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Inspirational letters
By Clemencia

Page 1 An 'ask' of the Light
Page 2 The courage of Love

Page 1

~ An 'ask' of the Light above ~

Mother what would you have me say
to the trapped "spirit" souls you now send my way?

"All you darlings of the light, I would now ask you see with my sight as those trapped in darkness reach out to you, seeking my light that I flow through. They now know the time of day, they now know but cannot say: 'I will no longer heed the dark.' For it holds them fast in the night and that now be their plight.

I ask that you now show them how by calling them near as your head you bow, reading the Word that has been sent through. Reading the Word that was given to you. And to my darlings caught in the night, to my darlings reveal now my light, the light contained within the Word, the light from the Star of which they’ve heard.

Tell each one to gather around. Tell each one to listen to the sound of my word as you it read, and read it now with all speed. Many, many will respond to the sound, many, many who yet are bound they await your courage to stand tall, they will only hear my Word as it from your lips fall. Tell them all that by their deed are they known. Tell them all of ‘control’ to let go.

From the minds of my children on earth must they stay away, nothing yet nothing must they to them say. Let them hear so loud and clear that their thoughts in other’s mind from the light make them veer.

Speak to them of inspiration from the Dark, who binds their minds and covers their spark, each time that they listen to It’s voice their will to be Light becomes less of a choice. Let them hear it from your mind. As you read my word to them you are being kind."

"Sweet children the Mother of you all - does forever with love to you call,
for the light in you that is hidden by sin - in my eyes is shining and never dim,
and I reach out with love from the star in the sky - but you must now forever try
to halt the flow of your negativity - as my love surrounds and sets you free."

"Sweet children" I would gently say, "Listen to all that is read today, my love sparking within you now will help you be free, and my Word shows you how.

In the minds of my children of materiality your thoughts lead to anguish,. Please this now see, and the pleasure you feel as you to them talk, is the lure of the dark one who in you does stalk.

And if you give-in for the sake of a moment of pleasure you would take from my earth bound darlings who now stroll, where knowledge of you and how you control is dim and by them is not known, then for an eternity will you groan, groan at the price that you did pay for stealing a moment of pleasure that their emotions sent your way."


Page 2

~ The courage of Love ~

To love the very lovely - the people filled with grace
To see the light there shining - and feel their sweet embrace

To love the fair of temperament - so gracious, full of charm
To love these souls is easy - for they wrap us in light’s balm

But what of those less gracious - the ones who throw their darts
Who take the love we give them - and hurl it at our hearts?

Who point with unerring accuracy - at wrongs that we have done
And make us suffer deeply - so the course of truth is won

These too are souls of beauty - as the courage of love does know
For what they make us feel - is only what we ourselves did sow

So never strongly justify - that it is they who do the wrong
For then you and your beloved - sing the Dark ones song

And would you break now free - from the curse of that refrain
That same old dirge of sorrow singing - ‘‘love is only pain’’?

Than embrace the one who wounds you - and turn the other cheek
For the wound they may inflict - you inflicted when not yet meek

Yes know that suffering you feel - is never felt by you in vain
All emotions you experience - are experienced because you caused pain

And the courage of love is simple - if this truth you can uphold
That any emotional onslaught - is the truth of the past now told

When you were an arrogant avenger - who put the other right
Believing in retribution - for injustices in your sight

And the times that you sought vengeance - for all or any wrong
Are the times now to you returning - by others who sing your past song

But now as you feel the onslaught - of past deeds that caused unease
Walk in gentle silence - forgiveness will bring your release

To love with silent courage - as words around you break
Is to break the spell of darkness - that you within did take

Walk now in loves courage - and clothe each soul with respect
For each soul is a spark of light - that God insists we protect

And though that light is shrouded - by deeds that make light dim
The courage of Love will see that light - and not the actions grim

Go your way in happiness - let happiness be your song
Walking in the light - which has taught you right from wrong

As you boldly now proclaim - you be no more in the Dark’s employ
Let feel your heart now flowing - with the river of God’s joy.