~ The 'System' of control and extortion ~
True faith & THE LAW absolute

The freedom to live in peace and not be harassed is based upon a living 'lie' which is imposed upon man by God to ensure the downfall of all who, in the first instance, defied His Command to: "Love one another."

These fools, being all of you, do not deserve to live in His paradise because, in one way or another you chose, and yet choose, to use His 'forbidden to use' Dark forceful energy in your interaction with others. (The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

"What is this lie that lives on and on and grows annually"? It is the false BELIEF in the minds of some that they have the RIGHT to IMPOSE a levy $ Fee upon each and every ACTIVITY of everyone. It is also the false BELIEF in the mind of all others that it is their DUTY to support and condone and fund this control over, extortion of funds from, and punishment of themselves and everyone else.

This 'fine,' fee or licence permit or tax or stamp duty or other 'levy' is extortion backed by force of arms and other punishment for any non conformity. Usually a term of jail which in itself is banishment, or further destructive elements including eviction or the sale of ones house, is an added punishment.

It appears that none other then me can see this on-going INIQUITY which is leading all into the ABYSS of eternal agony.  Indeed, some in the country are living off the taxes taken as they daily go forth causing more HARM as they uphold RULES which grant them the USE of more and more destructive power.

Indeed, all live in a delusion of 'happiness' in their praises to God or His messengers but see NOT that His DARK POWER is in FACT keeping them all on the wide road to oblivion. God is THE ENEMY of any person defiant of Him, and as you can or should all understand, it is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE to BE harmed and taxed and fined or jailed or evicted when one is in FACT 'guilty' of doing IT to everyone else via the System. The System being upheld by the 'vote' of THE PEOPLE.

All are now to lose all as God brings this DARK system to an end and all must prepare to SHARE their love and care for the other or DIE spiritually FOREVER.

Man needs to see that everyone is born into a world of INSANITY which had evolved into what it is due to the errant ways of man. There is abundance of food and the capacity to grow food so, why is the the basic right of man, to go forth and catch a fish to feed his family, being restricted due to a licence "fee" payment being the precursor?

This is the insanity which all are now to see as I deliver it to everyone on a plate. Any who now fail to see THE REALITY and who continue to demand and STEAL a $ fee, being their food on a plate, will be cast into the pit of oblivion.

As said, this earth place is now to collapse into poverty and suffering until the survivors comprehend that to become free from God's Wrath, they must become civil and obedient to/with God's Command and NEVER demand from,  nor reprimand any other. Education is THE WAY.

The power of the Dark aspect of the Source is infinite. IT justifies ITS control over man via the minds of the vain and arrogant rulers as IT states: "It is for the good of all that all are subject to my control," implying the system of man's institution. None see that IT, the DARK, is ABSOLUTE deception having the INTENT and capacity to DESTROY your SOUL which IT is doing as YOU fund, condone and support THE CONTROL of others.

"As you do is done unto you" - that is the ONE immutable LAW of God. (Absolute Justice)

Be it the Dark aspect or the Light aspect.

True Faith is total obedience to God's Command: "Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving."

All who now continue to NOT see the reality of that which I speak will cast their own soul into the pit to suffer AGONY forever. No person is licensed to control any other nor to extort funds from any other. No person is licensed to use God's destructive dark energy and NOT suffer the consequence of the imposition of God's Law.

Any person who invokes or maintains any policy which controls the lives of others, impoverishes the lives of others, persecutes others, restricts the movement of others, is an operative for the Dark Sovereign Authority, God, and place themselves into the void. (see note)

NOTE - Reference the Offender Seminar - Penal 'arrest & detention' limitations.