~ Open letter to police prosecutor Brett Steele ~

Dear 'Brett,' on 17th February I stood before magistrate Marron because you had come to 'work' that day as 'duty' prosecutor, and my 'file' was thus on your 'plate' so to speak as my 'adversary' in being the one to lay the complaint.

Was it 'misfortune' or unfortunate or simply MISINFORMATION that brought you to 'point the bone' at me and say to the 'magi' or implying:

"This one needs punitive correction and inner reflection"? What I 'wish' for you to see is that:

(1) - Not everybody is a person liable to be subjected to the scrutiny of the rules of your institution.
(2) - Why would a seemingly kind hearted person such as you are use 'text' in books to ensure that a peaceful man who has not caused harm nor 'disturbed the peace' be subjected to the punitive factors surrounding non-conformity to said TEXTS?

Prior to me again standing before the 'magi' on May 1st due to being again summonsed by you or another 'lackey' of the State prosecutions department, I ask you and them (prosecutors) to read what I wrote to the 'primary' prosecutor Sgt. Gary Lusted. Why? Because, if they or you are the ONE to be my 'prosecutor,' then it 'follows' that all I said in my on line letters to Gary applies to you as my persecutor of the day. So please read them on my link (religion) below, being Items 3 & 4 on the 'Police Index' section.

I am trying my best to get everyone to see the need for personal responsibility in respect of ones PERSONAL daily ACTIONS as observed by GOD.

Example: The young man standing in the 'dock' prior to my case had been 'observed' by a passing police officer to be the driver of a vehicle when unlicensed and, - - - when 'breathalysed,' his breath was noted to contain excessive alcohol readings, - - -  however - - - he had caused NO harm nor inconvenience to ANYONE.

Due to your personal action of laying a complaint at the 'feet' of the 'magi,' the defendant was caused HARM. How? He was subjected to invisible emotional trauma for a 'time' when the magi said: "I sentence you to 3 months imprisonment," - - - after a pause he then went on to say: "However, - - - I place you on a good behaviour probation for 18 months and a fine of $ 850." More was also said.

So you see, your 'dutiful' personal ACTION was one of COMPLICITY to the 'brief' emotional trauma imposed and felt by the 'victim' of the interaction as well as the 'loss of funds' extracted/extorted under 'duress.' No doubt he will pay the 'fine' so as to avoid sitting in a 'cell.' Neither you nor the magi seeing that the 'talk' of jail time was in fact  the THREAT and COERCION to "PAY the money or suffer."

In God's eyes it simply is extortion sanctioned by political decree in the guise of "It's for your own good and the good of the community." I say: "Is it"? - "NO, for it is causing ongoing trauma and impoverishing the people and education is better."

The education being:

1 - They are taught to recognise deceptive intruding thoughts entering their minds and misleading them and, - - -
2 - They are taught how to stem the 'possessive' power of said thoughts using the Star meditation technique and, - - -
3 - They learn that what goes round comes round, and that IF they cause harm through arrogance or ignorance or through 'weed or alcohol' influence, that all the harm and trauma they cause has the unavoidable consequence of them suffering the same at a later date imposed by God via some other equally arrogant 'prick.'

No child of God can avoid the consequence of defying God's Command. IT is the 'Rule of Law' LAW. When you justifiably or 'legally or otherwise' use God's DARK energy to impose any 'loss or trauma' you are NOT 'playing with fire,' you are 'permitting' God's FIRE to use YOU to be ITS instrument of Retribution, and ahead, for SURE - - - IT burns YOU equally.

What is the 'point' of this letter? To try and save YOU from accruing MORE injury, loss and suffering dues to be 'met' later because, each time YOU defy God's Command and mercilessly or ignorantly cause harm or loss or emotional suffering, even in the course of your 'duty,' YOU place yourself within the punitive aspect of God's IMMUTABLE 'eye for an eye' LAW.

I can but ADD: As I was a policeman in 'troubled' Africa in the 1960's, I could see the dark forceful energy surging through the emotions and minds of men wielding their 'machete' bush knives, and they hacked off hands, heads and limbs of their perceived enemies. They also raped women, cut out their babies from their bellies and bashed the brains of children out of their heads as they smashed them against trees and then burnt their huts, - - - what next?

On a later day 'hordes' of other tribesmen swept IN from the 'North' and did exactly the same to them. When will man LEARN that what he does comes back to more than 'haunt' him? Whether in Kenya or Bosnia or elsewhere! What goes around comes around as THE 'devilish' destructive ENERGY flows ceaselessly 'back and forth' having a 'ball.' 

IT imposes ITS 'will' and LAW upon the IGNORANT 'players' who are trapped by IT. You and all earthlings presently are trapped by IT and being used by IT to your own detriment. Regrettably, no 'user' can see ahead as I can. Thus I can only warn you to:

a) - Stop using IT. - b) prepare for the day IT surges through the hatred or anger of others, (Its dark energy) and you are at the receiving end of the 'stick' and made to suffer all you imposed which caused mental turmoil, emotional anguish, or physical duress or injury. (God's 'Absolute Justice')

Huge changes will soon be seen globally as insanity erupts, even here, and Tasmania has the NOW opportunity of preparing and being ready for that time when ONLY those who factually disturb the peace will be hauled in and educated. Soon, THE people will ONLY be happy to pay the wages of the new benign 'policing corps,' but not for those who continue to wage war upon them as is now THE WAY.

All live in an uncaring un-awareness and people are unable to THINK for themselves, - - - even you, - - - all follow rules that are simply TEXT in books. We are NOT 'robots,' we have a God given conscience.

I hope the Police Services begins to take CARE of themselves because presently, they and the 'magi' are being USED by very DARK invisible Powers which can and will destroy them unless they now amend their ways to the 'benign' as 'guided' by my pen.

I can only advise you to cause NO harm as you suffer your past dues and become FREE. Be as merciful and forgiving as ME and 'heaven' you will see. Yes, irrespective of any suffering you cause me, you are still always welcome to come to my place and have a talk with a cup of tea.

So as said, please read my 'notes' to Gary Lusted. I enclose below a letter to Magistrate Marron. It has as yet not been sent to him because it is not quite complete as I am awaiting some info input, reference powers granted to magistrates within the Constitution. I have however placed it on line 'as is' as Item (B) and this letter to you as Item (A) on the 'Police Index' at: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm

Sincerely - Terence