Dear Senator George Brandis, as the world now cycles more and more into confrontation, persecution, prosecution and INSANITY, it is my task for our invisible God to do my best to elevate the consciousness of mankind with God’s final message unto all. A message which is now complete and stands ‘up in the air’ so to speak on the internet highway.

Each soul now stands before their God who is to judge their conduct. Any person now failing to ‘bow’ to the Sovereignty of His CROWN in acknowledging IT as the supreme head of all mankind and showing their ‘allegiance and loyalty' to HIM, will now by Him be cast into the PIT of oblivion for being ‘swine’ in holding His Command in CONTEMPT. His Command clearly states:

“Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy.”

As you can now see, the whole world's population is becoming more unstable in its ‘thinking and ways,’ and there is more and more JUSTIFICATION to use force and coercion and punishment (causing harm) to those perceived as 'illegal' or 'offensive.'

As state officials operate for and on behalf of THE PEOPLE who 'vote' and fund the 'system,' all are obviously COMPLICIT to being in contravention of God's Command. It follows that everyone of any 'race or creed or professed belief' are ALL on the wide road to Hell.

This truth is 'contested' by men of the 'cloth' and the judiciary who openly scorn my statement that I am God's Plenipotentiary who has been sent to earth to deliver God's final message to humanity. Man is blinded today by arrogance and ignorance and by their gravest 'sin' being VANITY.

Even here in Tasmania, the police are interfering in the lives of the peaceful, and they are backed by dishonourable magistrates who fine, punish and jail people who have not disturbed the peace and who are living within the 'laws' of the Constitution.

Indeed, these magistrates exceed their judicial powers and mandate as they 'hear' and judge matters beyond their JURISDICTION and this is TREASON, and none of these mortals 'gives a damn.' Even a 'complaint' by me to the Governor General who is 'supposed' to UPHOLD the Sovereign Constitution does not even 'bother' to give me a reply. Indeed, insanity already rules in this land.

Only I know 'how' these official criminal 'elements' will receive their 'just deserts' and be brought to account for their treasonable activities. We need to PREPARE for this time when CIVIL UNREST grips the whole nation due to the cause ONLY seen and recorded by me.

Officials are employed by THE PEOPLE and Immigration & Customs officials try and hide their activities in respect of the 'boat people,' but NAUGHT is hidden from our God. The PEOPLE need to understand that they are COMPLICIT TO all the merciless persecution and suffering imposed upon the homeless ON THEIR BEHALF.

Brother 'Tony' cannot keep his 'heaven' Australia pristine nor can he protect IT. Why? because it is God's land, and our God is now to disturb the peace of this 'nasty' place in the manner known only by me and, - - - as said, - - - we need to PREPARE.

It appears to me that everyone sees the 'evil' in the eyes of the other, but they see not their own evil activities which leads THEM into eternal misery.

This outreach is but an act of 'courtesy' to you and your fellows and I include below an extract from one of my many on line documents. It is page 10 of my 'The cause of all sorrow' document.

Sincerely - Terence

There is also a copy of this email on line as 'Update 20' on my 'Freedom of Religion' pages:

~ The Crown of God ~
The Power & the Glory

It is a common belief that 'War' is only carried out 'legally' by the 'consensus' of the majority Vote followed by an 'appointed' and thus legitimate LEADER.

It is a common belief that any or all punitive or destructive actions of the now 'legalised' armed forces of state 'head' are legitimate in God's eyes and not subject to the 'eye for an eye' or 'as you sow so shall ye reap' Law of God.

It is my pen to now disavow this FALSE premise. For every ACTION there is an equal and opposite REACTION.

That is the immutable Law of God's energy.

No mandate of office, flag, nation, uniform, wage or official position nullifies, voids or avoids the implementation of God's Law.

"As you do unto others is by others done unto you"
"As your servants do unto others on your behalf is by others done unto you"

Mankind needs to try and comprehend the meaning of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. Try and comprehend that the Benign (loving & creative energy) and the Malignant (hateful & destructive energy) are both energies of God THE SOURCE. These twin polarities EXIST. (Light & Dark)

God's energy is a 'Law unto itself' and the USER of IT (the benign or malignant energy) has NO capacity to HALT the 'Return unto the user' of either aspect of THE ENERGY. The used energy balances itself when IT so decides in this world or the next.

Man needs to realise that all persons of any 'age' who are being mercilessly persecuted or waged war upon or suffering are being PUNISHED by God's Dark energy which is simply 'balancing ITS books.' (The imposition of Tribulations which go on forever outside of Heaven, the Light)

Man needs to realise that all the suffering (Tribulations) IMPOSED by them becomes the DUE of suffering and loss that will 'Return upon their own head.'

Remember, no person will ever 'finger you' (cause you harm) unless you have a 'karmic' pain debt to God. To become free, just 'suffer it' and go your way in PEACE as God Commands.

You cannot cause harm or sorrow or wage war LEGALLY and AVOID the 'comeback' to yourself. It can and will come back upon your 'head' immediately or a year ahead or 1000 years ahead. IT is infinite intelligence and IT at times 'adds together' your wrongdoings over time before ITS 'payback' so as to maximise your ahead travail.

The WISE 'forgive & forget' the harm caused to them by their enemies, but they do their best to EDUCATE their persecutors and thus assist them to see the error of their ways.

The WISE know that in so doing, they remain in the Benign return of energy aspect of God's immutable Law and accrue NO 'penalty' DUE which they would if retaliating punitively.

Why 'work' for THE DARK and be ITS 'reaper' when ahead, ITS forces turn against YOU? It is better to ONLY work for the LIGHT and in making others happy, the return ahead to you is happiness.

THE LAW of the land is THE LAW of GOD

My TASK for God the LIGHT is to reveal unto man the 'voters' COMPLICITY to all done in their name and on their behalf as TAXPAYERS. For all are funding BOTH the benign AND the malignant activities of the 'forces' directed by the LEADER who was elected and 'crowned' by them.

The ONLY TRUE LEADER of God's children is the 'voice' of the ENERGY ESSENCE of the PURE LIGHT OF HEAVEN who commands man to:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy as you 'turn the other cheek' if abused & go as a 'lamb to the slaughter' if confronted by non-believers because you must never retaliate."

Let us now ONLY fund benign activity effort and do our best to EDUCATE those yet trapped by the 'voice' of the DARK ENERGY ESSENCE. Because ITS 'thoughts' direct man's MIND telepathically and JUSTIFY a reason therein to destroy and kill the other and in so doing, the person KILLS themself so to speak as God's Law fulfills itself later on.

It is the Dark destructive energy essence of THE SOURCE which is the SIN that arrogant man drew IN to his soul. It is this 'sin' that enables the Dark to USE the mind of man, (sinners) and IT uses them as ITS 'forces of vengeful retribution.' As these ignorant mortals do ITS 'bidding' they draw IN more and more 'Sin' (dark energy) and they fall deeper into the Abyss in the after-life to fight on and on forever.

So be IT

Never-ending sorrow and ongoing agony RESULTS for all who continue to defy THE LIGHT. God's energy simply is what it is. You are 'free' to use either aspect for God grants you that CHOICE.

Only God can wear a CROWN, for only HE can use dark energy and not suffer the consequence for He is the DARK ENERGY ESSENCE.

So if you are an 'official' mandated by a mortal man or a man's edicts, rules, laws etc., and you go forth to control, subjugate, interfere, dispossess, punish, abuse, intimidate, threaten, coerce, incarcerate or kill, then you are also wearing a FALSE 'Crown' and you need to remove IT and 'disarm' and quickly step down from your 'high horse' you are riding before you FALL and are trampled underfoot as all punitive enforcers are soon to be. Education is the new way.

Why don't YOU the individual try and be little 'loving & kind' to yourself? This you can only DO when you are loving, compassionate and merciful unto OTHERS as God Commands.

The more the individual carries ON in the merciless, unforgiving and punitive mode, the more dark energy clouds their inner Light core, and the time comes when they can no longer BE a being of light & love and are definitely doomed to eternal servitude and suffering in dark realms below.

The Creator creates a soul and bestows ITS 'energetic' attributes within the soul. You now have the ability to live with the freedom to move and be. It is your personal choice to use God's DARK or LIGHT energy. It is my 'task' to confirm for God the consequences of the use of said energies of God, of which you were advised by God at the time of your creation.

My 'pen' has done ITS best to awaken all from their VANITY & PRIDE 'spell' of unreality. It is now your personal choice to LIVE or DIE spiritually.

The forceful destructive POWER is God's to use, not man's. It is the forbidden by God to use:

"Fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

I rest my case.