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~ The Judgement of the Court & my response to all mankind ~
This is an educational document

"Cause no harm" is the most profound Christian principle as well as being God's Command unto man.


For the last 25 of my 75 years of life I have been extremely concerned for the 'fate' of all mankind but more especially for the fate of serving police officers because, as I see it, they have for many years had their primary 'role' distorted by political forces. Police started in the community as 'upholders of the peace' but now they are political 'lackeys' who are used to subjugate, interfere, control, punish and extort money from the very public who pay their wages, and whom they swear an 'oath' to protect.

Things have been so 'bad' for so long now that everyone simply accepts the political control, intrusion, regulation, extortion and punishment because it appears to be in the interests of the people when in fact it is NOT. More to the point, it is definitely NOT in the interest of the serving police officers who factually now treat their 'victims,' the public, with complete disdain, and they factually go forth causing harm in many ways even if they don't see this fact.

I was a serving police officer in Africa in the 1960's, and I have seen a huge 'shift' to the negative as politicians globally became more greedy, manipulative and demanding, as did their 'flocks.' In order to now survive materially, those in 'power' are themselves forced to invoke more and more 'taxing' monetary demands upon the people. Sadly the police and ignorant magistrates are the ones who are now being used as 'political tools' as they are required to extort monetary penalties through ever increasing monetary extortion. (Extortion, the extraction of money by threat, coercion or force)

In this particular 'case,' both of the police officers who halted my movement used threat, coercion, enticement, lies and intimidation in an attempt to force me to change my belief and 'bow' to their belief.

The magistrate before whom I was 'placed' had NO hesitation in imposing further intimidation as he ignored the higher ruling authority mandate of the Constitution of Tasmania, a Constitution which he is paid a wage to serve JUDICIOUSLY. He simply overrode everything which was placed before him as regards my defence and imposed a severe punishment upon me, a person going about his daily business peacefully.

I have been placing myself into the 'path' of political decrees for years, for the sole purpose of showing THE POLICE that they are being used as 'lackeys' by politicians to wage war on THE PEOPLE. I have also been placing myself into the arms and 'precincts' of vindictive and dishonourable magistrates, and I have been prepared to suffer at their hands so as to elevate the consciousness of everyone.

Why? Because as I see it, THE PEOPLE and those they pay to serve them are all 'complicit' in their defiance of God and all unknowingly accrue painful karmic debts to God daily within God's superior "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" Law. I simply wish to give everyone an opportunity of amending their ways PERSONALLY, for if they do not or cannot, then they ARE doomed spiritually.

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My response to the Court judgement

The People of the land need to understand that prosecutors and magistrates are working for and taking a wage from a 'system' of Control, interference, subjugation, extortion, punishment and banishment or eviction. This causes them to have NO 'misgivings' in causing harm, loss, suffering or mental and emotional trauma to their victims (The People) because, they choose to not use their own conscience nor the superior rules of their institution, they only seek to maximise punishment even if it is an illegal activity within the RULES of their own Constitution as it is in this case.

Due to their retributive and vindictive nature, prosecutors and magistrates always choose to be unconscionable by choosing to use the negative aspect of their available rules. Thus in this case the magistrate chose to ignore my BELIEF and Rights thereto, as well as ignoring the Constitutional 'freedom of religion' clause guaranteed to the peaceful.

In this case the magistrate chose simply to use 'later,' and therefore 'subordinate rules' to 'crucify' me in an attempt to bring me into 'line' with his Dark controlling, intrusive, punitive and destructive system. (As he is totally 'justified' to so 'try,' and in his mind he sees not his error)

It is with regret and a great sadness to me that I have to report that the 'finding' of the Court via magistrate Marron went AGAINST me. Why is this sad to me? Because neither he nor the prosecutor want to see what they DO unto themselves as they continue to threaten and coerce and try to control me and my peaceful actions.

Neither of them believe in nor know of any 'God' nor of the Absolute Justice of God's: "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

It must be understood by THE PEOPLE that their 'overlords' are servants of the darkness because they have the INTENT to cause harm or loss or suffering to anyone failing to 'bow' to the dictates enshrined in their own text books. The deliberate harm they cause is perceived by them as 'righteous,' holy & sacred. Sadly these books of 'rule' actively permit not only monetary extortion, but are backed by coercion, threats, intimidation and force of arms.

Magistrate Marron agreed with me that for me to be 'pulled up' and as a consequence having my life interfered with as being an INTRUSION. However, he then stated that said intrusion was justified for no legal reason, but in case, ahead, I might have caused harm to another if I had been intoxicated. I ask, if one needs to be 'drunk' to cause harm, does it follow that Judge Marron was 'drunk on duty' when he factually decided to cause me harm?

If he was NOT in that state, then it follows that he sought to cause me harm for a greater and more 'sinister' outcome, because he was doing his best to force me into going against my conscience by bowing to his BELIEF, a belief requiring me to condone, support and fund his contra ideology of 'extortion, punishment & war,' which would result in me defying my God. This I could not, would not and indeed cannot do, and that is why I never pay any fines because I AM a TRUE believer and I AM the 'head' of THE ONE TRUE FAITH on earth.

Since Marron imposed a 'fine & costs' to the sum of $1,200 when he factually knew I had caused no harm to anyone, it follows that his actions are ANARCHISTIC as well as being Treason against THE AUTHORITY of his own Constitution as well as the State of Heaven to which our God bears witness as THE ultimate Judge. Magistrate Marron showed his utter contempt for the peaceful and saw me as an 'easy meal' to STEAL from and assist his King, God, superiors in their insatiable monetary needs.

Further to this extortion attempt, how does he justify trying to cause me further harm or disadvantage in also forbidding me to drive for 12 months? Does he not see that the dark forces are telepathically controlling his own mind in setting him 'up' because, if I am 'caught' driving, then he will himself be forced by his own 'penned' decree to bring me to my knees, and once again placing himself within the punitive aspect of THE LAW OF RETURN as decreed by God. By so doing he must again suffer all he imposes. That is the immutable and superior LAW OF GOD.

Is this vindictive 'disqualification' not simply another attempt at coercing me into supporting his ideological system or doctrine of BELIEF? Yes, I do so believe.

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The honourable role of a magistrate, chief, elder, superior or justice of the peace should be the peaceful reconciliation of conflicting ideals or beliefs. In the recent case 'against' me, the public prosecutor became a persecutor demanding retributive 'justice' so as to impose his terrorist style belief upon a peaceful person who was simply going about his business as was his RIGHT and entitlement.

For the magistrate to use his 'superior' magisterial position of power to 'back' this savage attack upon a peaceful person was a very dishonourable ACT because as said, a TRUE magistrate or chief seeks a peaceful resolution when there is a conflict of ideals or BELIEFS between members of the 'multi denominational' ideologies existing in all global communities.

(The prerequisite to 'freedom of religion' being the BELIEF in living by ones conscience is: "Do not disturb the peace of the land")

As the magistrate is paid a wage to be an honourable justice of the peace, he must NOT 'side' with the AGGRESSOR. He must remain 'impartial' and USE the 'correct' and available guidelines within his 'text books' and always 'lean' to a peaceful resolution.

I did my best in giving the magistrate the clear and concise and superior authority texts of his own 'company' constitution so as to assist him in his findings. This was done so as to enable him to BE honest and courageous enough to set a precedent whereby we could BEGIN to bring positive change to Tasmanians and uplift the consciousness of everyone through education, rather than continuing on the 'old' ways of extortion and punishment leading all including the police and himself into TRAVAIL.

Regrettably it was NOT to so be. Why or how is the resident magistrate Marron self PROVEN to be a dishonourable and treasonable man and an anarchist? Because he publicly stated that he was not interested in my BELIEF when he should be, and he then imposed his own personal BELIEF in his RIGHT to deny me mine. How arrogant or ignorant can a mortal man become?

Magistrate Marron is an anarchist because he is not paid a wage to impose his BELIEF upon anyone backed by armed men, especially when his BELIEF conflicts with, and is in defiance of, the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT of the Constitutional mandate of the institution he swears an 'oath' to uphold.

In fact in imposing a punitive judgement upon a peaceful person who is known to be living within the constraints of the Constitutional authority and God's Command, the magistrate is showing THE PEOPLE who pay his wage of his own infidelity and vindictive nature as he chooses to totally ignore the RIGHTS of those he 'swears' to protect. He is also misleading the police, as he is giving them 'licence' to harm the peaceful by his PERSONAL MANDATE of:

"Do what thy wilt to the peaceful backed by my pen and your guns."

All I can say to the magistrate is that as you did not see 'reason' and set me free and you thus imposed a 'fine' and other, that it left a very CLEAR message to the POLICE from YOU. A message which states:

"Irrespective of the supposed freedom of civil rights and religious ideological beliefs of others in the community, I magistrate Reg. Marron give YOU the authority to override and overrule the Constitution of our organisation and you can continue to interfere in the lives of the peaceful and cause them harm or loss or disadvantage or eviction as you do your best to coerce, threaten and intimidate them so that they are FORCED to obey us and deny their conscience and defy our God."

As the POLICE are also SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, they MUST respect the RIGHTS of individuals who by their ACTIONS prove their allegiance to the Command of God.

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It is the time for the police 'service' to NOW take personal responsibility for their OWN interaction ACTIONS with others, and NOT rely on political or magisterial decisions. Only my 'pen' knows the RIGHT way forwards and IT states:

"Cause no harm for IF you do then YOU are doomed to die."

When my 'case' was presented to magistrate Marron with my open and honest defence submission given to assist him, he should have turned to the police prosecutor saying:

"This man has no case to answer."

He should then have turned to me saying:

"You are free to go Sir and the 'court' apologises for inconveniencing you."

If he had so done, it would have sent a message to THE PEOPLE of the land that as long as they did NOT disturb the peace of the land they would NOT be interfered with and would be left in peace.

This case proves that the magistrate is in 'cahoots' with the police and a 'lackey' to political forces working to extort money from the people. He is also complicit to and actively engaged in waging war upon the peaceful who he is supposed to protect.

I ask, why would a sane person such as myself pay the wages of mercenary police and politicians to go forth and extort money from YOU? I could not and never will because I can see that they are all 'racketeers' using their positions of power to CONTROL everyone.

The indictment of God via my pen of all Tasmanian magistrates whom I have stood before is that they are all CORRUPT to the core. There is not one of them who is 'clean' or honourable, and when you stand before them their MINDS are 'thinking' - - - "How much money can I extract from this person's PURSE using 'our' rules and my MIND"?

All this judicial activity is giving the police constabulary a FALSE message and a FALSE sense of security. The magistrate is their 'temporary' boss and as he is 'advocating' monetary extortion by 'fine' and other threats and coercion, the police also become complicit to plundering the pockets of THE PEOPLE they have also 'sworn' to protect.

They are in FACT also waging war upon THE PEOPLE in a callous underhand manner and it is leading the nation into POVERTY and discontent and homelessness. Woe indeed is the result soon to be seen. Why do THE PEOPLE freely fund the coffers of unconscionable politicians and their enforcers? Do THE PEOPLE not know what the word 'complicity' actually means? I hope they begin to.

Other than the above, in imposing a FINE, the magistrate is in FACT giving some other penalty enforcement department officers 'licence' to go forth ARMED and to evict or dispossess or seize or sell up property. This is 'sadness' for me because I do see and know the spiritual consequence for all so ignorant, because they see NOT that within the Law of God, all they impose or take from others, has an EQUAL return upon their own heads and households.

That is the absolute Justice of God's ENERGY when IT decides to 'balance' ITS Scales of Justice.

As I am now 'old' and soon to depart this realm for the next, it is now up to THE PEOPLE to show their own 'hand' by making it CLEAR that they will from now ON only fund benign community effort and, - - - they will ONLY pay the wages of a TRUE peace corps of honourable people who are interested in benign 'correction' through EDUCATION as everyone now OBEYS their God.

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The 'crux' of this case and every 'matter' of conscience is ones BELIEF. Every politician and their enforcers presently believe in their RIGHT to issue decrees and enforce them with punishment backed by destructive FORCE. My belief is the total opposite. I cannot impose anything nor punish anyone. I simply stroll along extending kindness to all 'comers' in the foreknowledge we are simply all children of God, and any defiant of HIM I leave to HIM to 'correct,' as I do my best to open their eyes and thus save themselves from His Wrath.

As the maxim of God's Command and of THE ONE TRUE FAITH is: "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness" which must be extended unto all mankind, it follows that any 'judge' imposing any punitive 'correction' upon a deemed 'offender' is him/herself of an alien force or principle who is operating illegally and in contravention of God's Command.

These 'sorry' lost souls need to now learn from my 'hand' and pen that NO political decree nor rule in any text book legalises any contradiction of God's Command, nor does it void or nullify the 'enactment' of God's Law which is the Benign creative or Malignant destructive ENERGY in motion.

Any TRUE 'believer' of any 'race or creed' MUST now realise that, - - - IF they vote for a man to be 'in power' or, they support and condone and fund any person or institution having the false ideology or 'lesser' and therefore a DARK maxim than the one commanded by God, - - - then they are:

1 - A deluded or vain or arrogant or ignorant or fearful person.
2 - A person who is a 'pretend' Christian or Muslim or other.
3 - A person who is a 'pretend' follower of God.
4 -A person who is knowingly or unknowingly supporting the injurious impositions placed upon other members of the community by these corrupt magistrates.

As there is NO 'leniency' within the law of God, every activity of every woman, man or child is 'accounted for' by the invisible ENERGY of God irrespective of the BELIEF of the individual, whether they are 'common' man or a persecutor, prosecutor or magistrate or judge.

Irrespective of the BELIEF of the magistrate, it is now up to YOU the individual to 'follow my lead' and NEVER fund iniquity by fine or tax nor 'give in' to any coercive tactics or threats seeking to get YOU to become a 'pretend' Christian defiant of God's Command.

It must now be clearly understood that all politicians and armed men or men backed by force of arms are 'lost souls' in need of education, and their 'control' over YOU via the use of edicts must be rebuffed by NON ACTION. Only extend your love, mercy and compassion.

It needs to be understood by all seeking Salvation that; all threats or coercion or punishment imposed is being carried out by the DARK ENERGY of the Source via the mind and hands of the IGNORANT as IT (the dark) seeks to 'steal your soul' so that you JOIN its destructive forces and are later destroyed by IT in the underworld. (Destroyed by IT means; held in bondage to eternal suffering)

It needs to be understood by everyone using the powerful (attractive) controlling and destructive force of THE Source, as is being done by enforcers and magistrates, that the more they use IT, the more some of ITS energy grows within their soul, and the harder it gets for them to set themselves free from ITS influence in their minds and emotions and, - - - the more painful karmic dues they accrue daily.

I reiterate the above, the system of government has become the means whereby politicians and armed forces (police) can extract and EXTORT endless sums of money from the purses of ordinary PEOPLE of the land and all supposedly in the name of "Protection" and "Its for your own good."

The People now need to decide whether to continue funding this iniquity carried out in their name and on their behalf or, to ONLY fund a benign peace corps, a corps that  ONLY haul IN those of immoral disposition or those who disturb the peace and have them educated and thus uplifted back to SANITY.

Why am I stating all the above?

1 - To give you the reader the opportunity of searching your own conscience and coming to a personally informed decision as to your spiritual needs.
2 - To give magistrate Marron the opportunity of recalling the court and rescinding his 'decision' and thereby, before God and man reclaiming his HONOUR.

ANY person failing to see my 'reasoning' and continuing to engage in THE ACTIVITY of 'Causing harm or loss or mental or emotional trauma' to OTHERS or, being COMPLICIT by vote or support or funding of such iniquitous ACTIVITY cast their own soul into the abyss.

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What do I now see as 'in store' for Tasmania? The same as is in every other land where there is an intensification of the loss of mental rationality and increasing insanity. People rising UP in fear and anger as with hatred in their hearts they will turn against their UNCONSCIONABLE oppressors, and any person, be they public, private or the police bearing ARMS will be 'shot down' by land owners in the same way as they would shoot a 'fox' or 'wolf' or mad 'dog' because in truth any person defiant of God is a mad dog.

Soon, as the prophesied global war intensifies north of the equator, millions will be heading 'south,' and Tasmania will be the 'Jewel of the Pacific' destination, so there is very little time to prepare for this ARMED invasion. No army or police force will halt IT so we need to prepare the 'ground' RULES so that everyone knows that: AS LONG AS they do not disturb the peace they can freely enter and get on with their life unhindered. They will all have to feed themselves as there will be no provision of aid other than from welfare societies, truly godly locals, and by their own efforts.

The earth changes soon to be are extraordinary and unbelievable, and 'millions' will be driven MENTALLY to go to a better and safer place. Even here there is the possibility that the road between Launceston and Hobart becomes lined both sides by a 'tent city' of an unprecedented size housing millions.

Everyone of every 'tribe' seeks PEACE and security for their families. Foolish are those who do not see this and who plot to steal or punish using political decrees as their justification.

As I see it, I have given the Tasmania police and judiciary over 15 years of my 'life' and TIME of exclusive communication, hoping that together, we could UPLIFT  the consciousness of humanity from here, as we educate everyone. No more impoverishment of our neighbours by fine extortion or punishment.

The millions of dollars extracted from the purses of THE PEOPLE in 'fines' are a clear indictment upon humanity as to their total defiance of God and denial of His Command. I can state quite categorically that there are but a 'handful' of people on earth today who are FACTUALLY living as our Creator DEMANDS.

All others ARE on the wide road to hell and eternal damnation irrespective of their BELIEFS to the contrary.

There is no more I can do, so I 'rest' my pen and leave all the 'errant' such as the prosecutor Brett Steele and magistrate Marron to GOD. They know I am merciful and NO 'threat' to them, so IF they are ever 'ready' to seek my counsel then I am only a phone call away.

All I can add is, that there is a deep Spiritual Truth I now give the magistrate and every reader. It is to do with 'karma,' being the 'Law of Return' of God's energy used in ones interaction with others.

If I am a True believer and I am able to remain strong in my 'faith' and I thus stand 'above' your punitive and extortionist and controlling attack and, - - - if my emotions are steady and I feel no emotional 'agony' nor part with any 'fines' money nor obey your 'restrictive' movement by vehicle demands, it means that you have accrued NO spiritual 'karmic' dues to God on MY 'account,' for I have suffered naught and lost naught.

If ahead however, you send armed men to my door to either steal my property forcefully or to kidnap me and hold me hostage in a dungeon, then this loss of worldly goods and loss of freedom becomes your personal karmic dues to God and ahead, in this world or the next. This also means you will be forced to suffer the same. This applies to any trauma felt by my family due to your punitive interaction with me.

It also follows, that all those people funding your activities and supporting your dark ways accrue a 'percentage' complicity due. I sincerely HOPE that you and every reader comprehend the 'Absolute Justice' of our God who knows and sees all.

Magistrate Marron and all 'purveyors' of suffering need to comprehend that I AM IN THEIR FACE for as long as God's grace extends to them in doing ITS best to elevate their miserable souls. Let us now join hands and assist everyone to move upwards into THE LIGHT.

100% obedience to God's Command and the education of offenders is the ONLY way to Salvation as you live the ONE TRUE FAITH.

You owe it to your own soul to love and be loved.
Foolish are those who terrorise and are then persecuted forever & ever & ever

Terence, the plenipotentiary of God

   Important Note: - 1

It needs to be clearly understood by those seeking to BE true to God and themselves that as magistrates are in the 'business' of CAUSING HARM to others in the community for reasons required by their 'wage,' then they are in fact guilty of 'disturbing the peace of the land' and they need to BE 'caught' and counselled and thus educated equally as any other person being an 'offender.'

Because everyone today has been 'brought up' in a world where it is a common 'factor' that one cannot do ANYTHING without: 1 - Asking permission from another and 2: - Paying an up front licence fee to another or be punished, it does not mean that either of these activities are anything other than INSANITY due to the arrogance and vanity of those invoking them in the first instance. Naturally if you do not know how to to build a hut then you can simply ask someone, but you do not have to build IT to another's specifications.

If you wish to go 'fishing' to feed yourself or others etc., then do so. If any person states that you are 'illegal' because you have no licence 'fee paid' receipt, then so be it, but do not give them any money for any reason. Just tell them to look to this God's golden web pages or they WILL go to HELL.

It is now THE TIME for all the true TO STAND up and BE counted by God

I have raised UP a 'Render unto Caesar' document to assist every 'believer in God' seeking to "Do the right thing by GOD" and doing the RIGHT thing for the benefit of their own soul and coming ETERNAL destiny. The 'biblical' texts  around this issue have given enforcers 'licence' to steal endless taxes from the PEOPLE in the name of God, and I clarify a little of it here in an extract from my treatise on the matter.

It must BE clearly understood from the 'outset' that one cannot serve TWO 'Masters' having opposing doctrines.

Caesar represented by 'State' governments commands obedience to ITS rules and grants PROTECTION using armed forces. (WAR)

God Commands obedience to His RULING Command: "Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy" and promises HIS protection to the FAITHFUL who obey HIM. (PEACE)

It is your 'choice' as to 'which' ideology you adhere to. It is my 'job' for God to expose that IF you 'vote' for man to LEAD you and protect you then you must 'Render unto Caesar' taxes to PAY for his armed forces. Try and understand that as you so do, all that Caesar's forces DO UNTO OTHERS is done in your name and on your behalf and you are complicit. (An accomplice as they are your servants)

It follows that all the control, subjugation, interference, extortion, fine, punishment, injury or killing of OTHERS becomes your DUE to GOD within the immutable Law of God. No 'mandate of man' nor 'official' position nor mandate nullifies nor voids the implementation of God's LAW.


It follows that a TRUE believer of 'Christian or Islam' or other must NOT fund INIQUITY or the imposition thereof upon OTHERS because, that activity is in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF GOD'S Command and brings 'grief' eternally upon the ignorant or arrogant.

It is too 'simplistic' to say: "We must pay taxes for the benefit of society." Certainly we MUST pay for all benign community effort or services we PERSONALLY seek to support or use. Pay the 'roads department directly. Pay the hospital authority or schools directly. Pay the builder or plumber or gardener directly etc. Do NOT fund the coffers of any institution which uses 'force of arms' against others. Education is the way, not punishment.

Simply put: Do nice things to others and God via kind others does nice things to YOU (kind, loving, merciful)
Simply put: Do nasty things to others and God via cruel others does nasty things to YOU (cruel, hateful, merciless)

God's Law of return for the use of HIS creative or destructive ENERGY is 'absolute Justice in action.'

NEVER take a wage to uphold RULES in a book which force you to defy God.
NEVER pay a wage to others to uphold RULES in a book which force both them and you to defy God.

If you fill out a 'tax return' and pay income tax to Caesar (State) it proves to God that you are an unfaithful person defying Him and funding iniquity, being the subjugation, enslavement, punishment and killing of His other children as YOU contravene His Ruling Command.

To read more on this issue go HERE or:  

Important Note: - 2

As an employee, your ‘boss’ needs to know that IF he is deducting money from pay checks without the prior approval of his workers, then he is stealing on behalf of a ‘heavy’ organisation. You might like to consider sending him a note stating:

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a conflict of 'conscience' and have been advised by my spiritual advisor in respect of the tax deductions you  take from my wages. Be advised that; as I am a peaceful person, I cannot continue to fund a contra warring system of belief. I can only fund benign community effort directly. Please therefore do not take any more 'tax' monies out of my pay check on behalf of others.

Please forward a copy of this letter to the ATO and they then can then take the matter up directly with me.


If your employer is of the same ideology of peace then they can also write directly to the ATO stating:

Dear ATO management, I now understand that due to my religious ideological belief in PEACE, that it is error to be working as a 'taxing' servant of a contra punitive system that has the policy of forcefully extorting money from people or punishing or waging war on other people.

My advisor states that in so doing, that I become complicit to all the harm and injury or financial loss imposed by the 'government system' upon others in the community or over the sea. Thus, as this 'harm' is a contravention of the ‘Peace & love & mercy’ Command of God unto man, I can no longer condone it nor work as a tax collector for the government taxation office of Australia, nor can I continue to personally support IT (the government) in paying any more taxes.

I add, I now realise that unless I receive a personal ‘agreement’ from each employee authorising me to deduct taxes from their wages, that I cannot so do as this would be ‘theft’ and an illegal and criminal activity in God's eyes.

I am always willing to GIVE spare funds to a worthy community or 'aged' or other welfare effort, but from now on I will only fund benign community effort  or services used by me directly or those I wish to give my support to