Open letter to Mr. Peter Butler, senior case manager - ref 1-11443994251
Australian Taxation Office – v/s- the Sovereign authority of our God.

~ The God Factor ~

Dear Peter, in respect of your letter dated 3 February 2014 to Mrs. C. Barnes I state: As I am the pen designated by our God to elevate the consciousness of man and as Mrs. B is part of God’s plan to release true believers from His sword, I will continue to expose THE TRUTH to you or any who place their bet penny on the Right or Might of the ATO – v/s - the Sovereign authority of our God.

1. In the FIRST instance you have the common BELIEF, as do many, of the divine RIGHT of the ATO to extort all or any monies that the politicians allow you to via THEIR legislation.

2. In the SECOND instance you forget that THE PEOPLE have the God given right to live by His WORD (God's) rather than your institutional sword.

3. In respect of your first paragraph I am NOT raising up Constitutional or Religious arguments. I am simply advising you and your office of the nature of THE authority of your office which stems from the Constitution of your organization.

4. Let it be clearly understood by you and your office staff that people living on earth or in this particular land are NOT automatically owned by, enslaved by, or serfs of YOUR institution.

The PEOPLE do have the God factor, being the God given RIGHT to walk alone with God as their LEADER if they so wish, and in so doing they have a right to NOT vote for, support nor fund any organization having war-like persons backed by armed men controlling OTHERS on their behalf.

"Not in my name nor through my funding your system" is the call of those who choose to walk in peace as commanded by God.
Naturally 'we' support, condone and fund any benign community effort or service provision, but NOT interference, control or punishment.

I, and many others in the country, including Mrs. Barnes do see and comprehend that ATO officials do have a system of belief which is contra to 'ours,' particularly since we know that the ATO officials believe that they 'own' everyone and 'think' they can 'legitimately' subjugate, control, extort funds, enslave, threaten, coerce and punish using force of arms.

Yes “bro’ it is also your right to have your own beliefs but understand that I am the ONE to advise each and every one of the God factor so that they can then make a choice to live in paradise or die in hell.

I ONLY use the wording of THE Constitution of your organization for your sake, since IT applies to you, but does not 'actually' apply as such for those as Mrs. B. or me because we are not voting members of your organization.

So in FACT I only advise you of ITS power and authority because you need to become aware that you are exceeding the Constitutions' mandate if you persecute a person now seeking to live according to a different and peaceful ideology to that of yours which is a war-like and punitive one.

I hope you begin to comprehend what I say. Mrs. B and I do know that at ANY time, arrogant ungodly men can trespass outside the bounds of THEIR mandate and therefore rampage and steal because they are backed by armed men.

How do I know this? Because it has been the FALSE way of mankind ever since this world was populated by people. It does however NOT mean that the 'powerful,' men backed by force have a RIGHT to seize or TAKE does it? The simple answer is a resounding "No."

I AM the plenipotentiary of God, and all I can do is to try and awaken your conscience. THAT IS ALL.

If you think that you can 'willy nilly' override the rules of engagement of your OWN institution by believing that those you threaten are the ones to challenge your ways, then that is the sorry state that man is in today.

Neither I nor Clemencia need to proceed to any court or organization to seek protection. No, we do not because we simply rely on the God factor and TRUST that HE will be the ONE to judge our position and, we only ever go to the court to assist you with our input.


The village chief or strong man of the land who becomes king due to winning the battle of old by seizing forceful power have all believed, and still today do believe in their 'Godship' and absolute RIGHT and mandate to RULE all with a very stern fist.

The justification for this has always been GREED and lust for power and control of all. You and everyone born in this latter day time are all now programmed to believe in the 'Monarchy or any other dictatorial sovereignty' as being THE head of house for every family. This is a grave error of belief indeed for in Truth, GOD is THE Power, not man.

It is now my pen, wielded by God’s angels via my mind to be the one to release all or any from bondage to ongoing slavery by systems of men if they so choose.

THE REAL GOD is now to smash all dictatorships in the manner revealed by my pen. Any continuing to use force or rules or vengeful or punitive factors to keep anyone bonded to their system of belief, such as yours, being the belief that the ATO is 'AS GOD,' will be sent below and will get to know their error.

The latter day rules YOU CHOOSE to use to deny Mrs. B her right to NOT be a party member of your, do enable you to utilize threat and coercion as you try and intimidate her.

What does the real God see? He sees men in 'office' clothing threatening His children and using force of arms to keep them ENSLAVED.

Brother, as Clemencia and I are peaceful, we cannot fight you, but we try instead to educate and warn you of THE REAL TRUTH of what is to now be, will be, for an eternity for those who continue to DISOBEY their Creator. I just state quite categorically AS God's 'pen' and eternal 'Judge' that:

THE DAY OR MOMENT IN TIME when you 'sign' any paper or document which begins ANY commencement of 'enforcement' action against Mrs. Barnes is the moment in eternal TIME when our God judges YOU as 'unworthy' and by your OWN 'punitive' actions against her you consign your own soul to the Abyss of eternal suffering.

For you assistance and benefit I remind YOU that our God Commands that 'we' go our way as per HIS dictate:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Why is this all so? It has to do with the Freedom of Religion Clause and the conscience vote of individuals giving them their God given right to choose peace and love and mercy and therefore no longer be a party member to your present ideology and "why"? Because your ideology is constituted on a belief in control, subjugation, extortion, punishment, exclusion and killing. in short this is the base religious ideology of every government.

There is something else to think about. In God’s Light we should all be friends as yet unmet, so why are you using text in a book, written by other men, as a justifiable reason to assume that Mrs. B is one to be punished according to said rules for non-conformity to the dictates of said rules, being rules that according to our belief we do not believe 'in' nor aspire 'to.'

Peter, I ADD: From 'whence' come the thoughts in your mind which say: "I have the divine RIGHT and sovereign power of Rules to IMPOSE my DECISION upon Mrs. Barnes irrespective of HER belief in God and His command unto HER and all and," - - - as you boldly state - - - "As far as I am concerned I WILL impose MY 'Judgement' backed by armed men"?

This nature of such thoughts entering the mind of ANYONE seeking to impose any punitive 'judgement' are thoughts emanating from HELL and such thoughts transfix the minds of mortals and as a consequence, they are therefore unable to SEE the error of their ways. Equally concerning is the reality that ATO officials do not even consider the Authority Mandate of the Constitution clearly spelled out to them within 'guideline texts' of their OWN Organisation. Woe indeed is soon to befall treasonable anarchists.

The Reality

What everyone including judges need to see is that their ONLY 'powers' are those granted by the USE of FORCE which give them the false belief in their RIGHT to IMPOSE their 'will' OR the 'will' of the Chief or political RULES dictated by men upon every child of God simply because said 'rules or dictates' are by MEN named 'The Law.'

The use of Force is the forbidden by God to use Dark energy of God and all users place themselves into the DARK, destructive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' immutable LAW. THE LAW of God is simply the 'eye for an eye' or equal return to the user for their USE of either aspect of the available ENERGY of God which in fact 'energises' everyone as they interaction. (Action equals benign or malignant energy in motion.)

So the whole world will soon SEE 'which way' the Australian Taxation Office does go. I do hope you look deeper at my on line message written by ME to YOU personally, and that applies to every child of God living outside of His 'protected' zone, HEAVEN.

So Peter, no doubt you will do whatever your THOUGHTS guide you into. Be it within the loving aspects of God's Command or outside of IT and within the precepts of the vengeful DARK. Please consider the results because there are NO 'options' outside of God's Light due to the repercussions of which I now WARN all mankind - Hell exists, and IT is filled with zillions of demons who with 'pleasure' await the multitudes whom they will torture on and on and ON FOREVER.

This letter and another addressed to magistrate Tim Hill will both soon be on line for world viewers at:

Sincerely - Terence