~ OPEN letter (3) to prosecutor Brett Steele ~
Absolute Justice & the Constitutional Authority
The 'Power to set free' or KILL through unreasoning fanaticism

Dear Brett,

Reference: Your email dated May 23 with your pdf submission to Magistrate Marron and myself.

I thank you for sending me your 'reasoning' as to 'why' your ongoing punitive actions against me are 'legitimate' and, why you therefore believe and hope that the magistrate will back your persecution CAUSE resulting in me 'suffering' something. You obviously also hope and desire that in so doing, that I will amend my ways and change my ideological belief and thus 'fall in line' with your 'ideological' beliefs.

The reason why I 'thank you' for sending me your reasoning information is that it enables my 'pen' to offer you and every 'global' reader some more educative input as I defend myself against your oppressive persecution of a peaceful man. I will answer the pdf 'acts' sent further down this letter.

Brother, I am a 'zealous' and educative person, whereas you are a 'fanatical zealot' believing in the right to the use of force and 'the gun' to cause harm to anyone who fails to bow to your dictates and your interpretation of the 'text book rules' you uphold. You also believe in your right to override my belief in absolute pacifism as commanded by our God. (A conflict of ideologies)

As I see it Brett, this 'case' is in fact the 'last dance' chance for YOU. I am the peaceful 'tethered to a stake' LAMB in the below image. You are the 'hungry' voracious BEAST who is determined to 'feast' upon me and cause me harm.

You are backed by force of arms and therefore, according to MY ideological belief, I must in non-retaliation let you take your 'fill' of me because I am 'tethered to a stake' as I await GOD'S JUDGEMENT of me.

The 'justice' to be meted out (if any) is the DARK punitive aspect of God's Law of EQUAL retributive return in action via the mind and hand of the ignorant who unknowingly work FOR the Dark aspect of THE SOURCE.

"Do what thou wilt" - being 'THE Law of The Beast.' (God the Father)

If I am to suffer 'anything' then that imposition sets me free spiritually from any past time when I caused another to SUFFER similarly. (This however has nothing to do with this case during which time I have caused NO harm)


What I am trying so hard to get everyone to SEE is that NONE of us can void, nullify or avoid the retributive RETURN 'factor' of God's 'eye for an eye' Law because we are not God. Equally true is that no badge of office or uniform or official position can give anyone ANY immunity from God's ONE LAW. (As you do is done unto you)

You CAN be 'rebellious' and transgress God's Command unto man to "Go your way in peace & love one another" etc., and you can also transgress the decrees of man, (rules) but you CANNOT transgress the 'energy' or the energetic benign or malignant 'force' which exists invisibly and flows though us because, THEY are a LAW unto themselves. (As you do is done unto you) God is in FACT the invisible spiritual energy essence.

When YOU obey God's Command you place yourself within the benign RETURN aspect of the LIGHT (positive & creative energy)
When you 'rebel' and disobey God's Command you place yourself within the malignant RETURN aspect of the DARK (negative & destructive energy)

IF you knew what I know you would tell your 'boss' that from now ON you are only going to educate those who disturb the peace and never again are you going to be complicit to causing others any trauma or loss or harm. God is GOD, not you nor the rules in any book of man.

Brother, every man or child has the power and capacity to KILL. One does not need any 'badge of office' to so do as the world should be able to see. All one needs is a MIND which is OPEN to THE DARK. It is a force which justifies this destructive action. It justifies you using rules. It justifies the 'public' via their negative emotions. The DARK aspect of God's ENERGY cannot be halted by rules nor by any other means but, - - - IT only comes your way IF you have been so foolish, arrogant or ignorant enough to have used ITS energy against another in your past.

This is why I am 'in your face' because, ONLY I have the inner sight and wisdom to see how IT operates so clandestinely. Indeed, IT is so 'smart' that it is invisible to the user, and they are ALL 'happy' to blindly do ITS bidding directly or indirectly for a wage using 'text' books. You appear to claim and believe that according to your text' books, that you have every right to treat my Truth and Faith in the Belief in God as some sort of aberration.

The 'mandate' given by men unto other men (state servants) creates the false belief in ones immunity from THE LAW of God. Regrettably, it also appears to me as having the capacity to hold man spellbound in IGNORANCE to the meaning of: "Right action in the eyes of God."

Your books of rules and the pdf texts chosen by your 'advisors' will by this pen be revealed to state: "Irrespective of your belief, you will obey MY Decrees or be punished, banished or executed." So 'sayeth' the incoming thoughts into the mind of the person who originally invoked said texts.

How is this 'rejection' of my plea of innocence and your continuing 'legitimisation' to persecute me accomplished? Because any 'lookers' into the volumes of texts written by man can in FACT find whatever they need to, wish to or want to. This results in the 'validation or legitimisation' by you to PUNISH others so as to coerce them into being of your belief. Your belief being: "The belief in THE IDEOLOGY of vengeful retribution," which IS the nature of the DARK punitive aspect of the Source.

I am NOT a person who gives IN to threat or coercion. This was proven in the Remand centre precinct. It was also the reason why YOU withdrew one of the 'charges' against me because, you knew that if you had not, the magistrate would have had the opportunity to 'view' the video recording which he had asked for. It was the 'other' police officer who issued me with the 'coercive threat' and the decision that, contra my 'will,' he 'snatched' some of my breath to test it, but he was not 'called' into the Court as a police witness by you because that would have substantiated my defence.

Son, it matters NOT what happens to me in my remaining time on earth for my SOUL is full of LIGHT, and IT returns to the Paradise from where IT came. I am here solely for YOU and all mankind. I am here to give all a 'last chance' to amend their ways before God 'buries' all those continuing to be defiant of Him in a very black box FOREVER, for being such an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. It is your soul at 'stake,' NOT mine.

In an effort to try and assist you and other readers with some more input, I comment on the 'acts' contained in the books of rules from your own institution in your response to the magistrate. Rules which in FACT give themselves and thus you the facility to overturn their own statements. Thus 'permitting' you the 'freedom' in your mind to deny me.

Words in your pdf submission email to the magistrate:

The words in your submission state: < Section 46 of the Constitution does not confer an absolute freedom >  

Terence responds: naturally, for many people who by mouth profess to be 'good' Christians and Muslims and others do in FACT deny their 'religion' through being swine and in disturbing the peace or in waging war. Section 46 ONLY applies to those absolute pacifists as myself who OBEY God at all times and never harm others.

The words in your submission state: < But the area of legal immunity marked out by the concept of religion cannot extend to all conduct in which a person may engage in giving faith in the supernatural >

Terence responds: As in my response above, if ones conduct is unbecoming, treasonable, immoral or in contravention of the principles of God's Command of 'peace & love & mercy' unto man, then the concept of faith in the supernatural God cannot be a 'defence.'

The words in your submission state: < general laws to preserve and protect society are not defeated by a plea of religious obligation to breach them >

Terence responds: If the spoken of 'general laws' are simply edicts of mortal men bearing arms forcing the peaceful to become complicit to their ways or, to bow to their every demand, then the moral action of a truly God loving believer is to turn their backs to these persons and only try and assist them.

The words in your submission para (1) and (5) state:


Notice to Attorneys-General

 (1)  Where a cause pending in a federal court including the High Court or in a court of a State or Territory involves a matter arising under the Constitution or involving its interpretation, it is the duty of the court not to proceed in the cause unless and until the court is satisfied that notice of the cause, specifying the nature of the matter has been given to the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth and of the States, and a reasonable time has elapsed since the giving of the notice for consideration by the Attorneys-General, of the question of intervention in the proceedings or removal of the cause to the High Court.

 (2)  For the purposes of subsection (1), a court in which a cause referred to in that subsection is pending:

 (a)  may adjourn the proceedings in the cause for such time as it thinks necessary and may make such order as to costs in relation to such an adjournment as it thinks fit;

(b)  may direct a party to give notice in accordance with that subsection; and

(c)  may continue to hear evidence and argument concerning matters severable from any matter arising under the Constitution or involving its interpretation.

(3)  For the purposes of subsection (1), a notice in respect of a cause:

(a)  shall be taken to have been given to an Attorney-General if steps have been taken that, in the opinion of the court, could reasonably be expected to cause the matters to be notified to be brought to the attention of that Attorney-General; and

(b)  is not required to be given to the Attorney-General of the Commonwealth if he or she or the Commonwealth is a party to the cause and is not required to be given to the Attorney-General of a State if he or she or the State is a party to the cause.

(4)  The Attorney-General may authorize the payment by the Commonwealth to a party of an amount in respect of costs arising out of the adjournment of a cause by reason of this section.

(5)  Nothing in subsection (1) prevents a court from proceeding without delay to hear and determine proceedings, so far as they relate to the grant of urgent relief of an interlocutory nature, where the court thinks it necessary in the interests of justice to do so.

Terence responds: In clause (1) above it states: < a matter arising under the Constitution or involving its interpretation, it is the duty of the court not to proceed >
In clause (5) above it contradicts itself: < Nothing in subsection (1) prevents a court from proceeding without delay to hear and determine proceedings >

As I 'read it,' there is enough 'conflicting information' in all the above pdf text submissions enabling a person such as yourself to simply override my 'plea' and continue on persecuting me IN THE BELIEF that your actions are 'legal.' (That being your personal choice. Your choice to defy God and cause harm to the peaceful)

Brett, you simply do NOT understand that according to MY BELIEF in which I BELIEVE that I am entitled to live by in being "Peaceful at all times." I cannot bow to the dictates of politicians or their armed forces, for in my opinion, it would BE a 'rebellious' act against God's Command. How? Because I would be condoning their activities. Being activities of control, interference, threat, coercion, intimidation, monetary extortion, punishment imposed upon myself and OTHERS in the community, in my name or on my behalf.

Naturally, as your organisation has a 'huge' army of ARMED backup men which makes you feel powerful and invincible, I cannot 'win' any armed battle for I am simply ONE against many. More to the point, I have NO interest in conflict, and even though you 'punish' me, you are still welcome to come to my house anytime and be given a feed or a cup of tea.

According to your ideological belief you HAVE the opinion that I must bow to the dictates of the decrees of your 'masters' VOICE, even if YOU have to interfere, cause harm or inflict a worse punishment. All in the name of your 'duty' or wage. (30 pieces of silver)

Why in FACT do you do this? You do it simply because you have been deceived into believing that 'rules of men' ARE 'The law.' No brother, rules of man can be 'broken,' but THE REAL LAW OF THE LAND, God's LAW, cannot be 'broken.' ITS implementation is an inviolate activity. An activity which takes place when IT so chooses. (It is also absolute Justice ~ an eye for an eye ~ a tooth for a tooth ~ as you do is done unto you ~ as you sow so shall ye reap) I hope this will be understood by YOU one day.

It is the time to 'burn' ALL the rule books, for they enable INIQUITY and keep man trapped by THE DARKNESS and ON the wide road to hell. There is NO 'conflict' in the wording of THE LAW OF GOD above. It is very simple indeed. There is also NO 'conflict' in the Command of God unto man.

Brett, no one was more surprised than me when magistrate Marron accepted my defence papers and turned to YOU saying: "I want you to read this submission and give me your written response before the next hearing on June 12." Why was I surprised? because it was as though our God via the mind of the magistrate was giving you the opportunity to read my defence pages and then write to him saying: "I believe I made a mistake and withdraw all charges."

Why am I now again surprised? Because it appears that instead of reading said defence as commanded by the magi, you simply passed them on to an 'advisor' who has passed back to you a few 'excerpts' from your Constitutional and other 'books of rules.' Decrees by other men giving you a further reason to keep persecuting me and thus NOT 'bothering' to read things for yourself so you could make the decision to set me free.

You do not even have the courtesy to fulfill your obligations to the magistrate in writing a formal letter to him in answer to my 'points' within my texts. Nor do you do as God commands and give me your respect, mercy, love or compassion.

What now is the result of this error of judgement on your part? You 'bro' before the whole world via my web site condemn yourself as GUILTY of a 'dereliction of duty' and the taking of a false wage and regrettably, - - - you also show our God of your true vindictive nature as you seek to ensure my punishment.

What now is the result of this? You have now placed your eternal destiny in the hands of the magistrate. How or why?  Because, if he sets me free, then you have another 'chance' to bow to God and not persecute the peaceful but, - - - if the magistrate does not set me free and imposes any form of punishment or restriction on me, then as per the 'dictate' of God via MY pen on MY web site, through your proven ACT of raising your hand against me, you have condemned* your own soul to eternal damnation in the Hell land which EXISTS. Reference God's dictate per my pen as recorded at the end of the Index page:


I state: As I am God's JUDGE it is incumbent upon me to 'simply' show mankind the present error of their way so that everyone can see 'how' God is to Judge them during this time of the eternal separation of souls and, - - - as I impart the truth and understanding, then 'each' of you can make amends to God IF YOU SO WISH before the LAST DAY.

As each of you depart the flesh of this world you will be judged as being either:  'Worthy or unworthy' - 'Just or wicked' - 'Faithful or unfaithful.' Very simply put, YOU can Judge yourself. How? By observing your own actions or interaction with others in reference to:

"Is your present conduct in accordance with the precepts of God's COMMAND or not"?

How do I as God's Judge then 'Judge' your PRESENT actions so as to show you whether they are within said precepts? For if they are NOT then you are 'guilty' of FAILING to 'bow' to God's Command and it is HE to 'Judge' you as UNWORTHY of living in His heavenly Paradise.

I can categorically state that IF you are less than peaceful, kind, caring, loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving as Commanded by God, then you are walking in error and you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you are bearing 'arms' and use them to defend yourself or others or to fight, dominate, tax, subjugate, punish, maim or kill others, then you are walking in error and you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you are critical, vindictive, abusive, interfering, disrespectful, or in fact in any way 'negative' towards others, then you are walking in error and you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you do not 'reach out' with compassion and 'share' God's Wisdom to assist other children of God who YOU believe are walking in error then you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you take an 'official' wage which 'permits' you or 'forces' you to interfere in the life of another being and thus 'disturb their peace of mind,' then you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

Try and see that it is I reaching out to EVERYONE because in some way or other, EVERYONE on earth today is 'of' the Lost Race and in ignorance or arrogance their activity is in contravention of, or defiant of, their God's Command and they THUS are on the wide road to Hell.

You need to understand that ONLY through my 'efforts' of clarification of the difference between 'Right or Wrong' action in the eyes of God will people be able to correct their ways and BE spiritually safe & saved.

Go well and seed your mind a little with God's Wisdom via HIS pen, mine.


Note: have condemned* - Why do I say have condemned? Because if you can and do inflict suffering or other 'injury' or loss upon a peaceful person in your own community, what will be your interaction with any incoming aggressors who take it upon themselves to cause you or their family great harm? It will be in contravention of the above.

Any person having had as much 'loving' and educative input directly from their Creator via my pen who feels 'confident' in denying IT is certainly missing the mark and doomed to eternal agony. (The 'pass mark' God requires is no less than 100%)

My dear brother Brett, I can but ADD that we do stand in the END DAYS time when 'each' shows their God of their 'ways' as the 'separation of souls' BEGINS. It is NOT a joke 'brother' but it is DEADLY SERIOUS and that is why at one 'am' in the morning, I am writing this epistle in the hope that you do NOT have to forever 'castigate' yourself for being a DOPE.

Please PROVE to the magistrate that you had the 'courtesy' to READ my defence and write HIM a 'decent' response letter as he commanded. Thus giving ME a 'chance' and HIM the 'opportunity' of setting me FREE because I am NOT 'guilty' of any crime. Fail in this 'bro' and your FATE is truly thus 'as mine,' IN the 'hand & mind' of God who will give His judgement via the mind of magistrate Marron.

What you and all mankind needs to comprehend is, that the ONLY 'Judgement' God permits man to place upon another man perceived as an 'errant' person and rebelling against His Command and by disturbing the peace of the land is: "This person DOES require to attend an educative facility wherein they will be given good counsel so as to assist in their mental and emotional rehabilitation as given in the 'Offender Seminar' document."

God said: "Judge not lest ye be so judged," and this simply implies, that if you judge another as needing punitive correction, then that same punitive judgement is by God imposed upon your own 'head' within His immutable LAW, and ahead, it is you to suffer the same DREAD.


1 - IT IS CLEAR TO ME that within the primary clause of the Tasmania & Australia Constitution that a 'Freedom of religion' clause permitting one to live by ones conscience and belief exists, the 'proviso' being, that one does not disturb the peace of the land and is not engaged in any immoral activity

2 -  IT IS CLEAR TO ME that the 'elders' of State who invoked and raised up the Constitution had the INTENT to so 'permit,' being the freedom to live by ones ideological belief. (Religion)

3 -  IT IS CLEAR TO ME that our God Commands man to live in peace and to not interfere in the lives of others, nor subjugate them, punish them, persecute them nor wage war on them.

4 -  IT IS CLEAR TO ME that our God states that any person defiant of Him, and thus causes His children to be persecuted, dispossessed, injured or killed, is deemed by Him to be a SWINE and by His powerful ENERGY is to be 'separated' and cast into the Pit of eternal suffering.

5 -  IT IS CLEAR TO ME that in view of the above, that I must not 'follow their way' nor support, condone nor be complicit 'to or with' such iniquitous DARK activity.

6 -  IT IS CLEAR TO ME that within the psyche of some of God's children was/is a 'bad' seed. A seed which permitted thoughts from THE DEVIL to 'excite' and invite them to 'rebel' against God, and to find a JUSTIFICATION to oppress the peaceful, subjugate them, control and punish them using FORCE in defiance of God and His Command.

7 - IT IS CLEAR TO ME that you Brett are one of these, and as I obey our God and as I believe in HIM, I forgive you and your 'trespasses' against me, and I await God's Judgement of us ALL.

8 -  IT IS CLEAR TO ME that I have the RIGHT to live as God so Commands and as MY conscience so dictates.

Brother, you cannot force me to change MY belief.

Sincerely - Terence

Added NOTE:

~ Ones conscience and double jeopardy ~

Many wise men have entered the flesh of this world over the centuries, and all have left their words of wisdom. I choose here the Hindu Bhagavad Gita text which was given to assist man to transform himself back into being a 'being' of pure Light:

Lift up the Self by the Self - and don't let the Self droop down
For the Self is the Self's only FRIEND - and the Self is the Self's only FOE

When a person takes a wage to uphold rules in a book they are required to NOT use their conscience because, all rules enabling interference, control, subjugation, extortion, punishment or killing are 'unconscionable.' These rules enable "WRONG action in the eyes of our God" due to being in contravention of His Command unto man. It is thus that the person places their own soul into spiritual jeopardy.

When a person takes a wage to uphold rules in a book and there are conflicting choices of rules, a person may still have the opportunity to "Do the RIGHT thing in the eyes of our God" and thus be kind, loving and merciful in using their God-given conscience as they choose the 'benign' rule ruling

However, if they choose to use the 'punitive' aspect of available rules because they are vindictive by nature, and thus unconscionable people, they place their soul into 'double jeopardy' due to their false choice and their dark nature.

Treat yourself to the pure wisdom of God's Command, and never any other abuse or reprimand.