~ The Kingdom of God on earth Philosophy ~

Dear Mia, I refer to your words in which you stated that your belief was that God had already established His Kingdom on earth. Prior to that time I had not actually heard of that philosophy so I did pick up my pen to write a few words. My mind is inspired by angels of Light and the words/thoughts I received stated:

"The 'Kingdom' is a personal thing. It is the achievement of the individual who does 100% the 'song of love' sing in every way and every day.

This Kingdom on earth only becomes TOTAL when all the warmongers who continue to defy God have been swept away forever and a day INTO the darkness, a place  where they continue ON in their painful 'struggle' and retributive striving against others, suffering which continues on forever and a day.

But PRIOR to THE day when the 'Kingdom of peace and love and light' is fully established, and all God's children REMAINING on earth are 'obedient,' there will BE the FINAL spiritual TEST for everyone.

This is to be the test as to whether or not they remain TRUE to THE peace and love and mercy and forgive Command even when they are confronted by the UNTRUE who will test them to their LIMIT and beyond.

The 'pass mark' is 100%, so only those who DO strengthen their minds and remain true as they PAY their spiritual 'dues' to God in NON-retaliation as they 'turn the other cheek,' will 'make it' through the Pearly Gates."

I also add some more to assist other viewers as a copy of this letter will be placed UP on my web site. Basically, 'kingdom theology' divides human history into two broad periods of time:

The first period started with the fall of man as man defied his God and supped on the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, being the ongoing “present evil age,” which is marked by; the control of man, their enslavement, punishment, war, and poverty as well as the destruction of property. (The fruit of the tree being; God's DARK, destructive forceful energy)

Satan or 'the devil' is seen as the ruler of the world and his remaining 'time of rule' is believed to be 'limited' because his 'warmonger' warriors are to be swept from the face of this earth. The REALITY is that there is NO 'Satan or Devil' there is ONLY God, and it is the Dark retributive 'arm' of God that rules in every world or realm outside of heaven. Realms where where 'sinners' reside.

Once all continuing to live 'with sin within,' because they keep retaliating or funding warmongers and negating the spiritual purging now taking place, have been swept away in a 'tide' of mud and blood and insanity, then and only then will 'earth become as heaven.' (Peace)

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The second part of the new 'history' and Kingdom to be, being the “new age yet to come,” is when ONLY the LIGHT aspect of the Kingdom of God rules, and it is a time of universal peace on earth.

Between the PRESENT time of 'EVIL' until the time of total peace and obedience to God on earth is the NOW time of the separation of souls on earth.

There is a' comprehension' and thus a 'means' enabling EACH individual to amend their ways to 100% obedience to God revealed unto man via the Testament of Truth. It is God's FINAL revelations and message to man by my personal mind and pen which is now elevated on high by the returned Christ soul whose SPIRIT walks unseen on earth by man.

During a 'certain' time FRAME, the ongoing battle for the soul of man 'rages' within the mind of man, being thoughts KIND (conscionable) v/s thoughts UNKIND. (unconscionable)

Scripture: 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.'

For the reasons delineated on my web site, any person who 'votes' for 'man' as head of house OR, who pays taxes which support the 'wages' of warriors or officials in their ongoing control and interference and punishment or killing of others are ALL as yet deluded and ALL as yet are ON the 'wide road to hell,' irrespective of their personal belief to the contra.

The telepathic subjugation of the mind of sinful man (spirit possession) by very devious spirit people living in the Dark underworld can and does take place in a 'blink of the eye' as they give one the JUSTIFICATION to use force in defiance of God's "Only love" Command, and the individual under their MENTAL control then goes forth vengefully in retribution.

It is my added task to reveal unto errant man and their deluded ignorant priests that GOD is forever in control of everything, and that God is BOTH the Light and the Dark energy essence.

His destructive DARK energy is now to drag all those continuing to be disobedient DOWN into His underworld where He rules forever, and forever they suffer because, His LAW of energy RETURN unto USER cannot be voided or nullified by prayer, nor forgiveness by priests nor by praising Jesus or any other. No official position or 'mandate' can void, nullify or avoid the return unto user aspect of God's eternal energy. IT, the energy of God stands supreme and simply IS what it IS.

Mia, there are multitudes of 'lovers' on earth being those who do extend their 'care and share and respect and love' to and for others as is required by God however, - - - there is the missionary 'religion' FACTOR unseen by all but me that continues to deceive and mislead those 'kindly and peaceful' of many 'faiths' or named religions.

This FACTOR that applies to you and all voters and taxpayers is 'The complicity to EVIL deeds' factor wherein those as you 'happily' support and condone and monetarily fund the wages of destructive ANTI-God activities of the controlling, punitive, causing of harm and killing forces of Caesar. (State)

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The grave error of the 'ministry' or 'priestly' TRIBE is that they teach God's children that they can 'sin' or 'breach' God's Command as they pay the wages of 'savage' men who go forth in their name and on their behalf causing harm, chaos, terror and the destruction of the property of others.

They also teach that God will not subject them to His 'As you did sow so shall ye reap' Law of Equal Return because their 'sinning ways' will be or have been forgiven by the crucifixion of a mortal man, (Jesus) and they will thus still be elevated into Paradise. This is the greatest 'living lie.'

What you and all need to learn from my 'pen' that is 'held' by the MIND of God is that you cannot avoid the 'eye for an eye' or EQUAL Return aspect of God's LAW because His 'law' is simply the unavoidable 'consequence' of ENERGY IN MOTION as IT balances itself when IT so decides. (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) God IS the invisible spiritual ENERGY.

Naturally a civil society requires the supply and benign services and 'pensions' for the elderly, but one cannot fund 'protection by Caesar's forces' and attain Salvation. It is an IMPOSSIBILITY. All one 'attains' is an awful lot of very painful karmic suffering and one's spirit soul becomes filled with dark energy that draws IT away from the Light.

It is thus imperative to halt the paying of all licence 'fees, fines and Taxation monies' or, - if taxation funds are automatically deducted by your employer, you MUST write to them asking that they no longer deduct tax payment from your wages as it is now unconscionable for you to continue funding warmongers.

It matters NOT whether your employer agrees to you request because either way, you have 'cleared yourself with God' who sees your 'intent and deed' to no longer support the terrorising control over others by yourself or your servants.' (State officials)

You and all taxpayer will be tested ahead by Dark forces who will impose their 'will' upon all who either caused harm or were complicit to the causing of ham by the actions of their 'servants' operating in their name. In this instance you must NOT retaliate in any way and you 'turn the other cheek' and remain meek.

Caesar (State) offers PROTECTION to those that fund ITS 'system' and said system uses force of arms and causes harm in defiance of God. Caesar (State) threatens, coerces and demands that absolutely EVERYONE defy their God's command and support their warring ways. None seeing that when one supports the causing of harm, that it is a rock solid GUARANTEE that they will ahead receive the same suffering upon their own heads. One cannot 'void' or nullify the return aspect of God's Law.

Each individual has now a very brief moment to enlighten their minds with my message and amend their ways as they bow to THE Creator's 'wish, command and demand' and regrettably, any continued participation to/in the causing of harm to others, is the Guarantee of eternal trauma ahead in the Abyss.

As 'taxpayers' everyone is presently upholding the EVIL anti-god DOCTRINE of interference, control, subjugation, enslavement, extortion, merciless unforgiving punishment, causing of harm and killing and regrettably, due to 'lies' imposed by ignorant priests and error in religious texts they are all 'ON the wide road to Hell.'

The Christ spirit SOUL returns invisibly to bring an uncontaminated Message of HOPE from God so as to show EACH earthling how they can INDIVIDUALLY save THEMSELVES. It cannot be 'done' by the actions of others. It is ones personal choice and responsibility.

Sincerely - Terence

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