the Party" and "in principle" agree to its Practices, Principles & Acts. It is time to walk "alone" with God as your guide and conscience. Read the "No Vote right" on page one of the Sample letters document.

It is error** to: Support politicians who see not their error for they believe that they must use force to protect you and themselves too, for they perceive falsely that righteousness is the "enforcement of man's law" by man even though its "implementation" defies the "Only love" Commandment.

It is error** to: "Identify" yourself as being a member of any political or religious order, for when you give yourself an identity by belonging to any "group" you are stating that you believe it and thus you are in some way "better than or above" others.

Every political party and religion or government system on earth say they have "something" to offer you but none do. God does not require you to belong to any man ordained "group," for then you through fear of rejection or reprisal are bound to its laws and rules that do contravene the Commandment to "Only love and be merciful & forgiving."

Just be a simple person of any "race or colour" for in reality, God sees "who" you are, either an "evil one" or a simple kind soul from the sun who helps everyone. God sees only your daily deed. As yet every "man's" deed is sinful and thus every man is to now bleed.

Set yourself free from the controls of man and make a fresh plan to now heed God via my pen and look direct to God as all are to now enter the "Lion's den" and only those who "go" quietly as a 'lamb to the slaughter' and pay past dues will be set free from eternal misery.


 page 22

~ The 'Mirror' & the Spear ~

For centuries has man "held" other men 'on the run' as he in arrogance walked in darkness under earth's sun. For man could not see that his spear returned once he set it free.

Yes, just like the mirror on the wall our deed reflects the image of the one walking so tall. Tall in truth and tall in Light or tall in vengeance meted out by the Dark night.

And as the spear is set free into the night it is projected at the "image" of the one who set it in flight. For the one Law of God did say: "What you put out returns to you on another day."

Would you "wisely" put your foot in a snare? Would you knowingly shoot and arrow into your "arse" bare? Would you cut your own throat with a knife? Would you with a flame thrower take your own life?

If to these you say "yes" then you are insane, or you have been deceived by zealots who tell you that you "could" the Promised Land gain.

Children, try and see the power that the Dark be, for it can and does "hide" itself so cleverly as it does say: "God's Word does not apply to you for you are justified in throwing a spear at the untrue who stand in front of you, and there is no "mirror" to send the spear back, you are safe from retributive flack."

Children, if in "a" God you believe then for sure you still live in a world of "make believe" if you think that you can avoid the "pay" being your due for being untrue to God's other children who "mirror you."

They do, for they are all God's most beloved children whom you "crush" at the stroke of a pen because you in fact do not believe that the Source has the power to make you grieve.

The Source of all is omnipotent and believe you me our God sees all e'en every leaf on every tree. And it is Allah/God to be the Judge and the Executioner to mete out recompense to all His errant children who have "lost" their way, their respect, and their common-sense.

page 23

~ The "death" wish & the sleeper ~

The "sleeper" is the "one" who sees not how they bring themselves undone. For their eyes are "closed" to what is "around" and they are thus blind and see not how darkness does them bind.

Little by little each moment of time as they unseeingly soil their souls with invisible grime.

Yes, this grime is an invisible "energetic" mist that like a "devilish wraith" does silently weave and twist. It has a deathly dance and gives its "sleeping partner" you no chance unless at my wisdom and light you glance.

What "sleepers" cannot see is that the Source of all is everything that be. There is naught "outside" the energy of the Source that is all around and "we" within its "frame" are created and "found."

There is a level way above within which is pure Light and no dark energy is found. There is a level way below where no Light energy is found.

There are thousands of levels "in-between" containing both energies and in these levels are the "sleepers" who daily "daydream."

For they see not that the Source sees all and they see not that the "Dark side" has the intent to destroy all whom did journey away from the Light because they defied the Commandment to "Only make love and not fight."

The "death" wish is self-imposed by every sleeper by the self-infusion of darkness upon their inner "rose."

Yes, as you criticise & judge or condemn or wreak havoc & suffering upon other sleepers abiding in this or other realms in the "Devil's playpen"** then to your own self the injustice you do as you "permit" dark energy to infuse you.

And lower and lower your soul does sink into oblivion one day and then truly it does die for it is a "death" to be entombed in cold darkness and then "later" to fry.

This it does do after an eternity or two for the energy that is "of" God found does as a "wheel" go around and the Light that created you and I is created by the eternal fire too.

Wake up I implore before you "awaken" in a realm of spirit in the "afterlife" and find you are "locked out" from Heaven's shore.

All who sup not on my "fresh dish" do impose upon themselves a "death wish" that will be granted by God to every "arrogant" unbeliever on every land outside Heaven they do plod.

Note: "Devil's playpen"** - Every realm outside the pure light (heaven) contains dark energy and thus it can seduce you into being "it in action" through your 'attraction' to its hypnotic spell.

page 24

~ The "robber" and the light ~

The "robber" is one who sees not their own plight. They see not that they permit the darkness to steal into their soul and thus "shroud & cloud" their inner Light.

The robber is one who cannot see that God is all and that God "owns" you and me. For we walk within the frame of God and are thus "bound" by God's Law whether it we see or not as we walk on this shore.

The robber does not see that when off you or me they steal that in fact their own fate they instantly seal.

For as said, God owns all and it is God the "giant" who walks tall, and any who anything steal are trying to place a "weal" on the frame of God who as said, knows all and owns all.

So as from you or I they "steal" they are "robbing" our God and that is a "fruitless" deal. For God as said sees and knows all and HE the Father makes the robber "ahead" fall.

For any whom from God "take" do a mess of their own "future" make. For none ever get "away" for in any of God's "realms" can God make them pay.

And as God created you and I, our "essence" being our thoughts and feelings are also "felt" by the Most High. So when you do another abuse and pain upon them infuse, it is also God whom does it feel and HE as said places upon you the "robber" a "similar" painful weal.

The Light says: "Please now come MY way so that lovingly in MY realm you can play. But this you can only do when to "other" robbers you are kind & compassionate & merciful and you forgive them too.

Let Father God with them "deal" for if you for Father would be jury, judge & executioner then as said, you rob yourself of a place in the land of Light space."

page 25

~ Love or War ~
the "crux of the core"

The crux of the core is that love is real.
The crux of the core is that evil is real.
And as either side you become, your own "fate" you seal.

Love and the "use" thereof is the Command of the Light.

Evil and the "use" thereof is the Demand of the Darkness that is justified against all/any who have "tried" to use it against others before.

This children you needs see if "of it" you would become free. For everyone demands "justice" and "openly" seeks retribution against those others who were "distributing" or deploying evil in some way or another.

None seeing that "evil" only "flowed" to their shore/door because it was justified to so do due to the recipient having used it before. Be it this life or another time, i.e, a "past" war.

Be it just a "man" beating his wife or taking his neighbour's life or invading another's land, each was an "act" underhand and this fact man has yet to understand.

Evil is the energy from God's lower land, and the "deployment" thereof is done via the satanic "band" who are directed by "Satan" being the "energetic" servant of the Father. (God/Allah)

Punitive evil works through Systems of man "thought" the norm, but in fact they are the retributionary "arm" of God that has empowered the "arrogant, vain & greedy" to be its "earthly" serfs who mete out punishment and impoverish all by enforced taxation.

Thus taxation and punishment escalates daily as man's "dues" accrue due to man being a "party to" and supporting the dark interaction. Break free by listening now to me.

Earth "station" is presently a "Realm of the Dark" hence it is a place of ignorance where man heeds not the God of Light and is vindictive and does daily punish and fight.

Be advised, any "retributioner" in any guise or perpetrator of control over others thus exuding darkness is at "that" moment possessed mentally and emotionally by IT the Dark and/or ITS demonic spirit forces who "seize" control of their psyche and justify the negative punitive or regulatory or controlling "act."

Thus it "follows" that any "subscribing to" or carrying out these acts due to their "embodiment" in regulatory "rules of engagement" are also deluded ignorants who all one day "shit their pants" as they suddenly "awaken" as by darkness they are "shaken" and they see their folly for walking outside God's protective "Only be loving" brolly.

page 26

The above applies to any negative expression. Be it "seemingly" justified criticism of another's way or actual physical abuse of others, or the "legally" mandated acts of law enforcers.

God is "meticulous" and thus permits no "unjustness." Thus any "suffering" who appear to be victims are not. They may "bewail" their fate and plead their innocence but see not what to others they or their "servants"* did to others before. Be it in this life's time or in spirit realms prior to incarnating into this flesh.

(*The "punitive" Systems men they fund).

God is Omnipotent and Omnipresent and Omniscient. Try and see this and then heed God's LIGHT via me. Only thus will the Source set you free.

If you would live on in perpetuity as one being "subjected" to pain & terror eternally on a 'tit for tat' basis, then do continue on in your demand for justice and your funding of "enforcers" and continue defying God's Command: "Be peaceful & merciful & forgiving."

If your "country" joins any retributive foray it is the wrong way for you become a "terrorist" in God's eyes as your "men" terrorise other ignorants, and you show God you are unwise and that you deserve not to live.

Turn the other "cheek" and show God and your "adversary" that you are meek and wise, for you heed the "forgiveness" call from the skies.

Let your "enemy" see that they have naught to "fear" from thee. This way you show them by your deed that God's wisdom in your mind and soul did seed and now flowers.

As other ignorant men go to war, you must just stay home and prepare your family for THE day other warmongers come your way to make you and "yours" pay for any past error.

They may even be 'locals' or others from over the sea. Matters not, just greet them humbly and offer them a cup of tea and see what God decides will be. But first please tell them that if they "axe" you then the same destiny awaits them too.

If you would elevate yourself out of eternal misery then you needs see the reality that Allah/God is all and if you have the courage to "follow me" and walk tall by being only the LIGHT in action with love and kindness and forgiveness as your "interaction," then you will be set free once the evil ONE has done HIS/ITS duty and punished you fully for when in your past you were untrue by "permitting" IT to use you or work its works through you.

Those who cannot "this" understand will live on facing IT the evil ONE in perpetuity in the lower land. Yes, you become one of its "serfs" controlled by IT and eternally punished by IT for doing IT'S bidding that to IT is true but the eternal "sufferer" is you.

page 27

All "seem" happy to mete out the retributive "clout" but none understand the "turnabout." When will you personally see that you will only become free free "of" evil and IT'S imposition when you heed me?

Darkness is indestructible. IT is a "part" of God's essence. You cannot destroy God. God is justified in swatting you in every which way when you in "some" way have permitted God's dark energy to flow through you. It is but the fulfillment of God's One Holy Law: "As you do is done unto you."

All the evil & suffering now to be seen is justified and when you "glean" the reasons for it then you have a "chance" to of it become free.

So if you find yourself banished into the desert suffering heat, exhaustion and deprivation, or your family is abused and torn apart, then be wise and know that your suffering and theirs is but what you or your servants did bestow upon others in a far distant land on a past day.

Today the "protagonists" seek "strategic allies" and "joint participation" in war offensives. This is but the "ploy" of the darkness that "intends" to suck everyone into its vortex of hate by being it in action in the escalating interaction.

This the darkness can and does do so that IT can drag them below where they join the demonic retributionary "force" of eternal sorrow.

All workers for the dark are not "free men" and thus are but "pawns" manipulated telepathically by the Source of darkness in It's eternal "chess game" and It plans It's "Strategy" so that It slowly but inexorably tightens It's control over the minds and souls of the "pawns" who during each "negative move" draw-in more dark "Sin" energy and they incur more dark "Karma." (Due suffering)

None seeing that the "battle" against the perceived enemy none can win. For "It the enemy" is the Dark Source, and by following the "Dark ONE" they drive themselves further and further from the Light each time they justify use of "physical might."

When "wolves" like 'Bush' say: "You are either for me or against me, either with me or you are my enemy" then the wise will see that this man speaks for the Devil who is trying to "frighten you" into joining It's "warring force."

If you do you divorce your own soul from the Light. Just tell Bush or Blair or "Howard" who is scurrying around like an "ant" in his efforts to "appease" Master Bush that you are neither "for" or "against" anyone.

page 28

You are a simple child of God who will fear no man and will put your trust in God's Word of "Walk in peace and wield no sword."

Don't abdicate your personal responsibility to politicians or priests or other elders. Your destiny needs be kept within your own "hands" for ultimately what you do or don't do is directly between you and God.

So don't just do what others tell you to. Ask yourself if to God the "decision" is true or untrue. Walk with God not man. Is it an "act" loving or an act unkind? Will it set you free in forgiveness, or will it bind your soul through unforgiveness?

It is because you are always the "essence of God in action" that your "fate" lies within the power of your own mind/hand.

Use Light and it grows "brilliantly" within. Use Darkness and it grows as a "cancer" within. The overriding "factor" is that when/if you have permitted darkness to grow "huge" within you then it can override your "freedom of choice."

No, you cannot then choose to be the light in action and be kind and loving and true, for it the dark "owns" its dark energy within you and now controls your mind that can only be unforgiving and retributionary and as you "serve" its cause great suffering keeps returning to you as your "allotted" due under God's law.

Listen to the seductive thoughts of the "deceiver" emanating from the Source of Darkness and a "worker" for the "Retributionary arm of God" you become and one day the pure Darkness you be.

Listen to the inspirational thoughts emanating from the Source of Light and you become an "Enlightened educating Carer" spreading God's Salvationary wisdom via me and one day the pure Light you be.

Be only loving and see its true beauty when you rise up into God's sacred "cup" being the land awaiting you if you only permit IT the LOVE to flow through you.

page 29

~ War & homicide ~
Letter to Inspector Webster - Tasmania Police

Dear Greg, I believe our "meeting" on the road the other day was ordained by God for soon real trauma comes our way.

I would like to say that I see you as a kindly man who is dedicated to his duty that as yet he sees not as being in any way "in opposition" to his "God of the day."

We spoke of "murderers," and "how" for their folly God would make them "pay" and I had said that all offenders would be counselled and set free on the same day, and on this I would more speak for any 'form' of abuse of another is one and the same thing. It is the darkness via man imposing its "sting" onto another who in their past gave others "equal" bother. Be it in this lifetime or another. Be it in this earthly realm or one in spirit.

Man "categorises" abuse as being both "offensive" as well as "permissible." Man believes that any "default" by the public is misuse of power. (Punishable.)

Man sees abuse carried out "in the line of duty" as justifiable or "mandated" and thus honourably performed and "certified" as a normal act, as long as it is carried out by men who have an agreed "pact" with a System.

This pact being their "authority" to carry out a "heinous" act of impropriety with impunity and seemingly immunity from God's Law. This is a false assumption. (As you do is done unto you.)

I can clearly/openly/truthfully state that any killing is murder most foul in God's eyes carried out by "ignorants" who do "ahead" pay the same price for being unwise.

In God's eyes, every "act" of abuse or aggression is due to "someone" making a "pact" with the Devil who cunningly justifies the act that is contra to and in defiance of God's Commandment to "Only love and be merciful and forgiving."

In all "cases" of aggression is "someone's" belief that the other is a defaulter needing punishment. That "someone" is the dark devilish "intelligence" that knows all that has taken place in the eternal past when the defaulter used Its energy in retribution.

page 30

In many cases of "aggression" be it mandated or seemingly an insane act premeditated or otherwise a person through anger or fear etc might kill another for some "obvious" or less than obvious reason.

In this case as per "Martin Bryant" their minds are "momentarily" possessed and the "defaulter" in their eyes becomes their victim.

In actual fact it is the "abuser" who is at this very moment the victim of the darkness that "incensed them" via negative emotions and telepathically overrode their consciousness.

Thus the abuser/perpetrator/killer then "takes on" the spiritual debt off their victim and "ahead" does fret one day as God's ONE Law "As you sow you reap" is immutable.

In many cases of "aggression" as per that carried out "seemingly" honourably by armed forces men in the "pay" of society the armed enforcer has been programmed by society to believe that they are "within/above" God's law that is not applicable to them as they act in a "mandated' position - False belief.

This "unfortunate" belief that has been condoned/supported by all religions that are all false is what is the "primary" cause of all suffering coming to "man" more and more each day.

So my primary "role" is to reinstate God's clear fresh uncontaminated Word on the Internet for all to see and for all to read and re-seed their consciousness that can only be "elevated" out of its unforgiving & punishing & retributionary mode by my fresh input.

All "men" & "ministers" are defiant of my "outreach" for it clearly states that every 'sinner' for his past and present folly will pay on a soon coming day.

Religion has deceived all men of all races and creeds into believing that they can "avoid" their due merely by "praising" some past messenger of God. None "absorbing" the message of the day that clearly states that all first pay and first be forgiving and then they will be set free to "attain" heaven with me.

I do know that any "open mind" or "programmed mind" can sow "legitimate" darkness and murder someone. All women and men are now "potential" murderers as their fear and aggression surges within them and they will all "defy" their God as they are faced by insanity unless they now heed me and 'learn' the truth of what be.

page 31

Only by reading and understanding the "process" will any be able to "contain" dark thoughts erupting in their minds that would "permit" the Devil to bind their soul.

Thus my task is to educate all men and all past and "prospective" murderers so that they can become better people. None will avoid their fate for God can and does berate them on this level via the arrogant or in the afterlife.

Anyone who "decides" to condemn or punish others be they the "insane" or "mandated by man's systems" takes on the "role" of God and will suffer the same fate for their arrogance. God says that "man" must only forgive and educate, not "unforgivingly" punish.

What none see is, that as 'we' Australians send our 'troops' to "contain/sanction" Iraq or to "punish" the Taliban is, that every "moment of suffering" or drop of blood spilt or every building laid "waste" is imported back to our shore for sure under God's Law.

All must now prepare to "suffer" the same "anguish" ware, for millions have "starved" and suffered in Iraq, and around the "neck" of every "tax payer" is Satan's "mark" that is only "erased" as each person pays for the "ignorant" ways of our politicians.

I do believe that we "met" because you are a "part" of God's greater plan and you will ahead aid the Police "force" in implementing with me the Offender Seminar program.

Under the "new" way it is to be as stated in God's fresh message via me in the Testament of Truth, wherein it is stated that murderers are to be confined for a period of six months, counselled daily as per the 'Offender Seminar' and then set free.

During this 'time' their violent emotions will be 'healed' by God and the fresh wisdom imposed upon their psyche will enable them to see more clearly. Read the 12 page "Brief Summary" for a 'quick' understanding of what is to now be.

Please visit my web site and read the Offender document as well as the others. All "men" be they "wombed" or otherwise of all races are the most treasured "possession" of God and are to be respected as we respect our nearest and dearest.

In Trust - Terence

page 32

~ Weapons v/s Peace unto all ~
The last "battle" for the soul of man.

To the Australian National Press Club:

Dear Sir, Ref ; Civilian response to 'Art Money's speech.

Dear "Art," from my "perspective" I see that your "premise" for achieving a "win" and thus national security is based on "silt," and all "homes" as said on sand built, will now be swept away by an invisible force soon to "descend" earth's way.

For this "power" did a long time ago say: "Peace unto all is stronger than any weapons of the day." For this power that is invincible has a "Law" that stands above man's "paw" and it is simply: "What you do is done unto you."

So any justification to be mercilessly unkind and kill any, is an "act" of a hawk in the guise of a "dove," being a System unwise seen as wise.

The reality is, that not only do you drag down your own "lads" (troops) by forcing them to be untrue, but due to every taxpayer funding your "sport," they as your "employer" are also "subject to" the Creator's one Law, and thus all destruction meted out on a distant shore comes back as "fiery flack" onto/into the homes of the civilian "innocents."

You and all journalists need to now "see" the "peaceful" reality, for the last "battle" of/for the soul via the mind of man is to now commence.

The 'terrorist Hell' we are now to see on earth and tighter 'control & restriction' in 'cells' as seen at 'Guantanamo,' is a 'sign' of what goes on for eternity in the hellish Realm below.

It and its 'justified' forceful men who do terrorise people on and on in perpetuity below will be seen now on earth, and you will become one of them if you defy God's sacred pen.

For 'below,' the 'jailer' becomes the jailed as each 'rotates' their position, and the dark overlord ensures that suffering grows and grows, and all are 'held' in bondage with no 'trial' or release date set.

It is 'man's' foul defiance of God that has 'invited' Hell on earth, and for any of you that continue to extort or regulate or punish others, you need to know that it will be your eternal fate below in a place far worse than 'Guantanamo' if you cannot seed your minds with the wisdom I do bestow.

Heed me and learn to forgive, and then your God may after a time and a time forgive you and set you free after you have paid your due for being untrue.

Forgiveness & Peace is the way.

page 33

~ The public 'prick' ~
The first 'strike'

The public 'prick' is one who does their 'inner' self expose publicly, and what they do not see is that it their inner 'self' is surely no 'rose.'

No, it is but one full of dark foul vanity, and it is also insanity 'couched' in a 'braggarts' cloth or 'cloak' of authoritative power, who does openly show God that he is but a small 'prick' who unseeingly does play with fire.

For our God is real and every terrorist does seal his own "fate" even though he sees not his destiny of Hell's Gate, and who "are" these silly men who are so "open" with their callous disregard of God's children as they "shower" fire and death and destruction upon so many?

They are the ones like Mugabe & Howard & Bush & Saddam and every other politician or "leader" who uses force to suppress others.

Do none of you see that you all terrorists be? Do none of you know that you all "darkness" Sow as you fight your perceived enemy?

Do none of you understand that it is you who bring terror back to your own "land"? Did none of you hear God say that what you "do" is "done" unto you on a later day?

Do you not know that it is your acts that endanger the lives of all "children and wives" of those on the "other" side and those who sit and "knit" by your "bedside"?

When will those of the "West" see that it is they who the "greatest" terrorists be whom themselves have the largest "arms" stockpile, and they are the ones whom the Devil does daily "beguile" as He does to their "fearful" minds say:

"You have the 'first strike' power, so 'shower' the other with fire and care not for their father or mother or son or daughter or sister and brother, for you are justified to so do as 'right' and God is on your side and an 'evil one' governs 'their' side."

page 34

Let me the "son" of God tell you that you all are an "evil one" who will bring multitudes undone and you all will soon pall as total insanity does upon you all "fall," and as you "die" then for sure our God will your piddly little "arse" fry for an eternity or two for being an arrogant 'prick'** and a stupid 'dick'** too. (** see below).

When will the "supposed" Christian nation of Australia where I abide wake up to its own satanic iniquity for "funding" the wages of insane "non-believing" politicians?

Maybe when they finally see that what they fund "blindly" comes back to them "painfully" on a later day, for our God did say that "each" is responsible for the "acts" of their paid servants, be they the police, the political power boys, or the army.

Put down your "mace" now and look to God for you all are a veritable disgrace and you all have much to "suffer" as darkness soon comes your way as God "returns" to you your due.

If you would become "free" then heed now me and give no "fiscal" support to any "power" force and lay down your "arms" and let God be your protection.

This means that others will naught to you do "except" what to others you did knowingly or unknowingly do. Thus to become free you must show God that you walk peacefully as an individual.

If you are "full" of national or racial or religious "pride" then you will fight for it and into the Abyss fall. Follow the "fresh" instructions given by me the only soul "sin free," for only I know the way for any to be saved today.

Those who support a "first strike" are imbeciles who "strike" a spike into their own soul as in ignorance on earth they stroll. For none have heard the Holy Word that says: "As you do is done unto you."

And God did say that at the END day the Spirit of Truth would return to "Judge" all and see "who" did their spiritual freedom earn. Yes, the Messiah is here again in the flesh and he has raised-up a final message to reveal untrammelled truth so that even the village "idiots" can see their folly and the depth of their iniquity.

Foolish are those who rely on the 'American' mace to uphold their disgrace, for God is real as is the very Devil to now eternally 'seal' the fate of so many ignorants who 'follow' the political wolves with voices hollow.

Tell all to read & heed or bleed.

Note: In this epistle the words 'prick & dick' are in this context:

'Prick'** - A loud arrogant 'voice' emanating from a 'small' man who is 'weak' of mind and soul and has not yet 'heard' the Command from God "Walk in Peace - wield no sword."

'Dick'** - A fast talking 'idiot' who is a 'wolf' in the guise of a 'salvation' shepherd. One who misleads God's children, and all who follow 'him' or support his 'way' are sliding nearer to the Abyss each day.

page 35

~ The tools of Satan ~

The "tools" of the darkness that are used to you "snare" are its own "dark" emotions of fear & vanity & pride & jealousy & hatred & greed etc., and IT the Dark does seed your soul with these emotions being ITS "ware" when you "contravene" the Commandment to "Only love" and you do in some way impose your demands upon others that causes them pain & suffering & loss.

Both the abused and the abuser are being "unknowingly" snared by the Dark during any "interaction" because of unseen complicity when the abuser is a System of man supported financially by the people it "rules."

The vain "abuser" is using darkness as it threatens some form of punishment for non-compliance and the "fearful" ones "buckle" and not only "give-in" to the demands, but foolishly support those employed by the Dark being the very System & its employees.

So all end up being "bitten" by the Satanic "shark or snake" and draw in more darkness and incur more "pain" debts.

So long as you personally contribute to any negative way of man's Systems then you are walking backwards with them to Satan's den.

The Dark force is now to destroy ITS own dark Systems on earth and in so doing will snare those aiding IT. Being the abuser or the "funder/contributor."

The darkness is the "righteous justifier" that is self-empowered to entrap or punish or destroy all whom IT "employ" or "deploy" or support in their daily deed as they are "inspired" by IT during past or present participation in ITS heinous retributive atrocities.

Try and see what I say and then "turn" over a new "leaf" and join my "Peace Party" today by withdrawing from any political power play and System of man.

Look only to God if you would join me in heaven above.

page 36

~ Daybreak ~

The day 'dawns' where all soil their hands and a 'mess' of their souls make. None will be able to listen to me for as yet none of "sin" are free.

They will only be "able" to my truth read and thus their consciousness with truth seed. But darkness they will still "sow" anyway because of the power of thoughts and emotions coming their way.

But then the power of Light will cleanse "sin" with It's Might and little by little as souls 'clearer' be will they then be able to heed me and lay down their 'arms' and no longer fight, seeing clearer and not feeling their sinful inner plight.

So for God's love to come quickly our way let us truly pray, for until that day we all for negative expression must pay. So try very hard to 'listen' to me and try very hard to strengthen your minds swiftly and thus not so much damage will you do, as all done comes back to you.

Yes, soon 'dawns' the day when all for past folly pay and insanity will be the "shark" and no 'fish' will avoid its 'mark.' For it is God's "power" that within all sinners does 'flower,' being the dark sin now to 'arise' and man's cries will reach the skies.

It matters not "what" race or creed you be, all will fall into insanity and all will by the Dark be "justified" to swat all whom in their past stole or lied or others "fried."

So please now make a personal "plan" to try and live the Word brought to earth by Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha or this man. For "we" and others for Allah/God spoke and did say:

"All who are less than peaceful - merciful - compassionate and forgiving will for their folly pay."

So as you now do "pay" your due to God please try and "live" the words our God did give. For if you me now fail then for eternity in Hell you will quail.

Prepare to make your final 'bed.'

page 37

~Allah - God ~

"As I AM - so shall ye be"
Is what God says to you and me.

"For I am both the essence of Light and Dark, and as you use My "energy" you become "filled" more by ME.

Use my Light and you become "brighter" within and I reduce and "clear" from you MY "Dark essence" the Sin.

Use my Dark and your own soul with it you infuse, and thus too your eternal freedom you lose."

For as "spirits" leave the flesh of this realm they either fall and join the Dark below or they rise up to the Light and the pure truth of Allah/God get to know.

Allah/God is the Supreme Commander of every "race" and it is HE the Father who via the mind of the ignorants wields HIS "mace" against the others on the "other" shore who were arrogant before.

So every "act" is justifiably by God/Allah backed, be it good or bad or happy or sad. We are but "instruments" to be used if we ever have controlled others and upon them darkness used.

We are but "free men" by Allah/God backed when we have faith in Allah/God's Word and never raise our voice in anger or wield a sword. For when we walk in Peace then no other is "inspired" by God/Allah to "break" our peace.

It is God/Allah who wields the spear telepathically. Once this you see then you can come to a decision quickly. For as said, if for the avenging side you work, then eternally will you be running away from others whom in the darkness lurk.

All who fight for "right" or colour - race or creed are infidels (non-believers) and as both "warring parties" are "backed by" and fighting for the Dark retributive side of God they never "win," for IT the Dark keeps them fighting each other in eternal perpetuity.

page 38

Allah/God says: "My darkness is the avenging Retributive force. Thus when "of it" (dark energy) you have supped you become "as it" and you then forgo love and forgiveness and, you then as I the Dark "abhor" darkness in others, and you then criticise & judge & abuse them.

Seeing not that in the defiance of My command, and demand that you 'Only love' and not emulate ME, that it is you whom to yourselves are untrue in what you do, and thus are "chased" by ME and brought to account."

Man's "sin" is now so "great" that vengeance surges "back and forth" with no surcease until all unforgiving end up at Hell's gate.

Deliver yourself up from all evil ways now and begin to fully walk in the Light of Allah/God before underfoot you are trod. For when you "make" an enemy, what you cannot see is that in fact your enemy GOD be.

For it is Allah/God working through the "eyes" of the blind facing you, and if you try and destroy God then you are not only ignorant but foolish too.

When you try and destroy a person who is an "abomination" in your sight, you are in fact trying to destroy a creation of God, being their inner Light. This is a transgression of the commandment to love that is reiterated today by God's dove.

You cannot either Light or Dark destroy, you can only try and in your arrogance and ignorance your own future into great suffering deploy.

The "great deception" is that "of" the satanic force that cunningly convinces all "arrogant" and "sinful" that they are equal to God and thus "able" to "as God" destroy others who in arrogance on earth plod.

Man sees not that any war is an unholy war upon other children of God. Allah/God can "punish" without man's "aid." This is what man needs to see and that none "get away" for God knows all that be.

However, if man personally undertakes/seeks to mete out retribution using the Dark's power and inspiration, then "he" man deserves and gets a "hellish repatriation" for his arrogance.

Quietly now go your way and await the "avengers" who will have their say. Pay your "due" and be set free to spiritually walk in the Light of heaven with me.

page 39

God says:

"I am the Light and I am the Dark. Love and peace are created by Me and emanate from Me. I am the evil that too flows forth from Me upon all who heed not My call to love Me and all created by ME.

My demand is that you My children only love each other and this applies also to any "errant" sister or brother who "partook" of My darkness and whom you now hate because you too did sup on it My dark energy.

If you defy My command to only love Me the essence of dark within your enemy then you are an abomination in My 'eye' and I will destroy your house and make you suffer and cry.

You are all an abomination in My sight when you use My energy to fight and thus eternally will you be abused by Me via others over the sea until you get to know that only love and forgiveness must through you flow.


I only wish to Light see
Love ME your GOD and I then set you free

"I" am the Lord your God, and there is none else."

Spiritual and physical safety is only assured when at all times you heed the "Only love" commandment.

Relying on "forces of man" for your protection or revenge only "attracts" more painful "due" to you.

Walk now alone with God fearing naught as on earth you plod, knowing that any "imposition" upon you is but a karmic due and if you do not retaliate then for heaven you will not be late. Allah/God says:

"Children, try and see that you never "remember" and oft don't know your past when you defied Me and 'took' an 'eye for an eye.' You are never exposed to danger or pain if in your "past" you were only true.

It's time to make a final spiritual choice. To join the "Light - Peace" Party or the "Dark - Fight" Party. If you 'sit on a fence' and have a foot in each camp then for sure the Dark's energy will you snare."

So as said, it is I the Spirit of Truth who walks the earth today. I again bring Allah/God’s say. Heed my Holy living Word, for you will die spiritually if you employ others to wield for you a sword, and if you others so "employ" or a sword uplift, your demise will be swift.

 Peace unto all


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