Letter to the principle prosecutions officers and others.

Hobart Commonwealth dpp - hobart@cdpp.gov.au

Reference Mrs. C. Barnes ATO complaint no: 1490710

Dear Mr. Ian Arendt and prosecuting officers. I am acting on behalf of Mrs. Clemencia Barnes as her spiritual and legal counsel. I have been advised by Mr. Eddie Storace of the ATO prosecutions that the matter of them v/s her which has now been ongoing for over 14 years has been passed to yourselves.

Mrs Barnes has been 'called' to present herself at the Launceston magistrates court on 12th Aug.

As I am a man believing in full 'disclosure' of facts, I write this letter to advise you of the 'past' and that this matter is on line as an 'open' case for the world readers. I advise that there are many letters written by my pen on behalf of Mrs. Barnes over the years which you may 'view' as they are pertinent.

Go to: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm

To be 'fair' to the one chosen to represent the ATO or Commonwealth from your office I wish to not only advise them of the above, but to also warn them of the unseen and thus hidden EXTREME danger awaiting anyone seeking to take 'up' the cudgel against Clemencia. This danger I expose at the end of this epistle as I would not like anyone to 'enter where angels fear to tread' through my failure to speak a warning.

Every organisation has a CONSTITUTION which gives clear guidelines on the code of conduct POLICY of officials in their interaction with others who are 'voters' and thus members of the institution. A non-voter and thus not a 'funder' or financial supporter cannot be 'included' as being a person 'controlled' by the officials of said institution. This means that there is not even ONE 'edict, rule, law' of said institution which is applicable to them.

Eddie Storace has stated quite openly to me that everyone on the land is within the 'reach' or control of 'your' institution and it is my 'task' to change this FALSE BELIEF. A belief which is bringing so much grief to many, including the persecuting prosecutors. How so? because within the MANDATE granted unto officialdom BY the Sovereign Authority, the Freedom of Religion clause stands above all subsequent legislation.

This is not understood today and all in 'power' backed by 'force of arms' (police) simply ignore it totally and crush anyone of any 'belief' because of IGNORANCE. It is my 'task' to state that: "Ignorance of THE LAW is NO excuse" and that ignoring the Constitutional RIGHTS of individuals is Anarchy & Treason.

Prosecutors and magistrates backed by police have been 'getting away with murder' so to speak and it is now so 'common' that everyone in POWER is happy to so do. It is now I the ONE to Judge everyone and do my best to elevate the consciousness of everyone because, soon, very soon, all treasonable ACTIVITY is to be 'accounted for' and great the travail indeed and all 'anarchists' are brought to their knees in the manner as revealed by my pen on my web site.

Absolute pacifist people have the RIGHT to and BELIEVE that they must 'Love their enemy' as God commands and they so DO.
Some people have the RIGHT to and BELIEVE that they must 'Destroy their enemy' as their mind or 'orders' given command and they so DO.

Absolute pacifist people have the RIGHT to and BELIEVE that they must never condone nor fund the manufacture of weapons nor the use thereof by armed men to go forth in their name and on their behalf causing injury, killing or destruction. Thus they pay NO taxes to Caesar nor rely on his forces for their protection. They rely on God for protection.

Other people have the RIGHT to and BELIEVE that they must or should condone and fund the manufacture of weapons and the use thereof by armed men to go forth in their name and on their behalf causing injury, killing or destruction. Thus they pay taxes to Caesar and rely on his forces to protect them.

So when YOU pursue and prosecute a peaceful person who is PROVEN to so be, (peaceful and obeying God) then by your actions you are trying to coerce them into going against their conscience and joining your 'ideological belief.' This of itself is FORBIDDEN by the Sovereign Authority of your own Constitution and operational mandate you are paid a wage to UPHOLD. Thus it is proven to be anarchy and treason.

Further to the above, any coercive or punitive activity is forbidden by God THE REAL SOVEREIGN POWER.

Men with 'guns' or other weapons have been 'running' this world since its 'inception,' they have the belief that they are entitled to do whatever they wish to in order to stay 'in power.' They believe that any 'edict' raised up by their 'heads' is as their 'god' to be adored and enforced.

They as said are entitled to so believe but it is my 'pen' to state that every last one of them are to now 'die in their sin' and suffer ongoing torment unless they NOW amend their ways.

I am a 75 year old man from Tanzania, I am aware that the African 'witchdoctor' is the same as the Aborigine 'kadaicha man' who is of the same 'ilk' as a modern PROSECUTOR. How or why? They all 'point the bone' at their victim and drag them to be punished by a 'head' of their armed forces. Men who are 'warriors' having spears or bows or GUNS at their disposal.

Who is the 'head' of the policing armed forces of every land? It is the magistrate 'judge' who by his 'pen' grants the armed forces EXECUTIVE powers to DO his bidding. I state, if you are 'warned' that a 'case' laid on your 'plate' is one of conscience, belief and religious ideology, why would you drag the 'defendant' to a lower Launceston court having NO jurisdiction to deal with the case? Your 'complaint' needs to be directed to the HIGH COURT.

If any of you can READ 'English' and thus comprehend the texts of the Freedom of Religion clauses below, then why continue with the 'case' in the first place? I say that only the 'blind' like Eddie Storace believe that they can overrule the Constitution of their own institution and get away with it. A very foolish 'idea' indeed.

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

To get a clearer picture I attach 4 emails and in reading them you will become better 'advised' on the issues at stake.

As 'Eddie' the ATO prosecutor has 'passed' this case ON to you 'bloodhounds' to do your 'bit' after having read my letter shows quite clearly that his intent is to 'hunt down' and cause harm to Clemencia even though I have shown him his error, it means that my 'pen' now has something to say to him being:

"Our Sovereign God is the Judge and power guiding my hand and mind and it is thus that my judgement of any or all 'men' is FINAL. Thus in reference to the 'fate' of Eddie Storace it is that; he and others before him in this persecution of Clemencia have consigned their own souls into the Abyss of eternal suffering for a time and a time for their continued defiance of God and continued acts of anarchy and treason in defying God's 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion' Command unto mankind."

I further ADD that; whomsoever lifts UP the 'cudgel' for and on behalf of the Nation or the ATO from the precincts of the Hobart commonwealth DPP and stands in any court as the prosecuting official against Clemencia, will most definitely follow in the footsteps of the above persons.

 NOTE: I add: When I refer to 'religion' or 'spiritual' I do NOT refer to ones named religious organisation of Islam or Christian or other. I refer solely to ones IDEOLOGICAL code of conduct in ones daily interaction with other children of God.

It is not ones affiliation with an organisation which is one ideological 'way' or belief. It is the operation of ones God given conscience. A person is either conscionable or unconscionable, kind or cruel, benevolent or malignant, creative or destructive or, they can be BOTH. But, - - - if they are ONLY conscionable at all times and in all situations they are thus a TRUE believer, and their peaceful & loving interaction ACTIONS speak louder than words or professed 'religion.'

Man needs to see that it is their INNER ENERGY by which one lives, moves, and have your being. It is the Light energy which was bestowed upon you at the time of your creation by THE CREATOR. This energy within is eternal, and once created your spirit soul exists forever.

Light energy was given to everyone and is the LOVE core of the soul. (Loving emotions) The Dark energy 'some' use is energy drawn IN to your soul when you are a 'swine' causing harm, and IT is the negative emotions. It is this dark energy which drags you down into the hellish realms in the afterlife. You all have very little time to amend your ways.

My 'pen' has spoken.


A copy of this letter is on line as Item 19 at: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm

I attach Items 15 - 16 - 17 from the above web site which form a part of this letter of ADVICE.

Being letters to 'Eddie' - Chris Jordan - Peter Cosgrove the governor general.


Open letter which was sent to Patrick Billings - Reporter police affairs

Dear Patrick, I have spoken a few words to you on the attached WMA for your records. I hope your secretary can type it out for you - maybe ahead it can be used in a 'story' to THE PEOPLE.

It appears to me that there is a treasonable 'plot' by politicians (globally) to totally impoverish their communities. In FACT it is now more than a mere 'plot,' it is FACTUAL as I see and read on your 'Police' news article of 30th June.

Where is the SANITY when politicians raise UP an EDICT commanding the Police to invoke a fine of $6,500 upon the head of a person failing to give an answer to a question? All who voted 'yea' to such are treasonable and VERY idiotic and unreasonable. Insanity certainly will show ITS ugly face more and more now.

My CONCERN for the Populace is:

They are becoming more and more 'of' the BELIEF in the RIGHT of others in the community to control, subjugate, punish, evict and extort endless sums of money from their purses. (Supposedly legitimately) Soon, - - - this interference in their lives and 'enslavement' of them having the consequence of IMPOVERISHMENT, homelessness & mental & emotional trauma will result in ANGER and CIVIL UNREST.

My CONCERN for the Police is:

Their 'muscle & guns' backup to political decrees (Dictatorship) is perceived by them now as being NORMAL activity and 'good' for the people. it is NOT. They also now BELIEVE it as their RIGHT to interfere in the lives of THE PEACEFUL and they are 'happily' accruing spiritual dues of 'suffering' due to this role of PUNITIVE ADMINISTRATION backed by equally ignorant magistrates who are exceeding their mandate of authority.

Police see not that their own activities of interference, intimidation, coercion, threats, harassment and 'armed' extortion of money are ILLEGAL activities. Police are supposed to 'protect' the community. They are being used to wage war on the people and steal their money in the guise of "Its for your own good."

My CONCERN for Politicians is:

They are 'blinded' by their position of POWER and their vanity, pride and greed has become quite 'extraordinary' to the point that according to my 'mental health' knowledge base is that in FACT they are all 'mentally disturbed' people having a 'godship' complex.

None of them are aware that due to their negative emotions being so 'expansive' that ITS dark energy essence leaves their MINDS 'open' to the dark underworld from where their DEVIOUS 'inspiration' comes from. Can none of them see that the increase in monetary demands, fines and excessive punitive measures is ALL from the 'Devil'? There is NO 'end' to this until everyone in the community is either 'broke' or IN the 'lock up.'

Patrick, there is  REASON for the escalation of confrontation and all 'negative' behaviour in all factions of the global society. I have the 'Answer' and it is now the time for Tasmania to lead the world in implementing a new and positive and benign change. Education rather than fine & punishment.

Please 'listen' to my recording attached and visit my web site.

Sincerely - Terence de Malaherre (Malaher)