~ Global WARNING ! ~

As all mankind can now SEE there is an upsurge of 'darkness' within the MINDS of those empowered to use their MILITARY to enforce 'State' control, interference, power and useable FORCE against others.

These 'others' include YOU the CIVILIAN who are expected to 'back' and support said 'warmongers' irrespective of your religious 'affiliations.'

If you 'fail' to give your personal 'backing' and $ funding to these 'devilish' men then their forces will invade your premises and steal all your property to back their fiscal needs.

THIS FINAL WARNING to all mankind is to advise and warn you ALL that EACH individual stands individually before their GOD who awaits to SEE if they are or are NOT 'worthy' to be set free and thus be uplifted into Paradise.

I can here and now state quite CATEGORICALLY that IF you the individual continue to support, condone or give ANY ongoing support (taxes) to any 'system' of man that uses any part of said funds for their 'war machine' or any form of 'counter attack' regime, then your PERSONAL FATE is 'sealed' by your own 'mind and hand' and is to BE that of eternal damnation and ongoing suffering for an eternity before you literally FRY in the fires of Hell.

Please now choose to be 'crucified' by STATE 'systems' through refusing to FUND their coffers or, choose to stay 'free' temporarily by continuing to fund their 'bastardry' and be DAMNED FOREVER.

Please now OBEY THE COMMAND of your Sovereign Lord God and be a TRUE BELIEVER who has set their MIND free from being controlled by the 'State' or THE DECEIVER.

Man of Religion has been TAUGHT to believe that the crucifixion of the man Jesus absolves errant man of their personal responsibility to obeying THE Command of their Creator GOD. This teaching is FALSE say I the 'Spirit of truth' sent by the MOST HIGH.

The 'elevation' by the 'priesthood' of the name of the man 'Jesus' into 'godship' or into being ones 'personal saviour' is the DECEPTION OF THE DARK underhand FORCE. Jesus cannot save ANYONE. It is ONLY in TOTAL obedience to THE MESSAGE from the Source (God) that saves, being the words spoken by Jesus to the effect that one MUST 'turn the other cheek' in NON-retaliation when being abused or crucified, as being THE ONLY WAY.

I the Christ SOUL have returned 'invisibly' as a 'thief in the night' to ADD more input from our God of Light (She the Mother) to assist everyone to maintain their sanity as God's forces impose HIS (Father's) 'eye for an eye' (As you did sow so shall ye reap) JUSTICE upon all who defied Him and His "Only love" Command and caused harm to others.

If you now believe that this 'pen' of mine does deceive, - - - then for SURE you will eternally grieve.

Every 'last' one of you 'readers' will be FORCED to 'face' your PAST impositions of sorrow and harm imposed upon others personally or by your 'servants' being State 'warmongers.' IF you RETALIATE you will 'Die in your Sin.'

The praising of the name of the mortal man 'Jesus' is 'folly' because the protection of God the Father ONLY 'falls' upon the 'heads' of those who DO 'bow' in absolute submission to HIS "Peace and love and mercy and compassion and forgive" Command that HE sent VIA Jesus.

The crucifixion of Jesus was NOT your Salvation. It was a demonstration to show YOU how YOU must 'suffer' before being freed from your past spiritual debts.

Eternal LIFE is ONLY through obedience to THE WORD. Submission to 'earthly' crucifixion in NON-retaliation is the ONLY WAY to spiritual upliftment, as you PAY your DUES within the LAW of EQUAL Return for the use of the destructive aspect of God's ENERGY.

I AM HE the returned Christ who can ONLY uplift THE TRUE.



NO 'mandate of man' legalises WAR
NO 'mandate of man' legalises defiance of God
NO 'mandate of man' gives man immunity from God

The USE of God's forceful destructive ENERGY is FORBIDDEN BY GOD
The SUPPORT by funding warmongers is FORBIDDEN BY GOD
The causing of HARM to ANY of God's children is