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~ Open letter to Mrs. Katherine Drake ~
Director - t
he Monetary penalties fines enforcement office, Tasmania.

Ref: Mrs. C. Barnes: Complaint 34841/13

Dear Madam,

As Clemencia Barnes was 'called' to stand before magistrate Marron yesterday 10 April 2014, I stood up and assisted her to the podium 'bar' and stayed there to give her my support and to speak on her behalf if required.

To the court personnel this action appeared 'extraordinary' and I was asked: "Who are you"? To which I replied: "I am a spiritual counsellor assisting Clemencia with her defence." Magistrate Marron wanted to know if there was anything in this 'open' case which had a 'spiritual' connotation and I replied "Yes" and remained standing at the 'bar.'

I write this to you and the prosecutor because of the spiritual and therefore unseen activities of the spirit within man and the consequences thereof. My hope and 'wish' is that soon, someone in THE SYSTEM of enforcement and punishment will do something to avoid themselves from 'swooning' from uncontrollable FEAR.

What you see NOT Katherine is that anything to do with ones God, ones belief or ones conscience is a spiritual matter and that spiritual matter has dire and severe consequences which are also 'unseen' by anyone living in a delusion. You need to always consider the 'spirit' being within the person before you as you interact with them.

In my previous letter to you I did say that our divine sister Clemencia is emotionally 'stressed to the hilt' due to her inner emotions of fear and with some trepidation and dread which is a state which encompasses many on earth today and which are 'triggered' by circumstances as we all should know.

Fearful circumstances arise when men or women such as yourself or other, being police or magistrates backed as they are by lethal weapons create an atmosphere of intimidation through coercive demands which CONFLICT with their beliefs and conscience and the Command of God.

Thus the individual being confronted becomes more 'disturbed' because they FEAR that in the moment of greatest fear that they may give in to the demands imposed which would place them in direct contradiction to the Command of God. A command which the individual is doing their best to OBEY.

In the truest sense these individuals have to overcome their  fear of defying the political edicts. This is no easy task since these edicts  are used by the courts to make demands upon the person on the dock. Sadly it is the ignorant enforcers who are oblivious to the ‘limits’ of their own 'rights' and therefore go ahead blithely meeting out punishment and causing invisible 'agony' while simultaneously ignoring and therefore defying their own Constitutional RULES in disobedience to God.

What neither you nor the court officials saw is that due to Clemencia's inner emotional state on THE DAY yesterday, that she was indeed emotionally (spiritually) TRAUMATISED and, had I not been there to assist, she would probably have missed the 'court' and been in the hospital needing medication.

My question is, are you and the court officials "Guilty" of assault and causing grievous emotional harm in God's eyes? Yes. This type of trauma continues on and on and ON until 'Judgement day' on 26th June and possibly further does it not? Certainly you might believe that IF she simply 'coughs up' the money she becomes FREE but both she and I know that in 'so' doing, she is in breach of God’s requirements of her and that in the act of acquiescing to your ‘court’ demands, she will have to pay for that 'complicity' ahead for supporting similar impositions upon others via your 'services' which she would be funding if she ‘coughed up any money’

Is anyone 'out there' AWARE that within THE LAW of God there is an equal and opposite REACTION to all imposed trauma resulting through the ACTIONS of anyone against ANY of God's children? NO, everyone is asleep and in arrogant ignorance by their blind desire to keep themselves in denial of and 'above' their own superior constitutional rules of engagement..

Your decision to 'go ahead' with persecution and prosecution is INTIMIDATION and coercion because you and your enforcement services 'officials' CHOOSE to let the 'court' decide on the 'outcome,' rather than using the constitutional RIGHTS granted unto NON voters who are absolute pacifists who are simply bowing to the Command of our invisible God and to the RIGHTS granted and PROMISED unto them by your OWN constitutional RULES. Woe indeed.

Note: Our invisible God becomes visible as His Light or Dark ~ creative or destructive ENERGY flows through the mind and hand of mankind. All activity which is in contravention of His Command of peace & love & mercy etc., is of His DARK and places the user thereof INTO the 'eye for an eye' punitive Law of retribution and all who so IMPOSE are similarly imposed upon later in this world or the next

Clemencia who is a very kind and caring and loving Lady of THE LIGHT has chosen 'against all odds' to heed the 'call' of her God via my pen and ITS clarification so she does her best to control her inner fears even though she is stressed to the 'limit' and cannot sleep because she FEARS the confrontational actions of THE POLICE. Like all of us she also relies on her car for transport as she lives far out of town and knows that she can be stopped at any time due to YOUR 'complaint' against her and your DEMANDS as yet outstanding.

Madam, have you any IDEA of 'what' I am talking about? I am stating that God's THOUGHTS are flowing through my MIND at this very moment (She the Light) endeavouring to get you to choose to withdraw the 'driving restriction' and thus releasing Clemencia from HER suffering and RELEASE yourself from ADDING a daily SPIRITUAL 'penalty of suffering' DUE. A due you do daily accrue for being THE ONE who 'for a wage' chose to instigate the traumatic spiritual 'agony' by 'throwing' the burning spear at her IN THE FIRST INSTANCE.

Madam, why 'wait' for the 26th June 'judgement' by magistrate Marron? Surely if you read the 'defence' submission of Clemencia (linked below) you can see that the constitutional rules of engagement authority DO 'overrule' the 'latter day' rules you 'chose' to use in order to interfere, coerce, intimidate, restrict, impoverish, inconvenience and punish? Worse still, you see NOT the ONGOING spiritual HARM you cause your spiritual sister who is a charming Lady of the Light and who is a daughter of God, as you also are. More woe indeed accrued daily by you.

I AM the Plenipotentiary of God and can only 'hope' that you awaken because IF magistrate Marron is the honourable man I believe he is, and he 'Justly' releases Clemencia as IS HER RIGHT, - - - it factually means that your actions were treasonable and that you are PROVEN to be an anarchist defiant of your official authorisation powers granted unto YOU by THE CONSTITUTION and you are defiant of God in factually causing (spiritual) mental and emotional trauma as you did your 'best' to FORCE Clemencia to change her 'belief' in PEACE to that of WAR in funding your 'punitive' system. A very 'dirty' deed INDEED with the severest of repercussions.

This case stems from Clemencia having parked her vehicle in an 'expired' meter and for her subsequent non payment of the fines imposed, leading to 'driver disqualification' as 'allowed' by political decree.

Her conscience dictates that she cannot fund any punitive controlling institution whose officials believe that their institution owns the public roads. She also believes that the council 'rules' do not own the space allotted for parking on the public highway.

Clemencia also understands that IF she was to place money into the meter box that she would be acknowledging that some 'other' owned the public roads which they do NOT. She believes that the public own the 'streets' and that any parking fee is simply the imposition of a TAX. It is her right to so believe and it is a FACT.

Madam, the INSANITY of the day centres around a person being forced at 'gun point' so to speak by 'threat from your department' to give up their rights by losing their means to travel and therefore their income as well as possibly having their property seized and sold if they fail to give in to your monetary demand. 

This 'loss' can be for a parking meter monetary requirement of as little as 10 cents. All this is done to community members through the direct punitive measures of persons holding the FALSE belief that it is their right to tax each and every activity of man.

What man sees not is that 'Salvation' cannot be attained when 'bowing' to political decrees, rules, edicts etc. Salvation is ONLY attainable when bowing to the precepts of God's Command and therefore NEVER supporting nor condoning nor funding the control of, interference in, or intimidation of, nor punishment of OTHER members of the community.

Said ACTIVITY is in direct conflict with God's REQUIREMENTS of peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness because the RULES to which everyone 'bows' actually FORCE every 'follower' into being someone who causes harm to others VIA their paid servants. These paid servants are the enforcers of said rules which do NOT constitute 'the law' they are stated to be because, these so called 'laws' are in fact simply 'edicts' imposed forcefully by endless legislated amendments in order to gain further income for the system.

THE REAL LAW is the energetic return given or imposed by God for any benign or malignant ACTIVITY.

The use of God's forceful MIGHT and destructive power is NOT the way to Heaven, it IS the way to Hell.

Madam, I am aware that many police and others are simply kind and caring people seeking to serve the community honourably as well as serving their their GOD, - - - BUT - - - all have become trapped by the instigator of the DARK rules which 'force' everyone to be unkind, cruel, callous, merciless, inconsiderate, disrespectful and beastly 'swine' in their dealings with others in the community.

In FACT, the DARK energy essence of the Source, God has 'seduced' every political MIND and 'we' are forced by THE GUN into conformity to IT THE DARK as IT seeks to possess EVERYONE. Indeed, the police and other enforcers ARE the 'fall guys' used by the political RULES to defy their God's Command.

I do not believe that the community needs, wants nor desires to be ruled by DARK rules which 'force' everyone to be unkind, cruel, callous, merciless, inconsiderate, disrespectful and beastly 'swine' in their dealings with others in the community. Neither do I believe that it is their interest to have said deeds carried out on their behalf and in their name. I do believe that everyone needs to amend their way (personally) if they wish to change their present 'fateful' destiny in the Dark Abyss of eternal suffering.

Sincerely - Terence

Note: The stated belief of the 'court' officials is that a person 'charged' with an offence is 'innocent until proven guilty,' but contrary to this common belief, an 'offender' is presumed guilty until they prove their innocence to a magistrate. How can they so prove when their persecutors and the magistrate use a different set of rules to those they are supposed to use?

Any monetary demand imposed as a punishment by a court is in fact 'ransom' money extorted from the community and further, the threat of a greater 'alternative' punishment for failure to pay, is blatant COERCION.


The court summons docket

Form 44 (Rule 32)

Charges against you for breach of  Vehicle & Traffic Act 1999 for drive whilst driver licence suspended in respect of which h a Summons was previously served and not been finally disposed of.

By virtue of the powers invested in me by the Justices Act 1959 I require you to appear at the time and place below for the continued hearing of the charge.

Sent from the Court of Petty sessions on 17/2/14  For Personal service – Police delivered

Court of Petty sessions Launceston Tas - Date: 10th April 2014

WARNING ...............if you do not attend in accordance with this notice a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

JP is T.Kerrison ……… Justice of the Peace 5223