To Northern Midlands Council of Longford, attention Maree Bricknell

Dear Madam,

Reference your letter of 27th April 2016 to Mrs Barnes - subject Rates debt collection.

Time passes and it seems that few indeed are honest enough to face the 'situation' they find themselves in respect of the manner in which they treat other members of the community.

This is all basically due to the supposed 'authority' backing their demands for payment of a certain amount of money annually. Such a demand for payment is backed and legitimised by the endless State rules enshrined in the 'bible' you hold dear to your heart. This is the 'book' you are paid a wage to uphold judiciously.

You may well be aware that I am Clemencia's legal, constitutional and spiritual advisor and as such I do have a responsibility to not only guide her 'justly' as per the dictates of her own conscience, but to also advise you if you err in any way in respect of the constitutional authority which holds the only 'ruling' binding and limiting the imposition of state rules upon those in the community who do live by a different ideological belief to that which you aspire to.

It is all very 'well' for you to simply make demands for the payment of services under the guise of 'rates' which in fact are no less than a 'hut tax' imposed by the governing authority upon ALL whom are a 'party' to said 'system,' either through voting for a 'man' as head of house rather than living by God's Command and who also seek the protection OF said system in respect of the armed forces thereof but, - - -

If your demands are NOT backed by THE Authority of the constitutional mandate granted to the State by political decrees, then it is not only your ERROR to make such demands but any attempt to use the armed forces backing the lower courts to STEAL said monies OR to inflict punishment, then your punitive actions become an ACT of Treason and Anarchy against THE SOVEREIGN POWERS who raised UP the Constitution so as to PROTECT the peaceful of 'conscience' and LIMIT the State powers in that area.

Dear lady, firstly, there is NO 'debt' because before one accrues a debt one must have asked for and agreed to a price for the services to be rendered. Secondly, the 'rates' to which you refer are a 'taxation' RATE imposed by political decree upon those in the community who as stated above are either 'voters' or they rely on and support and condone the funding of punishment and the causing of harm to others VIA your institution. Clemencia does neither.

Clemencia is a peaceful person who cannot support your controlling, taxing and punitive doctrinal ways and, she is entitled by her God to NOT so do. Equally she is so also entitled by the constitutional authority, and authority to which YOU should 'bend' your knee to rather than ignoring IT and ITS authority simply because the police and lowly petty court magistrates continue to also ignore THE FACTS OF LIFE UNTO THEIR OWN DEMISE.

You dear lass HAVE a DUTY to the peaceful, a duty to your 'wage' and a duty to the SOVEREIGN powers via the Constitution which clearly limits your authority. You also have a duty to 'bow' to the Command of our Sovereign God and live your own life in obedience to His Command as your sister Clemencia tries to so do, even when harassed and coerced and threatened by the court or you.

Once again Madam I give you the constitutional FACTS and IF you simply wish to ignore them through your own gross arrogance and defiance of said authority then it simply is what it is and you are free to BE a swine and to entwine with the many others of your ilk who will fall to the wastelands in the afterlife.

Furthermore, do you believe that the Constitutions of Tasmania or Australia are the official 'documents' giving your 'services' its mandate of authority or not?

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note: What is or is not ones religion?

Ones religion is not any of the 'named' organisations such as Islam or Christianity or Buddhism, nor is it the named individuals such as Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus espousing the Policy purportedly ordained by the invisible God.

Ones religion is ones specific ideological code of conduct Policy. A doctrinal Policy followed with great devotion in relation to a ‘way or order’ of existence. Ones religion is espoused by ones 'faith or belief' in the requirements of a supernatural being (God) or other Force. An example of this is evidenced by whether individuals choose to 'follow or engage in' WAR or PEACE.

Clemencia is also living within the 'constraints' (subject to public order and morality,) of the LIMITED Constitutional guarantee (46. (1) granted by the Sovereign powers within their own Constitution. The Constitution ONLY grants a guarantee of protection and immunity from persecution to persons who do NOT 'Disturb the peace' and who do NOT engage in immoral activities. (Drug dealing, extortion, causing of harm. etc)

Absolute pacifists have the God-given RIGHT to NOT defy God through supporting thieves or extortionists or those causing harm to others. Since pacifists are ONLY educators we cannot even condone the punishment meted out to those who do disturb the peace. We give our good counsel only. Clemencia is 'happy' to pay for any benign services that SHE wishes to use or needs.

The Queen's 'Courts of the Tasmania Magistrates' and all involved in the RELIGIOUS persecution of Clemencia Barnes are so arrogant that they feel entitled to go forth and disturb the peace of the peaceful in direct defiance of the mandate granted unto them by said Sovereign power.

It is an act of Treason and anarchy of the HIGHEST ORDER. It is an illegal activity for a matter of conscience, faith or religious ideology to be 'heard or judged' in any court other than the High Court. Sadly magistrate Marron and all involved are aware of this but they choose to ignore it.

I believe that your authority to persecute and prosecute or punish or NOT to so do does stem from the Constitution and that the Court is also 'subject' to the CONTENTS of said Constitutional documents:

Legislative powers of the Parliament [see Notes 10 and 11]

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xxiv)  the service and execution throughout the Commonwealth of the civil and criminal process and the judgments of the courts of the States;
(xxv)  the recognition throughout the Commonwealth of the laws, the public Acts and records, and the judicial proceedings of the States;

PLEASE NOTE - Section 51 above states: All State rules/decrees/dictates ARE subject TO the Constitutions of Australia  and Tasmania given above.

PLEASE NOTE - Clause 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act below states:

Operation of the Constitution and laws [see Note 3] This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State.

I Terence also believe that any 'powers' granted by rules to 'punish' are in conflict with God's Command unto man, and that HE will 'reprimand' any who defy Him most severely within the context of His LAW of EQUAL return. (As you do will be done unto you)

1 - The 'first' principle is: As Clemencia's conscience, belief and ideological DOCTRINE is opposite to (contra to) yours, she does not have to 'live' according to the State rules of engagement of your Institution.

2 - The 'second' principle is: For you to be 'faithful' to the rules of engagement as set out by your own Institution you need to OBEY the primary RULES of your Institution, especially the ONES which refer to those such as Clemencia who are absolute pacifists.

It is obvious to me that you are still in contravention of your own superior rules of the Constitution and still in denial in respect of the 'Liberty' guaranteed to Clemencia by the DOCTRINE that is written within your own ruling Constitution. Maree this is in FACT ANARCHY & TREASON, a literal 'hanging' offence in the days of old.

3 - The 'third' principle is: Irrespective of any of your rules or your personal ideological beliefs Clemencia is entitled to live by hers. So I believe. It follows that if you believe to the CONTRA, and if you are prepared to use 'force of arms' backed by 'guns' against Clemencia who is an absolute pacifist and thereby FORCING her to suffer, - - - then that is your prerogative. She will not retaliate and will still 'treat' you with respect but, - - -

4 - The 'fourth' principle standing ABOVE all others is: THE LAW of God stands Supreme, and you will at some stage suffer all you impose upon any others. Sister 'Maree' that is 'Absolute Justice' and is what I am trying so 'hard' to get EVERYONE to see before for them, it IS TOO LATE.



Notice to Attorneys-General

 (1)  Where a cause pending in a federal court including the High Court or in a court of a State or Territory involves a matter arising under the Constitution or involving its interpretation, it is the duty of the court not to proceed in the cause unless and until the court is satisfied that notice of the cause, specifying the nature of the matter has been given to the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth and of the States, and a reasonable time has elapsed since the giving of the notice for consideration by the Attorneys-General, of the question of intervention in the proceedings or removal of the cause to the High Court.

Prosecutors in ignoring the Constitution, who place their 'case' before petty court magistrates instead of the High Court are GUILTY of criminal activity and also guilty of enticing equally arrogant or ignorant magistrates to 'follow their lead' as they ILLEGALLY persecute the peaceful.

Regrettably, the serving police officers are also dragged into this criminal activity as they are then 'forced' to wage war against the peaceful whom they are paid a wage to PROTECT. All involved will find out that ignorance is NO excuse as they are forced by circumstances beyond their powers or guns to control and great travail is to be their fate.

I simply try and UPLIFT your consciousness Maree to ASSIST you and your 'cohorts' for THE DAY ahead when God sends merciless forces to your door to bring YOU to 'account' for ALL your misdeeds. Can you begin to comprehend the enormity of that which I speak? The LAW of God IS the immutable: 'THE LAW.'

I can but ADD, if you are relying on some legal counsel as to your RIGHTS to defy or deny the constitutional authority and you are given CONTRA reason to that contained above, then all I can state is ones eternal FATE is within ones OWN hands and mind, so PLEASE read the above and come to a personally informed decision to treat my letter with derision or whether ITS assessment conforms to your own reasoning and conscience.

The facts are that Clemencia who receives no water, sewerage or rubbish collection or other 'home' services has freely contributed funds to your office to assist the community to maintain the public road and this payment has been received by you prior to any 'works' being carried out. Generally, one pays for services which have been 'rendered.' This community service on her part is naught to do with 'rates or taxes' but is simply a 'gift.'

Madam, many people disbelieve that I am the ONE who can halt their eternal 'grieve' IF they lay down their mace and their disgrace in God's eyes and I never threaten or coerce, but I do KNOW 'what' is now to BE for anybody who defies THE TRUTH, and IF you wish to read the very sad 'fate' of 'some' involved in the ATO attack upon Clemencia then go to:

In all sincerity - Terence