~ Letter to the monetary penalties enforcement service of Tasmania ~

From: Terence
Sent: Friday, 7 February 2014 11:29 AM
To: Drake, Katherine (DoJ)
Subject: Truth absolute


Dear Madam, I just spoke to 'Paul' at your office asking for the name of the 'Director MPES,' as the fines notice was so stamped as the authority making monetary demands upon my purse.

I am hoping that your 'thoughts' around my past letters to your department are not as Paul stated to me 'Your correspondence is utter nonsense so why bother to write again"?

I have an extremely important 'job' in seeking to elevate the consciousness of the whole human race and this is why I drop this 'courtesy' note to you, for times passes swiftly and there is not much 'left' for those as yourself defiant of God's Command.

I just state quite categorically AS God's 'pen' and eternal 'Judge' that THE DAY OR MOMENT IN TIME when you 'sign' any paper or have any document stating 'Director MPES' which begins ANY commencement of 'enforcement' action against me is the moment in eternal TIME when our God judges YOU as 'unworthy' and by your OWN 'punitive' actions against me you consign your own soul to the Abyss of eternal suffering.

For you assistance and benefit I remind YOU that our God Commands that 'we' go our way as per HIS dictate:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

I also remind you that NO political 'decree' nor mandate nor official position voids or nullifies the implementation of God's RETURN Law of "As you do is done unto you," NOR does it VOID obeying His Command at ALL times and in ALL situations.

For your 'interest' I am in court on 17th Feb at Launceston to AGAIN and finally state my 'case' in respect of the OVERRIDING authority of the 'Freedom of religion' clause of the Constitution. The 'ACT" which NULLIFIES or supersedes ANY later day or other legislation or decrees.

Please visit my pages and READ my already on line defence as I place Tasmania on the world stage to SEE if IT is going to now BE an honourable place or if it is to continue to be 'run' by thieving SWINE. Go to;



~ The 'fines' Ransom Trade ~
The 'culture' of extortion, a 'political conspiracy'

Any organisation or person who 'legislates' the extortion of money (fines) for non-conformity to their dictates is a THIEF and they are also EXTORTIONISTS for they back their demands with FORCE OF ARMS.

Every FINE imposed upon man is a monetary 'Ransom' to be met or the alternative THREAT is stated as being an ADDED DEBT and more suffering is imposed.

NEVER pay any Ransom money for ANY reason. Why? Because if you do, you are aiding the terrorists * to entangle their OWN souls deeper in the 'web' of the killer Dark SPIDER * that has them 'trapped' and, - - - -

IF you pay the Ransom it shows IT (The Spider) that you are also trapped by ITS coercion and you accrue a further 'due' to IT for supporting ITS extortionist ACTIVITIES against others in the community.

Note:  terrorists * - Any person or 'official' in a government office making any demand for money for ANY reason, be it punitive or otherwise using 'force of arms' as their 'back up' is a person defiant of God and being used by the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power to coerce people into supporting and joining the FALSE religion of WAR with ITS devastating consequences spiritually for all concerned. 

Note: FALSE religion of WAR * - Being the false ideological belief and ‘conscience vote’ of people who have been taught or, they feel justified in the merciless and unforgiving V- for Vendetta vengeance of retribution and punitive or supposedly 'restorative justice payback’ which of itself is in contravention of God’s command unto man.

Note: Dark SPIDER * - Being the infinite intelligence core of the forbidden to use destructive energy of God the Source. The bejewelled serpent mesmerises all whom trespass into ITS domain and use ITS energy in their interaction with others.

Arrogant man believes that a majority vote empowering ‘someone’ nullifies or VOIDS the ‘eye for an eye’ RETURN of God’s energy used.

None seeing that as they bring punitive ‘judgement’ upon the heads of others, they pave the way to the day ahead when the EQUAL judgement of all suffering they imposed returns upon their own head in this world or the next. (The 'life' and journey of the soul is eternal and does not end with the 'mortality' of the biological body)

No official position or ‘office’ nullifies God’s Law say I the Plenipotentiary of God.

Sincerely - Terence