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~ The Judgement of the Court & my response to all mankind ~
This is an educational document

In reference to the judgement delivered against Clemencia Barnes by magistrate Reg. Marron on 8th August 2014 I state: Magistrate Marron made a number of 'grave' errors of judgement in this case because:

1 - The primary aspect of the case was the failure to pay a monetary penalty FINE.

2 - The secondary aspect of the case was the punitive driver disqualification imposed on the driver by the state under the traffic act for the failure to pay said fine.

3 - The third aspect of this case arose when Mrs. Barnes was 'found' to be driving whilst disqualified. This third aspect then became the FOCAL point in the mind of the magistrate who remained oblivious to the OVERRIDING primary factor.

What then were the ERRORS of his 'case' judgement?

a) - Magistrate Marron failed to see that the defence was based upon the FACTS. Those facts being that; within '1' (primary aspect) above Clemencia had IMMUNITY from persecution and prosecution within the Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' clauses. These clauses consist of the immunity and protection 'promised' to THE PEACEFUL by the Constitutional Sovereign Powers of the institution the magistrate serves.

The 'fine' and subsequent driver disqualification would or could have been dismissed by the High Court judges having the powers of jurisdiction over constitutional affairs.

b) - Magistrate Marron failed to see that a magistrates court is 'secondary' and is therefore not entitled to 'judge' constitutional matters.

c) - Magistrate Marron clearly stated that he had 'examined' the traffic act used by the prosecution and he then compared IT to the constitutional acts which led to magistrate Marron then coming to his decision. Magistrate Marron does not see that he has NO powers and NO authority to 'judge' anything in contravention of the constitutional rules/acts/laws.

d) - Magistrate Marron should have told the prosecutor to take his complaint to the High Court.  

The fine was imposed illegally by magistrate Marron. The consequences now arising from Clemencia not paying the fines will increase due to his punitive and ILLEGAL action and unconstitutional procedure. It also follows that the police (backed by the magistrate) are complicit in carrying out the illegal activity of religious intolerance and persecution backed by threat and coercion and intimidation.

Regrettably magistrate Marron and many other Tasmanian magistrates have FOUND the JUSTIFICATION to exceed their judicial powers because they are apparently not aware of said powers or they choose to ignore them. Either way, ignorance of THE LAW is not bliss, as everyone is to now find out.


The magistrate wears the 'cloak' of an honest and judicious person, so I can only HOPE that he soon awakens and sees his ERRORS because he has a compassionate heart.

Magistrate Marron is extremely ignorant of the FACTS in relation to his POWERS to 'execute' punitive measures against THE PEACEFUL who do NOT disturb the peace and who also do NOT disobey the SUPERIOR RULINGS of the Constitution, which in fact, he has done. As a consequence, magistrate Marron is unknowingly 'aiding and abetting' monetary EXTORTION through the ACT of illegal punishment.

Woe indeed for magistrates backed by armed men, for they unknowingly place a very cold, hard and agonising penalty upon their own heads within God's absolute Justice to be 'executed' by God when He so decides. The 'Sword of Damocles' is sharp indeed.



Open letter to Lara Giddings

Dear Lara, thank you for your reply to my outreach - in fact it went out to all Australian politicians, and you were the only one to respond.

Lara, I am a minister of God's Word and teacher of spiritual truth and head of the on line global 'One True Faith' outreach program.

I am Mrs Barnes spiritual advisor and legal counsel in respect of her Constitutional rights. Clemencia is an absolute pacifist. and does her best to obey God's Command of peace & love & mercy & compassion at all times and in all situations.

It follows that for Clemencia to remain faithful and true to her conscience, ideological belief and God, she cannot support nor fund by taxes or fines any person or institution having the contra religious ideological belief in control, subjugation, punishment, causing of harm or waging war. In her opinion, for her to fund a contra ideology would be a contravention by her of said Command of God.

As an absolute pacifist Clemencia further believes that any forceful or injurious or punitive activity is 'terrorism,' and she cannot fund such activity which in her opinion is no less than 'official' war waged upon other members of the community. (herself included)

I am a very concerned citizen because in reference to my words in the prior letter to you I did state:

Even here in Tasmania, the police are interfering in the lives of the peaceful, and they are backed by dishonourable magistrates who fine, punish and jail people who have not disturbed the peace and who are living within the constraints of the 'laws' of the Constitution. (Never disturbing the peace)

Indeed, these magistrates exceed their judicial powers and mandate as they 'hear' and judge matters beyond their JURISDICTION. This is TREASON, and none of these mortals 'gives a damn.'

Why am I concerned? Because again this very week, (Court 3 on 8th Aug) Clemencia Barnes was 'convicted' of an 'assumed' offence by magistrate Reg. Marron who totally ignored her RIGHTS of immunity granted by the Constitutional 'Freedom of religion' clause and he simply chose to impose a fine on her.

In so doing he convicted himself as Treasonable and exceeding the powers of his 'lower court' jurisdiction, as he 'judged' a matter of 'faith and ideological conduct,' being a constitutional matter beyond his jurisdiction. The other reality is that he also ignored the primary causal factor leading up to the matter brought before him by the equally ignorant prosecutor.

This in fact gives the police 'licence' to continue in their religious persecution and interfere in her affairs because it allows them to continue to demand money from her in a coercive attempt to force her to change her religious ideological belief by insisting that she must support their contra 'ways.' This is again a 'forbidden by law' treasonable activity leading to civil unrest.

Launceston police prosecutor Brett Steele sees my 'outreaches' as being of no value in his words to magistrate Marron when asked to read the statement of submission. Regrettably the police as yet FAIL to see their own treasonable activities.

They also fail to see that I AM their only 'friend' doing his best to awaken them from their reverie, for they see NOT that all their punitive activities are causing harm, a harm that becomes a painful due upon their own 'heads' within God's immutable and JUST 'eye for an eye' Law. It is now the time for education rather than vindictive warmongering, causing pain, emotional trauma and financial loss to community members.

It is obvious to me that there are NO Tasmanian magistrates who have taken the time to know anything about their legal rights or otherwise to 'judge' matters of belief, conscience or religious ideology because, in the case of Clemencia they ALL transgress THE LAWS they swear an oath to uphold. They, backed by force of arms, (police) simply impose their rulings in total arrogance and in ignorance of their ILLEGAL activities as they remain ignorant to the most severe consequences for themselves. 

Are you able to please advise me to 'whom' magistrates are 'beholden' or to whom I need to direct a complaint so that they are brought into LINE through EDUCATION. The 'care-less' use of Constitutional matters must surely be a priority needing CORRECTION.

I attach my open and on line response to the magistrates judgement which I sent to his secretary today.

Sincerely - Terence

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