~ Open letter to Mrs. Katherine Drake ~
Director - t
he Monetary penalties fines enforcement office, Tasmania.

Ref: Mrs. C. Barnes: Complaint 34841/13

Dear Katherine,

Our divine sister Clemencia is emotionally 'stressed to the hilt' due to her inner emotions of fear and trepidation and dread which do encompass many on earth and which are 'triggered' by circumstances as we all should know.

What those in official positions do not know is that if they are the ones 'responsible' for causing said emotional TRAUMA then within the superior Law of God, they 'later' are subjected to the same suffering because that is the 'Absolute Justice' of God's ENERGY.

It is a 'phallic' fantasy to believe or say: "Well its your own fault for disobeying us and our rules."

In this 'case' the rule stated that if a person failed to pay a 'fine' then their driver's licence PERMIT would be nullified until such date said fine was paid.

Since you take a wage to uphold said rules then it follows that you are prepared to suffer the consequence arising from the suffering caused by your ACTIONS. You may believe that it was the failure or the non action taken by Clemencia which caused her to 'later' suffer but, it is ONLY I with the insight to JUDGE the facts.

The primary fact is that neither I nor Clemencia perceive you or your rules as our enemy as such. We only perceive YOU, the various prosecutors and the 'foolish' JP who signed the 'summons' as being very ignorant of THE FACTS and of the errors concerning their authority.

Further to this, but everyone living today have totally forgotten not only THE COMMAND of THE Creator but also the reality of His immutable singular LAW which has got naught to do with political decrees named 'the law.'

Clemencia is the the FIRST LADY on earth to read, comprehend and support the peaceful doctrine prescribed by our God to mankind through my pen. Thus she has placed herself 'on the front line' and has consequently been threatened by the Australian Taxation Office and others for a very long time indeed and now it is the MPES and their 'bully boys' the police service lads, who take UP a cudgel against her.

Regrettably, every magistrate has also chosen to deny and defy their OWN operational mandate and to treasonably ignore THE LAWS written as their authorised mandate within THE CONSTITUTION of their own institution.

Where does this leave Clemencia and me? In a very difficult position. NOT for 'us,' but for YOU. How or why? Because all we can do is to TRY our damndest to AWAKEN you and all concerned from your spell-binding reverie. My concern is that your spell-binding reverie is one in which the end result for you all IS ABSOLUTE TERROR AND TURMOIL AND SUFFERING.

Katherine, for countless centuries there have been people employed by 'barons' who believe that their 'Rule by force of arms' via the use of 'mercenaries' using weapons is their DIVINE RIGHT. Today, similarly, politicians employ those as YOU to also so do and it is extremely difficult for me to understand 'why' a daughter of God (you) would be so inconsiderate as to seek the punishment of her spiritual sister whom she has not met and cause her harm and make her in fear 'fret,' all for a false wage.

Katherine, I would never pay you or anyone a wage to go forth in my name or on my behalf to interfere in the lives of any others because of my 'personality' and depth of 'insight' and spiritual awareness and, - - - this is ALSO 'why' Clemencia cannot now fund your institution anymore as my 'pen' has enlightened her.

Katherine, the FACT that you have the use of 'forceful' MEANS to punish and thus put people 'in their place' does NOT mean that your actions are RIGHT in God's sight. Neither does it make the 'police' activity 'legal' when politicians 'decree' their demands through your 'office' which engage the police SERVICES and direct them to go forth and threaten, coerce, or bully people to 'obey or suffer' which takes place the 'moment' a summons is delivered.

Katherine, the present 'treatment' meted out by the PUNITIVE COURT SYSTEM is an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY in the eyes of God.

Katherine, the present 'treatment' meted out to absolute pacifists by the PUNITIVE COURT SYSTEM is an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY according to 'THE RULES of engagement' of your own 'Company' CONSTITUTIONAL authority or mandate.

If there is only 2% or less of the population who BELIEVE that it is unconscionable for them to condone, support or FUND the interference, punishment, control or the mental and emotional or physical 'torture' of others then THAT IS THEIR prerogative and they must BE 'left in peace' and NOT be 'forced at gun point' to 'join' in what they perceive as UNGODLY - UNCIVIL - INIQUITOUS ACTIVITY.

If YOU using your own 'chosen' position of Power do the above then within THE LAW of THE energy of God at a later date it is your soul to be placed in THE same situation whereby VERY powerful forces will terrify you and thus coerce you into joining their 'ranks' and FOREVER is the ongoing trauma imposed within THE LAW OF GOD. (Justifiably)

We of the 'never never or ever ever' disagree with and abhor the government policy of:

The subjugation of the population.
The enslavement of the population.
The cruel inhumane treatment of 'boat' people.
Their belief in their 'ownership' of everything, land, sea, air space.
Their interference in the lives of all using dictates backed by punishment enforcement.

In fact the 'list' would fill many pages, but THE REALITY is that even if there was only ONE 'item' disagreed with then we are entitled to NOT support, condone nor fund IT. As said, it is our RIGHT guaranteed (supposedly) by your own institution as long as we do not disturb the peace of others as do YOU.

We are only 'interested' in funding the benign aspects of society and the upliftment of the psyche of the unconscionable errant ones through EDUCATION.

Katherine, if you knew of the immutable Law of God then you would not be able to sleep at night. Why? Because as you presently 'sleep' you see not and know not that your present and past 'victims' are awake - - - and are trying to suppress their 'troubling' thoughts and emotions which go on and on and on because they know NOT 'what' they can do about YOUR 'official' demands and the impositions of the magistrates due to your summons and 'complaints.'

Madam, to me you ARE a treasured 'daughter of God' and one to BE 'adored' and I implore you to try and see what it IS I say to you because I do not 'wish' for God's created creature YOU to be cast into the PIT OF OBLIVION due to my 'lack' nor through your own ignorance. Please give your beautiful spirit soul more than a 'CHANCE.' It is not a 'gamble' but a certainty that anyone continuing to abuse anyone is 'done for.'

I AM the ONE sent by GOD to show THE WAY for ANY seeking to AVOID their present destination IN THE VOID. I state that one cannot use TEXT in a book to 'legitimise' defiance of God and the punishment of anyone and NOT be subjected to God's Law. To so believe is the 'ultimate' daydream SPELL of the Serpent 'Lui' over the mind of man. It can and will and does drag everyone it 'spell-binds' down into ITS lair of eternal suffering.

Certainly the vain and arrogant and power hungry who use 'armed forces' to subjugate and control and RULE others have the 'entitlement' to so DO, - - - BUT - - - it is I to advise them that EVERY 'last' ONE of their 'predecessors' who have 'passed on' into spirit after earthly 'death' have been and yet are confined in an extremely terrifying PLACE that is NOT 'fit' for a lady nor in fact for anyone.

Katherine, all interference is MOLESTATION in one form or another. It is all one and the same thing whether it is carried out by you or I as members of the public or by those mandated by their own rules to so do. It all leads to TERROR and confinement IN THE ABYSS.

Please NOW look to REASON and begin to show 'respect' to EVERYONE and please give up your 'post' before DARK FORCES literally 'roast' you alive on an endless basis. It can and does happen because our spirit souls DO live ON forever 'somewhere.'

Please therefore HELP ME by reading and comprehending all that I have been writing for 20 years to elevate the consciousness of everyone.

Please therefore also help your personal 'self' by withdrawing your complaint and the summons before the due date on 10 April because, if you do not, then it is THE PROOF to God that you not only defy HIM, but you also believe that you are entitled to overrule the mandate granted unto you by THE CONSTITUTION of your own institution.

IF I was you or the prosecutor's 'serving officer' I would IMMEDIATELY phone Clemencia at 63918295 and say: "I apologise for 'our' ERROR."

I am an 'old' 75 years and not 'long' left in this sorry place and I can but HOPE that soon, - - - some - - - realise that I am not a 'deluded dope' and they then come to me with 'cap in hand' and assist me to UPLIFT all Tasmanians.

Why not come and meet me and have a cup of tea?

I have today just written my FINAL pages for 'She' Mother God to awaken the lost and IT is on line at:


There is a copy of this letter on line on page 1 of my document: 'Is the 'freedom of religion' dead or alive in Tasmania':

Sincerely - Terence