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Item - 15 - Conflict - 3 pages - The Conflict of Resolution Paper

Item - 16 - Redemption - 3 page - The Violence of 'Redemptive Violence' Paper

Item - 17 - The Treatise of Truth - 85 pages - The Mental Health Carer's Manual


Item - 18 - Salvation - 53 pages - Clarification of the Soul's path to Freedom

Item - 19 - The Star prayer - 6 pages - Emotional trauma assistance

Item - 20 - The Quest for spiritual wholeness - 4 pages - Journey's end


Item - 21 - Other inspirational letters

Item - 22 - A comparison study of sacred texts
The 'Essenes' Gospels of Jesus & the 'Testament of Truth'


Item - 23 - Mental Health update - 8 pages - To all Psychiatrists

Item - 24 - The error of psychiatry - 2 pages - To all Psychiatrists

Item - 25 - St. Luke's detention facility - To all hospital facilities

Item - 26 - Clemencia testing the 'Freedom of religion' Acts of the Constitution

Minds under siege (20 minutes Audio) - Clemencia
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page 1

~ Foreword ~

There is in heaven, in earth and in-between, the need to join apology with forgiveness.  When we feel 'wronged' we readily identify the need for an 'apology' but seldom see the more important need to forgive, because this forgiveness must flow from us to the perpetrator of the wrong. 

Man’s religions and beliefs were  built upon the twin prerequisites of love and forgiveness. "Forgive us our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us." What does this really mean?

That any feeling of having been wronged by another must carry with it the forgiveness which understands that whatever wrong we perceive as being done to us is a karmic process. If we understand this we are closer to God's truth of non-retaliation when facing adversity. 

Each time we do not retaliate we are not only clearing past spiritual debts but we are also drawing on the Light which helps us to resist the dark urge to retaliate. The more we draw on the Light the easier it becomes to be non-retaliatory in the face of being wronged.

Forgiveness in this Light means we never seek recourse to recompense, whether in the form of an apology or any other form of  retribution.  The truth of this forgiveness  means that when we are  suffering the pain due to the actions of others  without retaliating, we are paying a karmic debt for our past trespass against others. 

The concept of Forgiveness does not apply to God.  Forgiveness applies to all God's  children.  Without forgiveness we are unable to fulfill the command to love one another or, to remain non-retaliatory when we experience the pain of a Karmic process for a past time when we  'trespassed' against another. 

The difficulty is that since our Karmic debt  often comes as retribution at the hands of a fellow human, (often those closest to us) we fail to see that the 'wrong' done to us  is God's absolute Justice at work in our lives. All we see and feel is that we are suffering at the hand of the other and in this suffering   we feel justified, not only in withholding forgiveness, but in retaliating.

In God there is no forgiveness as we understand it since the essence of love, which is God, sees no trespass in the first place.  God as Love,  being without condemnation, judgment or criticism, has nothing to forgive.

However, God as Absolute Justice  also has nothing to  forgive since,  absolute justice, to be absolute, must exact retribution for every trespass to fulfill It's own law "As you sow so shall you reap."

Our pride, our ego or our belief in the inalienable right to pay-back 'trespass for trespass' has bound us to the belief that others must be held accountable for what they do wrong. 

We do not understand that wrong-doers  need to be pitied because as they perform their deed they are perpetuating their own suffering. We do Reap what we Sow.

Forgiveness is needed only at those times when we are confronted by one of  God’s children who is sadly allowing themselves to be the tool that God's absolute Justice used  to exact the price for  our past trespasses. For their trespass against us are we required to forgive them.

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~ The Omniscience of God ~

For those who believe in a God there is  a clear belief that this God is omniscient and omnipotent.  

Omniscience means to be all knowing, that is simply to know all. Omnipotent comes from the Latin Omni, meaning all - all things in all ways and in all places, combined  with  'potent' meaning all powerful, mighty, formidable and forceful.

So God knows all that is going on in all things, all things we say, all things we do, all things we think, dream and are, and it doesn't matter in what place we might be or in what way we might be 'being,' God knows it all.   

Now most of us who accept that there is a God have accepted God's power and might and that God is  all knowing. What every religion I have studied seems not to have focused on is that, if we accept that God is all, this 'all' does mean without exception, and that God's potency is not only all loving but also all formidable and forceful.  

Logically, if we accept that God is omniscient and omnipotent, then God is Light - all loving and God is Dark -  all formidable and forceful.

When I understood what this meant I realised that the freedom  God gives us is the choice to use either God's Light (all loving creative energy) or God's Dark, (the formidably forceful destructive energy).  

In every religion there has been an emphasis on the Command to Love, coming from the Light. However in no religion  is there the understanding that this command  is also a Demand from God's  Dark energy.  This demand formidably & forcefully ensures that whenever we do not use God's Light energy we pay the 'price.'

The Dark energy initially deceives us into the belief that using Dark  energy is justified. Once used by us, God's Dark energy insists that we must personally 'feel'  every aspect of that 'use.' As we did to others so is it done unto us.

Coming to terms with  a God that is formidable,  (from the Latin for fear and meaning to inspire dread or fear and respect and awe) and forceful,  (forcing coercion through compulsion) filled me with dread because it took away all the security of my belief that God was only love and light, a belief which had a  consequence of 'forgiveness' if I strayed from the command to only Love.

The consequence of God also being the Dark energy which, when used  by us must be felt by us  implies that forgiveness 'per se' would not absolve me from God's 'punitive' measure because under God's one Law what I put out does come back to me. 

What also became clear to me is that the choice as to which energy of God I use is  mine - but -  that  the energy used does  colour my soul accordingly - Light if love's energy is used, Dark if forceful energy is used. 

Since the 'energy' colour of my soul will  ultimately determine my destination for eternity I decided  I had better understand just what it meant to use the Dark Energy of God.

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Looking deeper into the Dark side of our natures is always a risk but no previous experience had  prepared me for what I was to encounter in myself for I had  believed I was a fairly loving person.  Certainly I knew I was a person with the capacity to be angry and vengeful, hateful and jealous but I had no idea to what extent I was using the Dark energy of God daily in my life. 

When I looked at the 'forcing coercion by means of compulsion' part of God's energy, what that meant for example in my relationship was,  when I wanted my husband to act towards me in the way I thought he should, I would use silence believing that I had a right to expect certain treatment and if he couldn't treat me this way I would withdraw from him. 

I had no idea I was using God's Dark energy as I was doing this because I did not see that this silent withdrawal was in fact a way of  forcefully coercing my husband by compelling  him to 'give-in'.

Now whether he was treating me badly and I had a right to expect he would not do so  may very well have been a reasonable expectation but, when I compelled compliance to my demand, I was using  God's Dark energy. In retrospect it also becomes frighteningly clear that I myself was in turn often 'compelled' to be forcefully coercive even when I didn't want to be.  

With the desire to understand the full implications of God's Dark energy, I learned that compelled action is the Dark's way, not only of seducing us to be it in action but of holding us in it's grip eternally. 

This is because when  we use  God's Dark energy we take it in, that is, we become a part of It just as we become part of the Light energy when we are loving and forgiving.  With the use of God's Dark energy however, the energy  taken in  becomes the compelling force causing us to act hurtfully, or in other negative ways we consciously know we don't want to be.

At those times when we find we can't stop ourselves from controlling others with force, whether emotional or physical, even when we know this is not what we want to do (because the Light energy of God within us knows this,) those are the times when, the Dark energy we have used previously, now compels us to be, and remain, the controlling force in action.  

The vigilance required, firstly to become aware of how often I was using God's Dark energy and secondly, to watch out for how easily I could be fooled into believing I was using  God's Light  energy  when the opposite  was true, has become the most difficult, all-pervading  effort of my life.  Why this should be so is self-evident.  I have, even if out of ignorance, used  God's Dark energy  more frequently than I care to point out but let me give you some examples.   

How we use God's Dark energy in such deeds as murder, deceit or theft is obvious but what of the times I have chosen to lie in order to protect someone?  Whatever good intent I had does not alter that this is the use of  Dark energy.  

Every time I thought I had the right to point out someone else's faults and blamed them for  being this way.  Every time I earnestly believed it was my right to condemn those who were doing an injustice to others, to put them straight so to speak.  Every time I believed there was a valid, just reason to control someone else's action because I thought they should know their action was  not right!  In all these instances I was using God's Dark energy.

The list could go on but I share it only so that I can paint a picture, however faint, of the subtle way we are deceived, and deceive ourselves, that there is a good reason to use God's Dark energy, even if   most of the time we  use it unknowingly, unconsciously or for very humane reasons. The fact is that there is never a 'good' reason to use darkness, even if we feel justified because we are 'righting a wrong.'

page 4  

If we became aware  of how easily we are deceived into using Dark energy, even for what we perceive are 'good reasons,' we would surely  think twice about what we do or say  particularly when we  know that each time we make that "incorrect" choice,  we are taking in  Dark energy. 

Once taken in not even heartfelt sorrow can diminish the Dark energy because  it becomes the force that compels us to use darkness again and again until we end in despair, depression, isolation and abject meaninglessness.  

If I as a mere human have this capacity to use the dark energy to control and compel others by force, it means that God's Dark energy has an infinite capacity to compel, by force, all beings in existence who have used it.

All things, all thoughts, all actions, in all, the formidable, forceful side of God is capable of coercing and then compelling, all who have used it to become the Dark in action in every conceivable human endeavor. 


Well may we ask "What hope is there?"  Given the ease with which we are deceived or deceive ourselves, given the 'automatic' way in  which we use God's Dark energy,  given that when we do, it compounds our own dark energy and further, compels us to keep being it in action, how can we ever be God's Light energy in action?

God's Light Energy is also Omniscient and Omnipotent, knows all, sees all, is all powerful -but- this energy is freedom and as such will not, indeed cannot, compel, force or coerce us to use it.  However being the energy of God that has an infinite  longing for us to be free, God's Light energy has given us the gift of revelation. 

For the first time in recorded history God's Light energy has inspired the understanding of God's Dark energy so that we can come to know how our constant use of this energy has controlled all human endeavor, colouring with negativity, all the best intentions of God's  creation - "we" God's children.

The simplicity of this revelation is startling, putting it into action is daunting. There are many good intentioned people who believe  that forgiveness is what God requires of us, but none are able to  comply for the following reasons:

  • People falsely believe God will, under certain conditions, forgive them, whether that be because they are a faithful churchgoer or because they do many good deeds.  This is the difference between God's Truth and man's religious beliefs. The difficult thing to come to terms with is that our 'good deeds' cannot ameliorate any darkness we use. 

  • Although God requires us to be forgiving even towards transgressors, many 'good' people continue to believe that there should be retaliation for certain categories of transgressions (jail sentences for certain crimes, compensation for wrongs done etc).

  • We can't forgive because feelings of  resentment at some perceived injustice towards us are being felt. In this context forgiveness is only a word we use because, as long as we  have resentful dark emotion within us, the feeling we feel  stops us being forgiving. 

page 5

What God expects of us is that, even though we may have these emotions within, we must still show our forgiveness of others bad deeds towards us.  This we do by remaining non-retaliatory in the face of adversity.  

With God's gift of revelation now comes  the 'knowledge' that we are unable to forgive  because we 'retaliate.' Retaliation for any reason keeps the pathway to forgiveness blocked because, each time we retaliate, we keep taking-in more of God's dark energy which in turn keeps giving us a supposedly 'just' reason to  keep on retaliating!

As we  retaliate  we keep ourselves locked in a cell of darkness but when we 'know the truth' of non-retaliation, and do everything in our power to  to put non-retaliation into action, then we find the  way to be forgiving. 

If  we do 'not retaliate' when faced by any unpleasantness, whether through our own thoughts and emotions or the negative action of others, then we are turning the key that unlocks the door "back to the light."

That is our hope, for if we know that God's Dark energy, once used by us, compels us to remain using it through the act of retaliation, we are at least alerted to the danger that, inherent in any retaliation is the taking-in of more Dark energy.  

The time when we most need to be 'alert' to the way we are compelled to use Dark energy is at those times when  Dark energy is being directed at us.  When the full force of Dark Energy is  coming at us through someone we know or love, someone we believe  to be trustworthy and reliable, or someone we perceive to be a danger to us, that is the time to alert ourselves to the reality that we must not retaliate. 

Our hope lies in the grace of God which alone can clear us of our inner darkness. What we must do is try to  remember that any negative onslaught is the Dark   energy of God, previously used by us,  now coming back to be felt by us.  

When we are in the thick of the pain and despair  because negative  feelings are being fired at us, from who-so-ever,  and we do not retaliate, then we can begin to walk the road to forgiveness. 

By  not retaliating we stop the cycle of   drawing-in  any more of God's Dark energy and, by God's grace,  we 'permit' our souls to be cleansed of the accumulated darkness we have taken within.  Only this  way can we  become spiritually free and stop ourselves from 'earning' more painful 'karma,'

It is hard to believe  that whatever we are suffering, no matter at whose hands we are made to suffer, what we feel  is  our 'due' from the past when we were untrue and made others suffer.   We caused our own suffering each time we  used  God's Dark energy in being abusive to others or by retaliating negatively in the face of adversity. 

What you are suffering now is a result of the Dark energy you used, and it is that dark energy which is now compelling you, forcing you to feel the feelings that you need  to feel - but - "It is also the opportunity to free yourself more and more from compelled negative action if you do not retaliate."   This understanding of non-retaliation is our hope, the hope that in turning "the other cheek" and being forgiving God's love will cleanse our souls and then we will become free.

This is the gift from God's Light energy because it helps us to see that, each time we do not retaliate when under attack, not only do we not become more bound by the Dark, but we also incur no more painful 'karmic debt,' and we are freed to become, a little more each time, God's Light energy in action in this sad, lost world.   The gift is of course free, no-one can compel you to use it but my hope is, and will always remain that you at least open it up and have a look at it.  

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  ~ What is this thing we call forgiveness? ~  

Although forgiveness is described as mercy, compassion, clemency, leniency and grace in the theological and secular arena, in reality forgiveness in these circles is synonymous with pardon, absolution, reprieve, remission, confession, acquittal or vindication.  

Between  the Truth of Forgiveness and  Secular & Religious Laws falls the Shadow 

  • Love is the Truth of Forgiveness.  Mercy, compassion, clemency and grace flow from love.

  •  Pardon, absolution, acquittal, confession and vindication flow from judgment and retribution. 

  • Judgment and Retribution are the Shadow of Secular & Religious Laws. Pardon, absolution, acquittal, confession and vindication flow from these laws and result in judgment and retribution.

Between the Mercy of Love  and the Law of mans' Justice lurks the Darkness 

  • Inherent in the compassion of Love is the understanding that negative emotions arising  from wrongs inflicted on us by others is a karmic process. Love 'compassionately' forgives them without seeking  retribution.

  •  Inherent in man's legal  'right to justice' lies the concepts of  retribution and punishment whereby the aggrieved seeks recompense from the aggressor.  The claims of Secular & Religious institutions that they have a 'right' to dispense such justice   results in them appropriating the role of the Dark.  The Source needs no assistance to judge any because under God's only Law we all Reap that which we Sow.

Between the 'acceptance of Karma,' and the 'right to retribution' - God stands unaltered

            The Light Loves and gives love to all
The Dark sees all error, forgets nothing and forgives none.

True Forgiveness implies that the "abused" or "aggrieved" has the spiritual capacity to literally wipe the slate clean, move forwards, forget that they were abused and never 'permit' any thoughts  of retribution to control their future dealings with the 'erring one.'

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~ Forgiveness and Family Relationships ~

Wives & Husbands

Anyone who has  loved someone else enough to form a permanent relationship is already aware of the incredible emotional roller-coaster involved with the state we call 'being in love.' The extremes of all that is most beautiful and most destructive in us seems to emerge  in our intimate couple, and our family relationships.

For the couple, falling in love is a state in which they experience that ecstasy which comes from a sense of oneness, of being understood, accepted, known, or special to the other person. 

The agony felt is when they are apart from the loved one or when some misunderstanding arises.  When this occurs  they feel the agony of isolation and loss,  the despair that comes with criticism and the fear of rejection.  

Despite the fact that  we are aware of the emotional turmoil associated with love we nevertheless continue to seek this state even though we need only look around to see how quickly this state of bliss turns to despair. 

What is actually happening and why does something which commences in such a positive state end i n such negative disaster?  One in three couple partnerships end in separation and since I have yet to meet a couple who formed a genuine committed partnership in order to break it, there must be something that happens to the loving which we have not understood.

It is my understanding that the emphasis on the material,  physical and psychological/emotional aspects of couple relationships, without taking into account the spirit each person brings to the relationship, means that we have been caught in a vortex of despair from which we try to extricate ourselves by a myriad of negative actions of defense/attack/retaliate which ultimately only exacerbate our despair.  

Parents & Children

While most parents are aware of the incredible joy and responsibility associated with having children, many of us are quite ignorant of the spirit nature of our children and how this nature manifests in the observable difference of emotional temperament  expressed by off-spring born to the same biological parents.

Biologically our children are born with the genetic pool of their parents however, the spirit of the child has no relationship to the parents.  Each spirit enters a biological body and experiences a physical and emotional environment in which opportunities to learn about love, forgiveness and non-retaliation present themselves. 

This often accounts for the incredibly difficulties experienced between parents and children, difficulties that spiral into a negative cycle  repeating  over and over again because the spirit dimension is not accounted for by the medical,  psychological and sociological professions. When we do not consider the spirit dimension as part and parcel of the  child's and the parents' interactions,  we may be mentally forced to enter into a state of despair from which there seems no escape.

 As many parents will know, this negative cycle of intensifying emotions with their children has escalated over time.   More parent/child confrontations occur now than at any other time in history.  Until parents and children are made aware of  the powerful influence of the spirit on the dynamic of families, parents and children will continue to experience an increase in negative confrontation. 

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           ~ Man's Legal System ~

The abused & the abuser - the used & the user

The law of the spirit which requires us to forgive insists that there is only one way to deal with those who abuse or use us.  In the first instance the Law of Karma,  which simply stated is that we do experience the same positive or negative energy we use in our interaction with others, means that the pain felt by us when we are abused is a karmic process. 

Secondly, if we take it upon ourselves to retaliate, whether personally or through the socially sanctioned legal system, we again incur a Karmic debt which must be accounted for. The cycle of karmic pain halts only when our retributive actions cease. 

Although we may be trying the abuser for a very real offense, under the laws of the spirit, the person 'trying' that 'offender' in turn becomes the abuser.  When the Law of the spirit is entered into the equation we see to what extent those involved with man's legal system are taking upon themselves the role of the retributive force. In this sense any person who has been abused or used, and who takes legal or other recompensory action, becomes a user and abuser themselves.

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~ Love ~

The frequency with which individuals who fall in love report the bliss and vulnerability of this state highlights the extent to which this 'state' is a fairly universal phenomenon.  Despite the increasing negativity experienced between people who start by being in love, love continues to be a force that seeks expression.  

What  love actually is  is more complex than the behavioral manifestation which accompany the state. We would all accept that love has many manifestations and that it is expressed in many different forms according to that which is loved. 

The love we have for our brand new car is for example not accorded the same status or intensity as the love we have for a spouse or child.  We seem to be aware that the love we have for another human being has greater value than the love we have for things whether that be material possessions or a country.

What we are not so clear about is why  'love' ignites, or fails to ignite within us for a particular person. Parents will readily identify with the fact that one child seems to ignite a love which is different to the love for another child. 

Men and women readily identify that love for a particular person just seems to 'happen,' often despite a logical imperative that this may not be wise! When we fail to recognize the existence of a spirit within each individual, the anomaly of whom we love and why remains a mystery.  

The spirit is a child of God's creation.  As such each spirit has both light and dark energy within its being.  When we experience love the light energy is activated and,  if we were free of negativity, this energy would remain at the same level of intensity.  That this is not the case is attested to by our experiences of anger, frustration and negation of the love we first experience for another. 

The negative energy in our spirit is activated when the one we love falls short of our expectation of how their love should be expressed towards us.  What we do not realize is that when the loved one 'falls short' in whatever way, it is our opportunity to remain positively loving and not give in to the negative emotions that arise in us.  Obviously we do not do this very often and, before we know it, the love, which is still activated,  is 'overlaid' or dimmed beneath more and more negative expression.

The Light of love, which is forgiveness, and the dark of negativity, which is retaliatory, begin to compete within us. In more cases than not it is the negativity which is in ascendancy. 

page 10

~ Understanding ~

Understanding, whether in our  attempt to understand others or our need to be understood by them, is  a feature of  our relationships that  fails us again and again. How often have you said to yourself, or heard others say, "If only I could understand what made him/her do it then I could move on!" 

We hear this from people who have lost a loved one through drugs, crime, divorce, from those who feel misunderstood and  from those who watch loved ones die from a fatal illness.  In this context many have turned away from God because they cannot understand what is perceived to be such needless suffering and reconcile that with a loving or merciful God.

Personally and professionally I have found that the torment suffered in our minds when we attempt to understand the actions of others is one of the most destructive elements of our cognitive capacity to remember, ruminate and reconcile.  When our longing is to understand the hurt another has inflicted our 'remembering' focuses on all the most negative scenarios of past hurt and, as we 'ruminate' over every little thing said, done or left undone, we re-live the emotions of that scene as if it was 'in-fact,' happening here and now. 

Is it any wonder that at the end of this process we fail to 'reconcile' the love we feel for the other with the feelings of anger or despair for the monster we have created in our minds?

The truth is that we can never understand the actions or non-actions of another  because we are not that person.  Genetic inheritance and life experiences create unique individuals whose actions and reactions are coloured by the brush strokes of their lives. 

More pertinent however is that no spirit inhabiting the human flesh is like any other spirit and that each spirit, experiencing the emotions of a situation will be  inspired by  either the positive or negative universal energy Source to respond to that emotional situation. 

We cannot understand either the loving or non-loving actions of another  person  if we do not understand that all of us are 'inspired' by either the positive or negative energy from the Source. 

Our error lies in our inability to accept that the moment we try to understand the negative actions of another we have already misunderstood the truth of matters of the spirit.  There is a saying that many of us know: "Be careful what you ask for, you may get it!" - If it is understanding you want then know that it is not for us to understand anything about the behaviour of another.    

What is incumbent upon us is that we understand that the negative situation requires us to respond with the understanding that forgiveness and non-retaliation is all that is asked of us.  The test of the negative situation is not about the person perceived to be the negative one but about our response to them.

So frequently, in our quest to understand their motives, we miss the quest for truth, the understanding that every negative feeling felt by us is a Karmic process and that the negative feelings accompanying the negative situation creates an opportunity for us to be free of that debt if we do not retaliate or fall victim to our own rising negative emotions.

page 11

~ Criticism ~

I sought to find an answer for the pain that by us is felt
each time the blow of criticism by another to us is dealt.

In the night when slumber eludes us and thoughts of the day cascade down
the heart hurts felt most deeply are of criticisms heavy frown.

And doubts do then assail us for the ones who speak our ‘wrongs’
are the ones we love most deeply, the ones who know all our ‘songs’. 

Songs both sweet and tender and songs both harsh and cold
to them we sang indiscriminately for love may make us bold.

But the boldness we foolishly brandish is the one that claims the “right”
to highlight all the weaknesses we hide not from love’s Light.

Shadows grow then deeper as criticism starves love’s fuel
and with increasing violence, the words become more cruel.

So I asked my god for guidance for insight into this game
where “I know you” becomes the “right” to every shortcoming name
and ever love’s golden fire is engulfed by the critical flame.

For I’ve seen the “I know you” of love deep in a tender heart
wilt and turn slowly sour by cruel  words aiming their dart.

Words that bruise love’s blossom for yes, we know them well
since love reveals in freedom what others we would not tell.

Then sorrow becomes the harvest for there’s truth in what they say
but the sadness in that truth is that love justifies criticism this way.

So Mother whispered softly of the truth we all needs know
that love is veiled in shadows in the place where criticisms grow.

For  with words of “judge” or “censure,” matters not what the other has done
we proclaim the Right of Father... now  the negative tune is begun.

“This tune” I ask you gently “who does this music compose”
for there are tunes and there are dancers and all from the same Source flows.

Page 12

The fiddler playing with passion the madness of criticisms' tune
is the dark Source we all dance to yet we see not how we swoon.

Swoon with the power that surges, the power that steals God’s might
beguiled by the sound of justice, we are blind to the coming of night.

The dark night without dawning where despair claims it’s right of place
never for a moment seeing it was  we wielded the mace.

The mace that insists most vehemently our total right to claim
that when the other falters it is we who the wrong must name.

This tune my sweetest children, the one you have danced to so long
is the beguiling sound of the darkness that ever sings its song.

As a lullaby it surrounds you, mesmerizing until you believe
that in naming another's  injustice you do not your own soul deceive.

Enthralled by the fiddler’s playing  dark words become venomous with flight
but “Who” shoots the arrow and ‘where’ it does land is hidden from your sight.

For as you swelled in self-righteousness with the words you freely flung
you missed that the arrow turned in your own soul the tune now sung.

And woe is me you cry as in anguish you feel the hand
inexorably coat your soul, with despair from the under land.

And so it must be my children- what you give you will receive
every word you flung in ignorance is the word that makes you grieve.

Every criticism carelessly thrown when in arrogance you claimed the right
to use the darkness’s power is the one that comes back to bite.

So when you lie in darkness and ponder why life is bitter and bare
why others seem to scorn you and none seem to for you care.

Recall the tune you followed, the one to which you did dance.
Did you waltz then with forgiveness? or did you with criticism prance?

For the tune that you did follow and the dance that was danced each day
is the tune in your soul now strumming – only you did decide this play.

The arrows we send flying are the arrows that return to our heart
so if the arrow in your soul has you writhing remember – t’was you who threw the dart.

page 13

~ The Accuser ~

The Light shining upon God’s hand casts a shadow. Beneath this hand lies God’s Dark energy. The deeper into this shadow we move the denser the energy becomes as less and less Light penetrates through the darkness.  The hand represents God in totality,  Light above and Dark below.

If non-retaliation, when faced with offensive behaviour from the action of others is the key to unlocking the door back to the Light, then to become an ‘accuser’ when faced with injustice, is to slam that door and commence the long journey into the shadow under God’s hand.

When we accuse  someone  we ‘fall off’ the top of God’s hand so to speak and into the shadow beneath it. The more frequently we accuse another, the further into this shadow-land we fall because with each accusation we take-in more negative energy.  Once used by us, this energy places us under the absolute control of God, the only Just Accuser.

When we incriminate, blame, censure, charge or hold accountable, any other person for whatsoever reason, we are the ones who become “The Accuser,” because each time we accuse another we foolishly appropriate God’s Dark energy little realizing that, by making the accusation, we ourselves immediately stand accused by God for daring to be the ‘retributive’ force in action.

Retribution belongs to God only so the more we ‘use’ God’s dark energy to make accusations, the more it traps us into thinking that our accusations are self-righteous, just, only fair and deserved.

These thoughts keeps us trapped in a cycle of negativity because they continue to give us all the justification we need to feed our emotions.  As our emotions rise we find our thoughts give us more ammunition with which to ‘accuse.’

The stumbling block for all of us is a ‘conditioned’ belief in the inalienable ‘right’ to ‘hold accountable’ those whom we perceive deserve to be censured for some behaviour we deem inappropriate.  That we are conditioned by this belief becomes apparent in all walks of life as we are all given ‘just’ cause to accuse.

What we need to know is that even as we start to ‘think’ there is a ‘just’ cause to accuse someone else, at this moment God’s Dark Energy is enticing us to turn that thought into an action whether verbal, physical, emotional or legal. 

As soon as we give-in to that thought and turn it into accusatory action we are trapped into becoming  puppets for the Dark, because the Dark energy we use when we accuse then becomes  the instrument of our own destruction.

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~ The Accused ~

Who are the accused and what is it that the Source requires of us when we are one of the accused?

The accused are those who in their past erred and therefore stand before the Source awaiting God's judgement through the minds of the arrogant whom on earth plod, these ignorant people cannot see that they too will become errants if God's truth they cannot see.

God's judgement upon all accused is that they for their folly pay in a "similar" suffering as they imposed upon others on a long past day. Be it mental or emotional trauma or physical pain or restriction imposed upon them in some way.

God says: "I only set you individually free when you no longer be an 'accuser' - judge - jury or executioner' for me."

Mostly we understand that when the accusation lines up with what we have done, some sort of punishment, whether from others or from our own guilt is inevitable. But what are we to do when we are accused and know or believe ourselves to be innocent?

This is the time when it is most difficult to put into practice the requirement of non-retaliation, because an unjust accusation brings our negative emotions to the surface.

The emotions may be the result of wounded pride, of being misunderstood, or of abject despair accompanying our inability to prove ourselves innocent, but no matter how devastating these emotions may be, the greatest danger at the time we find ourselves 'the accused' is the danger that we may retaliate.

Wrong accusations are not the time for angry justifications but a time when the emotions accompanying the seeming injustice are in fact the consequence of some past injustice perpetrated by us, a Karmic debt which we must pay in accordance with the Law "As you sow so shall you reap."

At the time of the accusation this is naturally the furthest thing from our mind because our emotions make us think of all the "justified" reasons why we should make the unjust 'accuser' pay for the accusation against us. This is exactly what the Dark would have us do so that It can trap us into perpetual retribution thereby keeping us in an eternal negative spiral.

The thing to remember whenever we are suffering, whether from justified or unjustified accusation, is that when we use darkness through any form of retaliation, darkness grows within us.

As we take in more darkness we feel more justified to retaliate until our freedom to choose to be the Light in action is almost extinguished because the more we use the darkness the tighter we become bound by it until ultimately we are no longer free to 'choose' not to be it in action.

When we stand 'accused' for any reason the Source requires us to maintain a positive stance whereby we only speak or act in a positive way. We must not use forceful means to either respond to, or extricate ourselves from, any situation we find imposed upon us. We do not have to comply to any demands made upon us, but if we are 'forcefully' apprehended or in any way abused we must "go quietly" in a non-retaliatory manner.

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~ To Forgive or heed the lie ~

I caught a glimpse last night of the power of the Dark.
I thought I understood its might until I walked within its spark,
"Brilliance" was its name as it "dazzled" in my mind's eye,
singing the sweetest song, the most beguiling lullaby.

Crooning subtle phrases it brought memories to my mind,
Ones IT insisted I embrace, even though they were unkind.
"Come," it subtly whispered, "I will help you to recall
each pain that others caused you, come, remember all."

In the blinking of an eye, before the thought was had by me,
The face of each "offender" stood there in front of me.
And now the phrases sang,
"Recall each hurt, each pain,
For the moment you forget, others treat you with disdain."

With each and every memory the pain then did return,
Since I was remembering the anger started to burn.
"But what was the point of remembering?" I hesitantly thought,
When with that very memory, in the same web I am caught.

Then sharp as a blade, It flashed Its brilliance, dazzling me,
"Whenever you forget, you lose the sight of the I that BE."
"And whenever I am forgotten" said It in its silky voice,
"You feel how others use you, I is the only choice."

I thought on this for a while for I truly wished to see
If the "I" not be forgotten is an "I" that is only me.
What if an "I" of darkness joins in my every thought?
Yet if I act upon it, 'tis my 'I' that
pain has "bought."

A Light wavered quietly as these thoughts enveloped me.
"Yours" is the choice to halt this trap for I do help you see
whenever I take central stage when I cries loud and strong."

"Your light is dimmed by a Darker I, moaning that plaintiff song."

"Yours is the choice to sing the dirge, the litany of pain."
"Yours is the choice to gently hum as silent you remain."
"Remember children, I am the other "I"
your own sweet soul must now decide whether Truth or


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