~  Criminal Pillars of Society ~
The Rule of Law

Dear Minister Hidding, IF peace and stability in the land is the result of upholding THE LAW, then it is 'poorly' for sure if magistrates and their superiors are permitted to IGNORE the rules of the constitutional authority and justify stealing money from the peaceful, as said, magistrates operate CRIMINALLY and treasonably outside of their own book of rules.

Both my wife Clemencia and myself have been 'testing' the power of the Constitution to 'survive' when under 'attack' by arrogant magistrates. It 'appears' to be that IT does not 'hold firm' when under 'attack' by many magistrates who RULE by their own 'creed' of Power and Control and  monetary Greed.

These 'anarchists' are so brazen and vain as are their 'masters' or governor, that they are a danger not only to the peaceful, but also to to themselves, because they now BELIEVE that they are ABOVE the Law.

In my recent 'case (Complaint No: 32329/17) on 6th September, magistrate Brown tried to 'accommodate' my 'claims' that I was living within the constraints of the Constitution when not funding the coffers of a religious doctrine (State) that was or is CONTRA to mine, in that I am of the BELIEF that I cannot fund the wages of 'armed forces' or persons who believe in the JUSTIFICATION for punishment or the causing of mental and emotional or physical HARM.

On 6th September after over 15 years of court cases, fines and jail terms, in which my defence papers had been ignored and left UNREAD by every magistrate, magistrate Brown for the first time read my defence and 'noted' that I was living within my RIGHTS and in accordance with the 'Policy' of GOD and the Australian and Tasmanian Constitutions and he said:

"Return on 16th October, and IF you can satisfy me that you have written to all the Governor-generals of Australia asking their comments on your constitutional 'claims' of constitutional immunity or 'protection,' then I will set you free and I will suggest to the 'prosecutor' to redirect their complaint submissions to the High Court."

So Sir, here we are TODAY when magistrate Brown 'found' that even though I had done as asked, that he could not honestly consider my 'plea' of innocence as he had changed his MIND, and he illegally and criminally 'judged' me GUILTY on a constitutional matter.

He saw NOT that for his lower Court of Petty Sessions to even 'hear' the 'Freedom of Religion' case was a contravention of the constitutional authority and TREASON. Why? - - - Because the 'fine' he imposed and the subsequent threats of 'dispossession' by the government MPES debt collection agency were/are COERCION in an attempt to try and FORCE me to deny my conscience and defy our GOD and change my peaceful ideology to allegiance with the anti-Christ doctrine of WAR.

A 'war' being waged illegally upon others in the community (which I cannot condone nor participate in) and also being a war being waged upon Clemencia and myself that if 'won' by state officials, would mean the self destruction of our SOULS. According to our spiritual belief we cannot pay the wages of armed men for we only participate in benign community effort.

So you see 'Sir,' if this magistrate and others of the same ILK are NOT detained and educated as to their LIMITED POWERS, then the Police service 'lads' will also become embroiled and used by the State fines enforcement 'arm' to ENTER upon my premises illegally to STEAL some of my property or to have me jailed.

It is they then to also be found GUILTY by God and the constitutional authority through their COMPLICITY to coercion, extortion and other criminal activity and their SOULS via my 'pen' will be consigned to HELL.

Please Sir have the 'moral fortitude' to UPHOLD THE LAW of this land, and after detaining magistrate Brown make sure that he tells the TRUTH as to 'who' forced him to go against his conscience and 'diverge' from the correct procedure when dealing with me.

If magistrate Brown had released me from his Court and told the prosecution to 'correctly' address this matter of 'faith and religious ideology' to the appropriate High Court authority, then it would have PROVEN that all my prior fines and jail terms over the past 15 years or more were based on FALSITY.

This I believe was/is the dilemma of his superiors and himself. I however am not interested in any legal reimbursement. I am ONLY interested in moving forwards in a correct manner in the EDUCATION of ALL criminals so that they LEARN that the LAW of God is immutable.

They will also LEARN how to fortify their minds so that devious thoughts no longer mislead them and they can then become more 'godly' and cease accruing more painful 'karmic' debts to GOD.

Please look into my allegations of the most despicable crimes being committed against the community by supposed 'pillars of society.'

Further to the above, it is now THE time for all mankind to LEARN that the RULE of God's LAW stands immutable and ABOVE every rule or law of man. (For every action there IS an equal and opposite reaction - as you DO will ahead BE done unto YOU)

What does this mean? It means that when man forcefully imposes a punitive response upon others in the name of JUSTICE, man then places himself within the 'eye for an eye' aspect of God's Law and ahead, suffers the exact same mental or emotional or physical 'injury' as he imposed, be IT in this life or a later time when back in realms of spirit. "Vengeance is mine" said the Lord God.

What does this mean? It means that any person seeking to halt their personal suffering and BE 'saved,' they must never punish others, they must only EDUCATE offenders (those who factually disturbed the peace) so as to rehabilitate them. In this way man rehabilitates himself through obedience to God's Command. ("Forgive those who cause you harm as YOU turn the other cheek")

It is also the time for man to LEARN that NO mandate of man, official position, badge of office or 'orders' from elected superiors can void, avoid or nullify the 'return' aspect of the "LAW of equal return" of the benign or malignant "Energy of God" in action.

Terence - 29th October 2017


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