~ In good Faith ~

Open letter to Ben McKay - Deputy State Manager Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Dear Ben, I refer to our telephone conversation of today in respect of trying to obtain the  Registered number of the Power of Attorney document Clemencia signed in 1994 as well as the date of the document, so that Clemencia could fill out the 'revocation' form.

What can I say other than: Surely you can see the insane run around being given that is most certainly keeping YOUR CUSTOMER in a 'perturbed' mental and emotional state. It is in FACT 'disturbing her peace as well as being an immoral activity.'

You kept telling me that you can ONLY operate within THE LAW. Please advise me 'which' law or rule states that YOUR CUSTOMER cannot be given the 'number' on the document you hold IN TRUST for HER * in the Bank?

IN GOOD FAITH Clemencia appointed the CBA as her chosen banker to look after her best interest.

I would assume that THE CUSTOMER COMES FIRST before any 'rule' in a State book. As said, please give the ruling that states that YOUR CUSTOMER comes 'second' to State rules.? I state that the Constitution comes FIRST in ALL rulings and the individual 'second.'

I now refer to the words by Amy Norris of the CBA <Whilst I understand your concerns, due to privacy restrictions the bank is only able to provide information to those authorised by law. > Are you going to continue telling Clemencia that SHE is NOT 'authorised by law' to obtain information pertaining to herself being held by the bank?

I would HOPE Ben that you can BREAK the not so 'merry go round' of INSANITY being displayed by everyone who is involved in DENYING Clemencia the means to extricate herself from the insane and CRIMINAL acts of everyone involved in causing her ongoing DURESS.

You appear to be 'so' concerned at insulting a 'rule' in a book, that you show NO compassion to your client customer. Please by return give Clemencia via my contact a 'scan' of the document you hold over her head as the 'Sword of Damocles' because in TRUTH Sir, Clemencia's life savings (her home) are being held 'at ransom' by your own actions as well as the others who are complicit.

Failing in that, then please give me the EXACT 'rule or law' stating that a bank customer cannot be 'privy' to a document she signed 22 years prior when she ACTED IN GOOD FAITH that her interests would be honoured.

It is PROVEN by my pen that those appointed by her (Lethlean & Joore) have sullied their own souls through trying to update the invalid document you hold by having IT 'amended' to an 'Enduring' POA for the SOLE purpose of stealing her assets. Fortunately their efforts were thwarted by the power of my pen and they withdrew before they found themselves at the gates of RISDON prison.

I trust that you are able to show your God and every reader of this letter that the CBA has the intent and deed of honouring their CLIENTS, rather than causing them duress FOR NO REASON.

Note - 1: In good Faith: When a customer/client makes their wishes known, why do bank staff assume the RIGHT to deny such a 'wish' simply because a RULE in a 'secondary' (State) book either so states or, can be misused to so imply?

If a banker (official) is ignorant of the PRIMARY ruling rules of the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution and thus acts inappropriately, they are most definitely culpable to the 'disturbing of the peace' of the customer and also, by their act of denial, they have committed and act of TREASON against the Sovereign Power.

In the 'Last Will & Testament' documents held in trust by the bank, the fresh 'invocation' by Clemencia that she appoints myself as her guardian and Power of Attorney does NOT need any 'State' registration because the constitutional 'proviso'* has not been 'breached' by Clemencia and thus she is guaranteed the RIGHT to live by her doctrinal belief that she is at any time able to amend or update anything as long as her mind is capable of so doing without having said document 'registered' by any State institution.

Note - 2: constitutional 'proviso'* - 'Subject to public order and morality' - - - - ONLY when a person - - -:

A - Defies the Command of their God and disturbs the peace of others or is involved in immoral activities or

B - Denies the constitutional 'proviso' and disturbs the peace of others  or is involved in immoral activities -

- - - can the person BE legally subjected to State RULES because they have lost God's protection as well as that of the Constitution.

Note - 3: you hold IN TRUST for HER * in the Bank - Since it is Clemencia (donor) who signed the DECREE of 'appointment' of Andre & Linton, it follows that the document is legally HERS and being held in TRUST for HER at the Bank ,(The provider of the service) or elsewhere. The document is NOT the property of the Bank, the Land Titles office nor is it that of Andre or Linton.

Since the State appointed Power of Attorney 'registry' clearly acknowledges that the 'signatory' (Clemencia the Donor) has the RIGHT of 'revocation' at any time, it also PROVES that said document legally belongs TO Clemencia and not to ANY other.

It follows that by your denial of access by the LEGAL owner of said document is PROOF of your intent and deed to:

A - Hinder her wishes and to interfere illegally in her affairs and;
B - Deliberately cause her great inconvenience as well as ongoing emotional trauma using her 'Alzheimer's' as added justification and;
C - Your ACTIONS are both unconstitutional as well as in contravention of the CIVIL code of conduct required by man, State, and GOD.
D - Your ACTIONS are treasonable, illegal and CRIMINAL

Furthermore, since the document is Clemencia's property, she HAS THE RIGHT to enter the bank and state to your staff: "Please hand to me the Power of Attorney document you hold in my name" and - - - she is then entitled to simply TEAR IT UP and make her own decision as to whether or not she will appoint others to handle her affairs.

Naturally she can then advise those she had authorised previously that she no longer requires their service. In the present case at hand, she only became aware of their intent to steal her property when her son in collusion with a 'mad' psychiatrist and others tried to entrap her after they had 'kidnapped' her and held her against her will for 30 days using the hospital staff and embroiling the Justice department. (Reference case link * given below)

As stated before, Clemencia has the constitutional RIGHT to NOT use any 'State' repository or 'stamp' of approval to give validity to her document.

Since I am the one to 'lead the way' into the NEW AGE when man ceases his controlling and punitive ways, Powers of Attorney will NOT be deposited in any Land Titles offices because they will be held in trust solely by the 'trustworthy' appointed by the individual who can revoke it at any time.

It is interesting to note from the 'revocation' form, that it implies that prior to a 'revocation' coming into effect that; any 'wrongdoing' carried out by those named thereon cannot be 'challenged' in any court action.

Foolish indeed are the unconscionable who know NO God and who believe that they can 'hide' behind legislation. God sees ALL and ALL who 'plot and scheme' to bring others down will surely pay the 'blood price' as revealed in my Holy Texts because the LAW of equal return of God's energy used, be IT benign or malignant is IMMUTABLE.

All 'contracts' on earth are between those concerned and their GOD. It is now the time for all mankind to understand that this 'realm' is 'of' the DARK Sovereign controlling POWER. Thus there is NO 'democracy' in any land because said 'Dark Power' RULES with ITS dictates of CONTROL via the mind of arrogant man using State rules, all backed by force of arms and punishment.

It follows that every 'activity' of errant man is 'subject to' requiring a 'permit' of permission as well as payment of an extortionist FEE before said 'permission' is granted. God THE Sovereign Power only grants the PEACEFUL the right to NOT be 'ruled' by His State punitive Authority.

It is my 'pen' of the God of Light and Love that reveals the true way for believers because, all others who are busily controlling, stealing, causing harm or funding such activity are soon to be consigned to the Abyss. I hope that some of you begin to understand and begin to BE compassionate and TRUE to those trusting in your 'care.'

I sincerely hope that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia now leads the way forwards and honours their customers.

Judge Terence

Reference: case link * - All 30 documents written by my hand in reference to the illegal activities of Andre Joore and others are on line on Clemencia's personal web site:

http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/clem/index.htm - article at: