~ In the name of THE PEOPLE ~
The Dark Abbot ~ Tony Abbott & the 'boat people'

An 'Abbot' is the head or 'superior' of an 'order' or organisation. He is the 'head honcho' who is presumably responsible for the national 'guidance' of his flocks. What happens to THE PEOPLE when they support and fund a DARK Abbot who has the ideological BELIEF in anti-god POLICY?

Quite simple really because all that happens is that everyone voting for said Abbot or his 'principle' of unconscionable ACTIVITY become "PEOPLE who are  complicit to said ATROCITIES."

What happens when this occurs? Quite simple actually because the truth is that God 'permits' ANY benign or malignant activity BUT, - - - man needs to understand is that dependent upon 'which' activity is used by a person places them within the 'eye for an eye' or EQUAL return of the benign or malignant ENERGY used within God's immutable LAW.

It follows in respect of complicity to the atrocities, as the Dark 'Abbot' named Tony Abbott factually engages the asylum seeking 'boat people' in an avenging or 'cast them out' manner as he 'turns them away using forceful or other 'foul' means, it means that he and his 'voting or funding' forces (The People) will suffer the same loss, injury, dispossession, mental or emotional trauma or other as was imposed.

This return takes place at the time and in the place so ordained by God. All complicit may also find themselves as outcasts and denied access to heaven for denying God's LEAVEN. Being the BREAD of LIFE content of God's Holy Command to:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

I see a 'terrible' FATE awaiting all in the land of OZ if they continue to 'cast out' the poor or lost or lonely or homeless CHILDREN OF GOD seeking 'succour and refuge.' As for me, well I ONLY ever vote for God as 'head of house' and I never vote for any political 'swine.' Why would I, when they 'treat' people in a totally INHUMANE manner, a manner in total contravention of God's blessed Command.

Tony the BLACK Abbot is a 'pretend' Christian. He can try and hide his DEEDS from man but he cannot hide them from God. He is in fact a DARK Crusader on a personal crusade to prove his 'Might' as he wages WAR upon some very frightened and traumatised people who are full of despair. The land of OZ perceived by them to be a land of 'honey' and free money is in fact inhabited by many very uncivil people.

Any TRUE Christian would KNOW the Command of God and they would unquestionably OBEY its precepts at all times and in all situations IF THEY WERE NOT ASLEEP.

I presently live in this land named 'Australia,' but it is not 'ours,' it is God's, and any who cannot share IT with the needy are arrogant fools who will not find a place in Heaven for they are truly LOST.

The Dark Abbot called  'Tony' is leading all his supporters INTO the darkness say I. Let the 'wise' now turn their backs to any dark Crusader and only fund benign community effort directly as they pay for the provision of services they need. The true among this nation will simply do all to welcome the boat people and even give them the 'shirt' off their back.

Naturally if you wish to fund the 'Abbot' and his 'team' or the mercenary soldiers of Caesar to protect you, then you can so DO but equally you need to remember that God is THE JUDGE of YOUR actions.

Those presently suffering at the hands of the merciless (and that can involve you the voter) are the 'Last' who will be the FIRST to reach the promised land as they pay -off their spiritual dues to God in non-retaliation in the face of their adversity.

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Those believing they are the 'elite' and thus FIRST, shall BE the last to reach Heaven and sadly many of them will NEVER make it. Why? because they will scrabble and fight to defend themselves and by so doing accrue more 'karmic' pain dues as they also draw IN more SIN. (Dark negative energy into their souls)

There is an automatic BAR which bars entry to Heaven for ANY who are unkind, cruel, merciless, dispassionate or unloving. It follows that all Australian voters and taxpayers ARE proving themselves to BE swine who are not only 'barred' from Paradise, but are presently factually ON the wide road to Hell.

Let it now be clearly understood that this land Australia like many others on earth was TAKEN by force of arms which means it was stolen. Any presently involved in maintaining a 'grip' over or ownership of said STOLEN PROPERTY are criminals in the eyes of God who is the TRUE owner of all earth and, - - -

It follows that His 'eye for an eye' Law of absolute justice is to now amend all past errors. What does this mean? It means that other armed to the 'teeth' invaders will be seen here and there and everywhere in this land because NOTHING will stop this invasion with ITS terrifying consequences for everyone who DESERVE to suffer 'something.'

Any who 'try' to halt this invasion will be forced to maim or kill, and by THIS pure 'folly' they will consign their own souls to THE ABYSS. This IS the 'end of time' TIME and each soul is to choose its final eternal destination. Try to remember that it is by your personal deeds that you are known by GOD and man.

As I am the Plenipotentiary of our God and His ~ Her messenger, I can but further state: "People 'professing' by mouth as 'Tony' that they are 'Christians' are LIARS. It follows that if YOU 'follow them' then you are the DECEIVED."

Any who are TRUE Christian or TRUE Muslim must now BOW in total obedience to the Command of THE CREATOR and BE "Peaceful, merciful, compassionate, forgiving as they extend love and goodwill to all others." The spiritual 'pass mark' is no less than 100%.

In respect of this LAND, those seeking to be TRUE who presently inhabit it must no longer fund or support INIQUITY. They must open their 'hearts and arms' to ANYONE arriving on their shore seeking succour as they simply say to them: 

"We the 'TRUE to our Creator' welcome you to this place. You are free to wander here or there or anywhere and do your best to help yourselves find a spot on public land or in the desert or forests and build a 'shelter.'

You may ask anyone to assist you and many will. Some will also invite you to camp on their land or live in their homes. Some farmers may even be able accommodate 10,000 of you or more, but you will need to 'till' your own soil and plant your own crops.

Do not simply come here because in the past a 'refugee' would be given money and other benefits weekly. No, soon there will be NO 'free' money for anybody, and we will all be in the same 'boat,' so let us join hands and assist each other as God/Allah Commands.

All we ASK is that you OBEY the Holy Command of God/Allah on page one above and thus live within ITS precepts. In so doing you do NOT 'disturb the peace' nor cause any harm to anyone and you commit NO immoral acts. If this you cannot do, then you will be hauled in and attended to by either the KINDLY or the UNKIND, as God/Allah so ordains.

As for Mr. Abbott, since I 'fear' for his destiny, I can do nothing but suggest that he visit me and together we'll see if we can change the ways of errant man through education, to become responsible citizens who rely on the 'direction' of and protection by God, rather than paying the wages of mercenary forces. (Men paid 30 pieces of silver to defy God)

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Further to the above, not only am I God's Plenipotentiary, but I am also His 'high priest' whose spiritual 'knowledge' base far exceeds that of any other mortal proclaiming to be a 'priest or cleric or pope.'

Only I and my 'pen' have the capacity to be a TRUE spiritual guide to sinful man. Why is this so? Because ONLY I hold the REAL 'Salvation Key' within my Testament of Truth information for humanity. Thus I will give our 'brother' Tony some 'open' public words of advice herein since he he may not have the time nor inclination to come my way:

Dear brother Tony, firstly, I suggest you read my link below to the 'Energy of God' document. "Why"? Because it reveals the true nature of the Source within which contains both the Light and Dark energies of GOD.

Why is it imperative for you to learn of this? Because once you do, you will realise that; what man perceives as 'The Devil' the DECEIVER who 'spell binds' and thus subjugates the mind of man, is in fact a part of THE SOURCE, for naught exists 'outside' of God's frame.

The 'IT or HE' the DARK aspect of THE SOURCE is the forceful, powerful energy of THE FATHER. HE who forbids man to use His destructive 'energetic' POWER.

Did He say: "If you sup of this energy (the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) you will die in your sin"? Indeed He did. Tony, you have left your little 'seminary' ideals of 'goodness' far behind as your MIND became 'spell-bound' by His deceptive POWER as do all the vain, arrogant, pompous and VERY ignorant.

Brother, understand that presently you work for THE DARK causing great travail. You also FAIL to see that IT dictates your policy of DEATH. In FACT it appears that you then are but a 'figurehead' on the prow of a very dark ship.

Even though your 'name' is given as 'Leader' of the Nation, the ship is presently being driven by very powerful forces. Forces beyond your capacity to control or direct because you are WEAK and rely on the advice of others. The REAL 'dictator' (The dark) operates clandestinely through the minds of your ADVISORS who then misguide you in very ANTI-God and ANTI-Christian ways.

Woe indeed, for your forces perpetrate even more evil pain and suffering than did Tasmania's Martin Bryant. You 'bro' supposedly do IT 'legally' failing to see NOT that your actions are ILLEGAL because, they are in contravention of the constraints of God's Command.

I ask: "Are you 'man' enough to NOW 'sack' all your 'advisors'? Why do I ask? Because they all 'Know no God' and their dictates lead everyone astray and into the wilderness of eternal travail. Indeed, their minds are controlled by the very 'devil' Himself.

Tony, as your personal 'Salvation' is now 'At Stake,' I suggest that you:

1 - 'Defrock' and leave your post, and become a 'poor and humble' man as you bow to God and go your way in peace.

2 -Sell all your 'holdings' and your home and all possessions and give it all to the ones you cast back to Indonesia, and you travel there asking them for their forgiveness.

3 - Stay in Indonesia to the end of your days and 'toil' daily to uplift their circumstance.

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Son, via my pen God states:

"Do this for yourself and far ahead when you have satisfied MY Law to ITS infinite 'justness' you will by ME be set free. Deny this and by your own arrogance you cast your own soul into the eternal fires of Hell."

So be it. Each soul holds their eternal destiny within their own 'hand and MIND.'

I add, if you are 'man' enough, then before you leave your post, you 'post' a directive for all your ministers to read stipulating:

It is my required policy that:

1 - All the 'detention' facilities presently used to detain and house 'boat people' are to be 'opened' so that all detained are free to leave. The policy of 'detaining' persons arriving on Australian shores is nullified as per my 'dictate.'

2 - All immigration and customs restrictions are to be 'lifted,' and anyone arriving on the land named Australia are free to enter and be left unhindered.

3 - It is not a requirement of anyone to 'intercept' boats nor transport people from outlying islands to the mainland.

I now believe and know that our God owns all and since it is HE who inspires all 'visitors,' that 'we' simply welcome them all, irrespective of their nature or needs.

Signed: Tony Abbott 

(This shows man and God your intent to amend your ways, even if others do not 'follow it through')

I add: The 'seduction' of the soul of man was the 'voice' of the Dark as its thoughts began to 'stroll' through the mind of man as dark emotions of greed and pride and jealousy permitted them, (devious thoughts) and man was given a 'reason' to defy God and CONTROL and forcefully extort the abundance created by the labours of others who were enslaved by the VAIN and arrogant.

If you are so 'stupid' or arrogant as to disbelieve me, (God's pen) then so be it but, - - - your personal error of judgement will ahead BE revealed unto you as your hellish FATE you meet, and countless demonic forces in the underworld will be waiting to greet you with a 'singing sabre' of pure AGONY which will have NO surcease ever. The spirit soul lives ON 'somewhere' FOREVER.

I speak now to THE PEOPLE: "Dear all, try and see that you are all being 'led' by the BLIND who see NOT the error of their WAY. None of you are yet 'safe or saved' and in FACT, are all in very grave spiritual danger. God is GOD, not you nor your leaders. All being done in a 'punitive or inquisitional or controlling' manner to others in your name or on your behalf becomes your OWN 'painful' dues to God. Please now ONLY fund and support benign community effort directly."

I say that ANY seeking Salvation OR the 'land divine' need to NOW follow 'me' and OBEY our Sovereign Lord, God THE CREATOR.

I do not pay the wages of ANYONE to go forth on my behalf or in my name and cause HARM.

(Cause NO harm to anyone is a prerequisite to Salvation)

I am the 'risen' Christian Spirit of Truth
I am the 'risen' Islamic Imam Al Mahdi


LINK: - 'The inner energy of God' - http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/energy.htm

LINK: - The cause of all sorrow and suffering http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/sorrow.htm