Prosecutor Brett Steele

Ref - Case - 35913/13

Dear Brett, what is not known by you is that I have in fact been working 'unseen' for the entire world's police forces * as I sought to 'uncover' a very DARK secret indeed. The secret being 'how' the dark energy essence of God keeps man (punitive forces) working for HIM so that HE can then cause them HARM 'legitimately' within His superior "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and destroy them for their infidelity to HIS "Peace & love & mercy" Command.

I believe that I have now written enough so that any person 'wishing' to comprehend the enormity of that exposed by my pen CAN SO DO IF THEY CHOOSE TO.

I continue: Further to my previous sends to you I give below an extract from the end of page 2 of my 'Family Violence' submission of 2004 document attached to this email for your interest:

Important NOTE: 'why' people become violent in the first place. * -

People lose control of their minds and become violent or punitive or destructive due to one of their negative emotions being aroused for one or another reason. The reason is always JUSTIFIED in their minds eye.

This 'particular' dark negative emotion then 'strums' or 'hums' at a certain vibration frequency which opens a doorway 'link' to DARK spiritual realms 'below,' and demonic spirit forces instantly gain access telepathically and overpower the 'reasoning' aspect of their earthly victim who then acts out the incoming thought directives and causes harm. (Harm can also be simply lying, stealing, etc.)

This mental or emotion or physical harm is RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE in action via the mind of an ignorant or arrogant person.
This mental or emotion or physical harm of RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE is the fulfillment of God's 'eye for an eye' LAW in action.

It is the DARK aspect of God's Law: "As you did sow so shall ye reap" taking place.

If YOU 'oppose' IT forcefully or in causing pain or imposing punishment, then YOU simply accrue a further 'suffering' DUE.

NO badge of office or official position or mandate of man nullifies or voids the implementation of God's LAW. God's LAW is a 'return' imposed by God. It is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. Be it good for good or pain for pain. It is simply the intelligent Dark or Light energy of God which balances Itself when IT so decides. It always balances Itself via the mind and hand of a person.

Why I send this to you is because the words on line one: - 'why' people become violent in the first place. * -  actually apply to you and all serving officers AS WELL AS to all magistrates. Why is this so? Because any punishment inflicted is in fact 'violence' imposed. It is hostility, cruelty, brutality to cause some other to be controlled, subjugated, injured, incarcerated, mental or emotionally traumatised etc.

However, because you are mandated to so do, you are JUSTIFIED in what you do, and see NOT that you are keeping yourself 'locked into' being THE DARK energetic power of THE SOURCE in action, as IT, via your mind and hand, metes out divine retribution. In most cases it has naught to do with the 'prosecution' at hand.

As I see IT, if I have NO more 'debts to God' to PAY, then the magistrate will have his mind 'overridden' by God THE FATHER, and HE God will let me go FREE, irrespective of any RULES OF MAN to the contrary.

I can only so HOPE, so that everyone will see that I speak the TRUTH of the matter, and all can then look DEEPLY at what I am saying.

I know that IF our God finds any 'fault' remaining in me, then He can or will as 'usual,' when an offender stands before Him and His Magistrate 'balancer of energy' enforcer, simply dismiss my 'plea' of innocence and impose HIS punitive decree via the mind of the Magistrate.

Indeed, I do KNOW that it is our God and His Dark forces who is/are in control the minds of anyone who is meting out 'pain or suffering' etc. Be it at home or in the killing fields of Africa or anywhere. Be it supposedly 'legal' warfare between the USA and another or, war classified as 'mercenary' Taliban etc.

IT IS ALL ONE AND THE SAME THING. God's RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE in operation through the minds of the vain, arrogant, or ignorant of HIM and HIS 'ways' and His Law and HIS Command.

Brother, every single day the police or public or magistrates ACCRUE an added painful spiritual DUE of loss and suffering. Why? Because ALL are 'revolving' within the DARK energy aspect of God's LAW.

I sincerely hope to be set free, NOT for me, but for you and you and YOU. Only thus do I see the beginning of winning for everyone who is interested in halting their OWN suffering. God is REAL brother.

As said before, together, we can elevate the consciousness of the whole 'globe' from THE Launceston Remand Centre.

Sincerely - Terence

Added Note: working 'unseen' for the entire world's police forces * - Working 'overtly' as an unseen 'agent' as I sought to expose the hidden consequence of defying the invisible 'overlord' our God.

In fact the Police services are the ones in gravest danger because, it is they who go forth and 'catch' and then control, subjugate, injure, imprison or even kill any of the public who fail to obey the political dictates enshrined as rules in books.

Regrettably, from the tender age of 'childhood,' all are taught that 'correction' is through punishment. (Justifiable vengeance) None even aware of the existence of THE LAW OF ENERGY with ITS factor of 'equal return' unto the user. (Absolute Justice)

All have been 'conned' into believing that their badge of office or wage or mandate from politicians exonerates them for this Law of God. I am the one who sees and knows the reality, hence my 20 years labouring ceaselessly as I endeavoured to break through the veil of 'silence' spellbinding the mind of man. Especially the minds of those EMPOWERED by the Dark side of the Source to be ITS 'forceful strong arm.'

The ONLY 'safe way' forwards for serving officers is by them remaining within the LIGHT aspect of the Source within the course of their duties, and thus within ITS Law receiving an equal benign return. By all means 'catch' those who disturb the peace, but ONLY educate them so they learn of the existence of God's Law and they learn how to control their emotions and thoughts.

The ‘policing’ role of fining people who fail to wear a seat belt must not be a Police issue, for it is solely the right of the individual to suffer the consequence of having a collision without a ‘belt’ to restrain them. The fine or other is solely extortion backed by force of arms used with the JUSTIFICATION of “It is for your own good.” Education is the only true way forward without the punishment factor, which of itself is enslavement and subjugation of the freedom of rights of THE INDIVIDUAL.

THE LAW of God stipulates: “Those who enslave or subjugate will BE enslaved and subjugated later in this world or the next.”