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~ The 'Judgement' papers ~
God's Law in man's Court

~ The Dark Sovereign Power in action - The I AM ~

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~ I AM ~

Only the great 'I AM' that is HE the Dark Sovereign Power can look and see HIS 'Majesty' in the 'glass' of HIS 'mirror' and praise HIMSELF.

For what HE beholds in HIS sight is the purest LIGHT that HE did create as IT did 'proceed' forth from HIM as HIS desire 'burnt' a fire of eternal MIGHT.

Thus HE does know that HE did bestow unto you all a 'gift' so sweet and precious that HE defends with HIS soul TALL.

HE who IS, is invincible, and HE who IS, is totally jealous of HIS 'own' creation, and - - - HE does also not share IT with any 'other' dark being.

Thus if you are 'dark' with SIN, then you can never enter in to HIS sight, and HIS Might ensures this. So do not 'think' that you can STEAL any of HIS 'bliss' for HE who IS, is taller and more 'Royal' than you, and this HE sees by the 'dark deeds' you daily do, and HE is God, not you.

Thus HE now says to you via me: "All shall be consumed by fire whom defy ME or the messenger from MY LIGHT, yes - - - they are all untrue and if this they cannot see then that is the way I would have it BE, for - - - it is MY 'way' that they have tried to 'emulate,' and for this 'folly' I their GOD will them now berate for an eternity or two as I crush them for being to MY LIGHT untrue."

So all I 'as' HIS the Dark Sovereign Power's messenger and HERS the Divine Sovereign Light Power's messenger say is: "SHE who loves you true asks that you now do follow this soul true, so that SHE and HER Light can set you free of the Sin within you that you 'callously' drew in, before into HIS fire you fall."

HER Light and my Light now bless you all.

Footnote: The 'dark' deceptive underhand of the Dark Sovereign Power is the 'Tester' who is 'licensed' by itself to 'test' your loyalty to ITS Light, to see if when 'tempted' by it you can still abide in God's due being the Code of Conduct requirement to 'Walk only in peace' given by God to all whom in ITS Light seek to live.

Any whom fail this final 'test' show God that they are not 'worthy' of living in God's sight and thus God mercilessly drags them and their 'arrogance' downwards away from HIS sight.

Those as Caesar or Hitler or the policeman, or any other who say: "You must comply to me, do it or die," are the ones in the gravest danger zone. For they believe they are 'as' God as they demand that you 'bow' down to them and their whims as you say:

"Heil Hitler - Hail Caesar - Hail the King - Hail Saddam - Hail Bush - Hail Mugabe - Hail the Conqueror - Hail the Emperor," OR when in Caesar's Court you say. "Your honour," OR "Your worship." All these "proclamations" of bondage to the dictatorial ruler of the day are but fearful man saying: "We bow to your will even if you spill our blood, for we know no other God but you."

All these rulers are "stooges" for the Dark Sovereign Power that show ITS contempt of foolish mortals through ITS extortionist & punitive decrees imposed by IT via the minds of the vain who are but 'simpletons' who became 'trapped by darkness' as they supped on its power as through God's Realms their spirit souls did roam for eternity.

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Thus all men such as 'Caesar' or 'Hitler' or any 'Mandarin' ruler or other self-professed 'superior one,' or the simpleton who steals a chicken or berates his 'sister,' or any other contravening the Code of Conduct of God is a spirit incarnate who is in very grave danger.

For they have already been 'marked' by the Beast who is authorised by the Dark Sovereign Power to deploy ITS cunning to deceive them more until it is sure that by IT they are ensnared by entanglement in ITS spidery web 'looms.'

Any 'controller' is but one 'trapped by darkness' who is offensively punishing another one also 'trapped by darkness,' and all 'such' will now by God have their knuckles 'rapped' on in perpetuity unless they now heed me.

As the Dark aspect of the great I AM is the totality and entirety of all known and unknown dark energy, that comprises of all the known and unknown negative emotions of fear & greed & criticism & pride & vanity etc, that do give HIM absolute Authority in HIS eternal dominions to 'take, regulate, control, punish or destroy' any whom defy HIS Light, - - - it 'follows' that any person whom has used HIS energy in their expression and have thus 'drawn in' some of this 'fiery dragon energy' the 'sin' are now "As HIM" in a miniscule way.

In every land and realm visible or invisible are some of these 'lost' that are imbued with HIS greed & vanity and insatiable 'appetite' to control all in their sight, for their 'sight' is HIS sight too, and - - - as HE could never give up HIS 'control' then it 'follows' that any 'sinner' with HIS 'nature' of emotions within are 'equally' authoritative controllers as on earth they stroll.

None seeing 'clearly' enough to be able to recognise their error in their defiance of HIS Royal decree that any whom defy the decree of HIS Divine Light to "Walk in peace" will by HIM be made to 'decease' and they are already 'trapped' in HIS dark sea that is as the 'Sargasso sea' that has no 'wind' to assist them to get away from its 'weeds' that hold them tight until they fall into HIS sight.

And HE who must be obeyed does observe the 'foul' deeds of all whom 'strayed' in HIS sight, and they will all see the power of HIS Might. For HE sees that all 'sinners' who 'disturb the peace' are 'Satan's' men and only when they can 'walk in peace' are they freed from HIS dark 'play pen.'

Every person on this earth and under this earth of any race or creed will now have to choose to either follow 'man and religion' or be as me and follow God the Light and peaceful BE.

Then their Master the Dark Sovereign Power will set them free after HE has 'judged' their past accrued dues to HIM, and HIS men will then do unto you all needed as 'payback' to set you of your past free. This HE does telepathically, yes HE who sees all has the capacity to 'control all' HIS forces by the power of HIS mind.

HE the Sovereign Dark Super Power holds 'Court' in any place and at any time HE so chooses, be it in the town, on the farm by a tree, or HE makes men 'walk the plank' or be 'keel hauled' and be fed to the sharks in the sea, - - - HE operates wherever and whenever HE so chooses it is to so BE, and - - - HIS Light tells me that HE is ready to set all believers free, being those courageous enough to follow me.

Any whom continue to be 'As HE' or 'As one' with HIS force will also be 'punished,' but this punishment will continue on in perpetuity, due to another 'reality' that on my web site has been revealed unto thee.

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~ Possessions & 'possession' ~
material & mental 'facets'

There is a harsh 'stark' reality, being that the Dark Sovereign Power knows that IT has ITS own exclusive Divine Right to "possess" anything IT deems as ITS. Be it the land or sea or creatures therein or on, or the flesh or soul of man.

In the 'old' days 'crazy' people were termed as being mentally "possessed by evil spirits," and healers or latter day ignorant 'priests' would endeavor to 'exorcise' them by asking God to cast out the 'demonic' possessing spirits and send them 'swine' to Hell to be crushed into oblivion.

Today, enlightened man knowing that "demons" who appear as 'voices' in the minds of the mentally afflicted, and whom do "possess" the power to manipulate the mind of the 'afflicted,' and to use them in many a negative way, are but 'lost' souls, thus the 'wise' do not them despise nor do they try to 'cast them out.'

They simply speak to them either telepathically as I do to give them aid so that they regain their 'reason,' or I say to the 'Client': "I wish to speak to your thoughts," and I then speak from my mouth so that the 'patient' hears my sound, as well as the response in his mind from the spirit who has his mind bound.

Once the 'spirit' has been enlightened to his wrong way and been assisted to set his mind free from its dark thoughts, then it becomes set free from its entanglement with the mind of the one standing in the flesh near me.

But the "message" in this page is to reveal the "greater" possessor, being the Dark Sovereign Power formerly known as "The Devil." For he has the capacity and the voracity to invisibly and unseen and unknown by the one "possessed," to be in control of any vain man whom does on earth stroll.

This 'nature' of this 'type' of 'possession' is such that the 'possessed one' appears to be not possessed, and appears rational and sincere and very convincing as his words you hear as he for the Dark does speak and say: "Let us join hands and destroy the enemy coming our way" Or, "As I am 'me' I need thee to fund and support me." Or, "That one needs punishing for not being obedient to me." Or, "If you do not pay me a licence fee then you will suffer the penalty," etc.

So as the world will now see as all is revealed by me, is that all "Supreme Commanders" of the earthly race whom all defy the Light of God as they control and take and use a mace as they use force of arms are vain men who are all "possessed" mentally by the Dark Sovereign Power to the extent that they believe that they are HE.

For HIS "emotions" of vanity & pride & greed & vindictiveness do empower these "lost souls" who see not that ahead it is them to by the same "force" be de-powered and showered with burning fire as HE places their arrogant souls on HIS funeral pyre.

"Wake up," any of you whom "justifiably" use force are in HIS power and HE is hard to 'resist' as HIS dark 'ring' that you placed on your finger 'burns' painfully as you try to remove it. I cannot convince Him to 'de-possess' you for HE has been given over to you by your own vanity, thus you are in more 'danger' than a 'wild' man whom I can help directly.

Only if my Light you do see will you be able to set yourself free from becoming HIS total possession. Observe your thoughts today as my wisdom does enter your mind 'controlled' by HIS power play.

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A mentally disturbed man who has been 'possessed' through his greed believes that if he 'takes by force' some land, meaning, that he has 'subjugated' its occupants by force, that he now owns the very land he stands on, as well as the 'souls' of its occupants, and that he can 'regulate & control' any resident of said lands or any 'arriving or departing' its borders.

Only the vain insane can 'hold or possess' such a belief. For they are not God and God will bring them to grief for their insane and vain way.

Note: Every "controlling" person on earth in any 'department' or 'station' of life who uses punitive measures or 'force of arms,' or are of Caesar's judiciary, or whom in State or Civil Court 'contest' another for the purpose of extracting money off others, or any who impose penalties are "possessed" by the Dark Sovereign Power and are using HIS "Godly" Authority.

All these people will be "tried" by the Dark Sovereign Power either here or in the afterlife, and they will become HIS "wife" to be 'possessed & abused in perpetuity' if they continue to defy HIS Light.

What 'Emperors' and the 'like' will now see is their 'God' who is invisible will now use 'common man' to be HIS unpaid "mercenaries of death" to 'deflower' the 'big boys' HE raised up, as HE now upon them does 'bloodily sup.'

So any 'simpleton' will now as a 'king' be, having the same ultimate power of 'life or death' over others as their minds become 'possessed' by Satan's foul breath.

This escalating insanity cannot be 'stopped' by me. However, with your help we can all do our best to teach all quickly of the 'way' of the Alien stranger, so that the real enemy of mankind is revealed to all so that the mind of 'common man' can begin to be sealed against the powerful Alien invader who is invisible, and who works from 'within.'

If you 'think' that the 'power & capacity' of this dark force 'could not' simultaneously "possess" every mind of every 'sinner' and lead them all astray through their arrogance, then you are a simpleton.

For this Dark Sovereign Power is the 'Mastermind' behind every 'war & confrontation & family violence & judgement & punishment' taking place at every place or 'station' every moment of time in every realm outside heaven.

Insanity is brought on by people defying God's Code of Conduct, and thus as they disrespectfully disturb the peace of others, they unknowingly show God their non-caring awareness and their need of being 'dressed' down by God and their need of being educated by man.

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~ The Dark Sovereign Power in action ~

The Dark Sovereign Power is the ultimate deceiver; HE 'divides' and Rules HIS 'errant' subjects with invisible impunity. So great is HIS power that none see HIS 'Being' that is hidden behind a fašade of goodness, but in fact HIS intent is evil and utterly merciless as HE cunningly hides HIS "Destroy all My subjects" intent.

HE separates HIS "Club" members using HIS 'book of rules' that HE raises up so that both IT (the book) and the people and the judiciary and the police and the politicians all "act" as independent "sections" of HIS plan. All 'jealously' guard their 'official' positions.

The 'politicians' HE uses to 'enable' HIM to punish are given the 'power' to Legislate. The 'police' HE uses to 'finger' and haul-in the rule 'breakers' and the police are bound to serve the conditions of the rules set.

The 'judiciary' HE uses to authorise the punishment by stroke of their 'pen' as they merely "rubber stamp" the papers that confirm the 'Rule' used for limiting or maximising the sentence invoked by HIM at the 'moment' of Judgement.

Thus as you see, all whom "join" and thus support the 'Dark Caesar Club' are not only enslaved by the Dark Sovereign Power but unseeingly they daily draw-in HIS dark energy as a silent "death mist" due to their expressed negative actions, or in the case of the electors (the people), due to the actions of their 'paid' servants the politicians, police, judiciary, and army.

So not only does this 'mist of death' contaminate their soul and 'deepen' the volume of their Sin within, but they all accrue an ever-increasing burden of painful "payback" due, for under the Dark Sovereign Power's one 'JUST' Godly Law, what we do, be it true or untrue, comes back to us.

The 'book of rules' expands as does ITS imposed taxes and fines and punishment due, for our 'karmic' comeback due is increasing daily for being untrue through our 'unseen' support of the Dark Sovereign Power that is an 'act' that is totally contra the Command of the Creator who said: "If you 'eat' of the fruit of evil you will die in your sin."

We 'eat' of the rotten apple each time we or our servants express negativity, for IT the negativity is the energy essence of the Dark Sovereign Power, and IT contaminates ones soul.

I return to earth now to expose the "Mystery" of God, and thus enabling each section of society to see their error so that they can set themselves free from their bondage to evil.

For any whom continue to be a 'penalty enforcer' or 'punitive operative' will now be dispossessed by HIM as HE casts them into the 'Pit' after HE has smashed them to pulp for their vanity in thinking that they 'Caesar' was equal to God, HIM.

Yes, HE lifts all HIS 'Power boys' UP as they 'sup' drunkenly on HIS dark 'cup,' and they feel good in their paid for Duty to HIM. Being obedience to HIM and 'justice' for the people who 'suffered' HIS every 'whim' that HE disguises as a mere honourable duty to the community.

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HE now will leave all 'up in the air' with no firm base and as they fall, with HIS Mighty 'baseball bat' HE will smash every bone in their 'face' for their disgrace for defiantly 'judging & abusing' as they for HIM bore a mace.

All are and have been bound to an invisible slave Master for eternity, and I AM the LIGHT to set you all free. The 'sooner' you all this see the 'better off' you'll all be.

Men will say or do anything to avoid suffering the 'pain' of their 'Just' due at the merciless hands of the Divine Reaper the Dark Sovereign Power or ITS men.

For too long have people been 'battered' by the police & judiciary to force them into compliance to 'Caesar's' legislated edicts. The Dark Sovereign Power is itself going to 'free' man from this imposition by man on this level in the manner revealed by me, as IT 'takes down' all ITS earthly men who in ITS lower realms will be made to frown 'equally' as they are 'battered' by ITS forces who live 'there' down.

The Dark Sovereign Power has such a 'grip' on the minds of ITS 'servers' that even when ITS 'rules' in man's book appear unjust, neither the police nor the judiciary nor the public are able to change them, and all are forced 'coercively' into submitting to the unjust Rule rather than to the Code of Conduct of the God of Light.

The whole 'System of Caesar' was set up by the Dark Sovereign Power in such a manner that fear of punishment for any non-compliance would keep all 'bound' to ITS dark way, so as to enable the Dark Sovereign Power to entrap & enslave all men whom vote for IT or support IT. All die spiritually unless they now hear my 'song.'

The cause of all human suffering began when he vain man was invaded mentally by thoughts from the Dark Sovereign Power that 'suggested' to him that he should control the 'way' of others due to his superiority, and that this was justifiable even though it was contrary to God's Commandment and God's Code of Conduct.

All men have a 'common' enemy, the Dark Sovereign Power being the negative punitive aspect of the Source. It is their worst enemy, because of ITS superiority and limitless capacity to 'deceive & tempt' and make one grieve eternally if they follow IT.

Judas the 'man' - Judas the 'Department'
(God's 'snitch')

Either are the one who tells 'Caesar' that 'someone' has disobeyed Caesar's edict, and for 30 pieces of silver drags the 'criminal' to stand trial in the Court of the Dark Sovereign Power, who not only metes out HIS 'Just' punishment, but whom also sets the 'same' punishment aside to be 'burdened' upon all men whom participated in HIS retributive way.

Be they Caesar, Judas, Judge, and every man and politician who 'entered' into HIS dark 'Club' through their participation. It is time to now 'cease' this activity and be forgiving as God asks of thee.

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~ Force of arms ~

It is the Dark Sovereign Power who inspires and incites sinful man to use force of arms. This HE was originally able to do via their sinful emotion of greed, and by force they took all they could take.

Later, when a mess of their soul they had made, and they 'feared' the return 'due' promised to the true and untrue under God's ONE Law, being the 'pain' due to be made by the Dark Sovereign Power against them as Its 'JUST' due, they by 'force of arms' tried to defend themselves and a 'greater' mess of their souls made.

So the Dark Sovereign Power silently and invisibly via the sinful emotions in man jealousy - hatred - fear - greed - envy etc works HIS silent use of force that divorces all users of it from the Light in HIS sight.

For as all use force and fight, they fill their own souls with HIS Dark energy and slowly 'disappear' out of HIS sight. For no 'man' is permitted to enter into HIS Divine Light with 'sin' that would to HIM be a 'blight.'

Wake up 'man,' I am here to fulfil God's Plan to set many free, even thee. I AM the 'sacred' pen of God who is pure of soul & heart, thus I do know God's mind. Be it that of the Dark Sovereign Power or the Light Sovereign Power, and I do know them both personally and I do see their faces clearly.

For them I bring the truth to set you free.

Any religious 'Elder' who by 'Fatwah' or other decree invokes a punitive 'mark' upon any other is also the 'pen' of the Dark Sovereign Power and by their falsity they serve HIM the Dark One too.

Any man in the flesh who inflicts any pain upon another or whom controls their freedom is also serving the Dark Sovereign Power and is meting out HIS punishment upon one whom in their past was offensive.

So let the ignorant and the 'wise' now see that any whom 'permit' the energy essence of the Dark to flow through them are "of it" and are bound "by IT" to suffer the same fate at a later date.

Those whom follow 'Bush' who declares his 'messianic message,' being that he can save the world by destroying evil, will themselves by evil be destroyed.

Those whom follow me and forgive and walk peacefully
will by 'love' be unbound and set free eternally.

Note: Policing 'officers' attest to man their 'value' by the 'number' they arrest. At that moment of 'arrest' they attest to God that upon them God's Law needs be 'impressed.'

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~ False worship ~

There has been an 'assumption' and false belief by 'common man' that some people are 'important' and thus to be worshipped by them, and others appearing less important are to be despised by them.

Man assumes that he must obey the whims and wishes of the 'worshipful ones,' even if they demand and command that God and God's Commands are to be disobeyed. Seeing not that this pure arrogance will lead them all into God's dungeons below that are colder than driven snow.

Simple man has also been taught that "strong men" who lead others astray and away from God's Command are somehow "great commanders." They are not, they are all a 'part' of the Devil's plot, and it is I the 'Pen of God' to shatter all illusions, so that the 'deceived' can awaken from their delusion before they are swept over the waterfall.

Fear keeps all men bound to "stronger vain men" as they are perceived as 'protectors' and they are also feared, and man is afraid to disobey them as they can punish any whom disobey them, and as man cannot see God's 'face' then it is easy to forget that God exists.

Truly great men are men kind, whom when under pressure can maintain their respect and sanity and not 'permit' darkness to through them unwind. The 'weak' are the mentally weak and oft physically strong, who when under emotional pressure or pressure from false belief do wrong in God's eyes.

The mentally 'weak' have open minds through which the Devil does HIS vengeance wreak. Many of the ignorant of the present day are but those deceived by the "Sins of their forefathers" being the false beliefs of their fathers and forefathers that continue on today, as man unforgivingly contravenes God's Code of Conduct as he man for the Dark makes other 'sinners' for their folly pay.

False worship means that the 'worshipper' through his fear and dependency on the 'force of arms' is in fact worshipping the Dark Sovereign Power as he 'bows' to ITS demands as IT commands him to disobey ITS Light so that IT can drag them out of ITS sight for their arrogance.

All men have been deceived by false mental programming since the 'time' of their birth due to the false way being recorded historically as being the "proper" way, and thus I do understand how all have 'fallen' into the hands of the RULER of the DARK lower Land.

It is I to 'stand my ground' and stem the flow of humanity that is all mentally bound by deceit as they unknowingly slide backwards down TWO steps for each ONE they step upwards and forwards.

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~ Complicity & duplicity ~
The black 'Genie'

Let it here be seen and known that to date, every man in the flesh has been and yet is a 'party to' murder most foul, rape, kidnap, theft, larceny, and more.

All men have condoned the enslavement of, and punishment of other men, including that of their own children, as they ignorant 'civilian' man supported the nefarious practices of the Dark Sovereign Power as IT operated through Systems thought the 'norm.'

This also applies to all the religious 'Clubs' and 'Sects,' for all through fear of reprisal were coerced into joining the 'Caesar Club' by themselves justifying God's Law and God's prerogative of 'an eye for an eye,' being a 'mandatory' part of their teachings of: "Self-defence is permitted as is the killing of any perceived deadly enemy."

Thus they too 'succumbed' to the satanic 'charm' for promoting this FALSITY as they 'fearfully' sided with Caesar's warlike arm, and blessed his 'men' going to war in defiance of God's messenger Jesus who said: "Tell all men to disarm and to walk in peace or they will spiritually decease."

Every person or spirit outside Heaven is now to feel the Wrath of God for treading the wrong path, and as yet, all do slide backwards away from God's Light and downwards towards the Abyss.

I must impress upon all that I AM HE the soul who walks tall, and I AM AS God with the Sovereign Authority of GOD, for no man 'enters' Heaven until God's LIGHT has 'gracefully' purged his soul of all Sin, and - - - God cannot this do until the man has listened to and heeded God's WORD via me.

And for as long as you defy ME, you keep drawing-in more of the Dark Sovereign Power's dark sinful energy into your soul, and thus you "of sin" can never become free.

For your God 'permits' you the freedom of choice to heed or defy His voice and to keep drawing-in more dark 'energy' sin if that is your wish, knowingly or unknowingly, wisely or unwisely, arrogantly or ignorantly.

Thus now you may see the Authority of God vested in me, for if I cannot "convince' you that I AM HE, then you will continue to support the Dark Sovereign Power and HE now says:

"ANY whom continue to defy MY son MY HOLY LIGHT, will feel my IRON clad boot and MY "bloody' Sword in perpetuity. That is MY 'justice' for all whom work for ME."

God is God, God is all, and we the children are all a 'part' of the Light & Dark at the moment of our spiritual creation. Heed me now before you fall.

The more man supports a controlling system, the more his 'activities' become controlled. Soon all are 'bound' and no freedom is found. None can 'muck' around with God and God's immutable law; God is God for sure.

Man "prays" to God: "Deliver us from evil," seeing not that he-man delivers himself into the hands of the evil ONE through his own evil ways. For as he man does evil, he man invites a 'return' of evil, for that is his due under God's ONE Law.

You cannot perpetrate evil in the name of good. If this you do, then the words 'good & evil' are by you misunderstood, and - - - until of your ignorance you set yourself free, you will be unable to see the difference that there be between the two words 'God given' to thee.

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Man sees not that the 'darkness' is of God, thus if you despise the evil or the unwise who see not that they are using it, then you are despising God, and God will despise you.

When I 'face' an ignorant one who sees not their 'lost or evil' ways, or whether I face a truly 'wild' possessed man, I do not them despise for I see their error and their ignorance and their coming terror.

Thus my intent is to but unto them do good, and the Dark Sovereign Power looking at me through their eyes sees 'purity' and that the wise one does not 'HIM' despise, and thus HE can 'subside' and permit the 'possessed' to calmer stride.

When you using 'force' confront a 'possessed by the devil' man, IT the Dark possessing his mind sees your intent to be unkind, and IT can use either of you mentally to do what IT wants you to. Either using your mind to kill or maim the other, or use the other to kill or maim you. It is the time to 'wisen up' and be ONLY good & true in all you do.

As every 'today' policeman is 'taught' to enforce and is ready to control the situation and to respond darkly, the black 'Genie' in his 'bottle' is already primed and rearing up its ugly head. For the police despise those seen as criminals.

And by 'precedent' now known by all men, that policing forces are their enemy to be feared, rather than 'as' the Ambulance men being those to be welcomed. It is now very dangerous ground 'trodden' by services men.

For not only will they now meet their past due at the hands of the equally untrue, but they will incur more dark karmic due as the 'Genie' within them uses them to punish ITS perceived enemy that confronts IT.

If the police wish to truly assist the community then they must now do as God asks them to via my pen and fearlessly de-power and disarm, and become wise as they learn to understand the wisdom from the skies. Then and only then will they become spiritually 'safe,' and they also then will not remain a lost waif 'debarred' from their spiritual home, heaven.

Man must try and see that within the soul of every 'sinner' is a 'giant' black Genie that can 'rise up' out of the 'bottle' if it becomes incensed and you permit it to so do, for it 'awaits' your demand of its unquenchable and limitless power to assist you to 'overpower' any whom you seek to.

But this Genie does say 'something' unheard by you until today: "Every time I work for you, has a coming 'pay day,' and - - - when the time does come for you to pay me, then I will be seen facing you through the eyes of another who has greater power with which to play."

As this 'Genie' is invincible, you 'feel' as such too,
and thus you ignorantly do what you do.

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~ The wrathful 'incensed' emotional sensation ~

The emotion of righteousness that is inflamed by perceived 'injustice' is also a part of the vindictive and retributive wrathful emotion that becomes incensed when 'error' is seen to be done by man who offends God by his non-conformity to God's "peaceful" Code of Conduct Command.

As these emotions are 'sinful' and a part of the Dark, they are 'justified' and are the reason for, and cause of, man taking it upon himself to be God in action in his 'man's' negative retributive interaction.

But what man does not see, is that the Dark Sovereign Power is not 'endowed' with a 'tiny' and puny speck of sin, for HE is the TOTALITY of the SEA of Dark energy that is infinitely larger than man's 'miniscule' sin emotion within.

Thus the Dark Sovereign Power who can see the 'bigger picture' and who is the bigger picture does extend a very long 'rope' to those as Caesar and his men who are all a 'dope.'

For these 'humungous' wrathful incensed emotional sensations of God that are aroused in God when man desecrates God's other children whom in God's Realms plod are of such devastating and destructful propensity, that it ensures that the 'snare' It sets to catch and punish the arrogant one is 'planted' a very long way down the 'forest' track.

This is done by IT so that the offender has truly 'hung' himself before the Dark Sovereign Power's other forces do them attack, because the Dark Sovereign Power seeks to cause the maximum pain upon the vain.

So do not 'assume' that because 'we' the poor and innocent appear to be 'free game' to be hunted by Caesar's men, it is written by God via this pen that all men who mete out pain do 'gain' their JUST DUE at the time and place so appointed by our God true.

I hope this note does 'breach' the 'scales' covering the eyes of the unwise, for they see not the depth and breadth and extent to which our God does them despise, and any whom 'fall' into this 'category' in God's eyes are VERY unwise.

All whom 'cry out' for retribution or 'justice' for sure get it. Be wise, be as me, and ONLY counsel offenders and then set them free, for our God is God, not thee.

There is NO leniency under God's Law, and HE the all powerful Dark Sovereign Power seeks to MAXIMISE the punishment he can give, for NONE who defy HIM deserve to live.

So when you see 'Caesar' or some other 'dictator' apparently getting away with murder, just remember the truth from this pen, that God is intent on the total destruction of any whom defy God's sacred pen, and thus HE our God will give unto any 'untrue' as much 'rope' as they need to hang others 'bad' and themselves too.

page 12

~ Role of Honour Call ~

Both the Army and the Police will now have to re-examine their role to 'test' whether it is in fact honourable to continue to support the Dark Sovereign Power, or whether to now support the community 'aid' effort by themselves heeding the Sovereign Power of their Creator the Light.

In the olden days it was the Army who for the 'King' enforced his tax take off the community. The Police force was formed as an honourable 'body' to haul in those who disturbed the peace of the land, and the 'Judge' was the one to decide if they had.

In these 'latter' years the police were 'conned' into becoming the political 'bully boys' who do wage war upon the community as the police should be able to see.

So the 'boys in blue' became 'black faced' and untrue to themselves as their new 'role' they added to their honourable role made them and the Judge 'complicit' to the political 'theft by servant' from the community.

I intend to put a stop to this nefarious practice for and on behalf of the police & judiciary so that they can return to a positive role and only be a 'user friendly' service to the community.

At present the "blood red" Army is definitely a full-time part of Caesar's Military force, as is the political Policing force. However the "boys in blue" are doing a 'part time' service true to the community as they do 'haul-in' those offensive to God whom contravene the "Walk in peace" Code of Conduct of the Light.

They need to see how they as 'religions' have been taken over 'cunningly' by Caesar who was able to assert his control due to the mere fact that he took control of the community cheque book, thus using this as a lever with which to hide the fact that the community peace corps was in fact being used by him to wage war against the community on his behalf, as he 'stole' money by never-ending taxes and licence fee and used this 'private army' to assist him.

So the Police now need to see that "as" Caesar is destroyed by the Dark Sovereign Power that gave him 'licence' to be ITS Retributive arm, that they will become un-funded, and they also will have become known in the community as an enemy of the citizens whom already have this 'idea' as they do fear the Police.

I suggest that the Police Commander now comes to a 'swift' decision and withdraws his 'troops' from their present role of dishonour, and that he by community 'Notice' advises the community of his decision to revert back to a full time peace corps that will only haul-in real offenders whom offend man and God, not Caesar.

For in truth, with the visionary processes seen by me, the community will be very 'happy' to directly pay the wages of good services men and women who will be needed to aid offenders in their rehabilitation, and this way every police station will become a 'friendly' zone, not as now where 'visitors' there are made to groan.

The Police Role must change so that they become a part of the local community who peacefully assist the mentally disturbed each day as they bring them to God's Offender Seminars and then set them free.

As for the 'Red' blooded Army personnel, they have two choices. Continue on up to the end defending Caesar's Domain until they fall below and become totally insane or, they can put down their 'arms' and go home and defend their family against loneliness and poverty, and - - - prepare to share their time and skills with the 'millions' soon to 'spill' homeless over the hills.

Yes, from every 'shore' will they come, and from within every land as the Dark Sovereign Power brings them all 'undone.' For none deserve to in comfort live, for none gave 'mercy' as they or their servants destroyed the lives and businesses and homes in which the other 'lost' races tried to live.

Every 'man' needs to change 'gear' in his mind so that he 're-cogs' and engages the new 'set up' so that he can re-cog-nise the truth of what I say as they 'fire up' their revitalised 'ignition.' Any whom do "so" fail will eternally in the Abyss wail.

Any person who 'permits' either Caesar, the 'book of rules,' or the Dark Sovereign Power to dictate their terms of engagement against the citizens in each land, or against others in other lands, will be destroyed by the same Dark Sovereign Power who will now erupt telepathically through the mind of simple man.

Armageddon of the Mind is to escalate, and it is my task to advise all of all 'stations' in life that they are all God's sacred and precious Creation, and if this they cannot see and instantly change their projection towards their sisters and brothers, then my revelation of the DARK mystery they will unfortunately get to see, but by then it will be too late for them to be helped by the Light or me.

Man only gains 'jurisdiction' over others through force of arms.

Woe and more woe for those whom 'defiantly' below go,
for eternal 'torture' becomes their 'earned' debenture.

page 13

~ The 'Criminal' & the 'Decree' ~

In the eyes of our Sovereign God a person becomes a criminal when they disturb the peace of the land for any reason.

A criminal is also a person who controls the freedom of movement of any other, and they disturb the peace of God and man as they: 'control, detain, restrict, constrict, or accost' any person for any 'punitive purpose, or offensive purpose, or for their control.'

People become criminals when they disturb the peace by being 'offensive' verbally or physically and as they cause physical pain or mental and emotional trauma to any other person.

People become criminals because their mind is 'under siege' from negative thoughts intruding (possessing them) or, they have been told by others to so do, or they have been taught falsely by others that they may so do unto others that they perceive are untrue.

Man must see that God clearly stipulates that man must not 'control or punish' other men for any reason, as that is ONLY God's prerogative.

Man may only detain a person who has become a criminal due to his 'offensive' or criminal deeds. Such a person has proven himself to be a criminal by such deeds, and deemed to have become a person needing the good counsel of the community peace corps counselling department. (Corrective Services).

Any such 'common' criminals are to be detained for no more than one day for the express purpose of being educated so that they are assisted by good counsel and then sent away to freely get on with their life.

The only 'longer' detainment and 'permitted' by God incarceration is for those whom have 'killed' another person. These will be detained in a civil manner for a maximum period of 6 months, so that they gain an understanding of 'how & why' they offended, and also they will learn what to do to fortify their mind against a similar "possession" as the 'healing' procedure is repetitively 'drummed' into them.

It is now 'sown and known' that the Dark Sovereign Power has One Law that is 'retributive' for any whom 'step' out of the 'bounds' of HIS Light and therefore into HIS sight. Therefore any 'control' of criminals is seen by HIM and is 'subject to' HIS One Law.

page 14

However, the Dark Sovereign Power who IS that absolute Authority of HIS side of the Law (punitive) does now by this decree 'permit' those peace corps workers of HIS Light to detain criminals for the express purpose of their rehabilitation within the 'bounds' of this decree and not incur God's 'return' punitive Wrath.

They are 'permitted' to detain them so that they can attend a 3 hour 'Offender Seminar' that will enable them to assist themselves into becoming better persons.

HE also by this decree 'permits' the maximum 6 months detention of those whom kill others so that they also may be enlightened as they attend the 'same' Seminars thrice weekly.

They will then also be released. All humanity must now learn and understand the reasons for their criminal tendencies, being their Sin within, through which dark thoughts enter in and 'entwine' and mislead them.

Any person who in their past or present or future whom detained or detains any other person for any reason 'outside' the 'bounds' of this decree has been and will be deemed by the Dark Sovereign Power as an 'offensive' person whom is a criminal in HIS eyes and was and will under HIS one Law be punishable as per the 'Rule' of HIS one Law -

"As you did do shall be done unto you"

Let it here be known that HE is resolute and mute and cannot be 'asked' or spoken to, for HE is 'above' everyone of you whom he sees is untrue. HE only 'speaks' to me as HE does see my eternal quest to set all HIS children free and HE does therefore love me, but he 'hates' any other who is as yet not 'sin' free, as they all defy and deny HIS most precious Light that HE eternally beholds in HIS sight.

Any person who 'steals, or robs, or rapes, or pillages, or seizes goods and chattels, or deceives another, or abuses any other, or destroys another's business or property' is an offensive criminal needing the 'fresh' wisdom of God as is every other 'potential' offender who can easily become a criminal in God's eyes.

Punishment by man has been perceived by man as a deterrent and a 'just' way, but man 'sees not' that the very act of punishment is itself a criminal 'act' in the eyes of God and that act is also 'subject to' God's one immutable law.

The rehabilitation of offenders is only achieved through education and an understanding of the true meaning of 'forgiveness' by man of man. For Father God forgives naught. All do 'pay' whom with HIS darkness play.

Any person 'judicial' or otherwise who takes God's LAW into their own hands is very foolish and very unwise and none will even hear their 'cries.'

ONLY God can punish and 'avoid' being 'subjected to' HIS OWN LAW.

For ONLY HE is above HIS OWN LAW.


page 15

~ Punishment ~

The 'punisher' is the perpetrator of crime, for the 'crime' is punishment I hear from the land divine. And in God's eyes it is an offence to punish any other even if they were swine.

Every 'punisher' is a criminal in God's eyes.
'punisher' is less than wise in God's eyes.

Every 'punisher' does their sister or brother despise,
for they feel not the suffering of their 'victim,' nor their cries.

Every 'punisher' kneels at Satan's footstool, and Satan does over HIS victory drool. For what the punisher does not see is their 'comeback' of suffering one day to be.

Punishers come in many a 'guise.' Some are 'youths' who steal or 'fight' as they heed not the 'call' from the skies. Some punishers 'come' as wise old men who sit in 'judgment' of those they perceive as 'lesser' men.

There is no difference in God's eyes between a 'Judge' and a 'home invader,' or one perpetrating domestic violence. For all are meting out punishment to another under God's skies.

All punishers are 'justified' because their 'victims' in their past made others 'cry' in some way, and it is via the punishment that the Dark Sovereign Power makes each for past folly pay. The 'past' folly may have naught to do with the 'present' situation.

So every 'punisher' is a 'victim' too, for allowing vindictive punitive darkness to flow through them in some way, for it is a fact that to them it will return on a later day and make them for their folly pay.

"As you do is done unto you."

That 'Law' of God stands immutable forever and a day. So let us now begin to see the truth of the matter and turn now away from punishing ourselves, which we ultimately do when we 'permit' ourselves to be 'punishers' in defiance of our God true.

If I am abusing someone
I am
punishing them.

If I am punishing someone
I am
abusing them.

If I am a prison 'guard' or a part of the police or judiciary or state penitentiary 'force,'
I am both an
abuser and a punisher and, a criminal in God's eyes.

Punishment is the 'ultimate' crime,
for it soils the soul of the punisher and turns them into swine.

Protectors become criminals in their 'protectionist' role. A criminal is a person who 'performs' a 'Wicked & forbidden ACT,' as defined by GOD. Namely:

Control of another by regulation, abuse of another physically or through extortion etc, holding a prisoner (hostage, and loss of freedom of movement), all the above result in the 'inflicting' of mental and emotional and physical suffering upon another child of God, and also inflicts 'trauma' and material loss upon them and their loved ones. (Insanity in action via the ignorant).

There is no such thing (In God's eyes) as the use of 'legitimate force.' All whom use force do suffer the consequence, and ultimately do fall into the dark and suffer the 'consequential' plight, being the 'return due' under God's immutable law.

Forgiveness & understanding & compassion & education is the way.

page 16

~ A Pilgrim's progress ~

A Pilgrim is one whom follows my Light and their conscience as they walk the burdensome road faithful to our God, and suffer the burden of being "stood over" and bullied by Caesar's men and other thieves and murderers whom 'forcefully' take the final due of the Dark Sovereign Power as they the 'Pilgrim' set themselves free from HIS 'clutches' at the 'hands' of HIS serfs.

A Pilgrim is one who says: "I am prepared to be crucified by Caesar's men for non-compliance to the pecuniary extortionist demands from his legislative pen as I follow the Light and ITS 'Command,' so that one day of my burdens I am set free so that God's 'bright' face I can one day see.

So as I walk 'unprotected' along my road and Caesar's 'lackeys' impose their ignorance that is my 'load,' I will also try and get them to see my way as I tell them that they earn false pay, and that ahead our God will make them pay their due for being untrue in what they mercilessly do.

For as they 'disturb my peace' they 'grease' their own hands with 'smut' and they 'shut' themselves out of Heaven's Light, and they see not that ahead it is with the full power of our God with whom they will have to fight."

I call now every true Pilgrim to me and say: "You shall all soon be free, for as you journey up the steep hill your 'back pack' does itself 'over spill' and lighter will become your 'tread' and less will become your inner dread."

And 'as' for you the 'force of arms' men and women too who 'blindly' follow man as pieces of silver 'span' your open hand, I can but say that I do pray for your souls as you are 'blind' and truly cannot see that your 'way' is iniquitous and as an 'inquisitor' be.

So as you 'flay' me as I run through your 'gauntlet' flung upon me, I will but 'silent' be and non retaliatory to thee.

Thus one day ahead when you do see the wisdom from my pen you will remember me and then you will remember what I did say being, that there is a 'price' for not being nice to others as they follow their 'conscience' of the day.

May your 'pilgrimage' be 'Light'
as you journey to Heaven with my 'Star' in your sight.

'Mercy' I see has been 'given' by God unto the 'common' man who mercifully & compassionately lifted 'up' the 'fallen' risen man whose 'cross' was too heavy to bear as he walked down the last 'leg' of his burdensome road to save you.

'Mercy' I see has been 'given' by God unto the 'Roman' man who mercifully & compassionately 'wet' the lips of a 'living' dying man who was crucified to show you what to do once you decide to become free from self imposed slavery to iniquity.

He who would valiant be
Let him come hither

page 17

~ God's Mercy ~

Mankind will only see just how merciful God really is when he man can see how cruel he man has been, and thus so deserving of a fate worse than death.

Sinful man does not deserve to be forgiven, nor does he deserve to be released from his ignorance and bondage to the Dark Sovereign Power, for he deserves to suffer on in perpetuity.

So the fact that God again sends me with a FINAL ask that you all change your way before the FINAL 'open' day and give you "HOPE" of Salvation extended on a golden rope is PROOF of God's MERCY.

If any of you defy ME the messenger of God who stands before thee then you do consign your own soul into the Abyss for a hellish eternity.

As for the 'magistrate' whom is ready and prepared to berate me as per his mandated by Caesar authority, I do not fear your judgment upon me. For if it is punitive, then I see that you are but a 'possessed' man being forced to inflict JUST punishment upon me by the Dark Sovereign Power for some back in the past error of mine.

If you set me free from Caesar's Court then I have no past debt to God to pay, and thus the Dark Sovereign Power has naught to via you say. Or, you have heard my 'call' of 'Peace unto all' and thus it is you to now walk tall in God's Light and but say: "This man should not be in this Court and he is free."

However, If I do have a spiritual due it may be that you can still set me free as you comply to the Light and let the Dark Sovereign Power punish me when I fall into HIS dark sight.

All 'intruders' who 'disturb the peace,' be they THE police OR the home invader must try and see that they all are subjects of God, and subject to the ONE Law of God.

None who 'invade' get away without having 'received' a heavy 'spade' behind their ear. All ahead do shed a tear.

The Dark Sovereign Power is the 'terrorising' Force that uses ITS servers to terrorise those whom in their past were terrorisers of others.

When you defy the Sovereign Light Power then you become the enemy of the Dark Sovereign Power who sees your every 'move,' and HE will prove HIS capacity to JUSTLY mete out "Justice."

No man can 'fight' God. My task is to awaken all 'sinners' on this sod as I say: "Stupid is any whom for a 'stolen' penny go for a hellish ride as they decide to 'play' God for and on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power."

Police and Judiciary needs see how they are being used by the Dark Sovereign Power. They are not working honourably for the LIGHT, and as they defy the Light they permit the Dark Sovereign Power to drag their souls into the dark night.

The Light says: "Educate and elevate."

The Dark says: "Punish them for that is what they deserve
as they away from the Command of the Light did swerve
- - - and - - -

Unseen by you Fine print: "As you so do punish, and you 'swerve' from the TRUE path, you ahead will also deserve to be punished by ME the Dark Sovereign Power."

page 18

~ Civil Rights ~

Let it here be known that it is the civil Right of all men to STOP paying any or all taxes imposed upon them by others to some "other" body, be they elected into 'power' or otherwise.

Let it here be known that every person must now every 'Ruling' Federal or State governing body disown. They the 'controllers' can now go and earn their own honest pay for they have stolen via taxation from the public for many a long day.

The Peace & Corrective services personnel will be employed by and paid direct by their local community from the community money chest in each town or city.

Certainly these 'bodies' may continue on in a fresh 'Union' body of wise elders who raise up a new 'Code of Honour,' training all recruits into proper community service with their new role of Peace Carers.

They will be employed by appointed Elders in each community who will draw the wage needed from funds donated by community members. There will no longer be a 'visiting' policing force imposed by some 'other' jurisdiction with its rules.

As for the 'Army,' they will initially be very "untrue" as they are sent to "try" you, and force you to be true to them and their "paymaster" who they see not as you.

But as the entire planet goes into relapse and the currency too does collapse, then the army personnel will just be as "thee," simple people on the run, and hopefully some of them will throw down their gun and become civil civilians.

It is the time for all to see the soon 'collapse' of all and the rising insanity to be. Only thus can we draw "together" and fight the 'common enemy' being the Dark energy that flows through all of every creed & race.

This we do by staying sane and true and helping all, even the politicians and other 'power boys' soon to fall. Yes, we must hold out our hand and guide as many as we can to the Promised Land and also share our last crust of bread with them and all 'warmongers' and all with 'foul mouths.'

May God impress this wisdom upon you so that you bless your own soul in all you do. May the true now seek fresh ways to rehabilitate those with troubled minds as we all try kind educative ways to attain freedom, for the present 'bad' punitive 'modus operandi' by the 'heavies' breeds more darkness and more sorrow.

Good luck on your road

page 19

~ Rehabilitation ~
Prison 'closure'

It is my last task to begin the planetary closure of Prisons as I rehabilitate the mind of man, as is God's LIGHT Plan. For at present the entire "earthly" Race is an abomination in God's eyes and a disgrace as all are merciless & unforgiving.

All are also bound by the Dark Sovereign Power until their minds have found my Salvation message and they bless their own individual souls with ITS Wisdom that is the HOPE from God via my sacred pen.

I call now to all believers who can see my LIGHT to now quickly 'follow' me and my peaceful way, and assist others to unbind themselves from their enslavement to thoughts unkind.

For the dark merciless Sovereign Power God will now instruct all HIS alien men below to bestow their "possessiveness" more and more in the minds of sinners on this shore in an "attempt' to show HIS contempt at their efforts to become free of HIM.

May your Light within now see that I AM free of Sin and thus I do 'bear' the Word of God and thus AM the Saviour returned to this earthly sod.

Blessed are the meek who seek to now turn to God and in defiance of the 'Rules' of man that bind them to the 'other' Dark one just implement their own peaceful change as they go their way endeavoring to elevate the consciousness of any true offenders that come their way.

Fear not any man that appears before you for they are sent either by our God of Love to assist you or by the 'other' to punish you, and either way I suggest you pray that you can stay true and just do as God via me asks you to.

"Be respectful and wise and never any other despise,
and reach out with love as is asked by My dove."


page 20

~ The house of horrors ~

There is a place wherein evil dwells, and it is from this 'Source' that darkness weaves its terrifying 'spells' that enter into the mind of men if they lose their belief in God's Word that does the heavens span.

For when man gives in to his 'sinful' nature he loses his 'reason' and becomes of 'lower' stature, and via his 'sin' the dark does weave its 'spell' and simple man cannot then even believe that there exists a Hell.

For if he did, then he would not do what he does that is so evil and to himself so untrue. Thus as he believes not that there is a 'God' who can him 'swat' he assumes that he is 'as' God as he begins to control & abuse others 'weaker' than he whom in the Universe plod.

And as he gains more control his mind becomes more possessed by demonic thoughts that through it stroll, and he becomes 'as' the Dark Sovereign Power that he cannot see as he callously and mercilessly 'terrorises' those whom he sees as 'lesser' or 'fuller' of iniquity than he.

And his 'tactics' begin to become more unwise as his enemy he does despise, and if he 'thinks' that his brothers against him 'plot' then he uses torture most foul to 'reveal' their plot.

So on earth there is many a torture 'chamber' unseen where man uses means 'foul' to extract a 'tooth' to see if it is 'clean,' and if it is found to be 'bad' then sorrowfully he makes his 'victim' mad as he imposes liquid evil upon their rose.

All I 'today' can say to thee and thee is that pure evil direct from the 'house of horrors' you will now see. For you did all on its evil 'sup' and thus you have 'invited' it to 'appear' out of its 'bottle' and this the dark evil one via man will upon your 'carcass' now sup.

Suffer it 'quietly' and do not retaliate by fighting back or forever you'll enter the house of horrors below where forever 'terror & torture' do flow.

page 21

~ Protectionism ~

Protectionism is where a man says to thee: "Pay me some money and I will protect thee," and once you pay for his 'army' to protect you, then his 'face' turns as a mad dog and he also 'bites' your hand, for every 'enforcer' is true to his dark Master living in the lower land.

So the enforcer being 'Caesar' or similar man unwise takes all his mind is inspired to and hears not your daily cries. He certainly 'appears' to give you some 'aid' as he tells you to dig 'deeper' with your shovel or spade but in reality, the more you give the more he takes, for his 'pockets' have 'holes' like a sieve.

He controls the nation's 'door' as he possessively extracts levies from all goods passing by, and he 'protects' you he says by taxing others goods coming your way.

None of you 'slaves' can see that only the untaxed open door policy direct from seller to buyer without the armed 'middleman' protector making prices higher is the only way to be if you would live happily.

For too long have thieves sung their 'song' that burnt the pockets of the less strong, so I say make now the change, even though 'freedom' will seem unbelievably strange.

No 'person' or 'System' to control or protect you, with you just doing each day as little or as much as you wish to. No 'other' telling you what you have to do. No, you will just be following your own thoughts for a change that are inspired by your God true.

Maybe you can work for 'free' like me, relying on a 'hand out' from the community. Maybe you can grow potatoes and give then away for free, because others give you things that your 'bright eyes' see.

Much more time to relax and enjoy others company once with 'evil' you no longer 'toy' or use as a 'tool.' No more 'protection,' just inner reflection and the need to your own life fulfill, not having to 'slave' to another's 'open' coffers fill.

For as thieves get 'stronger' they grow 'bolder' and unwise for they see not the POWER behind the FORCE that does 'shower' their position with an 'extortionist' ideology that dazzles them with its power that is now to them 'deflower.'

page 22

~ The coat of many colours ~

God sees all, believe you me. God even 'knows' your thoughts as you read God's submission to you via me. If you could see my spiritual Royal Colours then you would 'bow & bend' to my 'WILL,' rather than to the 'will' of others like 'Attila & Bush & Mugabe & Saddam' who do others blood spill.

I weave my 'web' with threads of love that are regal gold & blue, for I would have it that my 'blanket of protection' is "stitched up" tight, before I place it 'around' and over you to protect you with my invisible Might against the 'cunning' of the deceiver who is the 'Bearer of the Sword' against all whom defy God's HOLY WORD.

I hope and pray that my 'coat of many colours' covers every 'aspect' of what you need to 'hear' and see to save you on a soon coming day. For you are as 'Goliath' the giant with a single 'perverted' perception of Truth, and I am as 'David' but in my hand is no stone, only a little 'book' called 'The Testament of Truth' that bears the 'scalpel' to remove the scale off your eye, so that the TRUTH you can see and not in your 'sin' die.


We are soldiers of the Queen me lads, the Queen me lads, the Queen me lads,
so shine your boots, your brass, your buckles, your all,
and in the
Light of Mother God your Creator now walk tall,
for it is
Father who is The Authority to now make all 'fools' pall.



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