~ Open letter to Maryanne Keefe ~
Australian Taxation Office

Dear Maryanne,

Reference: Clemencia Barnes

I refer to your phone call to Mrs. Clemencia Barnes and my 'call back' on her behalf as I said: I speak to you due to her being mentally and emotionally 'stressed to the limit' by the continued demands of your department that she must 'comply or suffer the consequence.'

You did state to me that 'she' has an OBLIGATION to fill out tax returns and now via me she states to you:

Maryanne, you and I both have an obligation to OBEY and thus live within the precepts of God's Command being: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive thine enemy." I cannot give in to your demands as now at 69 years of age I seek to fully obey God and not fund any organisation which has 'controlling & punitive doctrine' which contravenes and thus conflicts with my belief and conscience.

I add that you have an ADDED obligation to obey the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution of your own institutional operational 'order' and mandate and thus NOT persecute me for simply living in accordance with my RIGHTS and entitlement granted unto me by God and your own 'Rules of engagement' with the public. Rules which many ATO officials are proven to IGNORE in a very treasonable manner indeed.

Maryanne, what you also need to see of great importance is that as it is your 'pen' to 'report' Clemencia to the ATO prosecutions you are in FACT before God stating to THEM:

"Clemencia Barnes has failed to conform with our doctrinal requirements and is thus of a different 'ideological belief' and must therefore be brought into 'line' into conformity with ours by punishment so that she 'rejoins' our system of belief even though she does not wish to and has clearly stated to us on many occasions that FROM NOW ON she wishes to ONLY fully obey the dictated Command of our God and thus ONLY fund benign community effort as is her entitlement."

Maryanne, your stated 'courtesy call' to give her the opportunity of conformity to your demands is in FACT a veiled threat and coercion stating: "Clemencia, if you do not 'perform' NOW I will begin 'court' action to FORCE YOU INTO CONFORMITY or ongoing 'loss & suffering." That Maryanne is the FACT as seen by God and me.

I am very concerned for your own 'wellbeing' Maryanne which is simply due to the ATO officials believing in their position of ABSOLUTE POWER backed by 'force of arms,' seeing NOT that it is but an 'illusion of grandeur' which soon, very soon, will expose them all as being full of INIQUITY for persecuting a very loving lady of the LIGHT in a dastardly, unconscionable, treasonable manner which is ANARCHY in action.

The link to my on line 'case' exposing the error of funding the ATO and the present pending 'case' around the 'Freedom of religion' clause is at:


The officials of the ATO use 'text' to validate their demands for monetary extortion from the community which has gone on for centuries but is revealed by me as ERROR and a contravention of God's Command as it is funding the interference in the lives of and control of and punishment of others.

Thus all taxpayers are guilty of defiance of God's "Go you way in peace & love one another" Command and all done unto others in their name and on their behalf as 'supporters' becomes their spiritual DUE within the immutable "Law of God" - - - As you do is done unto you.

So, my Court case 'hearing' commences on May 1 and Clemencia has one commencing April 10 - both at Launceston.

It might 'behove' your prosecutions to hold off bringing charges against Clemencia until my case is finalised, for IF it goes to my favour then a precedent will have been set whereby non voters* (See note) being those as Clemencia and I will not be subjected to and subjects of 'extortionists.' (ATO)

Yes, the Australian Taxation Office rules and regulations are what ENABLE extortion due to being backed by force of arms and punishment and that factor makes it an ILLEGAL operation within the precepts of God's 'Peace & love & mercy' COMMAND. (This extortion by force has been going on since 'primitive' times when strong men used 'clubs' to take from the weaker.)

When the ATO officials state: "We demand that you obey us and give us what we demand or we will punish you by 'impoverishment' one way or another," what they are in fact stating is: "We hold THE POWER and we will use IT against you because we are 'as' God."

I say that THE POWER used is the forbidden by God to use destructive energy of God being the 'fruit' from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and all who use IT in their action against another child of GOD will die in their sin and BE cast into the underworld of eternal suffering. (Man sees NOT the deceit of the Dark which states: 'No you will not die in your sin you will simply know the difference between good and evil.')

Be advised that there is NO need to 'concern' yourself with any more 'courtesy' calls which I personally perceive as an arrogant intrusion albeit by you a loving lady seeing NOT what you so 'kindly' do in the course of your duty to your wage. (30 pieces of silver)

Clemencia is assisting ME in my 'Godly cause' to expose ERROR of doctrinal belief to humanity and she will if required 'front up' before a magistrate with MY pen (God's) as her WITNESS, and we will all SEE the end result.

Be assured that ANY person involved in the persecution or prosecution, show GOD their FALSE 'colours' and HE will for SURE consign them all BELOW in the Abyss of eternal agony. This is no 'threat or coercion' but a FACTUAL STATEMENT from my 'sacred' pen which sees all and knows all and is the ONE to 'Judge' errant mankind.

Maryanne, please pass this ON to your prosecutions officials, and I can but hope they will await the 'judgement' on my case before proceeding, and I truly HOPE that not ONE of them is 'such a dope' as to continue to defy their God and defy the superior rules of their OWN organisation. To so do is pure arrogance and pure insanity. So be IT, but I do not 'wish' for you or anyone to place their foot into a deadly snare from which there is NO escape. All mankind errs and very short indeed is the 'time' left for 'each' to amend their ways.

I suggest and hope that 'someone' in the ATO has a little insight and can READ and then send a letter of extreme apology to Clemencia and leave her to her conscience & BELIEFS.

  • I have placed this letter on line as an 'update' at: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm 

  • Please visit the above link and read my Update 21 March 2014: Letter to Launceston magistrate Marron via his secretary Mrs Crawford.

    Big changes are now on the way, for man takes by demand and reprimand and God states "Ask and you will receive"

    Sincerely - Terence 

     Note: non voters*

    It needs to be understood by politicians and their officials that when a person does not 'Vote' it is because they:

    1 - Are absolute pacifists and, - - -

    2 - They have NO 'confidence' in any man to lead them along the correct path and, - - -

    3 - They also see and believe that the 'protectionist policies' espoused by politicians is in contravention of God's Command and, - - -

    4 - They thus seek not any 'protection' by armed forces because they cannot support or condone the persecution or punishment or killing of others and, - - -

    5 - Thus their 'vote' is for their God as head of house and they bow to His Command at all times and in all situations and they only fund benign community effort.

    6 - As politicians have made 'voting' a compulsory act or suffer a consequence it shows their ongoing purity of arrogance whereby they perceive themselves 'as' God or superior to God, and my pen (God's) states that everyone so 'arrogant' is to now FALL. Any person choosing God as their 'leader' who does OBEY God and thus never 'disturbs the peace of others' is to be left in peace.

    The below additions are an extract from my 'The inner energy essence of God THE SOURCE'

    His (God's) invisible power is so great that YOU do NOT see that His earthly forces inspired by THE Serpent and ITS forces use RULES backed by threat and coercion to keep YOU absolutely JUSTIFIED in continuing to fund and support and condone HIS interfering, controlling, extortionist, punitive, merciless and unforgiving ways (Justifiably) so as to ensure YOUR downfall.

    Man sees NOT the absolute POWER of the DARK energy within which exist, being the emotions of liquid VENGEANCE and liquid HATRED and liquid merciless and unforgiving RETRIBUTION.

    This means that when you or any have used the DARK POWER in your interaction with any other in defiance of THE COMMAND, the DARK essence does ITS 'utmost' FOREVER to keep you using ITS energy so that it can FOREVER (Justifiably & legally) 'berate' and punish you within ITS 'eye for an eye ~ equal return' Law and, - - - worse still, - - -

    As you continue to use ITS Dark energy in your interaction with others, ITS energy 'sticks' or continues to grow and contaminate your soul FOREVER until your spirit soul IS 'inky black and liquid evil inside,' and over eternal time, it is drawn further away from the Light and into the depths of utter darkness, savagery, insane turmoil, agony and destruction.

    You have been 'warned,' and IF you are so arrogant as to defy His 'bride's' FINAL message through me then, - - -

     That IS your personal choice to suffer for an eternity and to then FRY for another eternity  - - -

    The DARK energy essence of the Source feels 'joyous' as IT balances ITS malignant 'Scales of Justice' using hatred.
    The LIGHT energy essence of the Source feels 'joyous' as IT balances ITS beneficent  'Scales of Justice' using love.

    Both aspects of God's ENERGY are absolute and 'utter' PERFECTION

    Have I said enough to UPLIFT your soul? I add a little more so as to satisfy MYSELF that NO 'stone' has been left 'unturned' by my pen for I do KNOW the absolute Truth that all are ON the wider road to HELL FOREVER unless my pen enlightens them, so please endure a few more words from IT:

    Man sees NOT that THE FATHER (God) holds within His 'frame' all the dark foreboding and destructible energy and ITS mass and power is incomprehensible to YOU. It 'holds' within ITS LIMITLESS frame all known and unknown negative emotional energy, and He 'tells' His creation YOU that IF you 'sup' on IT you will 'die in your sin' because HE (IT the energy) 'brooks' NO 'contenders' to His THRONE of absolute power, and He (IT and ITS nature) sets out TO, and thus ultimately destroys all He sees having some of His dark energy in their soul. (sin)

    ONLY the Wisdom of She His Light VIA my pen (Hers ~ His) can save you IF you accept and obey IT (unquestionably)

    Proceeding from His darkness is the eternal fire which creates She THE LIGHT who is creative & loving & kind & merciful & compassionate & forgiving and all positive emotions, and She the Light is His eternal DELIGHT.

    You cannot enter into Her realm and stroll around in His sight if you have even ONE 'speck' of His darkness within you because, IT would 'blot' and spoil His 'canvas' and as said, He does not only NOT 'permit' you into His sight, but He also has BECOME YOUR ENEMY and He sets out to crush you underfoot for ASSUMING your RIGHT to 'be as HE' and Fight and impose JUSTICE.

    So 'indeed,' every realm such as 'earth' or any other of the many which exist invisibly to 'us' here are ruled by HIM via men in power who using His 'force of arms' backup go forth and interfere, control, subjugate, berate, threaten, coerce, punish, dispossess, injure, kill etc. BUT, - - - what simple man does not see is that all this imposition and suffering is 'our' due within His 'eye for an eye' LAW and, - - -

    His intent is to keep everyone defiant of His Command to: "Only love" so that everyone continues drawing IN more and more Dark (sin) energy, and they thus not only suffer more and more control and deprivation and suffering, but they FALL further and further from His LIGHT and His sight and, - - -

    It is the time for all to see that His 'powerbrokers' are merciless as they administer His decrees upon all sinners, and ONLY those who have the courage to STOP 'voting' and STOP supporting and funding interference and punishment of OTHERS, will be set free as they 'follow' the message issuing forth from ME.

    All the MESSAGE can DO for you is to ENLIGHTEN you and you and YOU and it is entirely then up to YOU to amend your ways or DIE.