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The Testament of Truth

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Of asterisk* words with their implied meaning only
in the text of that particular paragraph they are used.

Testament 5
poor* - those who are spiritually weak.

Testament 14
like drawing like* - the hateful attract the hateful

Testament 24
glistening swords* - pure words of truth being God's wisdom.

Testament 26
Original Sin* - seeds of negative emotions within the soul. 
drinks of *- contaminate their soul with negative energy. 
lifted clear*
- gathered up, in its essence and withdrawn from
the soul by the grace of God.

Testament 28
light* - Heaven. 
dark* - Hell
active* - emotionally aroused.
triggered* - activated
like for like* - anger attracts anger.
spirit possession*
- a person in the flesh who is mentally subjugated by an ignorant or an evil spirit.

Testament 29
feeling* - inflamed emotion.
attracting sin force* - strong negative emotion. 
redirected by the light*
- counselled by angels, and sent to another level of consciousness.

tide* - the “rising up” within the soul of negative emotions
as they surface to be withdrawn.

Testament 30
take on the sin of this world* - their pure soul is again impregnated temporaly with negative emotions as the soul reincarnates into the fleshly body of this world.

Testament 36
pull* - intrusion of negative thoughts. 
drag* - power of negative emotions. 
die* - fleshly body becomes uninhabitable. 
- spirit moves onto the next world.

Testament 38
in ignorance* - having neither heard nor understood Christ’s creed
on Testament p.  285.

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Testament 46
dark karma* - the debt we incur at the time of sinning. 
the scales of justice know* - God knows all spiritual debtors. 
not to sow*
- accruing no more debts, by sinning no more.

Testament 47
His sword* - the salvationary power of infinite truth & wisdom.

Testament 48
your toil* - seemingly eternal struggle to find the truth and your suffering through ignorance of the truth.

Testament 49
unwind your will* - give you reason to deny God’s call of love and
the symbol* - the pure light & pure word of God. 
mighty grace*
- outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Testament 51
load will get* - mental pressure and emotional trauma will increase. 

Testament 52
you still sleep* - heed not God’s call of “only love.”

Testament 53
fail* - give-in to negative thoughts and thus “sin.”
freeze and feel cold within*
- powerful negative emotions control your attitude.

Testament 54
materiality* - concern for earthly possessions. 
will be bound* - in the “employ” of the invisible spiritual reaping force. 
walk with you*
- heed your doctrine.

Testament 56
poor* - unable to walk in God’s light. 
has been*
- ignorant forefathers and priests.

Testament 76
voice* - the true word of God. 
choice* - some will choose to heed not the message. 
expire* - fail their test and go to Hell. 
thief*- invisible, my spirit soul unseen within the flesh.
entered* - born of woman as all men are. 
flesh* - my looks, as a simple old man. 
- to heed my call and wisdom.

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Testament 77
your day* - when confronted by the reaper and your “faith” is tested. 
recompense* - suffer their dues and be set free.
bound* - you have a karmic debt. 
found* - the reaper will find you and cause you pain. 
- this God's message needs be understood and heeded.

Testament 78
did it* - went to his death “as a lamb to the slaughter” as a demonstration.

Testament 79
change tack* - change direction. 
- God's law is "immutable" and cannot be 'voided' by God.

Testament 80
flesh* - a white skin. 
colour* - intermingles easily with men of all races. 
open up* - more quickly now seeks its retributionary fulfillment under God's law. 
fall* - daily sinners who heed not the call of "Only love and be forgiving to all.". 
am I true* - my wisdom I give to all races on earth. 
eastern friends*
- eastern cultures.

Testament 83
how do you do* - the implications of negative emotions on this earth plane.  fast - days of darkness from endless sinning on earth. 

Testament 86
His men* - simple Godly folk. 
- ministers of religion.

Testament 87
not stand aloof* - continue to abide in God’s word when confronted by evil brethren.
Christians be*- those truly being peaceful and caring to all.
- cleanse out their inner sin which is a part of the satanic force.

Testament 88
FOLLOW ME* - abide in God’s call of peace through me. 
His men* - those who believe His message is true & do His will. 
- understand the new understanding ref dark/light. 

Testament 89
bowls* - your spirit soul

Testament 91
player* - invisible “attaching” evil spirit. 
tune*- negative scenario. 
dancer*- the one in the flesh acting out the thoughts. 
- contrary to God’s command. 

Testament 92
FINAL PLAY* - our "act" we play out before God as we face our past at the reaper's hand.  In which we can either be the "sufferer" paying our dues, or the "destroyer" abusing the other.  Thus showing God the colour of our seed.

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Testament 93
DEVIL* - epitome of evil projected through men. 
BURN* - inflict pain upon us. 
stupidly* - blind arrogance and negative projection. 
until released* - pounded into submission. 
unsound* - insane unreasoning men. 
- the time a soul walks in ignorance.

Testament 95
as one be* - free of inner sin, only pure light within my soul. 
poor soul*
- arrogant sinner. 
his tail* - receive ones return dues of karmic suffering.

Testament 96
long ago* - on the shores of Galilee. 
- peace & happiness & rationality.

Testament 99
cyclone* - irresistible force of negative energy. 
swell* - one “caught up” in rising negative emotions. 
break* - the emotion “erupts” uncontrollably. 
rake* - overpowers the mind. 
mate* - link into our minds.
- groups, separated from God’s truth by their false shepherds.

Testament 100
sick* - mentally disturbed as they are controlled by darkness.

Testament 101
friend* - an ignorant insincere acquaintance. 
message* - understanding the contents of this book. 
- get to comprehend. 

Testament 102
bleed* - are being abused by others. 
used* - previously allowed darkness to flow through them, and abused others. 
naturality* - believe that negativity is a permanent state within them.
sides* - essence of love and hatred, light and dark. 
withdraw* - call its own unto itself. 
- be a channel for the dark energy flow.

Testament 104
untangle the weave* - sort out the truth from the deceit. 
- the first-born of God.

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Testament 105
underhand* - the essence of darkness. 
SOULS* - spirits in spirit, and in the flesh. 
I DID BIND* - my essence of darkness contaminated their souls as they use it. 
SPOKEN* - verbally and physically abused you. 
darkness* - negative emotions within them. 
- horrible tools of their trade, resulting in pain.

Testament 106
impress* - fill our spiritual depths with light. 
stand* - essence of God. 
burn* - feel pain. 
mean* - the aggressive darkness. 
lower* - the darkness, Hell. 
giving* - its lending of itself, and it “returns” to itself
through us in our suffering. 
flack* - aggression and destruction. 
place* - the whole of your soul. 
- their reason and sanity fails them.

Testament 109
rainy day* - the day that the whole world is suddenly
plunged into disorder.

Testament 113
rainy days* - days of shortages. 
on the run* - all minds troubled, anxious, & retributive in unforgiveness.
sinful breed* - evolving souls who as yet are sinning. 
taken on* - soul infused with some negative emotions
at birth into this world.
knobbled and knurled*
- those yet filled with hate and thus unforgiving.

Testament 114
storm outride* - outpouring of destructive negative thoughts. 
clouded womb*
- a mother whose soul is yet sinful.

Testament 116
house* - church of man or family home. 

Testament 120

stalk* - examine it closely from every angle so as to be
able to expose it to you.

Testament 121
fight* - struggle mentally against negative thoughts and feelings that are trying to overpower you. 
- stagger, due to the weight of your suffering.

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Testament 122
then* - as your shepherd, God’s voice on earth. 
key* - the only one who knows the pure truth. 
pull through* - walk through their reaping process and become spiritually free. 
Children* - daughters and sons of God. 
speak again* - bring God’s wisdom down to earth. 
below* - twilight and dark levels.
- the strength to remain kind and non-retaliatory in any situation.

Testament 123
slow* - give you a justification to deny the light and fight.
old* - weariness as I feel the suffering grow. 
shut up shop* - become a recluse and complete the editing of this book. 
final truth* - my revelation that it is I the messiah and that God is both light & dark- positive & negative. 
men* - men and women on earth in the flesh. 
their pen* - guided by the wisdom from the light. 
coming through* - telepathically inspiring me. 
- days of terror and darkness.

Testament 124
on a cloud* - the actual man visible in the sky for all to see, the reality being that it is the message elevated up for all to view.
- spiritually weak.

Testament 125
bleeds* - weep for the suffering observed. 
- overpowered by negative thoughts that give you
a reason to abuse others.

Testament 126
thinking* - having heeded and believed the false beliefs of man. 
pull through*
- save them, by your positive deed and inspiration,
and passing on this wisdom.

Testament 127
see the dove* - meet the Christ soul in the “flesh” of the spirit once you reach heaven.

Testament 130
take* - exert force to obtain, heeding no plea. 
think* - cannot see reason, nor be reasoned with. 
fall* - do the wrong thing. 
prove* - join as one. 
undone* - flows freely. 
lowly forces*
- negative emotions.

Testament 138
guidance of men* - wrong counsel of man through their misguided belief.

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Testament 139
mock* - to openly flaunt untruth in God’s sight. 
hex* - to 'spell-bind' hypnotically by a false impression, through implanting a seed of untruth. 
TALL* - the light. 
fall* - the darkness. 
BREAD* - your deeds. 
down* - come from heaven. 
reach up* - emanate from hell. 
- engulf you. 

Testament 145

hirelings* - ministers of religion.
lose* - wasteful unnecessary expenditure.
- talk of God’s Word.

Testament 146
tack* - commence heeding God. 
masts boom* - the reaper. 
- man’s retaliatory ways. 

Testament 150
make it* - pass your test.
- non-reasoning.

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Testament 153
sit them astride* - control their actions.

Testament 154
playpen* - this temporary earthly realm.
unwind* - purge out dark energy.

Testament 158
street* - available for sexual intercourse and/or other favours in exchange for money. 
way* - that they do. 
- nature of verbal and physical communication.

Testament 170
whisperings* - seductive thoughts.

Testament 172
follow* - heed. 
- a simple man of little 'primary' schooling.

Testament 173
peaceful* - nonretaliatory & respectful.

Testament 174
has been* - has been and still is. 
- false belief.

Testament 178
receivers* - your mind receiving telepathic input from outside its own consciousness.

Testament 181
spell* - imperviousness. 
out of reach* - mental block to our soul memory bank. 
state* - volume of darkness within. 
sin bin*
- the place within that contains the sin.

Testament 182
come back* - reincarnate into this realm of consciousness.
give in* - near to the point of 'sinning' and thus causing pain to another.

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Testament 186
say* - verbally or physically abuse. 
take* - steal forcefully. 
- the darkness impresses its demands upon their soul.

Testament 187
whisperings* - devious misleading thoughts. 
clear* - removed out by God’s love. 
- ungodly act.

Testament 188
indulgences* - the false belief of man that a minister of religion can for a sum of money give a “remission of God’s Law” and thus avoid the law of “you reap at the hands of a reaper for all misdeeds.”
entrap* - deceive you. 
rap* - make you suffer. 
fiery flack*
- burning pain.

Testament 194
living God* - The Word of God made manifest in this realm by Jesus.
The message*
- God's Word.

Testament 196
frost* - distorted reasoning.
lost* - entrapped mentally. 
- negative thought input. 

Testament 197
wolf* - cunning dangerous person. 
lamb* - gentle loving soul. 
charm* - ways. 
virginity* - purity of soul. 
spoil* - stain with darkness. 
sit* - your suffering as you reap what you sowed. 
space* - your consciousness. 
blind* - deny God’s call and abuse others. 
stain* - flood with darkness. 
- abusing none.

Testament 200
sin bin *- the space containing the essence of sin within.

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Testament 201
found* - only feelings of love within.

Testament 202
oppressor* - one abusing you. 
- manner of living.

Testament 204
part* - one departs from the fleshly body. 
fresh start* - releases their soul from the flesh. 
flirt* - enjoyed allowing darkness through them. 
this time* - mortally abused and leaves the flesh. 
boy* - boy or girl child. 
- avengers in the flesh.

Testament 211
back door* - the painful hard way through eternal fire. 
make* - reach. 
fuel* - energy to fuel the eternal flame. 
duel* - energy conversion. 
- God-head.

Testament 216
souls tall* - enlightened women and men.

Testament 217
mist* - invisible dark energy flow. 
- negative thoughts. 

Testament 220
raise from the dead* - spiritual elevation from realms of darkness into realms of light.

Testament 222
fathom out* - find the answer to. 
look in your eye* - weave its powerful thoughts within your mind. 
- confused and irrational.

Testament 223
bite* - access of negative thoughts. 
- seduce through devious thoughts.

Testament 224
became* - consciously understood. 
eyes* - its face visible and observed its treasonable thoughts.
"see"* - mentally converse with.
spell* - its power to convince one to its truth. 
wares* - devious intent. 
chair less* - cast themselves out (become outcasts) for doing wrong in God’s eyes. 
- falls into deeper darkness.

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Testament 235
- join in sexual union.

Testament 227
maiden's bonnet* - the darkness can seduce you so subtly that it 'looks' as innocent as a maiden wearing a 'sun' hat.
Seal* - the “Crab” the mark of the spiritual hermit.
- the devil 'hiding' in the disguise of a happy grinning clown.

Testament 228
- release positive or negative energy. 
shout* -
arrogant cry.

Testament 246
- suffer at the hands of others. 
- retaliated not.

Testament 248
- punish in full measure.

Testament 249
dark* - the rising up of emotions of sin within. 
spark* - the divine core of love within.
- wisdom.

Testament 250
stand* - abide in IT and you will be saved
- my limited earthly consciousness.

Testament 252
- negative emotions. 

Testament 253
- their past misdeeds.

Testament 254
face* - the Kingdom of Heaven.

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