~ OPEN letter (2) to prosecutor Brett Steele ~
Absolute Justice & the Constitutional Authority

Dear Brett,

Reference: The 'response to the defence' requirement of you by magistrate Marron

As this 'case' and the outcome thereof is of the most extreme importance to everyone concerned, it is my wish to assist in your understanding as to 'why' an apparently 'sane or insane' 75 year old man would continue to place himself straight into the 'arms' of THE LAW in an apparent 'foolish' manner. Hence this 'open' and public letter.

In reality it was a decision not taken 'lightly' by me in the foreknowledge that another 'jail' term was a possibility, especially since that has taken place four times previously but, - - - as I am a far sighted man who is deeply concerned for the future of the policing services it was a matter of simply following my conscience and trusting that 'this time,' I might well succeed in my endeavours to uplift people like you who are deemed by me as being in error and in need of correction as well as my 'protection.'

Firstly, my defence is simply a matter of 'whether or not' a man of PEACE is entitled to live by his conscience and principles or NOT.

As an absolute pacifist I cannot pay the wages of 'armed men' to defend or protect me. Why? Because if I was to so do, then all their ACTIVITIES of interference, control, subjugation, detention, injury or even the killing of others, would be done in my name and on my behalf. This means that I would be complicit to these 'acts' which in any case are perceived by me as 'unconscionable.'

I believe that I AM entitled to live by my own ideology which is one of peace; and also to not be forced at 'gun point' to live by the rules of others. These others being persons who themselves are ruled by said rules, and thus NOT by their own conscience. How so? Because the rules they uphold force them to be unconscionable and to use 'force of arms' to control EVERYONE.

Why would I pay your wages when your 'forces' factually wage war on me and cause my family extreme hardship and distress which is what your forces continue to do, either through ignorance, arrogance or for a living wage?

I am very concerned for the Police 'union,' a force of good women and men because, I see and know that none of you are aware of the HIDDEN to you danger you are all in each day as you 'play with fire' and see IT not, and know NOT that ahead, ITS 'power' can and will 'burn you,' for IT is a 'law' unto ITSELF. What I refer to is The Law of the Energy of God which presently you are unaware of. That Law being:

"Absolute justice ~ what you do comes back to you on an EQUAL RETURN basis."
Measure for measure, be it PAIN or PLEASURE.

My INTENT is and always has been to elevate the consciousness of everyone so that TOGETHER we can uplift the 'lost' and put an end to the suffering.

Brett, in my previous outreach to you I did say that I was born in 'darkest' Africa and I ADD, I have 'dealt' with witchcraft, sorcery and with 'drug' crazed 'blacks' who, using 'animalistic' RITUALS, perpetrated the foulest of deeds, deeds beyond your comprehension.

Prior to that I did military service in Rhodesia now known as Zimbabwe so I also know the DARK SIDE of the British 'overlords' who use swords and guns to invade, pillage and subjugate. Indeed, I know what 'unlicensed' insane man and 'licensed' supposedly sane man obeying 'orders' can do to his fellow man and inevitably for a wage. (30 pieces of silver)

The spiritual REALITY is simply that man cannot control his THOUGHTS or emotions, and it is these thoughts which JUSTIFY their negative (dark) ACTIONS and lead them into causing HARM, 'legitimately' IN THEIR MINDS or, in the minds of those in spirit who intrude into their psyche 'in a flash,' telepathically. (Access to the mind of man from dark realms is via the avenue of their negative emotions. As these emotions 'strum' they open an energy 'channel' link to dark realms)

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Woe indeed, for all scream out for 'Justice,' seeing not that justice is being meted out to them * (see note) and that ahead, IT will come back to their abuser by the mind and hand of others who are NOT as 'old' as I am and  neither are they only wielding a 'pen.'

'Law & Order' is NOT attainable through the use of rules, monetary extortion, punishment and THE GUN. The 'law' of man simply consists of 'breakable' RULES. The LAW OF GOD cannot be 'violated, broken, voided or avoided' by ANYONE, irrespective of any mandate or position or 'office' or uniform.

Try and understand that THE Law of God is simply the 'energetic' return to the user of either the benign, creative & loving ENERGY or the malignant, destructive & hateful ENERGY used by man. IT, the immutable Law operates by returning the same benign or malignant ENERGY to the 'user' at the time and in the place of ITS choosing because IT (God's energies) is also infinite intelligence. (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

Orderliness can only be attained on an individual basis using EDUCATION, and results when man learns to CONTROL his THOUGHTS. It is by my 'effort' and comprehension of this FACT which will enable the enlightenment of the human race to commence HERE in Tasmania.

It is my INTENT  to use the Launceston Remand Centre facility to instigate seminars so that those 'offenders' who DO 'disturb the peace of the land' or who 'deal' in drugs can LEARN something for their own benefit. Only this way will all become 'safe & secure & demure' and be in conformity with and subservient to THE Command of THE CREATOR. How or why? Because when ONLY educating offenders one is not causing pain & fear & suffering & loss and thereby accruing a spiritual return DUE of the same on a later day in this world or the next.

I herewith provide some more input you can use in your response to the 'magi's' request for your 'comments' on my 'defence. If you think it appropriate you can simply pass this email to him saying:

"Magistrate Marron, I believe this man Terence has been persecuted by us illegally. I also believe that he is within his RIGHTS, and I am 'happy' that you set him FREE so that 'together' we can join hands and bring SANITY to Tasmania and the world from our Precinct."

Brett, on reading my defence, do you think I gave a reasonable 'excuse' for driving without a 'license fee' permit? Furthermore, do you believe that the Constitutions of Tasmania or Australia are the official 'documents' giving your 'services' its mandate of authority or not?

I believe that your authority to persecute and prosecute or punish or NOT to so do, does stem from the Constitution, and that the Court is also 'subject' to the CONTENTS of said Constitutional documents.

Legislative powers of the Parliament [see Notes 10 and 11]

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xxiv)  the service and execution throughout the Commonwealth of the civil and criminal process and the judgments of the courts of the States;
(xxv)  the recognition throughout the Commonwealth of the laws, the public Acts and records, and the judicial proceedings of the States;

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I also believe that any 'powers' granted by rules to 'punish' are in conflict with God's Command unto man, and that HE will 'reprimand' any who defy Him most severely within the context of His LAW.

1 - The 'first' principle is: As my conscience, belief and ideological DOCTRINE is opposite to (contra to) yours, I do not have to 'live' according to the rules of engagement of your Institution.

2 - The 'second' principle is: For you to be 'faithful' to the rules of engagement as set out by your own Institution you need to OBEY the primary RULES of your Institution, especially the ONES which refer to those such as myself who are also absolute pacifists.

To assist you to not 'treasonably' overrule your mandate or authority in this respect I took the 'time' and effort to FIND the relevant standing ORDERS which apply to you and your conduct towards me and therefore I did write a prior note to you.

It is obvious to me that you are still in contravention of your own superior rules of the Constitution and still in denial in respect of the 'Liberty' guaranteed to me by the DOCTRINE that is written within your own ruling Constitution. Brother this is in FACT ANARCHY & TREASON, a literal 'hanging' offence in the days of old.

I would never bring a 'case' against you for I am not vindictive. I simply try and UPLIFT your consciousness to ASSIST you for THE DAY ahead when God sends merciless forces to your door to bring YOU to 'account' for ALL your misdeeds. Can you begin to comprehend the enormity of that which I speak? The LAW of God IS the immutable 'THE LAW.'

3 - The 'third' principle is: Irrespective of any of your rules or your personal ideological beliefs I am entitled to live by mine. So I believe. It follows that if you believe to the CONTRA, and if you are prepared to use 'force of arms' backed by 'guns' against me an absolute pacifist, and FORCE me to suffer, - - - then that is your prerogative and I will not retaliate and will still 'treat' you with respect but, - - -

The 'fourth' principle standing ABOVE all others is: THE LAW of God stands Supreme, and you will at some stage suffer all you impose upon me or any others. Brother 'Brett,' that is 'Absolute Justice' and is what I am trying so 'hard' to get EVERYONE to see before for them, it IS TOO LATE.

Try and comprehend that positive 'change' to THE existing SYSTEM cannot stem from the 'outside' by me writing letters to politicians. Why? because their VANITY is so great they could not 'consider' even communicating with me. Believe you me I have tried, long before I took my present stand.

It is thus that from the 'inside' I have had to become a 'victim' of their arrogance each time they chose to ignore the Constitution of their own Institution. I purposefully chose to suffer at the hands of their 'servants' when I placed myself into the 'punitive' arm of the System. I have continued to do this in the hope to eventually be 'heard' from WITHIN the 'system' by an honourable magistrate.

Please do your very best to 'consider' THE REALITY before the whole world relapses into total INSANITY, total CONFRONTATION and total DESTRUCTION, as the DARK emotions in man intensify for the reasons given on my web site.

The result being, that MINDS are open-prised by demonic forces (spirit possession) whose devious thoughts will intrude 'rudely' as they did through the mind of Martin Bryant. Indeed, his own 'consciousness' was shoved 'aside' and he has no recollection of causing the harm that was caused THROUGH him from THE DARK.

As a mental health professional working in the field of demonic 'possession,' I refer to it (spirit possession) as "Minds under siege." Being the telepathic subjugation of ones mind. Any person who is unable to control their thoughts and 'love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving' as commanded by God is a person whose mind is being 'broached' telepathically from dark spirit realms. This process is escalating globally and I have issued a 'warning' to mankind linked at the end of this letter to you. (National security Alert)

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Last but not least. I know that your 'office' relies on the 'briefing' or advice of solicitors but, - - - if I passed my personal 'fate' to advisors then 'where would I be' if they made an error of judgement? In this context I speak of YOU, for your eternal fate needs to BE within your own hand and mind which presently it is NOT.

"Why is this so"? Because in bringing this 'case' to the magistrate in the first instance, you are in fact telling him that the power for you and he to EXECUTE pain & suffering & loss & jail time does NOT 'stem' from the Constitution of the Institution which you are paid a wage to SERVE judiciously.

YOU need to examine the Constitution of YOUR Institution and satisfy YOURSELF as to whether IT is applicable in this case in reference to YOU and YOUR punitive 'warring' activities against me.

Every Institution from the 'footy club' to the 'yacht club' or the Institution of government is 'governed' by a set of SOVEREIGN Rules named THE CONSTITUTION. These superior rules dictate the 'code of conduct' POLICY of its officials and are what 'legalise' or PERMIT or LIMIT certain activities mandated by ITS rules.

All 'secondary' rules are subordinate and subject TO the higher ruling rules. Any person found exceeding their mandate granted unto them by THE SOVEREIGN POWERS of the Constitution is totally OUT OF ORDER.

In the 'case' of an institutional 'body' having or using the 'godly or ungodly' POWER to KILL, - - - any person found 'out of order' can BE killed because, the Sovereign Ruler so IT ordains in one way or another. Dangerous indeed is it to be 'found' exceeding ones MANDATE through ignorance or arrogance and thus going forth to WAGE WAR upon a civil person who is not 'so' doing to you or anyone.

As I see IT, and IF it were me required to be judging YOU, then it would simply be an 'open and shut' case of either:

1 - Pure arrogance on your part to ignore the doctrine contained within the operational mandate authority of the Constitution empowering you or, - - -
2 - Pure ignorance on your part as to the existence of an operational mandate of authority
(the Constitution) empowering you and, - - -

3 - Either way, neither of the above voids, avoids, nullifies or abrogates the implementation of THE LAW OF GOD because, the 'hidden' from you nature of the spiritual energy that drives man emotionally is exactly the same as the 'earthly' driving force known by man and being: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," - - - that is absolute justice 'correctness' and, - - - beyond the capacity of man to CONTROL or NEGATE.

It could be 'said' that: IF you acknowledge that an illegal persecution of me and my family has taken place, then every prosecutor and magistrate colluded to my 'demise' and suffering. I however simply 'look' at it AS being the invisible POWER of the Dark Energy of THE SOURCE keeping you and all humanity 'blinded & deceived' by IT.

I would never even consider bringing others to 'account' or demand 'Justice' because I am merciful, compassionate and forgiving, and I leave all 'retribution' to GOD. I have already 'judged' your actions against my family as error, but leave the 'return dues' accrued by you to God as I simply do my best to educate you and elevate your consciousness.

Part of my 'Job for God' this time around is to TEACH man that: "What we do unto others we do unto ourselves." For sure there is an EQUAL comeback. The ENERGY fulfills itself via man at the time and in the place so 'maximised' by IT, be it in this life time or the next realm. Our spirit soul does exist forever once created by the ENERGY of the Source. God's energy is indestructible as is our spirit soul.

One aspect of IT being the LIGHT creates and loves through us.
One aspect of IT being the DARK destroys and hates through us.

We become as one or the other over eternal time and live within the 'frame' of that aspect. Free in the Light or crushed in the Dark. Brother, the darkest days ever seen on this planet are soon to be seen globally. Let us link hands and hearts now and prepare to assist offenders rather than simply KILLING them and thus killing ourselves.

All I now 'ask' for is that you become aware that YOU as all are standing before God each and every passing moment of time. I also ask that you 'admit' to THE FACT that your 'earthly' authority to 'operate' is < Subject to the Constitutional rulings > of the Institution you serve. Thus you can 'happily' advise the magistrate of your BELIEF in this matter and leave the rest to him. Brother, as I see IT, - - - ONLY THUS WILL YOU SATISFY OUR GOD.

Note: justice is being meted out to them * - All suffering or other trauma imposed by ANYONE in any station of life upon another is the Dark energy essence of the Source, God balancing ITS 'Scales of Justice' upon the 'head' of a past offender who did the 'same' to other children of God in this or a pre-birth time in another realm of consciousness or, it was done unto others by those in their 'employ.' (Servants)

Please read my:

An 'Open' copy of this letter is on line as (Update - 7 - 4 May 2014) at http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm

Sincerely - Terence