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The 'Bishops' Letters
By Clemencia

The following 5 pages were written by Clemencia as the response to a "Call" from the Catholic Church for women or men to give their reasons for or against "The Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia."

Page 1 is the application to be accepted as a speaker, and pages 2,3,4 are the content of her submission delivered on 28.5.97 at Hobart.

Reference "Tasmanian Hearing - women in the Church"
Launceston Examiner Sat 26.4.97


To: The 'Bishops'

As a spirit embodied in the womanly form I would endeavour to you now advise that to ask women to join in your church ritual is a thing not very wise.

Your rituals to date have led few to heaven's gate, rather, they have in tradition and custom bound many true souls who may God have found if they had not been led astray by the untruth of your "infallible" way.

There is no earthly reason for women to become bound by the strictures imposed by a church becoming ever more unsound. All any of us now need is the truth of ..."God's wisdom to heed".

Whether woman or man we are all part of God's plan, one not based on equality of the sexes but only on the truth that "Whatever you 'vexes' respond only with love, forgiveness and compassion true." This is all God asks any of you.

You have no mandate to women lure into your old ways, that to you have become too insecure. This is political expediency inspired by fear at the loss of control which you see draws ever more near.

To entice women now to stand by your side as you see your ship sink, so that you must swallow your pride is inspiration whispered from below, a desperate struggle for control before the final blow. "Call women to serve with us in our church" is the cry from the Dark as in its death throws your institution does lurch.

Think you your titles will earn women a place in the Light of the Star where God pours his grace? The dark is no respecter of Titles bestowed by mere men. It cuts through this deceit as it lures you to its den. Once again you set yourselves up as the ones who hold the key to God's truth, or so by you has been told, as ever so slowly the veil covering your eyes has hardened your heart to the truth of those lies.

There is only one way that we all now must go, and this Truth alone is it our duty to show. Let none think they are exempt from God's law, for the Darkness is there to ensure it does "paw" any who Gods sacred Law contravene.

Retaliate and abuse others and you will be seen. Matters not how cleverly you hide your deed from women or men or the spirit breed. Each deed that you do will be paid for by you, so the more you abuse, the more the dark will you use.

But the essence of this truth is, that when most bereft by pain that besets you for some past Dark theft, you stay loving and free from any thought that insists that justice by you must be wrought. Retaliate not, is what you must do, and even when racked by doubt, let love's Light flow through.

Lay down your tonsures, your mitres and might, none have value from where God pours his Light. It's only in the dark that Bishops regalia have power, and here they are imbued with terror that will make you cower.. In the Light only the love in your deed has the power to produce the rose from your seed.

The true shepherd has returned and his message to all humanity is visible "up in the air" on God's golden web Internet page:


I can only suggest to all of you that you personally now cease to "grope" and find God's heavenly hope. I am available to speak if invited by God's inspiration through you.


The Bishops Research on:

The participation of women in the Catholic Church of Australia

Submission by Clemencia

It is my belief that we have come together today because we are all seekers of Truth. The Catholic Church along with other Christian denominations, accepts that The Word came to earth 2000 years ago to tell us that Gods Command was that we "Love one another."

Man has traversed many roads over the last 2000 years. Some have attempted to walk the path following that Command to Love but many have walked on paths where this truth was relegated to the "back-burner," so that in the name of this Word, we fought wars in which maiming and killing became "seemingly righteous" exceptions to the rule of Love, and thus in ignorance, men were and still are falsely "blessed" by Church leaders.

Currently, we stubbornly cling to the beliefs in our rights to demand and control each other, either in our personal lives or in Church life. Within the church hierarchy there lies an embedded belief that every aspect of the lives of God's children, women and men alike, need to be controlled.

Whether this control is through theology or doctrine, by priest, bishop or pope, there is no human interaction untouched by this control. We are ignorant of the fact that this very control fuels the fire of ever increasing hostility between men and women.

It seems self evident to me that we have not only been deceived, but that we continue to deceive ourselves. If we stop and reflect on the spiritual condition of our souls, we can readily observe the negativity inherent in our lives. Control is negative because it abolishes freedom and personal responsibility. When the door to freedom is barred, abdication of responsibility is an inevitable outcome.

This research on the participation of women in the church is just such an example of control and demand. Women feel they have the right to participate, men feel they have the right to control the "how" of that participation, but what are the facts.?

The fact that the church is now focusing on the participation of women in administering God's Word, emphasises that by excluding women in the first place, they were not following God's Word. The Truth is that:

The "right" to "tell all" of God's Command to "Only Love" is a God given right, and everyone has this right to "administer" the Truth of this Word to God's children, making the need for any hierarchy of priests, male or female, totally obsolete.

I would like to share with you a different reality, one not based on control by men over women or women over men, but based upon the freedom inherent in The Truth of the Word of God which is amongst us today.

This Word is undistorted and undiluted making no apology for its claim to be uncompromising. Today, Gods new unadulterated message challenges every conceivable belief held by mankind, matters not how old or cherished that belief may be.

This Word of God offers us personal choice, absolute personal freedom in that choice, but equally, it demands personal responsibility for that choice, because we will reap what we sow. We really need to understand that Truth "Educates never Regulates."

God is no respecter of our petty traditions or rituals, our dogmas or theological dialectics. The Light of God is saddened by the increasing hostility between all his children, men and women. The Dark is delighted, since increased negativity creates even greater divisions, giving us added reasons to continue the fight for control and regulation.

God has no favourites whether man or woman, black or white, We are all God's precious children whom none shall control or judge since each is judged only by their own deeds.

I would ask of you now that you open your hearts so that your spirit may discern the truth of what it hears as I share with you my personal encounter with the Living Word.



What is this story which insists on being heard ? What is this Word, mankind thinks so absurd ? as we cry: "Why would a God we've known as Love and Light, reveal now here on earth Its 'darkness' to our sight."

And can it be, we took the story ever old of sacrificial love for 2000 years now told, and twisted it, tangled it in webs built on belief, only now to find this be the cause of all our grief ? Then where was God when we our Christian battles fought ? Brought we His Kingdom on this earth for naught ? Thousands crying earnestly:

"Only Jesus saves,"
yet even as we cry his name, we dig the enemy's graves.

So what would this Jesus say, to me or even you, if he stood before you now, even as I do ? What would he say of the journey we did take to subjugate God's children "in" his names sake ? Now would I to you, a story true and strange unfold, of how he stood before me and his own story told.

There seemed no parallel betwixt and nor between, what he himself did tell, and what in history I did glean as he spoke with quiet authority. Looking simply like a man he patiently unfolded the enormity of Gods plan, and yes, he had come before he said "to shine Light true" as many others did to bring Gods message through.

"Last time, I came," he said, "To show, as on that cross I hung, 'non-retaliation' was the song that must be sung" and - - "If you cannot meekly hang your head when any you abuse, then spirals deep your dread." Then looked he gently at me with sorrow in his eyes, for the many loving souls deceived by all the lies.

"A god they made of me," he whispered with despair, revealing how his truth was lost beneath that snare. "I cannot do it for you, even as man cannot be God, the day that myth was seeded, the Dark one's head did nod. The truth that 'love in all' was always asked of you, seemed to man too simple, so he created God anew."

So God is God and you are man ? I asked in trembling voice, beginning just to realise he was leaving me the choice. "The Truth is written for you, inspired by Gods Light, but now the greater gift, the Dark can no more hide." Let me get this right, I said, as my head began to reel, God is not only God of love but the Dark side we do feel each and every time one of God's children we abuse, matters not how it is done, the Darkness does us use ?

"Yes...but for that 'use,' remember, as done so done to you, though situation different, the same pain courses through. But deeper Truth now fathom, as the darkness you embrace, each time the deed is seeded, your soul takes on 'its' face."

Could I reflect the side of God in deeds performed by me? if only love, the Light of God, but abuse, and the Dark I be ? This was so hard to swallow my thoughts began to spin, could it be that causing pain, was the greatest sin ?

Then what of regulations, of wrongs and rights and rules, of morality and justice?... "The deceivers subtlest tools for centuries," he said "from out the mists of time, so have they been betrayed to love no longer mime," and as his words receded the Truth did at me stare, mine was the choice, of old beliefs, or, would I, did I, dare embrace this ancient message:

"Love" is the one Command,
"Never live in ignorance,"  that this be the Dark's demand !

He left me then with his book inspired by the Source, I could accept or could reject, 'twas I would chart my course, and as I read this message, I came to understand how fearful is mankind, when true choice lies in his hand. I wondered then as I do now how this would be received.

"Our deed decides our destiny," could this truth be believed ?
"None can do it for us, it really is our choice."
How many of us down here there will listen to this voice ?



In my opinion, the new role for women in God's True Church of Grace, is to go forth and tell all of this time of the coming mace, and to prepare their homes so that they can the lost and hungry feed, as they God's fresh wisdom into the minds of all seed.

I am here today to present to you a heavenly present, a gift from our God above who has sent His servant back to earth, truly his holy dove who has written God's fresh holy Word about the satanic force and the coming sword.

And this message that is love divine reveals now the reality of the coming swine, the devilish forces from way below who will now through the minds of man their truth sow.

The reality of what happens to those who cannot love, as is "asked" by our God above, for all now "off" each other demand, which in itself is a denial of God's "Loving" Command.

So I now to you all say: "We do not need either priests or priestesses today." For that it is too late, for devilish "thoughts" already do minds berate.

So now all I can say to all of you is that it's the time to be truly true to each other, and read the message from above that talks of God's heavenly love, and to build now the ARK of the MIND, for all who do not will by Satan be bound.

For the power of the dark knight is its seductive thoughts that tempt us day and night to each other abuse, and via control and manipulation its power diffuse.

We can all see the folly of the past day when "men" told us all that "they" knew the way, they were often trying to be true, but through many of them did darkness flow through.

And by the power of their hand they abused many in God's name in many a far distant land, and even today, they bless young men going to war, when they should say:

"If you fight you are denying God's Light,
and you will die in your sin, even if your earthly battle you do win."

So to any of you listeners or Bishops who would now be true, I give you these "instructions" that will guide you true. They will "show the way" to God's message today. Read God's Golden Web Pages

Clemencia 27.5.001