~ Open letter to magistrate Marron ~
Educational document

 "Are the Legal concepts of democracy, civil rights and the freedom of conscience, ideology and religion 'alive or dead' in Tasmania"?

Dear magistrate Marron, this is to be the most extraordinary letter ever received by a magistrate but it is a letter of absolute truth, it is written to expose a 'hidden' reality which affects you and everyone operating within the judicial system.  This hidden reality also impacts upon the 'common' man who stands before persons such as yourself.

I have observed your very 'judicious' manner in court, and you always examine all documentation very thoroughly and remain calm irrespective of 'who' is standing before you. As you are the one chosen to receive this final 'presentation' of mine I can but assume that our God has 'emplaced you,' because it will take an extremely 'conscionable' man to do the 'duty' required by God of you to assist me in freeing mankind from their entrapment to political dictates which are less than benign.

As you well know persons such as yourself and others, whether kings, queens or dictators are all surrounded by an 'aura' of absolute power, a power which gives them the 'right' to 'command' and demand absolute respect from community members, those being the people they RULE with an iron fist.

Since the power of their absolute control stems from the use of and 'back up' of force to control and enforce the dictates imposed upon the poor mortals, the peoples' freedom is curtailed because they are only free as long as they obey the rules of their 'rulers.'

Due to the lack of respect for the rights of the people by rulers, I believe it to be incumbent upon me and my 'pen' to 'lead the way' to TRUE freedom for everybody, particularly since it is also a fact that the rulers themselves are not free due to being bound by a 'spell of fantasy' blinding and binding their own minds.

In order to 'appear' honourable the political leaders state that NO person is 'guilty' of any offence against the State laws/rules or acts/decrees unless or until they are 'proven' to so be.

Since I am 'drawn in' by force to your 'system's' court process, but at the same time being a person not yet proven 'guilty' in this case, I am a 'free man' and therefore able to state that; - - - since I neither vote nor support nor fund your institution and, because I am also not a 'party' member, - - - that I AM not a 'member of your club' as such.

That fact means that your 'official' position as magistrate has NO 'bearing' on me 'legally' because I AM a 'member' of a different 'group' of earthly persons who also have a different ideological belief, 'doctrine' and religious observance to that of your 'fellows' and institution. It follows then that in the eyes of our Creator, God, that we today stand as EQUALS as 'brothers,' both simply children of God.

The only thing that will bring us together on the first day of 'May' in the precincts of your 'court' system is the 'armed men' of your system of belief who will bring me to stand in your presence to be 'judged' by YOU for 'failing to give them a reasonable excuse' as to why I failed to observe or follow the dictates of your institution's RULES.

I simply make it CLEAR to you NOW that we obviously DO have and DO 'aspire to live' according to our opposing ideologies, yours comprised of interference, control, punishment killing and war, - - - and mine, comprised of absolute pacifism.

My pacifism means that I must never use force in self-defence as well as being required by my conscience and God to always ONLY be loving, kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving any perceived enemy and, I cannot pay the wages of others whose 'ideals' and ways do 'conflict' with mine.

Since I do fulfil all these requirements then, within the eyes of God I am living my peaceful way and this means that I CANNOT be a part of your 'punitive system' as I only believe in educative correction, and it is for this reason that I should NOT be subjected to persecution nor to your 'interrogation' nor 'judgement' of MY peaceful way.

However, as 'armed men' did step out into my 'path' when I was travelling along a public road owned by God and THE PEOPLE, and since I am now subjected to the 'scrutiny' of the police 'army' and yourself, I simply advise you as a spiritual 'brother,' of my own 'authority' and capacity to 'judge' as I am the Plenipotentiary of our God, sent here (planet earth) to awaken the consciousness of THE LOST RACE AND, - - -

I today advise you that all my correspondence over the past twelve years of persecution and punishment endured by me and this present 'case' are on line for public 'display' and EDUCATION as I again 'test' the HONOUR or otherwise and 'validity' or otherwise of the Freedom of Religion clause of THE INSTITUTION of 'gov.org' of which you 'manage' in the course of your DUTY to said institution.

As 'far' as I read IT, your mandate is CLEAR in that, IF a person is NOT 'disturbing the peace of the land' and NOT a voting 'party member' of YOUR institution, then they ARE 'free men or women' and NOT 'bound' in any way to observe THE RULES of your political officials because these people simply go their way bowing to the RULES (code of conduct policy) as ordained within the precepts of God's COMMAND. (In all circumstances live with peace & love & mercy & forgiveness etc.)

Please therefore avail yourself of the on line documents already explaining in depth the anarchy and treason of past 'judgements' so that you do give me a 'fair' HEARING.

Our God and the world await your FINAL judgement because, - - - IF it is 'honourable' and you do grant me the 'freedom of the road,' then it will pave the way to a BETTER and godly way as revealed in my texts while the police 'service' girls and boys will HALT accruing 'painful' spiritual dues to God and become happier ahead, rather than becoming FULL OF DREAD.

I add that I was surprised to find myself in your court since the court clerk had advised me previously that I was to be before magistrate Tim Hill. I had thus written my statement of defence submission to him in respect of the prior time I had stood before him in 2009, at which time it was 'recorded' that he refused to accept and thus read my defence statement.

I thus will now make a fresh statement of defence to submit to you on the first day of May at the hearing, but I feel it right to include the below extract from my letter to magistrate Hill. Finally, in 2009 in your 'summary' you stated on record as saying:

"You are entitled to live according to your belief (godly and peaceful) - - - BUT - - - I have sworn an oath to administer the traffic act under the subordinate legislation - - - - and within these rules find you 'guilty' as charged."

"Sir," in this you are IMPOSING your ideological belief upon me in contravention of your 'powers' and, - - - you could or should have said: "As you are living within the constraints of the SUPERIOR LEGISLATION of the Tasmania Constitution and as you are living within the constraints of God's 'peace' Command, I grant you 'freedom of the road' today."

Please therefore now READ the below extract from my defence submission before passing judgement this time, for you should then see that it is you who must according to your 'oath of office' and the superior rules of your institution set me FREE unconditionally. 

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

The constitutional authority guarantees citizens immunity from interference, control and religious ideological persecution as long as they are of moral standing and do not disturb the peace of the land. Where does this now lead ME? I state that: 

"For your PAST transgressions of THE AUTHORITY granted unto you by the Tasmania Constitution and God your conduct is seen as unbecoming of a servant of THE PEOPLE."

It remains to be seen which way you go in this present case laid at my feet. All I can say is that IF you do not see 'reason' and set me free and you thus impose a 'fine' or other, then it leaves a very CLEAR message to the POLICE from YOU. A message which states:

"Irrespective of the supposed freedom of civil rights and religious ideological beliefs of others in the community, I magistrate Tim Hill give YOU the authority to override and overrule the Constitution of our organisation and you can continue to interfere in the lives of the peaceful and cause them harm or loss or disadvantage or eviction as you do your best to coerce, threaten and intimidate them so that they are FORCED to obey us and deny their conscience and defy our God."

As the POLICE are also SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, they MUST respect the RIGHTS of individuals who by their ACTIONS prove their allegiance to the Command of God.

It is the time for the police 'service' to NOW take personal responsibility for their OWN interaction ACTIONS with others and NOT rely on political or magisterial decisions. Only my 'pen' knows the RIGHT way forwards and IT states:

"Cause no harm for IF you do then YOU are doomed to die."

Extract of magistrate Tim Hill's text ends here.

Dear magistrate Marron, what every magistrate whom I have stood before in the past in fact stated in finding me 'guilty' is, that in their personal opinion NO 'other' DOCTRINE to their own is permitted to EXIST.

It is my considered opinion that they should NOT be using their own opinion when they are paid to obey the 'opinion' of their mandated rules of engagement, especially considering THE SUPERIOR Laws of the Tasmania and Australian Constitutions.

(Refer: Duties of all magistrates is to 'check' every case against the wording of the Constitution ref:

Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary.

The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament
  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament and

ensure that laws comply with the Australian Constitution

The overriding power of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 supersedes all subsequent legislation. Section 116 of this Act is a general prohibition applying to all laws and subsequent legislation, under whatever powers these laws have been made.

It does not compete with other provisions of the Constitution and it prevails over all laws and limits all provisions that give power to make laws. Accordingly, no law can escape the application of s 116 and all legislative powers are subject to the condition which s 116 imposes. Clause 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act says:

  • Operation of the Constitution and laws [see Note 3] This Act. - All laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State.

  • It follows that the 116 'Freedom of Religion' Clause giving immunity and protection to those who wish to live by their 'unique' belief clearly overrides any latter day Traffic Act, an 'Act' that of itself is not a 'code of conduct' road safety policy assuring safety, but is simply an annual tax. It is the issue of ‘tax’ that is the point in contention.

    In the Police 'Basic disclosure sheet' it fails to state that when my vehicle was 'arrested' that I gave a 'reasonable excuse' to the police officers. The 'excuse' being that as I was not disturbing the peace, that according to my belief, I was not a person having become a person liable to be arrested or questioned.

    I have no doubt that there are those who might perceive this whole letter to you as an 'excuse' to avoid punishment however, it is in FACT an educational document written to educate the consciousness of every reader. I am always acutely aware that if I owe any 'dues' to God then His mind's thoughts will 'override' the consciousness of the magistrate and will impose and enforce punishment upon me. What you need to understand is that such a response will have nothing to do with a court 'fine,' but rather will be a consequence of mental or emotional or physical SUFFERING.

    I also know that He our Sovereign God can and does also impose said 'suffering' through the mind and hand of anyone in the community who becomes 'mentally disturbed' by DARK thoughts and thus finds the justification to cause harm to someone.

    I am trying to get everyone in the community to see that NO person must be interfered with or arrested for any reason if they have not disturbed the peace of the land, and if they have, those persons must not be punished but only be EDUCATED because ONLY by educating them do the 'enforcers' remain SAFE within the precepts of God's Command and within the benign RETURN aspect of God's Law.

    Globally everyone must now be educated to this new 'free way' of living and at the same time also be taught that they are all subjected to God's law. Thus any harm caused by anyone to another will return upon their own head, only this time imposed by some other equally arrogant or ignorant person or happening at a later date and, at the instigation or inspiration of the Dark Sovereign Power.

    The 'hidden reality' of which I speak in para one of this letter is twofold, being that:

    1 - "The truly peaceful who do obey their God every day and in every way and who thus never fund the wages of others who cause harm to people are persons granted immunity from interference, control, punishment etc., within the precepts of your own Constitution and, - - -

    It follows that any 'judge' who seeks to find any reason to deny them their civil rights in their freedom of religious observance is in fact a criminally insane person who may be said to be a treasonable anarchist defiant of his/her own organisational rules/laws and operational mandate etc."

    2 - "The deception of the Dark energy of the Source is so 'strong' and ITS power so great, that all in positions of 'power' believe that they are doing 'good.' This is due to individuals' minds being mesmerised by the 'brilliance' of the Dark sovereign Power in ITS justification to balance ITS aspect of the 'Scales of Justice,' that justice being the 'eye for an eye' or EQUAL RETURN for injury imposed by any one upon another etc., and, - - -

    People in positions of power take it upon themselves to use God's DARK forceful and destructive 'devilish' ENERGY. (the power) In that situation they will either personally or by utilizing employees, use IT to control, interfere, subjugate, invade, possess, dispossess, steal, injure, punish, kill and destroy.

    These 'vain' persons do NOT see that THE DARK energy with ITS limitless powers of infinite intelligence and cunning is very happy to be as 'obliging' as possible because IT now has 'acquired' a human force and face to be ITS retributive ARM to mete out ITS 'eye for an eye' vengeance.

    As enforcers and magistrates and jailers impose the punitive dictates of politicians, they fail to see, in fact do not see that their enforcement is simply the retributive 'arm' of God in action, nor do they remember that God said: "Judge not lest ye be so judged" because, everyone complicit to punishment place themselves within the SAME 'eye for an eye' aspect of ITS 'Scales of Justice,' (The Dark) for none can avoid the implementation of ITS 'return' Law.

    None using said 'force' are even aware that they place themselves into ITS 'lair' and subject themselves to ITS Law of return which IT metes out at any 'time' in eternity when IT chooses the exact moment. This timing may be immediately or a hundred years ahead in the after-life, and none of us ever know the exact time when God knocks on the door of our soul.

    My pen is inspired from the THE LIGHT energy of God and its purpose is to release readers if they so choose. Ignorant warring man does NOT see that it is the cunning Dark which is the 'mastermind' behind the thoughts of both 'sides' of any personal conflict or war between nations. Use of the Dark energy is the cause of all suffering.

     IT the ENERGY of God is 'all powerful,' not simple man using ITS energy.

    It is my 'pen' to expose the truth of God as being both creative and destructive, and regrettably, man chooses to defy his God and 'sup' on the fruit from the 'forbidden to eat' tree of the knowledge of good and evil, being the use of God's destructive force. I do hope that you will have a little spare time to view not only my main web site but all my 'Freedom of Religion' pages on line. This letter is one being Item - B - :


    Other than that, when magistrate Peter Wilson jailed me for 8 weeks in 2002 without even 'hearing' my case, I daily wrote an 'epistle,' and my 57 'letters from prison' recorded then are now on line at:


    The last of which I give here:

    Letter 57

    ~ The Final Decree ~

    Let it here be known that this final Decree by God is sown.

    "From hence forthwith every man who does ‘plot or plan’ to bring any other ‘undone’ turns his own soul into mud, and I your God will ‘spill’ your blood.

    Let it here be known that the final truth has been sown, and from here forthwith all men will ‘groan’ from the imposition of suffering imposed by ME their God for any defiance of MY truth sown.

    Let it here be known that the last ‘bell’ did now ring, and the time has come for those whom in Heaven would sing to show ME their God that they believe in ME and do all that they can to now heed MY message via Terence whom on earth does plod.

    Let it here be known that any whom do not I will disown, and for their ‘folly’ they will eternally groan. I have had MY say, prepare now for the FINAL day."

    Father God

    Terence - the Plenipotentiary of God Almighty.