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~ My 'Plea' ~

I speak now to the honourable magistrate in answer to his question: "Do you plead guilty or not guilty to the charges"?

I respond to the honourable magistrate in the knowledge that my voice is heard by the invisible power (God) standing behind his facade and say:

"Your Worship, I do know that only you know if I am yet 'guilty' of any outstanding spiritual debts owed to you, and I thus leave the FINAL judgement of this case in your 'Just' mind."

In the meantime I state to the presiding magistrate: "I am not guilty until so proven."

I add: "I believe that the prosecutor has made an error of assessment as to my 'guilt' as assumed by him in summonsing me to stand 'trial,' and I have prepared a defence submission for the honourable magistrate to consider at the appropriate time."