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~ Open letter to Roger Illingworth ~
Registrar, Launceston Magistrates Court

Dear Roger, thank you for the advice note ref 32797/2011 of your letter to me dated 28 Jan.

I write this to you as a 'courtesy,' for you see not your complicity to the imposition of monetary extortion from me and/or ongoing suffering when you are a 'party' to the punitive aspect of man's court.

For many years now I have done my best to get prosecutors and magistrates to see their own defiance of the Constitutional rights granted to those as me who are NON voters and NON supporters of your organisation.

I am again in court on 17 Feb to answer more charges which I will again 'dispute' and hopefully this time our God will 'permit' the magistrate to ACTUALLY READ MY DEFENCE and his OWN Constitutional powers or mandate.

Both magistrates Wilson & Hill have in the past forbidden me to even speak to 'hear' my defence nor even accept my written defence, and this of itself shows God and man their arrogance (insanity or vanity) and treasonable activity, for it is their 'sworn' DUTY to give THE PEOPLE a FAIR HEARING is it not? Is it what they are paid a WAGE to DO or not?

I am contesting the validity of a drivers certificate of competency 'pass' as being THE requirement of a driver rather than the political ADDED annual 'fee' tax. Why, because I cannot pay ANY taxes nor monies to support a PUNITIVE system of man (Caesar) when God states that I must ONLY be LOVING, kind, compassionate, merciful & forgiving etc.

I cannot support the subjugation and destruction of the lives of OTHERS in the community as my conscience so dictates.

When YOU pass ON a 'fine failed to pay' notice to the 'wolves' in MPES and they ADD monies, they are 'legislated' and thus enabled to go to ANY 'ends' to extract said money and you ARE an 'accessory,' say I the Plenipotentiary of God. Please look to your own conscience 'bro' before it IS too late.

I await to see IF the magistrate of THE DAY is honourable to his 'wage,' his family name, his organisation and ME as well as the Constitution of the land or, - - -  whether he will AGAIN dishonour IT publicly for THE WORLD TO SEE as this case is 'global' on my web site. I have already been jailed four times by magistrates who IGNORE and exceed the powers granted unto them by their own organisation.

As the 'Judge' imposed his judgement without DUE PROCESS then I ask: "Where is the LEGITIMACY"? Where is the JUSTICE? Where is the honour as magistrates 'flout' their OWN rules of engagement?

This is what I am all about, trying to get voters and taxpayers to see that they also have 'complicity' to the suffering imposed by the supposedly 'legal' administrators of "JUSTICE." If all my 'fines & jail time' were NOT 'Justice' according to the Law of man, then why would anyone fund the wages of enforcers who probably did the same 'injury' to many others?

As I see it, I have never been 'guilty' of disturbing the peace, and as an absolute pacifist I believe in the EDUCATION of those as magistrates and other enforcers who daily DO cause great mental and emotional trauma and loss to others due to their 'belief' that they can legitimately interfere in the lives of others and thus disturb the peace of others.

Yes, they even feel 'happy' to extort great sums of money from THE PEOPLE whom they impoverish and soon, the NON peaceful in the community WILL RISE UP as they DO in other lands.

I seek to change the ways of all Tasmanians so that TRUTH and peace can flourish and love for the other.

I am not interested in laying any formal complaints but trying to get magistrates to see the error of their ways because I truly 'fear' for their destiny as I do know that ones SOUL lives on FOREVER 'somewhere,' be IT in the Light or IN THE DARK BELOW where all the vain do go UNLESS they quickly begin to see 'reason' and become faithful to God rather than Mammon.

I am doing my best to get THE POLICE to see that they should ONLY haul IN persons who factually DISTURB THE PEACE, and have them attend a Seminar to EDUCATE them rather than fine & punishment. An activity which accrues a RETURN due upon their own heads within God's 'As you sow so shall ye reap' LAW. A Law which is NOT 'voided nor nullified' by a badge of office or political decree etc.

I attach a part of my defence which I will SEEK to be 'allowed' to submit and be READ - lets all await and see. ONLY I appear to comprehend just how VERY important for everyone it is to BE.

The 'way' of man has FOREVER been punishment to 'rectify' error or war and invasion and killing. It is the TIME now where we must EDUCATE and thus rectify ERROR. there are NO 'enemies,' only others trapped by the Dark ENERGY of God they drew IN (Sin) and we all must assist each other as sister or brother to uplift the consciousness of ALL or ALL will fail and fall into eternal travail.

Sincerely - Terence

God's Judge Terence de Malaherre